INFOGRAPHIC: WWE Royal Rumble Stats & Records! OH YEAH.

Hi Scott,   My name is MaDonna and I’m at HalloweenCostumes. And, boy, do I have an infographic for you.   With this year’s Royal Rumble happening on Sunday, we needed to be ready. Ready with stats, facts, trivia, and cute, cuuuute pictures of past rumblers. See our “Over The Top” infographic here:   Along with the sharable image (there’s an embed code right in the blog post!), we also include even more information underneath on all the winners, their entry number, and the Wrestlemania result. Seriously, it’s a statistic-dream.   If you want to share this with your readers, that would be awesome! Let me know if you have any questions.   Thanks! MaDonna Sheehy    

Very cool, thanks!

Yeah, Disqus

I have no idea what's happening with Disqus and I've tweeted their helpdesk for assistance, but it seems to be happening to other Blogger sites using them as well.  Although apparently some people on this very site CAN access comments because they're showing up in the moderation panel here and there.  So I'm confused.  
Oddly, I can also access comments when I'm using the mobile version via 3G.  So I'm double confused.  

Yeah I’m gonna need to see that cartoon now…

In the midst of recapping the PPV on the show this morning, Dave offhandedly described a certain cartoon going around the WWE offices, in typical cryptic Dave Meltzerese. The gist seems to be a spoof of AJ as a teenager crying because she wants to be "just like Lita". And then they leave it at that because I'm sure we can all fill in the blanks.

So yeah, if someone could get a copy of that for posterity…

Yeah, about that Shawn DVD…

So yeah, when they said "all 17 of Shawn's Wrestlemania matches" what they REALLY meant was "16 of them and we'll pretend the 17th didn't happen."  
Honestly, the Benoit stuff is a bit ridiculous at this point.  If you want to not promote his match on the DVD, fine, but to excise a classic Wrestlemania match from history and cheat the consumers who would assume it was on the DVD?  Come on now. 

So yeah, I’m done with RAW

As you probably surmised from the cable cutting, I'm incredibly burned out on WWE and TNA both right now, and so I'm calling it a day on the RAW reviews after two years of doing it again.  This now gives me a chance to do what I REALLY want, like NJPW reviews and old Mid-South.  
So I'm now looking for new reviewers for RAW and Impact.  Any interest, let me know!