WWF Wrestling Challenge – September 12, 1993

September 12, 1993

From the Lowell Memorial Auditorium in Lowell, MA

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan

The copy I have omitted the Steiners defeating Blake Beverly & Tony Ulysses match. The Wrestlevessel YouTube account shows the end of this match that saw the Steiners put Ulysses away with a Doomsday Bulldog.


We see the Jerry Lawler promo that aired on “Superstars.”


1–2-3 Kid defeats Bastion Booger via count out and despite it being this week’s featured match on Challenge, it was first shown on “Superstars.”


We get a black-and-white ad parodying Godzilla with Yokozuna. It then ends with the “WWF Unbelievable” tag line.


Razor Ramon vs. Chris Duffy

Lawler tells us that we will see Randy Savage & Lex Luger vs. Yokozuna & Ludvig Borga on “Monday Night RAW.” Razor shoves down Duffy then uses a chokeslam as the announcers talk about the upcoming Razor vs. IRS match. Razor now stretches out Duffy on the mat as Ross also teases Razor vs. Shawn for the Intercontinental Title. Razor continues to toy with Duffy as Ross talks about Razor growing up in poverty, allowing Heenan to crack jokes such as “every six months I go to Razor’s house to visit my hub caps.” Razor stays in control then finally puts Duffy away with the Razor’s Edge (4:15).

Thoughts: Long squash match as they put over Razor’s character and mentioned not only his feud against IRS but also the fact he is going to be getting upcoming Intercontinental Title shots against Shawn Michaels. And that tag mentioned on commentary never made it to air but did take place as a dark match from the 9/27 RAW tapings in New Haven, CT., with the face team winning via count out.


The clip of Ludvig Borga interrupting Luger in the locker room after his match at SummerSlam airs.


Scott Despres vs. Doink the Clown

Doink comes to the ring on a unicycle. Doink hammers away then clotheslines Despres with his coat. The announcers talk about Doink at SummerSlam as Doink laughs on the mat after hitting a belly-to-belly suplex. Despres fights back and even sends Doink over the top rope with a dropkick. Ross talks about how he cannot wait for Bret to get revenge on Lawler as Doink heads back inside and hits a release German suplex. Doink then uses a swinging neckbreaker and follows with a knee drop then soon after that uses a flying sit-down splsah for the win (3:14).

Thoughts: Doink still wrestled as a complete heel here with little mentioned about his problems with Lawler.


The WWF Fan Club ad airs.


Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. Bary Horowitz

Lockup to start then Horowitz cheap shots Bret against the ropes. Bret comes back with a hip toss and a clothesline as Ross talks about Bret having another title shot against Yokozuna coming up. Bret stays in control until Horowitz boots him in the corner. Horowitz hammers away as Heenan talks about Lawler now being the undisputed King of the Ring after SummerSlam. Bret fights back and stays in control until he locks on the Sharpshooter for the win (3:34).

Thoughts: Decent action here, with Horowitz getting in a lot of offense, but the big news is learning Bret will be receiving another title shot. The title shot consisted of several matches around the house show circuit.


We now see an ad for the 1993 WWF Merchandise Catalog. Back then, this was the way you were able to get WWF Merchandise.


The Quebecers vs. Ross Greenberg & PJ Walker

The announcers plug The Quebecers Tag Team Title match this coming Monday on RAW as Pierre distracts Greenberg, allowing Jacques to attack from behind. The Quebecers double-team Greenberg as the Ross lists off the other teams in the Tag Team division. Jacques slaps Walker across the face before Walker is tagged into the match as the Quebecers now beat on Walker until using an assisted flipping senton but Pierre pulls him up at two. The Quebecers then hit Greenberg with the Boston Crab/flying leg drop combo then cover Walker for the win (2:57).

Thoughts: Good showing from The Quebecers to put them over heading into their Tag Team Title match on RAW.


Next week in action are Tatanka, The Headshrinkers, Marty Jannetty, Ludvig Borga, Smoking Gunns, and Bastion Booger. Plus, Jack Tunney as guest on the “King’s Court” and more.


Final Thoughts: Your standard episode of Challenge with the key stuff already shown on Superstars. The company is trying to find its way after SummerSlam as business continues to suffer and a lot of performers making their final appearances over the next few weeks with the house show business being downsized.