WWF Monday Night RAW – October 11th, 1993

October 11, 1993

From the New Haven Coliseum in New Haven, CT

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and Bobby Heenan


We get a video package hyping up the Intercontinental Title match tonight between Razor Ramon vs. Rick Martel. Its narrated by Vince and he goes into overdrive here but he does sell the shit out of this match.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: “The Model” Rick Martel vs. Razor Ramon

Heenan talks about Razor selling the belt to a cheap jeweler as Vince & Savage talk about celebrating Christopher Columbus day. We get a shoving match to start that ends with Martel slapping Razor across the face. Both men then trade arm wringers then Martel tries to humiliate Razor by slapping him around after a drop toe hold. Martel remains one step ahead of Razor until he is caught in a fallaway slam. Martel bails as Razor celebrates then Martel returns and knees Razor in the gut. Martel grabs a front face lock as Vince accuses him of cheating. Razor picks up Martel and places him on the apron then slingshots him back inside where Martel begs for mercy. Razor targets Martel’s arm as Vince yells at Martel, wanting to know what it feels like to be humiliated. We go to break then return with Martel stomping Razor from the apron. Martel rams Razor’s back into the apron before slamming him on the floor. Martel hits a back suplex then rolls him up and puts his feet on the ropes for leverage but gets caught by the ref. Martel targets the back again after yelling at the ref then turns Razor over for the Boston Crab after a struggle. Razor is able to reach the ropes but Martel catches him with a side slam then goes back to the Boston Crab. Razor powers up and ends up on top of Martel as we get a mini pinfall reversal sequence. Martel dropkicks Razor for two but Razor catches a kick attempt then places him up top. Martel knocks Razor off but Razor rolls through a crossbody and almost gets the win. Martel uses a clothesline for a nearfall but lowers his head and eats a knee lift. Razor then muscles up Martel and hits the Razor’s Edge for the win (10:49 shown) ***. Vince and Savage are thrilled and all of the announcers put over the match.  Razor then puts the Intercontinental Title across his waist

Thoughts: Good match and the crowd popped for Razor winning but was quiet for most of the match. The problem was that no one seemed to buy Martel as a challenger. And the announcers oversold the match by trying to pass it off as a classic. I get making the Intercontinental Title match seem important but this all came off as forced.


The “WWF Unbelievable” ad telling us not to fall for cheap imitations airs.


Headshrinkers w/ Afa vs. Tommy Morrison & Sid Curtis

Tommy Morrison is in fact Mark Thomas, who gets another name for this taping cycle. Vince tells us that Adam Bomb will be here as well as a “tag team combination called the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express” as Heenan tells the fans who they are. The Headshrinkers destroy Curtis to start. They then beat down Morrison and quickly put him away with a top rope splash courtesy of Fatu (3:49).

Thoughts: The vaguely hinted at some possible tag feuds for the Headshrinkers but the main focus was hyping up segments and matches for later on in the show, specifically an interview with Ludvig Borga.


An ad for the Survivor Series airs.


“The Rocket” Owen Hart vs. Scott King

Vince talks about the Survivor Series selling out in less than one hour as Heenan rags on the Hart family. Owen works the arm of King as Vince mentions how Bret stood up for his family on Radio WWF this past weekend. Heenan then mentioned how Ross had Terry Funk on the show as Vince says Savage will be on this coming weekend then we see Owen take King over with a monkey flip. Owen follows with a standing dropkick then uses a gutwrench suplex as the announcers now talk about the Lawler/Bret feud. Owen stays in control as Vince tells us that the Hart family sticks together and soon after that Owen uses a chinlock while Vince plugs the USA Network Wednesday Night movie. Owen then hits King with a back drop as Heenan says King’s real name is “Kowalski” and changed it to King to rip off Lawler. Vince mentions Killer Kowalski being an all-time great as Owen uses a missile dropkick to set up the Northern Lights suplex and the win (3:38).

Thoughts: They really plugged Radio WWF here for being somewhat controversial and mentioned the Bret/Lawler feud as well. And boy did Savage cause some controversy with his comments on that show regarding Hulk Hogan. Hearing Terry Funk get namedropped would lead you to believe he was coming back to the WWF since leaving in 1986 but that was not the case. In fact, he had a deal in place to appear at Survivor Series and replace Pat Patterson as booker but backed out at the last minute while using his “my horse is sick” excuse. In fact, someone from Reddit posted an excerpt on this from his autobiography:


“I was actually supposed to work in the WWF in late 1993. They had called me about becoming head booker. They were doing their big Survivor Series show in Boston, and they wanted me to wear some silly outfit with a blue mask, to be one of Jerry Lawler’s knights, taking on Bret Hart and three of his brothers in a big tag match. Their plan was, Bret was going to beat me, then take my mask off and put his finishing hold, the sharpshooter, on me and beat me again. After that, “they” said, I would become the creative head of the company, replacing Pat Patterson, my old friend. Patterson had gone from being Ray Stevens’ tag partner to being the WWF’s booker, but Pat was looking to step down and take it a little easier.

I went to meet with them about it, and going from my ranch, with all the open space, to New York City, with the cabs and people, the hustle and bustle, was culture shock. It was an hour to get here, an hour to get there. There was no place to go that I was going to get to very quickly.

I met with them and then had dinner with Pat. It was great—we laughed a lot and told old stories. Then, I went up to my hotel room and went to bed. As I lay there, I got to thinking, “I’m not sure if I want to follow through with this deal.”

I got up the next morning and left a note for Vince. It read, “My horse is sick. I think he’s dying. I’ll see you later.”

A couple of hours later, I was at the airport, when I heard them call my name for a call on the airport paging system. I was running by that time!

And I came home. I escaped again.

As it turned out, that was when Lawler was having his legal troubles, so they replaced him with Shawn Michaels. I would have been one of Shawn Michaels’s knights!

When I came to work for him in late 1997, one of the first things Vince said to me was, “So how’s your horse?”

Vince now welcomes Ludvig Borga into the ring. Vince asks Borga about not making friends in the USA. Borga then says in his country, “USA” means “You stink a lot” in a truly devastating insult. Borga then says all he sees here in America is a crumbling, polluted country filled with those who cannot read or write. Borga does not understand why Lex Luger stands up for these people and calls him a “garbage driver” as Vince reminds Borga that Luger is here tonight. Vince then talks about Luger probably being the champion had there been a rematch clause in his contract but Borga uses that to put down Luger and America. Luger now comes out to say he can handle his insults but will speak for everyone here and tells Borga he’s sick of his anti-American rhetoric while collecting a paycheck here in this country. Luger then tells Borga he will learn some respect in America and the WWF but Borga grabs the mic to tell Luger he will earn respect in his country. Luger then tells Borga to “love it or leave it” when it comes to America and if he needs help, he’ll volunteer right now then tears off his shirt. Borga calls Luger a typical hot-headed American and will fight where and when he says before leaving. Between Borga’s wooden acting skills and Luger’s complete lack of conviction with his character it did not make for a good segment. And add to the fact the segment itself was a played out American vs. Evil Foreigner trope.


Adam Bomb w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Russ Greenberg

Vince notes that next week will be a summit between Crush and Savage. Funny moment as Vince says the explosion sound could only mean the arrival of one man with Heenan replying “Vince Coleman.” Vince then tells us that Polo made a “transfer of assets” to Whippleman with Polo. Greenberg is absolutely shredded here but that does not stop him getting pulverized in the corner by Bomb. Savage brings up Bomb as an Intercontinental Title contender as Heenan makes Desi Arnaz references to rag on Razor Ramon. Bomb dropkicks Greenberg then hits a slingshot clothesline as the announcers talk about the Savage/Crush summit. Bomb stays in control then hits the Atom Smasher for the win (2:24). Vince says he wonders what heights Bomb can reach with Whippleman.

Thoughts: Lots of stuff going on here. The biggest news was learning that Crush would be returning and to have a “summit” with Savage. We also learned of Polo selling off Bomb to Whippleman (with Vince using his odd terminology to described this) and they even mentioned him being a possible IC Title contender so it seems they are more open to pushing Bomb with a new manager. And, Heenan’s Vince Coleman joke was great and shows he can be funny without using leftover ethnic jokes at Razor’s expense.


The announcers now talk about the Savage/Crush summit with Savage calling out Heenan for being an agitator and that Crush is too smart to have the problem to over the edge. Savage is also confident they will handle the problems without any physical confrontation. So they are definitely going to have a physical confrontation. Might as well have had a flashing graphic over Savage.


Rock ‘N’ Roll Express vs. Barry Hardy & Duane Gill

Vince says this is a non-sanctioned match. The RnR work over Hardy as Heenan claims to have a note saying that Razor has retired due to accomplishing everything he can and uses that to make a tired hub cap joke. Heenan was pretty much using every joke he ever used for Tito Santana on Razor. The RnR stay in control then put Hardy away with a double dropkick (2:18).

Thoughts: The match was an afterthought and Vince not even acknowledging them was a clear sign they were not long for the company.


We get a quick recap of the IC Title match.


Next week in action are Tatanka, IRS, and the Steiners. Plus, the Savage/Crush summit.


Final Thoughts: Razor Ramon is now the new Intercontinental Champion and we learn that next week Crush is returning to speak with Savage. Also, we had a confrontation between Borga and Luger plus saw that Harvey Whippleman is the new manager for Adam Bomb as we are now going to start the build towards Survivor Series.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Tuesday: WWF Superstars 10/16/93, WWF Wrestling Challenge 10/17/93

Wednesday: WWF All-American Wrestling 10/17/93, WWF Monday Night RAW 10/18/93

Thursday: WWF Superstars 10/23/93, WWF Wrestling Challenge 10/24/93

Friday: WWF Monday Night RAW 10/25/93

Saturday: WWF Superstars 10/30/93, WWF Wrestling Challenge 10/31/93

Sunday: WWF Monday Night RAW 11/1/93

Monday: WWF Superstars 11/6/93, WWF Wrestling Challenge 11/7/93