MeekinOnMedicine On…DDP Yoga Part IV: Wrestling Saves Sanity

One thing I’ve learned about life is that if you really let go, it’s just a joy ride ~Ricky Williams

In New England it seems the best medicine is to ignore any and all
medical problems until you’re dying or bleeding – ideally both. And even
a whisper of getting mental help? You’re weak. You’re faking. Tough it out. Be a man.

I would hand-to-god rather die
than have anyone think of me as a ‘cry baby’ or wuss. And aside from a couple of
stitches as a toddler, and a surgery in second grade to put a testicle
lodged somewhere up around my Adam’s apple down where it belongs, I
haven’t spent any time getting urgent medical care. For a while there, ‘tough it out’ was
my middle name.

But my family tree has more people hanging from it via their own hand
than I’d care to count. With an ocean’s worth
of thoughts swirling around in my head, I sought actual help,
and in addition to a John Holmes-sized load being lifted off my chest, I
was given a drug called Lamictal.

It almost killed me.

Lamictal (generic: Lamotrigine) is a drug given to epileptics to control
electrical impulses in the brain that cause seizures. Psychiatrists
also use it to help folks with bi-polar tendencies – Ya know, the
kind of folks who would post non-wrestling related content to a
wrestling blog, then get actively annoyed when people are actively
annoyed with it – sound like anyone you know?

Lamictal can also cause a very severe rash that…well, Google “Stevens-Johnsons Syndrome” and you’ll see what would have been in store for me had I done by Irish Catholic duty and ignored it. One day I woke up from some very, very, strange dreams to find myself covered in a rash, with a fever, flop sweat, and the feeling I was about to have a heart attack as my chest pulsed furiously.

So, like that, I had my first ever stay in an emergency room. A Vietnam Veteran was mandated by hospital rule to push my hefty ass around the hospital in a wheel chair for an X-ray and from test-to-test.  I got my first ever IV and was given some kind of medication to combat the reaction to the other medication I wasn’t allowed to stop taking right away because it could result in even worse symptoms – like ‘homicidal thoughts’. The words ‘potentially life threatening’ were used more than once.

The fever and pulses turned to intense itching. Little tiny pin pricks, like bugs crawling on the skin and biting with every single step – so painful and intense my limbs would involuntarily flail and I chipped a tooth after hitting myself in the jaw.

I watched World War Z just to find other human suffering on my level. I went *back* to the emergency room the next day, and they gave me medication to combat the itching. Naturally that medicine did jack, and upon calling a dial-a-nurse and being told BOTH of the medicines I was given take 24-48 hours to take effect, I was about broken – what’s this about homicidal thoughts, again?

This is what I got for attempting to get my head right? This is what I got for going against what my parents thought? This is what I get for trying to feel ‘normal’? There’s nothing they could do?  The nurse; “Take a lot of cold showers,”. Thanks.

And then… DDP Yoga. It was not a strong edition of Energy, no. But I flexed on my hulk ups, tucked my butt when DDP said so, and felt every bit the idiot I always did when doing the YRG Warrior Position. On the list of excuses to find your way into an ice cold
shower three times day, clearly this was among the best. By the time I made it through, hopped in the shower, and hopped out..holy shit.

Same Day – Left: Medication / Right: Yoga-cation

These photos were taken the same day, one in the morning, and one about four hours later after working out and taking a nice long cold shower. I was a new man. And yes, that is an actual upper arm muscle. I named him Victor Conte. I bumped up to the ‘Fat Burner’ workout, then threw the Red Hot Core mini-workout onto it, feeling just a bit better each and every time.

Now, seven days and…11 workouts after this whole ordeal started, three new medications to take, with about four hundred dollars in medical bills literally putting a price on my mental health…I find myself compelled to write about this whole thing – but unsure of the point.

Why, again, am I here, telling you about DDP Yoga? Why do I give a fuck if you give a fuck? Do you give a fuck? Does posting yet another photo of myself wearing far-too-baggy pants with a dopey “I can’t believe how much less of me there is!” expression on my face help anyone or do any good? 

Why am I bothering you with this for the fourth time?

Really. Various vegan and health and Yoga oriented sites were interested in bringing me aboard, as there’s nothing more valuable in the health and fitness industry than someone who used to be fat, but they all regarded me with a little bit of…shade. They disliked my lack of enlightenment, the fact I was skeptical of all things yoga and vegan and health and diet, and told me I couldn’t swear or make wrestling jokes.

It’s almost like…the rest of the world doesn’t take pro wrestling seriously, or something. So, face it Otters, you’re the target demo for this DDP Yoga thing, and whether you want to admit it or not, I’m your fun house mirror. The point is in the pointlessness. Some fucking asshole on a wrestling blog can change his entire damn life via some piddle-shit Yoga? I gotta get me some of that.

If you hate me and think I’m pathetic, think about what you, a clearly more talented and better put together person than I, could accomplish via this whole Yoga thing. You’d probably show me right the fuck up and be doing head stands in two weeks.

If you’re portly and simply lack the hutzpah to get started, perhaps this four part series has given you just enough kick to get the program and start the work outs. If you’re in fantastic shape and look down on people who have trashed their bodies with fatty foods and an excess of sodium, you’ll see there hope yet for the great unwashed and over-marinated masses.

And if you’re me, well, it’s all I got. I love games and wrestling and movies as much as always, but that desire to write about them, that passionate fire to shout from the roof tops about the best and worst and the ones worth watching…has dulled. The simple fact that I can bend down on one leg and balance like some
sort of paraplegic airplane with my arms outstretched, while sick with a
potentially life-threatening rash, signals to me that the possibilities are endless – I don’t need to be a ‘critic’ any more than I ‘need’ to listen to well-meaning friends who find it in their heart to tell me eventually “I’ll want to move on to something a little more difficult than…ha..Yoga,”.

The shoulds and woulds and musts are secondary. The future is ahead of me and all doors appear open. I’m not lying when I say my number one goal in life at the moment is to head up to New Hampshire and show ‘The Tomahawk” a ride I got kicked off of for being too fat a year ago, just who’s boss. I may still have a question or six or seven for my shrink, but hey, is Yoga and my own mental resolve can pull through this ordeal, the sky’s the limit. 

Maybe I’ll review WCW Thunder or something. 

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MeekinOnMovies On…DDP Yoga Part 3

MeekinOnMovies On…DDP Yoga: Part 3

秋 7 回立ち上がる 8 – Japanese Proverb

You can’t tell in the photo, but within moments of the picture on the left being taken, the right back leg of the chair I was in collapsed under my own weight, and I spent the night passed out in a three-legged chair.
It was not a proud moment. It was 5 months after high school graduation.

The photo on the right was taken 20 minutes before a date with a very lovely girl with a degree in environmental sciences and an affinity for adventures and cheesy movies and third base. It was a day in which I displayed a confidence I didn’t know I had.

For a time I was bad with that confidence. I had more energy and thereby took on more responsibility
at work, I was churning out a novel’s worth of writing content for WhatCulture and got burnt out right quick, and happened into a couple of romantic relationships with women
who lived pretty far away. Those romantic relationships turned into romantic dinners, turned into
popcorn at the movie theater, turned into skipping my workout to go
spend 40 minutes getting cardio in a different way, if you get what I’m

Thus, what I call being a hopeless romantic, and what
medical professionals refer to as a serious chemical imbalance, has pros and
cons. When I fall for something, I fall hard. Pulp Fiction blows my
mind? I watch everything Tarantino did within a week. Pretty girl asks
me out? I’m half ready to propose on the spot.  But with a snap
of the fingers the shine comes off the apple.

And then…I was hired at a clothing model.

About three and a half months into my DDP Yoga adventure, I was hired (presumably by a blind person) to wear and model fat guy clothes to the tune of 25
dollars an hour, and all the polo shirts I could eat. This isn’t why I stopped, but it was a good an excuse as any to not continue.

My daily yoga went from every other daily yoga, to changing the workout from the longer, more intense “Energy” workout to the easier and shorter “Red Hot Core”. All the mostly healthy choices I made turned into ‘some’ healthy choices, and I found myself at Wendy’s eating a god damn delicious Pretzel Pub Chicken sandwich I swore I’d never eat again…with a large Dr. Pepper.

It was a dark time. I fell out of DDP Yoga the same way a hung person falls out of their boxers – I was flopping around feeling like the world’s biggest dick before I knew it. People complimented me on the weight loss while I was buying junk food from Wal~Mart. People added me on Facebook based on the previous two DDP Yoga entries here, and I preached what I lapsed in practicing.

Then, two things happened about a month ago. First, I read Scott Hall no-showed an event. Whether or not it had anything at all to do with his various demons and shenanigans, it hit me a bit. My entire life I’ve been very…cyclical. I like something, get into it, get out of it, then never go back. I did not want to be one of these people again. If I couldn’t work my creative muscles, I would work my actual ones.

Second, a friend of mine who was doing a “Couch to 5k” stopped the program, and upon asking her about it, she said she felt like a big poop for stopping. “Well,” I said, “The only thing that would stop you from feeling like a big poop would be to start again, right?” She smiled at these words of encouragement.

And in a rare moment of someone actively taking their own good advice, just like that, I was back on the wagon. Energy every day. On days I was sore or busy, Red Hot Core. I was on fire. I worked and worked, mixed Yoga with golfing and hiking, and other physical activities I never liked, but now found myself at least…serviceable at, and actually enjoying my ‘active’ lifestyle.

I don’t know what my modeling boss is going to say when they see there is far less of me than last time, but hey, if I get to hear “You’re too skinny!” for the first time in my life, it’ll be worth it.

I weighed myself for the first time in months, and found I was hovering at a nice, odd, 270.8 pounds, down 20 pounds from the last time I stepped on the scale, and down quite a bit more from my all-time high water mark of 320 pounds. I put on a shirt I knew was too tight on me when I was in college, and low-and-behold, it fit wonderfully. I took the photo you see above, and posted on the DDP Yoga Facebook page because if you can’t tell by now, I crave attention like a commanding officer entering the barracks. 

I was greeted with the following message a few hours later:

It’s entirely possible this was some sort of form letter, but regardless, as far as encouragement goes, I couldn’t ask for more. And encouraged I am. Back on the horse, feeling good, having waded through a valley that I rarely come out of when it pertains to health and fitness.

So, why did I stop? Why does anyone stop? That I can’t tell you. I can tell you people don’t start again because it’s scary.  We only see before and after photos because the middle is murky. We’re told the best way to get back on the horse is to simply get back up on it. But the problem is the horse just threw you off its back like a sack of potatoes.

It’s not getting back on the horse, it’s the fear the horse can throw you off again that sucks. It’s the worry that all the hard work, and tough choices, may not pay off, even though they clearly have, so why bother continuing to make them?  90 percent of the game is half mental. Unfortunately for fat folks, those lacking in confidence, and people who are terrified a work out will leave them behind and feeling fatter than ever, the mental element is the trickiest part to conquer. In my most private moments, I look in a mirror and despite my better posture, loose clothes, real biceps, and healthy complexion, still feel like the guy who got dumped for a lesbian at a sophomore Halloween dance.

But that’s what photos are for. That’s what scales are for. For the first time, ever, suddenly the scale in my laundry room is a comfort. I look at the photo of myself in that Foodler shirt – which I used to wear under all my clothes and tuck into my underwear to make me appear skinnier, and marvel at loose it fits. I tried on a shirt I bought in 8th grade, and it fit. When your mind plays tricks on you, rely on the facts.

The Mirror has…5 faces.

And the facts are as they have always been. There are no secrets. There are no cheat codes. There’s hard work. And that’s scary because working hard on something only to fail is petrifying enough to stop you before you even get started. But DDP Yoga is a good kind of hard work. If you can find
20 minutes a day and a DVD player, and read the booklet, and will
yourself, come hell or high water, to do it? You’ll be blown away by the
changes. But God, you gotta keep at it, because if you stop after seeing what it does for you, it’s impossible to live with yourself.

In the words of REO Speedwagon, if you’re tired of the same old story, well baby, turn some pages. In this case, Diamond Dallas Pages.

…Shut up.

DDP Yoga

Just a note, I'm gonna try putting the affiliate link for DDP Yoga on the site, so if you're wanting to give it a try, follow the banner and that way I can make a couple of bucks off it.  If it's too obnoxious to have the pair of ads at the top, I might try doing a text link in the sidebar instead, but we'll see how this does.  

MeekinOnMovies On….DDP Yoga: Part II ~ Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

The photos on the left of the banner are how anyone who has known me in the last…12 years has seen me. The two photos on the right are how I look after barely a month of DDP Yoga, and not stuffing my fat, cow-like mouth with shit as often I used too. Being from a film background I’m fully aware of creative camera angles and all that, but I deliberately did not suck in my gut, nor did I try and ms-represent the results.
Perhaps my body image is playing tricks on me – I feel great, but don’t see much a difference, but two dozen Facebook likes from folks who had no clue I was doing this DDP Yoga thing can’t be wrong, can it?
“share your secret!”, “Where did the rest of Paul go and what did you do with him?”, “Wow!!!! You look amazing! Congrats- I know how hard it is!” From a former “Cosby Show” writer:WTF! NFW! Niiice…GQ ass.” – The only comment I put on this photo was “One Month Later”. 
It’s important to note I was NOT perfect with this, either. I stuffed my face full of crappy potato chips once or twice due to ‘Taker streak-related stress, ate far too many fries, and probably skipped a workout or two I shouldn’t have. 

Before I go any further I want to re-re-re-iterate that I’m not trying to sell you anything, I’m not in the affiliate marketing program, and generally speaking I think 99 percent of anything labeled a ‘miracle’ is 100% bullshit. 

That said, this bullshit is a miracle. 

The whole endeavor was spurned on by a heart-to-heart with my best friend and soon-to-be-nurse who said in no uncertain terms that if I wasn’t careful I’d probably die at 45 years old and be absolutely inundated with health problems most of my adult life. We made a qausi-pact, I’d get on his ass if he drank too much, and he’d make sure I was keeping my fat ass in check
I then badgered my best friend to try it. I wanted a DDP Yoga sponsor. Someone I could bug about it, brag about it, discuss it with, someone that could share my new found…interest in physical fitness that wasn’t going to beat me over the head if I skipped a particularly tricky move, or think the whole workout was lame because they were already in shape. 
I shit you not, after one Diamond Dozen workout my best friend was hooked. He’s about 6’3 and in pretty good shape, but after the workout he was sweating and as pumped as I was, likely because the dynamic resistance portion of the workout used his (far stronger than mine) muscles against him in a positive way.  In fact, earlier that day he had gone to the doctor for a sciatic nerve, and by midnight he was jumping around like a doofus on both legs with no pain. 
For two weeks running now we’ve met up, done the Yoga, eaten something healthy, then done something really damn stupid to reward ourselves, like drop <rhymes with lake placid> or get really stoned and marathon movies until 8am because we’re so damn energetic from the workout. 
My friend is so far the only die-hard convert. I’ve done a workout with
my sister and her boyfriend, but due to the low cielings in my house
it’s a little tricky to find the room to spread out and do the workout
properly. Thus I’ve been tackling it mostly at work during my ‘break’
where I turn the computer room in my own personal DDP Dojo.

Thus I am still singing the praises of DDP Yoga to anyone who will listen. I’ve suggested it to coworkers, friends, relatives, and often I get a tepid response or a “well I need the space” kind of thing.

I don’t want to sound like a know-it-all after such a short amount of time, nor do I want to seem like all my problems have been solved because I can do a Down Dog for 10 straight seconds without shaking, but it seems the hardest part of anything is starting. 
Once you start, an object in motion tends to stay in motion. Even if that motion is a little stilted or sometimes stalls out briefly.
A side benefit is that if you tackle an ‘Energy’ workout prior to a red-hot date with a Megan Fox / Selena Gomez / Oliva Munn  / Mila Kunis looking chick, you’ll have stamina for hours and hours and hours to the point where you may want to tarp off the ceiling of your car. 

I’m still on the “Energy” portion of the workout, which is a 21 minute
athletic coup d’état on your body. By the halfway point you’re stunned
by how much you’re sweating and how much you’ve sworn at DDP Yoga as you
drive to get your leg just a little higher in the air, or finally, for
real, attempt and succeed at your first real man push up…ever. 

It also seems the “Energy” portion of the workout focuses on balance quite a lot – and I’m bad at that. getting me in a true runners lunge where I’m only on the heel of my back foot is an incredible disaster every time I try. A lot of the upper body stuff like push ups or holding yourself a few inches off the ground via your upper body is so hard it’s embarrassing. Also toss in the fact that anything that requires me to bend or stretch my foot via my ankle is a pain as I have absolutely zero flexibility there, but I’m working on it.

Regardless of the pitfalls of a given workout, it does get a little easier every time as long as I stick with it. If I skip two days then come back it’s a little harder. A day on / day off cycle seems to work the best, as you get the full day of “WOW I FEEL AWESOME” results.

But here’s the strange thing – I’m not quite sold on myself yet. I feel wonderful, I stand up straighter, I’m eating mostly better, I make eye contact with hot women and don’t feel like Ducky in from “Pretty in Pink”, and the reaction has been pretty incredible. In fact I’m grabbing a hold of the shirt I’m wearing right now and the amount of fabric I can pull away from my body is insane.

But in my head I still have a chip on my shoulder, like all the people saying nice things to me are just doing it to be nice, and all the good things I’m feeling / noticing / experiencing are also all in my head because that’s how I’m supposed to feel. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt this isn’t true, but from my eyes looking outward, I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Some kind of bad news or dark cloud or “Oh well yeah Yoga may be good but did you know it’s actually bad for penis length” or some other kind of crap that tends to happen when stumbling upon something that appears to be too good to be true.

Things like “my clothes are always baggy, my pants are always loose, so maybe I’m just noticing things that aren’t there because I want to notice them” run through my head – as if I’m looking for excuses to NOT believe the very obvious results everyone is seeing. I’ll cheat on the proverbial diet, get a bag of chips, and find myself instantly depressed until I realize I can just make an extra 20 minutes in my day tomorrow and the next day and get back up on the horse.

The Future Soon

When they say 90 percent of the game is half mental, they mean it. For all intents and purposes I am a far healthier person now than I was a month ago, and the results were so damn quick and apparent that my mind hasn’t caught up yet. After 20 years of being fully aware of my fat-load-ness and four weeks or working to change it, and seeing how much better I feel and look and it simply doesn’t quite compute.

And I guess the way to make it compute is to keep fuckin’ that chicken, as they say. More veggies, less fast food, more yoga, more confidence, pushing myself to reach higher and stretch longer,and spreading the word because I simply cannot get over it.

All my life I’ve really, really, really, really, really hated telling people when I was on a diet, because it meant that when and if I failed on that diet they’d likely ask that demoralizing “I thought you were on a diet?” question that shatters confidence like nobodies business.

But this isn’t a diet. I even have a hard time calling it a workout because it comes so naturally and the benefits are so immediate I’m half wondering if they slipped crack cocaine into the heart monitor. As time goes on I imagine the INSANE results will start to die down and it will be replaced by marginal gains over time, which is fine. The point is that of all the things I’ve tried, this is the one thing that’s taken in a way I never expected. I’ve also deliberately avoided weighing myself since I started – I was hovering at 301 pounds without shoes or pants, and I’ll have a new number for you this time next month. 

There’s also the diet element that I’m actually enjoying quite a lot. Carrots, Steamed broccoli, mixed veggies, a little hot sauce, and Almond milk have become my go-to non-special occasion snacks. At first you may find them a little meh, but after a bit – and I’m not just saying this – you’ll find yourself looking forward to eating vegatables as a snack. And again, I’m not perfect. I still get Ice Coffee (with sugar) on my way to work, but go with skim milk. If I absolutely NEED that fried chippy goodness, I’ll get Pop Chips, where you can down an entire bag and only be out 300-400 calories depending on the falvor.

Some of this stuff is more expensive than others, sure, but you’d be surprised how much longer a bag of baby carrots with a little A1 on them goes compared to a 99 cent bag of Sour Cream & Onion Chips or a bag of M&Ms.   

I cannot stress ENOUGH to people who look like me (Kids in school have asked you more than once, to do the truffle shuffle), and have felt like me (namely hopeless), to give this a try and to KEEP trying it. It’s 20 minutes a day. That’s it. It’s one less sojurn into the world of porno, one less cigarette break, one less episode of “Scrubs” or “Trophy Wife” and I SWEAR TO GOD by the end of your second workout you’ll be hooked enough to keep at it.

But for now, try some fucking yoga:

DDP Yoga BoD Club

Hey Scott,

I have a question to put to you and the rest of the blog. I'm a big proponent for yoga and especially DDP Yoga. I've been doing it now for about a year or two, though I admit that I haven't been very consistent with it. Not consistent enough to get all the results I could be getting from it. Blame my ADD and depression.

Now, I know we have a couple of members on here that are also doing it. So, I wanted to throw a suggestion out there: what if I started posting a thread, say, three times a week (M/W/F) to get people talking about what they did for their that day and where they're at in terms of progress. Not 100% on the format so far, but maybe remind people what they're supposed to do today according to the program's recommended schedule.

So, what say you? Or what does the blog say?

Nick Piers

DDP should start throwing some cash my way for all the press that his yoga gets here already.  

MeekinOnMovies On….DDP Yoga (Impressions).

I think everyone has one or two people on their Facebook friends list that use the social media platform as a scheme to push some product they believe in to the annoyance of others and the benefit of whatever affiliate marketing program they’re a part of.

These folks so believe in this product – Plexus Slim, Shakeology, All Day Energy Greens, whatever –  that they lay into you with a golden shower of enthusiasm and quasi-subconscious  “WHY ARENT YOU DOING THIS!?” talking points. When someone is so blatantly enthusiastic about a product, my ‘BS’ meter goes off. Especially if that product claims to kill the pounds, lose the weight, kick-start my sagging metabolism, or give me rock hard pubic hair.

So it was weird that I was eager to try DDP Yoga. It’s weirder still that I really like it. Before I get started I want to let you know that  I’m not trying to sell you anything and my technical mastery of various work out terms is suspect as best. I am to exercise was David Arquette is to WCW World Champions.

 The Setup

The DDP Yoga package is interesting. The deluxe edition I ended up with has 6 DVDs, a heart rate monitor, a booklet (see above), a poster of all the moves, and enough positive energy to jump a dead car battery. It’s all contained in a paper / plastic bag kind of thing, and I’ve taken to carrying my DVDs in a re-purposed “The Sims 2” case for a little more security.

The booklet is pretty wonderfully written and got me to drink the DDP Kool-Aid to a point. He explains his story, how he discovered and invented DDP Yoga, why it works, how it works, what’s contained on the DVDs, and it’s reassuring as all get out. If you cheat on your diet a day? Just work out a little harder the next. Skip a workout? get back on the wagon. DDP has done a kind of wonderful thing here, positioning himself as a surrogate “Cool” uncle. I have half expecting a “Go get em’ champ!” by the end of the booklet.

The actual end of the booklet, when he gets into the nutrition side of things and starts talking about starches, complex carbohydrates, and breaking food down into serving sizes and cup sizes, caused me to go a little cross-eyed, but there is a bevy of quality information in the booklet for those looking to get their diet mostly on track AND get in shape.

Still, considering how approachable the workout has been (so far) it’s a bit of a bummer the diet portion is more technical and complicated that I’d like. 

The Workout

Stick your arms out to
your sides and flap them up and down 10 times. Now do the same thing
again, but while making a clenched fist and flexing where your muscles
should be as you can. The second one is a bit harder, right?

I don’t want to give away the farm, but it seems the ‘secret’ to DDP
Yoga is the idea of dynamic resistance training, and if how sore I am is any indication, it works like a charm.When DDP refers to it as “Yoga for Regular Guys”, he’s not kidding.
There’s several references to making the work out ‘your own’. There’s a few
ways to modify some of the trickier yoga maneuvers if you’re lacking in
upper or lower body strength – which is good. If you can’t bend all the way down, or do a complete push up, he presents a variety of move modifications that still benefit your workout without completely sapping your stamina. In fact that’s what I like so much about this particular program.

There’s an element of shame to working out for the first time – for me at least. After 27 years of being a somewhat sloth-like human being, taking first steps toward fitness can be a little embarrassing if your weight has made you a self conscious individual. You go jogging and immediately feel intimidated by those who are running faster and with more ease than you are. You try to eat right and naturally someone says something about how the thing you’re eating that you thought was good for you, is loaded with sodium or carbs or gluten or some other thing that kind of discourages you from the whole shebang.

But with DDP Yoga, the only person who knows you’re making an idiot of yourself is you….and your Xbox One camera if you’re a conspiracy theorist. Even better, so far, I haven’t felt left behind, or out of shape, or like a fat load with no hope in sight. For whatever it reason it hits a very specific sweet spot that is satisfying and cardio intensive, but not exhausting or overwhelmingly demanding of your chicken-nugget-shaped body.
By the end of the first workout I was sweating, tired, but elated. Filled with so much piss and vinegar I wanted to build a science-fair volcano.
I’m three ‘official’ workouts into DDP Yoga, doing two yesterday and one this morning before work and am about to tackle another after posting this and before checking comments. I’ve also tackled his ‘office’ workout which explains the whole concept behind dynamic resistance better than I can. It’s pretty freakin’ wonderful.

Right now I’m pretty sore, but it’s a satisfying kind of sore. My armpit muscles hurt, my upper arms, my ass hurts, my legs hurt, but at the moment I can’t get enough. I can’t say with 100 percent certainty that I’m going to stick with it for the rest of my life, nor can I say, yet, if it will change my life.

But thus far, in the proverbial glow of a new thing that promises to make my life a little healthier, while ALSO appealing to me as a pro-wrestling fan (One of the moves is a “Hulk Up” kind of thing, its fun!), I can’t get enough.

There’s also a wonderful community over at happy to offer advice. I’m not sure how many of them are going to try and sell you the system and get commission, but it never hurts to sign up and have a peek around.

Anyway, this is the most confident I’ve felt about this kind of thing, ever. I’ll come back in a month or so and provide a status update and maybe some kind of before and after and some updated impressions. Until then, I’m down to answer any questions or whatnot as it pertains to a totally out of shape guy bending himself in ways he’s only seen in the kinky porno.  


He’s a real Doctor
Hopefully Farva is around to answer any like, medical based questions, and perhaps can speak to the benefits of yoga in general! I’ve included a picture to the right in case you see him.