WWF Action Zone – December 11th, 1994

December 11, 1994

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Todd Pettengill

This week’s featured match is Owen Hart vs. Lex Luger

We see Luger standing with his guest flag bearer before going out for his match as Charlie Minn is giving us commentary.


Lex Luger vs. Owen Hart

This match took place at the 11/9 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Bethelem, PA. Owen drags Luger outside during his entrance and starts hammering away. Luger fights back and sends Owen into the post. The action heads back inside where Luger lands mounted punches in the corner. Luger gets a two count off of a clothesline then goes to work on the arm. Owen hammers away in the corner now then chokes out Luger on the ropes. We get more choking from Owen then he uses a chin lock. The announcers talk about Bret requesting a No Holds Barred match for Owen when he returns as Luger gets out of the hold. Owen comes back with an enziguiri for two then hits a neckbreaker as we go to commercial with Owen on the middle rope. We come back with Owen using a chin lock as we saw what happened during the break with Owen hitting a flying elbow drop. Vince promises highlights from the 100th episode of “Mania” as Owen hits a DDT. Owen now heads up to the top rope but Luger cuts him off then hits a superplex as both men are down. Luger eventually drapes his arm over Owen’s chest but that only gets two. Owen then eats boot on a charge in the corner and Luger comes back with a bulldog. Luger fires up then covers for two. Luger now flexes after a knee lift and runs wild before signaling for the flying forearm. Luger hits it and covers for the win as the referee misses Owen’s foot being on the ropes (7:00 shown) *3/4. Luger celebrates as the announcers point out how the ref missed the call.

Thoughts: A basic, uninspiredTV match here with Luger getting a fluky win at a time where he needed a decisive win. This was more to protect Owen than put over Luger it seems and in the process neither man got over.


The announcers now go over the Tag Team Title Tournament brackets and offer their predictions. Pettengill believes the Smoking Gunns will become the next Tag Team champions.


IRS defeats Jason Ahrndt from the 12/11 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


We get the Henry Godwinn vignette from this weekend’s syndicated shows.


Men on a Mission defeat JS Storm & Mike Haywood from the 12/11 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”  . We also saw Charlie Minn waving his arms in the crowd. And Pettengill made some truly embarrassing jokes about Tupac Shakur.


Now we see the Jeff Jarrett vignette in Las Vegas from this weekend’s syndicated shows.


A clip of Bret Hart is shown at a fundraiser for the Canadian Special Olympics. The announcers stress he will return in mid-January.


Tatanka defeats John Crystal from the 12/11 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Clips from the 100th episode of “Mania” are shown. The big reveal ended up being a new co-host, which is Stephanie Wiand.


The hosts plug the “Greetings on Call” for the Holiday season.


Duke “The Dumpster” Droese vs. Dave D’Amaglio

Apparently this is also an exclusive match. What a treat. Vince mentions another “Duke” from Boston in the WWF years ago as Droese hits a press slam. Of course, the man Vince is referencing was Pete Doherty, the Duke of Dorchester. Droese works a chin lock as the announcers talk about the Royal Rumble PPV and the winner of the Rumble match gets a title shot at WrestleMania. Pettengill also says next weekend he will start is Rumble report and how we will find out why this coming Rumble will be the fastest-paced ever. Droese stays in control and hits a powerslam as a fan yells at him to take out the trash. Droese now signals to take out the trash and hits the Trash Compactor for the win (2:46).

Thoughts: Only thing to talk about here was some teases about the Rumble to hype the Rumble Report segments.


King Kong Bundy defeats Jeff Hardy from the 12/11 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


We get a hype video for Bob Backlund vs. Doink on RAW with the tagline of “Mischief vs. Madness.”


British Bulldog defeats Brooklyn Brawler from the 12/11 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” . We also learn of next week’s featured match, which is a rematch between 1-2-3 Kid & Aldo Montoya vs. Heavenly Bodies.


Final Thoughts: The featured match had a dumb finish but they did hype stuff regarding the Rumble, which had not been done yet on TV at this point. Also, we learn of a new WWF personality, Stephanie Wiand, and will she more of her in various roles the coming year. Anyway, next week is a rematch that was good the first time around and expect a lot more Rumble hype going forward.