This is certainly a masterpiece. Of what, I have no idea, but its a goddamn masterpiece.

Care to provide a little context on The Zodiak and Jason The Terrible for the confused bloggers? I tried to find your Stampede tape review that documented this, but 411mania is kneeing my browser in its 0101011100001s and won’t load for some reason.

Sure.  Zodiak is Randy Orton’s fuckup uncle Barry (aka 80s jobber Barry O), banished to Stampede at the tail end of his wrestling career and living out whatever drug-induced fantasies Bruce Hart was experiencing that week.  Jason the Terrible was the uber-mega-monster heel set up for the Hart boys to triumph over (journeyman Karl Moffat), although as a kid he scared the SHIT out of me and I was sure he was going to kill Owen Hart and take the North American title with ease.  Mr. Hito even wore BOOTS because he was afraid of having his feet stepped on!  Sadly, a pretty horrific car accident with Davey Boy Smith ended Moffat’s wrestling career when he shattered his leg, and he was never the same after that.  

But yeah, they used to do these trippy promos, on ultra-conservative Stampede TV no less in 1987, and this stuff was WAY ahead of its time.  In the end, Jason lost to Owen Hart (or Bruce and Pillman, I forget how they blew it off in the end) and the mysterious Zodiak, who was being built up as a big name in wrestling, was just unmasked and Ed Whalen was like “Oh, it’s Barry O” and that was that.  It was a hell of a deal while it lasted, however, one of the most vivid memories I have of the promotion.