The Daniel Bryan Thread!

Hey Scott,
     Let me start by saying that I ordered Wrestlemania for the 3 big matches and since I was not invested in Danial Bryan or Sheamus at all I actually liked the 18 second match from a “holy shit did that just happen standpoint” That said as a neutral observer it seems to me that the loss could actually help Bryan. First off it obviously built sympathy as the Raw crowd was rabid for him the entire night. Second he can easily blame the loss on AJ and further build up the jerk boyfriend character he has been portraying. From the little bit I have seen the last one to play this character as good was The Macho Man, and jerk boyfriend + talented wrestler turned out pretty good for Randy. Just something to think about.

Well, the Macho Man dynamic was completely different.  Savage was the star quarterback dating the girl next door, and he was insecure and paranoid about losing her because he had obvious self-esteem issues that helped balance out what would have been a dominant heel run otherwise.  People booed Macho for his treatment of Elizabeth because otherwise they’d cheer him for being so awesome.  Bryan has a different thing going on, where AJ seems fine with the abuse because everyone can see that Bryan is a delusional egomaniac who is overachieving and doesn’t actually pose any physical threat to her.  People really believed that Savage would snap and beat the shit out of Elizabeth any moment.  It’s actually a very different type of character. 

So simply put, how would you book Daniel Bryan going forward the next 6 months?  Heel, face or tweener?  Does he stay focused on the WHC and Sheamus, or does he go to Raw to chase Punk (where the biggest heel is Lauranitis)?  What feuds make sense, and what main events should he be in at the next big PPVS?

I think he should move to RAW first and foremost and get the US title off Santino because having the secondary belt on a hot property would instantly elevate it.  He should definitely stay a heel because people don’t want another goody-goody babyface, and in fact they should hook him up with Eve and then have him feud with Zack Ryder and new girlfriend AJ for a while.  He really doesn’t need to be the main event guy, and in fact in some ways he’d be worse off there because it’s overloaded with big guys like Cena, Brock, Orton and possibly Batista.  Really, he needs to get away from Sheamus for the good of Sheamus’ title reign anyway.