Mike Reviews Shows Considered To Be Stinkers – ECW December To Dismember (03/12/2006)

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Obviously 2020 has been a trying year for most of us, and it’s probably led a lot of us to experiencing a very different type of holiday season than we are normally used to. I hope you’re all keeping well wherever you are and that this review can give you some kind of distraction from what’s going on in the world for a little bit at least.

This show was requested by JLAJRC, and at the bottom of the review I’ll give everyone a chance to suggest shows for the next Stinker review, which will happen on the 30th of January if all goes well, so stay tuned for that at the end.

For those who haven’t read one of my Stinker reviews, they’re basically what you’d think they are, as I review a show that has a reputation for being really bad for whatever reason and ask the immortal question of whether it’s actually a Stinker or not. It’s not too dissimilar from what the fine folk over at Wrestle Crap do, except I’m going to give the show a chance to prove it’s not awful before deciding one way or another.

ECW was WWE’s first attempt at dabbling with a third brand, which it continues today with NXT, with it lifting the ECW name from the dearly departed former company. The likes of Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer were involved in the rebirth of the brand, but ultimately Vince McMahon was the one calling the shots and the early days of the brand were a real hodgepodge that resulted in a product that wasn’t true to the original company whilst also not really presenting anything exciting or interesting that would really differentiate it from the other two WWE brands at the time, outside of adjusting the entrance way to give the arena a cosier feel.

December to Dismember was in a lot of ways the last stand for not just the brand in its current form but also for the existing creative crew, as they were given 3 hours of pay per view time to fill despite not having a roster that was really equipped for it and also having to deal with the fact pretty much every guy even approaching a genuine star on the brand had been shoehorned into one match, leaving the already threadbare roster even thinner.

Could ECW defy the odds and still put on a fun event? Let’s watch on and find out!

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In Defense of the WWECW

Hey Scott,
I know there are lots of reasons why Raw is lame right now, but I wonder if one of the reasons is when things on Raw got repetitive had a tendency of plucking whoever was hot on ECW off of that show and hotshot them onto Raw. They did it with Swagger, with Mark Henry, Evan Bourne, Sheamus, & Morrison/Miz. They usually squandered whoever they brought over (no surprise), and it was always to the detriment of ECW (like they gave a shit), but it was the smallest jolt of something new happening. They can't do this with NXT because they don't even bother to put it on TV. I guess if I have a point, WWE's sissy-pants ECW kinda served the same purpose of the real ECW, and now it's gone too.

The problem is more with their developmental system in general.  You could say that HHH is developmentally challenged, I suppose.  
*drops microphone, walks off*

WWECW house show

Hi Scott,
WWE's ECW run a house show back at the ECW arena. I recall seeing a small highlight package on the WWE site at the time (including Trinity fucking her knee up from a Moonsault to the outside, I believe). I also recall that it sounded like a decent card.
Do you know any details about this show? And if there's any way I could get my hands on it?
Thanks man, keep up the awesome work.

I don't recall such a thing, but I was barely paying attention to the product at that point anyway.  Anyone know what he's referring to?