WWF Superstars – October 16th, 1993

October 16, 1993

From the Worcester Centrum in Worcester, MA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and Jerry “The King” Lawler


We start off with the end of the Razor Ramon vs. Rick Martel Intercontinental Title match from the 10/11 edition of “Monday Night RAW” that saw Razor win with the Razor’s Edge.


Tatanka vs. Mike Bell

Vince mentions that Tatanka is heading to the Survivor Series. Tatanka fights off Bell as the announcers talk about Crush appearing on RAW to confront Savage. Tatanka hits a powerslam then clotheslines Bell over the top rope as Savage assures he is friends with Crush and it will not get physical, despite taunting from Lawler. Tatanka then takes the action back inside and puts Bell away with a Samoan Drop (3:12).

Thoughts: Given that the show has been hyped all week as announcing the Survivor Series main events its certain Tatanka will be part of those matches. And they also hyped up the Savage/Crush summit this coming Monday night on RAW.


We see Lex Luger confront Ludvig Borga on RAW.


WWF Update with Gorilla Monsoon. We learn about one of the Survivor Series main event matches, which is the All-Americans (Luger, Tatanka, and Steiners) vs. Foreign Fanatics (Yokozuna, Borga, and The Quebecers).


During the break, we saw Tatanka and Borga get into a confrontation backstage that almost became physical. Tatanka was heading back from his match while Borga was going out to the ring. This also gives them heat for the Survivor Series match.


Ludvig Borga vs. Tony Roy

Borga attacks Roy as we hear some “USA” chants from the crowd. Vince talks about how much he wants to see Luger vs. Borga and cannot even sounds enthused about saying this as Borga stays in control. The announcers now talk about the just announced Survivor Series match as Borga tosses Roy around then puts him away with the torture rack as Vince says there are rumors of Lawler participating in the Survivor Series.

Thoughts: The announcers kept talking about the Borga/Luger feud and Vince gave away that Lawler would be participating in the Survivor Series.


We are then shown Pat Tanaka bow to Yokozuna & Mr. Fuji backstage. Vince refers to Tanaka as a protege of Fuji then says he will face the 1-2-3 Kid after the break. Tanaka was not back with the company though and just did this TV taping cycle. Weird they even had this segment to begin with seeing the result of the match.


The “WWF Unbelievable” ad with Yokozuna portrayed as Godzilla airs.


Pat Tanaka vs. 1-2-3 Kid

Tanaka kicks away a handshake attempt to the delight of Lawler. Both men trade kicks that ends with Tanaka using a leg sweep in a nifty sequence. Kid comes back with a dropkick then works the arm for a bit. Tanaka comes back with a hook kick then hammers away before applying a side headlock. Kid then catches Tanaka with a spinning heel kick after an Irish whip sequence and after that they fight on the apron until Kid uses a sunset bomb. Damn, think that was the first time it happened on WWF TV. Kid then wipes out Tanaka with a tope as we go to break. We return with Tanaka ramming Kid into the turnbuckle. Kid then comes back with a clothesline that Turns Tanaka inside-out as both men are down. Kid now runs wild and uses a flurry of kicks then uses a corkscrew moonsault block but appears to hurt himself on the landing. Tanaka stomps away as Vince mentions the perils of using high-risk moves but Kid catches a charging Tanaka with a spinning heel kick then uses a victory roll for the win (5:27 shown) ***. Vince then says we will learn about Lawler’s participation at the Survivor Series.

Thoughts: Damn good match that was ahead of its time. The work was fast-paced and crisp and the crowd seemed into the action. Too bad the camera angle on the sunset bomb did not show much of the impact. And we will also learn about Lawler’s match after the break.


Survivor Series Report with Gorilla Monsoon. We then learn of the other main event match at the PPV titled the “Family Feud” that features Jerry Lawler & Three Knights vs. Bret Hart & Owen Hart & Bruce Hart & Keith Hart with Stu Hart in the corner. Gorilla also says that Ray Combs of the TV show “Family Feud” will be in attendance.


After the break, we see the announcers as Lawler gloats about having the chance to eliminate the Hart Family one by one. Lawler says he has the red, black, and blue knights but refuses to state their identity as to not tip his hand. Unfortunately, this match did not take place for reasons we will learn about later on in this timeline.


“The Rocket” Owen Hart vs. Scott Taylor

Lawler laughs about how many kids Stu & Helen Hart had as Owen works the arm of Taylor. Lawler continues to rag on the Harts as Owen is still attacking the arm. Owen hits a few suplexes and impresses in the ring per usual. Owen then hits a missile dropkick as Lawler still refuses to name his knights then Owen hits the Northern Lights suplex for the win (3:52). After the match, Lawler uses his Royal Magistrator to draw a toilet under Owen as he says Helen had to potty train 12 brats.

Thoughts: Match was a backdrop to build heat for the Survivor Series match with Lawler shitting all over Helen Hart.


We now have a vignette of Jeff Jarrett down in Tennessee in front of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Jarrett spells out his name “J-e- double f J-a-double r-e-double t” and talks about coming from a wrestling family and being a great wrestler. He says that he’s coming to the WWF for what is in his heart, country music. Jarrett then talks about having more talent than all of the country music stars put together but cannot get a break due to the corrupt politics in the country music business while calling out Garth Brooks for being a fat, Oklahoma transplant. Jarrett then says he will use Savage, Luger, and Bret to catapult his career and have the country music business beg him then will have a life-sized, gold-plated statue of him as the Country Music Hall of Fame will be renamed as his own Hall of Fame. Long for a vignette at over two minutes long and the premise of using the WWF as a springboard to become a country music star for a promotion based in the Northeast is a bit of a risk but I thought Jarrett did good enough in the segment to come across as a dick.


Mike Davis & Jerry Seavey vs. The Quebecers w/ Johnny Polo

Lawler puts over Jarrett and how the great wrestlers all seem to come from Tennessee. The Quebecers beat on Seavey as Vince predicts the Steiners will retain the titles but Lawler says their too dumb. The Quebecers keep pulling up Seavey during pin attempts and beat the shit out of him then the ref has enough and disqualifies them (2:06). The Quebecers then get pissed and beat down Davis as Polo jumps around.

Thoughts: This was done to give The Quebecers credibility as a badass team and they need it seeing they’re part of the Survivor Series main event and were acting like chickenshits against The Steiners.


Next week, we will see highlights from the Crush/Savage summit. In action are Doink, IRS, Rock ‘N’ Roll Express, Diesel, and Razor Ramon.


Final Thoughts: The big news this week were the announcements of the Survivor Series main events. We also saw a really good match and the debut vignette of Jeff Jarrett. Also, the show pushed the Crush/Savage summit coming up on RAW and showed highlights of the Razor/Martel match as the syndicated shows are now being used to promote RAW, which is a good decision seeing that they are losing syndication at a moderate rate. Now, we have focus on TV with the Survivor Series PPV about 5 weeks away.