Daniel Bryan = Zach Ryder v 2.0

Why is Daniel Bryan running away from Kane like a pussy?  How is anyone supposed to cheer for a little bitch coward?  What's next after the failed car escape from Monday Night?  Bryan's wife leaves him for Kane?

​Look, all the great World champions were booked like this, it's nothing to worry about.  Steve Austin used to run away in terror in a cheap rental car every week, and he turned out fine.  I can't count all the times that Rock looked like a dork in interview situations.  And don't get me started on poor HHH and how he would always have to sell being afraid of guys he had already beaten cleanly! 
Plus, it's really unfair to make the comparison with Ryder.  Ryder had much better merchandise.  ​

Interview with Zach Gowen

Had a great talk with Zach about his career, the changes he's made, and the lives he's touched. Had he emerged ten years later, you know the current charity-draping WWE would have pushed this way harder than they did in 2003, and that says something.

​Glad he's doing better because it seemed like he was going down a pretty bad path there for a while. ​