Kayfabe Commentaries YouShoot Interview with Teddy Long

This was released this past Tuesday (11/4/14)

The interview was conducted by Sean Oliver

Ir runs at one hour and thirty-six minutes long


The first question asked to Long was if he was upset about not getting a proper farewell from the WWE. Long said he didnt mind and talked about how a few weeks before this was filmed he heard the commentators wish him happy birthday on Smackdown and if they are talking about him in a positive way than he is fine. About his departure from the company, Long said that he knew the writing was on the wall as they kept bringing him in to TV and never used him for anything.

Someone asks him if making all of the tag team matches was his doing or from the WWE. Long said that it was his idea and he said that it caught on because even though they wrote out a script for him he made it his own thing. He went into how he used the word “playa” as he had a black labrador retriever at home and called the dog that then said he got his dance from his grandson, who would jump up and down at home in a bouncy-type of child’s seat. Long basically got all his catchphrases and mannerisms from his home life.


He is asked about what it was like working with Kristal Marshall on Smackdown and if there were plans after the wedding. Long said he heard that they were going to have Kristal and Vickie Guerrero team up to run the show but when the story did not go as planned, Vince made the call to bring Long back to TV sooner than he was supposed to be. The follow up question asked Long how he felt about the heart attack angle and what happened backstage afterwards because Kristal and her husband Bobby Lashley both left the company shortly afterwards. Long said it was Vince’s storyline and that the heart atttack thing did not bother him as he was an actor and portraying a character. Long said that he heard Lashley was jealous that his wife was on TV as part of a romantic storyline then said that Kristal was dramatic and once called Lashley to tell him that MVP was hitting on her, which Long said was false.

When asked about his favorite person to manage, he said it was the Undertaker (Long managed him in WCW when he was Mean Mark Callous) as he was a super guy. He is then asked about working with Drew McIntyre and said that he enjoyed it and helped him out as he was new to the business. Long doesn’t understand why they fired him as he was a great talent.

Long said that he enjoyed Michael Cole’s announcing and says that he is a professional and a good guy and if you are talking about him, even if negative, then he is doing his job. He then says that over time, he might be held in a higher regard.

On Vince McMahon, Long said that he is a great man and that nothing is forever so you have to understand that there will be a time when the company lets you go. He then says the key to longevity is to do what he likes.


Long is asked about a podcast with Pete Gas in which he was brought up on charges in Wrestler’s Court for being a “cheap motherfucker.” Long laughs as he tells the story about JBL and Ron Simmons bringing him up for charges as when he rode with them, he would act like he did not have the money for tolls, food, or beer so they paid all that for him. Long then tells about being brought up on charges for selling Viagra. He said he had Mae Young for his lawyer in court for the Viagra charge. Long is laughing a lot telling this story by the way then says he takes Viagra not because he needs to but because he can then compares it to putting premium gas into a car instead of regular.

He is asked about how he got his suits and Long said his wife picked them out and this leads to a segment similar to the “Fashion Police” segments on E! where Long is asked to critique photos of various wrestlers. This was funnier than it sounded due to Long being good-natured about the bit and wanting to participate.  stood out here besides a photo of a kid with Shawn Michaels (in a fanny pack), Marty Jannetty, Jimmy Snuka, and Kerry Von Erich from the early 90’s. I cannot imagine any of those guys were even the slightest bit sober in that photo.  Well, Long ragging on the photo of High Energy was pretty funny.

When asked about backstage fights he had seen, Long talk about Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero fighting in the gorilla position after a match. He then tells a story of Steve Blackman stretching out on the floor in the locker room on his back when the Big Show stood over him. Blackman asked Show to not to that and was ignored so Long said Blackman, still on his back, managed to hook both of his legs around Show and take him to the floor. He said back in the day when guys were on all sorts of drugs they fought all the time.


Long is asked about a referee’s responsibilities during a match and if they have changed over the years. He confirms that they have changed  and talks about how when a wrestler made a fist and raised it in the air that would be a cue for the ref to come over and enforce the open hand rule but that is no longer a thing. Long says that they have an earpiece now so they can tell the wrestlers when to “go home,” comparing it to back in the day when he would have to wait for JJ Dillon to come to the ring holding up a pencil to know when to wrap things up.

When asked what to do when a legit shoot takes place, Long said that his suggestion is to get out of the way to protect yourself but also attempt to talk them down.

Someone asks him about messing up a three count during the European Title match between Gangrel and X Pac 1999 Royal Rumble when it appeared that Gangrel won the belt after Long counted to three and Pac did not kick out. Long said that Vince would rather you count anyway instead of pausing it to make it look fake. Long then tells a story of how Tajiri potatoed Christian in a match and afterwards Christian told Long that he was legitimately unable to kick out.

He is asked through a video submission on his thoughts when D’Lo Brown dropped Droz on his head. Long was the referee in that match. He said that Droz told him he felt like he was going to die and Long talks about how sad that was and really liked Droz.

About Owen Hart’s death, Long said that he saw him on the gurney and he looked light as snow when he came by and knew he was not going to live. Long talks about how Owen was a prankster and before the show started he was joking around with him and the Godfather.

Long is asked about the best/worst matches he had ever refereed. Long said the best was Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat at Chi-Town Heat and said he was glad to be part of a match with two of the best workers. He there were a lot of horrible matches he was part of then says that Ronnie Garvin “beat the f---” out of a underneath guy. one match in Georgia because he was so horrible in the ring, something that Long is not a fan of.


When asked about which guys in wrestling we would be shocked to hear that got lots of girls, Long said that Gino Hernandez and Al Perez got a lot but then said that Mick Foley did when he was Catcus Jack then tells a story of how Mick rode in the back of a ring truck to meet him and Ron Simmons at the hotel. Mick was banging a chick then reached out his hand for Simmons to hold as he wanted support.

We get a segment called the “Player’s Ball” in which Long is given several names and asked to pick out the top three. In order, they were Batista, CM Punk, and Booker T. The other names were Edge, HHH, and Flair.

Long is asked if he had any rat stories. He said that he had a good time before he got married while in Georgia and said that Atlanta was a great city for girls.

He is asked a few other questions. When asked about if he knew of any tag teams that tagged the same girl and he said that the APA did. When asked about his favorite diva, he said that Mickie James was his as he liked her booty then said that he thought Kaitlin and AJ were hot, then joked about how he was sad to see AJ get married before saying sorry to Punk. Long said that Punk is a friend of his.

They play “F, Marry, Kill” and Long’s choice were:

F---: Aksana
Mary: Maryse
Kill: Kristal

After being asked a long-winded question about why black guys date fat, unattractive white girls, Long said that he does not know why that is the case but said that its not only about the sex and sometimes it is about how good they can give head.

When asked which WWE Superstar took the most viagra, Long said that Viscera would take them and just sit in the locker room and look down at his pants.


When asked if there was a lot of animosity towards the Four Horsemen due to their position on the card, Long said that professionally the boys knew that they wanted to work with them to get more money and talks about how there will always be jealousy.

About Jason Hervey, Long said that the boys didn’t really spend a lot of time with him then talks about how Eric Bischoff wanted to move up at Turner and brought him around in order to increase his chances of a promotion.

Long said that he did not hate Jim Herd then tells a story of how in St. Louis, Sting refused to drop the title to Flair, who wanted Sting to drop the belt to him then it was going to be changed that Flair & Barry Windham would beat Doom for the Tag Titles so he and Simmons went to Herd and said how it wasn’t right and threatened to walk out. Herd then changed plans so Doom could keep the titles.


When asked about getting into the business, Long said that he would take his son to the Saturday morning TV tapings in Atlanta and one day he met Abdullah the Butcher, who did not his way around town, and led him around and after that, Abdullah brought him into the locker room and he got along with everyone and after starting out by collecting the ring jackets, became a referee when they needed someone when the ref was not there. His first match was a Texas Death Match between Black Bart vs. Ron Bass, which was a bloodbath.  He then said that he was scared and talks about how the gimmick that Bart was using on Bass fell so Long threw it outside of the ring. The wrestlers could not believe what happened and luckily a long-time fan picked it up so a rabid fan would not get a hold of the item. Long then said that the timekeeper f----- up the finish by ringing the bell too early and that the wrestlers were so mad that they forgot all about what he did.

Long talks about how he started off as a DJ and that was how he got to work for James Brown by carrying his bags then got a job of hosting a show called “Future Shock.” Long then tells a story about meeting Brown at a gas station when he pulled up in a limo and said that he had a big jar of Viagra and would eat them all day.


When asked about guys in the WWE giving him s---, he said no one did that he could think of and attributes that to being a favorite of Vince McMahon.

We then are treated to a shitty John Laurinaitis impression asking if he was a dick to work for but Long never had any problems with him.


After a few dull questions, Sean has Long answers a few tweets. When asked if there were any prima donnas in the WWE locker room he says that the Big Show was one. He said that Jim Crockett gave the worst paydays and tells a story of how he did not get his check in the mail and they made him drive from Atlanta to Charlotte and only ended up getting a $200 check. He then said that once he drove to Charlotte after JJ Dillon booked him and Crockett told Long that he was not needed and sent him home without anything. He said that he was not that surprised about Doom getting a push as Jim Barnett told him that they put the belts on them after the NAACP called them asking why there were not any black champions in the company. Long used his Barnett impression for that one.


When asked if he got all of the WCW merchandise out of the dumpster when it closed, Long laughed and said that he took it all from the warehouse and handed it out to the inner city kids. He said that he goes to his grandson’s football games now and loads up his truck with merch to give to the kids and describes how happy they are to receive it and how they put on the shirts before they get home.

After a few boring questions, Long is asked about anyone enjoying scat in the locker room from a god damn puppet. Sean then plays a clip from the Tony Atlas YouShoot in which he said that the Bella’s used to “pee and crap” on people and one time in Arizona they were “flopping around” naked in a swimming pool. Long laughed at that and said the city was Corpus Christi and not in Arizona but never heard about the scat stuff. Long then tells a story of how Atlas loved to have girls walk on him and tried to get an 80 year old women walk on him as Long told Atlas that she could barely even walk herself as she had a cane. Long tells some more stories about Atlas as he once freaked out a woman at a gym by looking at her bare feet and guessing her shoe size.


When asked his least favorite person to manage, Long said it was Buff Bagwell. He called him a “dick” and said that he would go behind his back all the time to the agent to change the finishes of the match when he was teaming with Too Cold Scorpio and that they would never have any idea until during the match.

Long is asked about Doom. He tells a story about Simmons, Reed, and the Junkyard Dog in St. Louis. They met up with a drug dealer who was selling them cocaine and wound up going to his house. The dealer told them that he had so much cocaine that there was no way they could do it all as Long joked about how that guy had no idea who he was talking to and they stayed there all night. Long said that JYD was the only person he knew who could eat massive amounts of food after snorting coke all night long. The next day, they were late for the show as they were blowing coke in the car, about five minutes away from the building, when the Steiner Brothers pulled up next to him and yanked the car door. They got scared and dumped the coke all over their car and instead of going to the show they decided to go back to the dealer’s house.

On managing the lower card guys in WCW, Long said that Flair and Arn Anderson made Joey Maggs their go-fer and Long thinks that they might have made promises to him but ended up using him instead. He tells a story after Maggs lost a match on TV, he was distraught and Long told him he was going to console him then after a minute he was going to raise his hands after that. Maggs questioned why he would to that as Long told him to “shut the f--- up” and they ended up doing it and Long slowly raised his hand and the crowd applauded. Maggs ended up in tears in the locker room as he never received a reaction like that before.


He is asked about racism in the NWA, Long said that Ole Anderson was the worst and would call him a “nigger” right to his face and even did so during a match. Long said that Bill Dundee also called him that during a match right in front of everyone to see. Long then tells a story of how Flair came up to him and said “Nigger, do you like working here?” Flair told him that a few girls told him that Long said they could come into the arena. Long said that Flair did that to f--- with him and questioned why he would try to take money from him when he got pissed after Kevin Sullivan and Eddie Gilbert wanted to make Long a manager. Long then said that Gary Hart confronted Flair and told him to stop giving him s--- and Hart even made Long a blade to use in case someone tried to f--- with him.

Sean asked Long about Bill Watts and whether or not he was a racist, Long points out how he pushed black wrestlers and had a black booker (Ernie Ladd) but got pissed after on a roundtable panel, Watts was reminding Atlas about how he drove him around on the back of the pickup truck right past a slave auction site and they both laughed about that like it was hysterical as Long did not see anything funny about that.

On whether or not there are major race issues today, Long said he is unsure as all different races of people have been treated poorly.


They do some lame making a tag team match segment with various wrestlers and celebrities. Long was a good sport here and played along and made a match with John Cena & Justin Bieber vs. Randy Orton & Ding Dong #2.

His favorite restaurant on the road is Ruby Tuesday’s as he is a fan of the salad bar and said that he liked to drink Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus beer.

Final Thoughts: Solid interview. Sean Oliver had to re-tool the YouShoot series as the last few releases were poorly received due to the participants (Helms, Clay, Bourne) not fully participating and too afraid or unwilling to answer any of the tougher questions. So, they got rid of the dick bag, ho bag, and gimmick bag, which was a shame as Long seems like he would not dodge any of those questions, and left out the insane questions or ones that were submitted for the sole intention of getting the submitter over. This format was a lot more relaxed with the intention of making it easier for the guest to open up.

My only real complaint was he length as 96 minutes long is really short for a YouShoot. Other than that, Long told some good stories and seemed to really be enjoying himself. He also seemed to understand what it was about and went along with the format. He was not taking himself too seriously or staying quiet with the hopes of getting re-hired by the WWE. Long kept things light as he would joke and laugh along during and in between the questions.

I recommend this shoot as it was a breeze to watch and generally a good time. It was a much needed breath of fresh air for the slumping YouShoot franchise.

You can purchase the DVD for $20.00 or on Demand for $15.99. With the on Demand purchase, you are able to watch it whenever you want as it stays on your account forever. Click on the link below to purchase the video.


Kayfabe Commentaries YouShoot with Kevin Nash

Your host is Sean Oliver

This was released in early 2013

It is a two-disc set that total at slightly over two and a half hours


Not much happened in this section but it is clear from the start that Nash has been drinking as he is noticeably buzzed. Luckily, he is still hilarious as he jokingly yells how he wasn’t “f------ good enough” when asked why he played basketball in Germany instead of the United States. He also said that Hulk Hogan was his inspiration to get into wrestling and laughs that it gives the “smart marks” another reason to hate Hogan.


When asked about the WWF “rat scene” in the Northeast in the early 90’s, Nash said it was so bad they really were rats. Nash said you can tell how good the business is doing by the quality of the girls. He tells a story during the nWo heyday at a show in Miami. He said he was in the first segment then went back to the hotel and saw two girls at the end of the bar who on a scale of 1-10 were both 20’s. A bartender comes over to him and says that he ladies wanted to buy him a drink. Sean asks him what happened and Nash jokes that he thought his wife behind this then questions if the guy who asked the question really thinks that as a married guy would tell about banging chicks on the road.

Nash is now asked if any of the guys liked to go “hoggin” back in the day. He said that oddly enough, Henry Goodwin did it as they joked about he lived the hog farmer gimmick. Nash then talks about how on a 23 day road trip , Goodwin f----- 35 different girls including a known rat that they called “Dickie Slater” because she looked just liked the wrestler. Nash also said how by girls, he means that they had vaginas. He also thinks that Bam Bam Bigelow might have nailed “Dickie Slater” too.

Now we have some F, Marry, Kill with Stephanie McMahon, Ryan Shamrock, Nitro Girl Whisper. He said he would marry Steph because she is a good mom then kill the other two, because they are with his friends and wouldnt want to f--- them.

When asked why Sean Waltman’s dick curved, he said it is probably due to over masturbating, like everyone else. Nash then joked that his dick has as much feeling as “Yogi Berra’s mit.”

They do the Ho Bag Now. Not a whole lot happened here. Nash said that he had hired Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson for WCW and said that he would marry them if he wasnt already. He then said how Terri Runnels is the only person in wrestling who he exchanges Christmas cards with today. He said that Kimberly Page was great when she played with his son one day and saw a motherly instinct and must have been miserable because DDP did not want children. He threw Missy Hyatt in the Ho Bag. He said that he heard stories of ODB being with several wrestlers and that he likes her. He tosses Kimona in the ho bag too but doesnt remember who she was with. He thinks that Karen Jarrett gets a bad rep because people want to f--- her then spread rumors about her when it doesnt happen. Nash said that no matter how bad your reputation is, he can spend five minutes watching you with your kid and see how you are.


He is asked point blank if he thinks that HHH dated Stephanie McMahon in order to get high into the company. Nash said no and joked that would be something he would do. He then talks about how HHH is really one of the nicest people you will meet and said after meeting his parents, he saw that HHH grew up like “Leave it to Beaver” and talks about how he never touched any drugs or drank.


Nash is asked since he was a groomsman at HHH’s wedding, did Michael Hayes really get escorted off of the stage for being too drunk. Nash said that he got up there and sang a Southern Rock song and how it was cute for about 30 seconds but brutal after that and he did end up getting carried off.

When asked about the best backstage fight he ever saw, he said it was Orndorff beating on Vader in WCW. Nash confirmed that Orndorff dropped him twice with one hand and that he did it while wearing $0.99 shower shoes. Nash talks about how he is a man’s man and very intense overall.

Now, Nash is asked who’s ass stunk the most while it was in his face when he performed a jackknife powerbomb. He said that no one stood out and that they all were on the road 24/7 and smelled bad anyway.

A video submission asks Nash if The Steiners would bully the younger talent. When Sean asks if that is true, Nash said that Scott once duct taped a guy to a chair and stuck a pencil up his ass and he told Scott that he was leaving the room because it was sodomy and he did not want to end up in court deposition as a result. Nash then said Scott would f--- with anyone and once saw him kick out Lex Luger’s feet, causing him to flip over. Nash talks about how no one would fight Scotty as he was crazy. Nash then talks about how they roomed together a few times and in the middle of the night, Scott would come over and put you in a hold and Nash said that he would punch Scott in the head as hard as he could and Scott would just laugh and yell at him for snoring.

Nash is asked about DDP and if he was only pushed because of his friendship with Bischoff. He recalls being next to Bischoff at a Nitro in Chattanooga and seeing DDP hit Saturn with the Diamond Cutter and how the whole place erupted. He told Bischoff that DDP was over and he did not say anything back. That night at the bar, Nash said they saw the replay and he told Bischoff that he was hurting DDP by not pushing him and that he was over and no one would say anything about their friendship. Nash said that he was with Hall and they came up with an angle for DDP, who Nash said he owed after telling him not to quit the business before he went to the WWF.  The angle was that DDP would be the first one to get to the Outsiders.

He is asked about one thing he wished people knew about Vince McMahon. He said that he is great around his grandkids. He is asked about one thing that isn’t true about Hogan and Nash said that he is not a dick and will stop and sign every single autograph.


Nash is asked about how he felt when Vince bought WCW. He said that he got to sit home and get paid 16 months to do even less than the eight years prior when he got the “Big Lazy” nickname.

His biggest payday was WrestleMania 12. When asked how much, said he could not by a Maibach.

Said the best hair dye product is to spend some f------ money and go to a salon.

He is asked if he had any Jim Cornette stories. He said that he hated that motherfucker until a few years ago in TNA when he was in a production meeting with no one who knew about wrestling and realized that Cornette was his only ally. He then tells a story of how he and X Pac went to a pet store and bought 20 frogs. Waltman then stuck the frogs in Cornette’s jacket and took it outside where he smashed it against the wall repeatedly then brought it back inside and hung it up as if nothing happened. Nash then jokes that was his seventh move, referencing Cornette’s comments about Nash having only six wrestling moves.


Nash is asked about filming “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.” He said it was his first movie and you remember that like your first piece of ass. He said he filmed that for six weeks and made more doing that then he did the rest of the year for wrestling.

When asked if John Travolta was gay, Nash said that after filming “The Punisher,” he told his buddy that there is no way that dude is not gay as when they went for a photo together, Travolta was grabbing his waist and then in the makeup chair, Travolta put his arm around him while Nash was topless.

He said he turned down the a role in “X Men”  because they offered him $75,000 to film for sixteen weeks in Vancouver when at the time he was making $139,000 every two weeks to smoke dope, drink beer, and walk down the ring with Scott Hall. Nash said f--- that.

Nash said that wrestling is much more backstabbing than the film industry, calling it the chess game.

Sean shows a clip of Nash’s video game commercial for “Monster Truck Madness” for Nintendo 64. Nash said he has no memory of filming this and jokes that he could have f----- the girl in the commercial or she could have f----- him with a strap on and he still would not remember.


Nash is asked about the drug use in WWF and WCW when he was there. He said in the WWF, you could not smoke pot as they would piss test you twice in a day at times, joking that it makes sense because if you overdose on something, it’s gonna be marijuana. He said it was a joke and back then, you could shake an Advil bottle and everyone would run over like puppy dogs. Recently, Nash said he did that in a locker room but no one even looked up. In WCW, Nash said that they would drink at noon and says that is a probably a reason why he doesnt remember the video game commercial.

Its time for “What’s in the Bag”, where Sean pulls out an item and Nash says the first name that comes to his mind:

Jack Daniels: Undertaker
Marijuana: X Pac
S---: X Pac or Tammy
Cocaine: “When I left the room”
Pills: anyone
Crack: Jake Roberts
Needle: Nash tells an incredible story about the Warlord. He said that the Warlord walked up to Shawn Michaels in the locker room, holding a 5cc syringe asking Shawn to inject him. Shawn tries to inject him in the ass, using both thumbs, but cannot push it in and pulls it out, giving it back to Warlord and told him that thinks he is full.
Big Black Dick: Virgil

Nash’ record amount of Soma’s in one day was 33. He tells a story of how he was with Scott and someone else and split a bag of 100 Soma’s then Hall told them all the next day that he took 34 of them, as they only took 33. Nash talks about how he and Shawn would take 10 before the ring and time it out so they would kick in after they left the ring. Nash said how you did that because you do not want to be the last guy at the party.

During the nWo heyday, Nash is asked who they partied with. He said that they always stayed at the Marriott with the Nitro Girls and a nice mixture of rats. He said they would watch replays and always thought the reason to get into wrestling was to hang with your buddies and put yourself over but now it is to get into a bus after the show and go to the next town and not talk wrestling. Nash said that Bischoff was a beer drinker and could really pound them all night long.


Someone asks him how often he get stopped in the airport, stating it seems to be important to him. Nash talks about how the guy is questioning his statement and that Nash said what he means by being recognized at an airport is that you are big enough so as when you walk by people, they know not to f--- with you.

Nash is asked about the Maxx Payne Documentary trailer, which they show, and he joked how you never see Maxx Payne and Kathy Bates in the same shot then questions the purpose of the video. Sean asks him how much footage he had and Nash said they showed the boys with pill bottles in their hands and jokes that in his next film, he can show everyone breath on the bus before he has a sip of beer.

When asked how he adjusts to life back home after being on the road, Nash said that you don’t. Sean follows up by asking Nash how he has kept his marriage together for 25 years.


Nash is questioned about Bischoff calling him “Big Lazy” in his book. Nash said he has no ill feelings against Bischoff. He then said that Hogan told him in a match after he grabbed him in a headlock to take it easy because they already had the crowds money.

Sean shows Nash a clip from the Shane Douglas YouShoot when he talks about how Shawn Michaels wanted Pierre fired after a match with Nash in Canada when Pierre wanted to set up for a return match and as Nash picked up the phone, someone told him to hang it up and had an idea to make Vince “starve” him for two years. Nash jokes that they are “evil fucks” and said that the next night in Ottawa, he kicked him in the face and won the match with a powerbomb so it was pretty much over. He then talks about how Shane was on tour with them and in the bus, sat next to Yokozuna and told him he was too tired to go tonight, causing Yoko to tell him that he didnt care what he needed to take and to eat a pill and man up and go out there. Shane did not do it so HHH had to work a double that night as a result. Nash then said that he never had a problem with either of them. Nash said that it is all a work and denied that he ever put up a stink for doing a job. Nash tells a story of how Hall was supposed to squash Chris Jericho, who at the time had been in WCW for about a month. During the match, Hall noticed that he had some talent and decided to put in over and when they went through the curtain, Bischoff yelled at Hall, who told Bischoff that he made him and that he was bulletproof. Nash talks about how he has no prolem being the first one eliminated in the Survivor Series.

Time for “What a Dick.” He calls Arn Anderson the most underrated worker of all time. He calls Paul Heyman a “douchebag” and throws him in the bag because Heyman said no one should be in the ring after the age of 35 as Nash laughs at how he is “93” and is in the ring holding the belt in the background. He talks about Shawn, who he said was occasionally a dick to them but the only guy who could “motherfucker” Vince and get away with it so he could use his power. Calls Lance Storm a “sweetheart.” Says he likes Konnan but when he was booker in WCW, Konnan f----- him a few times and could backstab but Sean goes off on Konnan and throws him in the bag. Nash said that when The Rock came back in 2002, he was a dick. He likes Bully Ray after working with him in TNA. He puts Dusty Rhodes in the bag because he took a “7-foot guy who gets pussy and put him in a green cone,” referencing his Oz character. He calls Brian Knobbs a “lovable dick.”

Next, they show a clip of New Jack saying that Nash kept him out of WCW because of things people told him and how they met at an autograph signing the year prior and playfully put his hands on him and said it was good to see him and Jack said that they have never met before. Nash jokes how Jack said he would put someone in a headlock that he never met and seems shocked at what he said and denied the incident ever took place.

Someone asks Nash about Matt Borne’s obsession with him. They show a clip of Borne telling Nash he never should have been broken into the business after he called the wrestling business “fake.” Borne is almost in tears at this point. Nash jokes how Borne is looking for a “Ricky Morton” payday and that he will buy him a “grill.” Nash said that in WCW when Borne was Big Josh, he was always clumsy and once dropped him on his head. Nash is hysterical in his raggingon Borne, joking that he is real and gave blood the other day. Sean quetions Nash if Borne was holding true to the old school beliefs as Nash said there is a reason why Borne did not make it, because he is a dumb f---, then talks about how if you walk into a casino in Vegas and try to place a bet on a WrestleMania match, there is a reason you can’t. He said that Capt. Lou Albano told him only two things are true in the business, money and miles, then asked Borne who the f--- broke him in and if he taught him that money was the most important, maybe he would have someone today.

Now, Nash is shown a clip of the Bob Holly YouShoot when he talks about the Kliq pushing his buttons and during an overseas tour. Holly talks about how Nash was sitting on a box as Nash himself asks why they would have TV boxes at a show in Europe. Nash said if he really said anything to them, he would not have had a job and someone would have s--- in his bag. Nash said Bob was tough and never had a problem with him but he was an opening match guy at that time. Nash then said that they were all too f----- up to push anyone’s buttons and what does push your buttons is after day 21 of the tour, you are miserable and see five guys walk in laughing and having a good time, referencing the Kliq.

Sean shows Nash the clip of Cornette talking about how he studied Nash to help out the Fake Diesel character and counted six moves including a hair flip. Nash then said there is a guy called Nolan Ryan who only has two pitches and he did time. When the follow up question was asked which move he would add to his moveset, Nash said it would be to teabag Cornette.

Someone asks him about his “hissy fit” backstage on Samoa Joe after his shoot at Turning Point 2007. Nash said is smacking him twice a hissy fit. Nash said that he smacked Joe in the face after he said that promo was his idea then he smacked him again when he thought Joe was going to come after him. Nash again questions how that could be considered a “hissy fit.” He later said that Joe apologized to all of them the next day and that they are friends.



Some guy jokes how much pussy he should expect in one night from wearing Zubas, Fanny Pack, FUBU, and birkenstocks. Nash jokes for this guy none and that he wore that to keep the pussy off of him, as he was married. He said that they wore fanny packs because it was impossible to carry 120 somas and 120 percocets in your pockets.


Someone asks Nash how to pick up girls and this brings us to a segment in which Nash attempts to coach Sean to get chicks, as they are next to two girls. This segment goes on for far too long (13 minutes to be exact) and if you are unaware of these techniques, you are probably a virgin.

He is asked about his Pat Patterson impression and they show Nash impersonate him backstage going over a match with him. It was pretty funny, actually.

Now, he is asked about being a red wine enthusiast and this leads to another segment with Sean and Nash sampling wine as Nash talks about while he talks about how to open and select wines. This ran for ten minutes and a completely skippable segment.

Someone asks him about Wade Keller, with Nash ragging on the guy looking like he shot John Lennon and that he has someone hostage in his house. Nash said that Wade is a friend of his and that he was talking to him about politics a few days ago, noting that they both lean to the left wing. Nash said that he likes Wade because he does his newsletter as a journalist, saying what happens while letting the rest, like Bruce Mitchell, write hacky pieces.


Nash is shown a picture from his last European tour before he left for WCW. He recalls that night and said that he and Scott Hall made everyone, from the wrestlers to the agents, smoke hash, except for HHH, who they gave a pass because he did not use drugs.

Someone asks him to tell a story about Rick Rude. He said that Rude went to pick him up from TV in his new Ford Explorer. He driveway was on a slope and he was in his house with the car running when Rude noticed his kid went in the car and put the car in neutral and the car went down the hill and crashed through the garage of the person across the street. Rude then walked down and said to the neighbor that he lived up the street and this was his kid.

Gillberg himself asks Nash who was the best jobber of all time. Nash said it was Jeff Hardy when he was “twelve.” Nash said he was f------ incredible.

 They do more F, Marry Kill with Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels, and Sean Waltman. He said Waltman was a freak so he would f--- him, Marry Shawn Michaels and kill Scott Hall.


Someone sends a video regarding the “fingerpoke of doom” and why he lied about Goldberg breaking his hand a year after the fingerpoke incident as the reason for no follow up. Nash said it was set up for Goldberg to have a heel faction but it did not work for some reason and said he told Goldberg that Bret was going to drop the bat before going to the car for him to use but Goldberg insisted on using a piece of metal.

Someone asks him how he feels about not having a single match in WCW rated higher than ** by Dave Meltzer and Nash completely no-sells the question and says how he just got a dividend check for $177,000 for the money he saved. He then says that his portfolio is *****.

The Blue Meanie sends a video question on his opinion of the bWo parody he was part of in ECW. Nash jokes that he would kill Stevie and f--- Blue Meanie but said he liekkd that paid homage to him and appreciates how they put thought into the bit.

Final Thoughts: Well, this was a tale of two discs. The first disc is filled with classic stuff. Nash was hysterical throughout and told some great stories. He was even funnier when he was making comments during the video questions, especially during the Matt Borne clip. Whether or not you agree with him, you will be entertained, which are the main purpose of the YouShoot’s. They are a more relaxed shoot interview overall.

However, the second disc was a dud. I appreciate Sean Oliver and his willingless to go outside of the box, the dating segment was a momentum killer. It derailed the shoot. And the wine segment was another dud and those two segments made up a majority of the second disc.

Overall, I do recommend this shoot but the second disc is mostly skippable. Luckily, the first disc makes up the majority of the shoot. The first disc is great.

And you can purchase the shoot and can even stream the shoot, which you can purchase and watch for up to several months.

Purchase the shoot at http://kayfabecommentaries.com/

Kayfabe Commentaries Presents: YouShoot with Sean Waltman

This interview was released in 2011. It was conducted by Sean Oliver

It runs at two hours and twenty-eight minutes long


He is asked about his memories of wrestling as a child. He first watched Florida Championship Wrestling as a child. He said that he started to visualize himself as a wrestler as a kid. He then goes in on how he was a f----up as a kid and barely made it to high school but used wrestling as a way to keep out of trouble. He also mentions loving the Japanese style.

Waltman said that he came up with the “Lightning Kid” name himself. He was trying to figure out a name and said that Dynamite Kid was a big influence on him and said that he was quick so he put those together.

Now, he is asked if he was ever told that he was too small to make it in wrestling when he was going up against Jerry Lynn in the Independent scene throughout the Midwest. Waltman said no but adds that he and the other smaller guys had to basically kill themselves by using dangerous moves in order to get noticed. Waltman also says that he is afraid of heights but cared more about making it in wrestling than that.

With regards to Jerry Lynn, Waltman said he was very innovative and willing to try new stuff. He said they were best friends when they first started and remain close today. He did say there was a riff between them when Waltman went to the WWF as he said he should have done more to help get him into the company but they have patched things up.

He is asked about his dark match with WCW in 1992. Waltman said that at the time, Kip Frey was in charge and said that he was influenced by the opinions of guys like Dave Meltzer and Wade Keller, who were advocating for Waltman to be brought into the company. He recalls that before his match, Magnum TA told him to go out there and do all of his “s---” and when he was asked about who he wanted to work with, Waltman suggested Bob Cook, an enhancement talent who guys like Terry Funk raved about, and knew that he was also trained by Boris Malenko. Waltman said that the match was great and Cook was awesome but Bill Watts became in charge the following week and did not give him a contract. Waltman did state that when Watts came into the WWF when he was there, he was cool with him and tells a story about how Watts first came to the WWF at a Madison Square Garden house show and sat in the stands, watching the matches and no one knew about it until after the show. Waltman said at that show, he had a good match with HHH, who was wrestling in his first match at MSG.


The first question is a very long one asking if Sunny ever fooled around with any other wrestler behind Candido’s back besides Shawn Michaels and if he ever heard any stories about Sable or Marlena hooking up with some of the other boys. Waltman is a little apprehensive and does not want to say anything but did state there was one time in which he could have had a chance with her but claims she was intoxicated and did not want to do anything. He then tells a story about HBK and Sunny, when Sunny was wearing a fuzzy sweater and went into HBK’s room.  He said he didn’t rememeber who was supposed to be watching the door but Candido was coming down the hall and a few guys knock on the door and they saw some of the fuzz from the sweater caught in HBK’s beard. Oliver then asks Waltman about Candido knowing about this and Waltman said he thought he did but just wanted to keep her happy.

They now play the “Ho Bag” and for this installment, Oliver asks Waltman to give one word about the person. I am going to note the highlights here, such as Waltman saying “big bush” about Lillian Garcia, which Waltman said was the word out of the Women’s locker room. Oliver asked if she was a ho and Waltman said she wasn’t but it would have been a redeeming quality if she was. For Stacy Keibler, he said “f------ hot” and said they had a lot of fun together (non-sexual) and deserves all of the success she receives. He calls Chyna a “cunt” and tosses it in the ho bag before mentioning how she can suck a cock like nobodies business. Waltman calls Sable an “International s--- smuggler” but doesnt put her in the ho bag, saying he does not want Brock Lesnar to kick his ass. Waltman said that he really liked the Kat and says he has a hard time airing out other people’s dirty laundry if he likes them and refuses to put her into the ho bag. He said Ivory is cool as s--- but never shuts the f--- up and cannot imagine anyone having sex with her for that reason. He was vague about Kimberly Page but did not put her into the ho bag. He then said how Tori was nice but “goofier than a shithouse rat.” He adds that she went overboard with new age stuff then tosses her into the bag but feels sorry and takes her out then puts in the Kat but takes her right out too. The Sean’s then make some cat in the bag jokes then adds that Tori also needs to shave her box. He said that he has to put Sunny into the bag because he would lose credibility if he didn’t. Waltman then talks about how he heard stories about Sunny regarding the “barter system,” which was trading sexual favors for drugs.

He is asked to tell a story about a wrestler disrespecting locker room etiquette and how it was handled by the others. Waltman tells a story of Juventud Guerrera while in Mexico and how he was warned by everyone to stay away from him but Sean said he wanted to be friendly with everyone. Juvy then went on a radio interview and talked about him so a year and a half later, when Waltman returned to the AAA promotion, he took a s--- in his bag. He claimed that the locker roomed popped for that and Juvy sold the rib like a bitch, noting that Alundra Blayze completely no-sold the same rib years prior.

Waltman is asked about Brian Knobbs and if he had ever pissed on him. He said no but tells a story about when he was in WCW, Knobbs was f------ with him a lot to the point that if he did it again, Waltman said he was going to fight back. He was at a bar in New Orleans and turned around and saw Knobbs. He said he wanted to avoid him so he tip-toed away and thought he was clear then felt someone yank his hair then slap him a few times. Waltman said he turned around a punched him in the face and as that happened, Sags saw what was going on and punched Waltman. Scott Norton and the Big Show broke it up and after that, Waltman did some shots with the Nasty Boys at the bar and they are cool today.

Now he is asked if anyone else but himself cut Michael Hayes’ hair during the “Plane Ride From Hell.” Waltman said that he was the only one with the nuts to do it then said that he got the scissors from a wrestler that was in tight with Hayes. He doesnt give the name, noting that they still work with the company. Waltman said that Hayes was very belligerent when he was drunk.

And finally, Waltman is asked about a play-by-play from the “Plane Ride From Hell.” He said that the days prior, guys were getting pilled up and taking GHB so trouble was brewing. He said that Curt Hennig was always competitive and started to wrestle Brock Lesnar. Waltman adds how people were making too big of a deal about them hitting the plane door, noting how Vince McMahon and Kurt Angle did the same thing during the previous flight. He adds how Flair was in his robe with his balls hanging out strutting around. Waltman then said that Hayes almost pissed on Linda McMahon, who was sleeping at the time, when he was shitfaced and thought he was at the bathroom and kept on saying “wait a minute” until someone dragged him away. Sean then adds that there was no way that Linda could have not seen Hayes do that. Still on the subject of Hayes, Sean said that while he did not see this take place, the story was that Hayes mamed Bradshaw in the forehead, which was busted open the night before, and as a result, Bradshaw knocked him out. Waltman then adds that Hayes was always burying him in booking meetings and always pushing for Edge & Christian and the Hardy Boyz to kill themselves in ladder matches, which leads to Waltman saying that he should have let them come up with their own spots instead of volunteering them to fall 20 feet off of a ladder through a table. Waltman then talks about how Hayes always told those guys what to do but never told him why they should do it and did it that way so they could always depend on him, comparing it to how Flair treated Sting and Lex Luger. Back to the plane ride, Waltman said that he asked for the scissors to cut the back of Hayes’ mullet and saw Lawler giggling in his chair, noting it was because Hayes would always try to bury his son Brian Christopher. Anyway, Waltman said that no one thought he would cut his hair and when he did, the others applauded. Waltman then said he put the hair on the wall the next day at the television tapings and auctioned it off.

When asked if he partied with Flair, Waltman said that he really didnt all that much. He then tells a story of when he was with Scott Hall Flair kept on trying to get them to take shots. He and Hall were both trying to stay sober at the time but were getting sick of Flair and got shots of Jack Daniels. Well, Waltman said that Flair always drank Kamikaze’s, which Waltman said is a “pussy” drink and when it was time to do the shot, Flair threw the shot of Jack over his shoulder. Oliver mentions the “gargle rule” and Waltman said it was started by Curt Hennig, who made eeveryone gargle their shots so he knew that they were not trying to get out of taking a drink.

Someone asks if he ever partied with Shane McMahon and he said that he did a little bit. Waltman said that Shane has a lot of balls and recalls a story of how he went skydiving with him and Alundra Blayze and that while he was scared, Shane did a back flip out of the door.

He is now asked to compare a night out on the town with the Wolfpac versus a night with the New Age Outlaws. Waltman said with the Wolfpac, they started out with sushi, then either some pills or pot then finish at a bar or a strip club then Nash preventing World War III from happening due to something that Hall did. Waltman said the same things happened with the New Age Outlaws except it was Billy preventing World War III from happening due to something that Road Dogg did. Waltman then talks about how Somas make you crave complex carbohydrates.

Waltman is asked if he did indeed prevent Scott Hall from attacking Rob Feinstein in a hotel room when he was intoxicated. He said that he did and it was when Hall was supposed to be filming a shoot interview. Waltman said that he went to the hotel lobby and heard that Hall was drunk so he went to the room and saw them set it up and looked at Rob and told him that this was not going to happen because he was so f----- up. Hall then got up and started to open-hand slap Feinstein, who did not provoke him, and that was when Waltman stepped in and restrained him.

He was asked about the best rib he saw Owen Hart pull. Waltman said they did a lot of them together and he could write a whole book about Owen’s pranks. Waltman said that Owen would always f--- with his brother Bret, who got pissed that he did that while he was the champion. Waltman said that Owen was the best worker in the Hart family but didnt take it as seriously as Bret. Waltman said that Owen enjoyed riding to different cities with fans and said how he got to the arena early and decided to open up a can of sardines and hide it underneath the ring. Well, during his match with Bret, Owen rolled outside and put his hands under the ring and rubbed the sardines over them and went back inside and put Bret in a chinlock and smeared the juices all over Bret’s face. After the match, Waltman said that their bags were packed and he and Owen left the arena before Bret got to the locker room.

Someone asks Waltman about how the Stephanie/HHH relationship started and how the HHH/Chyna relationship ended. Waltman said he used to ride with HHH/Chyna and said it felt uncomfortable at the end. He also mentioned how HHH never liked to complain but one day more or less told him that he thought Chyna was a psycho. Waltman then said he saw the chemistry between Steph/HHH from the storylines and when they shot a music video for D-X. Waltman then talks about Chyna and how she made HHH out to be an awful person but said that its all revisionist history and says that Chyna once told him that the rape story she told in her book was false and what really happened was that she got drunk and took on the basketball team then felt embarrassed about it and decided to make some accusations. Because of this, he has a hard time believing Chyna with anything. He even adds how Chyna once told him that someone date raped her and when he went to confront the person to kick their ass, he saw the reaction on her face and knew that she was a liar.


He is asked why he is no longer in TNA. Waltman said that he was scheduled to wrestle on a PPV but failed a physical due to testing positive for Hepatits C. Waltman also said that the company knew of this a week before the show and at that time, was not doing any “no-shows,” despite Taz saying he did on commentary.


He is asked when he first hooked up with Chyna. Waltman said it was after he left the WWE and was in Los Angeles. He just broke up with Ryan Shamrock and learned that Chyna was training at Inoki’s dojo, as was he, then they met up and it took off from there. Waltman adds that he is shy around women and that Chyna “sunk his hooks” into him. When asked if HHH said anything to him about this, Waltman did say that HHH left him a message asking what kind of “psycho s---” are you getting yourself into. He then said that it went downhill because they were both using drugs.

Waltman confirmed that Chyna was using steroids, even saying that he got some from her. He also said that Chyna had issues with multiple personalities and that she was abused as a kid too.

A video submission shows a bunch of cardboard cutouts of wresters asking how big is Chyna’s cock. Waltman was laughing hysterically throughout the video as Oliver was laughing/embarrassed throughout. Waltman said her clit was about half of the size of her ring finger. The next question asks Waltman do rate the sex with Chyna between 1-10 and he says 10. Waltman said she can suck your inside’s out. He also said that the sex tape idea was all her’s. At that time, Waltman said he was constantly f----- up on drugs and that made it easy for Chyna to manipulate him. He says that the tape itself is gross and they were all f----- up and did anal sex, even though he hates it, because he couldnt get off. He said they shot for 8 hours before he got off. Waltman said he found out the tape came out when he was in rehab and does not want to do anything to promote it further. Waltman said that he made about $250,000 and Chyna made a lot more, despite what she says.

When asked about the incident between him and Chyna on the “Surreal Life,” Waltman said that when they filmed that show, he was all f----- up and a douchebag at the time. He said that he came to the set with flowers to give her and the producer said he should bring them up to her then had him sign a release, which Waltman said he was too f----- up to realize what was going on at the time. He came to the house with roses, a $300 bottle of champagne, and a bag of weed and that was when it all went downhill. He is then asked about the last time he saw Chyna. Waltman said the last time he saw her was when he took her to Cedar Sinai hospital.


He is asked how he hooked up with Jenna Jameson. Waltman said she was at a show in Pittsburgh and took a picture with her after the show. Mark Madden then called him up and said Jenna was on stage and wanted him there, so he told HHH and Chyna, who he was with, that he had to go and went to the show. Waltman said he popped a few hits of ecstasy before he got there and Jenna brought him on stage and stuck her tongue down his throat. He said that he was with her all night and thought the sex was cool but he was on E and that altered it a bit but thinks her memories are slightly different than his.

Waltman is then asked if he had sex with any other women in the business. He said he went from Tori to Chyna and this past Summer, had a fling with Nidia.

He is asked if he ever banged any chicks together with Hall & Nash. Waltman said no but tells a story of how in Cleveland, he was banging this hot Vietnamese stripper while sharing a room with Hall. He said that he left the light on in the bathroom if he wanted to see the girl but Hall was drunk and yelled to shut the light off, as he was pissing on the carpet because he didn’t want to leave the bed.

Someone then asks Waltman to play “F---, Marry, Kill” with Terri, Sable, and Sunny. After some thinking, he would f--- Sunny, marry Terri, and kill Sable.

Now, someone asks him to play the same game but with Hall, Nash, and Michaels. Oliver then tells him to answer this if a woman asks him, because he spent a lot of time with them. He said f--- Nash, marry Shawn, and kill Hall.


He is asked his favorite drug and drink. Waltman said it is marijuana and Patron Silver.

Oliver then brings out the “joint rolling challenge,” for which Sabu holds the record at 19.21 seconds. Waltman then breaks that record with 18 seconds flat to become the “YouShoot Roll-a-Joint Champion.”

Someone asks if Vince McMahon smokes pot and Waltman said while he has never seen him, he talekd to Vince before who said he smoked pot in the past. Waltman said that Vince likes Dewar’s.

Waltman is asked about the weirdest place he ever passed out from taking too many somas and said that he didnt know but tells a story about passing out from the first time he took GHB. He was with HBK and ended up passing out and pissing himself so HBK put him on the luggage cart and wheeled him through the lobby of the Stamford Weston and when Waltman woke up in his room, he was on his bed and still covered in his piss.

Now, they play the gimmick bag

Jack Daniels: Curt Hennig
Marijuana: Curt Hennig, Sabu, or a lot of other guys
Cocaine: every wrestler in Mexico
Pills: Jim Neidhart
Crack: Trent Acid. Waltman  really didnt seem to want to say his name.
Needles: He said himself as he used to shoot up Nubain then crystal meth
S---: Sable

Someone asks him if the WWE or TNA are doing enough to curb drug use. Waltman said that the numbers are still the same but the holdovers from the old days are still not all gone. He then said that guys with drug issues will show whether they test or not but thinks that the newer generation of guys are not nearly as wild as guys he was with.


Waltman is asked about working for AAA. He said that it is crazy and for guys who work in the U.S., they would be horrified at the working conditions. He said that the guys get paid s---, noting some of the bigger names barely get paid $100 a night. He also said that the guys in Mexico don’t know any better because they have always worked under those conditions. He said the Roldan family never lived up to any single term in their agreement an if you called them out on that, they would flip out. Waltman also adds that the ring conditions are terrible and the psychology is rotten. He did say that the guys he worked with are all wonderful.

He asked about his suicide attempt. Waltman said that he was feeling some financial strain as the Roldan’s never lived up to their agreement. He also adds that a lot of other factors, like custody issues with his girlfriend’s (Ryan Shamrock) son and he also started to drink again. Waltman said that he didnt want him to smoke pot anymore, which he claims helps him from drinking and taking other drugs. He then said that he was all f----- up and Ryan started to hit her and when Ryan broke a picture of him and her son over her knee, Waltman said that he lost it and hit Ryan, which he said was first time that he ever hit a woman and felt like a piece of s--- and took a bottle of Valium and drank a bottle of Bacardi and hung himself. Ryan found him and saved his life. He remembers waking up three days later in the hospital. He then said that Vince put up the bill for him to stay at a place in Houston, which he said is a great place that helped him a lot, adding that he stayed longer than necessary to make sure he would not relapse when he left. Waltman said he went through a lot of therapy there, talking about how he was molested as a child amongst other things.


He is asked about the weirdest place he took a s---. He said in a Wendy’s cup in order to put it into someones’ back. He then tells a story about Rip Rogers, who he calls a piece of s---, who stole money from Jerry Lynn at an independent show and tried to do the same to him. Waltman said that Rogers went to a TV taping to do some jobs with the WWF and brought in a book to show Pat Patterson, that showed a girl sucking off one of his trainees and when it came to the last page, it was revealed that the girl had a dick. Waltman said he showed this to Patterson as an attempt to get on his good side because he knew he was gay. He then said he took a s--- in his fanny pack and Rogers blamed Davey Boy for that.

He talks about the Sable incident. He said that it was her last night and she was very unpopular among those in the company. He feels bad now and said he was the only one who was dumb enough to put it in her bag. He did note that it was not his and wouldn’t say who took the s---. They were in England at a PPV and it was Sable’s last night in the company. Waltman said that someone took a s--- and told him where it was while he was in the Gorilla position waiting to go out for his match. He then said that he told everyone he had to take a piss and ran to the other side of the building took grab the s--- and put it in the bag and ran all the way back to Gorilla in time for his match. Waltman then said that everyone blamed Bradshaw for what happened. He then adds that a few days later, Jim Ross came to him and asked him about if he knew who s--- in Sable’s bag then he told him that the office was thinking about doing DNA samples, which Waltman laughed off as being ridiculous. Again, he apologized for what happened and said that at the time, he felt like he had to do that but looks back now and feels awful, stating that Sable never did anything to him.

Waltman then admits to putting the s--- into Sunny’s food, in between the chicken and pasta. He then said that he was not even in the company at the time when someone took a s--- into Mark Henry’s sub but gets blamed anyway. He said he was told about the incident with Henry though and tells it to us. Waltman said that before he went out for his match, Henry told everyone in the locker room that his sandwich better still be there when he got back from his match. While Henry was in the ring, someone deconstructed his meatball sub from Subway and s--- in the bread then put it back together and when Henry came back from his match, he sat down and ate the entire thing. This leads to an incredibly lame segment in which Waltman shows us how to make a “s--- sandwich.”


He is asked about the term “X Pac Heat” and his take on the term. Waltman said that he didnt notice the difference between regular heat or that type of heat in the ring. He said he became a regular heel chant and many people have also been told that they suck and he is not the first.

Waltman is asked about John Laurinaitis. He said he got along fine with him but when he took that job, he tried to rule with an iron fist, unlike Jim Ross who also had things run smoothly when he was in charge. Waltman said that he mentioned to HHH and HBK how people complain about him and they told him that no one wants the job. He calls out Laurinaitis for fining the wrestlers and questions do they really need the money that badly, saying at least give it to charity or put it aside for a Christmas party or something.

From that, they segue into the “What a Dick” game in which if that person is a dick, he goes into the dick bag. He tossed Juvy right into the bag. He said that he loves Shawn Michaels but even he himself would admit that he was once the biggest dick in the business. He loves Bob Holly but says that just about everyone else thinks he is a dick and puts him into the bag as well. He doesn’t put HHH in the bag but said that he is really good at being one. He tosses in Kevin Dunn. He tells a story of Billy Gunn while they were in the Sky Bar in LA when Tori Spelling talked s--- about what Gunn was wearing, which he overheard, and according to Waltman, Spelling left in tears that night. He said that Vampiro is full of s--- (most people say this about him in shoot interviews) but says he is not a dick. He said that Flair is too charming for him to call him a dick. Calls DDP neurotic but not a dick. He likes Eric Bischoff now but at one point in his career, he would have tossed him right into the dick bag. He tosses in Heyman because someone recently told him something Heyman said about him but he calls him a genius and would have him run his wrestling company if he had one.

Someone asks him about a line from Mick Foley in 2001 in which he said “No one knows where X Pac is and no one seems to care.” Waltman said that the line was fed to Foley by Brian Gewirtz, who Waltman disliked.

He is asked about an altercation between himself and Masahiro Chono. He was using a lot of cocaine and meth at the time and was teaming with Chyna against Chono & Tenzan. Waltman then said that people were upset over Chyna being there and took it out on her in the ring. Waltman said that Chono took her head off with a Mafia kick and did not want to do a scheduled beatdown on him because they were not sure that they wanted to come back and did not want to bury the guy. Waltman agreed to this but did not want to touch him and Chono apparently flipped out and spit at him so Waltman hit him really hard and busted his ear. Waltman said he was tweaking out on meth at the time and thought they were going to get killed in Japan.


He is asked if he ever spoke to Dave Meltzer and his thoughts on him. He said that he did when he was younger but talked to Wade Keller more because he was from Minnesota and more supportive of him. Waltman said he was in Japan with Meltzer and went to a few shows and Tokyo Disney and respects both guys for being good journalists.

Final Thoughts: A very enjoyable interview. I also thought that the rapport between Oliver and Waltman was great. He got a lot out of him and made him say more than he probably wanted. Waltman also came across as likable and did not have an agenda against anyone and was more than willing to open up about his own problems.

When I finished watching the interview, it made me want to root for Waltman. He does seem likable and most of issues are seemingly caused when he is intoxicated. He does have a sense of humor about himself, which is nice to see. I also liked how this was not just about questions regarding the Kliq too.

I recommend this interview. It is very good for a “YouShoot,” which can be hit or miss and a lot better than is RF Video shoot from over 12 years ago when he was stoned and unwilling to talk.

Kayfabe Commentaries Presents: YouShoot with Shane Douglas

This was
filmed in 2012. It lasted about two hours and fifteen minutes.

interview starts with host Sean Oliver meeting with Douglas in an indoor pool
at a hotel. This was a spoof of Douglas’s first shoot interview with RF Video,
which took place at a pool.



Douglas is
asked about his favorite Pittsburgh wrestling memory. He said that it was when
his dad took him to see Bruno Sammartino wrestle Stan Hansen at the Pittsburgh
Civic Center. He said that they sat eight rows from the ring and he was
emotionally invested in the whole match. At the time, Bruno was coming back
from a broken neck that was caused from a body slam by Hansen.

He is then
asked about his trainer, Dominic DeNucci, and if he ever smartened him up to
the business. He recalls a time while in Ohio that he was going over his match
with Mick Foley and repeatedly heard some yelling “kayfabe.” Douglas said he
had no idea what this meant and thought someone was screaming for a woman named
Kay. There were veterans like the Monndogs, Bruno Sammartino, and Johnny
Valiant around and he heard the screaming some more and thought nothing of it
until DeNucci came up and slapped him on the head. Douglas said that he never
knew about the word and neither did Foley so DeNucci grabbed both men and
pulled them into the showers and yelled at them for being disrespectful to the

Someone then
sends in a video submission of Douglas, wrestling with his legal name, Troy Martin,
in a WWF squash match against Randy Savage then asks what it was like to be a
TV jobber. He said that DeNucci would send some of his students in a van to the
TV tapings and he went with Foley. Douglas said he worked against Savage, Paul
Orndorff, and Butch Reed. He then puts over the experience of working in front
of a large crowd and the importance of putting someone over and how to respect
the guy you are putting over. Douglas said that Savage and Orndorff, along with
mananger Bobby Heenan, approached him after the match and thanked him. He also
brings up how Mick Foley was at this taping and was intentionally clotheslined
in the jaw by the Dynamite Kid.

Necro Butcher
sends in a question via Facebook and asks about the UWF. He brings up how Watts
wanted to go national and that Eddie Gilbert, John Tatum, and Missy Hyatt came
to a show he was working at for Denucci and was scouting talent and Gilbert
asked him about wrestling full-time. Douglas said that he had a career in
education and by the time he wanted to go, a hiring freeze took place as Watts
was selling to Crockett so he didn’t get to go over.


He is then
asked if Gilbert gave him the “Shane Douglas” name. He said it is half true as
Giblert told him to pick between Shane or Cody, and he went with Shane. After
an hour or so trying to pick a name, Missy comes from the kitchen and suggested
the name Shane Douglas.

Douglas is
asked about a match that was shown on Primetime Wrestling were he got pinned
twice by Paul Roma. They show the finish that had the ref count to three about
Roma rolled through a crossbody but the match still continued and the bell rang
a few times and after another minute, Roma got the win with a powerslam.
Douglas said that the ref screwed up and that was not supposed to be the finish
and that Roma was pissed afterwards. Douglas said that Roma could never see the
big picture and always had a short fuse.

He is then
asked if the WWF had bigger plans for him after his performance in the 1991
Royal Rumble. He said that they did and he was working with Jimmy Hart on a few
songs, one of which he claims was the theme given to the Young Stallions team?
That makes no sense, as the Stallions got that song in either 1987 or 1988.
Anyway, the gimmick for Shane was supposed to be similar to Bon Jovi and the
plan was to record a mini LP and do a small tour. Douglas said that they
started to move forward but that was when his dad got sick and was living alone
with Emphysema and told Vince he needed to leave and take care of him. Vince
told him the door was open for a return.



Some guy
sends in a video submission and rips on their attire  then asks who gave the idea to form this
team. Douglas first agrees with the 80’s style being “faggy” but claims that
they were the #2 merchandise seller behind Sting at the time. He said that
Eddie Gilbert told him about the team name and at first they thought he was
joking. He tells us that the name was created by Jim Herd, who believed that
all trends started West then headed East and conducted a study that found out
the two most popular slang terms used among kids were “dynamic” and “dude.”

He is then
asked about his relation with Johnny Ace. He calls Johnny a bright guy and said
that he worked at Honeywell before breaking into the business, so he was well
versed in the corporate world. Shane also says that Johnny loved to go out and
meet girls and the plan for the team was for him to be the workhorse and Johnny
the personality. He also said Johnny was lazy and liked to sleep late and
rarely went to the gym.


Shane is
asked if he was ever involved in a backstage altercation. He said he got into
it several times with Sandman, mostly due to him being drunk and reckless in
the ring. He claims Sandman told him he could not perform his character unless
he drank before the match. Douglas said that it started with Sandman drinking two
16oz cans of beers and grew significantly after that. Douglas tells a story of
one night during a brawl in the ring, Sandman dropped his kendo stick and Shane
picked it up and hit someone before putting it back down. After he enters the
locker room, he overhears Sandman flipping out about Douglas using the stick so
Douglas went over to him and they fought. Douglas said that you should let guys
fight as it lets out all the tension, instead of breaking it up and letting it
build. Douglas then adds that he put Sandman’s head through a trophy case at
the end of the fight.

We now go
into the “Dick Bag” game. He puts several names in the bag. He puts in Jim Ross
for pressuring him to go back to the WWF for the Dean Douglas gimmick. He throws
in Shawn Michaels, even making a cross with the name cards and says that instead
of saying Jesus of Nazareth, it now reads Shawn Michaels. He also puts in Hulk
Hogan, claiming that he could have single-handedly unionized wrestling. He puts
in Vince McMahon after wiping the name card on his ass. He puts in Flair for
how he treated him when he was younger but does state he feels bad for him due
to his problems with alcohol. He throws in Vince Russo for writing horrible
stuff. He puts in the Dynamite Kid for hurting Foley and throws in HHH just for
being in the Kliq but also said later on that he liked Nash and X-Pac and did
not want to put in Hall due to his rampant substance abuse issues. He throws in
Tony Schiavone and Raven, for stating that he is the greatest ECW champion of all-time.
He also puts in Paul Heyman and tells us that he owes him $144,000 and once
swore on his father’s eye sight that he would give him his money.

During the “Dick
Bag” game, Douglas tells a story of HBK bullying Nash in Montreal. During this
time, the house show business was really in the shitter. Carl Oulette worked
hard to put together a good show in Montreal and Vince wanted a hot finish to
bring the crowd back next time. Douglas said that while in the locker room, HBK
went to Nash and asked about the match and went told of the finish, HBK told
Nash that he was the champ and should not put over “that piece of s---” clean.
He said that HBK kept hammering this point home until Oulette walks in the
room. HBK says hi and pats on the back then stands behind him, with Oulette not
knowing due to him being blind in one eye, and starts giving hand gestures to
Nash on what to say to Oulette about not putting him over clean. Nash then told
Oulette that he wanted to win using his Jackknife and Oulette said they could
not come back and do another match if that was the finish. Then a little later
on when everyone is in the locker room, HBK goes in front of everyone and tells
them that Oulette was too much of a primadonna to put over the champ and
Oulette went after him but it was pulled apart. The next day while at the
Montreal Days Inn, The Kliq walked behind Shane and Credible and told them to
come into their room for a few beers. Shawn then goes to call Vince to tell him
to fire Oulette but stopped and either him or Hall, Douglas cannot remember who,
decided that they should instead make Vince “starve” him for two years. Douglas
then tells another story of how after the Barber Shop incident when HBK was
with the Rockers, Marty went after HBK in the locker room. HBK went on the
ground into the fetal position and Marty kicked him a few times until Curt
Hennig and Shane pulled him off after they laughed.

A fan send
in a video submission asking Shane about the time he asked him for a photo with
him and Tommy Dreamer at an independent show in Maine and Shane said that it
might not happen as he had problems with Tommy. Shane remembers this and said
that he and Tommy get along professionally but have different takes on
philosophy. He tells a story at the end of his ECW run, Francine got ribbed
when someone dumped a large bottle of bodily fluids into her bag. He said that
Tommy accused him and told Shane that several guys wanted to jump him for what
he did. Shane did state that Francine deserved the bag and seemed to know the
specifics of the rib but denied he did that. Shane also said that Bam Bam
Bigelow told him that Tommy went to him and said guys wanted to jump him for
the prank too. Nothing else ever happened as a result.

tweets a question of how Douglas would pull Francine’s arm while he took a
s---. Shane said that a diet that is heavy in protein and amino acids really
make your s--- smell worse than usual. He then said that Francine had a weak
stomach and he would hold her hand while taking a s---. He then tells a story
of how Debbie the ticket taker was being a real pain in the ass one day in the
bathroom so he took a chunk of his s--- and placed it on a piece to toilet
paper behind her and she reached back with her hand and it went into the chunk.
He then tells his favorite rib involving s--- when he was flying first class
with all wrestlers with the exception being some guy who was next to Curt
Hennig. After talking his ear off, the guy went into the bathroom and Hennig
took his hands down his pants and circled the rim of the guys drink with s---.
The guy came back and after taking a sip, he asked the stewardess for another
drink, stating this one tasted like s---. Sean asks why wrestlers use s--- for
the pranks and Douglas replies that it is a shitty business.

Douglas is
now asked about breaking Gary Wolfe’s neck. He claims that Wolfe was bugging
him about taking a DDT straight down on his head but Douglas explained to him
the dangers of the move. Wolfe didn’t care and they went out and they did the
move and Wolfe rolled out of the ring and grabbed his neck but nothing else happened.
Two days later, Tod Gordon told him that Wolfe was in the hospital with a
broken neck. Douglas said that he went to see Wolfe, who told Shane that he did
the move on purpose while Shane told him not to take the move this way.

The next
question is about the incident in which HBK was attacked by Marines. Shane said
that Davey told him the story. HBK was drinking all night and became
belligerent and was hitting on the Marine’s girl. Davey was driving and X Pac
was in the backseat and when they pulled away, they saw a group of several
Marine’s and HBK yelled out the window at the guy, who then pulled him out and
started beating the s--- out of him. Davey told him he tried to help but his friends
all jumped him and Shane says he believes Davey Boy as HBK was scrawny and Davey
was jacked so more people would be needed to keep him down. Shane gives credit
to the WWF for using enough smoke and mirrors to explain what happened then
says if he was there, he would have helped out the Marine’s in a heartbeat.

A fan asks
if Shane is mad at HHH for ripping off his Franchise gimmick. Shane said that
when he first started out, Scott Irwin told him that everyone had been done
before and instead of trying to be original, take pieces form certain
characters and use it to fit your style. Shane said he took parts from Brad
Armstrong, Barry Windham, Ric Flair, Terry Funk, and Ricky Steamboat. HE says
he never copied any promos verbatim then closes by saying he has no right to
get upset at HHH.

He is asked
about a story Jim Cornette told about him being pissed at Shane for going over
his head to management about the Dynamic Dudes. Shane said at that time, WCW
had a committee of bookers and you had to talk with everyone there and they
would send you to different people and they would all switch their answers
around. He says that he is friendly with Cornette today when he sees him then
calls him a “walking encyclopedia” of the business but says that while Cornette
lives wrestling 24/7, it is just a job to him. Douglas then adds that the
reason Heyman and Cornette cannot stand each other is because they are cut from
the same cloth.



When asked
about a road story, he tells the first time he was on the road with the UWF. He
traveled with Davey Haskins and Carl Fergie, the cousin of Jerry Lawler. They
are in a hotel room in Baton Rouge when the door knocks with two women and
behind them were two younger girls, who Douglas learned later on were just
sixteen years old. One of the girls asked Fergie how he had been doing as she hadn’t
seen him in a while then Fergie tells her to stop flapping her jaws and start
sucking his dick and she did.

Feinstein sends in a video submission asking Shane if he ever had sex with
Francine. Douglas said no but Heyman always told them to kayfabe with the
dressing room and they all bought it, even citing one time when Saturn and Taz
yelled at him for being a hypocrite about how Shane stated he was loyal to his

Up next is
the “Ho Bag” game. He puts in Dixie Carter, saying she was a bimbo. He also
tosses in Elektra and Jasmin St. Claire. He puts in Karen Angle for leaving
Kurt and going with Jeff Jarrett, then tosses in Gorgeous George. This was



New Jack
sends in a video submission asking Shane if he knew that the night he passed
out in the parking lot in New Orleans that he was snorting heroin instead of
cocaine. Shane says he has no recollection of this ever taking place.

He is then
asked about how he left TNA to check himself into rehab. Shane said that he
developed an addiction in 1999. He was 36 years old and it was taking him up to
45 minutes to get out of bed in the morning. He said he had 28 surgeries and 18
broken bones in his career and was told by a friend of how his wife had
fibromyalgia and was unable to leave the couch but after seeing a doctor, she
was able to play golf again. Shane went to the doctor and got a script for
Oxycontin, which was being advertised as a “miracle drug” at the time. He then
goes on a rant about the government going after nickel-bag dealers instead of
going after Big Pharma. He then adds how drug stores are all over the place now
for a reason, no matter what neighborhood, and they are not their just because
people needs milk and eggs.

We now play
the “Gimmick Bag” game. Here are the results:



Cocaine: New


Steroids: HHH,
saying that it is a receipt

Heroin: Jake

S---: Curt

Big Black
Dildo: Ric Flair



He is asked
if Hogan and Bischoff were either helpful or hurtful to TNA’s growth. Shane
equates TNA’s growth to a heartbeat in a dead body, saying there hasn’t been any
at all. He then repeats an old adage that says if you have a talented roster, a
network, and a $100 million dollars you can start a wrestling company but Dixie
Carter has proven that wrong. Shane then questions why you would hire the
people that helped bankrupt another company to run yours. 

He is then
asked about the hardest part of being a road agent. Shane said that you have to
put yourself into the wrestler’s characters and know their strengths. He said
that Heyman;s best attribute was that he highlighted your strengths and did not
expose your weaknesses. He then recalls one time AJ Styles was sitting down and
had to cut a six minute promo. Shane said that is death for a person who is not
a good talker and said that it would be hard for someone like himself or Ric
Flair, who are considered good talkers in the business.

He is asked
why he left TNA. Shane said his youngest son was born and after a few failed
detox attempts, he has home with his sons and while throwing up and out of it
due to the pain pills, his oldest son caught no and asked if he was sick again
and at that point, knew he had to change. He said he told TNA that he was working
on a book and requested a week off without interruption. So, he went to a hotel
room and taped down all the curtains and shades then took his last doses of medications,
knowing that he would be detoxing heavily the next morning. He then said he sat
in that room for a week, lying in his own piss and s--- then went home hoping
to feel better but got worse and believed he messed up his intestines.  He checked into a hospital and after that he
went to rehab and 34 days later, went back to work. While he was gone, Dixie
told him that he would receive his base salary and told he and his wife that
his job would be safe when he came back. Shane found out that everyone pitched
in and did his job, basically for free, so he could receive his money. When he
got back, Dixie asked him if he wanted to go public or keep private about his stint
in rehab. He said that he was never afraid to have that come out and said if he
could help just one person that it would be worth it all. Shane says that he
had received over 200 letters and Facebook postings who that told him his story
convinced them to go get help. Back to the story of how he left, Shane said
that two months after his story, right before Christmas, TNA stopped calling
him back to come into work. He said that TNA used him to help their image then
fired him afterwards.



Shane is
asked about his degrees. He said he does not hold a Masters Degree in
Education. After graduating in 1986, he went to Pitt to go for his Masters in
International Relations but after taking forever to park his car and going into
a class where he was the only white male and was unable to understand most of
what the other students were saying, he left. He got his education certificate
then in 1991 after leaving the WWF, decided to try to get into medical school.
He took all of the pre-requisites and got A’s in everything except for Organic
Chemistry. He went back to wrestling afterwards and now at age 47, he wants to
either go back and get his MBA or get a degree in Political Science. He is then
asked about the “No Child Left Behind” law and said that it is typical government
b------- for schools to pass kids no matter what in order to get funding.


Up next is a
segment in which Dean gives grades to various wrestlers in categories such as
work-rate, promo ability, charisma, and personality. The grades are all pretty
much what you would expect. He loves the promo work of Jericho and Austin, even
though they are different from traditional wrestling promos. He called Lex
Luger the most condescending person he has ever met. He gave Razor Ramon and F
for his promo ability, saying that the character and fake accent was terrible
on the mic. He thought that Raven’s promo ability was perfect for his character.
He also tells a story of how when he was teaming with Ricky Steamboat in WCW,
Sitng and Vader complained to the office about having to follow Steamboat so
they switched it up for Steamboat to go afterwards. Shane puts over Steamboat
for always wanting to go all-out for the fans.



A fan asks
Shane, a big fan of Pittsburgh sports, who he would call the franchise of the sports
scene. He said it would have to be Mario Lemieux. Douglas puts him over for
taking a team that had sucked for a long time and not only winning the Stanley
Cup, but also buying part of the team.

He is then
asked his thoughts on Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer. He first puts them over
for being able to make money off the business in a way that no one else could
figure out. He then adds that they had a penchant to use their writings to
espouse their ideas. He tells a story of how Meltzer wrote in the Observer
about Shane lying about his low pay in the WWF. Shane claims that he contacted
Meltzer and told him he would send him a cop of his pay stub only if he would
publish it in the Observer but that Meltzer refused.

Shane is
given a twenty-second countdown to list of his favorites. Here they are:

Savage vs. Steamboat at WrestleMania III

Song: “Come
on and Love me” by Kiss

Incident: Work

Road Food:
Chicken Fried Steak

Movie: Paradise Alley

Dean Douglas
or Dynamic Dude: Dean Douglas


The last
question is if Shane considers anyone in the business deserves to be called the
“Franchise” today? Shane said no one fits the definition of his character and
that Bobby Roode has the potential but TNA has mismanaged him.


Final Thoughts: Overall, I thought it was okay for a
YouShoot. Shane seems like he has a good mind for the business and an
intelligent guy overall. He did outright deny a few stories though and I get a
feeling that he was holding back about his drug use. He did not appear to have
an agenda and even though I agree with him on what he said about Big Pharma, he
didn’t exactly say anything about taking responsibility himself for developing his
addiction. I give this a mild recommendation and if you are a big fan of
Douglas, you are probably better off seeking out one of his RF Video shoots.

Which YouShoot Would You Like to see Reviewed Next

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Shane Douglas


Danny Doring


Honky Tonk Man, Volume 1



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Kayfabe Commentaries YouShoot Interview with Perry Saturn

For those not familiar with the “YouShoot” series, it is a shoot interview that is comprised of fan questions submitted by either email or video. A majority of the questions are submitted by people from the F4W message board and video submissions by several recurring folks. Sean Oliver is the moderator. They also play games during the shoots (The first few did not include games but all of the newer installments have them), including “What’s in the Bag, “Ho Bag,” “What a Dick,” and “Medicine Man.”

This was released July 2011. The shoot is divided into chapters and that is how I will break down the review.


The first question asks where the f--- has he been? Perry says that he had to get his demons in check due to ten years of being a severe drug addict. He adds how it was amazing that he was even able to make it to work.

The next question asks him about being homeless and on drugs and is triumphs that occurred during his struggle? Perry said that drugs cost him everything. He said that he would inject Nubain under his tongue, so it would not leave any track marks and from there went on to Demerol. He would be spending hundreds of dollars on pain pills monthly. He said that his ex-wife died of an overdose at some point too. Perry said that he dated a chick that introduced him to meth. He went from living in a big house and driving an Escalade to sleeping under bridges and digging into trashcans for food. He was homeless in Georgia and from there went to Iowa, as he was friends with Sonny Onoo, who set him up with a job and a place to live but he relapsed and got kicked out and from there wound up in Minnesota. Sean follows up by asking if his use began in ECW. Perry said that he was relatively clean there, only sometimes going out for drinks after the show and never took anything before a match. In WCW, Saturn says he was high all of the time. He then tells a story of how he failed three drugs tests at WCW and they asked him what they should do about it so Saturn told them to stop testing him, and they did, as he told them he would go to the WWF if fired. Saturn said that he was sober when traveling with Dean Malenko in the WWF but when he retired to become an agent, he was stoned 24/7. He goes on state how he couldn’t remember matches and was surprised that no one caught on to his use.

He is asked about his face tattoo and he says he so f----- up that he doesn’t even remember doing it.

Perry is then asked about if he knew that people were making death speculations as to why he fell of the grid. Saturn says that when on drugs, he did not want to acknowledge who he was and wasn’t able to face his problem.

The next question asks Perry what made him clean up and come back? He states how he was sick of worrying how he was going to get high and wanted to get back to the person who he used to be. Saturn says that he started to get clean five years ago and has been clean for the past 2.5 years. He then adds how he would like to come back and wrestle.

Adam K., a guy who sends in constant video submissions, asks Perry if he was backstage at 2010 “Bragging Rights” PPV. Perry confirms that as true and that he wanted to say hi to Dean Malenko, who he did not talk to while high He also saw his friends Vicki Guerrero and Fit Finlay. Perry denies that he was looking for a job but did say hi to Vince, who he states was extremely busy running the show.


Perry is asked if he actually did get shot while intervening during a mugging/raping of a woman and what was going through his mind as it happened? Perry said that it was true and he got shot twice, in the neck (which now has plates and screws as a result) and in his shoulder. He said that he really got bad into drugs as a result because he was unable to do anything active for a while as a result of the injury.

The next question comes from someone at the F4W Message Board and asks Perry how he learned to no-sell bullets? Perry then details the incident. He says that he saw two guys on top of a woman then ran over and pushed them over. One guy took off and Saturn thought that he got punched twice then pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed the other attacker. The police arrived and tried to get Saturn to go into the ambulance but he claimed he had no idea what was going on and had no clue that he was shot.


The first question asks Perry if he thinks cocaine is a hell of a drug? He said that he never liked cocaine but did use a lot of opiates. Perry then adds that meth has the greatest effects and after you stop, it takes years before you can enjoy anything. He started by snorting, then went to smoking before he began shooting it up.

Perry is asked to name the best party city? He says that New Orleans is number one but loved going to El Paso as they would go to Eddie Guerrero’s mother’s home then the local bar afterwards. The next question asks Perry his favorite person to party with and he says it was Raven, noting that they were both out of control. He is then asked if he ever partied with Scott Hall and tells a story of him and Kevin Nash driving to New Orleans so Nash could meet up with a stripper. They all partied the entire night and missed the show the next day. He says that he has partied with Flair, adding that just about everyone has seen him walk around with his pants around his ass.

Sean then pulls out the gimmick bag as it is time to play “What’s in the Bag.” In this game, Sean pulls out a substance and the guest says the first person that comes to his mind. Here are the results:

Jack Daniels-Terry Gordy


Pills- Perry says himself then tells a story about how him and Raven used to play a game in which they would take Vicodin, Percocet, Soma, Halcion, and Valium then stick them into the pill bottle and shoot them down to see what they would end up with.

Cocaine-Buddy Landell

Crack-Buddy Landell. Perry tells a story of how he was driving around and smelled plastic burning in the back seat and turned around to see Landell smoking crack out of a can.

Needle- Again, Perry says himself. He said that he took a lot of steroids and noted that when you have money, you can afford the drugs that make you look good.

Perry is asked how bad the drug use was in WCW? He said that he can only speak for Raven and himself then tells a story of how they would fly to Philly and get 5,000 tabs of Ecstasy. They would take 20-30 pills daily for weeks at a time then give out the rest to girls and other wrestlers. He is then asked about the biggest partiers in WCW? He said that he and Raven were the worst and that the wrestlers had a dead pool at the time and they were the top two on everyone’s list.  Saturn said that Mongo could drink all night and believed that he was doing coke, as he would be up all night long from drinking and act crazy. He denies a rumor that staed Hogan and Savage always had beer in the locker room.

He is asked if he has any good stories from ECW. He tells a story before their first PPV of how he, Kronus and Louie Spicolli brought a girl to their room for a dog-and-pony show. In the lobby bar, Francine said something to piss off the girl and Saturn said he yelled at her. He then claims that Shane Douglas said something to him then told Paul Heyman what happened. Heyman then called Saturn into a room with Taz, Douglas, and Bubba Dudley and lectured him. As they were walking out of the room, they walk by that same girl and Heyman said that he did her. Saturn is then asked if Heyman smoke pots with the wrestlers and he claims to have never seen that take place.

Saturn is asked if the drug use in the WWE was more rampant than in ECW and WCW. He says it was not and that there were a lot of younger guys in the WWE and that you were rewarded for working hard, compared to WCW where it was all about who you knew.

He is asked if he ever took steroids. He said that he did and between that and the other dugs he was abusing, his blood pressure was always sky high and he would have to lay down for fifteen minutes so he could pass the test. Sean asks Perry if he ever felt discomfort. Perry says that he did not because he was constantly high.


For this chapter, Sean shows Saturn clips of his match against jobber Mike Bell from Velocity, in which he beat the s--- out of the jobber. Saturn starts off by admitting that he was in the wrong then does provides commentary for the clips. Saturn said that after Bell dropped him on his head twice in a row, he freaked out and started laying into him before tossing him out of the ring, with Bell landing directly on his head. Saturn said that the office was pissed about that spot more than anything else and that he tossed him out of the ring so he could calm down. Outside, Saturn rams bell into the steps hard, but Saturn said that he did that spot all the time and that it was safe because your ass would hit the stairs. After that, the match went on normally. Perry then said after the match ended, Vince was waiting for him in the locker room and asked what the f--- happened he was doing. Saturn said that he apologized and asked if Bell was okay. The follow up question was from a guy who asked that if Bradshaw giving him two hard powerbombs on the next RAW was a receipt for the Bell match. Saturn said that it was not and that is just how Bradshaw worked. He said that he, Bradshaw, Faarooq, and Malenko all went out that night.


Saturn said that Moppy was not punishment for the bell incident, but rather an idea from Vince. He then said that his only idea during the whole angle was to put Moppy in the wood chipper. He said that he absolutely hated the Moppy storyline. He said that it was much worse than wearing a dress in WCW then goes on to state how the dress was actually his own idea.


Perry is asked who came up with the idea of pairing him with Terri and if Dustin was mad. Perry said that he has no idea who came up with it and that he doesn’t know why Dustin would be mad, because those two had been split up.

He said that he liked Terri, putting her over as a good friend and a professional. She would do anything to get the idea over and would stay in character, even backstage. Saturn then said how Terri told him she would do anything to get over, except for having sex. The next question asks Perry who weighed more, Terri or Moppy. Saturn said that Moppy weighed more. He then is asked if he ever popped wood while touching her. Saturn doesn’t believe that he did. He is then asked why the duo ended so abruptly and Perry said that he was too f----- up on drugs at the time.


Perry is asked if he has any got “rat” stories. He then tells us about him and Raven were in Universal Studios at the WCW TV tapings and had a ton of time to kill. They were all f----- up at the hotel with a pair of strippers and decided to go out and get a Slip-and-Slide. They set it up in the hallway then took apart the sink and attached a hose to get it wet. One of the strippers was naked at the end and Perry had a strap-on attached to his head and Raven tried to slide him across, but it did not work so they then decided to use the fire hose. Well, they ended up flooding the floor below and security chased them out, with Saturn running away and naked still wearing the strap-on.  After that, they got every single person associated with WCW kicked out of the hotel.

The next question asks im about his wildrest rat story and Sean presumes the previous one was but Perry tells another story. He said that he was with Raven and Billy Kidman. They created something called “The Rhino,”which was a strap-on attached to wrestling head gear, like Rick Steiner used to wear. He and Raven picked up Kidman, who was wearing the Rhino, and f----- the girl. The girl then starts to have an intense orgasm and ends up snapping Kidman out of their hands. Saturn then tells us that the next night on Nitro, Lodi held up a sign about the Rhino, then tells us that a majority of Lodi’s signs were sex-related. Saturn also tells us that Raven used to carry the Rhino through airport security all of the time.

Saturn is then asked about Chastity from ECW and if she is as nasty as New Jack claims. He said that he only went out with her a few times and it was nothing serious, then mentions that it might have been a fling.

Saturn is then asked a bunch of questions, like how big was Batista’s dick and how big was Chyna’s dick. He has no idea. He then said that Terri would have been the diva that he wanted to sleep with but glad he didn’t as they were friends. He is asked if he has any Tammy Sytch stories and said that he doesn’t and they got along fine.

Saturn is then asked to play “F---,Marry,Kill” between Trish Stratus, Lita, and Missy Hyatt. He is asked if he can kill two of them, saying that Missy is annoying and that he hates Lita. He tells a story of when he and Malenko were teaming against the Hardy’s. Lita would tell Dean how to lead the match. Saturn said that was b------- as Dean is the more experienced one by a mile and that is who always gets to lead. He does state that Trish is way cool.

Up next, is the “Ho Bag” game. For this, Sean gives a name and the guest decides whether or not to put her in the ho bag. This was not an eventful edition of the ho-bag. He puts in Stacy Keibler, Tammy Sytch, Missy Hyatt, and Debra. He calls Lita a “cunt” then throws in her the bag as well. Besides Lita, he didn’t bury anyone before throwing them in the bag.

Saturn is asked if he ever f----- a chick while making her wear a mask, bringing up a story Raven told about nailing a chick while making her wear the Mortis mask. Saturn said that he did not but he did once put a condom on Moppy and f--- a chick. He then said that at TC one day, Vince came up to him (He heard a rumor about the Moppy story) and brought him into the production meeting to tell everyone and they all laughed.


Saturn is asked about the dress and if he had to wear it in airports. He said that he was facing Jericho, who was going to leave for the WWF in a few months and he was supposed to go over but at the last minute, the match was changed to Jericho winning. He said that Bischoff was not there but on a hunting trip. He then said he would have to go the mall and get a dress for TV. He is then asked by frequent YouShoot video contributor Hess Express (A complete loser) about if he liked wearing a thong. Saturn said he wrestled in a thong because his first match he wrestled in, his regular underwear was showing and got ripped. He claims that his match in Minnesota wearing the thong got him two strippers after the show.


He is asked about the biggest asshole he worked against. Says it was Matt Hardy because he wouldn’t let Malenko run their matches. He goes on to say how Jeff was the complete opposite of his brother and was cool. He then said that they did not get along with Public Enemy in ECW because he and Kronus came in to take their spot. He never had heat with the Steiners. He is asked about Vito DeNucci calling him the most unprofessional person he has ever worked with. Saturn says he has no idea who that guy was then goes on to tell us how Gerry Brisco would joke with enhancement talent that they had to get in their stuff during the matches and one time, told a kid to no-sell any offense because his family was in attendance. Saturn said that he got pissed and stiffed a kid and when he went out back after the match, all of the agents were laughing.

Saturn is shown a clip of Mike Graham during his “Guest Booker” DVD with Kayfabe Commentary stating that the little band of midgets (Benoit, Malenko, Guerrero, and Saturn) went up to New York and that they never drew anything for WCW, bragging about how they saved the company a lot of money. Saturn tells us that Graham is a half-foot shorter than he is and how he and Sullivan were nothing but backstabbers. Saturn also goes on to say how his six-man tag with Kanyon and Raven was one of the highest drawing segments in the history of Nitro.

They then play “What a Dick,” which is like the Ho Bag but with males. The only two names that he puts in are Mike Graham and Kevin Sullivan. He calls Bubbay Ray Dudley a dick but keeps him out because he liked him. He doesn’t put in Johnny Ace, which was a first.


In this segment, he is asked a bunch of random questions. He is asked about being billed from Boston and if that is really his hometown. He said that he was born and raised in Cleveland but trained in Malden, MA with Killer Kowalski. He is then asked if he is more behind on his child support payments than Ricky Morton but says that he is not behind at all. His first big money item he bought was a Sebring convertible. He said that he could bench 525 lbs three times but was roided up at the time. He says that Paul Heyman got him a spot in the “House of Pain” music video. His favorite shows are Criminal Minds, Seinfeld, and Family Guy.


He is asked about his craziest New Jack story. Perry said that everyone was crazy in ECW at that time and nothing stuck out from him. He is then asked which wrestler didn’t look tough but really was. He said that Chris Jericho doesn’t get enough credit for being tough and that he never backs down. He said that while wrestling for the WAR promotion in Japan, they made him work with a 6’8 tall kickboxer who left him covered in bruises and he wouldn’t complain. He also says how Scott Steiner tried to rough him up on Nitro once and Jericho still wouldn’t back down.

He is asked about who the last man standing would be in the 1998 WCW locker room. He said it would either be Meng or the Barbarian and no one else would stand a chance.


Perry is asked about Eddie Gilbert. He said that when he passed, he left a message for his brother Doug and tells a story how Eddie walked him through a 45 minute broadway when he was stating out in Memphis. He then says the rumor that his son died in a car accident after he signed with WCW was untrue. He is still saddened about Eddie Guerrero’s death and continues to struggle with the Benoit tragedy. He is asked about Kronus and Perry states that he did not go to the funeral as he was all f----- up on drugs and didn’t even find out until he sobered up a few years later.


Saturn was asked if he was really tight with the rest of the group. He said that he latched on with them when Arn couldn’t wrestle anymore and he was considered a replacement for him in the Four Horseman stable. He is then asked the first moment that he wanted out of WCW. He said it was when Bischoff was fired and Sullivan took over as the booker. He talked about how even though he was a tag-champ, he would have to job in singles matches all the time. He then says he does not fault Sullivan for thinking that he couldn’t draw as that was what he thought and he had a job to do.

Saturn is then asked how Sullivan stated that he treated the Radicals well. Sullivan said that Russo would have them winning matches, then Sullivan and Graham would switch he finish to them jobbing at the last minute. Russo asked why they jobbed after the match ad Saturn said that he was just doing what he was told. Saturn then tells a story of how one time he asked Bischoff why he kept Sullivan around. Bischoff told him that sometimes, he creates a finish that makes money. Saturn told him that Sullivan would f--- him over one day and that is why Eric got fired and Sullivan kept his job.

Saturn is asked about Shane Douglas and if he was supposed to be part of the Radicals. Sean brings up how Shane felt betrayed. Perry tells us that it was a “double f------” as Vince did not want Shane and was only willing to take him if he had too. At the same time, Shane was telling Bill Busch that he wasn’t going anywhere and was trying to get the group to stay. Sean asks if there was any interest in Konnan and Rey Mysterio. He said that Vince was not interested in Konnan and that Rey did not want to leave.


He gets asked about Kronus. He says that after sleeping with a woman, he would tell him how it was the best pussy he has ever had. He then lets us know that Kronus was illiterate and tells a story of how they were driving from Evansville to Memphis and he made the mistake of falling asleep in the passenger seat and when he woke up, they were crossing the Mississippi River. Saturn said that he would give Kronus the number of the exit but he would forget, then adds how they were had been making this same drive for the past six months. He said he always knew that Kronus had issues mentally and believes he had some form of mental retardation. He denies the rumor that Taz caused the team to split.


He is asked what his career would be if he was not a wrestler. Saturn said he would probably be a career criminal as he grew up a violent kid living in the ghetto. He says the wrestlers that he still remains friends with are Raven and Dean Malenko and that the ECW Eliminator character was more like himself than any of his other characters.

Final Thoughts: One of my favorite YouShoot interviews. Saturn was honest and took full responsibility for becoming an addict, which is something a lot of addicts struggle to do. He also told some crazy stories about his time in WCW, which were a riot. Saturn did not have an agenda and was not here to bury everyone, which is what can happened in these shoots, especially during the games. Perry appeared honest and I am glad he was able to overcome his addiction and get back on the right track.