WWF Wrestling Challenge – December 11th, 1994

December 11, 1994

From the Stabler Arena in Bethelem, PA

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Ted DiBiase


British Bulldog vs. Brooklyn Brawler

DiBiase tells us that he will have the Tag Team corporations than talks about how his Corporation is taking over this week. Bulldog shoves Brawler through the ropes as Gorilla talks about Bret Hart facing his brother Owen in a “No Holds Barred” match when he returns from injury. Brawler rolls outside after Bulldog lands a few more moves as DiBiase tells us he does not appreciate Diesel’s new attitude. Brawler rakes the eyes but misses a corner charge then Bulldog takes back control. Bulldog hits a delayed vertical suplex as the announcers hype Owen vs. Lex Luger on the “Action Zone” then Bulldog floats over Brawler in the corner and uses a running powerslam for the win (3:10). Gorilla tells us its just a matter of time before Bulldog has gold around his waist.

Thoughts: The hosts talked about several things going on in the company here as Bulldog gets a win but does not have much going on at the moment.


Replay of Vince McMahon interviewing Diesel from RAW two weeks ago.


IRS w/ The Druids vs. Jason Ahrndt

Before the match, IRS tells Undetaker he also has friends from the dark side and promises when they are through, Undertaker will be resting in peace. DiBiase calls IRS the leading member of The Corporation. IRS beats down Ahrndt early as DiBiase once again says he is not accompanying one of his guys to the ring as the ring announcing suffers when he leaves the booth. IRS goes back on the attack after Ahrndt surprised him with a rollup. Gorilla tries to get information about the Druids but DiBiase stonewalls him. IRS roughs up Ahrndt some more then puts him away with the Write Off clothesline (2:28).

Thoughts: Lots of hype for IRS/Undertaker here with some poorly constructed intrigue built about The Druids.


WWF Live Event News with Charlie Minn. He once again hypes the Hoilday Wish tour.


Gorilla goes over the Tag Team Title Tournament brackets.


Men on a Mission w/ Oscar vs. JS Storm & Mike Haywood

MoM come out wearing Santa hats. DiBiase promises Tatanka & Bam Bam Bigelow with eliminate MoM once and for all from the WWF. Mo works the arm of Storm to start. Mo then uses a slam as the announcers talk about the other teams that are part of the tournament. Mabel is in now and uses a leg drop as DiBiase assures us there are no longer problems between Tatanka and Bigelow. Storm lands a few shots after Mabel misses a senton but ends up getting hit with a double-team move. Haywood tags in and gets hit with an avalanche then Mo bulldogs Mabel on top for the win (2:52).

Thoughts: They hyped up MoM vs. Tatanka & Bigelow for next week with the story of whether or not there is still bad blood between DiBiase’s men.


Henry Godwinn vignette from “Superstars” airs.


Tatanka vs. John Crystal

Crystal attacks Tatanka before the bell. He works the arm as Gorilla stirs up shit about threatening to tell Bigelow that Tatanka is being paid more than him. Crystal gets two with a flying body press but after that gets caught with a hot shot. Tatanka hammers away as the announcers now talk about Luger vs. Tatanka with DiBiase laughing about Luger never being able to win. Tatanka drops an elbow then kicks Crystal in the face before delivering a gutwrench suplex. Tatanka snarls at the fans before stomping away then eventually finishes off Crystal with the End of the Trail (4:03).

Thoughts: Some hype for Tatanka/Luger here as well as the first-round tournament match. Tatanka did not have any heat though. The crowd seemed like they couldn’t have cared less and really, Tatanka’s act now is how he wrestled as a face with a few snarls thrown in to show us he is a very bad man.


A vignette hyping Hakushi’s debut airs. DiBiase tells us he heard that Hakushi is a master of the martial arts.


1-2-3 Kid vs. Reno Riggins

Fitting they have a Kid match following Hakushi’s vignette since Kid was the one who pushed for him to join WWF. Riggins uses an arm drag then mocks Kid as the announcers talk about the Kid & Montoya team but how they did not make the tournament. DiBiase once again goes off on Montoya for not taking his offer as Kid catches Riggins with an arm drag then a dropkick after an Irish whip sequence. Kid takes Riggins outside with a spin kick then avoids a slingshot and hits Riggins with a running leg drop. Riggins comes back with a hotshot as Gorilla runs down some WWF Shows. Riggins hammers away and now chokes out Kid on the ropes. Kid comes back to catch Riggins with a spinning heel kick then runs wild before using a Northern lights suplex for the win (3:36).

Thoughts: Fun match as Riggins could hang with anyone in the ring. The announcers talked briefly about Kid & Montoya as a team but spent more time about the fact Montoya turned down DiBiase a few weeks back rather than Kid.


Replay of the “Left Guard” ad.


King Kong Bundy vs. Jeff Hardy

Bundy shoves Hardy into the corner in a spot that saw Hardy do 99% of the work. Bundy lands a forearm smash then whips Hardy into the other corner. Bundy drops Hardy after a bearhug then turns him inside out with a clothesline as DiBiase says he chose Tatanka as Bigelow’s teammate because they have a combination of power and speed. Bundy then hits Hardy with an avalanche and gets the win with a five count (1:47).

Thoughts: Hardy bumped like a champ here and really helped balance out the laziness from Bundy.


Another Live Event News segment.


We see the Jeff Jarrett promo we saw from “Superstars” but this time not on the video wall.


Next week in action are Razor Ramon, Jeff Jarrett, Mabel, Heavenly Bodies, and Aldo Montoya. Plus, the debut of Hakushi and an interview with Shawn Michaels.


Final Thoughts: Once again there were not any exclusive segments besides the generic squash matches. Most of the focus was on midcard things too as that seems to be the theme of Challenge nowadays. Next week we get an actual debut with Hakushi at least but this show is just a bore.