WWF Prime Time Wrestling – November 6th, 1989

November 6, 1989

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan, Gorilla Monsoon, and Roddy Piper


The show starts with Heenan arguing with Piper, who is over in Studio B.


The Genius vs. Jim McPherson

This was from the 10/3 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Toledo, OH. McPherson mocks The Genius’s cartwheel to start. The Genius works the arm then cuts off a comeback attempt. The announcers talk about The Genius aligning himself with Mr. Perfect as he taunts the fans before hitting a somersault senton for the win (2:49).

Thoughts: Quick win for The Genius as the focus was on his being Mr. Perfect’s second.


They run through the matches for next week’s “Survivor Series” showdown as Heenan is not happy Tully Blanchard will be facing the Ultimate Warrior. The idea is that they randomly drew someone from each teams facing off against each other to wrestle.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. We hear from Big Bossman & Slick and Dusty Rhodes to hype up their Survivor Series match.


The Rockers vs. Alan Reynolds & Barry Hardy

This match also would air on the 11/12/89 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” Shawn fights off his opponents then The Rockers clear the ring. We hear from Heenan in an insert promo promising The Rockers will be finished at the Survivor Series. Reynolds tags in as Marty powerslams him then The Rockers hit double fist drops for the win (2:07).

Thoughts: More Survivor Series hype here as the Rockers looked impressive in victory.


In the studio, Piper makes fun of Heenan for being old and out-of-touch.


Another plug for the Survivor Series showdown.


Piper continues to make fun of Heenan and predicts every member of the Heenan Family will be defeated at the Survivor Series.


Bad News Brown vs. Chuck Casey

This match was from the 10/2 “Superstars of Wrestling” tapings in Wheeling, WV. Casey attacks Bad News before the bell but misses a dropkick then fires away. The announcers talk about Bad News not wanting to be part of a team to explain why he is not at the Survivor Series. Bad News stays in control and eventually puts him away with the Ghetto Blaster (4:07). After the match, Bad News dumps Casey outside.

Thoughts: Long, boring squash as Bad News was put over as a loner to explain his absence from the Survivor Series.


Brooklyn Brawler vs. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart

This is also from the 10/3 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings. Neidhart shoves Brawler into the corner as Schiavone talks about the Hart Foundation splitting off at the moment. Brawler ducks outside to avoid a clothesline then jaws at the fans but Neidhart rolls him back into the ring. Brawler attacks Neidhart but fails to slam him and gets slammed himself. Neidhart misses a charge in the corner then Brawler hits mounted punches and even bites Neidhart before applying a chinlock. Brawler uses more biting and punches and even rakes the eyes. Brawler uses more cheap heel stuff then Neidhart escapes a chinlock. Neidhart hits a crossbody for two then Brawler kicks him in the head and goes up top but Neidhart slams him off and knocks him down a few times. Neidhart bites Brawler then hits a powerslam for the win (6:59) *.

Thoughts: Dull match. Neidhart was much better served as a tag wrestler and the Brawler was lousy in the ring. Neidhart as a singles never excites anyone.


The announcers talk about the Hart vs. Perfect match and how great that will be then trash talks Piper’s Survivor Series team after Piper mocks him.


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center for Survivor Series hype. We hear from the Million Dollar Team as they talk about loving money and how they will destroy the Hulkamaniacs. The Heenan Family then talk about surviving.


Dino Bravo defeats Dale Wolfe from 11/5/89 Wrestling Challenge


The Ultimate Warriors Survivor Series team Interview from 11/5/89 Wrestling Challenge


Demolition defeating The Brainbusters for the Tag Team Titles from 11/4/89 Superstars of Wrestling


Survivor Series report with Gene Okerlund


Jim Duggan defeats Barry Horowitz from the 11/4/89 edition of Superstars of Wrestling


Brother Love Show with the King’s Court Survivor Series Team as they got run off by the 4×4’s.


Mr. Perfect w/ Curt Hennig vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart

Hennig bails after a brief but fast-paced sequence. Bret mocks Perfect after outsmarting him as Perfect is not happy as The Genius is talking about ethics. Bret works a headlock on the mat but Perfect yanks his hair. Bret pays Perfect back and maintains the hold. Bret slingshots in with a sunset flip for two then puts the side headlock back on as he has looked great so far in this match. He gets two off of a crucifix then takes Perfect back down as Piper tells us how exciting this match is before the break. We return as Hennig is pacing around outside of the ring. Perfect ducks underneath the ropes as he is trying to outsmart Bret then is able to land a cheap shot as the ref stepped between them in the corner. Perfect hits a knee lift and hammers away before kicking Bret outside. He punches Bret off of the apron but back inside Bret fights back until Bret whips him into the corner. He gets yanked across the ring by his hair then Perfect uses a bridge after hitting a neck snap as that gets two. Bret cuts Perfect off of the top rope as the crowd cheers. Bret kicks Perfect’s leg out then hits a pair of atomic drops as he is back in control. Bret yanks Perfect around by the hair then Perfect accidentally crotches himself against the post. Bret gets a nearfall with a suplex as the crowd bought that as the finish. He gets two with a small package then with a backbreaker. The Genius distracts Bret as Perfect manages a reverse rollup but gets kicked outside. They fight  outside where Perfect pokes Bret in the eye. Bret floats over on a suplex then uses a reverse rollup but Perfect grabs the tights and reverses it and still holds on for the win (17:20) ***3/4.

Thoughts: A tremendous match. Faster-paced than what they were doing around the house show circuit too. At this point in the company, Bret was the best babyface in-ring worker the company had. He was so good here and even more than Perfect. Definitely a match to seek out.


Final Thoughts: The main event was awesome but the rest of the show was bland Survivor Series hype. The rest of the matches were not very good, either, but next week’s show is the “Survivor Series Showdown” as that will be reviewed here too.


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