NXT 05/18/2010 #13

I have a message. The plane carrying Michael Tarver, Skip Sheffield & Daniel Bryan was shot down over the Sea of Japan. It spun in. There were no survivors.

We’re in Ottawa, Canada and we start with The Pros explaining why they voted Skip Sheffield off. They give generic answers but Regal salvages it after Christian says Skip didn’t show him “IT”, Willie replies “I’ve been watching you for ten years and you’ve never shown me “IT”!”

Darren Young (7-3) vs. Wade Barrett (6-4)

Neither Rookie gets any reaction, even with Jericho walking Wade down to the ring. We get reminded these two came to blows two weeks ago and Wade has his way with Darren as Jericho yells HE SPLIT HIM IN TWO so loud that it’s picked up on commentary. Then again, the crowd’s so quiet so Jericho would have been heard if he’d whispered. Young makes a comeback with the crowd kinda behind him but they really pop when he gets crotched on the top rope. He should do that more often. Wade finishes with Wasteland.

Winner: Wade Barrett (I can’t find the interview but Young was asked about the most painful moment of his career and said it was this crotch-drop.)

Striker has Tarver & Bryan in the ring to talk about last week’s eliminations. Tarver isn’t happy with being taken out by management rather than the Pro Poll. When asked why he refused to participate in the challenges he says “If eight limousines pull up and one’s a different colour to the rest, which one do you notice first?” Tarver should have been a commentator/manager/not a wrestler.

Onto Bryan who rants about the backstage politics and how Vince McMahon loves big men, but he’s the best man for this job because he’s the most talented. Crowd applauds! Bryan says the Pros know he’s better than the other Rookies…and The Miz knows Bryan is better than *him*. This sets Miz off and we get a preview of That One Talking Smack Promo as he yells about Bryan being a mere indie guy but refuses to get in the ring with him. So Bryan instead mouths off at “the parrot” Michael Cole who is simply repeating what McMahon is telling him to say. He thinks because he’s a vegan and he doesn’t watch TV he doesn’t have a personality? I HAVE MORE PERSONALITY IN MY LITTLE FINGER THAN YOU HAVE IN YOUR WHOLE BEING, YOU’RE A POOR MAN’S REPLACEMENT FOR J.R. he screams as he removes Cole’s head-set and starts slapping him around until Striker stops him from kicking his fucking head in.

Bryan was so good here it was like the signal got hijacked and a completely different show started airing instead of NXT. Crowd was into Bryan and very much into Cole getting slapped.

Justin Gabriel (5-3) vs. Heath Slater (5-4)

Oh yeah good luck following that. Cole is flustered and says if Bryan can’t take criticism from a commentator, how can he taken criticism from the wrestlers in the back? Cole tries commentating but then leaves the commentary booth and ringside area. Slater and Gabriel do a bunch of moves with the crowd into both men with Gabriel finishing with the 450 Splash. No rating because it was background noise but you can have a GIF of the finish.

We get Skip Sheffield’s thoughts about being eliminated and says the Pros took him out first because he was the biggest threat. Well CM Punk was voting so he was probably right.

Main Event Pro Poll

Darren Young gets eliminated.

Striker gives him the mic and Young takes this opportunity to thank the fans for believing in him (Ron Howard: They didn’t). Young tells the Pros he respects them all and even in defeat he’s dull so the crowd sings the na-na-na-na-hey-hey-hey song to end the show on a happy note.

Overall: A one segment show but that segment was Bryan slapping the shit out of Cole so it was worth it and maybe the best thing to happen so far.

Here’s Bryan’s thoughts on this episode:

After I was eliminated from NXT, WWE told me they would call me when they needed me, which they guessed wouldn’t be until the season finale. Plans change rapidly in WWE, though, and they called me back to be on the show the very next week to initiate a story with Michael Cole, stemming from all the times he put me down on commentary. It was the first time on NXT that I was able to prepare for promos—using the instruction I learned in promo class—and it was by far the best talking I’d ever done. We went back and forth verbally, and ultimately physically, as I ended up tackling Cole into the barricade as he ran away. We combined this with a continued rivalry with Miz, and it turned into good television. WWE liked it so much that they ended up using our story to turn Cole into a heel on Raw as well.

Oh wait, Bryan’s responsible for the Cole heel-turn? I changed my mind this episode sucked, don’t watch it.

I’ve been Maffew.