WWF Prime Time Wrestling – October 5th, 1992

October 5, 1992

Vince McMahon is your host. Panelists include: Hillbilly Jim, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Mr. Perfect, and Bobby Heenan.

Matches this week include: Big Bossman vs. Papa Shango, Koko B. Ware vs. Shawn Michaels, and El Matador vs. Repo Man. Plus, The Undertaker is in action and an interview with Razor Ramon.

The panelists run down the show as Heenan gets in a good dig on Koko B. Ware, telling Vince he’d never be able to become  broadcast journalist after hanging up his tights because it will take Koko about six years to get his tights off. Its sad that their is a babyface team that seems solely designed as fodder for pants jokes.


Shawn Michaels w/ Sensational Sherri vs. Koko B. Ware

The announcers for the Prime Time exclusive matches are Gorilla Monsoon and Slick. This is from the 9/22 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Brandon, Manitoba. Shawn uses an arm drag then taunts the crowd as Slick says he hates Koko’s pants. And Slick is a bayface here. Koko fights back and knocks Shawn outside. Koko sends Shawn back out with a dropkick as Sherri tends to her man before yelling at Koko. Back inside, Koko wins a slugfest but whiffs on a crossbody then Shawn stomps away. The announcers talk about Shawn being a product of ICOPRO then Sherri mocks Koko’s bird dance on the outside. Shawn lands several jabs in the corner and stays in control. Shawn slows things down with a chinlock as Gorilla believes Sherri now has a tattoo on her breast. Koko escapes then almost puts Shawn away with a small package but after that runs into a clothesline. Shawn hits a backbreaker then heads up top for a fist drop that gets two. Shawn then eats boot on a charge and after that Koko runs wild. Shawn manages to avoid a corner splash then drills Koko with a super kick on the rebound and gets the win (6:47). **1/4. Gorilla tells us to keep our eye on Shawn as he is championship material.

Thoughts: Solid TV match as it gives Shawn a win over a name opponent as they are keeping him in the Intercontinental Title picture.


Skinner vs. Major Yates

This match was from the 8/10 “Superstars” tapings in Huntsville, AL. Skinner beats on Yates and tosses him outside. Skinner taunts the crowd before heading outside where he beats on Yates some more. Skinner stays on the attack as the match is now back inside of the ring. Skinner bites Yates as Slick talks about what he’d do if he managed Yates then Gorilla asks Slick if he is getting the itch to return as a manager as Slick does say he does in fact have the itch. Skinner now uses a reverse chinlock then toys with Yates and mocks the ref before the inverted DDT gets the win (4:28).

Thoughts: Another long squash match win on Prime Time for Skinner, who is essentially a “jobber to the stars” now.


The clip from two weeks ago when Paul Bearer rolled a coffin down to the ring and scared Kamala airs.


Undertaker defeats Von Krus from the 10/3 edition of “Superstars.”


Back to the studio as Jameson wheels in dinner. He brings a stuffed turkey which features an uncooked turkey filled with desserts, an egg, and his inhaler.


“Terrific” Terry Taylor vs. “Jumping” Jim Brunzell

This is from the 9/21 “Superstars” tapings in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Its also Taylor’s return to the WWF after two years. He’s now sporting black trunks and boots and this match was introduced by Vince from the studio in the least enthusiastic way possible. Brunzell frustrates Taylor to start so Taylor resorts to stalling. Brunzell now works the arm as the announcers talk about the return of Bob Backlund. Taylor takes control after a cheap shot then stomps away in the corner. Taylor taunts the crowd after hitting a jawbreaker then drops the knee for two before applying a chinlock. Brunzell manages a few pin attempts but gets clotheslined immediately afterwards. Brunzell fights back and even puts on a figure four briefly as Taylor grabbed the ropes. Taylor dumps Brunzell outside then back in blocks a back drop with a corkscrew neckbreaker that gets two. Taylor misses a corner charge and walks into an atomic drop and then a bell clap. Brunzell gets two with a clothesline and almost puts Taylor away with a dropkick but gets booted in the gut and then Taylor uses a sitout powerbomb for the win (7:23) **1/2.

Thoughts: Honest to god this was a good match and Brunzell looked the best he had in years. I mean his look was dated by at least 15 years but he moved around well. Taylor was let go from WCW when Bill Watts came in as Taylor claimed Watts told him he had been there for too long and had to leave so Vince begrudginly hired him back. Taylor walked out on Vince two years prior and Vince only brought him back at the suggestion of several others in the company. Oddly enough, Gorilla said it was Taylor’s WWF debut. And without any buildup it does not appear that there are any plans for Taylor to get pushed.


The Bob Backlund vignette airs.


Clip from last year’s Survivor Series where we saw the end of Team Piper vs. Team Flair.


Natural Disasters defeat Bob Bradley & Barry Horowitz from the 10/3 edition of “Superstars.”


Okerlund trying to get an answer from Jimmy Hart as to which of his tag teams will be the number one contender from Superstars airs.


We hear from The Mountie, who is via satellite on TSN. He calls out the British Bulldog then the panel asks him about Bulldog too. Mountie says he lost the title because he prepared for Bret Hart but Bret was sick and he had to face Roddy Piper instead but this time will not let the title slip away. Bulldog now joins us from Sky Sports in the U.K. as Bulldog does not care  for what Mountie has said. Mountie then claims he gave Bulldog advice to beat Bret at SummerSlam but Bulldog said that is a lie then we get shouting and the segment ends after Heenan requests Mountie sing his theme song. You’d think this would be leading to a Mountie vs. Bulldog match at SummerSlam. Bulldog was terrible here and this segment did nothing to make you see them want to wrestle.


Big Bossman vs. Papa Shango

This match is joined in progress. It was also from the 9/22 Challenge tapings. Bossman blocks a turnbuckle smash and hits a few of his own. Shango catches Bossman and rams him into the corner. Shango beats on Bossman as the announcers talk about the Bret/Shango feud. Shango now uses a nerve hold and Bossman escapes and uses a headbutt but Shango was not phased and Bossman drops down. Shango goes back to the nerve hold then Bossman escapes again and both men collide. Bossman now runs wild but we see Nailz head down to the ring. Nailz waves around the nightstick he stole from Bossman so Bossman grabs his nightstick and heads up the aisle and runs after Nailz as they both go through the curtain and Shango wins via count out (6:32).

Thoughts: Nailz and Bossman went through the curtain as soon as they touched as they keep delaying them from really getting physical. The action was not good but both guys were in feuds and could not afford to get pinned.


Virgil vs. Louie Spicolli

This match took place at the 8/11 Challenge tapings in Memphis, TN. The announcers talk about both men improving over the past year as Virgil takes control. Virgil sends Spicolli outside with a clothesline then flies out with a pescado. Virgil misses a high knee in the corner and Spicolli now takes control. Spicolli gets two with an elbow drop then cuts off a comeback with a clothesline. Spicolli now works a chinlock but Virgil escapes only to get cut off with a knee smash. Leg drop gets two then Spicolli busts out a Northern Lights suplex for a nearfall. Spicolli goes back to the chinlock but Virgil escapes and hits a back suplex. Virgil fires away then uses a Russian leg sweep for the win (5:38) **.

Thoughts: They gave Spicolli some offense here and he looked good, as did Virgil. A solid, little match from these two guys.


Back to the panel as they discuss the Ultimate Maniacs and what they can do as a team. Perfect said their egos are too big and brings up what happened at the SummerSlam Spectacular after pissing off Duggan.


The Razor Ramon interview from Superstars airs.


Repo Man vs. El Matador

Another match from the 8/10 Superstars tapings. Repo Man cheap shots Matador in the corner then stays on the attack. Matador comes back with a dropkick then an arm drag and Repo bails. Repo returns and tries a cheap shot after offering a handshake but Matador was ready. Matador now works the arm for a while. Repo takes control after an inverted atomic drop and goes after Matador’s arm. Matador comes back with an inverted atomic drop then hits a slam and a dropkick that sends Repo outside. The ref prevents Matador from going outside then Repo pulls out a hubcap from underneath the ring and whacks Matador behind the ref’s back. Repo waits a while then covers but Matador breaks it by putting his foot on the ropes. Matador fights back again then hits a pair of clotheslines and uses a flying attack for a two count. Matador gets drilled after ducking his head for a back drop but is able to take Repo outside with a flying forearm. Matador heads out to beat on Repo and chases him up the aisle with the hubcap for the double count out (9:01) *1/2.

Thoughts: The Repo Man gimmick leads to some crappy matches. Matador made it watchable but it was quite boring and long for a count out finish.


Crush defeats Duane Gill from the 10/3 edition of “Superstars.”


We go back to the studio as the panel talks about Crush’s potential. Heenan makes jokes about him being from Hawaii.


Rick Martel defeats Ross Greenberg from the 10/3 edition of “Superstars.”


Bret Hart defeats Barry Hardy from the 10/4 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Next week in action will be Bret Hart vs. Blake Beverly, British Bulldog vs. Kamala, and the debut of Max Moon. And yes, Max Moon is the Komet Kid but they are changing his name. Also, Earthquake vs. Ted DiBiase. I will not be reviewing this one.


Jameson comes back through with his clothes burned and face covered in soot. He then reveals his turkey which is shrunken and burnt to a crisp. Hilarious moment as Jameson us trying to yank off a piece of the turkey and unknowingly makes a masturbation gesture so Heenan tells him to be careful doing that because he might go blind. Vince yelled at Heenan to cut it out.


Final Thoughts: The action wasn’t that bad to be honest but the show format is lifeless and the Jameson stuff is tired. They’re trying to put more competitive matches on the show and add more exclusive interview segments to try and combat low ratings but the product is ice cold and this is not going to fix that dilemma.