WWF Superstars – September 11th, 1993

September 11, 1993

From the Westchester County Civic Center in White Plains, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and Jerry “The King” Lawler, who throws away his crutch and tells us its a miracle that he can now walk again.

This week in action are The Headshrinkers vs. Marty Jannetty & Virgil, Tatanka vs. Damien Demento, and 1-2-3 Kid vs. Bastion Booger. Also in action are IRS and Adam Bomb.


The Headshrinkers w/ Afa vs. Marty Jannetty & Virgil

Savage says this will be a big test for both teams. The announcers talk about the Quebecers vs. Steiners Tag Team Title match this coming Monday night on RAW. Samu shoves down Marty a few times then Marty takes a breather in the corner. Marty comes back with an arm drag and a dropkick then Fatu tags in and trades headbutts with Samu. Fatu beats down Marty but Marty fights back then works the arm. Virgil tags and also works the arm until Fatu nails him with a forearm smash. Fatu then hits a backbreaker then a running shoulder tackle as we go to break. The action returns with Fatu blocking a reverse rollup but then getting caught in a drop toe hold. Virgil works a hammerlock on the mat then Marty tags back in but is quickly kneed in the gut. The Headshrinkers beat down Marty until Samu eats boot on a charge. Marty fires away then once again goes back to the arm. Marty drills Samu with a super kick but gets kicked from behind by Fatu. The Headshrinkers double-team Marty by running interference as the ref is distracted by trying to get Virgil back to the apron. Marty avoids a charge in the corner as Samu’s shoulder rams the post then both men tag out as Virgil runs wild. Marty & Virgil land a double dropkick then Virgil hits a Russian leg sweep but the ref orders Marty back to the apron as he makes the tag then Fatu comes off the top with a flying headbutt and that gets the win (9:17 shown, **1/4).

Thoughts: Dull until after the break when things picked up. The finish was not particularly good but the win was designed to put over The Headshrinkers, who have been built up as #1 contenders to the Tag Team titles for the past month, despite The Quebecers getting the title shot this coming Monday on RAW.


Jeff Lebolt vs. IRS

IRS comes down the aisle with a mic and yells at the crowd to get a job and says its time to pay their fair share. IRS beats down Lebolt as the announcers talk about his victory over the 1-2-3 Kid at SummerSlam. Vince puts over IRS’s technical ability, comparing him to Bret Hart, then says that Money Inc. is no more as they both went their separate ways. IRS stays in control then uses the Write Off clothesline for the win (1:44).

Thoughts: They’re trying to put over IRS for his feud against Razor but the act is incredibly stale and comes off as a lower card gimmick.


Tatanka vs. Damien Demento

Savage gives a shout out to Crush and says he is coming around and watched SummerSlam on PPV. Tatanka slams Demento before dropkicking him out of the ring. Back inside, Tatanka fires away in the corner but Demento comes back with a clothesline. Demento stomps away then rakes Tatanka’s face. Demento gets a nearfall with an elbow drop before applying a reverse chinlock. Tatanka escapes and uses a sunset flip for two. Crossbody gets two. Demento catches Tatanka with a boot to the gut then hits a DDT but starts responding to the voices in his head instead of covering. Demento uses a turnbuckle smash but that just fires up Tatanka. We now see Tatanka hit a few chops then catches Demento with a powerslam before using a flying chop for the win (4:55) *1/2.

Thoughts: Nothing special but it was wrestled at a brisk pace and really that’s all I ask for in an under five minute long TV match. Demento would leave the company after the next set of TV tapings.


WWF Update with Gorilla Monsoon. We see a clip that was shown on the SummerSlam encore airing. Lex Luger was celebrating with Savage, Tatanka, and the Steiners in the locker room. Raymond Rougeau interviews Luger until Ludvig Borga interrupts to say he is not impressed with Luger, his friends, or country. Borga then tells Luger if he ever steps into the ring he’ll get crushed just how America is crumbling piece by piece. Borga then calls Luger the “backbone” of America and promises to break it before we go back to the studio where Gorilla calls out Borga and and says he has the intelligence of a slinky, rhyming it with Borga’s hometown of Helsinki. It has been clear for weeks they were building to this feud but Borga is not over and his promos are incredibly wooden while Luger’s failure to capture the title at SummerSlam hurts him in the fans eyes, making it a cold feud out of the gate despite all the attention.


1-2-3 Kid vs. Bastion Booger

This is brought to us via “Wrestling Challenge” with Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan on commentary. Booger shoves Kid down but Kid kips right back up. Booger flapjacks Kid then hits a leg drop to the back of Kid’s head before stomping away. Ross puts over Kid’s Intercontinental Title match against Shawn Michaels as Heenan makes a comment about Kid’s eyes being “glassy” with Ross saying it was due to the leg drop. Booger dances before using a vertical suplex then thumbs Kid in the eye. Booger misses a charge in the corner then Kid rolls him up for a nearfall but he’s able to go back on offense. Kid takes Booger outside with an enziguiri after a reversal sequence then flies out with a somersault plancha. Kid then takes Booger down with a pescado but Booger sends Kid into the post then crushes him against the stairs. Booger then puts Kid against the post but misses a charge and Kid takes a pitcher of water to toss at Booger then rolls back inside to get the count out win (3:55) *1/2. Ross then talks about how we need some soap for Booger now.

Thoughts: The main point of this was to embarrass Booger for being a slob. It also kicked out a mini house show feud between the two where they ended up splitting wins from the results I have seen.


The “Speaking From the Heart” music video by Randy Savage is now shown. Of course, the song is featured on “WrestleMania: The Album.”


The announcers plug the current edition of “WWF Magazine,” with the Steiner Brothers on the cover. It also features an article on George Steinbrenner.


Ron Neal vs. Adam Bomb w/ Johnny Polo

Polo is sporting penguin slippers. Bomb hammers away on Neal as Polo holds a glass of wine. Bomb continues to destroy Neal then puts him away with the Atom Smasher (2:01).

Thoughts: Bomb looked fine but the pairing with Polo is going nowhere. They have very little chemistry together and Polo just isn’t getting enough heat in the role.


We get another backstage edition of the “King’s Court.” Lawler says he is knee is better and will be 100% quite soon. Lawler then talks about his supporters that are upset at Doink the Clown for failing to take care of Bret Hart and failing to protect himself. Lawler then says he heard Doink was upset over being referred to as an “imbecilic idiot” then reiterates that Doink is nothing more than his “jester” before telling Bret he beat him on crutches and to stay out of his sight. Lawler then warns Bret what will happen if their paths cross again. Another great promo by Lawler. Also it appears they are going to turn Doink face with how much Lawler is shitting on him.


Next week in action are the 1-2-3 Kid, Shawn Michaels, Mr. Perfect, Ludvig Borga, and the featured match of Bret Hart vs. Blake Beverly.


Final Thoughts: A wrestling heavy show this week plus the hyped Luger/Borga confrontation backstage at SummerSlam. We get another featured match next week as the SummerSlam fallout continues.