Bray Wyatt Injured During Preshow Warmup

According to, Wyatt was warming up in the ring when he suffered what appeared to be an ankle sprain. He was then taken backstage in a cart. There are no further updates at this time but it does not appear that he will miss the show.

The wyatt family

What possible reason could there be for breaking up the Wyatt Family?

​Because WCW?  Really, Bray Wyatt is the only one they had any hopes for anyway, the other two were just gravy if they managed to get over.  At least they're still doing something with them instead of just giving them the "creative has nothing for you" pink slip.  ​

Bray Wyatt, God Complexes and (Breakable) Glass Ceilings

Here’s the thing: I hate the headline, but Brad and Justin at P2B decided to keep it. So depending on how you feel about it, I’m either throwing them or myself under the bus. Because I came up with it, and then I thought it was terrible.

But they’re probably right. I suck at headlines, so if I ever wrote a decent one I probably would think it’s awful. Anyway, I’ve had a busy as hell summer so this is the first thing I’ve written in probably two or three months. Hope everyone likes it.

New Wyatt Family Member?

Quick and Dirty thought for you…ODB from TNA as a new, female ass-kicking Wyatt member?
I seriously doubt they would have interest in putting thirty something ODB through developmental for a year or more, and neither would she.  They'd be better off recycling one of the cookie cutter girls in NXT already.  
Also, when are they gonna bring up Alexa Bliss and team her with the Dust brothers as Pixie Dust?

New member of the Wyatt family?

I'm getting the sense that at SummerSlam we'll see the debut of a new Wyatt family member. Harper and Rowan being banned from ringside seems like the device to give us (and Jericho) a false sense of security that this is going to be a fair 1-on-1 match. But Bray is a bad guy, so of course he's going to find some way to cheat.
With the Wyatts' act growing somewhat stale lately, it seems like a good time for a shakeup. And while I mostly like how they've handled the Wyatts so far, a "cult" that never draws any new members comes across as pretty weak.
The WWE roster is full of so many options — guys and girls who logically would be disillusioned with the WWE machine and ready to "follow the buzzards" — that it could be anybody from Big E to a newcomer from NXT who makes the turn. Do you think this is a possibility, and/or something that should happen?

​Well yeah, the whole "stack the deck against Bray" deal is typically a clear sign that they're gonna break their own stip and do a new member of the Family to interfere, like Big Show in the Austin-McMahon match.  Although I really wish they'd spend more time coming up with better storylines and less time trying to find clever ways to get out of the storylines they came up with.  Personally I'm still confused as to what Bray is even trying to accomplish at this point and why anyone would even want to join him.  I guess one of the midcard geeks could turn to freshen them up, but it seems like a zero sum game.  To be honest I thought that the best idea floating out there previously was during the brief aborted Miz-Wyatt feud, where speculation was that Miz would get inducted and start growing out his hair and taking on a more badass edge.  I don't think more bodies is the solution but at least it's something, I guess.  ​

Fwd: Wyatt Converts?

Do you think the failure of the Bryan heel turn has closed the door on any new Wyatt Family members? I kind of feel like Bray could use a few more followers to cement the Raven-meets-Waylon-Mercy aspect of his character, and it would be a good use for guys who aren't really doing anything: Brodus Clay, Zack Ryder, etc.

Do you think that would be a good direction for the Wyatts, or do you think they're better off sticking to just the three guys? Also, if they did add new members, who would you consider the prime candidates? Would you bring up NXT guys and introduce them as new characters, or would you have known characters fall under Bray's spell?

I thought that Daniel Wyatt was great in THEORY, but it was just the wrong guy at the wrong time.   Do it with, say, Punk and it works 100 times better.  Or Cena, if he would let himself go that route with his character.  But people wanted to see a specific character arc for Bryan, and this was so not it.  

Bray Wyatt

Can you help me understand the Wyatts? Don't get me wrong- I enjoy Bray's work on the mic and think that the character is a great idea, but what's their motivation? And more importantly, shouldn't they actually accomplish something at some point? 
So yeah, they beat Kane or whatever, but what happened? He disappeared, then came back as a corporate stooge. Which is the exact opposite of what they should've wanted to happen. Win the battle, lost the war.
So then they set their sights on Danie Bryan. But what then? He infiltrates/turns on them and has the big cage moment win.  Sure, Bray got the win back at Royal Rumble, but Bryan went right back to fighting the machine and starting a by-gawd Hashtag YES Movment that even Michael Cole can get behind. So they failed there, too.
Okay, so they defeated the Shield-which was awesome-but the Shield is eating itself from the inside. Shouldn't Bray have had something to do with that? Why not make him the devil on Ambrose's shoulder, as opposed to "People (::cough::JBL::cough::) sayyou don't defend the US Title enough"?
And now it's Cena/Bray at WM, even if that makes no sense, and we all know that Cena can't actually lose there, so what's the endgame?
Can the Wyatts actually stay over as "the group that targets you, rants about changing your character, beats you in match after match, doesn't actually change you, and then moves on to the next target?"  Isn't that kind of dumb? I realize that the face reactions aren't helping, and I realize Bray is awesome enough to keep some momentum for a while, but sooner or later shouldn't he be adding people to the family? Not a full-on Ravens Flock/Ministry of Darkness, but ….something? Anything?
Also, Rowan and Harper kind of suck.

I too am kind of bothered by their lack of motivation.  It's like Jake Roberts promos without the follow-up.  Although Harper definitely does not suck.  

Wyatt Family!

Uh oh, Chris Walker should be concerned, because he’s already been supplanted as the hot topic of discussion in my inbox by THE WYATT FAMILY. IWC has been looking at the Wyatt Family program as a step down for Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, but this is their right of passage to make stars and Luke Harper could very well benefit from this.If they bounce around the ring for him, I’m thinking Harper could be money if he gets the opportunity. Harper has the size, the Mick Foley-esque look, can take some sick bumps and obviously has some skills that can be further developed in the WWE style.
Your thoughts on this matter?
He needs to trim that fucking beard.  Hey Scott, do you agree that Harper seems to be the “chosen one” (similar to Reigns for The Shield) who is already built up as the big star out of his group? he’s getting the most ring time by far (unlike Reigns though, who is more protected and almost unbeatable right now), he has his distinctive “catchphrase” (yeah yeah yeah / Reigns: ROAAAAARRRR), the big impressive finisher AND brutal finisher nr 2 (Spinning Clothesline & Big Boot / Reigns: Spear & Powerbomb) and getting the singles matches (unlike Reigns).
keep on rockin’!
He’s already a more impressive worker than Bray Wyatt is, and that can only help him.  You’ll notice we barely even see Rowen on TV in the ring.  I think actually that dumping Rowen and replacing him with a repackaged Ohno would not be the worst idea in the world.  I think he’s a good guy to put in there with the smaller guys because he can bump around with them and have good matches, but he’s not big enough to go in there with the big guys and look like a star, so there’s probably a good little midcard niche for him.  Roman Reigns, however, is gonna be the guy, so we might as well accept it now and get to like him.  He does have an awesome wrestling name, at least.

“HUSKY HARRIS!” chants at Bray Wyatt question

Hey, Mr. Keith, I enjoy your blog and the interaction on there is a lot of fun to read over, too. I did notice something on there, though, when it came to people reacting to the Husky Harris chants that Bray Wyatt was getting. I find it strange that everyone got all angry at those chants, but it's seemingly okay that the crowd did the same things to Orton and Big Show the night after Mania. Why's it okay during a match like that as opposed to Bray Wyatt? 

To me, I don't find that much of a difference. I know people have high hopes for Wyatt, and I think that's why people are more upset, but I find it hypocritical to think it's okay for a crowd to get themselves over in one match, but not okay for something else like that.

Because although smart mark etiquette has fallen by the wayside over the years, there used to be a very distinct hierarchy of smart-ass fans until the internet broke down the barriers for good.  And the worst kind of people, like the ones who make us embarrassed to be fans, have always been the idiots who sit in the front row and yell real names or former gimmicks at guys like a kid who's just found a new toy.  For anyone who's either been online for more than a month or had a subscription to the Observer, it's like "OK, you know he used to have a different name, very good then".  If you're going to a show, cheer or boo who you want and chant announcer's names if you want, or sing along with Fandango's music ironically, whatever, but don't ruin it for everyone else by deliberately trying to break the fourth wall.  WWE ruins things that way enough by themselves.  But maybe that's just me.  

Bray Wyatt

Hey Scott, been a fan for a year and so and I'd like your thoughts on Bray Wyatt. That his character is awesome, we can all see, but do you think in-ring wise he's at the same level or close? Since you can see/predict that they're gonna push him big time, you think his in-ring work is ready for this?

Thank you!

Oh yeah, from what I've seen on NXT he's absolutely ready.  Him and Kassius Ohno should have been called up MONTHS ago, if not sooner.  His flunkies are another thing entirely, but if they're keeping the Wyatt Family gimmick intact then it'll get over pretty much instantly and they can disguise the limitations of the flunkies.