WWF Action Zone – May 14, 1995

May 14, 1995

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Todd Pettengill

This week’s featured match is the Allied Powers vs. Men on a Mission


We see an armored truck driving on the highway with a police escort as Pettengill tells us it contains the entries for the home you can win on tonight’s In Your House PPV.


Adam Bomb defeats Black Phantom in a match from the 5/14 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


A video package on Sid airs.


Bret Hart tells us he will do anything to face Jerry Lawler and does not care about having to face him after his match against Hakushi.


Jean Pierre LaFitte defeats Butler Stevens in a match from the 5/14 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


The Bodydonnas vignette airs.


The hosts cut to Barry Didinsky has he shills some In Your House merchandise.


Diesel’s interview from the 5/14 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Hype video for next week’s Sid vs. Bob Holly match.


Bob Holly defeats Barry Horowitz in a match from the 5/14 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


A video of Bam Bam Bigelow and how he is now a friend of Diesel.


Back to the armored truck, with the police escort, as it has arrived to the arena in Syracuse.


Hakushi defeats Sonny Rogers in a match from the 5/14 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Men on a Mission vs. Allied Powers

This is from the 4/26 Challenge tapings in Moline, IL. Ross talks about Mabel vs. Bomb tonight on In Your House. The announcers really push how WWF shows are family events. They also believe the winner of this match is in line for a title shot. Luger bounces off of Mabel but kicks him and tags out. The Powers bounce off of Mabel trying shoulder tackles but eventually take him down with double flying shoulder tackles then toss Mo as they’ve cleared the ring. The announcers keep telling us how all of the fans are having a great time despite them looking bored out of their minds and not reacting to Bulldog’s delayed vertical suplex on Mo that got two. Mo then gets up and rakes Bulldog’s face before stomping away. Mabel tags and counters a crucifix with a Samoan Drop. MoM work over Bulldog in their corner and run interference to maintain control. Mabel uses a clothesline for a two count then rams him into the corner a few times. He then uses a modified camel’s clutch while Luger tries to rally the fans. Bulldog is able to reach the ropes then picks him up on his shoulders and hits an electric chair drop that pops the crowd. Both men are down as Luger frantically yells at Bulldog to tag out but Mo hit Bulldog with a running clothesline from the apron. We go to break then return with Mo beating on Bulldog. Mabel tags in then works a double clothesline with Bulldog. Both men are down and tag out as Luger runs wild on Mo. Luger takes a shot at Mabel then clotheslines Mo for a two count as Mabel was able to make the save. The match breaks down as Bulldog knocks Mabel through the ropes but ends up getting pulled out and rammed into the steps. Luger hits Mo with a powerslam then up in the Rebel Rack but Mabel boots him in the back and the Powers win via DQ (12:23) *3/4. After the match, Mo holds Luger down and Mabel hits a splash. Mabel then gets up on the middle rope but Bulldog lays on top of Luger and a few refs hold back Mabel. MoM then leaves as the announcers quickly run down the In Your House card.

Thoughts: The match wasn’t terrible but the finish was lame. MoM never came off natural as heels and Luger was not authentic in his role but with those limitations they had a match that exceeded my low expectations. Bulldog is not the worst at selling but watching him sell for several minutes in a tag match is not ideal.


The final shot of the armored truck as we see the back open as its filled with mail sacks. Pettengill then does one final hype job.


Final Thoughts: The featured match wasn’t terrible but the show was mostly last minute PPV hype. Next week we get Sid vs. Holly and then will start building towards the next PPV, King of the Ring.


Monday morning will have my In Your House recap.