WWF Action Zone – October 15th, 1995


October 15, 1995

Your hosts are Todd Pettengill and Dok Hendrix

This week’s featured match is Marty Jannetty vs. Duke “The Dumpster” Droese


The hosts are in the studio and Pettengill says there are “unconfirmed reports” about how Undertaker is now out of action and will not face Mabel at “In Your House.” Pettengill says that Interim President Gorilla Monsoon will be on the show later to talk about what happened on RAW.


Plus, due to running out of time on RAW this past Monday night after the attack on Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, and Diesel, the Marty Jannetty vs. Duke “The Dumpster” Droese match was cut for time but that match will take place this week. So, that was in fact the explanation for this match taking place here.


Marty Jannetty vs. Duke “The Dumpster” Droese

Jim Ross and Dok Hendrix are the announcers. Ross says that Droese badly needs a win. Marty gets the best of Droese on the mat as the announcers talk about The Rockers. Droese cheap shots Marty in the corner and follows with a suplex for a two count as the announcers talk about Marty vs. Goldust at In Your House. Droese hits a knee drop for two then looks pissed as he gets a smattering of boos. Droese gets another two count this time with a leg drop as he stays in control using a methodical pace. Droese stops a sunset flip with a punch then applies a chin lock. Marty escapes and takes Droese down with a headscissors. Marty runs wild until Droese places him on the top rope and slaps him across the face. Marty then catches Droese with a missile dropkick as Droese jawed at the ref then Marty uses a flying fist drop for the win (4:08) 1/2*.

Thoughts: A win for Marty over a name opponent to give him some momentum heading into the PPV. However, it was interesting seeing Droese as the heel. In his shoot interview for Hannibal TV, and boy what an interview that was, Droese said he was trying to get booked and suggested going heel. He then said there was at one point a plan for him to eventually join The Corporation and hints of it were dropped in “WWF Magazine” but never actually happened. Here, Droese stunk in the ring as a heel and reminded me of Tatanka where he just worked very slow and snarled a lot.


Back to the studio as the hosts talk about Goldust’s “premiere” at In Your House.


We get the Ahmed Johnson promo about “honor” that was shown on Superstars. Lots of intensity and mumbling.


Clips from the World Tour de Force last week in Europe were shown. Also shown were clips of wrestlers with bands Overkill, Type O Negative, and Anthrax. A cool crossover here if you’re fans of this genre of music and wrestling. We also saw some of the wrestlers signing autographs for the fans. Also, seeing Undertaker dressed in black trench coat with a bandana over his forehead instead of in character was cool.


The “We’re all Together” music video is now shown. Or partially shown anyway. This song would be part of the “WWF: Full Metal, The Album Volume 1.”


1-2-3 Kid & Razor Ramon defeat Jacob & Eli Blu from the 10/14 edition of “Superstars.”


Clips from the end of the six-man tag match from RAW are shown including the post match attack where Dean Douglas and Mabel also run out to attack the face team. Pettengill is still awaiting confirmation as to whether or not Undertaker is out of his match at “In Your House.”


Jim Ross interviews Diesel before his match against Waylon Mercy on “Superstars.” This interview was actually shown on “Superstars,” however. Diesel is asked about a losing streak, which was apparently a question from Jerry Lawler. A pissed off Diesel gets right to the point to ask why isn’t Lawler asking him the question to his face and when was the last time Lawler won a match. Diesel then tells us to watch what he does to Waylon Mercy. Diesel showed quite the edge here and wasn’t delivering the usual stuff he did in this era. Diesel when having an edge is really good on the mic.


Back from break and the Diesel vs. Mercy match is shown. Diesel lost via countout due to outside distraction then came back into the ring to destroy Mercy until Shawn pulls him off.


President Gorilla Monsoon is now on with the hosts via split screen. Pettengill says he confirmed during the last match that Undertaker is out at In Your House. Gorilla says this report is true and that Undertaker was injured at the hands of Mabel. Gorilla says Mabel will be at In Your House and will give his answer on what will happen tomorrow night on RAW. Gorilla then talks about issuing $7,500 fines to Mabel and Dean Douglas for running in during the match and that British Bulldog and Owen Hart have been “severely reprimanded” by his office while Yokozuna has been “severely admonished.” Pettengill now switches gears to the Cage match between Bret Hart and Isaac Yankem and will put Lawler in the shark cage above the ring himself if needed should Lawler interfere. So, the news is broken here that Undertaker is in fact out of the PPV. And Mabel will be there. With Yokozuna having no one to face, maybe the two face off?


Trivia question is What was the other PPV that took place in Canada. The answer of course is WrestleMania VI.


We get the Shawn Michaels interview from yesterday’s “Superstars.”


Dok now shills the “Dudes with Attitudes” t-shirt while doing a Ricky Ricardo impression because he did that impression frequently on Slam Jam and now here too.


Ross Report with Jim Ross. He talks about the upcoming steel cage match between Bret Hart and Isaac Yankem. Ross concludes that Bret has the advantage due to winning “90% of the 55 cage matches” he has had in his career. Ross then talks about Bret not forgetting what happened at SummerSlam and if Lawler will get involved. Ross then talks about Bulldog pinning Diesel on RAW after an assist by Yokozuna then Diesel losing via countout to Mercy and how he needs to reverse his current slump. However then plugs the Superstar Line version of the Ross Report where he tells you about Ted DiBiase wanting to add to his Corporation. Really lame, nothing segment at the end used to hype a 1-900 number.


Barry Horowitz plugs the “Can We Talk…” segment about the favorite movies of various WWE Superstars coming up after the break.


Can We Talk about our favorite movies. Dok picks several movies then we go to the wrestlers. Lots of choices that were reflective of their characters. Bam Bam Bigelow says its “Major Payne” and we get a brief clip of his role in that movie before Damon Wayans kicked the shit out of him. Bret says “Taxi Driver” is his favorite movie. Barry Horowitz is a Chuck Norris fan. Howard Finkel said “Quiz Show.” Alundra Blayze said “Pulp Fiction.” And Jim Cornette said his home movies when he was a “cute little kid.” But, best part of all was Bob Backlund saying “I don’t go to movies” and in a calm voice instead of his usual screaming. This ends with the hosts quoting the “those aren’t pillows” line from “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.”


Pettengill once again tells us that Undertaker is out of the PPV due to “severe facial injuries” as the result of Mabel’s attack. Well, in reality, the facial injury was the result of an errant clothesline by Mabel at a house show but since this was taped prior they were able to retcon without missing a beat.


Final Thoughts: The featured match was crap but we got the news about Undertaker here and it was more exclusive than the typical recap shows of the era with the appearance of Gorilla and the Diesel interview so it was a breezy show with hype for the PPV and the cage match on RAW, which will be recapped tomorrow.