You’ll Lay Down for Big Poochie, and You’ll Freaking Like It

90s WcW was always the metaphorical casual girlfriend in my life.  She looked great at times, was cool enough to distract me for a couple hours, but we could never really make that lasting meaningful connection.   The closest I ever got to getting “hooked” was 91 and obviously 97-98. Now Vince McMahon, theres a guy who can hold on to a mans heart.  Soooo, lets go to a 98 WcW flashpoint moment for “What If”…

What if Goldberg beats Nash at Starrcade 98 to stay undefeated?  Things to consider…

– Goldberg debuted September 97, won the strap from Hogan on July 6th, 1998 and lost to Nash in December of 98.  Injured his hand in December 99.

– Was it the right time for Goldberg to lose at Starrcade 98?  Was Nash the right guy to end it at the time?  
– Was Goldbergs streak nearing the point of diminishing returns?  How much longer could it have drawn money?
– Does an undefeated Goldberg go on to lead WcW in a resurgence against WWF in 99?  Does his “star power” reach the next level, the Austin, Rock, Hogan level?

EDIT: I remember watching a Youshoot, I forget who it was, maybe Corenette, but a thought from that has always struck me as interesting.   The thought was that undefeated streaks do more harm then good for talent.  Reason being: there is never going to be a good way to end it, and the performer is over strictly due to his streak.  As soon the undefeated streak ends, the gimmick is essentially over.  Not sure if I agree but food for thought 

These are just a few thoughts.  Go in any direction you like.
*Personal random sidebar*  Was reading about the Jersey mall shooting yesterday.  I have an opinion on everything except gun control.  I have heard rational and articulate arguments made by both sides throughout my life.  Is there hard evidence that show countries with strict gun control laws endure less violent crimes?  Do we still feel its a relevant “right” to own a gun?  Yadda yadda yadda. Thoughts? 

The Only Review of Payback That You’ll Ever Need

From now on I’ll be reviewing all TNA & WWE PPVs that Scott doesn’t. So, hoorah, no? [this question is not allowed to be answered by Cultstatus]

The PPV opens up with a
terribly corny mob guy speaking about payback in between promo videos for
Ryback vs. Cena and Jericho vs. Punk

Miz vs. Curtis Axel vs. Wade Barrett – IC Title

literally hate everything about The Miz. I hate his jacket, his catchphrase, I
hate the stupid way he walks to the ring, I hate his hand sign. I boo that man.
What I do not boo is the bit of Perfect’s music spliced into Curtis’ theme. Am
I the only one who feels that Barrett’s jacket really kills his cool factor?
It’s so out of place. Miz and Barrett start off the match, keeping things
crisp. Eventually, Barrett is out as Miz and Axel do damn well for themselves.
I’ve never seen Curtis wrestle, and if what I see here is any indication of
what he’s capable of, then he’s gonna be alright. Not sure if it was
intentional or not, but Axel does the Mr. Perfect “you kick my leg while
I’m holding the rope and I do a flip” spot. They eventually get all three
in the ring, and they continue to tear it up. Curtis almost gets Wade with the
Perfectplex, which causes the building to absolutely explode. Miz tries to tap
out Barrett with the Figure 4, but Axel comes in and pins Barrett, and the
crowd goes nuts. This was one HELL of a match. Really, it’s fantastic, marking
the first time since Jericho and Mysterio fought over the IC title that I felt
the belt was actually worth something. This one kept rolling without a hitch,
and is one of the best openers I’ve seen in a good long while. Hell of a way to
open the PPV. 
pins Barrett while Miz has him in the Figure 4 at 10:36  | ***1/2  A fantastic opener, with Curtis getting
a real chance to shine. Look for it. 

Triple H & Curtis have a stare down. Vince shows up, and he has the
pompadour back, which is good because he just wasn’t Vince with the Cesar cut. 

vs. AJ Lee – Divas Championship

starts the match by tossing AJ outside and then throwing her over the Spanish
announce table. It’s nice when the women actually show some passion. AJ quickly
turns the momentum to her side by goading Kaitlyn to chase her around ring
side, then climbing up the ring apron and leaping off it with a drop-kick to
Kaitlyn’s face as she rounds the corner. Back in, AJ hits her with a
neckbreaker, continues to hold it and brings Kaitlyn back up for another.
That’s what I like to see, distinctive, cool maneuvers that actually separate
one diva from another. Kaitlyn eventually earns her momentum back with a series
of harsh clotheslines, followed by a sweet Dean Malenko-style
off-the-shoulders-gut-buster. AJ soon puts Kaitlyn in the Black Widow
submission, which is great, but once she gets out she hits AJ with one of the
harshest spears I’ve ever seen. You know, the term to describe most divas is
hot, but AJ is the first one I’d say is sexy. Normally a girl needs more curves
to earn Caliber’s affection, but I can make an exception for AJ. I’m sure
she’ll be delighted to hear this. As for the match, AJ soon makes Kaitlyn tap
to the Black Widow, ending one of the best WWE women’s matches I’ve ever seen.
It was technical, hard-hitting, with little to no botching. A hell of an
effort. Great stuff. Naturally, Kaitlyn is distressed, and the Chicago crowd
tries to cheer her up with chants of “you tapped out”. She’s actually
not a bad actress, as she makes herself cry on command. These two are definite
forces Kaitlyn to tap out to the Black Widow submission at 9:56 |
***1/4 One hell of a woman’s match. They went out there and busted their asses.
I hope they keep this up

then get some jabber from the “Payback panel,” which I guess was part
of the pre-show. It looks like they’re trying to emulate those football pre- and
post-shows, where commentators and former/current football stars talk about the
game. I think it’s a great idea, and I’d watch a show that was entirely that. 

this Wyatt Family thing? Are they supposed to be like a heel version of Duck
Dynasty or something?

vs. Dean Ambrose [C] – US Championship

I know
someone in the comments section mentioned seeing a person in a “I’M A
CHRIS BENOIT GUY” T-shirt. I just saw him as Ambrose was coming through
the crowd. The only guy I want to punch more than the type who laughs at their
own jokes is the one who purposely tries to be offensive. As for this match, it
doesn’t have much going for it, to be honest. It’s rather basic. Kane is really
much better suited for tag teams. King finally makes the comparison we all made
months ago when he says Ambrose is like Ledger’s Joker. It’s a pretty basic Raw
match, really. It’s not terrible, and isn’t a blemish for the PPV, it just
doesn’t live up to what we’ve seen tonight. Pretty sweet DDT Ambrose hits on
Kane outside. As it goes, the DDT causes Kane to be unable to make the 10
count, thus a win for Ambrose. 
wins via count-out at 9:34 |
**1/4  Perfectly suitable match, but nothing worth seeking out

We get
the RVD video. I’m interested to see him back in the WWE, hopefully giving a
damn and getting a program with the likes of Punk or Jericho. 

Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler [C]  – WHC

Russo were writing this, Ziggler’s concussion would have him being all sorts of
confused, and he’d have him kiss Big E on his way to the ring because it’d draw
money and get him over. They really need to unify the WHC with the IC title,
and then make the IC title the belt. Bam, the IC title is worth what it was 25
years ago, and you don’t have two fucking world titles in your company. The
Twitter Ticker is so damn obnoxious and reeks of TRL.
Rio is fierce on Ziggler, giving him absolutely no chance to breathe, and
chasing him any time he gets but a few feet away. Dolph is acting like his
previous concussion is affecting him, which causes Alberto to beat the living
hell out of his skull. They’re clearly going for a double turn here. Del Rio
nails a…well, there’s no name for it, really. You act like you’re going to go
for a Scorpion Death Drop, but pick the person up and drop them down in a
Diamond Cutter. Except he did it from the top rope. Great moment when Ziggler
is outside and a trainer keeps trying to get him to stop the match and Ziggler
yells “NO! I’M FINE!” as Del Rio comes flying through the ropes, feet
first into Dolph’s skull. He soon wins the match by winding up and kicking
Dolph in the head. Really? The guy’s first defense and he loses? Why do they
hate him? Either way, this match made Dolph look gutsy as hell, and very much a
fighting champion. However, from a quality stand point it just wasn’t that
great. It was literally nothing but Del Rio kicking Ziggler in the head for 13
minutes. The double turn was interesting though. 
Rio boots Ziggler in the skull for the pin at 13:49 |
**3/4  They went a different way with this one, and went big on story
telling. I’m fine with that, but save it for TV

Punk vs. Chris Jericho

trade some mat wrestling in the beginning, with neither really able to hold the
momentum. Jericho is finally the first to build a little bit, but it’s cut
short with a neckbreaker from Punk. CM has an awesome moment when he whips
Jericho into the turnbuckle and delivers the running knee where he stays with
the opponent, then bulldogs him. Well, after delivering the knee, he looks to
Cole and says “vintage Punk!” The bulldog is stopped short by Jericho,
however. They trade submissions in a pretty sweet spot, followed by a few
finishers. Jericho hits a super Codebreaker when Punk does his clothesline from
the top-rope. I love stuff like that. An awesome finish soon comes afterward
when Punk hits a GTS on Jericho, causing him to stagger into the corner then
back out, where Punk grabs him for another GTS and the pin. Needless to say,
these guys went out and killed it again. It wasn’t as great as WM, or Extreme
Rules, but they completely brought the goods, without having to repeat any of
their other matches. Great stuff. 
hits Jericho with the GTS for the pin at 21:21 |
****1/4 This match is fantastic, definitely worth obtaining the PPV for.

Reigns & Seth Rollins [C] vs. Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan – WWE Tag Team

too bad D-Bry is saying ‘yes’ again, because this tag-team could have been
called RKNo. D-Bry and Reigns are in first, with Orton eventually tagging in.
An awesome moment soon comes when Orton attempts to put Reigns in the second
rope DDT, but then just throws him to the side like so much trash in order to
grab Rollins and give him the DDT. For the second time tonight, the crowd has a
booming chant for RVD. The Shield cuts the ring in half, keeping Randy on their
side for quite a while until Bryan is tagged in, and he does massive damage
with drop-kicks so big he almost leaps over the top rope. The finish sees D-Bry
eating a spear because of Orton, and then getting hit with…not sure what to
call it. It’s set up like a Fameasser, except Rollins runs at you, jumps and
steps on your head, then drives it down. Pretty interesting. As for the match,
it delivered. The Shield was dominant, and looked like tag champions should.
There wasn’t a slow moment, and serves as another bright spot on the PPV. 
pins D-Bry after a Stepmaster at 12:10 |
*** A solid match that did great things for all parties involved

vs. John Cena [C] – 3 Stages of Hell for the WWE Championship

has “Unlimited Energy” written on the straps of his singlet. How is
that supposed to scare or intimidate anyone? I don’t think anyone has ever been
afraid of a cup of coffee. Ryaback controls a good portion of the beginning,
keeping Cena down with his usual power offense. The first stand-out moment of
the match is when Ryback is thrown outside and causes a brawl between all 30
wrestlers. Cena then climbs to the top of the rope and jumps into the fray.
Back in, Cena goes for the STFU, but Ryback reveres it into the Shellshock for
the pin. I would have thought they wouldn’t be smart enough to have a guy
they’re trying to build actually pin the champ, but they were. Ryback brings in
a table, then both try to put one another through it to no avail, it’s finally
destroyed when Ryback throws steel stairs right through it as he was aiming for
Cena. Another one is destroyed the same way. I miss blood. This match needs
Cena gushing, and Ryback reveling in it, painting himself with it. Ryback is
finally driven through the table with the FU. He answers back by powerbombing
Cena through the announcers table, then dragging him to the ambulance where
they tear it apart in ridiculous but entertaining fashion. They battle to the
top where Cena delivers an FU that drives Ryback through the roof of the
ambulance, which is pretty sweet. Overall, not a bad match whatsoever. Ryback
looked very strong, even getting a clean pin on Cena. The tables and ambulance
match were more fitting to Ryback’s abilities and the more entertaining portion
of the 3 stages. A perfectly acceptable ending to a PPV that’s been stellar.
delivers an FU that puts Ryback through the ambulance roof for the win at 24:38
| ***1/4  A worthwhile main event that works in context of the PPV, but
nothing really worth hunting down alone

For a PPV that no one thought would be worth much, if anything, they
really came through. We got a fantastic opener, one of the best women’s matches
I’ve ever seen, another classic from Punk and Jericho, and an entertaining main
event. This is one that’s definitely worth checking out, and probably the
biggest surprise of the year.

As always, thanks to my editor, Steven Ferrari. He and I met while we were both training in the League of Shadows. However, we left because we both felt we could serve justice better by writing about wrestling & editing. 
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The Only Review of Slammiversary XI That You’ll Ever Need

Before we get started, I’d just like to state how stupid the name ‘Slammiversary’ is.

Chris Sabin vs. Suicide vs.
Kenny King [C] – X Division Championship – Ultimate X Match

tells us this is the 30th Ultimate X match in TNA’s history. Outside of that
fact, it’s a pretty standard X-Division Match, to be honest. It’s fast, as
usual, but it feels like a match that’s happening for the sake of happening more
than any of these men desperately wanting the title. Once the match gets going,
there’ are some great spots that are as crisp as they get, my favorite being
Kenny King leaping across more than half the ring to deliver a Blockbuster on
Sabin just as he was about to powerbomb Suicide. Match ends as Sabin and King
are fighting it out in the middle of the ropes, and King drops, allowing Sabin
to grab the title, marking his first reign since 2007. It’s a perfectly fine
opener, but it won’t be making any MOTY lists. 
grabs the X-Division Title at 15:25 |
*** Fine way to open a PPV, but nothing spectacular

comes out, because this PPV had been running a bit long without an appearance
from him. He honestly takes Chris’ moment and makes it about him. Anderson,
Brisco and Bischoff come out to confront Hogan. He goes on a tear, calling them
3 pussies in leather, and says Bischoff is a bitch, and so is his father. This
sets up the following match;

Brisco, Bischoff vs. Magnus, Joe, and Hardy

I see
that the one thing you have to do when you join Aces is dye your hair. It’s all
Nash has ever wanted in life. Magnus and Joe are still crisp as ever as a tag team,
helping to keep the momentum on their team’s side for the first few minutes.
Anderson breaks that stride, as he, Bischoff and Brisco tag in and out, each
taking their turn on Magnus, keeping him on their side of the ring. The last
few minutes of this match really make it, with near-falls and quick action from
all six-men. Of course, my complaint about it is the same that’s been about
most things involving Aces, they’re never booked strong. I don’t think of
dominance when I think of Aces. I feel like they can’t compete with TNA,
because they’re constantly getting beat. Match ends when Jeff Hardy hits a
Swanton on Brisco. Wasn’t terrible by any means, but should have been left for
eats the pin after eating the Swanton at 10:08 |
**1/2 Not a show stealer by any means, but helps the PPV move along at a fine

Knox & D-Von beat the hell out of Joseph Park. 

Bradley vs. Sam Shaw

Why on
Earth this was on PPV is beyond me. I have strong reason to suspect that Sam
Shaw is getting a chance with TNA because of the oldest adage in wrestling:
Nepotism. This is a whole lotta nothing, and Bradley wins with what he calls
The Boomstick, which is nothing more than Clothesline From Hell. I mean, it’s
literally the exact same move. I also feel like he should call himself Jack
wins with the Boomstick at 4:57 |
* The best thing I can say is thankfully it’s quick

Dudley [C] vs. Joseph Park – TV Championship

doesn’t show up, Abyss does. I don’t understand why they put Taz into Aces,
because he’s exactly the same goof, except he talks about Aces being super
sweet. This match isn’t much, as D-Von controls the entire thing, except for
Abyss hitting a chokeslam and Black Hole Slam. So far this PPV is decent, but
nothing worth people paying money for. 
hits the Black Hole Slam, pinning D-Von & winning the TV Title at 4:50 |
*1/2  Nothing wrong with it technically, but it was short, one-sided, and

comes out to announce that Kurt Angle is next to be inducted in TNA’s HOF. His
joining TNA was a huge moment, and really surprised the hell out of everyone.
People often talk about his series with Joe as well as AJ, but he’s also had
damn near 5 star matches against Sting at BFG, and Anderson at Lockdown. If you
haven’t seen either one of those, check ’em out, great stuff. 

Influence vs. Roode & Aries vs. Gun-Storm vs. The Stereotypes – TNA
Tag-Team Championship

don’t get it. Is there some sort of new, unspoken rule in wrestling that all
returning people that come back as babyface must have a beard? Hernandez is
everything that’s wrong with pro-wrestling. He’ll always have a job because of
his genetics. It doesn’t matter that he’s talentless, or that he has the
charisma of a young David Sammartino. I mean, the guy is so versatile and
entertaining that he’s been in THREE different tag-teams that were all exactly
the same thing. I will definitely say this about TNA, they’ve really got the
market on fantastic tag-team wrestling. Plenty of crisp goings-on here. Great
double maneuvers from the likes of Bad Influence, and even Hernandez & Guerrero.
They’re also the first two teams out, as BI is DQed thanks to Daniels being
caught using the title on Guerrero, and AA pinning Guerrero immediately
afterward. Gunner and Storm have perhaps the sickest double-team move I’ve ever
seen, as Gunner catapults AA right into a DDT from James Storm. Incredible
move. Soon after, A Double gets hit with a Superkick, and then taps out to the
Gun-Rack. Ah Gun Rack? Gunner doesn’t even own AH gun, let alone enough guns to
necessitate an entire rack. I wish they would have gone with some heel champs
here, as James Storm is about as played out in the babyface realm as Cena.
Either way, this was a great match, and one of the better tag-bouts of the
A Double
taps out to the Gun-Rack at 16:43 |
***1/2  I’d say track it down, because you don’t see a lot of 8-man tag
matches that deliver. 

Kim vs. Taryn – Last Knockout Standing

actually looking forward to this. One of these days, these two could form a
tag-team known as The Hip & Assless Connection. Thankfully, Taryn shows
she’s more Gail than Velvet in the ring. They earn themselves a “holy
shit” chant when Taryn goes for a Steamboat-esque top-rope cross-body that
connects, except Gail is holding a chair against her chest. Kim later sets a
chair up between the turnbuckles, but ends up flying into it head first a few
minutes later. She’s really bumping like crazy to get this match over. Case in
point, after doing some battle on the ramp, Taryn grabs Gail and hits her with
a running RKO off the ramp to the ground. Hell of a bump. Gail can’t answer the
10 count. Honestly, this is one of the best women’s matches I’ve ever seen.
They really got physical out there and bumped like hell. Gail proves she’s
easily the best female wrestler by a country mile as far as the big two are
concerned. Taryn also showed that she can hang, and could actually become quite
good on her own. 
answers the 10 count before Gail, winning the match at 10:21 |
***1/2  You definitely need to look for this one, fantastic match

Angle vs. AJ Styles

just like to say that anytime AJ isn’t doing the “Ready to fly! I’m a good
guy!” type babyface, I find him 1000x more interesting. He works Kurt’s
injured knee, the highlight being him flying over half way across the ring to
drop kick the injury. Later, Kurt has an equally great moment as AJ rears back
to kick his knee, Kurt explodes from the ground with a clothesline that turns
AJ inside out. He keeps trying to flip the momentum, but AJ has his number
right when things look its brightest. Another great moment comes when AJ is
about to hit a moonsault, but Angle runs up the turnbuckle, and delivers a German
suplex to AJ, who back flips out of it, lands on his feet, then charges Kurt
who catches him with a bell to belly suplex into the turnbuckle, fucking
fantastic. After that, they have some great ending sequences until it comes
down to Angle catching AJ with a double-leg pin. It’s no surprise that these
guys went out and tore the house down again. However, AJ losing makes no sense.
He’s supposed to be the guy who finally gets rid of Aces, yet here he is
losing. Although he did have Angle’s number the entire match. Absolutely
fantastic match that I feel is second to their Last Man Standing from a few
years ago. They really ramped up the intensity with some fantastic sequences
and great false finishes. If AJ has to lose, at least it was in a fluke sense. 
pins AJ with a double-leg take down at 19:45 |
****1/4  Definitely worth tracking down. Anytime these guys wrestle it’s
worth the price of admission alone

cuts an awesome promo where he says he’s not gonna rip Sting’s arm off, tear
his throat out, gouge out his eyes, or break his legs. He’s gonna defeat him
with the piledriver. A move no wrestler tries anymore. It’s brilliant that he’s
putting the piledriver over like that, because it really is a dangerous and
taboo move these days. 

vs. Bully Ray [C] – No Holds Barred – TNA Heavyweight Championship

explodes on Bully right from the beginning, holding the momentum until he tries
a running splash outside and Bully answers back with a clothesline, turning the
tides right then and there. They trade beatings with a steel chair until it’s mangled.
Bully hits a piledriver as promised, but Stinger kicks out, prompting Bully Ray
to set up a table and powerbomb him through it. It only gets a two. Bully then
starts tearing up the ring, exposing the planks beneath it. Another piledriver
on top of the exposed wood gets 2 and a half. Pretty inventive, I’ll give them
that. Stinger hits a Death Drop on the planks, and had this been 1997, I would
have declared Bully Ray DEAD. DEAD. Aces show up to make the save, and after
fighting them off, he returns to Bully. An off the top rope clothesline blows
up in his face as Bully catches him with a hammer shot on the way down, earning
the three. This was a decent match, and exactly what his match against Hogan in
1997 should have been. It really started to have the big fight feel, with Sting
trying to bring down the house of the Aces, only for it not to be. I would have
liked some blood, and a little bit of variety with the weapons, but they did
just fine and delivered a worthwhile main event. 
Ray hits Sting with a hammer for the pin at 17:23 |
***1/4 It won’t be talked about for ages, but it’s definitely a satisfying
conclusion to a solid PPV

Slammiversary once again comes through for TNA as a fantastic PPV.
The few matches that weren’t much to speak of were kept short and sweet, and
those that delivered did so well and good. The whole PPV was built on variety,
with no two matches ending up the same. This gets the highest of
recommendations from me, as it’s one of the best shows of the year so far, and
one that everyone should check out.

As always, infinite amount of respect to my editor, Steven Ferrari. He and I met when I found out I had a long-lost half brother, which turned out to be him. He owned a car company, he let me design one [all horns played LaCoocaRacha], I ended up ruining his company, so he became an editor. I think it all worked out 
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The Only Review of Iron Man 3 That You’ll Ever Need

Worry not, it’s spoiler free.

For the most part, unless I’m insanely passionate about a film, or really have a lot to say, I make my film reviews rather brief. Whenever I read other reviews of films, I just want the gist. So that’s what I’m going to bring to you. It’s just a warning, for all of those that will shake their fists in rage because I didn’t go over the cinematography, or the subtext of America’s effects on other countries.

If the Iron Man films had subtitles, than this one would be Iron Man 3: I Am Tony Stark. The whole movie is more about the man, than any of the other 2, including Avengers. This film focuses a lot more on the person inside the suit, and questions whether it makes him, or he makes it. I’m fine with that, because I dig Tony Stark, and I like seeing him in action. I think few people will walk away disappointed because there isn’t a lot of Iron Maning going on. However, it’s interesting to see Tony deal with problems & situations without the help of being practically invincible with grandiose weapons.

The plot, well, I won’t go into detail. Let’s just say I felt they sort of rehashed a previous one. I’ll also say this, there’s something I expected, something I wanted, something I was really looking forward to and did not get at all. Not in the slightest. I think that’s going to piss a lot of people off. I know I felt slighted. I found the main villain to be boring, without any depth or character, and not nearly as interesting, or charismatic as the previous films choice of bad-guy. Especially 2, which happens to be my favorite.

If you like 3D, then this will be the film for you. The effects are fantastic, and the action scenes are easily the most grand since Avengers, and go far and above any of the previous Iron Man films. The last 3rd of the film is worth the price of admission alone.

So, in the end, Iron Man 3 is a good film, but not as great as those that came before it. I will say it’s definitely head & shoulders above all of Marvel’s other trilogy end-caps. Even though I did dig Spider-Man 3.

**** out of 5

– Caliber Winfield
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The Only Review of WrestleMania 29 That You’ll Ever Need

Alert the villagers. Grab your pitchforks and torches and head to Castle Winfieldenstein. Because I am LOVING this show. 

By popular demand, my review of WrestleMania 29.

Randy Orton, Sheamus, Big Show vs. The Shield
Cole reminds
us of Orton’s WM moment when he won (retained) the title at 24. The
match starts off with Sheamus and Orton handling the Shield without Big
Show’s involvement. That all changes when he tags himself in. He’s able
to handle them until Ambrose takes him out with a dropkick to the knee.
Afterwards, Show gets the hell beat out of him equally from each member.
We see Randy and Sheamus standing in the corner, and I imagine their
conversation is something like, “So, you mean to tell me you NEVER tan?
EVER?” “Nope, no tannin’, fella” “You just mean no tanning beds, right?
You’re still open to self-tanner, right? I have a great brand! It’s
supposed to be used as a deck stainer, but it gives me an awesome glow.”
Eventually, Sheamus gets in and turns the tide with some forearm clubs
and rolling sentons. They turn it back and are about to deliver a triple
powerbomb until Big Show saves with a triple spear. Randy tags himself
in for a bout of show-boating that only earns him a spear, losing the
match for his team. All in all, not an opener forged from the fires of
hell, but perfectly suitable. The Shield was more than capable of
holding their own, and didn’t win as a result of any fluke. 
Randy eats a spear from Reigns, and a pin from Ambrose at 10:35 | ***

Big Show is
displeased with the outcome and knocks out Sheamus and Orton. Which is
great, because their whole “Man! We’re smilin’ good guys here to stomp
the baddies!” deal was lame sauce. I imagine in the back Sheamus at some
point said “Nah, Orton. Put MORE Vaseline on your teeth, fella! See
this grin? It’s 80 percent petroleum!”

The video for Cena vs Rock is rather good, and does a far better job of promoting the match than the TV leading up to it.

Mark Henry vs. RybackThey
mention the Bench Press Competition beforehand, and if Henry really
repped out 225 for 53 reps, then that doesn’t speak so much for his
strength, but his body’s
ability to not produce lactic acid. The only reason I’m glad Ryback is
around is because Maffew is using a clip from Under Siege 2 in his
videos. See, Segal’s character in the Under Siege series is named Casey
Ryback. He’s a Navy soldier, as well as a cook. One thing you need to
know, nobody beats him in the kitchen. The punch/clothesline exchange
clearly has the crowd behind Henry. After a small bit of offense, Henry
controls the entire match with clotheslines, head-butts, slams, and the
ultimate crowd pleaser, a bear hug. Seriously, Ryback got in maybe six
moves total. He goes for the Shellshock, but Henry grabs the ropes,
causing Ryback to fall forward, with Mark crushing him. Finish was odd,
but the crowd sure popped when he got him up for the Shellshock. Please,
put Henry in a main event feud, he’s a fantastic monster.
Henry crushes Ryback’s skull for the pin at 8:03 | *1/2

Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston vs. Team Hell NoAJ
doesn’t work whatsoever in the roll of Ziggler’s manager. I’m sure that
I’m in the minority here, but I miss Vickie. I think they really should
have done the Kiss of Death deal again, it would have made this match a
hell of a lot more memorable. Biggie’s move is just begging to be
reversed into the Tombstone. He’s doing the brunt of the damage, while
Dolph comes in to pick at the scraps. He eventually tries to use the
briefcase, only to catch a chokeslam and flying headbutt for his
troubles. Nothing to complain about, nothing worth getting tattooed
A chokeslam & flying head-butt put Ziggler down at 7:29 | **1/4

elaborate entrance for Fandango. I tell you, I was sick of the whole
“Fandangoing” thing the Tuesday after Raw when I saw my Facebook feed
and there were about 500 Fandango memes. Memes are not funny. EVER.

Fandango vs. Chris JerichoIt’s
nice to see Jericho in babyface mode. King lets us know we can get a WM
chair for $80, if we buy $30 worth of WWE stuff from K-Mart. Sounds
like a fair deal. MORE than a fair deal. I still don’t get Fandango’s
character. He’s a dancer? Is he trying to get on “Dancing With The
Stars” and using the WWE as a platform ala Double J?  I’ve been
wondering why Jericho is so much smaller than his earlier days, and I
recently saw an interview where he says he no longer hits the gym, and
instead does DDP Yoga. I prefer the bigger Jericho, but I hear that DDP
Yoga is some top notch stuff. As for the match, Jericho controls for a
while until he attempts his 2nd-rope-leap-to-the-outside and Fandango
counters with a simple, yet under-stated kick to the face. What the fuck
is with these stupid twitter tickers? Did Vince just recently see VH1’s
retrospective documentary on the TRL Years and decide to implement some
of the hip-kid stuff from 13 years ago? Fandango has a great set-up
move where he dips his opponent, then snaps back with a reverse Russian
leg-sweep. He needs to ditch the top rope leg-drop though, that’s just
gonna do bad for him after a few years. The match is good stuff.
Fandango is clearly out-matched, yet he finds moments to use his younger
age and agility to get one over on Jericho, and in the end had the
right move at the right moment. Fandango won without it looking like a
fluke, and I think it definitely sets things up for a rematch. 
Jericho is rolled up for the pin at 9:33 | ***

We get an
introduction of WrestleMania clips set to one of the themes from Rocky,
to introduce us to a man who is the living embodiment of professional
wrestling and the very name WrestleMania: Puff Daddy.

the video package for the Swagger/Alberto feud has it looking rather
well done. I know that isn’t the case, but their video team could sell
someone coming out on top of a Triple H feud to Triple H himself.

Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio [C] – World Heavyweight Championship
I love that
Lilian makes sure to mention that Swagger is a “real American”. Yeah,
when you’re rockin’ a Stars & Stripes six-string, then we’ll talk,
bucko. Once the match starts, neither are able to hold momentum for
long. It’s always nice when matches stray from the “bad guy beats good
guy till good guy makes comeback” formula. Great moment when Swagger is
sitting on the second rope and Alberto snaps off a Backstabber. Swagger
soon has a great moment of his own when he reverses the
cross-arm-breaker into the Patriot Lock. Soon afterward, Swagger taps to
the CAB in a match that should have been a lot better. There wasn’t
anything wrong with it, but it honestly needed about 5-10 more minutes,
with a great finishing sequence. 
Swagger taps at 10:30 | ***

CM Punk vs. The Undertaker
No Body
Glove? Bummer. Punk checking Paul’s watch is just as brilliant as his
no-sell of Taker’s entrance. Right off the bat the match is different,
with CM Punk being so defiant. I love that ‘Taker couldn’t do the Old
School, only to have Punk execute it, absolutely brilliant, as we’ve
honestly never seen that. So far, this match is such a fresh breath of
air after the ones we’ve seen since WM25. It’s crisp as all get out.
Heyman deserves a ton of credit as well. Punk goes for a cover, get’s
two, to which Heyman screams “A second away, you were just a second
away!” Punk gets a cover of 2 and a half, to which Heyman then yells
“Half a second away! You’re getting closer and closer!”. Finally, Punk
tries Old School for a second time, only to get crotched on the ropes
and sent to the outside with a punch from ‘Taker.  Once he hits the
ground, Heyman says “What happened? What happe-…oh no, get up! I know
what he’s doing! GET UP!” as ‘Taker gets ready for the Wrestlemania
leap. Heyman of course blocks it, allowing Punk to get his momentum
back. Such a great fucking match so far. Hell of an elbow for Punk, as
‘Taker laid prone on the announcers table, which did not collapse upon
impact. I wonder if a move like that hurts worse when the table doesn’t
collapse. Soon after, Punk has The Undertaker in the Vice, and just when
you think he’s out The Undertaker does the zombie sit-up, creating one
of the better WM moments. Not long after, he eventually catches Punk
with a Tombstone, and I had a mark-out moment when Punk beat the 3
count. I thought the match was over. But thankfully, it keeps going, and
that’s when I know a match is going to become one of my favorites,
because I don’t want it to end. Eventually it does, with a GTS reversed
into a Tombstone. This match was so fresh and so completely original.
After seeing the same thing for 4 WM’s in a row, this is exactly what
the Streak Match needed. I really can’t say enough about this.
Seriously, that was hands down the best I’ve seen from Undertaker at WM.
This must be how people felt when they saw Shawn/Taker 1 from WM25.
Punk takes the Tombstone & pin at 22:08 | *****

Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H – No Holds BarredI’ll
give it to Triple H for withstanding dry-ice burns. He wasn’t
even selling it during his entrance. Wow, the crowd really is dead for
this thing. It sounds like an empty arena match. The promo video
didn’t really have me that excited for it. I mean, Triple H needed a
reason, and Lesnar’s attack on Vince was it? The same guy whose head
Triple H broke a sledge hammer over? Awesome moment where
Brock throws Hunter through a table and then roars. I honestly think if
he roared like that in public he’d be arrested for assault. The King
tries to cover for the fact this crowd doesn’t give a shit by saying
“a hush has fallen over the crowd”. You, good sir, are a liar. The
match so far isn’t bad. Lesnar is beating the hell out of Triple H, with
the momentum finally changing when Lesnar F5s the homeless guy that
Triple H had at ring side. The distraction was enough for Hunter to
execute a Pedigree that Lesnar botched. Soon after though,, Brock is
back up with the power on his side. Eventually he misses a charge and
crashes into the ring-post. From this point, Triple H works the
shoulder, and eventually clocks Lesnar with the sledgehammer and finally
a Pedigree on the steel chairs. Honestly, not nearly as bad a match as
people were saying. If the crowd were alive, and it wasn’t Triple H out
there, this would have received a lot more praise. I thought it was
brutal, with a fine pace and no down time. A better match than the one
at SummerSlam. I wanted a fight, and I got one.
Lesnar takes a Pedigree on the steel stairs and eats the pin at 23:57 | ***3/4

John Cena vs. The Rock [C] – WWE ChampionshipThe
match has barely started and The Rock needs a rest spot. Wow, soon
after both guys are laying down, and the crowd is so dead I literally
had to check my TV to see if I’d hit mute by accident. Cole says that
John needs to win this match to turn the year of 2013 into Cena’s year.
Well, let’s hope so. John hasn’t had a stellar year yet in his career. I
mean, he’s still yet to defeat a planet or a Norse God. Nice little
exchange of reversals, which ends with The Rock applying the Polite
Suggestion. However, he doesn’t even have it on long enough for anyone
to laugh. Great moment where the People’s Elbow is turned into the STFU.
Honestly at one point they’ve traded like 30 finishers a piece. They
really could have earned themselves a quarter of a star with an awesome
finish, but they didn’t commit. Cena goes for the People’s Elbow, like
the previous year, but holds off at the ropes and as The Rock jumps up,
Cena grabs him and tries to turn it into the FU, but Rock counters into a
Rock Bottom. Instead, Cena just pulls an FU out of nowhere for the pin.
We haven’t seen the finisher after finisher type of match in quite a
while, and if there’s a place to do it, it’s here. The Rock knew how bad Cena wanted, and tried to use the big-guns as often as possible. Cena was playing the same card, as he’d been down this road before and knew that what he delivered last year wasn’t enough. Both knew they had to up the damage. Overall, good stuff,
it felt epic, just as it should. It wasn’t as great as last year’s
match, but not nearly as bad as people were making it out to be. 
Cena hits Rock with the FU for the pin at 24:01 | ****

I actually heard someone say that this WM should be placed
among ones like 9, 11, and 4. That’s an extreme load of bullshit. Most
people were DYING to give this show low marks, and it would have taken
each match to be on the level of MiTB 2011 for them to even think about
admitting they were wrong. Although predictable, the matches still
delivered, and we even got ourselves a classic with Punk vs. Taker.
People need to quit being such cynical babies and drop the whole “I hate
this product or service because hating things is cool” act. Hell,
seeing The Rock not only lose, but lose the title was worth the price of
admission alone. This WM belongs among some of the all-time best, and I
think in a few years people will start to give it the appreciation it
deserves. It made Thriller, man. Thriller.

Much appreciation to my editor, Steven Ferrari. He and I met one night at a club I often attended. At the time I was the biggest producer & director of adult films, and he was nothing more than a bus boy. Soon he became the number one star, of course, until that damn Thomas Jane had to show up.

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of other goods.
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The Only Review of WrestleMania 26 That You’ll Ever Need

Before we begin, allow me to apologize. Sometimes I get a little wild, a little crazy, and I forget how dangerous assigning a certain number of asterisks to a wrestling match can be. I know some of you have friends, families, and careers. Even with this knowledge, I went and, WITHOUT SAFETY, declared that WrestleMania 25 was great. Looking back, how dare I. I know how deeply it affected some of you. Sending shock-waves all through out the World, and basically ruining lives. Some may say “why get so worked up over the rating of a wrestling match?”, but c’mon, they just don’t know. This is serious stuff. This is reviewing pro-wrestling!

& John Morrison vs. ShowMiz – WWE Unified Tag-Team Championship

This match went a whole three minutes and 25 seconds. Easy
paycheck for all involved. There honestly isn’t much for me to say, really.
Morrison eats the WMD from Big Show, and is pinned at 3:25 | *
Ted DiBiase vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton

He headlined the previous WM, now he’s the second match on the
card. Greatest WM fall from grace?
The match starts off as a handicap match, with Rhodes and
DiBiase working over Orton. Eventually each man’s greed for the pinfall causes
them to start brawling while Randy gets his second wind. Crowd pops big for the double
2nd-rope DDT. Soon after, Rhodes catches a punt to the face, while DiBiase
sneaks up from behind Orton to slap on The Million Dollar Dream. Yeah, after
watching Orton for 6 years up until that point, the one thing I’d learn is, if
you’re gonna attack Randy, going from behind is your best bet. It’s decent, but
if this had been an actual triple threat, they could have really had something.

DiBiase gets hit with the RKO and pinned at 9:02 | **1/4

Jack Swagger vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Drew
McIntyre vs. Christian vs. MVP vs. Matt Hardy vs. Evan Bourne vs. Kane vs. Kofi
Kingston – Money In The Bank

Great set up as Swagger is under a ladder, then Christian and
Matt Hardy each take a ladder and crush him between the two that they fed
between the rungs. The ladders are then set up as a scaffold between the main
ladder and ropes. Sweet moments on this contraption are everything from Evan’s
Air Bourne, to Matt Hardy being flipped from one side to the other, land back
first on the horizontal ladder. Soon after, a ladder breaks and Kofi uses both
parts as stilts in order to reach the brief case, no such luck, but he gets
close. MiTB matches are just about impossible to screw up, and this is no
exception. Not as great as others, as I feel 10 wrestlers is too many
participants and with that all you get is spot after spot after spot, and that
can get tiresome. Even still, a WM-worthy match, despite the fact the winner
ended up being the biggest waste in the history of the match.

Swagger grabs the briefcase at 13:45 | ***1/2

Sheamus vs. Triple H

This was one of the matches I was looking forward to back in
2010 when the card was completed, and it lived up to my hopes. The story itself
was great, and shows that when you KISS, you can’t lose. The match itself was
hard-hitting and left you wanting more. Sheamus may have lost, but this match
did more for him than the entire 2 months he was WWE Champion. Sheamus went out
there and held his own against Triple H like few get to. Triple H had to work
for this victory, which does a lot more for Sheamus than John Cena tripping
into a table. Sadly, something the E refuses to realize; the belt doesn’t make
the man. It’s a shame the feud only had one other match, because these two mesh
well, and I was looking forward to more knock-down drag-outs. A great match
that deserved to be higher-up on the card.

Sheamus eats a Pedigree, giving Triple H the win at 12:09 |

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

Top heel in the company out there with one of the best of all
time and they get a cool 6 minutes! Their match at Over The Limit needs to be
seen to be believed, a 5-star match as far as I’m concerned, with Punk showing
just how great he is, and showing exactly what should have gone down here at
26; which would have cemented it in the minds of everyone as the greatest WM
ever. Honestly though, what we get is no slouch. It’s fast paced, and packed
with some of the best wrestling you were gonna see that year. Two of my
favorite moments: Punk turning a Moonsault from Mysterio into an attempted GTS;
and Mysterio turning a GTS into a hurricarana. If it had only got about 7-8
more minutes, we’d have a sure fire classic on our hands. But it’s OK, they
gave it to us at Extreme Rules & Over The Limit. 
Mysterio hits the 619 on Punk & gets the pin at 6:30 | ***1/4

Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon

The video showing the build-up really showcases the fact that
Vince is one of the greatest heels of all time. Match starts with Vince saying
he has the entire Hart family on his side, which Bret promptly turns on him and
says it was all a ruse. Bret then literally beats the hell out of Vince with a
crowbar and a chair for about 10 minutes before slapping the Sharpshooter on
him. Honestly, this match is terrible. I had no idea going into it that Bret
couldn’t take a single bump, and was rather let down that there wasn’t anything
resembling a match. However, I understand, so they should have simply made this
match about 5 minutes, and given the extra time to Punk and Mysterio. In the end
though, we got to see Bret Hart stomp Vince’s balls, and beat him half to
death, so that’s worth at least something. 
Vince taps-out to the Sharpshooter at 11:09 | *

Chris Jericho [C] vs. Edge – World Heavyweight Championship

Match starts off with Jericho holding the momentum until it gets
to a point where Edge starts doing whatever he can to turn the tide. Including
diving off the apron into Jericho, and delivering an off-the-top-rope face
plant. After all this, Jericho starts doing whatever he can to finish things;
Codebreaker, Walls of Jericho, and the Lionsault. All for naught, as Edge is
able to answer each one. Eventually, both attempt a spear, and both pull off a
counter. Brilliant moment. The match ends a bit abruptly, unfortunately. That’s
the only thing keeping me from giving it the full monty. However, there’s part
of me that wants to give it anyway for the awesome spear through the table
spot, if only that had been in the confines of the actual match. As it goes,
best of the night, and one of my all-time favorites. 
Jericho hits the Codebreaker & pins Edge at 15:48 | ****3/4

Michelle McCool, Layla, Maryse, Alicia Fox & Vickie Guerrero
vs. Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Gail Kim & Beth Phoenix
What is there to say, really? One thing that bothered me is that Vickie had her
catch phrase on her shirt, and her jacket, and still felt the need to say it. I
hate it when people just ride a horse until it’s dead, then turn it into a
zombie horse and ride that bitch too. Even though the move itself was executed
terribly, seeing her pay homage to Eddie like that was really nice. 
Vickie hits the Frog Splash on Kelly Kelly for the win at 3:26 | *

John Cena vs. Batista [C] – WWE Championship

The entrance stage for WM 26 is absolutely
ridiculous. Batista is a savage and is out to do nothing but hurt, these
intentions are displayed clearly while he does things like a running
clothesline to the back of Cena’s head, and a DDT that has John in clear pain
after trying an FU. Cena responds perfectly by refusing to break the STFU once
Batista hits the ropes, or hitting him with a top rope 5 Knuckle Shuffle. These
two just work great together. Nothing flashy, nothing detailed. Just two guys
trying to break each other’s bones. Cena proves why he’s the man as he poses
and smiles with the people in the front row who have home-made Cena Sucks

Batista taps to the STFU at 13:31 | ****1/2

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker – Streak vs. Career

The video beforehand is proof enough that this is the greatest
WM main event of all time. I’m not saying it’s the best match, but as far as
build and importance, this is it. At no point during this match, do they ever
make you feel like it isn’t. From the get go Shawn is an absolute house of fire
and The Undertaker is doing whatever he can to put it out. The Tombstone on the
outside is fucking ridiculous, and Shawn kicking out of that says more than him
kicking out of 10 in-ring Tombstones. From that point, it just keeps
escalating, it just keeps getting better, creating the very definition of why
we love pro wrestling so much at times. The ending was fantastic. The
Undertaker wants to show Shawn mercy, and Shawn knows it’s over. He knows it.
His career, his attempt at the streak, it’s done with. So if it’s over, then
it’s fucking OVER, and demands Undertaker put the exclamation point on it.

Undertaker gives Shawn the Super Tombstone and pins him at 24:00
| *****

Showcase Showdown: I always knew 26 was a great show, but on a
second viewing it’s even better than I thought. The undercard delivered greater
than I remembered, and the main-events are no-brainers. Just about every match
had the ability to deliver a show-stealer had they been given the time, and
their build-up was main-event worthy on any PPV. 
Other than fantastic matches, the show wasn’t bogged down with rock concerts, a
bunch of dancing grandmas, or an attempt at the dumbest Guinness World Record.
If Vince is so hard up for that, can’t he just go for the longest finger nails
or something?
The color schematic and stage set up for the show was fantastic
as well. The orange and brown was something different, and gave WM26 a very
vibrant, western feel. The giant pyramid of screens at the entrance was as
decadent as a wrestling show can get and it was awesome. It can never be
topped, which we saw when WM27 went back to a more traditional setting.
In the end, the up-coming WM review is what I’ve always considered to be my favorite one, but WM26 may have earned that dubious honor. 
Much thanks to my editor, Steven Ferrari. First time we met was in a hotel lobby where we played Karate Fighter. Turns out we were both there for the Kumite. 
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Man Movie Encyclopedia Vol.1
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Roger Malcolm – This is a friend of mine. Director, writer, producer. He’s to film what Scott is to wrestling. Brilliant guy. Do check him out. 
MAILBAG: “Hey Cal. Got a question for your article if you do mailbag stuff like scott. In your review of wrestlemania 25 you said Shawn vs Taker was ****1/2 but a week before you said it was ***1/4 and got shit for it. Why the big change? Was it so people would stop flipping you crap? Because thats a big change”
I don’t know how it goes for others, but there are times when I can watch a match at different times and feel completely different about it. Take Kurt Angle vs Undertaker from NWO 2006 for example. First time I saw the match I had it pegged at **1/2. I watched it again the next day,  all of a sudden ***** to me, and now ranks in my Top 5 of all time. With Shawn vs Taker, that’s just what happened. I felt the need to give it one last go, and sure enough, I was finally digging it. I would never change an opinion because it got a lot of heat, nor would I ever say something just to get heat. Anyone doing that is pretty pathetic.

Thanks for the email, and anyone else that wants to shoot me one for the mailbag, feel free at [email protected] . If you want a direct response, just let me know in the message. Thanks.

Also, if you have a request for a review, please email it to me. Disqus has been causing my browser to crash with script errors a lot lately, so it’s rare I’m even enabling it & checking out the comments. So, if there’s something you’d like me to review, please email it so I don’t miss it.

– Caliber Winfield

The Only Review of WrestleMania 25 That You’ll Ever Need

WrestleMania coming up, I thought I’d take a look back at my favorites. We’re
starting with what I believe to be the most under-rated of them all:
WrestleMania 25. A misidentified anniversary, a Kid Rock performance and a
lackluster main event later, and this WM is completely forgotten about, with
the exception of one match. Then, when that match is brought up, it’s usually
followed with “but the rest sucked”. I’m here to state that it simply isn’t
true. Not only is WM25 far from terrible, it just so happens to be one of the
greatest WM’s ever.

CM Punk vs. Kofi Kingston vs. MVP vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Kane
vs. Mark Henry vs. Finlay vs. Christian – Money In The Bank

I can only hope that Kofi earned himself a job for life with his
performance here. He’s an absolute athletic marvel that really went all-out to
give us multiple replays. Everyone else was bringing their A-game as well, and
as a result gave us what I believe to be the best MiTB match ever. It wasn’t
just a ton of long, contrived spots. It was as hard-hitting and competitive a
match as you will likely to see. Fantastic stuff.

Punk grabs the briefcase at 14:24 | ****1/2

25 Diva
Ms. Wrestlemania Battle Royal

Yeah, this is the big blemish that most people talk about when
mentioning WM 25. We got the super extended Kid Rock concert that was a cool 10
years too late, and then a ton of returning Divas who weren’t even given an
entrance. Sure, it would have taken a lot of time to introduce 25 people, so
make the battle royal out of 10, and give some of the women who’ve actually
made good in this business a moment to shine. It’s not asking too much. At
least the Kid Rock concert isn’t on the DVD. 

“Santina” wins at 3:23 | DUD

Jericho vs. Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka, & Ricky Steamboat

Man alive. Piper is seriously lost out there looking like he
hasn’t the slightest idea of how to wrestle. Steamboat is as great here as
Piper is bad. Snuka gives us the first-ever golf-clap tap-out. It seriously
looks like he’s working 10-key, not tapping out. Thankfully, Piper is out soon
after, and we get to the real meat of the match as Jericho and Steamboat
absolutely tear the roof off the place. Sure, Ricky isn’t as smooth as he once
was, but the roughness around the edges doesn’t affect this one bit. It’s great
stuff. Mickey Rourke shows up and lays out Chris. Just think, it could have
been Nic Cage.

Jericho hits Steamboat with the Code Breaker, getting the pin at
9:52 | ***

Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy – Extreme Rules

They get right into it, breaking out the weapons. Awesome moment
when Jeff does Whisper In The Wind and Matt clubs the hell out of him mid-air
with a chair. They trade beatings back and forth for a while, using everything
from chairs, trash cans, crutches, tables and ladders. Another great moment
takes place when Matt is sandwiched between two tables, and Jeff hits the
top-rope, leaping though the stack. Back in, Jeff tries to put Matt away for
good, but misses a leg-drop from a 20-foot ladder, which leads to his eventual
loss. Again, this is another under-rated WM match-up. Sure, they didn’t go out
and deliver a 5-star classic, but they gave us a stiff brawl that had a ton of
weapons, some great spots and a hell of a finish.

Matt gives Jeff a Twist of Fate while Jeff’s head is in a chair,
then pins him at 17:19 | ****

vs. Rey Mysterio – Intercontinental Championship

I’m sure after they saw that even HBK couldn’t get a great match
out of JBL, they felt it best if his last go-round was a total squash. It also
works with JBL’s character, and was the best way for him to go, without a
doubt. Also interesting that until this point, the IC belt hadn’t been defended
at a WM since X8. It’s no wonder the belt no longer means anything. As for the
rating, I just based it on entertainment factor. It was a memorable moment, the
match was quick and JBL retired. What more could you ask for?

Mysterio hits JBL with the 619, getting the pin & the title
in 21 seconds | ****

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker

They’re so crisp in the beginning. Love Shawn being defiant and
attempting twice to submit The Undertaker in the first half of the match. The
second half is one of the finer lessons in wrestling-drama. The only real
problem I’ve ever had with Michaels was his penchant for over-acting. This time
however, he was spot on. He seemed so absolutely desperate to defeat The
Undertaker, and didn’t care what he had to do. This is literally my 8th or 9th
viewing of this match, I’ve lost count. When I first saw it, I was blown away
by how average it was. People kept talking about how it was a GOAT, so I kept
going back. Each time the match got better and better, to where I now consider
it a fantastic encounter. 

Undertaker catches Shawn mid-moonsault and turns it into a
Tombstone & pin at 30:44 | ****1/2

Edge [C] vs. John Cena vs. The Big Show – World Heavyweight

Pretty standard fare in the beginning, but things pick up once
Cena does a ridiculous top rope leg-drop to Big Show, who’s on the outside.
Later, Show is tangled up in the ropes, screaming at the ref to “get me the
hell out of here!” while Cena and Edge battle it out in front of him. Once free,
he starts doing dual damage, until it’s just him and Edge on the outside.
Eventually, Big Show ends up dazed, allowing the the Rated R Superstar to leap
off a set of steel stairs, spearing Big Show through the barrier. Awesome spot.
It’s a shame that Edge slid off Big Show’s back, because that would have been a
hell of a finish. Either way, it’s a great match, one of the most under-rated
matches in WM history.
Big Show receives an FU, followed by being the spot where Edge landed
when he received one of his own, as Cena pins him at 11:22 | ****

Triple H [C] vs. Randy Orton – WWE Championship

The video for this shows just how absolutely perfect the build-up
was. One of the greatest of all time, easy. It’s so funny seeing Triple H all
buddy buddy with Vince, considering he once broke a sledge-hammer over the
guy’s skull inside Hell in a Cell. If this was about Triple H getting revenge,
then why the hell didn’t Orton have the title? Then it would make sense for him
to win. The match here isn’t the worst ever, they just had the misfortune of
mis-booking, and having an off-night. They’ve had plenty of matches together
that were anywhere from good to great, so they’re capable of it. This was
supposed to be a blood feud, a feud where the only way things will be settled
is if someone dies. With that in mind, you need to go no-DQ, and they went the
exact opposite, with Triple H able to lose the belt on a count-out or DQ. In
the end, I think this match get’s an unfair wrap due to not delivering the
expectations built by an awesome story, and main event status at a

Orton gets the Pedigree, Triple H gets the pin at 23:38 | **3/4
Showcase Showdown: Just take a look at the numbers, not only is
this the most under-rated WM, but it’s in fact one of the best. Almost every
match is very entertaining, and what isn’t is thankfully kept under 5 minutes.
The blunder of the main event aside, you still have two others that brought the
goods, along with an undercard that built a bulletproof foundation. People
fixated on the few missteps this WM had, instead of what it got right, and
hopefully this’ll steer people towards giving it a second look. In the end, we
still have to wonder just what the hell they were thinking by calling this the
25th Anniversary of
As always, thanks to my editor, Steven Ferrari. I met him while in a rescue & tactical group known as STARS. We were both stationed in Raccoon City. Not a bag gig, until the mansion. But I’ll tell you, WHAT A MANSION.  

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The Only Review of The Streak DVD That You’ll Ever Need

The Undertaker vs. Jimmy
Snuka – WrestleMania 7 – March 24, 1991

It’s funny how tame the sets
look back then. I mean, this is WrestleMania, and the entrance is nothing more
than a black curtain with the WWF logo on top. These days they must spend
millions on the entrance sets alone. The match itself, well there’s not much to
speak of. Snuka’s clearly off the cycles. They wrestle in slow motion for about
6 minutes then screw up a spot where Taker was suppose to catch Snuka and turn
it into the Tombstone.

Undertaker hits Snuka with
the Tombstone, getting the pin at 4:20 | *1/2

The Undertaker vs. Jake “The
Snake” Roberts – WrestleMania 8 – April 5, 1992

They trade punches for a
bit, and the match doesn’t really pick up until Jake hits the first of two
DDTs. When Taker sits up from the first one, from the crowd reaction, you can
clearly hear that you’ve got a future World Champion. After the 2nd
DDT, Jake could have scored the pin, but wanted the Urn instead. Where does one
go to fence an item that controls a supernatural wrestling zombie? Anyway,
while he struggles with Paul, The Undertaker comes from behind and delivers a
Tombstone to the outside. Of course, you can see clear as day that Jake’s head
is about 6 feet from the ground. But much like a present, it’s the thought that
counts. A much better bout than the one against Snuka.
Taker hits the Tombstone outside, then rolls Jake in for the pin at 6:36 |

The Undertaker vs. Giant
Gonzalez – WrestleMania 9 – April 4, 1993

This match was set up after Taker
defeated Kamala in a set of matches and his manager, Harvey Wippleman, brought
in Gonzalez to exact revenge. Pretty cool entrance on Undertaker’s part. Bill
Alfonso is the ref, before he got a set of teeth that were apparently carved
out of rotted wood. I’ve never seen this match before, and right now I’m
considering GG to be the worst wrestler to have wrestled for the Big 2. Oh boy,
a really extended sleeper spot. This just keeps getting worse until GG gives Taker
the chloroform rag about 6 hours into the match. He’s stretchered to the back
while the crowd chants for Hogan. Yeah, like Hogan is just gonna rush out to
deal with a foreign bad guy when he uses an illegal substance on the good guy.
Gonzalez is DQ’ed for his use of a chloroform rag at 7:33 | DUD

The Undertaker vs. King Kong
Bundy – WrestleMania 11 – April 2, 1995
For those who don’t know, Al Bundy was named after KKB himself. And his
neighbors Steve & Marci Rhodes were named after The American Dream. It
wouldn’t shock me if Dusty tried to get royalties. This match was set up after
KKB interfered in Undertaker’s match against IRS at the Rumble, and they stole
the urn. For a while the focus is more about The Undertaker trying to get the
urn back on the outside. He does at first, but while back in the ring, Kama
runs down and takes it away. Afterward, Bundy and Taker put on a quality match
that could sell out a gym in any state. At one point, Taker bodyslams Bundy,
however I’m not sure if it was a body-slam, or a botched Tombstone attempt.
Either way, a flying clothesline finishes it.

Bundy gets hit with a flying
clothesline, then pinned at 6:36 | *3/4

The Undertaker vs. Diesel –
WrestleMania 12 – March 31, 1996
Funny that the babyface Nash did shit as champion, but heel Nash made
boat-loads of cash for the competition. The match is a lot better than I
expected, with plenty of fists thrown in between power moves like sidewalk
slams and big-boots. At one point The Undertaker receives two jack-knife
powerbombs, but refuses to die. Soon after, it’s the typical Undertaker
formula, but leading up to that is a pretty decent match.
Undertaker delivers the Tombstone, earning the pin at 16:46 | ***

The Undertaker vs. Sycho Sid
[C] – WrestleMania 13 – March 23, 1997 – WWE Championship

After Hall and Nash left,
Sid became my main man. So, I was pretty bummed out when I saw this PPV,
knowing that as cool as I thought Sid was, there was no way he could beat The
Undertaker. Bret shows up to dress down Shawn, who’s at commentary, then tells
The Undertaker they aren’t friends anymore. He then calls Sid a fraud, and Sid
offers a powerbomb in response. I was too young to truly appreciate the
fantastic work Bret was doing as a heel. As for the match, well, it starts off
with a long bear-hug spot and doesn’t pick up much after that. Honestly, the
best word to describe this match is slow. Very slow.
Taker with the Tombstone & the pin at 21:19 | **

The Undertaker vs. Kane –
WrestleMania 14 – March 28, 1998
One of the most anticipated matches in my history as a fan. I loved me some
Stone Cold, but Undertaker vs Kane was why we got WM14. According to Cornette,
Vince Russo wanted Undertaker to chokeslam Kane through a table 2 weeks after
Badd Blood. Now, that would have blown the wad of the angle and completely made
everything they were trying to do pointless, so I have a hard time believing it
was Russo’s idea. Unless the angle was suppose to end with Russo winning the
title and having to forfeit it because his dick was too big to wrestle

I forgot just how strong
they booked Kane in the beginning, I mean, he’s not even selling straight
right-hands from The Undertaker, and you may or may not know this, but he’s the
best pure striker in the game. It’s a decent enough match, but despite having a
million more together, they just don’t have very good chemistry.
Undertaker delivers 3 Tombstones in order to put Kane down for the pin at 16:48
| **

The Undertaker vs. Big Boss
Man – WrestleMania 15 – March 28, 1999 – Hell In A Cell
When people call this one of the worst matches of all time, it’s not hyperbole,
it really is. They bumble around and punch each other for the duration of the
match until ‘Taker has The Boss Man hung from the cage. JR says it’s symbolic.
Symbolic of what? A hanging?
Undertaker forces Boss Man to eat a Tombstone for the pin at 9:46 | DUD

The Undertaker vs. Triple H
– WrestleMania 17 – April 1, 2001 – No DQ

They dub over Taker’s
Rollin’ theme, but we’re stuck listening to Lemmy guess the lyrics to a song
he’s apparently never heard. This is God-awful.”It’s all about the Game, and
how you game, it’s all about The Game and if you can game, game…blargel
cermudgen…the game you can’t game is flip de floop claude toot ala smoore
time to game the game”.
This match is without a doubt one of the hardest hitting I’ve ever seen.
These guys go full tilt on each other to the point where I’d still stand behind
my previous statement even if there were no weapons. But of course there are,
with the highlight being Triple H pummeling The Undertaker with a chair so many
times that it’s bent to a crescent. One hell of a match, and my favorite from
Undertaker gives HHH the Last Ride into the pin at 18:57 | ****1/2

The Undertaker vs. Ric Flair
– WrestleMania 18 – March 17, 2002 – No DQ

Can anyone
think of a match with a more uneven build up and execution than this one? Soon
after it starts, Flair does the post-flip and takes a sweet boot the face,
cutting him open. Honestly, I think it’s the best boot I’ve seen Taker deliver.
Flair gets his momentum back for a moment with the help of a low-blow and a
barrage of chops, later he gets a lead-pipe, busting open the man JR keeps
calling Booger Red. The match is a real war, with Flair giving a hell of a
performance in that he refuses to die. While he gives a great performance,
Double A gives about as perfect a spinebuster as I’ve ever seen. You also have
to dig two powerbomb-botches in a row. Great match.
Undertaker hits the Tombstone and the pin at 18:47 | ****

The Undertaker vs. Big Show & A-Train – WrestleMania 19 – March 30, 2003
We find out before hand that Nathan Jones was jumped before the match, thus he
won’t be able to complete. No, it had nothing to do with his complete inability
to wrestle. He was awesome in Tony Jaa’s The Protector, though. A-Train
disrespects Undertaker by tilting the rear-view mirror on his bike. I see
perhaps the best sign ever in ‘You Are Butt.’ Considering I believe The
American Bad Ass to be the worst main eventer of all time, I’m surprised this
match isn’t completely atrocious. It was a well-done power game, with no
needless sleepers and other lame big-man spots. Good stuff.
The Undertaker hits A-Train with the Tombstone for the pin at 9:42 | **3/4

The Undertaker vs. Kane – WrestleMania 20 – March 14, 2004
I thought Paul Bearer was a nice touch, as this was seriously the fourth or fifth
time he’d come back from the dead, so you gotta do something fresh. Kane is
actually a decent actor, and is selling this really damn well. He’s almost in
tears. The match is nothing out of the ordinary. Thankfully it’s short, and it
doesn’t do any damage to any one person’s claim of WMXX being the best.
‘Taker hits the Tombstone & the pin at 6:36 | **1/2

The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton – WrestleMania 21 – April 3, 2005
Match starts off right as Orton doesn’t show much fear, instead showing his
ability to not only keep up, but go beyond The Undertaker’s speed and agility.
From that point on, Randy gets flashes of momentum, but can never really keep a
lead on Taker, continually making brash mistakes instead of taking his time,
which works perfectly here. Near the end, however, it really gets going with the
reversals and near-falls, earning this match the title of Undertaker’s most
underrated match at WM. Chokeslam reversal to RKO was brilliant.
Undertaker reverses Randy’s Tombstone into one of his own for the pin at 14:14
| ***1/2

The Undertaker vs. Mark Henry – WrestleMania 22 – April 2, 2006 – Casket Match
Our first and only Casket Match at WM. Interesting that I was dreading having
to watch this match, yet I’d actually like to see it with the current Mark
Henry. Unfortunately we have the Henry of old, and this is just a bunch of
punching, kicking, and attempts to put one another in the casket in a most
boring way.
‘Taker puts Henry in the casket at 9:26 | *

The Undertaker vs. Batista – WrestleMania 23 – April 1, 2007 – World
Heavyweight Championship
This was my favorite feud of 2007, as Taker and Batista went out there every
time in their 5 match series and delivered way beyond any expectations,
starting here at WrestleMania. Batista starts off the match with momentum in
his favor following a spear, and doesn’t let up for a minute until Taker
demands the tide turn with rights, lefts and a big-boot. They battle to the
outside, highlighted by Batista powerslamming The Undertaker through a table in
one hell of a moment. Back in, they really give people their money’s worth,
trading finishers and near-falls until the crowd is frothing at the mouth. One
hell of a match, and easily one of the best at WM.
The Undertaker hits the Tombstone and grabs the pin at 15:00 | ****1/2

The Undertaker vs. Edge – WrestleMania 24 – March 30, 2008 – World Heavyweight
As the year before saw Undertaker and Batista deliver my favorite series of
matches for 2007, 2008 saw Taker team up with Edge to do the same. Each time
these guys stepped in the ring they delivered a match in the high 4-star range,
and it all started at WrestleMania 24 for the WHC.
A fantastic match, that showcased and embodied everything that a main event is
suppose to be. Both men had each other scouted to where once Edge’s initial run
of momentum was over, neither ever got the upper-hand for long because it was
counter after counter, like both men were in each others’ heads. Although Undertaker
got his hand raised, I don’t think that there were ever any wrestlers better
than Edge was on this night.
Edge taps out to Hell’s Gate at 23:50 | ****3/4

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels – WrestleMania 25 – April 5, 2009
I’ve seen this match 6 times. Why you ask? Because I think it’s the most overrated
match of all time, and I keep watching it to see if perhaps the last time will
be the time I see what everyone is talking about. I’ve always had this pegged
at 3 stars, and wondered if perhaps the seventh time was the charm.
It’s a solid match, unfortunately I think most of the aura about this match
lies in having seen it live. This was the first time it was truly up in the
air, and they were damn original. With the multiple finisher kick-outs, the energy
would have been off the charts watching this live. However, seeing it as it is,
it just doesn’t hold up.
Taker with the moonsault reversal into the Tombstone & pin at 30:41 |

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels – WrestleMania 26 – March 28, 2010 – Streak
vs Career
As you all know, I really didn’t like last year’s bout between them. This one,
however, I loved. It was a fucking war. Shawn never showed signs of giving up,
even after a tombstone to the outside, and continued pulling all the stops,
especially with the moonsault onto Undertaker’s legs, crashing through the
table. They gave us awesome near falls, without overdoing the whole finisher
ordeal like the year before. Seeing The Undertaker want to show mercy to Shawn,
but only letting himself be pushed so far was a great storyline aspect. Awesome
Shawn eats a Jumping-Tombstone & pin at 24:00 | ****3/4

The Undertaker vs. Triple H – WrestleMania 27 – April 3, 2011 – No Holds Barred
I don’t think there’s ever been a match that people were so divided on. Peeps
either hate it, or love it. Myself, I’m on the love it side. I saw it live with
a group of friends, and I’ve never had so much fun. Sure, when Mark Henry is
taking a stab at the streak, it’s not in question, but half way through this
one, nobody was sure. Half of my group of friends was for Triple H, the other
half was for Taker. When Triple H hit the Tombstone, the place exploded, and we
all truly thought it was over. Great match
Undertaker puts Triple H in the Gates of Hell and gets the tap out at 29:25 |

The Undertaker vs. Triple H – WrestleMania 28 – April 1, 2012 – Hell in a Cell
Pretty surprised the cell’s Metallica theme is left in. JR just said that Shawn
has to remain ‘unemotional.’ I don’t think anyone has ever failed harder at
their job. Later we see one of my all time favorite moments in wrestling when
Triple H is seemingly trying to kill the Undertaker with countless chair shots.
That’s why you have a cell match, and obviously these two are the only ones who
remember that. A lot of people I was watching with thought the DX Finisher was
it. Thank God it wasn’t. Love the assault Undertaker gives Triple H after that
moment, it was great. In the end, it’s probably my least favorite of their WM
series, but it’s still a fantastic match by any other standards.
Undertaker hits the WrestleMania finish at 30:52 | ****

Showcase Showdown: If I ever watch the Undertaker wrestle at a WM again it’ll
be too soon. I don’t know what it is, because superstar sets are suppose to
feature multiple matches with the same person, but man did this set feel
repetitive. It’s probably because around WM 14 or so, everything was the same.
The entrance, the look, the spots, and the finish. Despite that though, you
can’t argue the amount of quality matches on this set, as The Undertaker’s
streak started to become something more than a win or loss record. Every year
you expected the match to be a MOTYC, and it was living up to those
expectations for a while.
At the moment, it’s unsure if The Undertaker will ever wrestle at WM again. If
that’s the case, I don’t think there will be any regrets on his side or ours.
The streak was the last title fans believed in, the last title that truly meant
something and was a draw all its own. I honestly doubt we’ll see something like
this again, despite the fact WWE will constantly try. Because that’s just it,
something like this you can’t create on purpose.
4 out of 5 Head-Butts. 

A much deserved thank you to my editor, Mr. Steven Ferrari. The only guy more respected in the field of Thuganomics than a DR.

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The Only Review Of WWE’s Top 50 Finishers DVD That You’ll Ever Need

I love releases like this.
I know some people think they’re stupid, but there are few things I dig more
than a wrestling documentary. I pop something like this on and time flies by. Having
said that, this documentary is a great one. If you read my reviews, you know
that I don’t really review the documentary, but I talk about my own personal
experiences regarding the subject. 

The Razor’s Edge. That was the first finisher I
ever fell in love with. It was my go-to when people would say wrestling was
fake. “What? Fake? No way. You COULD NOT fake The Razor’s Edge! That would
hurt!” Beyond that, one of the joys when you’re a kid and a wrestling fan
is when you and your friends or brothers try the moves on each other. I have
countless memories of us watching our tapes and pausing them to figure out how
to get the Sharpshooter right. Then, when you’d lock it in, the recipient would
scream and tap out, but you’d always hold it a bit longer just because of how
cool you felt. I’ve been put in them all, and I can say without a doubt that
the Ankle Lock hurts the most. When I first had it put on me, I ripped the door
off a cabinet as I was thrashing about. I grew up with friends who were all
athletes, including a few wrestlers. Well, as friends do, there are always a
few bouts of wrestling. One of them was ranked here in Washington in wrestling,
and was so mad that I made him tap out he got directly up and punched me in the
face. Good times. 

The King of all Finishers, for me at least, was
the Stone Cold Stunner/Diamond Cutter. I was absolutely obsessed with this move
growing up and would constantly try to put people in the move. I tell you, it’s
really not a move that’s very effective unless you catch someone off balance,
then you can dish out some pain. 

I’ve broken three beds in my life time due to
wrestling moves. The first one was due to me powerbombing my brother on it too
much. The second was because my friend told me it was OK if I gave his bed a 5
Star Frog Splash. He was pretty mad afterwards that his bed lost that fight.
The third was the result of a Macho elbow. Of course, that was a bed that
belonged to my friend and he swore up and down that it was a tank, and wouldn’t
break. Pssh. 

I do have a few beefs with the listing. First off,
where’s The Scorpion Death Drop? Back in the day, that move was DEATH. If Sting
hit someone with that, it was game over, and you could get a 30 count if you so
desired. I also thought it was stupid that his Scorpion Death Lock and
Sharpshooter were both on the list. It’s the same exact move. I was really
pissed to see the Diamond Cutter so far down the list. That move was over on its
own. There are countless YouTube videos you can find that are compilations of
all the awesome ways DDP hit the Cutter. It was always cool to see how DDP
would catch the guy this week.
Before we get to disc 2, here’s the list:50. JBL – Clothesline
49. Vader – Vader Bomb
48. Dusty Rhodes – Bionic Elbow
47. Million Dollar Man – Million Dollar Dream
46. Kerry Von Erich – Iron Claw
45. Ravishing Rick Rude – Rude Awakening
44. Lex Luger – Torture Rack
43. Dudley Boyz – 3-D
42. Bam Bam Bigelow – Moonsault
41. DDP – Diamond Cutter
40. Mankind – Mandible Claw / Socko
39. Honky Tonk Man – Shake Rattle and Roll
38. Yokozuna – Bonzai Drop
37. Flash Funk – 450 Splash
36. Sting – Scorpion Lock
35. Lita – Moonsault
34. Kevin Nash – Jack-knife
33. Jerry The King Lawler – Piledriver
32. RVD – Five-Star Frog Splash
31. Big Show – Chokeslam
30. CM Punk – GTS
29. Brock Lesnar – F-5
28. Bob Backlund – Chicken Wing
27. Batista – Batista Bomb
26. Mr. Perfect – Perfect Plex
25. Kurt Angle – Ankle Lock
24. Chris Jericho – Lion Tamer / Walls of Jericho
23. Edge – Spear
22. Iron Sheik – Camel Clutch
21. John Cena – Attitude Adjustment
20. Scott Hall – Razors Edge
19. Goldberg – Jackhammer
18. Rey Mysterio – 6-1-9
17. Road Warriors – Doomsday Device
16. Bruno Sammartino – Bearhug
15. Sgt. Slaughter – Cobra Clutch
14. Jeff Hardy – Swanton Bomb
13. Eddie Guerrero – Frog Splash
12. Macho Man Randy Savage – Elbow off Top Rope
11. Randy Orton – RKO
10. Bret Hitman Hart – Sharpshooter
9. Jimmy Superfly Snuka – Superfly Splash
8. Nature Boy Ric Flair – Figure Four Leg Lock
7. Hulk Hogan – Leg Drop
6. Shawn Michaels – Sweet Chin Music
5. Jake The Snake Roberts – DDT
4. The Rock – Rock Bottom / Peoples Elbow
3. Triple H – Pedigree
2. Undertaker – Tombstone Piledriver
1. Stone Cold Steve Austin – Stunner

 SGT Slaughter demos the Cobra Clutch. 
As a kid, I always thought it was weird that a G.I.
Joe had his move named after Cobra. I also thought the people who drew
Slaughter’s character in the World of G.I. Joe were rather generous. The
person that Slaughter is demonstrating the move on is apparently named Tony
Anthony. Or Tony Tony. As Slaughter details the move, he clearly shows
how the Clutch and The Million Dollar Dream are the exact same thing. Slaughter
of course won’t let up when the kid starts to tap. This was much better
than a match, I’ll say that much.

Rick Rude vs Jack Roberts – DDT vs. Rude Awakening
Match – Madison Square Garden – October 24, 1988

Rude does deserve his own 2-disc set. He had a
perfect gimmick. I miss the old-school MSG entrance of the face. It always
started some ways back behind the curtain. Cheryl Roberts is actually
pretty attractive, looking like Tawny Kitaen’s sister. Funny moment when Rick
Rude is in a wrist lick, we get a nice shot of his back, which looks
like all the stars in the sky because of his steroid use. Some guys get
side-effects worse than others. Later, when Rude has Roberts in a
sleeper, Jake digs his nails into Rude’s back and digs downward. I imagine Jake
was digging puss out of his fingernails for weeks. A decent match that’s
nothing extraordinary, and just about what you’d expect.
Jake hits the DDT for the pin at 13:02 | ***

Mr. Perfect [C] vs. Kerry Von Erich –
Intercontinental Championship – Dayton, OH – January 13th, 1991

I understand putting this match in here, since
they’re both on the countdown, but c’mon. Mr. Perfect is one of the best sellers
of all time. I mean, it’s almost Shawn Michaels-esque in its goofiness, but
it’s Perfect. Oh snaps! We’re about to see a Perfectplex! However, Kerry
kicks out. Earlier, he had Perfect up against the pole outside, and went for
the Tornado Punch. Perfect ducked, and Von Erich decked the post, which would
shatter the absolute shit out of his hand and hurt like hell. Then again, that
would defeat the purpose of putting somas on your cereal, wouldn’t it? We end up getting a DQ, and I’m not sure why. I
think it’s because Kerry had Perfect in the dumbest move ever, The Carrey Claw,
and Perfect pulled the ref into the both of them. Match was alright for
what it was. I still feel bad for Kerry. 
Ref calls for the DQ at 8:30 | **1/2

Bob Backlund vs. Bret Hart [C} – WWE Championship
– Superstars – July 30th, 1994

Honestly, the crazy Backlund deal is pretty
ingenious. Being that I’ve never seen a Backlund match, he’s one hell of a
wrestler. Tons of really interesting near-falls at the beginning, as
Backlund shows this won’t be easy. I’ve never really seen a match like this.
It’s probably the most technically-sound bout I’ve ever seen, it’s
fantastic. I mean, wow. If you haven’t seen it, you really need to. Especially
since Backlund was the most white bread babyface of all time. I’d like
to see the whole angle on a DVD. Really interesting match, that’s the best way
to explain it. You have to love how at the end, Backlund just snaps. I
can only imagine how crazy this was to older fans watching at the time. Since I
only started watching in 1995, I only know the crazy, head-shaved, suit-wearing
antiquated-term-using Backlund. 
Bret Hits an inside cradle for the pin at 14:27 |

Hall & Nash [C] vs. The Giant – WCW Tag-Team
Championship – Superbrawl, February 23rd, 1997

Dusty of course is already in the throes of
brilliance. Hall & Syxx are wearing shirts that say ‘Aztecas’ and Dusty
says “You see what their shirts say, ‘Alcatraz’….does that say
Alcatraz?” “No, it doesn’t” “Ah…I was just testing you!
Ya’ll was looking over there!” Man, Dusty is awesome on commentary. Man alive, it’s absolutely
night and day between Big Show of late 90s, and today. He’s doing dropkicks,
moving quickly, it’s incredible. Nice botch where The Giant is hanging on the
middle rope and Syxx does a spin kick towards his head, but misses it by a
mile. Thankfully, Tony doesn’t try and convince us of The Giant’s second,
invisible head that rests behind his first, visible head. Soon after, Nash hits
the powerbomb and it’s damn impressive looking. Luger shows up, in
street clothes and cast. He tags in to rack Nash, and win himself and The Giant
the belts. Of course, the next night on Nitro, they had to give the
belts back due to Luger not being cleared. See, this is a perfect example of
everything that did and didn’t work with the nWo. This match is fine, I enjoyed
it. There were no slow spots, the drama was there, and you were wondering if
The Giant could take both of ’em. Then at the last minute, Luger shows
up to make the save for the good-guys. But then, it’s all reversed, like
nothing happened. Once? Sure, that’s acceptable, but this is the SECOND
time in two months they pulled some BS like this. Still, for just the match,
it’s fun. 
Luger racks Nash for the win at 9:04 | ***

Mankind vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler – King of the
Ring – June 8th, 1997

It’s a shame the match-up from later, HHH vs.
Mankind isn’t on here. That’s one hell of a match. Another shame is that kids
these days just see the kindly, smiling King, because he really was a
fantastic heel in the 90s. One of the best cowardly heels ever, that’s for
sure. As for the match, this just never picked up. Lawler just beat the
hell out of Mick for the entire match before he fell to the claw. 
Mick clamps the claw on Lawler for the win at
10:28 | **

RVD vs. 2 Cold Scorpio – Living Dangerously –
March 1st, 1998

I’m still unsure if RVD calls himself that because
of how much he looks like JCVD. The crowd is being pretty merciless, giving out
“this match sucks” and “boring” chants, during the
first 10 minutes. The match starts to pick back up, as Scorpio brings an innovative
display to his offense. He does one move that I’ve never seen before. Rob is
laying in the ring, Scorp goes out, looks like he’s about to do the Eddie
ploncha, but instead does a full 360 splash after whipping himself into
the ring. Incredible. I really wish I could say that the match continued
upward, but Scorp and RVD just have no chemistry. There’s a ton of botches, a
lot of stumbling and no real flow. I’ve seen a hell of a lot worse, but
I just expected so much more. 
RVD hits a roll up at 27:10 | **3/4

Ric Flair [C] vs. DDP vs. Hulk Hogan vs. Sting w/
special guest ref Macho Man – WCW Championship – Spring Stampede – April 11th,

Geez, look at all that star power in there. This
is basically their version of the 6 man HiAC from 2000. After the match gets
going, Hogan is taken to the back because of a knee injury. I HATE stuff
like that, because isn’t that the point? Isn’t said wrestler trying to hurt another
said wrestler in order to make him submit? Moving along. Awesome moment
where Flair has Sting in a sleeper, then DDP had Flair in a sleeper, as Sting
drops down, causing a double jaw-breaker, getting Macho so excited that he does
a spinning finger-twirl. Seriously, I can’t see any reason for Macho Man to not
always be the champion of any company he was working for. For no reason at all,
he drops an elbow on Flair while he had Sting in the figure-four. No
complaints. A lot of people complained about DDP winning the match, but
I don’t see the big deal. DDP works his ass off, has great matches and feuds
with everyone, and I think he deserved it. Of course, if there was ever
a time for him, it was probably in 1997 or so, but hindsight is 20/20. In the
end though, this match was clunky, and really didn’t pick up until the
end. The Hogan thing is still a mystery. 
DDP hits Flair with the Diamond Cutter for the pin
and the title  at 17:27 | ***


Chris Jericho & The Rock vs. Stone Cold &
Kurt Angle – Smackdown – November 15th, 2001

I think it’s no surprise when I say this is a hell
of a match. Angle and Stone Cold make for a great team, as they cut the ring in
half and keep Jericho constantly in need of a tag, doing their absolute
best to keep him from getting it. Would have been nice to get a real finish out
of this, but since it was Survivor Series in a few days, Alliance vs.
WWE, that wasn’t going to happen. I will say, however, it’s one hell of an
ending. Taker comes out to prevent Angle and Stone Cold from killing
Rocky, then Angle takes out Taker, Booker shows up, Jericho gives him the
Lionsault, only for RVD to show up and deliver a 5 star to Jericho,
which then allows Kane to arrive and chokeslam RVD, as Shane flies out of nowhere
and hits Kane with a chair, giving The Big Show a chance to get into the
ring and punch said chair into Shane’s face, allowing Kurt to give Show the
Angle Slam, which distracts him long enough to have Rock give him the
Rock Bottom just before Stone Cold drops him with a Stunner. 
Match never really ends, as Stone Cold throws the
ref out and everyone runs in. About 10 minutes | ***3/4

Brock Lesnar & Eddie Guerrero vs. Bubba Ray
& RVD – Monday Night Raw – June, 3rd, 2002

Lesnar is a beast, plain and simple. He’s the type
of guy who should never be a face. Speaking of face, around the middle of the
match, Bubba aims to put a table in the ring, but Eddie baseball slides
it right into his grill. The match doesn’t go for long, but what we do get is
hard-hitting and fast, a perfectly fine addition to the set. Proof again
why Lesnar became champion so damn fast. 
Eddie hits the Frogsplash on RVD for the pin at
9:00 | ***

Chris Jericho & Christian vs. Jeff Hardy &
Shawn Michaels – No-DQ – Monday Night Raw – February 17th, 2003

As Jeff comes down to the ring, JR says he’s tried
to get into Jeff’s head, but was never successful. Dixie Carter succeeded where
Jim Ross could not. Great spot where Jeff does his rail run and Jericho catches
him mid-air and turns it into a powerslam. Soon, they handcuff Shawn to the
bottom rope and proceed to annoy me by then beating on Jeff in the ring one
at a time while the other stands on the apron. It’s no DQ, c’mon, quit bein’ a
couple of fair bears! Eventually, Shawn gets the key and unlocks himself, but
waits at the ropes for Jeff to tag him. I know it’s petty, but things
like that annoy me. Really, this was more about progressing the storyline with
Jericho and HBK at the time, it didn’t need to be on this DVD
Jeff hits the Swanton & pins Jericho at 6:20 |

Triple H, Ric Flair, and Randy Orton vs. The
Dudley Boyz & Spike – Monday Night Raw – July 14th, 2003
Spike is the first to go after an RKO. A little
later, Randy goes up for a 3D, and before he goes down he’s shaking his head no
while he screams it. I thought that was a nice touch. Hunter hits D-Von with a flag,
then places Randy on top of him for the pin. After a little while, Triple H
hits the Pedigree on Bubba, allowing Randy to get the pin once more. I’ll assume
this went down as some sort of punishment for misconduct backstage. The Dudleyz
probably brought their wives/girlfriends around, Randy made extreme sexual
advances towards them and the Dudleyz were yelled at for bringing their
wives/girlfriends backstage. An alright match, nothing special. 
Randy gets the pin after HHH hits the Pedigree on
Bubba at 11:38 | **

Trish Status [C] vs. Lita – Women’s Championship –
Monday Night Raw – December 6th, 2004

I’ve never seen this match, so I’m looking forward
to it. Pretty nasty landing for Lita when she does a suicide dive to the
outside towards Trish. She lands mostly on her face, and flips forward.
Gnarly. Is there anything hotter than heel Trish? It’s rhetorical, there isn’t.
A shame this match didn’t get another 5 minutes or so, because it’s great, and
was really picking up a good amount of steam near the end. I think some
more near-falls, and Lita really struggling to put Trish down would have helped
the match out a lot. However, what we get is still damn good stuff, and
places it as one of the best women’s matches I’ve seen. 
Lita hits the moonsault, nabbing the pin & the
title at 7:12 | ***

Randy Orton vs. HBK vs. JBL vs. Randy Orton –
Monday Night Raw – December 29th, 2008

Match gets off to a great start, especially when
it’s Jericho and HBK. Great series of moves as JBL attempts the Clothesline,
Jericho ducks it, hits the Codebreaker, goes to pin but Shawn makes the save.
Jericho puts JBL in the Walls, unknowing that Shawn got a tag, as he Superkicks
Chris right in the face and scores the pin. Randy is soon put down with Sweet
Chin Music as well. Now that Shawn and JBL are left, Bradshaw demands that
Shawn lay down for him. The angle with JBL hiring Shawn was great, it’s
just too bad that Bradshaw was God-awful in the ring, and that not even Shawn
Michaels could have a decent, non-hardcore match with him. Pretty awesome
ending with Shawn not being able to lay down for him, so he asks to be knocked
out. Again, great angle, terrible payoff. This match was fine, nothing
too spectacular, and would have probably been something great if it were on
JBL pins Shawn after the Clothesline From Hell at
18:04 | ***1/4

Undertaker [C] vs. Batista vs. Rey Mysterio vs. CM
Punk – World Heavyweight Championship – Bragging Rights – October 25th, 2009

It’s funny, every time Taker goes to slap on Hells
Gate, it’s like he doesn’t know how. Punk is like a scavenger in this match.
He’s constantly breaking up pins, and then running in to take other
people’s pin attempts, it’s great. I’ll say this, main events like this annoy
me. Well, I should say the time limits do. I understand that Taker is limited,
but there are three other guys in there who can go, so they should be allowed
to. It’s for a major title, with FOUR guys, it shouldn’t be lasting only 10
It’s an OK match, and I understand its inclusion.
Unfortunately, the match doesn’t have the awesome interview afterward where
Batista calmly says to Rey “I’m gonna rip your head off”
Undertaker hits the Tombstone on Batista at 9:55 |

Sheamus [C] vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs.
Chris Jericho vs. Edge vs. Wade Barrett – WWE Championship – Six Pack Challenge
– Night of Champions – September 9th, 2010

Jericho is eliminated first rather quickly after
an RKO. Bummer. For some reason, the entire match shuts down over this. All the
wrestlers watch him walk to the back. It literally takes about three minutes of
the match to watch Jericho walk to the back. Did I miss something? Was
there a stipulation that the first person eliminated is killed with a pair of
nail clippers or something? Edge is second to be eliminated after he receives
an AA, with Cena soon following after Barrett hits a Wasteland. Nexus comes
down to help him out, but they can’t keep him from eating an RKO followed up by
a pin. Sheamus and Orton battle it out for a minute, but Orton gets the
RKO. They don’t do a lot of matches like this because they’re hard to pull off,
but with this much talent, it wasn’t a problem. Great match
Sheamus eats an RKO, a pin, and loses his title to
Orton at 21:23 | ****

Showcase Showdown: The documentary portion is
great. I know some people don’t care about watching these sorts of list
programs, but I love the hell out of ’em. They’re great to have on while I’m
working, or going to bed. The match selection is interesting, with some awesome
choices, but also leaves you wanting more. Some choices are only put in because
it’s two guys or more from the list fighting it out. However, with gems like
Bret vs. Backlund from Superstars, and Jericho and Rock vs. Stone Cold &
Angle, I’d say this set is definitely worth it. Honestly, if you wait another
month or two, you can cop it at Walmart for a cool $10. Worth it. 4 Head-Butts
out of 5.

For those curious, here’s what’s available on the blu-ray:
Triple H & Undertaker vs. Big Show & Edge
SmackDown – 6th February, 2009

Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy & The Great Khali vs. Edge, Dolph Ziggler & Chris Jericho
Raw – 22nd June, 2009

No Disqualification, 6-Man Tag Team Match
Mr. McMahon & D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) vs. Randy Orton & Legacy (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase)
Raw – 24th August, 2009

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
Team Mysterio (Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Chris Masters, Kofi Kingston, & MVP) vs. Team Alberto (Alberto
Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, & Tyler Reks)
Survivor Series – 21st November, 2010

John Cena & Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk & R-Truth
With Special Guest Referee Bret “Hitman” Hart
Raw – 23rd May, 2011

Thanks to my editor, Steven Ferrari. There was a time once when the President was kidnapped by ninjas. So, he and I were called upon to save him. We donned our sweatshirts & tank-tops, because we’re bad dudes. 

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The Only Review Of SummerSlam 2011 That You’ll Ever Need

This request review is now brought to you with 98% less typos! Well, let’s not get crazy. 96% less.

SummerSlam 2011
Arena: Staples Center – LA, California
Attendance: 17,404
Buyrate: The event brought in 296,000 buys, which is actually 54,000 buys down from the year before.

Rey Mysterio, John Morrison & Kofi Kingston vs The Miz, R-Truth, & Alberto Del Rio
It’s a real shame that Kofi seems so complacent with his place in WWE, because he’s a real talent, and deserves to be much higher on the card. His role in this bout is no exception. The match itself I didn’t have too much faith in, however it started off great and never let up. An absolutely perfect opener, that was fast paced & action packed, with everyone hitting on point.
Mysterio hits R-Truth with the Frogsplash for the pin at 9:37 |  ***1/2

Nice moment backstage where CM Punk refuses to shake Steph’s hand because Punk knows where it’s been.

Mark Henry vs Sheamus
I never saw much of Henry’s rise before he won the strap, but the pre-match video package, coupled with the bout, shows they sure did one hell of great job of making him look dominating. Quickly snagging the upper-hand, Mark never really loses it, as he preforms one of my favorite moves from a big guy, thee ol’ “step on the guy’s chest and walk over him”. Later they do a great spot that all dominating monsters should do, or some variation, as Mark Henry picks up Sheamus and sends him crashing through the barrier. Normally I hate count-outs on PPVs, but this worked perfectly. Another great match.
Mark Henry wins by count-out at 9:28 | ***1/2

Backstage, Christian refers to Randy Orton as Cowboys & Aliens, a flop, while Christian is Harry Potter. Whether it’s Harry Potter from Troll, or Harry Potter from the film series is yet to be seen.

Cee-Lo preforms, and thankfully I get to skip it. Man, WHY do they put this crap on PPV? Do they
really think people want to see this? Do they imagine there’s someone out there high-fiving a friend because Cee-Lo is out in his Moo-Moo from the Liberace House of Crap?.

Kelly Kelly [C] vs Beth Phoenix – Divas Championship
This is during the time when Beth is wearing that ugly blue outfit. It’s a Divas match with Kelly Kelly. Cut & paste, really.
Kelly Kelly pins Beth with the roll-up, obviously at 6:33 | *

R-Truth & Jimmy Hart share wackiness in the back.

Wade Barrett vs Daniel Bryan
Bryan hits a Dragon Screw
Leg Whip, and some where in Texas, Dusty Rhodes is trying it out on his
wife. It’s flashy and all, but I really wish Bryan would stop doing that
back flip. There’s going to come a time when it doesn’t end well.  Soon
he’s building up momentum, but Wade simply halts that whole mess with a
massive black-hole slam esq
move. That’s how you make a man look dominating. Later, Wade has Bryan
sitting on the middle rope, with his chin resting on the top one. He
then grabs his head and smashes it with knees until he hits the ropes
and brings a boot to Bryan’s face, knocking him down to the floor head
first. A brutal spot that Wade really needs to make a regular. Daniel
later comes back with a vicious response as he flies off the apron to
the outside, crashing his knee into Wade’s face. This match has been
extremely hard-hitting, and continuing the streak of great matches. I
was originally pissed that Wade won, but Bryan’s doing OK, so my
senseless bitterness is forgotten. I’m sure Wade will be pleased to read
Wade hits Bryan with the Wasteland to score the pin at 11:47 |  ***1/2

Christian [C] vs Randy Orton – No Holds Barred for the World Heavyweight Title
This feud reminded me a lot of Edge vs The Undertaker, where the chemistry was off the charts as they headlined PPV after PPV. Christian & Orton just couldn’t have a bad match in 2011, and it reached it’s zenith at SummerSlam. An absolute monster, as both guys go until absolute tilt, it’s incredible. I had the match originally docked a quarter because of Orton winning, but that really shouldn’t effect the quality of the match, so I went all the way with this. What a brutal ending.
Orton hits a mid-air RKO onto the steel stairs at 27:43 | *****

CM Punk [C] vs John Cena [C] – WWE Championship w/ special guest ref HHH
The chemistry between these two is one of the all time greatest. They absolutely can’t have a bad match between one another. Fantastic sequence mid match as both Punk & Cena try to hit one another with their combo moves, but keep getting shut down by the other person just as the momentum gets going. It then switches into a back and forth between submissions, where you feel the match could end at any moment.
Later they trade attempts at the GTS and AA, with Cena winning the exchange. The air is thick with finality, only for Punk to kick out, soon besting Cena with a GTS of his own, as Cena answers back with a kick out of his own. The crowd has hardly, if ever, sat down for the entire bout. One hell of an incredible match that I personally feel trumps their MiTB bout, due to a shorter match time and better pacing.
CM Punk hits John Cena with the GTS, scoring the pin at 24:28 | ****3/4

Of course, as we all know the Summer of Punk soon became of the Fall of Triple H & Bestie Kevin Nash. Who apparently sits back stage and texts himself.

Showcase Showdown: Honestly, I never had much faith that 2002’s SummerSlam would ever be dethroned, but it clearly just happened. The entire under card never went below ***1/2 [who counts Diva matches? I don’t], as the two main-events went on to deliver dual classics. One of the greatest PPVs I’ve ever seen, easily earning the highest of recommendations. Incredible.

Hope you guys dug it. If you have any requests or mailbag questions, just ask in the comments, or send me an email.
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The Only Review of No Way Out 2012 That You’ll Ever Need

This is brought to you via a request from Jobber123. Any other requests, movie or wrestling, or pretty much whatever you’d like to see reviewed, just let me know in the comments, or email at [email protected] . I’m also up for answering questions, mailbag style if you guys would like.

Before we get started, I thought I’d list my Top 5 favorite matches, so you guys have a reference point for how I see & rate matches.

1. Mick Foley vs Randy Orton – Backlash 2004
2. Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect – SummerSlam 1991
3. CM Punk vs Jericho – Extreme Rules 2012
4. Kurt Angle vs Undertaker – NWO 2006
5. Hulk Hogan vs The Rock – WMX8

I have absolutely no idea what’s on this card, besides the triple threat, so I’m actually looking forward to it.

Sheamus [C] vs Dolph Ziggler – World Heavyweight Championship
I had my fingers crossed that it wasn’t Del Rio, so now I can look forward to this bout. Geez, Sheamus really is a smiling goof, isn’t he? A few minutes in, and the match is really working. It reminds me of Freddy vs Jason, in that Sheamus is Jason, a big monster who chooses his attacks, and when you’re hit, you’re down. Then obviously Dolph is Freddy, who’s extremely quick and agile, hitting you 10 times before you have a chance to block the first attempt. It’s great how in the beginning, Dolph could barely get a 1 count, now as the match moves along, he’s getting longer 2 counts the more he lays into Sheamus. I’d also like to give some credit to Vickie, she really is a great heel manager. This really is great so far. I haven’t seen a match where a guy truly makes himself in it in years. I’m buying Ziggler as a legit threat because of this match alone now. The crowd agrees as they chant like CRAZY for him! Now what’s gonna happen? Alberto will get the feud, then Big Show gets the strap, and THAT’S why the E is where it’s at now. This is a great match, and further proof that Ziggler is the future. However, he may end up being the future for another company.
Ziggler eats the Brouge Kick, giving Sheamus the pin at 15:10 | ****

Santino Marella vs Ricardo Rodriguez – Tuxedo Match
You know, Ricardo is actually a talent. He knows how to play the Bobby Heenan style heel better than I’ve seen anyone since, well, Bobby. I know Santino annoys others, but I think he’s damn funny. Ater Ricardo rips his pocket, Santino looks at him with disbelief and says “This is my ONLY tuxedo!” The crowd is chanting “boring”, and at first I thought they were chanting Goldberg. Which makes sense I’d think that. You think formal where, you think  Goldberg.
Santino kicks Ricardo in the face, rips off the rest of his tux at 4:25 | *

We interview CM Punk, and it’s the usual. By the way, he digs crazy chicks. I’m shocked they never had a Bunny Boiler Match with her.

Cody Rhodes vs Christian [C] – Intercontinental Championship
They do a great little chain of spots at the beginning that’s unlike most of the RVD-esq chain wrestling you’d see. Honestly it’s sort of like martial-arts choreography, with kicks, jumps, blocks & reversals. Cool stuff. For a bit, there’s nothing wrong with the match, but nothing memorable. However they really picked it up near the end, putting a sweet spot on an already fine wrestling match. Great stuff. Followed up the WHC match perfectly.
Christian hits Cody with the spear, snagging the pin at 11:30 | ***1/2

We get the unskippable ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ msg. I wonder if they had this when I was a kid if it would have kept me from leaping off the sofa onto pillows while I watched Action Zone and my parent’s were at church. Severely doubt it.

Epico & Primo vs Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd vs Primetime Players vs The Usos – Winners are #1 Contenders
Oh man, I’m really bummed now. I seriously only know about 3 of these guys, and since I already don’t favor tag-wrestling  I’m starting to feel angry towards Jobber123. We’re told that the tag-champs are out due to injury by The Big Show. Well,  I’m really salivating now. I mean, if one of these nobodies get a shot, they’ll be on to face a team that couldn’t handle themselves against one man! Tyson Kidd gets his chance, and he’s actually pretty exciting. Rosa Mendes is a bit of alright. Darren Young has a vicious finisher, wow. I have no problem admitting that this match completely won me over. Good stuff.
Darren Young hits Primo with his finisher for the win at 9:30 | **3/4

We get a recap of Brock Lesnar vs Triple H. Wow, what a feud. Will Lesnar face him in a cage? In a hardcore match? HIAC? NO! This will be done in a court room! With celebrity enforcer, the baddest man on the planet, Andy Griffith.

Triple H comes out to amp up the excitement. He takes about 3 hours to explain he wants to fight Lesnar at SummerSlam. He really should have been wearing a duster and telling us ‘queerin don’t work’ if he was going to conduct an interview like that.

Beth Phoenix vs Layla [C] – Divas Championship
Typical match. Nothing terrible though. Perfectly acceptable. High point being when she goes for the pin she totally grabs some of Beth’s boobage. Right on. I don’t have the ethics of Scott, that boobage earns a quarter star.
Layla hits Beth with a reverse stunner for the pin at 6:30 | *1/4

AJ’s been going around, kissing people and wishing them good luck. Well, it ends with her making out with Kane, which I just find odd for some reason. Does she not see his previous track record with woman? Does she want to end up a violated corpse? Or raped & forced to wed? Could be worse, New Jack could be telling stories about her. And uh, I don’t watch Smackdown or Raw, but I clearly see the fuss about AJ. She’s more than a bit of alright.

Hunico vs Sin Cara

I don’t get it. Is there some sort of bill
that was passed that said all Spanish wrestlers must be as stereotypical
as a George Lopez stand-up routine? Alberto is the only one who’s
escaped it. They say Sin Cara was at one point Mexico’s biggest
box-office draw. Normally I’d doubt this claim, but I’ve seen the $5 bin
of Spanish DVDs at Wal-Mart, and if I had a choice between Peligro Es Mi Segundo Nombre – Quatro, and Sin Cara, well….Honestly, not a bad match. Good enough filler.
Sin Cara hits a Hurracarana on Hunico for the pin at 5:48 | **


Kane vs Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk [C] – WWE Championship
I seriously don’t see the problem with running Punk vs Bryan for a year straight. Cool moment that reminds me of Joe vs AJ vs Daniels where Bryan & Punk take turns kicking Kane, as Bryan screams “Yes!” and Punk screams “No!”. I’ve still got 10 minutes left, and this may be the best triple threat I’ve ever seen. It’s so fluid, there’s never an extended period where a guy lays out side, and the other two brawl. Wow. I didn’t type much, because I was completely involved in this match. One of the most exciting title matches I’ve ever seen. When it was announced that Kane was involved, I remember being really mad, thinking he’d drag them down. But I’m more than happy to admit I was wrong. His power based offense mixed seamlessly with Punk & Bryan’s technical wrestling. Absolutely fantastic.
Punk hits the GTS on Kane for the pin at 18:18 | ****3/4

Ryback vs Delaney & Grimes
Well, I think after last night’s Survivor Series match, the Ryback Main Event Trial is over. How many fantastic matches has Punk had this year? What two were at the bottom? The ones with Ryback. But this isn’t about that. It’s what you’d expect.
Ryback rocks a double Muscle Buster for the pin at 1:31 | *

John Cena vs Big Show – Steel Cage
So far, this match is exceeding the dread I had going into it. It’s not nearly as boring as I thought it might be. Great spot where Big Show drops an elbow from the top rope. Thankfully he doesn’t hit Cena, because there’s no way he could have kicked out of it, and not even I could suspend my disbelief if he had. Laurinaitis’ suit is insane. He looks the Kool-Aid Man, if he’d given up the drink game to become a pimp or something. Big Show knocks out the ref by accident, then Cena, and as he heads to the door, Brodus Clay shows up with a chair to prevent exit. Some nice continuity. For those who don’t remember, Show had knocked out Brodus weeks earlier, giving him a concussion. All in all, a lot of people may dislike this bout, but I thought it was a pretty decent power match that I think really established Show’s dominance. I mean, Cena only won because of other people. Flat out. Nice little spot at the end where the hero Cena puts a defenseless man though a table after he was fired. I do like that he adjusted his tie after knocking him out though. That Cena, he’ll adjust your attitude & tie.
Cena wins by escaping the cage at 19:33 | **3/4

Showcase Showdown: Big recko for this show. Almost every match was great, and those that weren’t were thankfully short. Definitely belongs alongside Extreme Rules & WrestleMania as the best the WWE has to offer this year. One hell of a show that I plan on adding to my DVD collection, and that’s the highest recko I can give something.

Hope you guys dug the review. If you’re wanting some more of the Cal-Cal Man, here’s some links:
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The Only Review of nWo: The Revolution That You’ll Ever Need

Alright, before we get started let me address my absence. You see, Cracked has been really slacking as of late. So, without any proper quality articles to rip-off, I just didn’t feel right bringing you guys lackluster work. Now that they’re back on track, I feel I can deliver!
The documentary is great, but I’m a huge fan of wrestling docs & the nWo, so there isn’t more I could ask for. There’s recycled footage from The Monday Night Wars DVD, as well as Back in Black. But there’s also a good amount of fresh stuff from Dusty Rhodes, Matt Striker, Lex Luger [who looks like he hasn’t touched a weight in 10 years] Vince Russo, and quite a few others. I was very entertained, and only wished that it was longer, and included more talk about the Wolfpac era. But honestly, I guess they covered
just about as much as they needed too. Now instead of reviewing it, I thought I’d talk about my favorite moments. Before I do, I’ll mention some of the other features from the first disc. They have Hall appearing on Nitro, as well as Nash. There’s Bischoff’s reveal as a member, and when Giant get’s kicked out, and finally
when the nWo showed up at No Way Out. Honestly, seeing this stuff really makes me kick myself for not getting the bluray, because it’s packed with more moments, and that’s what the nWo was all about.

Those who read my work, you know this story, so I apologize for going into re-runs. I became a wrestling fan in May 1995, and was die hard from the get go. I started with the WWE, and that was it. I HATED, absolutely HATED WCW. I thought they were low-rent crap. I thought their stars were a bunch of old has-beens, and couldn’t compete with the superstars of WWE. Now, over in the land of Titan, my two biggest heroes were Razor Ramon & Big Daddy Cool Diesel. So, you can imagine how absolutely
torn up I was when I heard on the Ross Line that both were leaving for WCW. That night I was so upset, I cried. No joke. I cried as I ripped one of my many pictures of Razor off my wall.

But then it happened….he wasn’t going to WCW to wrestle, he was going to take over! OH MY GOD! See, I still thought wrestling was real. I thought, honest to God, that Razor & Diesel were going over to kick WCW’s pathetic ass. Then as they grew, I truly thought Ted Dibiase was funding the nWo, and the reason WCW wouldn’t have them arrested was because they were bringing in the ratings. Those were two points my mom would bring up “how are they making money? Why won’t WCW just arrest them?”. She never
gave me shit for believing it was real.

So, you can imagine my love for the nWo. I was 12 years old, I was exactly the type of crowd they were reaching for. Young folk who could spend their parents’ money. Although I never did give a dime to WCW, except for one thing; Starrcade 1997. There was NO WAY IN HELL I was going to miss that match. To this day, Sting vs The nWo is still my favorite feud. Sure, the match was God-awful, but oh well. I even had this tale of the tape poster from a PWI Special that was all about the feud. I lost the poster years ago, but I actually found it online while working on this review. It’s the first time in years that I’ve found it online, so it’s a good day to be Caliber.

As the nWo was losing it’s steam, they went with The Wolfpac, which rekindled my interest all over again. I still remember taking like 3 hours one Saturday as my mom drove me from store to store to find a Wolfpac shirt. I ended up getting the all red with black nWo letters. I wore it every day at PE and felt like the World’s biggest bad-ass, who caused mass destruction, guess who’s here? The bad-boy of PE.

In 2002, I lost my shit when Vince turned around to reveal he was bringing in the nWo. I went out and bought 2 VHS tapes. On one I wrote ‘nWo Raw’ and the other ‘nWo Smackdown’. I’d watch the shows, and only record moments with the nWo. Youtube wasn’t around back then, and I thought I’d never see the classic nWo footage, so I swore I wouldn’t miss a second this time around. Of course, Hogan went good, and Hall left, so that was that.

In the end, I realize the nWo was a bunch of bullshit. Every match ended in a run-in, they did nothing but bury people, on and off screen, while rarely delivering in match quality. But honestly, I don’t care. I watch the old stuff and feel like I did 15 years ago, it never fails to entertain me the same way it did when I was younger. Because when you’re nWo, well, you’re nWo for life. And that is just too sweeeeet.


The Outsiders vs Sting & Macho Man – Bash at the Beach, July 7th, 1996
If you need any proof of how completely awesome this angle was, the announcers are PISSED that The Outsiders come out alone. Even though it gives WCW the advantage, they still want to see who the 3rd man is. Luger was originally involved, but he was taken out about 10 seconds in. This actually lead a lot to speculate that the 3rd man was in fact The Total Package. Dream says “Get’em Macho, who be bad now?”, to which Tony responds “You tell’em, Dream!”. Taking this litereally, The Dream says “Who be bad now?” about 8 times in a row. It’s even more annoying than it sounds. Sting does a pretty smart move and drop-kicks Nash right on the knee, prompting Tony to scream “Sting just nailed him
in the gut!”. We all know how the rest of the match goes. It’s too bad it was simply for the angle, because the match actually had a pretty good base to it.
Match ends at 16:55 when Hogan comes in and joins the New World Organization
The Giant [C] vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan – WCW Championship – Hog Wild, August 10th, 1996
I will say, it’s weird seeing Hollywood Hogan without the big gold belt. Up until I saw Hogan & Rodman vs DDP & Malone, I had this pegged as the worst match I’ve ever seen. That was quite a while ago, so let’s see if things have changed. Although now I must admit that Zeus vs Abby from the WWC show is the worst I’ve ever seen. Anyway, Tony actually sums up this entire match with “Hogan has slowed the pace of this match down to a crawl”. Serious, the WHOLE match is nothing but stalling. I’ve never seen anything like it.
I mean, I suppose it’d work if the pace of the match picked up like Jarrett vs Shawn for the IC Title, but the pace of this match is just gonna go from crap to ass. The big spot in this match is a test of strength!  I seriously don’t understand the pace of this match. The only reason you’d have a match like this is if one of the wrestlers were dead, and you needed to hide the fact. Honestly, I would have been a lot happier seeing the Giant wrestle in a pair of sunglasses.
Hulk Hogan hits the Giant with the title and snags the pin at 6 days, 2 hours, and 43 minutes. At least, that’s what it felt like. Records say it’s 14:55.
I would go dud, but this includes Brutus getting smashed with the cake. So, it’s gotta get a star for that. Also, you have to love the fact that the Giant literally lays there on the mat for 2 days while Hogan does this deal with Brutus.
Harlem Heat [C] vs. The Outsiders – WCW Tag-Team Championship – Halloween Havoc, October 27th, 1996
This was a damn fine tag match, and perhaps the best I’ve ever seen from The Outsiders. There was a great amount of back & forth action, with each member getting in and out, as both teams traded momentum. Of course the ending was a bit deflating.
Nash clobbers Stevie with Col. Parker’s cane, allowing Hall to score the pin at 13:07
X-Pac vs Bounty Hunter – nWo Saturday Night – November 9th, 1996
This is from nWo’s Saturday Night, means they filmed it before Nitro started. Actually, that would mean these guys would have been to work early, so this has gotta be afterward. Actually, that means these guys would have had to stick around after work. So, this is filmed in some alternate universe. Bounty Hunter is just your typical jobber-with-a-gimmick that you’d normally see on WCW’s Saturday Night.
Syxx takes him out with a jumping spin kick for the pin at around 3 minutes

The Outsiders [C] vs The Steiners – nWo Souled Out, January 1997
I know a lot of people didn’t like Souled Out, and while it didn’t have a plethora of great matches, the style was awesome. The ring entrances for the WCW wrestlers were damn funny, and I thought Bischoff & DiBiase were honestly one of the best announcing teams I’ve ever heard. Decent match, nothing too exciting. The ending is pretty well done, with Nick Patrick being out, and the little southern ref Randy Anderson running in to make the count for The Steiners. It really gave a moment of WCW being triumphant for once. Of course it would be reversed the next night on Nitro, and Steiners never got their moment. Of course, when the straps were suppose to be switched at Road Wild 1997, they complained the switching of the titles was hurting their value. Yet they had no problems with Hulk Hogan getting the title back from Luger a week after he won it on Nitro.
Rick Steiner hits Hall with the Bulldog for the pin at 16:39

Hollywood Hulk Hogan [C] vs Roddy Piper – WCW Championship – WCW Superbrawl VII, February 23rd, 1997
A lot of people don’t like their match at Starrcade, but I thought it was pretty entertaining, actually. Sure, not the greatest action, but the way Hogan & Piper were acting I felt made up for it. Now, apparently, Piper’s been hanging out on Alcatraz for a week for some reason. Why? I have absolutely no idea. This match is just about the same as the last one, but not nearly as entertaining. Piper puts Hogan down with the sleeper, but Macho pulls Hogan’s legs under the ropes and slips the tape brass knuckle thing on Hogan’s hand. Match restarts when ref sees Hogan’s legs under the ropes, Hogan clocks Piper, gets the pin. The crowd did not like that. Perhaps Piper should have stayed in Alcatraz for TWO weeks.
Hogan clocks Piper with brass knux that Macho gave him for the pin at 11:32

Hollywood Hulk Hogan & Dennis ‘Rod The Bod’ Rodman vs Lex Luger & The Giant – Bash At The Beach, July 13th, 1997
They’re building up to this match on 24/7 right now, so I was actually about 25% stoked for this bout. Honestly, it would have been higher if Rodman hadn’t been involved, since WCW’s use of Rodman is the antithesis of WWE’s use of Tyson. Would it have killed them to just have this POS as an enforcer or something? Anyway, the match is terrible, and of course IT LAST FOREVER. Unbelievably, it would get even WORSE next year. Nash saunters down dressed as Sting, and who wouldn’t confuse him for Steve Borden? They’re practically twins. Everyone from Hogan, to Rodman, and finally Savage get racked.
Hogan taps to Lex Luger’s Torture Rack at 22:30
Macho Man vs DDP – Las Vegas Sudden Death Match –  Halloween Havoc, October 26th,1997
Savage comes out dressed like a Slim Jim package, and that isn’t a joke. He really is. DDP comes out in Costume 2 from nWo/WCW Revenge, which is the jeans & rib-wrap. They fight out into the crowd, and there’s a dude in a pair of Zubaz who gets so excited he takes his shirt off while watching. If the match get’s any better, then the other patrons are gonna have a front row ticket for some hangdang. They brawl amongst the tombstone decorations, which is pretty cool, despite the stuff is obviously made of harmless material. They get back to the ring, where Macho takes a video camera, but that backfires. Elizabeth tries to interfere on Macho’s behalf, but Kimberly runs down to drag Liz to the back. After a Diamond Cutter, DDP appears to have it, but a Bogus Sting comes down to crack DDP in the ribs, putting him down for good. It’s one hell of a match, as Macho & DDP give their usual intentsity. Seriously, WCW was just on fire during 1997. And this was all PG stuff, proving that it’s fantastic story-lines & wrestlers who give a damn that make for a great product.
DDP fails to answer the count of ten, giving Macho the win 18:07
Hogan vs Sting [C] – WCW Championship – Monday Nitro, December 27th, 1997
It’s better than their Starrcade match, I’ll say that. Although it isn’t saying much. Much faster paced, more action, and not completely one-sided. They give you the footage of what happened after Nitro went off the air, which is what also helps to make the whole thing for me. Hogan pulls the ref Randy Anderson in when Stinger’s going for the Splash, thus taking Randy out. Nick Patrick runs in, only for Sting to object. While he’s distracted, Hogan clocks him in the back of the head and goes for the roll-up, which Patrick counts for 3. Sting continues to beat up on Hogan however, slapping him in the Deathlock, in which he submits and Anderson calls for the bell. At that point, Bischoff comes out and says no way, laying the swift kicks to JJ “Who do you want, Sting? I have a contract here for you to fight Big Bubba!” Dillion. Sting gives Bish’ the Death Drop as the whole nWo runs down, and he does his best to fight them off before the rest of WCW make the save. The whole thing was damn entertaining, honestly. Of course, this whole debacle forced the belt to be declared vacant. With the rematch taking place at Superbrawl VII, finally giving Sting the belt once and for all. He’d go on to defend against Hall at the next PPV, then lose to Macho Man at Spring Stampede. Leading us to the next match.
Hogan submits to the SDL at 7:17

Hogan vs Macho Man [C] – No DQ for the WCW Championship – Monday Nitro, April 20th, 1998
There’s really no reason for this match to be good, but it really is. The night before Macho had defeated Sting for the title, after a 2 month reign. Honestly there’s never a bad time for Macho to be champ. He was always over, and always kicking ass. This match works because of Macho’s leg, with him constantly fighting against the odds of Hogan & The Disicple as well as his busted leg. There’s a great moment when Hogan puts him in the Figure 4, and the fans are so use to nWo run-in bullshit that everyone stands up and looks toward the enterance. Surprisingly however, no one comes down. Brutus gives the ref a neckbreaker, as he and Hogan double team Macho. Cool spot with Brutus giving Macho a stunner with the title on his shoulder. Nash finally shows up, Jackknifing Hogan. He throws Mach on top, only for Bret Hart to show up, wallop Nash, and roll Hogan ontop of Macho.
Bret comes in and puts Hogan on top of Macho at 14:26

Sting vs The Giant – WCW Tag Team Championship – The Great American Bash, June 14th, 1998
This is where The Giant & Sting were tag champs, but since they are both in different nWo factions, they don’t want to hang together. So whoever wins this match gets both straps and chooses their partner. Giant is of course smoking, something I never really understood. It’s always shocking to see what shape the Big Show use to be in. I was dreading this match, to be honest, but it’s more than adequete. It’s not as long as it should have been, but they did a fine job with it. The Giant had the power over Sting at the beginning, but through using up every available chance he had, Sting was able to chop the Giant down. The top rope Death Drop was a nice touch. Oh, and Sting went on to choose Nash for his partner.
Sting nails Giant with a top rope SDD for the pin at 6:40

Hollywood Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff vs DDP & Jay Leno – Road Wild, August 8th, 1998
This was the last match I watched on the DVD because I was absolutely dreading it. It’s better than anytime Rodman got into the ring, I’ll admit that. You gotta love when Leno gets Hogan in the wrist-lock, and holds it forever as cameras soak up the moment. This match should have been about 5 minutes or so. Tops. Bright side? Leno & DDP do not dress alike.
Eubanks hits a Diamond Cutter on Hogan, giving Leno the pin at 14:34
Team WCW vs Team nWo Hollywood vs Team nWo Wolfpac – War Games to determine the #1 contender for the WCW Championship – Fall Brawl, September 13th, 1998
It’s Bret & DDP first, followed by Sting, then Stevie Ray, Piper, Luger, and Nash. I stop at Nash, because he’s really the last entrant of when the match is actually a match and not pure ridiculousness. Hogan comes out about 2 minutes early, has the flapjack and literally knocks everyone out. Yet, he doesn’t pin anyone. It makes absolutely no sense. I think he fucked up and came out too early on accident, because now he’s just buying time as he waits for The Warrior. So, the ring fills with smoke, as The Renegade appears in a neato duster. More smoke. No Warrior. Oh snaps! Now the Warrior is here! God, this is so insulting. The Warrior literally wants us to believe he can vanish at will. So long as people’s vision happens to be obscured for an indeterminate amount of time. He’s used up his vanishing power, as he’s stuck in the cage now. He then breaks out, and chases Hogan. Managing to twist both ankles and tear both biceps. Well, perhaps on the flight home he’ll force the plane to take a nosedive into a hospital.
Page hits Stevie Ray with the Diamond Cutter for the win at 20:06

Goldberg [C] vs Kevin Nash – No DQ for the WCW Championship – Starrcade, December 27th, 1998
I never understood why Goldberg needed an escort to the ring. Makes him look like a wuss. I love Bobby in the beginning of this “It’s all on the line! Goldberg’s streak, Goldberg’s title, Nash’s…………reputation!”. People can say what they want about Nash booking himself to win, but who the hell else could he count on? Plus, he was extremely over. Wolfpac was really hot at the time. What’s with all the goddamn run ins?! Can’t they just leave well enough alone for the World Title matches? I guess I shouldn’t ask so much from a company that did a complete 180 in every way possible in about 8 months. As for the match though,
honestly, it’s not nearly as bad as it should have been. They both did as good as they could at this point, given who they’re both in the ring with.
Nash hits Goldberg with the Jacknife for the pin at 11:20

Bret Hart vs Goldberg – WCW Championship – Monday Nitro, December 20th, 1999
Mike Tenay says that last night at Starrcade, Goldberg go the short end of the stick. Boy, in hindsight that is extremely incorrect. This match isn’t much, at all. The only highlight is Piper covering Goldberg for the 3 count and Bret winning the belt as a result. The thing lasted less than 6 minutes. Bret must have loved working these style of matches.
Piper pins Goldberg at 5:44 to give Bret the strap

If you want to see how nWo 2000 ended up, and who doesn’t? Then do check out WCW In 2000

Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock vs The nWo – RAW, March 11th, 2002
Geez, this is like a dream match you’d come up with in No Mercy or something. Absolute ridiculous the names all crammed in this bout, and it’s on free TV no less. This is the go home Raw for WrestleMania, so it makes sense now. If they would have given this match about 5-6 minutes more, we could have had a TV classic on our hands. Everyone busts their asses in this match, and I enjoyed it. The nWo did a great job of
keeping The Rock on their side of the ring, using classic heel cheating bullshit and what have you. There was a ton of energy, and never any down time. A damn fine TV main event.
Hulk Hogan drops the leg on The Rock for the pin at 9:30

Showcase Showdown:
It’s a great DVD. If you’re not a fan of the nWo, this isn’t going to change your mind. But if you are, then you’re going to really dig the hell out of this. As I said in the beginning, you should get the bluray. It has the Roundtable Discussion, and quite a few more moments, which is of course what the nWo was all about. The group is and always will be my all time favorite angle. I was the exact demo they were looking for, and I lapped it up. Before I go, there’s an easter egg hidden on the DVD. It’s a clip of The Big Show saying something to the effect of “Was the nWo cool? No, it wasn’t fucking cool. It was the absolute worst thing for the business, and it ended up destroying the fucking company.”. I thought that was a pretty funny inclusion. Also, did X-Pac get a nose job? He looks odd. 

Str8 Gangster, No Chaser – I do movie reviews, Man Movie Encyclopedia entries, Top 5 lists, and general splendedness.
WCW In 2000 – Reviewing the year of 2000 for WCW. We just saw Slamboree 2000, which of course had the rockin’ Ready To Rumble triple cage!
The Man Movie Encyclopedia – My book, baby. 5 stars on amazon, endorsed by Scott Keith & Maddox. What more could you ask for?
@HulkInThe80s – It’s not mine. But Hulkster promised me if he reaches 500 followers, he’ll whore my website. Besides, what’s better than hearing from The Hulk after he was cryo-frozen by The Heenan Family back in the late 80’s? 

Hope you guys dug the action. Any requests just let me know, and I’d be more than happy to make the magic happen. 

– Caliber Winfield