Wrestling Observer Flashback–08.19.91

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All this nostalgia inspired me to go buy a couple of SWEET classic Macho Man t-shirts from Barbershop Window:  http://www.barbershopwindow.com/wrestling-shirts/official-partners/macho-man-randy-savage.html  I grabbed the “Macho Man ‘85” and the classic purple glasses logo.  Hopefully they’ll contact me and be all like “Yo!  Your memes are so DANK that people bought a shitload of Macho Man shirts and put our kids through college.  Good college!  Like, ITT Tech and shit.  Have some free shirts on us.”

It could happen.

Hey, also, WWE is FINALLY coming back here to Saskatoon for the first time since 2011 next month!  I will actually get to see AJ Styles at a live event, which is a thing that I would not have predicted even a couple of years ago.

Let’s Observer!

– In the top story, New Japan had a MONSTER week of business, grossing a reported $4 million between four shows in one week.  They had four sellouts of 11,000 people or more at Sumo Hall, which saw a four night tournament where Masa Chono scored a stunning upset over Keiji Muto in the finals, beginning a new era for the company in the process.  After the tournament, Chono teamed with Muto and Shinya Hashimoto to form a new group, called the Three Musketeers, with the idea being that they are the new singles stars of the promotion, replacing the old guard of Riki Choshu and Fujinami.  In fact, Choshu’s retirement was announced by the papers after the show, with the ceremony supposedly being held on 9/23 at the Yokohama Arena.  (Riki stuck around much longer than that, in fact.)  Choshu was trying to show that he wasn’t a selfish booker, doing tons of jobs for the new guys over the course of the tournament, with the philosophy being that booking is a deck of cards and Inoki was the Ace of Spades.

– Anyway, with Inoki out of the deck, Choshu had to shuffle the cards and try to make a lot of different hands, so now the strategy moving forward is that there’s a clearly defined hierarchy of top guys, but any top guy can beat any other top guy on any given night, and thus fans will be kept guessing.

– In the other top story, Bobby Heenan showed up on WWF Superstars with the NWA World title belt, introducing the name “Ric Flair” to the WWF audience for the first time.  The contract signing on 9/1 is a mere formality and Flair will debut on 9/9 or 9/10 at the TV tapings in Ontario.  He might even start doing house shows in mid-September when they tour Europe.

– Overall, Dave thinks is the death knell for WCW as a potential challenger to the throne of the WWF in the eyes of the public.  Having Vince put their biggest star on his TV against Hogan makes WCW look like a bunch of clowns.  Having Luger on top likely won’t hurt them because they’re pretty much at rock bottom anyway and Luger v. Ron Simmons is hardly a main event to turn the company around. Ironically, the perception is going to be the WWF stealing WCW’s talent because they have the big money and WCW doesn’t, when in fact the reality is quite the opposite. WCW was throwing huge amounts of money at Flair in the contract negotiations, but Jim Herd was so trigger happy that he fired Flair before they could even change the title, and now it’s six weeks into the “We Want Flair” era and fans STILL won’t shut up about it.  (Maybe Jim Herd should have done a WWE Network show with Paul Heyman and JBL where they called fans idiots for wanting Flair around?)  In fact ratings for TBS are the lowest in the history of the promotion at this point (Maybe they should go three hours?) although to be fair no one in their right mind thought that Vince would actually allow Flair to appear on WWF TV with the title belt.

– Everyone thinks Flair v. Hogan is going to do monster business, but HOLD ON, says Dave.  Everyone assumes it’s the Wrestlemania main event, but he doesn’t think they’ll drag it out that long. There’s too many “ifs” involved and for all anyone knows, they could burn out the title v. title gimmick by November.

– The Clash XVI show is shaping up to be Ron Simmons v. Diamond Studd for the Halloween Havoc title shot, the finals of the tag team title tournament with Steiner & Kazmaier v. The Enforcers, plus a couple of semi-finals in the lightheavyweight tournament. There will still be a battle royale, but thankfully not in a ring filled with clay.  (Just with jobbers). 

– Vince McMahon had a four hour meeting with his bodybuilding crew to discuss the tender topic of steroids.

– Vince has a plan to eliminate steroids from bodybuilding.  Even though everyone in the sport is on more drugs than the East German Women’s powerlifting team, Vince is going to redefine the competition in a way that doesn’t reward people with freakish drug physiques.  It should be noted that this is the third public announcement of “steroid testing” for the WBF, with absolutely nothing happening the first two times, so don’t hold your breath.  Dave thinks the risks are too high to announce testing again and then not follow through with it.  (And yet…) 

– Vince also met with the wrestling talent and told everyone to get off the shit RIGHT NOW because if any big names were to be caught with this stuff, it would be a major PR nightmare for the company.  (I think Randy Savage was literally the only person to take that seriously.)  He stressed again that testing starts in September, but there’s still zero details on what or how they’re testing.

– Jim Herd, meanwhile, stressed that there will be no steroid testing in WCW.  His feeling is that his guys are adults who will do what they want.  (Digging the hole deeper every week.) 

– In the big SWS tag tournament in the Yokohama Arena (running opposite the giant New Japan tournament!) the Road Warriors beat Tenryu & Ashura Hara in the finals to the surprise of no one.  Tenryu is now “salivating” at the prospect of getting access to Ric Flair for a series of dream matches later in the year.  (Unfortunately for him, the WWF relationship fell apart soon after.  But Flair & Hogan v. The Road Warriors?  DAMN.  That would have drawn some legit money.) 

– The new FMW offshoot group W*ING debuted at Korakuen Hall to a sellout crowd, as TNT jumped from New Japan thanks to his relationship with owner Victor Quinones.  It’s mostly no-name guys doing death matches.

– Koji Kitao announced his retirement from pro wrestling at a press conference, and said he’s training to be a KARATE FIGHTER.  (Better hope John Tenta doesn’t train as well.) 

– The Patriot won the North American title tournament in Global, adding to his TV title.  The finish was kind of screwed up, as Patriot wrestled Al Perez (“the human sleeper hold” says Dave) in the finals and it was supposed to be a deal where Perez got his feet on the ropes and Patriot stopped the pin count because he’s a good sportsman. But the ref screwed up and counted it like a shoot, making it look like Patriot knowingly pinned the man when he was in the ropes and Perez got screwed over.  And in fact Perez was over as a babyface in the match.  Also unfortunately, the crowd dropped from 1100 paid on Friday’s show to 540 for Saturday’s tournament final, which is an all-time low for the promotion.

– This was actually the last weekend for multiple shows, as they will now only tape Fridays once a week, with the show airing on Monday on ESPN.  The grand plan for five days a week has been dropped and ESPN will air reruns of Pro Wrestling This Week instead.

– Jim Cornette continues bringing the funny.  After Stan Lane lost to the Patriot on the Global show, Cornette launched into a tirade about how it was a conspiracy against Stan, just like the cops conspired against his good friend Pee Wee Herman.  See, the court system was so biased that they wouldn’t even let Pee Wee defend himself in court!  Hold on a second, I need the bad pun dog for this punchline:

– Billy Jack Haynes is once again back in Portland after getting fired from WCW.

– Joel Goodhart continues making bigger and bigger promises, this time talking about a new working relationship with New Japan and big names like Muto and Liger will be working shows in Philly in 1992.  Dave thinks this is unlikely since WCW pretty much has the exclusive with New Japan at this point, although El Samurai will be coming over for some seasoning in the US at the very least.

– Herb Abrams is trying to sell a 30 minute talk show with himself and Lou Albano to cable networks.  (SOLD!  Couldn’t be any worse than “Bring It To The Table.”) 

– In their quest to maintain wholesome family entertainment, the WWF has been airing skits where Jake Roberts teaches Ultimate Warrior to get in touch with his dark side and to not fear death, which should end with Jake going heel.

– Shane Douglas continues to act as surrogate Rocker with Shawn Michaels injured.  (OH THE IRONY.)

– The case where Bobby Heenan was found passed out in an airport will be dropped pending completion of an alcohol rehabilitation program, and basically nothing more will come of it as long as he behaves himself. (And then they immediately stick him on the road with RIC FLAIR!) 

– Downtown Bruno will in fact not be Herbie Wimpleman, but in fact Harvey Whippleman.  (Don’t tell CRZ that Dave put that “H” in there.) 

– Barry Darsow will be using that Repo Man gimmick that JJ Dillon had trademarked a few weeks back.

– To WCW, where the Patriots are already US tag champs, winning the belts in a horrible 15:00 match with a screwed up finish because Todd Champion missed his cue completely.  (Oh man, we finally got TBS in Edmonton at this point and I remember watching that match on the Main Event!  It was fucking awful!) 

– DDP will no longer be managing Diamond Studd and will instead be doing color. (Future WWF Hall of Famer, if the rumors for this year are true.) 

– Kevin Sullivan was told that he was being fired after the Clash as a part of the bloodletting, but then he was called up and asked to work the TV tapings as a wrestler again instead of a manager.  So apparently he’s sticking around again now.

– Sting got another big box on the taping, which was supposed to be Bam Bam Bigelow, but he quit before making TV, so instead it was a girl telling him to retire. Cactus Jack of course returned to WCW as the second big box, and the whole thing is leading to Lex Luger as the final boss fight.

– WCW is moving all their tapings from this point forward to the newly rebuilt Center Stage in Atlanta.

– And finally,  Jim Ross is pushing for the Steiners v. Gordy & Williams on PPV later in the year.  (Well we knew at least one person who loved Bill Watts’ tenure then.) 

Peace out.

  • RawisStoned

    How long was WCW at Center Stage? Must have been at least 3 years because I remember Hogan making at least one appearance there. I always liked seeing that venue on TV. Had a small intimate feel to it.

    • PeteF3

      Until the early part of ’96. Whichever episode had Luger beating Badd for the TV title was the first WCWSN on the road. (With the rare ’91-’96 exceptions).

  • Manjiimortal

    Ah yes, the G1 Climax makes its debut by highlighting the 3 guys NJPW would build the company around in the following years. It did a lot for both Chono and Hashimoto, whom by then were on the lower hierarchy of the newer guys (with both Mutoh and Hase ahead of them), and started Chono on his road to become Mr G1. Funny enough that of the three, the guy that came to define NJPW during the 90’s was the one that was originally less pushed (Hashimoto), but then in 1993 they did the WAR vs NJPW feud and Hashimoto exploded on the main event.

    Flair did wrestle for SWS, as he did 3 matches on April 92: a six-man match in April 16, a singles match with Tenryu at the Yokohama Prefectural Gym on April 17, and a 2 Out of 3 Falls rematch with Tenryu on April 18 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gym.

  • Adam The Reindeer

    Wasn’t DDP also heavily rumoured to be in the HOF every year since 2014? I’m not doubting he should be in the HOF. But i’m wondering why this year.

    • Because they need the name this year, probably

      • Adam The Reindeer

        With the headliners this year being rumoured to be Vader, Daniel Bryan & Muhammed Ali. It’s not like they need DDPs name value, it’s surprising that he wasn’t inducted a few years ago along with several of his yoga clients.

        • OK, then, with THOSE THREE headliners, you’ve got three bummers – Ali’s dead, Vader is on borrowed time and D-Bry will NEVER wrestle again at the age of 35. Inducting DDP gets a bit of positivity on the docket.

          • Adam The Reindeer

            Fair point, well made.

          • Theberzerker #HOHOHUSS

            *NEVER wrestle again for WWE. That lesion heals up and he’s zipping right over to New Japan.

          • They care less about people’s health over there?

          • PeteF3

            After seeing Kenny Omega’s dropkick to the back of Okada’s head this morning…yes, I’d say that’s a fair statement.

          • 48 minutes… did I read that right?

  • PeteF3

    Flair vs. Tenryu most definitely happened, but maybe just for WAR and not SWS.

    And…I mean, we’re approaching the point where Vince fires two major babyface drawing cards in the span of a couple of weeks because of juice, so whatever you want to say about him, he was clearly serious about enforcing this in late ’91.

    • ADF

      Are you talking about Warrior and Bulldog? Because that happens in ’92, more than a year away.

  • PrideOfCanada

    “(I think Randy Savage was literally the only person to take that seriously.)”

    You’d think Savage was a ridiculously paranoid man or something.

    • JasonMK

      All too well anyway, since Liz wasn’t going to be around much longer to inject him.

    • ADF

      Savage was probably the most “normal” guy, relatively speaking, in that whole locker room. Certainly he seemed to be one of the few who understood life outside wrestling. I can see him wising up and getting of the roids, at least for a few years, if he thinks getting caught with them could be detrimental. Plus, he may still have been trying to get Liz pregnant, which would give him even more incentive to get off the juice.

  • Theberzerker #HOHOHUSS

    I found a Cream of the Crop shirt in tasteful platinum on Amazon, rather than the hideous lavender color it usually is. I don’t care if garish colors are the point, I don’t look good in pastels.

  • PrideOfCanada

    “Downtown Bruno will in fact not be Herbie Wimpleman, but in fact Harvey Whippleman. (Don’t tell CRZ that Dave put that “H” in there.)”

    Arvey Whippleman?

    • ‘allo guv’nor. Me name’s ‘arvey Whippleman.

      • Big D Wangston

        That would have made the gimmick 1Trillion times better

    • Any CRZ reference immediately brings to my mind how he called every referee “Blind”

      • Bill Yanney


  • JasonMK

    Flair & Hogan vs. the Road Warriors in Japan? Three guesses who’s eating the pin in that one.

    • ADF




  • tannerfamilyfun92

    “I will actually get to see AJ Styles at a live event, which is a thing
    that I would not have predicted even a couple of years ago.”

    Because TNA stopped doing house shows in 2012, right?

    • Theberzerker #HOHOHUSS

      I doubt TNA ever went to Saskatoon. Or knows where it is.

      • Adam The Reindeer

        does TNA even have tv in Canada?

        • Theberzerker #HOHOHUSS

          TNA barely has TV period!

        • Mr.Snrub

          The new owners are their canadian tv broadcast partner.

      • Miko363

        I’m amazed Dixie never tried to work a currency exchange rate payroll scam of some kind.

        • Gotta have money to try to make any…

    • Where do you think I live that I would ever be in driving distance of a TNA house show?

      • tannerfamilyfun92

        How far is Florida from SK?

  • thejob111

    I’m sure it will be discussed many times, but I always get confused about the plans for Flair in WWF when he came in.

    He starts off with Piper (and also feuding with Hogan on a secondary level). You figure he feuds with Piper through the fall and then moves on to Hogan for Wrestlemania. Even as a kid I had assumed that.

    Then the Piper stuff gets dropped after Royal Rumble, he wins the title. OK here comes Hulk. Then the Sid thing happens and they do the switch with Savage.

    Of course reports are said that they promised Sid a Hulk/Sid main event at Wrestlemania and it seems they had that seed planted at Summerslam. So maybe that was the plan, but I don’t think so. They dropped Savage/Roberts fast to make the move to Flair/Savage.

    Then after Wrestlemania unfortunately they didn’t do anything really that effective with Flair. Still can’t believe they didn’t give him a match at Summerslam.

    It was strange because at some moments they treated him
    like literally the biggest star in the business and then other times he
    was just a guy.

    Really odd.

    • tannerfamilyfun92

      The basic story is that Vince was disappointed with the gates for the various Flair/Hogan house show matches and didn’t think it could fill the Hoosier Dome.

      So, as per Vince, he defaulted to Hogan vs. Huge Monster.

      • JasonMK

        In future Observers, Dave talks as though Hogan vs. Sid was always the plan for WrestleMania and when they first announce Hogan vs. Flair at WM on TV he commented on how that would have to transition to Hogan/Sid. If you think about it, at WM8 we got Hogan/Sid (a match for the WWF fan) and Savage/Flair (a match for the WCW fan).

        • Manjiimortal

          But it was reported just a number of Observers ago that when Sid jumped to the WWF Vince had promised him the WM main-event with Hogan.

          • Boomska316 .

            Well, Flair jumping ship was pretty unexpected at the time so it might have made him reconsider somewhat. At least until their initial house show run didn’t do as well as hoped. I’ve always gotten the impression that Vince really respects Flair no matter how he may have felt about WCW or the NWA.

          • Manjiimortal

            He did, I’ve heard it being said by several people that by 1983, when Vince was getting ready to start his national expansion, Vince wanted one of three guys to be his new top star: Ric Flair, Kerry Von Erich and Hulk Hogan, so Flair was always well regarded by him.

    • Michael Weyer

      Different time. Today, it’d be pushed to PPV faster but back then, lot fewer shows and no RAW either. Plus, throw in how you’ve got Hogan and Flair, arguably the two biggest backstage politicians ever going at it and it could be a mess.

  • JasonMK

    Koji Kitao is training to be a KARATE FIGHTER? Did anyone else picture him with his one foot secure to a base and him spinning around with his arms and free leg flailing wildly? Am I the only one?
    BTW, I’m still convinced that Koji was sent off the deep end by Heenan’s “Fred Kitao” remarks at WrestleMania. His career took some majorly strange turns since then.

    • Kenola

      He deserved his Fred Kitao remarks. He stunk.

    • Big D Wangston

      I totally thought of Milton Bradley Karate Fighters

  • tannerfamilyfun92

    “(I think Randy Savage was literally the only person to take that seriously.)”

    So of course Savage, who is now obviously smaller because he’s taking Vince’s “Get off the gas” at face value, is soon depushed and put in a part-time wrestling role because he’s smaller.

    Vince Logic

    • nwa88

      I’m pretty sure Savage and Liz also wanted to have a kid.

      • markn95

        From what I recall, the WWF had to beg Savage to come out of retirement during this period, especially after Warrior got fired at Summerslam. Savage actually wanted to be a full-time announcer.

        Of course, by this time in 1992, the roles were entirely reversed. For some reason Vince changed his mind and wanted Savage out of the ring. And Savage, probably because of his divorce, wanted to be in the ring full time.

  • Kenola

    Even as a kid I couldn’t help but watch those Jake/Warrior vignettes and think “Is he getting punked?” And when it turned out he pretty much was it kind of killed my interest in Warrior somewhat. No wonder he sort of flopped in his 92 return.

    • Bettis

      Yeah that seemed like the true end of Warrior’s peak. He certainly helped get Jake over more than ever. My god I was terrified of him. I had the WWF Bed set and literally had to have the “Jake” side of my pillow facing down.


      Thank you Wrestlecrap for obscuring Jake on the shot of the pillows. Macho King was the one guy of the 7 that didn’t make the pillow.

      • Kenola

        Yeah by that point me and most of my friends had kind of already moved on to guys like Savage and Sid.

        • markn95

          Warrior falling for Jake and Undertaker’s trap pretty much put him in the “dumbest guy in wrestling” territory that Sting was occupying at the time.

    • ADF

      That, and the fact that his 8-month absence could easily be seen as him running scared from the Snake and the Undertaker and only coming back after Taker turns good and kills Jake. It’s really hard to think positively of the Warrior character after that.

      All the more reason why he should have turned heel!

  • JasonMK

    You know if WCW had trademarked the Repo Man gimmick before the WWF did, we would’ve been looking at Kevin “Repo Man” Nash.

  • zbinks

    Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Sting in 1991 / 92 sounds pretty awesome. Kind of a bummer that didn’t happen.

    • Big D Wangston

      a Bammer bummer if you will

  • I thought maybe the Saskatoon show was going to be on the Network since it has a 5 p.m. start time (7 p.m. Eastern). But no, it’s just a regular live show. So Scott, what’s the deal with a 5 p.m. start time? Is there some sort of Central Saskatchewan Curfew in place?

    Anyway, the WWE returning to Saskatoon is SO HUGE it was reported by the CBC.

    • wnyxmcneal

      Is the show on Sunday? WWE usually runs matinees on Sunday.

      • It is a Sunday. But I don’t know if 5 p.m. is really a matinee. And it’s not even a school night issue because the Monday is a holiday there.

        • A check of the .com shows that 5 p.m. seems to be a typical Sunday start time.

          • So it probably is a school night thing, even though there’s no school the next night. Well, maybe they’re counting on a big crowd of children to be bussed in from North Dakota.

          • justicegris

            Or they just have 5 PM as a standard Sunday start time to keep things consistent. 🙂

  • Greg Dufour

    Flair vs Tenryu happened in SWS. I just watched the show a couple weeks ago.

    • Manjiimortal

      It happened twice, April 17 and 18 1992, second match was a Best 2 Out of 3 Falls match.

  • I think Bayless needs an alarm clock. Maybe one that has me screaming his name.

    • Adam The Reindeer

      Or get one of us Brits to post the daily thread.

      • Oh yeah, that’s JUST what we need.

        Come on, Bayless! We need you now more than ever!

        • “No Way Jose” Gomez

          *sends out holographic message*
          Help us, Bayless…you’re our only hope!

    • Facts

      Oh indeed

  • Ioan Morris

    Hey, that’s cool that WWE is finally doing a show near you, Scott. First Bruno, then Warrior, now Saskatoon. Is there any relationship HHH can’t mend?

  • Supermark25

    I also loved WCW 1992

  • Boomska316 .

    “I think Randy Savage was literally the only person to take that seriously.” To be fair Hogan ended up kicking the steroids, too. He was already starting to look different by WM VIII. Of course I’m equally sure that both of them started right back up again once they were in WCW and the heat was off.

    • Adam The Reindeer

      Hogan got off the steroid when he was “retired” though. It far easier to not need the steroid when you’re not on a touring schedule.

    • HartKiller_09

      Hogan still looked leaner in WCW but Savage gradually got massive again. And now he’s dead.

    • Hercules?

      • Boomska316 .

        What about him?

        • He’s another that got off the gas in ’91… and got all chubbs.

    • nwa88

      Hogan looked different by Survivor Series even — he’s really soft in that Undertaker match.

    • ADF

      I’m pretty sure Hogan has more or less been off steroids ever since then, which is why he’s still alive. At least, he never took them to the same degree he did before. He never regained that huge muscular shape.

      • Boomska316 .

        I always felt like he bulked up again during the nWo era. Although he never did get as big as he was in the 80s.

  • James BC

    Those US tag titles really fell off a cliff. From 87-91 they were held by some classic teams but after that it was the biggest collection of random bozos you could imagine.

    • The Gambler

      Don’t you DARE call Tracy Smothers and Steve Armstrong bozos! The proof’s in the puddin.

    • Remember, they fired the Midnight Express because they just couldn’t justify keeping them around.

      • Boomska316 .

        I always thought that Lane and Cornette got sick of al the nonsense and quit on their own.

  • PeteF3

    That Patriots-‘birds finish is truly a classic. Garvin (or maybe Hayes) cinches Chip up for the DDT and then they do a full 180 do-see-do together without actually pulling the move off, all to set up Champion’s elbow and finish.

  • Napoleon Blownapart

    That Jake-Warrior segment had Warrior legit kicking the shit out of live snakes. Fuck the Ultimate Warrior.

    • y2j420

      It was awesome!

  • HITMAN7204

    I’m kinda surprised nothing has been said yet about the Dangerous Alliance.
    I think Rude debuted around October. That got my interest in WCW as I was allowed a WWF guy.
    Flair going to WWF made me buy tickets to his first house show vs Hogan at the Boston Garden.
    I cheered Flair. I was cool back then lol.

    • Jeremy Rinehart

      Rude’s debut at Halloween Havoc was really well done

      • The Gambler

        Top 10 promo for me of all-time.

        • Jeremy Rinehart


    • JasonMK

      Before you get to the Dangerous Alliance, you have to get through the whole WCW suspending Heyman “because WCW” drama. Can’t wait for Scott to get to this.

      • HITMAN7204

        Forgot about that. Wasn’t that the suspension that Heyman wouldn’t talk about (or can’t talk about) on that WWE Paul Heyman doc?

        • JasonMK

          I didn’t see that, so I can’t tell you. The suspension was due to some misunderstanding apparently. WCW was planning some title unification angle with Lawler, and Eddie Gilbert mentioned to him that he had heard about it, and it was automatically assumed he heard about it from Heyman. Also, they wanted him to come back as a manager, and Heyman’s contract was just for announcing, so he wanted an increase if he was going to do both. That may have played into it also.

  • “Shane Douglas continues to act as surrogate Rocker with Shawn Michaels injured.”

    This is strange, because History of WWE has him teaming with Jannetty exactly once in 1991, August 2nd. However, I checked 1990 as I always remembered their team being from then, and sure enough Jannetty/Douglas teamed throughout August of 1990 when Michaels had a knee injury (as evidenced at Summerslam)

    Perhaps this August 1991 deal was a one-off?

  • markn95

    I wonder what the WWF saw in the Repo Man gimmick that made them rush out, copyright it, and slap it on a wrestler in the space of 3 months after hearing about it. Did they think it would make them millions? Credit Barry Darsow for really hamming it up in the role and making it a cult favorite years later but the gimmick itself screams lower card heel. And you already had Jacques Rougeau doing a comedy act in the same vein.

    With Jake Roberts and Undertaker getting over with their edgy, dark characters, you’d think they’d take the hint and start redefining what it meant for a heel to be in 1991.

    • Good point. If you’ve seen the first couple Repo Man vignettes, it actually wasn’t comedy at all. It’s rather serious (I’ll stop short of calling it ‘dark’ though) and legitimately NOT funny. Darsow spoke in a more serious, lower tone and was not nearly as hammy and over the top as he’d become a couple months later.

      • wnyxmcneal

        Didn’t he try to hang the Bulldog?

        • UngeAutotuneNejTak

          yup. free fun.

        • Yeah something to that effect. Hang, kill, choke.

    • ADF

      At its core, the Repo Man character is basically a crook, so he could’ve been a good opponent for the Boss Man. These two were on opposite sides in the 8-Man tag match at Wrestlemania 8, after all, and in between his Mountie and Nailz feuds, I don’t think Boss Man had a real opponent. Repo Man could have been intended to fill that void.

      • They tried doing a program with Boss Man and IRS, but it was killed off quickly and quietly and they moved IRS into a team with Dibiase shortly after.

        • ADF

          Oh yeah, that’s right. I’m pretty sure they were feuding at the time of Survivor Series.

  • Bill Yanney

    As one of the last ITT Tech employees before the place got shut down, that intro made me laugh harder than it should’ve, though I’m sure it was unintentional.

    • Only the best schools advertise for students who watch Cops at 2:00AM on weekdays.

  • ILikeNeville

    What’s this WWF Hall Of Fame that DDP may be inducted into? Has he taught a sickly panda how to walk again or helped a penguin quit sniffing glue?

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