WWF Prime Time Wrestling – September 11th, 1989

September 11, 1989

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon


The show starts off with a replay of the Rick Rude/Piper confrontation from three weeks ago. After that, Gorilla tells us there are new rules of the show as Heenan is once again the co-host while Piper is now over in Studio B. Gorilla also said fines and suspensions will result if people lay their hands on others. Heenan yells about Piper costing Rude the Intercontinental Title at SummerSlam then we see Piper in Studio B calling him “Truman Capote” as he sprays everything with Lysol. Piper then mocks Heenan for no longer managing the IC Champion.


The Widowmaker vs. Tim Horner

This was from the 8/29 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Springfield, MA. Windham decks Horner before the bell. He then pokes Horner in the eye and after that Horner botches a floatover spot on a back suplex attempt. Horner rolls over a backdrop attempt and hits a pair of dropkicks. He then takes Windham down with a hip toss but gets caught with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Windham knocks Horner down then rakes his face across the top rope. He drops an elbow after hitting a gutwrench suplex then hits a powerslam. Windham taunts the fans but Horner reverses an Irish whip in the corner and fires away. Windham tries to break it up with an inverted atomic drop but Horner slides off and hits a clothesline. Horner tries more mounted punches but this time Windham breaks it up then hits another inverted atomic drop before the superplex gets the win (4:55) *.

Thoughts: It was pretty much a squash but sloppy work from both guys here. This was not a good match and I expected better from these two. Windham in particular did not look good here.


We are back in the studio as Piper makes fun of Heenan, who warns Piper what is going to happen when Rude gets a hold of him.


WWF Update replay from Superstars on the Ultimate Warrior getting choked out by Andre the Giant.


Dusty Rhodes defeats Tom Stone from the 9/10 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Piper is back in the Studio B making fun of Heenan’s belongings as Heenan warns Piper what will happen to him.


Koko B. Ware is shown coming out to his new song “Bird.” He sings and dances in the ring as fans are shown clapping. So, Koko’s new gimmick is that he has a new song, named after his bird. After that, Piper is singing and goes back to making fun of Heenan.


Powers of Pain w/ Mr. Fuji vs. George Skaaland & Mark Frear

This match is from the “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Springfield, MA. The Powers of Pain beat down Skaaland to start. We hear from the Bushwhackers in an insert promo as they talk about the Powers of Pain having a lot of “meat” then tell Fuji they also like “Japanese Food” as the Powers of Pain put Frear away with a lifting top rope clothesline (2:07).

Thoughts: A dominating performance by the Powers of Pain as they are feuding with the Bushwhackers.


Jimmy Snuka defeats Jake Milliman from the 9/10 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center. We hear Bad News Brown run down Jack Tunney for keeping him from getting a WWF World Heavyweight Title shot. Tito Santana calls out Rick Martel for hanging out with “losers.” Tito then says no one will keep him from getting after Martel. Man, that was a rough promo.


Butch Mayo & Terry Daniels vs. Fabulous Rougeau Brothers w/ Jimmy Hart

This is also from the “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Springfield, MA. Jacques distracts Mayo as Raymond attacks from behind. They frustrate Daniels and distract the ref long enough as Raymond applies a Boston Crab then Jacques drops a knee and Raymond covers for the win (3:37).

Thoughts: More heel goodness from the Rougeaus here.


Tony Ulysses vs. King Duggan

This is from the 8/30 “Superstars of Wrestling” taping in Portland, ME. Ulysses’ sneak attack fails as Duggan fires away. Duggan dumps Ulysses outside then brings him back in and puts him away with the Three Point Stance (2:07).

Thoughts: A quick win here for Duggan as he is now in need of a feud, which will happen soon.


Piper is back in Studio B pretending he is talking to Tammy Faye Baker as he makes fun of Heenan.


Dale Wolfe vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

This is also from the “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Springfield, MA. Rick Martel is shown in an insert promo telling Beefcake he is “sexier” than him and brags about his fan letters. Beefcake takes control early and puts Wolfe away with a sleeper (2:18). After the match, Beefcake gives Wolfe a haircut.

Thoughts: They are really pushing a Beefcake/Martel feud now.


Mooney is back in the Event Center. Mr. Perfect tells us all whenever he steps into the ring he’s all business and no one will beat him. The Rockers talk about focusing on the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers.


We get clips of the Jimmy Snuka vs. Ted DiBiase match from SummerSlam to hype the PPV’s 9/19 Coliseum Home Video release.


Jake Roberts tells us he is coming back for one thing and that is Ted DiBiase.


Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Mario Mancini

This is from the 8/30 “Superstars of Wrestling” taping in Portland, ME. Mancini lands a few shots before the bell but Honky beats him down. Honky works Mancini over in the corner as Jimmy Hart tells Honky Mancini needs a trip to “Heartbreak Hotel” and Honky hits the Shake, Rattle, and Roll for the win (1:37).

Thoughts: They hyped up Honky’s feud with Snuka here as that continues around the house show circuit.


Roddy Piper from the 9/9 edition of the “Brother Love Show.” After that, Piper says he is not going to cry over getting outsmarted and beaten up because its the last good time Heenan & Rude will ever have. After the next break, Piper is ranting as he talks about Heenan putting Rude’s career in jeopardy.


Hart Foundation vs. The Rockers

This is also from the “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Springfield, MA. It is also on the 1990 WrestleFest tape from Coliseum Home Video. Jannetty and Hart start things off with a reversal sequence. They fight over an arm wringer then Marty makes the tag as The Rockers take Bret over. Neidhart runs in to knock over the Rockers then we have a staredown. Neidhart tags in and ends in a stalemate with Shawn, who then grabs control. Neidhart slams Shawn then tags Bret, who misses an elbow drop. Marty is in now and works the arm of Bret for a bit. We go to break and return as Bret knees Shawn in the back from the apron. Bret tags in and hits a backbreaker then Neidhart works a chinlocks as the fans rally behind Shawn. Neidhart then catches Shawn with a bearhug. Bret tags as Shawn spins out of a powerslam attempt to hit a slam of his own as both men are down. Bret cuts off a tag attempt as the Hart Foundation are back in control. Neidhart gets two with a dropkick then skies Shawn with a backdrop for another nearfall. Shawn manages to roll away from an assisted slingshot splash from Neidhart as they are both down. Bret tags in and beats on Shawn in the corner. Shawn rolls away from an elbow drop as Schiavone tells us the fans are cheering for both teams but Shawn finally makes the tag and the crowd pops as Marty runs wild on Bret. Neidhart breaks up a pin attempt off of a powerslam but Marty continues to beat on Bret. Neidhart breaks up another pin attempt as Shawn is now the legal man. Bret comes back with a clothesline as both men are down. Neidhart tags and knocks Shawn down but ends up accidentally knocking Bret off of the apron and into the guardrail. Neidhart checks on Bret then the Rougeaus run in and attack the Rockers from behind for the DQ (13:25) ***. The Hart Foundation get up and fight the Rougeaus, who run away and end up getting chased by both teams.

Thoughts: The first half of this was rather dull but it really picked up after the break. The crowd seemed confused as who to cheer for but when Bret kneed Shawn from the apron the crowd got behind the Rockers more. Shawn did a great job at selling here and I even thought the end was clever as the Rougeaus interfered and got chased to the back by both teams to play up their obnoxious heel act and keep the Hart Foundation face at the end. The Rockers vs. Hart Foundation match on SNME was better but this was still a good outing.


Back in the studio, Heenan is laughing hysterically then we see a pissed off Piper.


Final Thoughts: The main event here was fine and the Piper vs. Heenan & Rude stuff is really heating up but the rest of this was recycled syndicated clips for the most part. I’d seek out the Rockers match but nothing else here was really worth seeing. Sadly, around this time, Prime Time was moving away from exclusive matches and using lots more recycled clips.


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