WWF Action Zone – April 9th, 1995


April 9, 1995

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Stan Lane

This week’s featured match is Razor Ramon vs. Tatanka


Eli Blu defeats Fatu via DQ in a match first shown on the 4/9/95 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” On commentary, Lane told us how the boots are not bothering Fatu anymore I guess if you could not tell by the fact he can now dance.


Barry Didinsky is in the studio hawking some WrestleMania XI merchandise. The graphic reads “Barry D” and he was slightly better here than on last week’s show.


Doink defeats Duane Gill in a match first shown on the 4/9/95 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” . During the match, we saw the new cover of “WWF Magazine” that features Lex Luger with Michael Jordan as Ross mentions a celebrity golf tournament.


We are shown clips of Alundra Blayze defeating Bull Nakano including the post-match attack from Bertha Faye, who Ross says his close to 250 lbs.


Clips from the Fan Festival are shown. Afterwards, Ross tells us that last night, Bob Holly won his first race under the WWF banner at the Mobile, Alabama International Speedway. Lane added that he used the same car seen at the Fan Festival.


King Kong Bundy defeats Leroy Howard from the in a match first shown on the 4/9/95 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


We are shown what happened to Shawn Michaels on RAW.


Henry Godwinn defeats Steve King in a match first shown on the 4/9/95 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”  . Ross plugged his conversation he had with Shawn Michaels that you can learn about on the Superstar Line. You can also hear the plans that Ted DiBiase has for The Corporation as well.


A plug for the WrestleMania XI encore airing.


Razor Ramon vs. Tatanka w/ Ted DiBiase

Tatanka shoves Razor a few times to start. Razor then slaps Tatanka across the and the two then trade arm wringers. Razor takes control and works the arm until Tatanka comes back with a clothesline. Tatanka boots Razor in the ribs then uses overhand chops in the corner. Tatanka now uses knife-edge chops but Razor turns the tables and hammers away. Tatanka bails and Razor heads to and chases him back into the ring where he is yanked down to the mat. Tatanka uses a pair of slams then drops an elbow on Razor’s back. Tatanka drops an elbow on the chest this time for a two count. Tatanka whips Razor into the corner a few times then locks on a bear hug. Razor now reverses the hold but Tatanka rakes the eyes then hits a backbreaker for a two count. Tatanka chokes out Razor with the middle rope then chops away as we go to break. Razor boots Tatanka in the corner and comes back with a flying bulldog for a nearfall. Razor runs wild until Tatanka sidesteps a charge and sends Razor outside. We now see King Kong Bundy come down the aisle and beat down Razor as the ref is distracted by Tatanka & DiBiase. 1-2-3 Kid runs down now and kicks Bundy then we get all four men brawling as several referees run down to break things up with the match ending in a double count out (6:26 shown) *1/4. The brawling continues as the show goes off the air.

Thoughts: Both guys going through the motions until the double count-out finish. At least the brawling on the outside was inspired and this seems to be building towards a tag match between these men but that never happens due to reasons we will learn about soon enough.


Final Thoughts: The featured match was supposed to lead to a tag that never happened. Lane only replaced Pettengill for this week. He was fairly bland with Ross but also at the same time, Ross seemed a bit happier dealing with him than Pettengill’s humor. Now that the WrestleMania XI results are known we are going to start building towards the Summer and the first “In Your House” PPV.