Impact Wrestling – January 9, 2014

January 9, 2014
Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Mike Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
is the final taped show in a long series of them as we’re closing in
on Genesis next week. The main story tonight is the World Title
unification match between AJ Styles and Magnus which has had a full
week’s worth of hype. On top of that, Kurt Angle has an open
challenge to anyone willing to step inside of a cage with him. Let’s
get to it.

the opening recap, here’s Dixie in a sweater and skirt that belongs
on a 22 year old. She doesn’t want to put up with this nonsense
tonight so AJ needs to get out here and sign this contract. AJ comes
out but Dixie goes into a long rant about how the contract is for one
night only and the match tonight is going to be No DQ. She wants
Magnus to leave AJ bloodied and broken and carried out on a stretcher
tonight so he’ll be out of her life forever.
says she must have a lot of confidence in her champion, just like she
did at Bound For Glory when she bet against AJ and lost. Before
signing, AJ says there are boys in the back that hate Dixie just as
much as he does and they don’t mind coming out here to help him
tonight. Dixie says those people weren’t there for him over the last
11 years like she was when she was feeding his wife and kids.
owns those people and will be the one to break AJ Styles. AJ says
Dixie doesn’t get wrestling because it’s supposed to be about two
wrestlers but Dixie keeps screwing it up. The belt got respect when
AJ won it while the paper champion was hiding under Dixie’s skirt, so
here’s Magnus to keep this segment going.
asks Dixie to leave the ring and gets in AJ’s face for calling him a
paper champion. The last image anyone had of AJ is him running away,
just like he’ll be doing after Magnus gets done with him tonight.
Magnus leaves and AJ talks about how it took eleven years to get him
to the title, which is the kind of hard work Magnus doesn’t
break Dixie tells Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa to make sure they take care
of something.
Young/Joseph Park vs. Bro Mans
Dixie is shown in the back telling the Bro Mans how serious this is.
I have a bad feeling about a running theme tonight. Eric starts
fast with Robbie and tries to do a Flair strut after being sent into
the corner but instead slides through his legs for a sunset flip. A
belly to belly puts Jessie down and Eric loads up the top rope elbow
but we see Gail and Tapa beating up ODB in the back.
runs off to help, leaving Joseph to get double teamed. Park gets
beaten down into the corner but runs both champions over with
shoulder blocks and slams. Robbie’s cross body just bounces off Park
so he chop blocks Park down instead. The Bro Down (Hart Attack) is
good for the pin at 3:27.
D+. This was more about the
story than the match as it seems Dixie has recruited the Bro Mans and
Gail Kim and Tapa. It’s probably better that was as we haven’t had a
heel stable in all of six weeks around here. The match was nothing
to see and the less Eric Young I have to see, the better.
match the Bro Mans remove a piece of the barricade and put it in the
ring, setting up a Bro Down on Park onto the steel.
goes into Dixie’s office (fourth appearance in 25 minutes) and says
he’ll have AJ’s back tonight. Dixie says Joe has a match with Ethan
Carter III tonight, but Joe says Ethan’s blood is on Dixie’s hands
carries ODB to an ambulance, sending Sting off to find Dixie.
Storm is in the ring and wants to talk to Gunner right now. Gunner
comes to the ring and Storm talks about being part of some of the
best tag teams ever in wrestling history. You have to check your ego
if you’re going to be part of a team, but if loving the fans chanting
Cowboy means you have a big ego, he has the biggest ego of all time.
The world title has split up Beer Money, America’s Most Wanted and
now the two of them.
says Storm can keep his ego because he has the case. Storm knew the
risk he was taking in Feast or Fired and Gunner played by the rules.
James says let’s hang the case up one more time because Gunner can’t
do it again in another match. They shake on it and I think we have
either a briefcase on a pole or a ladder match, presumably for next
Carter jumps Joe in the back.
come back with Ethan and Joe slugging it out on the stage before Joe
punches Ethan down the ramp.
Carter III vs. Samoa Joe
ight into the ring and we get a bell with Joe taking over with his
usual stuff. The backsplash gets two and Carter is knocked into the
corner for the enziguri, only to have Carter come out with a dropkick
to the knee. Ethan goes after the knee as the fans tell Carter he
can’t wrestle. Joe breaks up something off the top and goes for the
MuscleBuster, only to have Spud grab Joe’s leg. The distraction lets
Carter get in a shot to the knee for a… contest at 2:50?
Shouldn’t it be a DQ?
hits Joe’s knee with a wrench to really put him out.
promises to wreck anyone who gets in a cage with him tonight because
he’ll be seeing Bobby Roode.
recap all the injures tonight.
refuses to be taken to the hospital but is forced to go.
Storm and Gunner have been attacked by whiskey bottles. Sting sees
them and goes through the door to find Dixie (5th
appearance) for a good yelling about the events tonight. She says
this is a dangerous business but Sting says she can be turned back.
He asks what happened to her but Dixie yells at him for trying to be
Dr. Phil. Sting has a match tonight with an unnamed opponent.
Angle vs. ???
a cage with an open challenge. Angle waits and gets…..Bobby Roode?
He doesn’t come to the cage though because he’s got a mic. In seven
days Angle is going to lose inside the cage and his Hall of Fame
induction will be gone forever. Roode says Angle can get him in the
cage next week, but for tonight it’s two on one.
Angle vs. Bad Influence
goes through the door as Kaz tries to climb the cage. Angle puts
Christopher down and goes after Kaz, only to get crotched on the top.
Daniels sends Angle into the cage as Kaz comes in with a top rope ax
handle to give Christopher two. Angle is rammed back first into the
cage as Bad Influence keeps up their double teaming. He grabs a
small package on Daniels but Kaz grabs the referee to prevent a
spinning springboard legdrop gets two on Angle but he pops up with
the suplexes for everyone. We get Germans, belly to bellys and more
Germans before Kaz breaks up the Angle Slam on Daniels. Kaz tries to
leave but gets superplexed down, landing on Daniels in the process.
Angle sends Daniels hard into the cage before the Angle Slam pins Kaz
at 6:11.
C+. Kurt Angle just knows how
to have a good cage match. The good thing here is that Bad Influence
can lose over and over again but keep coming back through their
hilarious antics. The match with Roode next week is going to be
great as those two have the chemistry to have an awesome match every
time they’re out there.
appearance) says leave the cage up. Bobby Roode comes in and is told
he has a cage match tonight. Roode assumes it’s with Angle but it’s
against Sting. Bobby freaks out as you would expect him to. Dixie
promises to have him covered.
is having pictures taken with some fans when Al Snow comes up in a
car, saying Angle has to get to the airport for an emergency.
Roode vs. Sting
a cage as well. I didn’t hear a bell but Sting takes him into the
corner, only to be taken down by a shoulder block. Sting blocks
being rammed into the cage but Roode does the same. A Stinger Splash
hits Roode’s feet and Roode gets two off a clothesline. Sting won’t
let Bobby go through the door and stops a charging Roode with a boot
and elbow to the jaw.
comes back with a spinebuster for two but Sting breaks up another
escape attempt. Sting slams him off the top in classic fashion
before ramming Roode into the cage a few times. A pair of Stinger
Splashes sets up the Death Drop and Deathlock but here are Ethan and
Spud to interfere. Spud distracts the referee, allowing Spud to send
in a baton so Roode can lay Sting out and escape at 7:10.
C-. This was mainly just
killing time until the interfering ending but it wasn’t that bad for
the most part. Tonight is a one story show and it got old about half
an hour ago. Sting works best in quick bursts like this and the
match wasn’t bad due to how short it was. Still though, two cage
matches not combining to go fifteen minutes isn’t something I can get
today, Mr. Anderson entered a funeral home to finish this with Ray.
recap Ray trying to set Joseph park on fire last week.
is in the funeral home where Aces and 8’s were laid to rest. Ray is
sitting in the corner with his sunglasses on and Anderson says let’s
finish this. Bully says if he wanted to finish this, he would have
done it last week with the lighter. That’s too forgiving of him
though because he wants this to last. He says there’s something in
his other hand that doesn’t smell as nice (lighter fluid?) before
talking about Anderson taking everything from him.
wants his loneliness to encompass Anderson’s life. Next week is
Genesis, or the beginning, but it means the end for Anderson. He
talks about Anderson throwing the Aces and 8’s colors in the coffin
and tells Anderson to go look at what’s in there now. Anderson goes
to look and gets ad before turning back to see Ray gone. We see what
appears to be baby clothes in Anderson’s hands.
recap the attacks tonight.
comes into Dixie’s office (7th appearance tonight) and
says it takes more than that to put him down. Dixie says it’s
contract season and implies that she’ll pay Sting to side with her.
recap the AJ vs. Dixie situation and hype the main event.
run down the stacked Genesis card.
World Title: AJ Styles vs. Magnus
DQ and both guys are champion coming in. Magnus immediately goes to
the floor and does it again for a second time in less than ninety
seconds. No contact yet. Magnus gets back in but here are Ethan
Carter and Spud to jump AJ before any contact is made. AJ fights
them off and superkicks Magnus in the ribs but Carter breaks up a
Styles Clash attempt. Sting finally comes out for the save but
doesn’t do anything as AJ saves himself. Magnus bails to the floor
and we take a break.
with the two champions still not making contact as the Bro Mans and
Zema Ion come out to jump Sting and AJ and giving us six run-ins in
less than eight minutes. Zema DDTs AJ and the Bro Down gets a
delayed two on Styles. Sting comes back in as Magnus just chills at
ringside. The Brit finally comes back in and AJ quickly loads up the
Clash, only to have Bad Influence make the save and lay him out with
a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo.
Hebner refuses to count so Dixie and Brian Hebner get us to ELEVEN
people coming out for this match. Bad Influence goes High/Low on AJ
for two and Brian gets yelled at. Sting lays out the Bro Mans with a
double Death Drop on the floor before putting Ion in the Deathlock.
AJ fights back against Bad Influence as Sting comes in to help even
more. We’re down to Magnus vs. AJ with Styles getting the Calf
Killer, only to have Kazarian take out the referee.
monkey flips AJ into Daniels but AJ clotheslines him down and Peles
Kaz. Now the Styles Clash takes out Magnus but there’s no referee.
Earl Hebner hobbles back out (we’ll call that #12) to count two
before AJ dives over the top to take out Bad Influence yet again. AJ
goes up top but Bobby Roode makes it #13 by shoving Styles into the
ropes. Three AA/DVDs lay AJ out for about the fifth time, giving
Magnus the pin (thanks to referee #3 and the fourteenth person added
to the match) and the undisputed title at 15:47. Sting was being
held back by most of the heels in case you were wondering.
D. So they spent all night
hyping up the match before going full Russo on it. That’s what we
spent months and months building to? The match was definitely
energetic but we really had to spend all this time setting up Dixie
with her corporate champion? Assuming AJ leaving isn’t a HUGE
swerve, this was one of the biggest wastes of time I can remember in
and Magnus pose to end the show.
D+. The Angle and
Ray/Anderson stuff was good but WOW the rest of it got on my nerves
in a hurry. This was one of TNA’s biggest problems flaring up all
over again: putting everything on one idea and going full blast with
it until the fans are sick of the story. Genesis looks stacked but
man alive this show got annoying fast. Dixie just doesn’t do it for
me as the top heel and the lack of planning with AJ basically makes
everything since the summer a waste of time.
Mans b. Joseph Park/Eric Young – Bro Down to Park
Carter III vs. Samoa Joe went to a no contest
Angle b. Bad Influence – Angle Slam to Kazarian
Roode b. Sting – Roode escaped the cage
b. AJ Styles – Magnus pinned Styles after a Death Valley Driver
from Bobby Roode
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WWF Championship Wrestling August 24th, 1985

August 24, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
In action tonight are the Killer Bees, Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff, and Tony Atlas & George Wells. Also, Randy Savage will choose his manager, with Bruno thinking it will be Jimmy Hart and Vince guessing Freddie Blassie. Plus, Terry Funk will be on Piper’s Pit.

Barry O. & Rusty Brooks vs. Killer Bees
Blair uses his speed to elude Brooks. He hits a flying forearm before tagging Brunzell. Brooks rakes the eyes and tags Barry. They trade arm wringers and slams until Blair tags. He hits a flying elbow smash and the Bees work the arm of Barry, who is able to tag Brooks. Brunzell hits him with a flying knee smash, landing right on top of him when he landed, getting two. Brunzell then slams Brooks and Blair finishes him off with a sitdown splash from the top rope (3:57).
Thoughts: Decent action. The Bees were really good as a team in the ring. In terms of charisma, not that much but there have been a lot worse than them in that department.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. The subjects for this week are Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo. They show a clip of them winning the tag titles. The day this show aired, Windham & Rotundo lost the belts to the Dream Team at the Philadelphia Spectrum. I will be reviewing that house show next.
Pedro Morales vs. A.J. Petruzzi
Morales slams Petruzzi, who rolls outside for a breather. Mr. Fuji joins the booth and states his case for winning the “Manager of the Year” award. He says he should win because he is great. Morales slingshots Petruzzi back into the ring, who begs for mercy in the corner. Morales is incredibly lazy here by the way. He sends Petruzzi back outside with some forearm smashes. Back inside, Morales hits a backdrop then puts him away with the Boston Crab (3:09). Loud chants for Pedro after the match.
Thoughts: Most of the focus was on Fuji stating his case for the “Manager of the Year” award. The match was dreadful but the fans still dug Pedro in the Northeast.
Gene Okerlund runs down the September 7th show at the Boston Garden. Hulk Hogan comes out and says that he has “traveled miles to deal with piles of trials” before running down King Kong Bundy not only for being ignorant but also for not saying his prayers of taking his vitamins.
Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/ Freddie Blassie vs. Keith & Al Diamond
Volkoff kicks one of the Diamond’s (the announcers couldn’t even identify them) from behind. He beats the piss out of him before tagging the Sheik. He continues the assault then throws him in the opposite corner. The other Diamond tags in and gets suplexed before submitting to the Camel Clutch (1:55). After the match, the jobbers get tossed to the floor.
Thoughts: The heels were ultra-aggressive as they are still angry over losing the belts.
Mean Gene is now with Corporal Kirchner. He talks to Gene about never quitting and going all the way. Kirchner was not very good on the microphone.
Susan Starr vs. Spider Lady w/Fabulous Moolah
Starr kicks the Spider Lady away after she attempted a leg lock. Starr then goes to work on the arm as Moolah is up on the apron. The Spider Lady takes control with an elbow smash as Vince tells us that Savage will surprise everyone with his choice as manager because it is not someone we are familiar with .Moolah chokes out Starr behind the referee’s back then Spider Lady puts her away with a powerslam (2:44).
Thoughts: I don’t know who played the Spider Lady this time (Judy Martin?) but several different woman played her at this time. It was her debut on Championship Wrestling.
Piper’s Pit with guest Terry Funk. He talks about JYD, calling him a clown and a buffoon. Funk then does an impersonation of a cattle getting branded before he and Piper call JYD a “jackass.” Funk ends the segment by spitting tobacco onto the camera lens. This was pretty funny, actually.
Tony Atlas & George Wells vs. Bolo & John Rizzo
Wells knocks down Rizzo, who immediately tags out. Atlas tags and goes to work on Bolo, who bails after Atlas attempts to remove his mask. The faces go to work on Rizzo until Wells gets the win with a flying shoulder tackle (2:36). After the match, Atlas is shown hugging fans at ringside.
Thoughts: This was pretty bad, actually. Wells & Atlas showed absolutely nothing as a team. It was like they hated each other the way they acted as a team. Atlas would flame out soon enough due to drugs.
Hillbilly Jim gives us a PSA, telling us to always listen to our parents.
Jim Young vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage
All of the active heel managers in the WWF are at ringside. Macho beats the piss out of Young before throwing him to the floor. He follows out with a double ax handle then rolls him back inside. He hits a delayed vertical suplex before putting him away with the flying elbow drop (1:46). After the match, he tosses Young back to the floor. Savage grabs the mic and tells us this is the big day and thanks all of the managers for their consideration, giving them compliments in the process, before announcing his new manager. He says they are right behind the door and it opens to reveal a smiling young woman, who has the crowd whistling and Vince going out of his mind. Savage doesn’t reveal her name as the announcers refer to her as a mystery lady.
Thoughts: At the time, I am sure this was a shock. For those who hadn’t figured out, this was the debut of Miss Elizabeth. I wonder how this angle, with all of the hype only to debut an unknown hot woman, would have gotten over today, in the day and age of needing immediate gratification?
Gene Okerlund is with Pedro Morales. He tortures us with a boring interview. Then speaks in Spanish at the request of Mean Gene. Even in his promos, it was clear that Morales didn’t give a fuck at this point in his career.
Bruno and Vince close the show by discussing the Macho Man’s choice of manager. Vince also lets us know that next week, Corporal Kirchner will be making his debut.
Final Thoughts: The theme of the show was finding out who was going to become the manager of Savage. The decision of the beautiful young woman was a shock to the crowd and I assume everyone at home too. You just didn’t see woman who looked like that in wrestling back then. The rest of the matches were basically meaningless but Piper’s Pit was entertaining at least.

WWF Championship Wrestling August 17th, 1985

August 17, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
Tonight, the Junkyard Dog & Ricky Steamboat team up. Also, the Dream Team and Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo will be in action. Plus, Terry Funk and Don Muraco in singles action.

Dave Barbie & Tiger Chung Lee vs. Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo w/Capt. Lou Albano
The announcers talk up Albano as being the favorite for the “Manager of the Year” award. Lee and Rotundo work a decent sequence that ends with Rotundo working the arm. The champs work on the arm of Lee until he escapes and tags. Barbie slams Rotundo then drops an elbow. Rotundo fights back and tags Windham, who hits a dropkick then puts him away with the bulldog (3:14).
Thoughts: Decent enough showing for the champs. Lee was back on TV for the first time in 1985 here.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. For the third consecutive week, the focus is on Corporal Kirchner. We get a new vignette, this time Kirchner swimming in a swamp holding a knife in his mouth. Holy shit was he terrible at promos. They sure did spend a lot of time hyping his debut.
Terry Funk vs. Paul Roma
Funk backs Roma against the rope before tossing him through the ropes. He suplexes him back in but gets kicked over the top rope after applying a spinning toe hold. Roma fires away but Funk takes him down with a shoulder block. Roma hits a really sloppy small package but Funk hits him with a back suplex. Roma holds the rope to avoid a neckbreaker then hits a pair of slams as the crowd goes wild. Roma bounces off of the ropes but Funk catches him with a sleeper for the win, despite the crowd starting a Roma chant (3:00). After the match, Funk brands Roma before smacking and kicking him around.
Thoughts: Good stuff. Funk made Roma look really good, even getting the crowd believing that Roma had a chance to win. Funk was always good about letting the job guys get in some offense. He was awesome during this run.
Gene Okerlund is with Hulk Hogan. He said that he trained with Andre the Giant in order to prepare for King Kong Bundy. One of the wackier Hogan promo’s I have ever seen and by the way he looked, it wouldn’t have surprised me to learn that he took some “gimmicks” before filming the segment.
Mike Donnatelli vs. Tito Santana
Santana works the arm of Donnatelli as Capt. Lou Albano joins the booth and talks about the “Manager of the Year” award. Freddie Blassie comes out and argues with him before hitting him over the head. Albano gets pissed and rants and raves on commentary as Donnatelli stalls outside of the ring. Back inside, Santana takes him down with a side headlock. Shortly after that, he hits him with a flying forearm before getting the win with the figure four leg lock (3:23). After the match, we get a replay of Blassie attacking Albano.
Thoughts: This match was more of a backdrop for the “Manager of the Year” angle than anything else, which is odd seeing as the IC Champ was wrestling in the match. Tito’s second IC Title run didn’t really click for some reason.
Freddie Miller is with Uncle Elmer, who will be taking part of a six-man tag in Boston. Elmer is confused and thinks that Boston is in Mississippi. He cuts a horrendous promo, babbling like an idiot the entire time. Uncle Elmer might have been the worst all-around wrestler in WWF history.
Gary Starr & “Leaping” Lanny Poffo vs. The Dream Team w/Jimmy Hart & Johnny Valiant
The camera pans to a lot anti-Beefcake signs in the crowd. They all lack wit and that includes the guy with the “Brutus Beefjerky” sign. Anyway, Beefcake works over Poffo in the corner. Poffo fights back with a pair of dropkicks, including one to Valentine. He tags Starr, who immediately gets destroyed by Beefcake. Valentine tags and drops a few elbows before applying the figure four leg lock for the win (2:09).
Thoughts: Dominate showing by the Dream Team. They are getting a big push now as a team instead of two singles wrestlers who occasionally team up.
Piper’s Pit with Andre the Giant. The segment starts with the chair empty as Piepr accusing Andre of not having the guts to come out. He then rips apart a magazine piece by piece that features Andre. As he rants on and on, Andre comes out, causing Piper to change his tone. The segment ends with Piper throwing an Andre T-shirt against the wall before running away. Piper was pretty funny here.
Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Sal Gee
Muraco works over the back of Gee as the announcers talk about his feud with Ricky Steamboat. Muraco takes his anger out on Gee as the fans yell “beach bum” at him. After some more stomps and kicks, Muraco puts him away with the Tombstone Piledriver (2:12).
Thoughts: Not much to this match at all. They put over the Muraco/Steamboat feud on commentary.
Randy Savage gives us a PSA about staying in shape. He tells us to go to the gym so we do not stay a skinny wimp. This was great stuff by Savage.
Moondog Spot & Steve Lombardi vs. Junkyard Dog & Ricky Steamboat
Steamboat hits Lombardi with a flurry of offense. He then slingshots in with a Thesz Press. JYD tags and the crowd loves him. He headbutts Spot a few times before getting caught in the wrong corner. Lombardi is now the legal man and JYD headbutts him after tagging Steamboat, who gets the win with a flying body press (2:33).
Thoughts: This was fine. JYD was super over in 1985 too. I mean the crowd when nuts during his matches .
Freddie Miller is with the Dream Team, plugging their match at the Boston Garden. They are teaming with Johnny Valiant to go against Uncle Elmer & Ivan Putski & Pedro Morales (Holy shit is that an awful team or what). Valentine  runs down Morales for being washed up and says that Elmer is nothing but a pig farmer. Then, Valiant comes out, looking and sounding obliterated. They finish a song mocking Elmer before leaving. Lively stuff.
In action next week are Randy Savage, Spider Lady, Pedro Morales, Killer Bees, and the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff. Also, Vince tells us that Randy Savage will introduce his new manager on the show.
Final Thoughts: This show was okay, with the major focus on the “Manager of the Year” angle and some of the secondary feuds. They still hyped the debut of Corporal Kirchner, which ended up as a dud. The Funk/Roma match was really fun for a TV squash and you had some entertaining promos.

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Impact Wrestling – January 2, 2014

January 2, 2014
Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Mike Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
main story tonight is the coronation of Magnus as the new world
champion, which screams AJ Styles return. It’s clear that they’re
setting up a unification match in the near future which should be
interesting, even if the result has been spoiled by the latest news
with Styles. Other than that we could see more of whatever Bully Ray
was talking about last week when he promised to be more evil than
ever. Let’s get to it.

vs. Sabin for the X Title tonight.
Angle to open things up. He talks about 2013 being the worst year of
his career which is why he declined the Hall of Fame induction.
Angle promises to make up for it in 2014 but here’s Bobby Roode to
interrupt. Bobby thinks Angle is going to announce his retirement
because he knows he can’t beat Bobby Roode. If that’s the case,
Roode wants Angle to admit that Roode is the better man face to face.

says he’s here to make it clear that he’ll dominate 2014. That’s why
he wants one more match with Bobby, which sends Roode into fits of
shouting WHAT. He turns Angle down because he has nothing left to
prove to either Angle or the fans. Roode finally agrees to the match
at Genesis, but if Angle loses, he can never go into the Hall of
Fame. Angle agrees as long as the match can be in a steel cage.
Roode shouts a lot more and says it’s on. They brawl again until
referees and Spud come out to break it up. Spud gets shoved down so
he says both guys can find a partner for a tag match tonight.
says she’s spent eleven years trying to find the perfect champion and
she’ll find it tonight. She walks through a door and is given a note
saying See You Tonight.
a break, Spud is tasked with finding out who sent the note.
Kim vs. Madison Rayne
is part of the Open Challenge. Madison poses on the middle rope but
dives off with a cross body to get us going. Gail gets stomped down
in the corner but comes back with some mounted right hands. Madison
armdrags her down but Tapa pulls Rayne out to the floor. Back in and
Gail puts on a surfboard with a dragon sleeper to bend Madison in
some very impressive directions.
lets go of the hold and it’s a double clothesline to put both girls
down. Eat Defeat is countered into a backslide for two before
Madison goes to the middle rope, only to be slammed face first into
the mat. Another Eat Defeat attempt is countered into a side roll by
Madison for the pin at 5:08.
C-. The match was fine from a
technical standpoint but there’s no emotion or interest in this
division anymore. It’s just insert challenger here facing off with
whoever the champion is that month with no significant story at all.
Madison is a nice breath of air but it’s nothing that’s going to make
things better long term.
Sabin shushes Velvet Sky and threatens to leave her if she doesn’t do
what he says tonight.
gets Gunner to be his partner tonight when Storm comes up to say
that’s interesting.
title: Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries
is defending. Sabin hides in the corner to start until Aries takes
over with a running dropkick. The Last Chancery has Sabin in early
trouble but Aries lets go of the hold. Chris goes to the floor to
yell at Velvet who says it’s not her match. Back in and Aries gets
two off an elbow before busting out a stump puller of all things. A
slingshot splash and Lionsault get two each for Aries but Sabin comes
back with a belly to back suplex.
gets caught in the Tree of Woe but does a situp to grab Sabin by the
face and pull him down with a Diamond Cutter. Nice counter. Sabin
bails to the floor and gets taken down with a double ax handle. Back
in and Sabin tells Velvet to get on the apron as a distraction,
allowing Chris to low blow Aries and grab a small package for the pin
and the title at 5:45.
C+. This was fun while it
lasted but it makes Aries’ title reign seem completely worthless.
TNA is usually better about not changing titles back and forth at the
drop of a hat so hopefully this doesn’t become a trend. I could
however go for more of Velvet Sky in tight blue dresses.
keeps looking for information about the note when he gets a call. No
one is on the phone and Spud says he’s gotten four calls from that
number. It’s a 678 area code, which Google says is the area code for
Gainesville, Georgia.
Shaw vs. Norv Fernum
is in dress pants and a long sleeve shirt with black gloves. He
escorts Christy to the floor and looks almost bored. A powerslam and
Orton backbreaker have Fernum in trouble and a standing choke
(imagine the start of a Rock Bottom but Shaw clasps his hands and
chokes) gets the win for Shaw at 1:38.
storm is going to show Angle why he made a mistake in picking Gunner.
He opens a door and sees someone he’s been looking for.
break and of course Storm was talking to Roode. Storm says he hates
Roode but needs to be his partner tonight to send a message. Roode
says that’s not his problem and he doesn’t need Storm, just like
always. Storm says he’ll be out there tonight one way or another.
on Magnus getting to the title.
Storm/Bobby Roode vs. Gunner/Kurt Angle
and Angle get things going with Kurt elbowing James in the face. Off
to Roode vs. Gunner with Gunner going face first into the buckle.
That seems to just make Gunner mad as he comes back with a slingshot
suplex for two on Roode. Bobby comes back with a spinebuster but
Storm tags himself in for some two counts and right hands to the
Money hits the double suplex for a flashback as the old team starts
getting their game together. Kurt has enough of standing on the
apron and comes in to clean house with rolling Germans on Roode.
There’s an overhead belly to belly on Storm followed by the ankle
lock until Roode makes the save. Gunner picks Roode up in the Gun
Rack but Storm Last Calls Gunner, allowing Roode to hit the Death
Valley Driver for the pin at 6:40.
C+. Beer Money continues to
have chemistry but I’m hoping this is a one off thing. Storm has
been ready for a singles run for years now but they keep putting him
into tag teams because that’s what he’s done before. The Gunner team
was a step back for him and Beer Money would be an even bigger one.
Both singles matches should rock though.
accuses Sting of sending the note but Sting blows him off.
EC3 to brag about getting rid of Jeff Hardy. Even though Jeff is
gone to write songs about the Creatures, EC3 tells Christy to
introduce Jeff for a match. Naturally there’s no Jeff so Carter
“wins” by forfeit. Carter counts to ten (“One, two, EC3”)
but here’s Sting to interrupt. Sting calls Carter a dog who can’t do
anything without his Aunt Dixie there to save him. Carter is just
Dixie’s lap dog but Sting wants him to get off the leash and prove
he’s a man. Ethan bails so Sting calls him a lap dog again. The
fans agree with Sting’s nickname so Carter agrees to fight Sting at
Park doesn’t remember turning into Abyss so it can’t be real. Eric
Young has put him in a match with Bully Ray because Abyss wrestled
Ray two years ago this week. Eric leaves and Ray comes up to say
Park will be all alone tonight, just like Ray is now. Ray threatens
to set Park on fire.
Park vs. Bully Ray
stands in the corner in a hoodie, jeans and sunglasses. He looks up
at Park and kicks him low for the DQ at 57 seconds. That was the
only move of the match.
match Ray pulls out a bottle of lighter fluid and covers Park before
pulling out a lighter. Mr. Anderson runs out for the save but Ray
sprays him with fluid as well. There’s the lighter again but Ray
turns it off and walks away.
time for the coronation with Spud and Ethan in the ring in front of a
throne, ferns and the Union Jack. Spud calls this bigger than the
royal wedding and says Dixieland is a place where dreams come true.
Ethan, the Master of Ceremonies, brags about how awesome he is and
talks about how Magnus rules the world. He finally brings out Dixie
who is booed out of the building. She talks about being on a plane
to England and seeing a magazine article on AJ Styles. Then she saw
a piece on Magnus who was a huge star in the United Kingdom and was
all that (her words).
the champion in a nice suit with the title over his shoulder.
Magnus: “This is your champion speaking. Please return your women
to their full and upright positions.” Before Magnus goes anywhere
he has to thank Dixie for everything she’s done for him over the
years. Magnus knows that the fans expected Roode, Angle or even
Hardy here but he proved everyone wrong. It wasn’t him that turned
his back on the fans but rather the fans who turned on him. He’ll be
world champion for a VERY long time but here’s Gunner with the
briefcase as we go to our last break.
with Gunner saying he’s cashing in right now. Dixie says this isn’t
happening but Gunner cleans house anyway. Magnus is the only one
left standing but Spud gets in a cheap shot to take him down. Magnus
loads up a belt shot but AJ Styles runs in through the crowd for the
showdown. They hold up their belts and AJ lays his on the mat like a
line in the sand. Magnus bails with Dixie and AJ says come get your
intellectual property.
isn’t here because Dixie wants him here but rather because Dixie
screwed the people. He needed to come back here because Magnus is a
farce. Magnus will never be a world champion until he beats THE
world champion. If Magnus wants to be what he says he is, he’ll have
to accept the challenge. The fans chant YOU’RE A PUPPET, taking away
a lot of the intensity they’re going for here.
Magnus doesn’t accept, he’ll always doubt himself as the champion.
However, if AJ walks out those doors again, his offer goes with him.
Magnus agrees to fight next week (instead of at Genesis for some
reason) and tells Dixie if he doesn’t fight, he’s leaving too. Dixie
says over her dead body but Magnus says give AJ a one night only
contract. They shake hands and the match is official.
B-. This wasn’t a
perfect show tonight but they did a good job with what they had. The
Bully Ray stuff has me intrigued and the AJ return can get them on to
something new. Tonight was about the storytelling instead of the
matches and there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re headed towards
Genesis which has a stacked card that should be one of their better
PPV shows in awhile. Good effort tonight, though I have very little
faith that they can keep it up.
Rayne b. Gail Kim – Side roll
Sabin b. Austin Aries – Small package
Storm/Bobby Roode b. Kurt Angle/Gunner – Last Call to Gunner
Park b. Bully Ray via DQ when Ray kicked Park low
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WWF Championship Wrestling August 10th, 1985

August 10, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
In action tonight are Ricky Steamboat, Paul Orndorff, and Uncle Elmer. Also, the Killer Bees and the Hart Foundation plus a six-man tag featuring Big John Studd & Missing Link & Adrian Adonis.

Bobby Wade vs. Uncle Elmer w/Hillbilly Jim
Before the match, Jim introduces Hulk Hogan to the crowd. The fans go crazy for the Hulkster. The match starts with Elmer shoving Wade around. He hits a few forearms then puts him away with a leg drop (1:11).
Thoughts: Very short match, which is for the best. Anyway, this was really just a way to introduce Hogan to the crowd and by that, give the Hillbillies some credibility in the process.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. Once again, the subject for this week is Corporal Kirchner. We get another vignette, this time it is Kirchner in a swamp participating in his “training.” Even knowing that the gimmick was a flop, these vignettes did not come across too impressive at all. Kirchner’s wooden delivery didn’t help either.
The first television ad for the “Wrestling Superstars” action figures airs.
Killer Bees vs. Mr. X & Bolo
This match is joined-in-progress. Also, I have no idea of Bolo’s identity. If someone does know, that would be great. The Bees are using quick tags to isolate Bolo in their corner. Johnny Valiant joins the booth and gives his reasons as to why he should win the “Manager of the Year” award. Mr. X tags in but the Bees work him over. The Bees are looking really good in the ring here. Brunzell gets worked over briefly but makes the tag. Blair runs wild and uses a double noggin knocker before tossing X to the floor and shortly after that, Brunzell puts Bolo away with a dropkick. A little over four minutes of this was shown.
Thoughts: The fans were not into the match at all but did pop for the finish. Again, the Bees looked great inside of the ring. Lots of fast-paced offense here.
Gene Okerlund is with Hulk Hogan, who will be facing King Kong Bundy at the September house show in Boston. The Hulkster said that not only can the Bostonians work hard all day and party all night, but they also say their prayers and take their vitamins.
Dan Rymonti vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
Never seen Rymonti before but he is jacked, although a bit on the short side. Steamboat gets a hiptoss after an Irish whip sequence. He works the arm for a bit then chops away. He hits a swinging neckbreaker then goes back to the arm. Rymonti lands a cheap shot then throws some truly awful punches. Steamboat fights back with a kick then chops him down before finishing him off with a flying body press (3:36).
Thoughts: Rymonti was horrendous, even by jobber standards, but Steamboat was over with this crowd. Not much to this match.
Gene Okerlund is with Jimmy Hart. He says that he had King Kong Bundy wrestle in Japan until Hogan signed a contract to face him. Hart says that Bundy was beating 2-3 men at a time and promises a victory for Bundy. Good interview by Hart, who IMO, was the most underrated manager of all-time.
Hart Foundation w/Jimmy Hart vs. Jimmy Jackson & S.D. Jones
Brett stalls for a minute after slapping S.D. on the back of the head. S.D is able to hit an inverted atomic drop. Both men tag out as Neidhart punches Jackson in the face after he attempted a sunset flip. The Harts double team Jackson until they put him away with a terrible looking Hart Attack (2:11).
Thoughts: Brief match and it was pretty bad, to be honest. The Harts continue to slowly get over as a heel team. They are not their yet at all though.
Piper’s Pit with guests Don Muraco and Mr. Fuji. Muraco says he turned down the likes of Johnny Carson and Merv Griffin to be interviewed by a real star like Piper. The heels gush all over each other as Piper puts over Muraco for backing up his talk, unlike the fans. After that, both men swap T-shirts. The segment was another heel lovefest on the Pit.
A.J. Petruzzi vs. Paul Orndorff
Before the match, Petruzzi states he will collect the bounty on Orndorff, using the least confident tone you could possibly have. Petruzzi botches a spot in which he was supposed to be clotheslined. Orndorff slams him as Piper and Orton approach the ring. Petruzzi gets tossed to the floor so Piper rolls him eight back inside. The fans then go nuts as Andre the Giant comes down to the ring, which has Piper and Orton retreat. After that, Orndorff nearly murders Petruzzi before putting him away with a piledriver (2:32).
Thoughts: The angle here was that Orndorff was going to have someone in his corner at all times to protect him from the bounty, so he got the biggest guy in the federation in Andre. Good segment that hints at possible matches between Orndorff/Andre and Piper/Orton .
Bobby Heenan gives us a PSA about drinking and driving, saying not to be stupid and walk. Good advice.
Joe Mirto & Tony Garea & Matt Samson vs. Big John Studd & Missing Link & Adrian Adonis w/ Bobby Heenan
The match starts with the jobbers trying and failing to slam Studd. Garea enters and hits a dropkick but also fails to slam him. Link tags and headbutts Garea in the corner. The heels then take turns working over Samson. The fans start a chant for “Andre” as Adonis hits a top rope elbow. Studd tags then puts away Samson with a bodybreaker (3:49).
Thoughts: The match was fine. Samson took an unbelievable shitkicking here though. He was getting destroyed for most of the match. Link isn’t getting over and Adonis hasn’t been since his return.
Okerlund brings out Johnny Valiant, along with Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine, who proclaims himself and Beefcake the “Dream Team.” This was how they got their name. Not much else happened in this interview besides Valiant screwing up the name of Valentine.
Next week, Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo, Terry Funk, Don Muraco, Tito Santana, The Dream Team, and the Junkyard Dog & Ricky Steamboat will be in action.
Final Thoughts: An okay show. The biggest things that happened was Andre aligning with Orndorff and Valentine and Beefcake officially becoming a team. You can also call Hogan appearing on the show a big deal because it was a rare occurrence for that to happen. The matches were hit-or-miss and not much happened in terms of angle advancement.

TCW Wrestling – Episode 13-49 Review

Here’s hoping that everyone had a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Kwazy Kwanzaa and a Righteous Ramadan. Now go out and have a Happy New Year, and if you had a miserable 2013, here’s hoping 2014 is better. If you had a good 2013, here’s hoping you’re knocked down a peg or two.

First, here’s where to find the show on your local TV:

Now, from the Youtube channel, here’s the actual episode, if you feel like playing along:

The final episode of 2013. Taped from the Fort Smith Convention Center (or Centre, for you Canadians) in Fort Smith, AR. In the ring are your hosts, Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson. They run down this week’s card. New TCW International Champion Scott Phoenix makes his first title defense against “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony! Tag team action has The Magic Men taking on The Syrian Dynasty! The main event has TCW Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm defending against “King” Shane Williams! The show is ready to roll, so hit the opening video!

Match #1 – Scott Phoenix (c) vs. “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony – TCW International Championship.

FYI, for those new to this column, the International title here is the equivalent of the US or Intercontinental title. Lockup to start, with Phoenix backing Anthony to the corner for the quick break. A second lockup results in Phoenix again backing Anthony to the corner for another break. Side headlock by Anthony, but Phoenix powers out into an armlock, but Anthony hits the ropes for the break. Another lockup, Phoenix with the side headlock, but Anthony pushes him off the ropes, and Phoenix bowls him over with a shoulderblock, and Anthony rolls to the outside. We take a break.

When we come back, we’re in the ring with Anthony looking for the old fashioned test of strength. Phoenix takes it, and Anthony kicks him in the gut. Phoenix quickly grabs a headlock. Anthony pushes him off the ropes, Phoenix goes over, then goes over again, then hits another shoulderblock on Anthony. Anthony pulls down the straps! Going for another lock up, but this time Anthony hits a kick to the gut. Anthony now powers Phoenix up into a gorilla press slam. Phoenix no sells the slam as Anthony poses. Phoenix tries to clothesline Anthony over the top and fails, but the he’s successful on a second try, and Anthony is to the floor. Phoenix to the floor for a chop, and then rolls Anthony back in. To the corner, and Phoenix lays in a chop. A whip to the opposite corner is reversed, Anthony charges in, and Phoenix puts up the boot. Anthony catches it, whips Phoenix’s leg through the ropes, and kicks the ropes into the crotch. Anthony choking Phoenix on the mat. Anthony mounts Phoenix in the corner, lays in a few rights, then gets in some biting. Short arm clothesline for Anthony, and we’re to the rear headlock. Phoenix with a jawbreaker to counter, but Anthony puts him back down with a thrust chop coming off the ropes. Cover…1…2…kick out. Second quick cover for 2. Anthony lays in some jabs now and Phoenix is down for 2. Another rear headlock. Phoenix elbows out, and runs the ropes, under a clothesline, but Anthony gets a snap powerslam on the rebound. 1….2…kick out! Anthony grinds the forearm into the face. Now rubbing his face in the mat. Anthony to the top and HITS the double axehandle! Cover…1…2…kick out! Anthony to the top again, but Phoenix cuts him off and gets some rights to the gut. Anthony pushes him off and comes down and INTO A PHOENIX POWERSLAM! Cover…1…and Phoenix rolls off, apparently hurt. Both men slowly to their feet, and Phoenix hits a big boot. A pair of Stinger splashes in opposite corners for Phoenix. Now a back suplex, and Phoenix is fired up. Off the ropes and a big legdrop. Phoenix gets a sit out body slam. Cover…1….2…kick out! Going for Phoenix Rising (Disaster Kick) and it misses, but Phoenix gets the straight jacket neckbreaker! Anthony rolls out of the ring and to the floor. Anthony reaches the apron and he has brass knuckles on his hand! Phoenix pulls him to his feet, and Anthony gets the knux to the throat! Anthony with the cover…1…2…(“not this way!”)3! New champ! (11:30)

WINNER: And NEW TCW International Champion, Greg Anthony. **1/2 – This match started slowly and just got cooking before it ended. Phoenix doesn’t even retain in his first defense of the title. And in this promotion, heels cheat to win. Which is fine with me.

Now The Empire is out to celebrate the title win with Anthony. The leader, Matt Riviera has the stick. He says it’s no surprise The Empire has another title, and gives the mic to the new champ. Greg rips off the Flair classic “with a tear in my eye”. Apparently, Col. Parker wants to go to war against The Empire. Riviera back on the mic, and he states that they have gone to the board of directors and requested and received an 8-man elimination match for control of TCW against a team picked by Parker. The few shows I have seen leading up to this have not built to this angle, so this was out of nowhere for me.

Next week, an Iron Man match between Vordell Walker and Sigmon. Here’s a video recap of this feud.

Match #2 – The Magic Men (Neico and Dallas) vs. The Syrian Dynasty (Prince Al Farat and Akbar Farat).

The Syrian Dynasty are your evil foreigners a la The Iron Sheik in the 80’s. The Magic Men are male strippers. This could be an allegory for the excesses and immorality of the West clashing with the religious righteousness of the Middle East. Or it could just be strippers vs. sheiks. I’m not even going to mention Neico grinding in some fat chicks face. Well, I guess I just did. There’s even a stripping routine pre-match. Dallas starts off with Akbar. Akbar stomps him down in the corner. Dallas comes back with a headscissors. Neico tags in and the strippers do a bump n grind double elbow drop. Akbar takes Neico to the corner for some choking, and then Prince Al does some choking while the referee’s back is turned. Whip to the corner is reversed, and Neico hits a dropkick. Tag to Dallas and some double teaming puts Akbar down for 2. Dallas double stomps Akbar in the back. Akbar comes back with a jawbreaker. Electric chair drop for Akbar. We take a break.

We come back with Neico getting the hot tag. A whip to the corner is reversed, and Neico hits a pretty good springboard flying crossbody for 2. Neico hits a spinebuster. Neico to the top but Akbar crotches him. Akbar goes up for a superplex but is shoved off by Neico. Meanwhile, Prince Al pulls a spike out of his boot, but is dumped outside by Dallas. Dallas to the top, and The Magic Men pull off the top rope legdrop/splash combo to Akbar. Dallas with the cover…1…2…3. (5:24)

WINNERS: The Magic Men. ** – a short but spirited affair. Not much from the sheiks, as Prince Al Farat didn’t even get in the ring. The Magic Men may have a stupid gimmick, but they have potential as a high flying team.

Backstage, Jason Jones is walking into a melee in the locker room between managers Rich Rude and Boyd Bradford, with various heels and faces cheering them on. Col. Parker breaks it up, and decides to make a match. In two weeks, the TCW Tag Team Championship is on the line, Genetic Perfection vs. The Hounds of Hell, and the winning team will be the one who puts the opposing manager through a table. It’s different, but these are two good teams who can have a good match without the managers involved, but….the managers will be involved. Hopefully, it ends the feud.

Match #3 – “King” Shane Williams vs. Tim Storm (c) – TCW Heavyweight Championsip.

Storm shoves Williams to the mat on a lockup. On a second lockup, he shoves Williams to the corner. Shane tries a slam attempt, but Storm counters into a gorilla press and drops him. Storm with the side headlock, and Shane shoves him off the ropes, and Storm bowls Shane over with a shoulderblock, and Shane is to the floor. Shane back in, and gets a side headlock. Storm powers Shane off the ropes, Shane goes under a clothesline, but Storm catches him coming off and hits a fallaway slam. Shane rolls to the floor, and we take another break.

When we come back, Shane is still on the floor. With Storm posing, Shane comes in and starts in with some jabs, while ducking rights from Storm. Storm gets an eye rake, off the ropes and Shane hits him with a nice dropkick. Shane takes Storm to the corner for some rights. Whip attempt is reversed by Storm, but Shane holds on to the ropes and dumps a charging Storm to the outside. Shane follows him out, and lays in with a backrake and some chops. Both men back in now. Shane off the ropes and Storm gets the big boot. Storm with a slam, and then off the ropes for an elbowdrop. Cover…1…2…shoulder up. Storm gets a bodyscissors submission hold on the mat. Shane elbows out and gets in some rights. Storm comes back with a backbreaker, and it gets 2. Storm with another gorilla press, but this time Shane gets out and rolls Storm up for 2, but Storm puts him down with a clothesline. Storm gets in some stomps. Whip off the ropes, kick to the gut, then a forearm to the back. Nice double underhook suplex for Storm, and floating over for the cover..1…2…shoulder up! Storm takes him to the corner for some rights and chops. Shane comes back with a series of left jabs, then a right hand to put Storm down. Shane off the ropes, and into a bearhug from Storm. Shane claps the head to get out, off the ropes, duck under, and Shane hits a leg lariat. Now putting Storm down with a series of sledges. Whip to the corner is reversed, and Shane gets the boot up to put Storm down. Shane to the middle rope, and he hits the fist drop! Shane going for the piledriver, but Storm powers out with a back bodydrop. Whip off the ropes, Storm going for the Perfect Storm (spinning Boss Man slam), but Shane counters into a roll up…1…2..kick out! Back elbow puts Shane down. Whip is reversed into a tornado DDT for Shane! And here comes The Empire for the interference. (11:06)

WINNER: Shane Williams by disqualification. Storm is still the champ. **1/2 – Storm showing off his power here, and Shane playing the plucky babyface. DQ ending brings it down a notch, but what happened in the ring was solid.

The beatdown is on in the ring. The Empire taking it to their former ally King Shane. Scott Phoenix and Americos out for the save, but they suffer the same fate. The Empire going for the spike piledriver on Shane, when the lights suddenly go out. When they come back on, TOMMY DREAMER IS IN THE RING!! He’s cleaning house! Matt Rhodes is telling us that Dreamer is Col. Parker’s fourth man for his team in the 8-man elimination match. Dreamer clears the ring and stands with Williams, Phoenix and Americos. WE’RE OUT OF TIME!

Wrestling-wise, this show was OK. Nothing great in the ring, but nothing was bad. It was a step up from last week’s show. The angle with Col. Parker’s team vs. The Empire for control of TCW came out of nowhere for me, but then again, I’m new to this show and it’s prior angles. Tommy Dreamer’s appearance was a special surprise and added to the entertainment value of this episode. WRESTLING!

WWF Championship Wrestling: August 3rd, 1985

August 3, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
In action tonight are Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo, Hart Foundation, and the British Bulldogs. Plus, Randy Savage and Terry Funk in singles action and “Piper’s Pit” with guest Tito Santana

Barry O. & Larry Finnegan vs. Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo w/Capt. Lou Albano
Rotundo and Barry O. go at it for a minute. We then see Greg Valentine, Brutus Beefcake, and Jimmy Hart ringside, scouting the champs. Hart is calling his men the “Dream Team” through his megaphone. Windham hits Barry O. with a dropkick and a slam then tags Finnegan. Vince calls Finnegan the “biggest piece of garbage that he has ever seen” as that is a fitting line for a piece of shit like him. The champs hit Finnegan with a double dropkick then shortly after that, Windham puts him away with the bulldog (3:18).
Thoughts: Looks like the tag champs are moving on to a new feud already, which is a good thing because they have been spending the past several months wrestling Sheik & Volkoff. And for anyone wondering why I have been calling Finnegan a piece of shit, this is why:
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is Corporal Mike Kirchner, who is in the 82nd Airborne Division. We then are shown a vignette of Kirchner jumping out of plane with a parachute and when he lands, he says that is next jump will be to the WWF and he will “kick butt.” Kirchner’s delivery was wooden to say the least. For those who are unaware, Kirchner previously wrestled as jobber R.T. Reynolds. He would go on to have success in Japan as Leatherface after leaving the WWF.
Jim Londos vs. Missing Link w/Bobby Heenan
Londos hits a few dropkicks with minimal effect. Link headbutts him down then rams him into the corner, causing the entire top rope to fall down. Hillbilly Jim joins the announcers table and talks about voting Lou Albano for the “Manager of the Year” award as Link is destroying Londos with the turnbuckle. Link then puts away Londos with  a flying headbutt (1:33). After the match, some fan wearing a multi-colored wig starts to taunt Link, who then picks up the stairs and places it on the apron, whacking his own head against it repeatedly.
Thoughts: The rope falling off and Link using the fallen turnbuckle as a weapon made for a cool visual. However, the crowd usually sits on their hands when the Link is wrestling.
Gene Okerlund is backstage with Paul Orndorff, talking about his match against Roddy Piper. Nothing stood out about this interview.
Hart Foundation w/Jimmy Hart vs. George Wells & Joe Mirto
Wells starts by working the arm of Hart. Neidhart pulls down the ropes on Wells, who is able to skin the cat and take Bret down with a headscissors, who then takes down Neidhart. Wells works on Neidhart and tags Mirto, who gets taken right down. Hart hits a dropkick then they hit a few double-team moves. Wells chases Jimmy Hart away then the Hart Foundation hit the Hart Attack for the win (2:40).
Thoughts: Wells has officially made the transition to a jobber. Anyway, the Hart Foundation continue to improve and are starting to get more of a reaction from the crowd but in no way are they over as a heel act yet. Jimmy Hart is the reason for their heel heat
Mr. Fuji and Don Muraco are “via satellite” talking about their match against JYD and Ricky Steamboat at the Boston Garden. Again, nothing out of the ordinary from these two.
Jim Young vs. Terry Funk
Funk brought a branding iron with him to the ring. He chops Young before tossing him to the floor. He then stomps him from the apron before bringing him back into the ring. Funk drops an elbow then kicks him in the face. Young comes back with a hip toss and a dropkick. He hits a slam but misses an elbow drop then Funk drops him throat-first on the top rope before putting Young away with a sleeper (3:43). After the match, Funk retrieves his branding iron and puts it right on the chest of Young. He then starts slapping Young around then starts stomping him on the mat.
Thoughts: I liked the fact that Funk would sell for anyone. He continues to get over as a heel and the branding gimmick adds something new to the promotion, even if it is a cheap way to get heat.
Piper’s Pit with guest Tito Santana. Piper said that he does not need fans cheering for him to pretend that he has guts. Tito asks him about having Orton in his corner and Piper said he is his friend then calls out Tito for not defending the belt and wrestling in tag matches. He then calls out Tito for being afraid to collect the bounty on Orndorff when he said that Orndorff was his friend. Piper was great at agitating Tito in this segment.
Paul Roma vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage
Savage toys with Roma before putting him in an armbar. Roma manages a nearfall off of a sunset flip and hits a slam but ends up getting tossed through the ropes. Savage flies out with the double axe handle before rolling him back inside then finishes him off with the flying elbow smash (2:04). After the match, Savage calls out Hulk Hogan.
Thoughts: Fun match. Savage was such a breath of fresh air to the WWF. He was a star the instant he entered the company.
Hillbilly Jim gives the kids a Public Service Announcement about making sure they use the sidewalks and to be careful crossing the street.  
British Bulldogs vs. Jerry Adams & Moondog Spot
Spot and Dynamite go back and forth to start. Dynamite gets a nearfall with a crossbody block. Spot knocks him down and hits a fist drop from the middle rope for two. Vince informs us that Lou Albano has just surpassed Freddie Blassie for the lead in the “Manager of the Year” Award. Dynamite is able to tag out as Davey hits Adams with the running powerslam then Dynamite hits the flying headbutt for the win (3:40).
Thoughts: This was pretty dull, actually. The announcers spent a majority of the match hyping the “Manager of the Year” award too.
Okerlund is backstage with Piper. He asks him about Orton being barred from his match against Orndorff in Boston by Jack Tunney. Piper says that he hired Orton as his bodyguard because everyone is constantly trying to be around him. Piper then recalls when he was driving and Orndorff told him about his psychological problems and recommended that he call Dr. Ruth. Piper then goes insane for a minute, even  more so than usual, with his voice shrieking and face looking like it is about to explode. Great stuff by Piper
Final Thoughts: I thought this turned out to be a fun show. The “Manager of the Year” award angle is getting interesting and the angle between Piper and Orndorff is starting to heat up. Also, they teased a new feud for the Tag Team Champions and showcased their newer heels, Terry Funk and Randy Savage.

Impact Wrestling – December 26, 2013

December 26, 2013
Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Mike Tenay, Taz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
close out the year tonight with the fallout from last week’s Final
Resolution which saw Magnus (in theory) join up with Dixie as the new
corporate champion. This should mean the imminent return of AJ
Styles and the unification match for the two titles. It should also
be interesting to see if TNA starts having more matches during the
show or sticks with around three plus a lot of talking. Let’s get to

the usual recap of last week’s events, here’s Spud in the ring to get
things going. He gives a very elaborate introduction for someone
very important to all of us: Dixie Carter. She talks about how great
the last seven days have been and talks about how Santa didn’t
deliver the title to Jeff Hardy like the fans wanted him to. That
doesn’t matter though because the right man wanted. The fans sound
like they want AJ.
has a major announcement that she’s been hyping up all week on social
media but Jeff Hardy cuts her off. Jeff has some complaints to make
but Dixie cuts him off. The fans aren’t interested in what Jeff has
to say so he threatens Spud for what he did to Jeff last week. Spud
goes all pompous Brit on Jeff and orders him out of the ring. Spud
is sent into the corner but EC3 runs out to jump Hardy, knocking him
to the floor. Dixie loads up the announcement but here’s Sting to
interrupt as well.
and Spud roll to the floor like proper cowardly heels should and
Sting grabs the mic. He’s tired of entitled pipsqueaks getting
everything they want, so Sting isn’t leaving until both he and the
fans get what they want: Sting beating the tar out of Ethan Carter.
The Icon wants Carter/Spud vs. Sting/Hardy but Dixie says no way.
Dixie says she’ll give Sting a tag match but doesn’t say who is in
it. Her music comes on but she wants to make her announcement. The
music keeps going as we take a break.
with Dixie trying to make the announcement again but this time Gunner
interrupts. Gunner wants his title shot right now but Dixie turns
him down because Magnus is in England. Gunner grabs the mic from
Dixie and says to let Magnus know that the cash-in is coming sooner
rather than later. Dixie tries for I think the fourth time to make
the announcement but here’s James Storm to interrupt this time.
James thinks Gunner owes him something but Gunner disagrees.
talks about Gunner costing him the match against Bobby Roode when
Storm asked him to. Gunner says he did it for Storm’s own good
because Storm was in a bar fight the night before. Storm says that
may be true but he wants to know who told Roode about the bar fight.
James thinks Gunner is the stooge and wants a match for that case
tonight. Dixie says ok because Gunner interrupted her. She’s not
ready for the announcement though so everyone has to wait for later.
vs. James Storm
the Feast or Fired case. They shove each other to start until Gunner
sends Storm into the corner but walks into a headlock takeover.
Gunner shoves him into the corner again but Storm hits a quick
enziguri from the apron. A running forearm gets two on Gunner and a
facebuster gets the same. Gunner gets in a knee lift to the ribs and
puts on a quickly broken chinlock as the announcers talk about the
announcement. Storm comes back with a tackle/spear to send both guys
out to the floor…..for a VERY fast double countout at 4:58.
D. This was all about extending
the feud which is the right idea. I’d assume we’re headed for a
gimmick match at Genesis to blow this off so the ending makes sense.
That doesn’t mean it was executed well at all though as the ten count
took maybe five seconds and we didn’t see any of the count until the
fight to the back as referees fail to pull them apart.
is annoyed at Bully Ray for annoying her since he doesn’t seem to
want her anymore. That’s fine with her as she’ll just go air all his
dirty secrets in the ring. Bully says her name but that’s it.
talks about all the bad characters he’s been given over the years
which counts as paying dues. He talks about being called the future,
meaning he’s not ready yet “because some people weren’t ready to
hang it up yet, BROTHER”. This felt like part of a shoot
Brooke to demand answers from Bully. She understands that he’s mad
at her for throwing the hammer, but she’s not accepting full blame
for everything. Here’s Ray in a hoodie and sunglasses as Brooke
insists that this can be fixed. It’s neither of their faults that
Aces and 8’s ended but Ray turns his back on her. Brooke yells at
him for not respecting her and reminds him that Ray said throw the
hammer. Ray was supposed to be her ticket to the big time but now
he’s that weird high school kid that has no friends.
says she’s no one’s property and that she’s done but Ray grabs her
arm. Ray says she’s done when he’s done with her but he doesn’t
blame her for anything. After all, she’s not the smartest girl in
the world but she was there for certain uses. She wasn’t even that
good at those things thought and sometimes he would close his eyes
and think of Brooke #1.
could piledrive her right now but instead he’s going to use her to
spread his word. She knows how evil he can be, so she can let
everyone know what’s in store for them. Ray takes off the glasses
and says it’s going to be a lot worse as ominous music plays. He’s
done with her.
Park is scared to have a Monster’s Ball match.
thinks being in the Main Event Mafia was the way the Mafia kept him
on a leash.
tries to get out of the tag match but Dixie says she has them
recap Park’s revelation that he’s Abyss.
is scared but Young says believe in himself. Eric says hit the music
and it’s the old Abyss song. He gives Park Janice to make him feel
Park vs. Bad Influence
Ball, meaning anything goes with weapons at ringside. Park has
Janice while the team grabs a kendo stick and crutch. Bad Influence
surrounds Park but he swings Janice…and drops it, allowing the
heels to score with shots to the ribs and back. Park gets taken down
and Kaz hits a backsplash before more weapons are thrown inside. Kaz
throws in a trash can which hits Park in the head but there’s no
blood yet. Daniels stomps on Park in the corner and chokes him with
a cord.
loads up a chair shot but Daniels stops him to prevent blood. Park
comes back with his usual basic offense and picks up a kendo stick.
Kaz gets in a cheap shot with a trashcan lid though and Bad Influence
takes over again. They head outside and send Park into the steps but
have to stop and check for blood again. Back inside and Park
backdrops Daniels over the top before splashing a trashcan lid into
a Boston crab on Kaz’s damaged ribs but Daniels comes back in with a
crutch to break the hold. Eric Young finally comes out for some
moral support but Park says he needs help. Young loads up some right
hands to Park’s head but Bad Influence makes the save. Kaz tries a
kendo stick shot but Park shoves him out of the way to take the shot
to the forehead. We’ve got blood, kendo stick shots, Shock Treatment
to Kaz, Black Hole Slam to Daniels for the pin at 10:24.
D. WAY too long for the end
result. This is the same idea they’ve been using for months now and
the fact that it’s taking Eric Young to get us there makes it all the
more annoying. The stuff with not letting Park get hit in the head
was smart so the match wasn’t a total loss. Just too long.
Hardy is on the phone with his wife. He’s had a plan for a few weeks
and it goes down tonight.
talks about the BFG Series being proof he could hang with anyone.
The loss to AJ was what changed him because he never wants to feel
that again. The win over Sting at BFG was the biggest win of his
vs. Lei’D Tapa
the match Gail tells Madison to stay out of her business. ODB can’t
slam her so she chops at Tapa instead. Tapa sends ODB into the
corner and slowly pounds away before kicking ODB in the face. ODB
avoids a middle rope seated senton (which would have missed if she
hadn’t moved) but still can’t drop Tapa with shoulder blocks. Gail
throws the title belt into the ring and pulls ODB’s hair to distract
her, allowing Tapa to hit the TKO for the pin at 4:16.
D. They treated this as the
female version of the Colossal Jostle but even that match looked
great by comparison. I have no idea who TNA thinks cares about
either of these girls but the fans here didn’t seem interested in
them at all. Madison at least has some appeal to her while ODB is
just loud and unpleasant.
says that was a lesson for Madison.
and Velvet have a nice moment in the back. Chris has an X Title
match next week and he blames Velvet for losing the title in the
first place. She doesn’t think she can help him so he says he’ll
find a girl that can.
talks about having Dixie in his corner and how their partnership will
last for years.
Carter III/Rockstar Spud vs. Sting/Jeff Hardy
the match Dixie makes her announcement: next week there’s a
coronation. Oh and this will be a tag match, but it’s a tag team
handicap match.
Carter III/Rockstar Spud/Bro Mans vs. Sting/Jeff Hardy
and Spud want nothing to do with Sting so they both tag out with
Jesse eventually getting the start. Sting hiptosses him down but
Zema Ion grabs Sting’s leg to get an advantage. Carter comes in but
Sting gets up so it’s off to Robbie before any contact is made. Jeff
comes in with a middle rope splash for two and a backdrop to send
Robbie out to the floor. Carter accidentally tackles Godderz to the
floor, setting up a dive (with Sting as a springboard) to take out
all four heels at once.
four of them pull Jeff down and stomp away for their first advantage
as we take a break. Back with Godderz getting two off a knee to the
ribs. A powerslam gets the same and it’s back to Robbie who gets two
off a clothesline. Jesse comes back in for a half crab and Sting is
suckered in, allowing a four man beatdown on Hardy. Carter mocks
Sting with a Stinger Splash but Jeff comes back with a jawbreaker.
Sting comes in and cleans house, even with Spud on his back in an
impressive feat. Sting keeps beating everyone up but Carter grabs a
rollup for the clean pin at 13:30. Taz said he had tights but I
didn’t see them.
D+. This was another dull match
in a string of them tonight. It’s not like Sting and Hardy got
screwed over, or at least it didn’t come off like they did. The
match made the tag champions look like jobbers which is a step
backward for them after how much better they’ve looked lately.
Boring match here and I don’t know what it accomplished.
match Hardy gets on the mic and thanks Sting for getting him into the
business. Last week he was the better man but lost because of the
politics. The fans chant for Hardy but he says the fight’s all gone.
This was his last match in TNA and he’s leaving until the sun shines
on this dark kingdom. Hardy says he loves the Creatures, takes off
his shirt, and leaves.
D. Well they’re back to
boring already. Save for the decent promo work from Magnus, there
was nothing to see here. We’re still just waiting for AJ to come
back which will probably be at the coronation next week. That
doesn’t make this week any better though as we had four dull or short
matches which makes for a LONG two hour show.
Storm vs. Gunner went to a double countout
Park b. Bad Influence – Black Hole Slam to Daniels
Tapa b. ODB – TKO
Mans/Rockstar Spud/Ethan Carter III b. Sting/Jeff Hardy – Rollup to
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WWF Championship Wrestling July 27th, 1985

July 27, 1985

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon

In action tonight are Junkyard Dog & George Steele, Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik, and Pedro Morales & Tito Santana. Plus, Randy Savage and Paul Orndorff in singles action.

Les Thornton & Mr. X vs. Pedro Morales & Tito Santana

The fans go nuts for Tito. Morales takes Thornton over with a headlock and works that for a minute. Mr. Fuji joins the booth and says that he should win the “Manager of the Year” award. Tito tags and takes control for a bit. He ends up in the wrong corner but is able to escape and tag Morales. He roughs up Mr. X for a bit then Tito tags and gets the win with the flying forearm (3:40).

Thoughts: This was a nothing match. Thornton was billed as the WWF Jr. Light Heavyweight Champion but was used exclusively as a jobber during this run with the company. Morales might have been the laziest wrestler in the company in 1985. The crowd loved Tito though.

WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week, Hayes lets us know that Greg Valentine believes he only lost his Intercontinental Championship due to an incompetent referee.

Mario Mancini vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage

Mancini surprises Savage with an arm drag to start. Savage gets pissed then angers the crowd before taking control. He hits Mancini with a knee in the back of the head before tossing him to the floor. Savage hits his top rope double axe handle before rolling Mancini back into the ring. Savage hits a slam then goes up top but jumps off and rams him into the corner. I think Savage was pissed at Mancini, thinking he was going to stay down for his finish, so he slams him down then kills him with the top rope elbow drop, covering Mancini with his knee while flexing his muscles (3:06).

Thoughts: Fun match. Savage was so fucking good at antagonizing the crowd. They couldn’t stand him. The #1 free agent gimmick they used was awesome too. There was some truth to that as he was wrestling for an outlaw promotion before going to the WWF.

Gene Okerlund is with Ricky Steamboat and asks him about last week’s attack by Don Muraco and Mr. Fuji. He cuts a promo about himself and partner at the upcoming Boston Garden house show, JYD, dealing with racism. He then proceeds to choke himself with his bandana and promises to unleash the “fist of fury” onto Muraco and Fuji. I admire Steamboat’s intensity in his promos but other than that, he was as over-the-top ridiculous as any other performer the WWF had in the 1980’s.

Salvatore Bellomo vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/Jimmy Hart, Brutus Beefcake, and Johnny Valiant

Valentine is pissed over losing the IC title. He backs Bellomo into the corner then hammers away. He hits a shoulderbreaker then the fans go nuts as Hillbilly Jim and Uncle Elmer make their way ringside. Valentine works the arm as Hart is squawking away on the megaphone. Bellomo makes a comeback, hitting a dropkick and a snapmare. He tries a reverse rollup but Valentine shakes him off then drops an elbow and shortly after that, he puts him away with the figure four leglock (3:23).

Thoughts: No idea what the deal was with the Hillbillies as they came out but no confrontation was teased.

Okerlund is with Roddy Piper about his match against Paul Orndorff. Piper mocks Okerlund for his comments about the match not being a “walk in the park” then claims that he once fought the entire city of Boston and won. He then blames Orndorff for losing at WrestleMania. Good promo by Piper

Keith Diamond & “Leaping” Lanny Poffo vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/Freddie Blassie

The crowd starts a “U-S-A” chant. Lanny gets a few nearfalls before tagging out. Diamond is sent to the floor by Volkoff. Sheik tags then hits a suplex before applying the Camel Clutch for the win (1:53).

Thoughts: This match was nothing, really. The crowd still hates Sheik & Volkoff and the Russian National anthem gimmick continues to draw a lot of heat.

Piper’s Pit with guests Adrian Adonis and Bobby Heenan, with the suitcase containing the $25,000 bounty. Piper talks about how Orndorff is wrestling tonight and could use the money. Adonis has his own briefcase and says he had awful partner but now has Bobby Heenan. Piper lets us know that Orndorff is wrestling next. It was pretty clear after this segment that Piper was going to be involved in some way in Orndorff;s match.

The Axe vs. Paul Orndorff

Orndorff gets attacked from behind but fights right back. He hits a slam then a clothesline before hitting the piledriver but Roddy Piper runs in and attacks Orndorff right as he makes a cover for the DQ (0:47). Piper tosses Orndorff to the floor then attempts to grab a chair from Heenan, who is now on the apron, but Orndorff is able to come back in and fight back. Bob Orton runs out and helps Piper beat on Orndorff as Heenan is screaming out orders. Tito Santana and several other jobbers run out and attempt to break up the fight. Several more jobbers then run out and things finally get under control.

Thoughts: This was all just a set up for the brawl between Orndorff and Piper and it worked great.

Captain Lou Albano gives us a PSA about wearing seatbelts.

Jerry Adams & AJ Petruzzi vs. Junkyard Dog & George Steele w/Capt. Lou Albano

The faces work the arm of Adams. JYD then hits a few headbutts before tagging Steele. He rams Allen in the corner then eats the turnbuckle, throwing the stuffing around. He does the same in the opposite corner but this allow Adams to tag out. The faces maintain control then Steele gets the win with a flying hammerlock (4:02). Steele proceeds to throw the stuffing all over the place as Albano finally gets him to stop. Then, JYD and Albano try to teach Steele to dance and he starts to mimic JYD.

Thoughts: It was weird seeing Steele tag in and out like a regular wrestler but the match as nothing and the crowd didnt seem to care at all about this team. There was no chemistry at all between JYD and Steele and honestly, it is tough to develop chemistry with Steele as a partner due to his gimmick. It only works as a singles wrestler.

Okerlund is backstage with Mr. Fuji. He cuts a wacky promo on Ricky Steamboat. He also laughed a lot too

Next week in action are the Hart Foundation (The first time on TV they are referred to as that), Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo, and the British Bulldogs. Also in action are Terry Funk, Randy Savage and the Missing Link plus “Piper’s Pit” with guest Tito Santana

Final Thoughts: This show was okay. The Piper/Orndorff feud continued and the brawl was great but everything else was forgettable. They also heavily promoted the feud between Muraco and Steamboat through backstage interviews. Besides that, it was a skippable show.

TCW Wrestling – Episode 13-48 Review

First, I want to wish all the little BoDers a very Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Righteous Ramadan.

Second, where to find the show on your local TV:

Third, here’s the episode from the YouTube channel, in case you feel like playing along:

From the Vicksburg City Auditorium in Vicksburg, MS.

Your hosts are Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson, and they are in the ring to run down this week’s card. Vordell Walker vs. Sigmon in a Submission Match! TCW Tag Team Champions The Hounds of Hell give Genetic Perfection a title shot in order to get revenge for the attack on Boyd Bradford last week! Tarver goes one-on-one with Titan! Fire it up and roll the opening video!

Match #1 – Vordell Walker vs. Sigmon – Submission Match.

Note from play-by-play guy Matt Rhodes: Vordell Walker made Dan Severn tap in some match that I probably need to find. Feeling out process to start. Then they lock up in a test of strength, where Sigmon gains the advantage, but Walker gets a throw to get out of it. Front facelock from Sigmon, but Walker powers out and takes him with a HUGE takedown. To the corner, and Sigmon gets a shoulderblock. Whip off the ropes, a series of up-and-overs for Walker and he takes Sigmon down with a cross armbreaker. To the ropes for the break. Sigmon backs Walker to the corner, hits a chop, then whips him to the opposite corner. Walker boosts Sigmon over the ropes to the apron, but Sigmon counters by dropping Walker’s arm over the ropes. Sigmon pulls Walker to the floor for a series of rights. Whip to the stairs is stopped by Walker, who hits a Moonsault off the stairs! Walker has Sigmon to the railing and hits some big chops. Back in the ring, Sigmon misses a knee drop and Walker takes him down by the leg and grabs an ankle lock. Sigmon gets out but Walker gets him back in the corner, and gets in some kicks to the thigh. Walker’s submission is the Stretch Muffler so the psychology is there with the leg work. Back to the ankle lock for Walker. Walker rolls him over and slams the knee into the mat a few times. Now to a spinning toehold. Walker tries another spin, but Sigmon kicks him off and Walker hits the post and he’s out on the floor! We take a break at this point, and when we come back, Sigmon is out on the floor for some work. Walker whipped into the stairs! Sigmon selling the leg work by limping. Nice job. Sigmon slams Walkers arm on the stairs. Now we’re back in the ring. Sigmon gets a backstabber to the arm! Sigmon’s move is the Winner’s Circle (Rings of Saturn), so both guys working on their body part gets bonus points. Sigmon gets an armbar now. Walker headbutts out, and runs the ropes, but Sigmon hits him with a shot to the throat. Sigmon can’t get a suplex, so Walker grabs a leg takedown, and there’s the figure four leglock! Sigmon fighting the pain! Sigmon trying to turn it over…trying…fighting the pain….he turns it over! But Walker gets out of it. Sigmon with some choking on the ropes now. Headbutt to the arm for Sigmon. Sigmon with a wristlock and an over the shoulder takedown. Armbar with Walker down on the mat. Sigmon gets a triangle choke! Walker fading…fading…fading…no, wait! Walker getting a second wind. He’s gaining his footing…he picks Sigmon up while still in the triangle choke! Way up! And he power bombs Sigmon into the corner! Walker rolls him up into a leglock, but Sigmon immediately rakes the eyes to get out. Sigmon limping around and tries to get the Winner’s Circle, but Walker fights him off. Running knee to the head for Walker! Stretch Muffler for Walker! But Sigmon somehow finds the ropes to break. Sigmon rolls to the apron, with Walker coming over to him, but Sigmon hits a few elbows and then, from the apron, stunners Walker on the top rope. Sigmon is to the floor, eyes the ring bell and takes it from the timekeeper. He’s in the ring with it now, where referee James Beard (beardless, of course) attempts to wrestle the bell away from him. Sigmon shoves him off, turns around and Walker dropkicks the bell into Sigmon’s face! Sigmon is out cold, and Walker gets the Stretch Muffler! The referee gets no response from Sigmon and calls for the bell! Of course, there is no bell because it’s in the ring. But call the match time 15:04.

WINNER: Vordell Walker by KO. ***1/2 – Fine, fine wrestling match here. Both guys were working the body part related to their signature submission, there were a couple good counters, and various other submission holds employed by both guys. The booking will more than likely leave the door open for a rematch, because, technically, Sigmon did not tap. Good stuff, here.

Match #2 – Genetic Perfection (Michael Barry and Alan Steele) vs. The Hounds of Hell (Cerebus and Roosevelt) (c) – TCW Tag Team Championship.

GP with stereo dives to the outside, and this match starts on the floor! All four men brawl around the ring for a few minutes. In the process, Roosevelt is slightly busted open. Call it 0.1 Muta (using your Muta scale, Scott, thanks). This brawl outside lasts a good 2-3 minutes before we finally get to the ring, with Barry and Roosevelt. Barry takes Roosevelt to the face corner for some double teaming. Double team whip leads to a double team baaaaaaack bodydrop for the faces. Barry with the cover for 1. Whip to the face corner, and Roosevelt hits Steel’s boot. Now Barry takes Roosevelt to the neutral corner and does the ten count head to the buckle spot, with the tenth meeting the mat. Whip to the opposite corner, and Barry misses a move, and Cerebus hits him with a clothesline from the apron to take him down. Cerebus in now with a headbutt and some stomps. Cerebus just mauling Barry here with stomps, bites and fists. Now with the referee’s back turned, Roosevelt is back in for more stomping. Roosevelt dumps Barry in the corner and does a spot where it looks like he’s on a treadmill, except he’s running on Barry’s chest. Annnnd we take a break. When we come back, Roosevelt is still in control. Barry’s head meets the boot of Cerebus in the heel corner, and Cerebus gets the tag. Some double teaming in the heel corner to take Barry down. Now, Roosevelt is in to cause a distraction, and Barry gets the tag to Steel with the referee’s back turned. You know how well that fares for a face team. Meanwhile, as the ref gets Steele back to the face corner, The Hounds get in some double teaming. Always classic. Roosevelt to the rear headlock. Barry gets a back suplex to break that up. Before Barry can make the tag, Roosevelt takes him down with a clothesline. Tag to Cerebus. They try some double teaming, but Barry evades it, takes the heels down with boots, and tries to get the tag, but is cutoff by Cerebus. Another false tag for the faces, and more double teaming from the heels. Barry’s been in there a while. Cerebus hits Barry with a slingshot choke on the bottom rope. Whip to the corner, but Barry dodges the charge and gets a roll up that the referee misses due to distraction by Roosevelt. Cerebus hits a big clothesline to put Barry back down. Cover…1…2…broken up by Steele. Tag to Roosevelt. Whip to the corner, Barry dodges the charge, gets Roosevelt into a fireman’s carry, but Roosevelt gets out of it, only for Barry to grab a release German suplex! Roosevelt tags in Cerebus, and there’s the HOT TAG for Steele! Off the ropes for a double clothesline. Steele is a house o’fire! Steele PLANTS Cerebus with a DDT! Nicely done. Cover…1…2…broken up by Roosevelt! All four men in the ring now. Barry hits a sit out spinebuster on Roosevelt! 1…2…broken up by Cerebus. Roosevelt flung to the outside on to Steele! The referee is distracted by Roosevelt on the outside, while Cerebus grabs a title belt….waiting for Barry to turn around. Title belt to the skull! Cerebus makes the cover, but Rich Rude comes from the back, gets in the ring and wallops Cerebus in the head with his briefcase! The referee sees this and calls for the bell. (13:37). Now this triggers a brawl between the two teams and Rude. Now more referees are coming in, but they get tossed around. Now the locker room spills into the ring to break up this madness! This…has gotten ugly. Somebody make sure that one guy’s pants stay on!

WINNERS: The Hounds of Hell by disqualification. **1/2 – Some standard brawling to start, morphing into a solid tag team match with classic heel double teaming, a prolonged heat segment, but never really got clicking toward a hot ending of any kind. The pull apart brawl that occurred after the match adds to the story, but not to the match itself. Still, these two teams are probably capable of better.

Match #3 – Tarver vs. Titan.

Tarver starts with some quick combo jabs to the body, while trying to keep his distance. This continues for a few more attempts, and then Tarver gets a pretty good right to Titan’s jaw. Titan gets in a big boot on a Tarver charge, to put him down. Titan now stretching Tarver across the ropes. Big forearm across the chest. Tarver rolls to the apron, and Titan gets in some stomps. Titan goes outside to meet Tarver, but Tarver gets in a big knee to the jaw from the apron. Titan grabs Tarver from the floor and shoves him to the corner back first. The Titan sweeps Tarver’s leg, and Tarver takes a pretty good bump to the apron and falls to the floor. Titan scoops up Tarver and slams him back first to the apron. Now a second slam to the apron. Big boot from Titan. Back in the ring now. Titan stands Tarver up and hauls off with a big slap. This fires up Tarver, who comes back with some forearm, but that’s abruptly stopped by a Titan knee to the gut. To the corner now, and Titan with a huge biel throw to Tarver. Choking Tarver on the ropes now, and taunting the ringside fans is Titan. We take a break. Then we come back with Tarver attempting the comeback. Some body shots and forearms to the head stagger Titan. Titan grabs Tarver by the throat for a chokeslam attempt, but Tarver breaks the hold and hits a backspin punch. Tarver off the ropes, but he meets a back elbow from Titan, and he is down. Titan misses a legdrop. Tarver hits a DDT on Titan, who was on his knees. Tarver with a flurry of fists, but Titan pushes him off. Again with the flurry, and again Titan shoves him off. Big knee strike to the jaw from Tarver. Off the ropes, and a knee to the back of the neck. Spinning forearm from Tarver, and Titan is still to one knee. Tarver goes for a KO blow, but Titan dodges and hits a big blow of his own to put Tarver down. Both men to their feet, and Titan charges the corner, but Tarver evades. Tarver rushes in and hits a big forearm blow to the jaw of Titan. Titan is down! Cover…1…2…3! (7:09) WE’RE OUT OF TIME!!

WINNER: Tarver. * – This…was not good. Tarver’s offense is very limited to punches and forearms, but that may just be the opponent. I’ve only ever seen Tarver face Titan. But this was not a good showing. Titan is another guy with limited offense, but I can see him being dragged down a bit by Tarver. Please keep these two away from each other.

This show started off pretty good with the submission match, but then dragged it’s way to the end. This was a small misstep in a series of solid shows. I can see why WWE gave up on Michael Tarver, as he is not a guy who should be showcased in the main event of your show. After a month or so of doing these reviews, the guys to watch include Vordell Walker, Cerebus, John Saxon and Steve Anthony. Some solid ring guys make for an enjoyable program. Until next week, Merry Christmas!

WWF Championship Wrestling July 20th, 1985

July 20, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon.

This week’s main event will be Don Muraco vs. Ricky Steamboat. Also, we will see a clip of Tito Santana defeating Greg Valentine for the Intercontinental Title in a Steel Cage Match. Plus, Terry Funk, Adrian Adonis, Uncle Elmer, and the Killer Bees are all in action.

Steve Lombardi & Ron Shaw vs. Killer Bees
The Bees theme song is pretty crappy, generic whiny rock music. Bruzell uses his speed to take advantage of Lombardi. The Bees then use quick tags and double-teams to isolate Lombardi. Shaw tags but Blair hits an elbow smash then works the arm. They have a major miscommunication during a snapmare spot then Freddie Blassie joins the announcers after we are told that he is in the lead for the “Manager of the Year” Award. Lombardi tags and shortly after that, Blair puts him away with a top rope sitout splash (3:03). And I guess to go along with the awful music, the camera uses a freeze frame as the Bees perform a leaping high-five, making them look incredibly lame.
Thoughts: The crowd reacted favorably to the Bees, who debuted their bee jackets and tights. They were good in the ring and having another established team on the face side of the roster is a good thing at this time. 
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. They are debuting a brand new set and desk with the WWF logo, along with new music. The subject this week is Tito Santana and how he overcame an injured leg to win the Intercontinental Title. We are shown a clip of him in a TV squash.
A WWF Magazine Plug airs, with a feature on “Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling.”
Gary Starr vs. Adrian Adonis w/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
Adonis is handcuffed to the briefcase and before the match, Heenan handcuffs it to himself. Adonis has gained a lot of weight since returning. He takes down Starr and drops several elbows. He then gives Starr a sleeper hold while grinding his knuckles into the side of his head and he gets the win after Starr passes out (2:57).
Thoughts: Not much of a match. Adonis could still actually move around well at this point but that would be coming to an end soon. 
Freddie Miller is plugging the August 3rd show at the Boston Garden. Don Muraco comes out and lets us know that he won the “King of the Ring” tournament and now wants to be known as the “eliminator.” He will be teaming with Fuji to take on Ricky Steamboat & Junkyard Dog. Muraco was ridiculous on interviews but always entertaining. 
Doc Butler vs. Uncle Elmer w/Hillbilly Jim
Butler lands a dropkick and Elmer doesn’t budge, drawing a big laugh from Vince. Elmer does a wiggle as Butler bounces off of him a few times then Elmer puts him away with a leg drop (1:18). After the match, Elmer tries to pose like Jim and Vince laughs like an idiot. They then both help up Butler.
Thoughts: Elmer was horrendous in the ring but the fans were still buying into the act. 
Freddie Miller is now with Ricky Steamboat. He cuts a generic promo about his upcoming match at the Boston Garden
Terry Funk vs. Jose Luis Rivera
Funk backs Rivera into the ropes. He elbows him down then takes him down with a shoulder block. Rivera hits a backdrop and fires away in the corner. Funk comes back with a suplex then tosses him to the floor, as you can hear Rivera hit the guardrail. Funk follows him out and hits an atomic drop and when Rivera gets back into the ring and lands a few punches but Funk grabs his hair. Rivera fucks up a spot completely and they repeat it as Funk catches Rivera on his shoulders then drops him throat first on the rope. Funk then puts him away with the sleeper (3:43).
Thoughts: Funk was great here. He was also such a different type of heel than anyone else on the roster too. 
Piper’s Pit with guest Capt. Lou Albano. Piper calls Albano one of the biggest pigs he has ever seen in his life. Albano warns him not to touch him then Piper taunts him. Orton holds Albano down and as things heat up, Windham & Rotundo come out. Piper said that they haven’t fought anyone as they challenge Piper & Orton to a match.
We are shown some footage of the Steel Cage Match that Tito Santana defeated Greg Valentine for the Intercontinental Title. Does a full length copy of that match exist?
Ricky Steamboat vs. Don Muraco w/Mr. Fuji
Muraco attacks Steamboat before the bell. Steamboat fights back with his “martial arts” and does a pose to fire up the crowd. He lands some more kicks and chops until Muraco catches him with a powerslam. Muraco dodges a charge then both men trade chops. Fuji tries to interfere but it fails. Steamboat hits Muraco with a flying chop but Fuji is back and ties a strap around Steamboat’s neck for the DQ (2:27). Steamboat then gets tossed over the rope as they hang Steamboat. Muraco whips Steamboat with Fuji’s belt then Tito and JYD run out for the save.
Thoughts: Awesome segment and a great way to start off a feud. They can never do the hanging angle nowadays but it looked awesome here. 
Miller is backstage with Paul Orndorff, who talks about his match in Boston against Roddy Piper. He can understand how people hate him and says that Boston has been behind him for a long time because they have respect, unlike Piper. He also claims that Piper doesn’t know who is own father is and puts over Boston before the interview ends.
In action next week will be Greg Valentine, Randy Savage, Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff, Tito Santana & Pedro Morales, and Junkyard Dog & George Steele. Plus, an appearance by Paul Orndorff.

Final Thoughts: Decent show. The kickoff of the Steamboat/Muraco feud was the highlight and we got to see a clip of Tito regaining the IC title. The tease of a Windham & Rotundo vs. Piper & Orton feud was fun too. 

Random Old School Wrestling Questions…

Hey Scott,

I have a couple of questions for you and they both kinda/sorta involve Christmas shows:

1) I remember hearing a while ago about how Dusty wanted to put the NWA Title on Rick Steiner at Starrcade '88. I didn't think anything of it and thought it was a joke. So last night I was watching one of the August 1988 episodes of World Championship Wrestling via Classics on Demand and saw Rick in a few segments. One thing led to another and I found a few other places online that noted Dusty did in fact want to put the title on Rick. Now I have to ask, what was the thought process behind this? Did Dusty really think that would be a good idea? Also, with Flair/Luger as the main event and definitely a big time match, how could Steiner have even won the belt? Would they have called an audible and not gone through with Flair/Luger?

2) I'm listening to Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast with Jim Cornette and Cornette was talking about how Christmas used to be a huge time period for wrestling in the territory days. Now it seems like it's a wrestling dead period as WWE is just killing time until the Royal Rumble/WrestleMania season. And to me, WWE's approach makes sense since general television viewership declines after Thanksgiving which is why most TV shows try to wrap up their seasons by the first week of December. I also remember hearing an interview with Eric Bischoff where when he first took over WCW, he placed the emphasis on SuperBrawl, not Starrcade, because he thought December pay-per-views were a hard draw. Why was this different in the territory days? Even though the territories didn't make the money off TV that WWE does now or even WCW did in the 90's, TV was the main catalyst for the territorial live events which were their main source of revenue.


1)  It wasn't so much Dusty thinking it was a good idea as much as it was him throwing a giant hissy fit at Ric Flair and trying to destroy him.  I think they were gonna do some kind of injury angle to hotshot Steiner in there, but either way it was just a ridiculous power play by Dusty to try and show Flair who was boss.  
2)  It used to be different BECAUSE Christmas was such a dead time.  There was no competition and people were hanging around the house and looking for stuff to do.  No idea why they can't capitalize on that these days, actually.  

Lighting Round – non wrestling!

Favorite Spider-Man story?
The current run.

Favorite Batman story?

Dark Knight Returns

Favorite video game – all time?

Ratchet & Clank 3.   Super Mario World a close second.  

Favorite ongoing comic?

Superior Foes of Spider-Man.  I laugh my ASS off at every issue.  It's like old Giffen JLI but with C-level villains.   Also Hawkguy if they'd get the fucking schedule back on track.  

Do you say 8th grade or grade 8?

Grade 8. 

Favorite comic book movie?

Superman 2 will always hold a special place in my heart.  

Curb or Seinfeld?

Seinfeld.  I find Curb very spotty. 

Cyclops or Wolverine?

No strong opinion, so Wolvie.  

Favorite horror film – all time?


Grant Morrison – Yay or Nay?


Impact Wrestling – December 19, 2013

December 19, 2013
Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Mike Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
is the Final Resolution special with a double main event. The main
stories are the Dixieland match with Magnus facing Jeff Hardy in the
world title tournament final and Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode in a 2/3
falls match which might be the blowoff to their feud. The other
question is where AJ Styles fits into this whole picture, assuming he
still has a job in this company. We also get the Feast or Fired
reveals tonight. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of the AJ fiasco which set up the tournament.
is looking for Jeff and Dixie but neither are here. That’s fine with
him as he’s got something to say that will get everyone’s attention.
Magnus to talk about how much he loves this business just like
everyone else in the back. That’s why they’ve all worked so hard to
get where they are today. He’s made his living as a wrestler here
for five years and has learned one thing: money is power. Magnus
understands all that but thinks the respect is what really matters.
However, he isn’t sure if Jeff Hardy feels the same. Jeff might have
slayed his demons, but maybe there’s one little demon coming back in:
wants an explanation for why Hardy was seen having drinks with Dixie
Carter last week, so here’s Jeff to respond. The Brit says Hardy has
the fans fooled but Magnus remembers 10-10-10 when Jeff sold out to
become world champion. Fans: “WE DON’T CARE!” Jeff basically
tells Magnus to mind his own business and drops the mic.
says everything changes tonight when he beats Bobby Roode twice.
recap Roode vs. Angle with Roode getting the better of Angle every
time since BFG.
Guerrero is excited about his chances in Feast or Fired. Zema Ion
comes up and makes annoying noises.
Angle vs. Bobby Roode
falls. Aggressive feeling out process with both guys countering
everything the other one has until an ankle lock attempt sends Roode
to the ropes for a break. A belly to belly sends Roode tot he floor
but Angle throws him back inside for the rolling Germans. Roode
avoids the Angle Slam and hides behind the referee to hit Angle low.
A Death Valley Driver gives Bobby the first fall at 4:10 and we take
a break.
with Roode missing a knee drop and Angle coming back with forearms
and a release overhead belly to belly. Roode sidesteps a charge to
send Angle’s shoulder into the post but the Crossface is countered
into the Angle Slam for the pin at 10:00 total. Roode tries to leave
but Angle throws him back inside for more rolling Germans but Bobby
snaps on the Crossface. Angle counters into a rollup but Roode puts
him right back in the Crossface.
escapes again but Roode DDTs his arm down and puts the hold on for
the third time. Angle rolls out one more time and puts on the ankle
lock. Roode is about to tap so Angle switches over to a Crossface.
Bobby fights out and tries another Death Valley Driver, only to have
Angle slip behind the back and hit the Angle Slam for two. Back to
the ankle lock but Roode rolls through and grabs the rope for the pin
(just like Angle did to Roode at BFG 11) at 14:55. Kurt even puts
his face in his hands like Roode did two years ago.
B-. The match and ending in
particular were good but it never hit that level that they were going
for. The commercial hurt this a lot as any momentum they had built
up in the first section stopped cold as a result. Still though, good
stuff, but I don’t think this is the blowoff just yet.
says Gunner gambled last week, which offends Gunner for some reason.
looks shell shocked in the back and is terrified by the idea of Roode
having his number.
on Madison Rayne returning with Madison talking about her history
with Gail Kim.
Carter III isn’t worried because he knows the boss. His phone rings
and he walks off, but the camera follows him. It’s Dixie who can’t
fix things if Ethan gets fired. Thankfully he has it on speaker and
up to his ear.
Young has a gift for Abyss.
a video recapping Eric telling Park he’s Abyss, Young calls out Park
for a chat. Park thinks Eric is wrong, but Eric has made him a match
next week with Park facing Bad Influence. Joseph rightfully freaks
out but Eric makes it even worse: it’s Monster’s Ball. Park says
that’s Abyss’ match but Eric has gifts for Park. Park gets a chair,
a bag of thumbtacks, and barbed wire. He’s still not convinced, but
Eric has saved the best for last. Park is sent under the ring to
find….Janice, the 2×4 covered in nails. Joseph gets very serious
and says he’ll do it.
look at Magnus accusing Hardy earlier before going to Hardy in the
back. He looks upset when Samoa Joe sits down and asks if there’s
any truth to what Magnus suggested. Hardy is offended and leaves.
time to reveal Feast or Fired in a room backstage. Dixie comes in
and talks about how amazing an idea this is before going to Ion for
the first reveal. Zema gets an X-Division Title shot. Gunner goes
next and says Storm will be his partner if he gets the Tag Title
shot. Instead it’s the World Title shot and Storm is MAD. That
leaves Chavo and Carter with Chavo saying no matter what happens,
he’s still a Guerrero. Carter says he’ll never lose and never be
we get the reveal, Sting comes in and is thrilled that Ethan might be
fired. The dramatic music actually works here for a change. Sting
offers Ethan a deal: he’ll take the case and whatever it contains in
exchange for one match with Carter. Ethan takes the case and gets
the Tag Title shot, meaning Chavo is fired.
says he’ll win the title and all questions will be answered.
Kim/Lei’D Tapa vs. ODB/Madison Rayne
throws Madison down to start so it’s off to ODB for the power
showdown. ODB gets slammed with ease and it’s off to Gail as the
announcers talk about a kickboxing show. The champion lays in some
kicks before it’s back to Tapa for some choking. Tapa misses a
charge in the corner and it’s off to Madison for some house cleaning.
ODB is sent to the floor but Madison counters Eat Defeat into a
backslide for the pin at 5:50.
D+. This was what it was.
Madison is a good hand to have back and the new looks works very well
for her, but bringing in one new girl isn’t going to help the
division’s long term problems. Tapa continues to bore me to death
every time I see her. She’s big and different looking and that’s the
end of her appeal.
tells Jeff that he’s been where Jeff is before and to play it cool.
has told Spud to get a new World Title belt made.
recapping the tournament.
Hardy comes out for the match and addresses the accusations. Three
years ago he made a mistake but he’s a different man now. Yeah he
met with Dixie, but he thought about his family and his fans so
Dixie’s offer is rejected because nobody owns Jeff Hardy. This
brings out Dixie who says Hardy owes everything he has to her. She’s
the one who stood by him and all that matters is her company, not
Hardy’s family. Jeff needs Hardy more than she needs him so she’s
going to watch from ringside.
World Title: Jeff Hardy vs. Magnus
is Dixieland, meaning it starts in a cage and the winner has to
escape and climb a ladder at the top of the stage to pull down the
title. Magnus sends Hardy into the corner to start but gets caught
in a headscissors. A running forearm in the corner has Magnus in
trouble and Jeff rains down right hands. Magnus comes right back
with a running clothesline but Hardy avoids the top rope elbow.
Hardy tries to leave but shoves Magnus down and misses the Swanton.
EC3 is watching at the ramp as we take a break.
with Hardy being pulled back through the camera hole before kicking
Magnus in the chest to put him down. Hardy goes to climb out but
drops a Vader Bomb from the middle of the ropes to keep Magnus down.
The Twist of Fate looks to set up a second Twist of Fate but Magnus
shoves him off and chop blocks Jeff’s knee. The Texas Cloverleaf has
Hardy in trouble and a Snow Plow sets up the top rope elbow from
fights up and hits a quick Whisper in the Wind before climbing up for
a HUGE Whisper from the top of the cage to put both guys down again.
They both climb over the top but EC3 goes to stop Magnus. The Brit
fights him off but Hardy goes after Carter anyway because he wants to
win fair. Magnus and Hardy slug it out on the floor but Hardy hits
another Twist of Fate on the ramp. Jeff goes to the ladder but Dixie
begs him to not go up. Hardy goes up anyway but Spud shoves the
ladder down, sending Hardy down the ramp in an ugly crash. Magnus
goes up to win the title at 17:43.
B-. Obvious ending aside, this
was still a good match that gets better if you just make it a cage
match. The ladder felt like overkill and the match being called
Dixieland made it feel more silly than important. Hardy is good in
this role and Magnus as the Corporate Champion makes sense.
Author….Dixie and company celebrate to end the show.
C+. I liked the show
for the most part but the ending was pretty telegraphed. Luckily
here it didn’t hurt things too badly and Magnus as the Corporate
Champion makes sense with Dixie being annoyed at AJ being a country
hick. This sets up the unification match that TNA has been wanting,
even though I don’t think Magnus vs. Styles is going to draw the
biggest audience. Good show but the midcard continues to be ignored.
Roode b. Kurt Angle – Rollup while grabbing the ropes
Rayne b. Gail Kim/Lei’D Tapa – Backslide to Kim
b. Jeff Hardy – Magnus pulled down the title
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TCW Wrestling – Episode 13-47 Review

A slight delay due to a wrestling match with a bad cold. Still haven’t missed a day of work in 2013. But I may have infected everyone else.

First, where to find the show in your area:

Here’s the full episode, in case you feel like playing along:

From the Vicksburg City Auditorium, in Vicksburg, MS. In the ring are your hosts Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson. They run down this week’s show.

The main event will be John Saxon vs. Steve Anthony in a Lumberjack Match. “King” Shane Williams will take on “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony. The TCW Tag Team Champions, The Hounds of Hell go up against The Magic Men in a non-title match. Finally, the TCW Junior Heavyweight Championship is on the line when the champion Kincaid defends against Americos, in a rematch from a few weeks ago. Roll the intro!

Backstage, Boyd Bradford and The Hounds of Hell arrive. Bradford tells them to go relax before their match tonight. When the Hounds leave, Genetic Perfection and their manager, Rich Rude, grab Bradford and beat the tar out of him off camera, then hightail it. The Hounds come back to find Bradford out cold, and they are ANGRY, as evidenced by Cerebus’ GROWL OF RAGE!

Match #1 – “King” Shane Williams vs. “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony.  Joined in progress, with Anthony choking out Williams on the floor with a t-shirt. In the ring now, Anthony slams Shane’s hand into the mat, as Shane is selling an injury to it. Now a series of left jabs, but Shane attempts a comeback, which is stopped by a shot to the injured hand. Anthony drags Shane to the stairs and slams the injured hand into them. Anthony locks up the bad hand in a wristlock. After a few minutes of that, Shane tries a comeback with lefts and a sunset flip, but Anthony sits on him, and gets 2. Another comeback by Shane, and Anthony backs into the corner. Some kicks from Shane, but Anthony reverses him into the corner and lays in some chops, then a biel by the hair. That gets 2. Things slow down again with another wristlock. Anthony tries to power Shane’s shoulders down for a series of 2’s. Another comeback by Shane is stopped by a shot to the bad hand. But Shane comes back with more lefts, and a leg lariat. Shane PLANTS Anthony with a tornado DDT for 2! Whip to the corner is reversed, Shane goes up and over, but Anthony crotches him with a right hand. To the top…the VERY top. SUPERPLEX by Anthony! Both guys down, with Anthony finally crawling over and getting a 2! Back suplex attempt by Anthony, but Shane shifts the weight and falls on top. 1…2…kick out. BIG clothesline from Anthony gets the 360 sell from Shane. Cover. 1…2…kick out. To the corner for some chops by Anthony. Whip to the opposite corner, Shane tries to go up and over Anthony but he’s caught. Anthony looks like he’s attempting an Alabama Slam, but Shane reverses into a….a PILEDRIVER!!! It’s not banned here, baby! Shane covers…1…2…3! (10:11 shown)

WINNER: Shane Williams. This match started slowly with a some restholds and a lot of punching. These guys hit some crisp moves on each other toward the end, and I loves me some piledriver! This gets **1/2.

The announcers recap what happened to Boyd Bradford at the top of the show. What’s funny is that they are yelling at each other in typical heel/face announcer fashion, but then immediately shift into serious mode to shill the main event.

Jason Jones in the ring to interview Sigmon concerning his submission match with Vordell Walker next week. Sigmon is sick and tired of having to prove to the people that he is a winner. Apparently, every major match he has been in recently, he hasn’t lost. In their match a few weeks ago, he had Walker’s shoulder pinned to the mat (see: double pin, aka Dusty Finish). That makes him a winner, and Vordell a loser. Jason Jones says that he may not have lost those matches, but he didn’t really win them either, so how can he call himself a winner? Sigmon takes the mic to say something but instead he CLOCKS Jones with it. INTERVIEWER BEATDOWN! He hooks in the Winner’s Circle (Rings of Saturn). Play-by-play guy Matt Rhodes is concerned for his “Beef Brother” and is calling for some help. Sigmon lets him go, and Rhodes goes to check on him as help arrives.
The interviewer beatdown is always a classic heel move for me, but Sigmon needs a new gimmick other than distinguishing between “winner/loser”.

Match #2 – The Magic Men (Nico and Dallas) vs. TCW Tag Team Champions The Hounds of Hell (Cerebus and Roosevelt) – Non-title match.

The Magic Men are basically male strippers. Kind of a lame babyface gimmick if you ask me. The Hounds attack at the bell. Nico is tossed outside, leaving Dallas in the ring with Cerebus. To the corner, and Roosevelt tagged in. Some biting from Roosevelt. Whip off the ropes, but Dallas blocks a hip toss, but Roosevelt hits a nice belly-to-belly suplex. Cerebus back in with a knee drop coming off the ropes. Dalls trying a comeback, and they’re in the corner. Whip, reversed by Cerebus, and he gets Dallas into a HELICOPTER SPIN and releases him in mid-air. Roosevelt back in, and we have a headlock rest spot. Roosevelt off the ropes with a knee lift. Tag to Cerebus and they double team bite the guy. Some short arm clotheslines from Cerebus, as this heat sequence is taking quite a while. Roosevelt back in. He chokes Dallas on the bottom rope. False tag from the heels missed by the ref…or course. Dallas trying to come back, and hits a hurracanrana, and both guys are down. Cerebus going for a back suplex but Dallas floats over, shoves Cerebus into the face corner for a shot from Nico, and there’s the HOT TAG! Nico with a headscissors. Then a spinebuster. Heel miscommunication puts Cerebus down, and Nico climbs the corner and hits a pretty nice springboard moonsault. That gets 2 before Cerebus breaks it up. Dallas in for a double stomp to the back of Cerebus. Nico with an F-5 on Cerebus. Nico then crashes to the floor on a dive attempt to the outside. Dallas on the top, but Roosevelt pulls Cerebus out of the path of a 450 splash, and Dallas splats! The Hounds recover and hit their double team finisher on Dallas (Cerebus puts the guy over his shoulder hangman style, and Roosevelt comes off the top with an axehandle, dropping the guy to the mat). 1…2…3. (7:21)

WINNERS: The Hounds of Hell. I like Cerebus, as he has some good power moves. The Magic Men are a team that have some potential as high flyers. This match was pretty solid, although it seemed more like an extended squash, with some token babyface offense. **1/2

Cut to The Hounds on the stick. They want revenge on Genetic Perfection. They threaten some face eating, which is definitely a cool monster heel catchphrase. They are so angry for the attack on Boyd Bradford that they renege on their “no title rematch” from last week, and put the titles on the line as bait for their revenge. Cerebus is defintely the guy on this team who can get over as a scary heel.

Match #3 – Americos vs. Kincaid (c) – TCW Junior Heavyweight Championship.

Lock up, side headlock from Kincaid leads to a series of reversals into a an anklelock by Kincaid that Americos flips out of. Whip to the corner, charge by Kincaid meets boot and Americos clotheslines him to the floor, and then follows up with a dive to the outside that hits. We take a break, and when we come back, we’re in the ring, where Americos charges the corner and hits post as Kincaid moves. Both men on the apron, where Kincaid whips him to the corner post, and as Americos comes back, Kincaid BACK BODYDROPS Americos to the apron. Yikes! Americos falls to the floor, as the referee begins the slow 10 count. Americos rolls back in, Kincaid covers for 2. Waistlock by Kincaid, and Americos elbows out. Americos runs the ropes but Kincaid follows him and springboards into a clothesline to take Americos down. Cover…1…2…kick out! Whip by Kincaid, but Americos plants him with a tornado DDT! 1…2…kick out! Kincaid attempts the Wheelbarrow, and turns it into what looks like an abdominal stretch but then he drops to his knees with Americos in the stretch. It was interesting looking and I don’t know what to call it, but it looked cool. Kincaid going to the top, and the double stomp misses. A series of reversal attempts leads to Americos rolling up Kincaid a la British Bulldog at Summerslam 92. 1…2…3! (4:41). New champ! Kincaid lays out Americos after the match.

WINNER: And NEW TCW Junior Heavyweight Champion, Americos. It was fast paced from the get go, but the match was far too short for what these guys are capable of. A clean finish is good, and I feel Kincaid is a very innovative performer. He carries Americos to a ***. But these two can do more.

Match #4 – John Saxon vs. Steve Anthony – Lumberjack Match. Your lumberjacks are Scott Phoenix, Genetic Perfection, Shane Williams, Americos, The Hounds of Hell, Greg Anthony, Matt Riviera, and the TCW Heavyweight Champion, Tim Storm. Not sure I like the idea of your champ being “just another lumberjack” down there at ringside. Anthony rushes the ring, and the match starts with a fight. Saxon dumps Anthony in front of the faces on the floor, and they roll Anthony back in the ring. Saxon whips Anthony to the corner, but a charge hits elbow. Anthony to the middle rope, but is pulled down by Saxon. Anthony rolls out to the heel side to recover. Saxon hits a plancha to the floor! Back in, and Anthony is begging off. Saxon takes Anthony to the corner for some kicks. Anthony’s head hits a buckle, and then another. A third one has Anthony doing the Curt Hennig sell job. Cover for 1. Saxon in control with punches and chops. Whip is reversed by Anthony, leading to series of roll up attempts. Saxon with an anklelock! Anthony rolls through and Saxon is out to the heel side, where the beatdown commences. Saxon is rolled back in, and Anthony hits some knee drops. Cover for 2. Suplex by Anthony and he does some posing. A Dusty elbow gets 2. We take a break, and come back with Anthony still in control. Curb stomp for Anthony. To the corner for some high kicks from Anthony. Whip, and a charge hits boot. Saxon hits a nice overhead belly-to-belly, hurling Anthony into the corner! Saxon is off the ropes, but Tim Storm grabs the ankle to trip up Saxon. Now Anthony is off the top with a flying clothesline! Cover…1…2…kick out! Anthony hits a uranage, then goes to the top. Splash from the top misses! Saxon hits some clotheslines then a back bodydrop. Tiger Driver for Saxon! 1…2…kick out. Cloverleaf attempt is reversed into a small package for Anthony, and that gets 2. Saxon hits a T-Bone suplex! Anthony pops up and no sells it, however, and hits a superkick that wobbles Saxon. German suplex with a bridge. 1…2…kick out! Dang! Anthony just hurls Saxon to the heels for the beatdown, and now here’s your lumberjack brawl! Saxon and Anthony are back in the ring. Corner splash by Anthony misses, and Saxon comes back with the Facewash. Now Saxon goes for the cloverleaf! Tim Storm and Scott Phoenix are in the ring now, and it’s just breaking down. The referee is calling for the bell. (10:25) WE’RE OUT OF TIME!

WINNER: None. The referee calls it a double disqualification. I tell you, they had me again. These guys pulled out all the stops and hit some big moves. I enjoyed this match immensely….and then they pull out the double DQ. Clean finishes, please! Hopefully, this leads to a rematch between the two, because I saw some good chemistry. Give this ***1/2. If it has a finish, it probably gets four plus.

Solid show once again. Every week, these guys work their asses off. The booking is the problem. You get the old fashioned Dusty finish almost every week. But, that complaint aside, why wouldn’t you watch this show? WRESTLING!

WWF Championship Wrestling July 13th, 1985

July 13th, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
In action this week are the Missing Link, Paul Orndorff, Terry Funk, and George “The Animal” Steele. Also, the main event will be Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff for the Tag Team Championship. Plus, “Piper’s Pit” with guest Randy Savage.

Mr. X vs. Paul Orndorff
Orndorff aggressively attacks the arm. He slams X before tossing him to the floor. Orndorff follows him out and rams his head off of the table before rolling him back inside. He hits an elbow drop from the second rope as Bobby Heenan is shown watching from the aisle. Orndorff hits a sloppy-looking slingshot suplex then flexes to the crowd, which is going crazy for him. He then hits a clothesline and finishes off X with the piledriver (2:33). After the match, Heenan angrily kicks open the door that leads backstage then comes out with the briefcase as the crowd starts a loud “weasel” chant. Orndorff then slams Mr. X on the floor.
Thoughts: Man, the crowd was jacked for Orndorff. The bounty angle is still going strong too.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. Randy Savage is this week’s subject. We are shown a clip of his TV debut match from last week.
J.A. Rizz & Barry O. vs. Pedro Morales & “Leaping” Lanny Poffo
This is the TV debut for Lanny. Rizz is some hairy fat guy. Bruno talks about Lanny Poffo’s dad for a minute as Lanny and Barry take it to the mat. Lanny does a few flips then hits a dropkick. Pedro tags in and works the arm. They trade slams then Morlaes works the arm. Poffo tags back in the match but gets clotheslined. Rizz tags but Lanny plants him with a pair of super kicks that has Vince laughing. Rizz seems to have no clue what to do in the ring. Pedro tags then makes Rizz submit to the Boston Crab (3:36).
Thoughts: Poffo looked okay but this team had no chemistry and the crowd didn’t care at all.
Jack Reynolds is backstage and alerts us that Tito Santana defeated Greg Valentine for the Intercontinental Title in Baltimore, MD last week. He then brings out Freddie Blassie and he talks about the Tornado Tag Match between Sheik & Volkoff vs. Windham & Rotundo in Providence. He promises that his team will win.
Jim Young vs. Missing Link w/Bobby Heenan
Link hits a bunch of headbutts then rams his own head off of the turnbuckle. He hits an elbow smash then takes down Young again. He then hits a slam before putting him away with a springboard headbutt (1:51).
Thoughts: The Link was not over at all. It made little sense to have him in the same promotion as George Steele, seeing how they basically have the same gimmick. Link’s gimmick was better off in the 70’s.
Jack Reynolds is with Capt. Lou Albano, who talks about the Tornado Match in Providence. He compares the match to painting a “tit mouse’s hind legs on a Saturday night” and that he and his team are ready.
Jerry Adams vs. George “The Animal” Steele w/Capt/ Lou Albano
Adams attacks Steele before the bell but ends up getting tossed outside. Steele then tosses him back outside and rams his head off of the table. Back inside, Steele stomps away then eats the turnbuckle, throwing the stuffing at the referee, Rita Marie. Vince is cackling on commentary as Steele puts him away with the flying hammerlock (2:57). After the match, Albano calms down Steele, who takes some of the turnbuckle stuffing before walking back to the locker room.
Thoughts: The crowd dug Steele as a face, especially the turnbuckle eating. I thought it was odd that they had this right after the Missing Link match but the crowd responded well to Steele and barely reacted at all to Link.
Piper’s Pit with guest “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Piper is enamored with Savage, who declares that Hulkamania is dead. Piper refers to Savage as the #1 draft choice then asks him what it is like to be a real macho man. Savage offers Piper a chance to wear his million dollar robe, while reminding him that Hulkamania is dead, as Piper puts it on and says that he feels better. Funny segment as they continue to push Savage strong right out of the gate.
Mario Mancini vs. Terry Funk
Funk chops Mancini hard in the corner. He hits a neckbreaker then a piledriver but Mancini is able to kick out. He jumps on the back of Mancini, who was hunched over the middle rope, but misses a second attempt. Mancini knocks him out of the ring but back inside, Funk tosses Mancini to the floor. Back inside, Funk puts on the spinning toe hold for the win (3:38)
Thoughts: Funk looks good in the ring and is getting over as heel, although not as much as Macho Man. However, Funk still stands out from the other heels and is a legitimate threat. Pretty sweet that the WWF managed to get Funk and Savage debut a week apart from each other.
Tito Santana comes out with a public service announcement about never swimming alone.
Jesse Ventura does the voice over for the WrestleMania home video.
WWF Tag Team Championship Match
Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff (Champions) w/Freddie Blassie vs. Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo w/Capt. Lou Albano
Windham and Volkoff starts things off. Volkoff does a cartwheel but Windham dropkicks him down. They slug it out for a bit until Rotundo tags himself in and gets two off of a rollup. Sheik kicks Rotundo in the back from the apron. He tags himself in and hits a backdrop before he stomps away. The crowd starts a “U-S-A” chant as Rotundo gets beat down. Sheik gets two off of a slam. He puts on the camel clutch but Windham breaks that up. Rotundo counters a suplex with a small package. Volkoff then reverses the pin behind the referee’s back but Windham reverses it back and the ref turns around and counts to three and we have new Tag Team Champions (3:13). The fans are going nuts for this, throwing trash at the heels.
Thoughts: It was always a treat to see a title change on TV during this time. I doubt that this finish would get over today but it worked great here.
Jack Reynolds is with Mr. Fuji, who talks about Don Muraco’s match in Providence against Andre the Giant. Muraco himself then comes out and wants to know if we have ever seen a giant cry.
Next week, Don Muraco will take on Ricky Steamboat in a rematch from two weeks ago.
Final Thoughts: Good show this week. The tag titles switching hands was fun and the pushes for the new arrivals, Funk and Savage, continue. Even the Poffo & Morales and Link matches, which were dull, didn’t drag the show down too much. The Orndorff bounty angle is still going strong too Plus, the Steamboat and Muraco for next week rematch looks to be good as well. We also found out that the Intercontinental title also changed hands and while it was only mentioned casually here, they will touch upon that more next week. The WWF did cool down after WrestleMania but it was not like they had nothing going on.

Impact Wrestling – December 12, 2013

December 12, 2013
Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Mike Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
tournament is finally down to two entrants with Magnus and Jeff Hardy
left to square off for the title. Thankfully they’re giving us a
week off from the matches to get ready for the title match instead of
just blasting through it tonight. We do however have Feast or Fired
tonight, with a shot at all the male titles and a pink slip up for
grabs. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of Dixie trying to get the title back last week.
Spud is driving near Gainsville, Georgia as he tries find AJ’s house.
the arena, JB is standing next to four briefcases and the Wheel of
Dixie. Inside the four cases are a World Title shot, an X-Division
Title shot, a Tag Team Title shot and a pink slip. We’ll get to
those later though as we need to find out the stipulations for the
tournament final. Before we can talk about gimmick match #2 though,
here’s Angle to clear the ring and call out Bobby Roode to end this
once and for all.
comes out and says he’ll fight but not right now. He was eliminated
from the tournament by falling through a table. Angle was eliminated
because ever since he passed on the Hall of Fame, Roode has beaten
him. Kurt says he could beat Roode twice in one night and the fight
is on again. Security comes out to break it up and Roode gets in a
low blow. Next week is Final Resolution and Bobby wants a 2/3 falls
look back at Bad Influence vs. Joseph Park, focusing on Bad Influence
finding out that the Park Park and Park law offices closed years ago.
Young has a plan for the match and asks Park to trust him.
Park/Eric Young vs. Bad Influence
takes Daniels down to start before bringing in a hesitant Park. Off
to Kaz vs. Eric with Young raining down right hands in the corner.
Back to Park as the fast tags continue and Tenay plugs every internet
feature the company can think of. A knee to Park’s gut puts him down
and Bad Influence takes turns pounding on him. Par fights back but
gets nervous again, so Eric gives him a few hard right hands to the
face, busting him open. Abyss mode ensues and Kaz is Black Hole
Slammed for the pin at 5:45.
D+. I still don’t get the
appeal of Eric Young. He isn’t particularly funny, he isn’t anything
special in the ring, he doesn’t do anything that others couldn’t do
just as well, but he’s kept a job for several years now. Bad
Influence on the other hand is actually funny and can put on good
matches, which is clearly why they’re stuck in feuds like this one.
match Eric tells Park that he’s Abyss, which apparently no one
suggested to him in 18 months.
Carter III is getting massaged before he has a Hall of Fame moment
tonight. It’s going to make social media explode.
Carter for his match but he makes sure to tell Brian Hebner that he
has nothing to worry about. Tonight Carter is going to face TNA’s
social media guru: Jeremy Borash. JB makes a hilarious terrified
face like he just saw TNA’s PPV numbers but Sting of all people
interrupts Carter.
asks if he can shake Carter’s hands because Carter is a skyrocket.
Carter is shooting for the stars but he hasn’t accomplished anything
at all. Sting isn’t cool with this because Carter is just riding his
family and last name through doors that never should have been opened
for him. There’s a big match coming up tonight called Feast or Fired
and Carter can either enter or fight Sting right now. Carter gets in
Sting’s face and says it’s on, meaning he’ll enter Feast or Fired.
is still looking for AJ’s house but finds a gas station attendant who
says Styles hangs out at a bar down the road.
Kim vs. ODB
is supposed to be the open challenge but Gail says she’s beaten ODB
too many times already. ODB says she’s here to fight Tapa though and
the brawl is on. Gail gets involved though and ODB gets double
teamed down until Madison Rayne (looking great with long reddish
brown hair) returns to make the save.
finds the bar and imitates a redneck to get some service. He calls
AJ Alan Jones (his real name) and is told he’ll get information for a
drink. Spud puts down a dollar bill and asks for some mixed drink,
getting a beer with a lemon instead.
match Spud sings karaoke and is thrown out.
outlining Feast or Fired.
Storm and Gunner apologize to each other and say good luck in the
match tonight.
keeps looking and walks off into the dark with a flashlight.
Dixie Carter to oversee the face to face meeting between Hardy and
Magnus. Earlier tonight Angle destroyed the Wheel of Dixie but
she’ll give him the 2/3 falls match anyway. That brings her to AJ
Styles, who is still making a mockery of her world title. Next week
though she gets a new world champion and brings out the competitors.
Hardy talks about winning the Bound For Glory Series last year and
promises to win the title again next week.
says he sees Hardy as the best today and the final obstacle. Dixie
says the final match will be called Dixieland and we get a video
explaining the concept. The match starts in a cage and you have to
climb over the top and go up the ramp and climb a ladder to pull down
the belt. I’m sure this isn’t going to be overbooked at all. Dixie
promises to make the winner the face of TNA and let them become the
most important person in the company.
says she has Sabin’s back tonight in his title match, even though
Sabin seems oblivious to her.
breaks into presumably AJ’s house and finds the belt in a bag on the
coffee table. AJ comes down the stairs and is incredibly calm
considering someone broke into his home. Apparently people had
called him and told him to expect a British guy, hence why the door
was open. AJ says we can either call the cops or call some of his
buddies. Spud leaves the belt and runs away as AJ slams the door.
says he had fun at the funeral but now it’s time to get the world
title back.
Title: Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries
is defending. Aries sends him into the corner to start and takes a
victory lap, including a look at Sky. The distraction lets Aries
slide back in for a baseball slide to take out Sabin, only to have
the champion send him face first into the apron. A gutbuster gets
three straight near falls for Sabin and he drapes Aries ribs first
across the top rope for the same.
comes right back by draping Sabin’s ribs across the top and pounding
away at Chris’ head. A forearm puts Sabin on the floor but Aries
throws him back in for a missile dropkick. Sabin stops a charging
Aries with a boot to the face but Austin Japanese armdrags the
champion into the corner. Chris rolls him up for two but the kickout
nearly sends Sabin into Velvet. The distraction lets Aries hit the
brainbuster for the pin and the title at 6:08.
C. Not bad here and maybe this
can get the title to mean something for a few weeks. The belt has
been worthless since BFG as it always is around this time of year.
It’s just a toy that TNA dusts off every now and then to make it seem
like it matters but it’ll be nothing again in a few weeks.
break Sabin gets in Aries’ face but Aries says he’ll enter Feast or
Fired and then steal Velvet.
talks about winning the world title but gets a phone call.
for next week’s Final Resolution with Angle vs. Roode and Jeff vs.
or Fired
Anderson, Curry Man, Samoa Joe, Dewey Barnes, Norv Fernum, Chris
Sabin, Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, Zema Ion, James Storm, Gunner,
Austin Aries, Ethan Carter III
comes out to do his entrance but Bully Ray jumps him from behind and
piledrives Anderson on the stage. Ray talks about evil standing
strong over good in what sounds like a quote from a rather epic
speech. He says Anderson’s wife is pregnant with twins but Ray will
be responsible for their future.
for the match, there’s a briefcase at each corner of the ring and
whoever gets the case gets whatever is inside. That could be a shot
at the World, Tag Team or X-Division Titles or a pink slip. The bell
rings and Curry Man immediately walks out and Sabin bails to the
floor. Fernum and Barnes both miss dives but Aries dives on everyone
to take them out. Ion dropkicks Aries through the ropes and SuperMex
launches himself over the top rope to take everyone out. Gunner
backdrops storm onto them as Norm and Dewey hit dives of their own.
Joe hits the suicide elbow to take the jobbers out and the ring is
gets back in the ring and gets case #3 as we take a break. Back with
Joe destroying everyone in sight until Barnes and Fernum throw him to
the floor. They both go up top but Ion shoves them to the floor,
allowing him to grab case #2. Most of the people get back inside and
it’s Aries diving onto Storm and Hernandez. A discus lariat staggers
Hernandez and Aries hits some running dropkicks in the corner. He
sends Barnes and Fernum into each other before going up top for a 450
onto both guys.
goes for a case but Sabin makes a save, only to be sent into the
steps. Joe, Chavo and Hernandez get back inside with Chavo being
launched into the corner where he grabs case #4. Gunner and Storm
get back inside but have to deal with Hernandez. Dewey and Norv come
back in to try a superplex on Hernandez but Gunner powerbombs him
down to make it a Tower of Doom. Storm Last Calls Joe to the floor
but Gunner crotches him and takes the case to end the match at 14:11.
C+. This is always a hard match
to grade as there are four winners and technically no losers. The
whole point of the match is the drama of the cases being opened next
week and not really about the action here. Gunner turning on Storm
is kind of interesting but nothing out of the ordinary. Still
though, decent enough stuff.
is sitting at a dinner table when Jeff Hardy comes in. He accepts a
glass of wine as the show ends.
D+. This show was
really chatty. We had one match in the first hour and then a lot of
talking. Then there was another match and we talked some more, then
we had Feast or Fired to end things. Last week’s show worked because
they threw a lot of stuff at us to keep it interesting, but tonight
was all about only a handful of angles which got repetitive quickly.
It’s not a horrible show but it was there to set up future stuff
which doesn’t make for the most entertaining two hours.
Park/Eric Young b. Bad Influence – Black Hole Slam to Kazarian
Aries b. Chris Sabin – Brainbuster
Carter III, Zema Ion, Chavo Guerrero and Gunner won Feast or Fired

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TCW Wrestling – Episode 13-46 Review

First things first, here’s where to find the show on TV in your area:

Here’s the show itself, if you feel like playing along:

From the Vicksburg Civic Auditorium in Vicksburg, MS. Your hosts in the ring are Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson. They run down this week’s card: the FORMER TCW Tag Team Champions, Genetic Perfection are in action. The International Championship is on the line when the champion, Titan, defends against Scott Phoenix! But the main event, as has been building for the last few weeks, is TCW Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm putting it all on the line against #1 Contender, Lance Hoyt! Let’s get crazy!

Roll the opening video.

We kick things off backstage as Jason Jones is there with the current tag team champions, The Hounds of Hell, Cerebus and Roosevet. Jones asks the team about the whereabouts of Genetic Perfection’s manager, Rich Rude, as they abducted him several weeks back. Roosevelt states that they took Rude out of the equation. Cerebus chimes in stating that this feud with Genetic Perfection has been a war, and in a war you take out the control center, which was Rich Rude. GP is lost without Rude, and if they want to see him again, they will forfeit their rematch.

Match #1 – Genetic Perfection (Alan Steel and Michael Barry) vs. Jeremy Awesome & Nathan Aulridge – Steel starts the match with Awesome, but quickly finds himself in the wrong corner. A double team whip to the corner leads to Steel going up and over a charging Aulridge, and then miscommunication between Awesome and Aulridge sends Aulridge to the floor, and then Steel hits a flying back elbow from the middle to take Awesome down. That gets a 2. Tag to Barry. He takes over with an armbar takedown. Tag back to Steel, and Auldridge meets his foot in the corner. Axhandle from the top. Steel off the ropes and he gets a knee to the back from Awesome, and the a clothesline from Auldridge puts him down. Tag to Awesome. Double team boots in the corner as the ref is distacted, and we take a break. Back from break as Steel hits a spinebuster to attempt the comeback. Both Steel and Aulridge down. Both men crawling or the tag, and there it is! Hot tag to Michael Barry. Awesome also in now. A series of back elbows takes Awesome down. Fireman’s carry for Barry, and he takes an interfering Auldridge down with his partner’s own feet. Steel in to superkick Aulridge out of the ring. Barry hits the Saturday Night Special (F5)! Steel to the top, and Barry assists with a Rocket Launcher to Aulridge. That should do it! 1…2…3! (4:14)

WINNERS: Genetic Perfection. ** – Nothing special here; just a standard tag team squash with some token offense from the other team.

Cut to Genetic Perfection on the stick. They say that Rich Rude is family, and you do not abandon family, no matter what. Surprisingly, they accept the terms of The Hounds and forfeit their title rematch. With that done, they demand the return of Rude NOW! Rude is then brought out on a wheelchair, bound and gagged, and dumped at ringside by The Hounds. Genetic Perfection tend to Rude, and are upset, but we take a break.

When we come back, Titan is searching for Lily and can’t find her. Instead, he finds a note. Then we get INSIDE TITAN’S HEAD as he reads Lily’s note in there. She writes that if Titan were a real man, he would have gotten the job done. She can’t be with a man who has perfomance issues, and it’s over between them. Titan then weeps, for he is sad.

Jason Jones backstage with Vordell Walker, and asks him for his thoughts on his match last week with Sigmon. Walker says that he came to TCW to be the heavyweight champion but can’t seem to shake Sigmon, a thorn in his side. Jones reports to Walker that Col. Parker has announced a match between Walker and Sigmon in two weeks, and no more double pin cop outs, because it will be a submission match! Walker says that it’s right up his alley, and Sigmon will be the loser when he taps out. Walker slaps the shit out of himself, because that dude is intense.

Match #2 – Titan (c) vs. Scott Phoenix – TCW International Championship.

Staredown in the middle of the ring, as Titan just towers over Phoenix. Phoenix doesn’t back down, and tells Titan to bring it. Lockup to start, and Titan powers Phoenix to the mat, but Phoenix rolls out of the ring. Back in and Phoenix is whipped to the corner HARD! We take a break. When we come back, Titan is slapping Phoenix in the chest. Whip to the corner, but the charge meets boot. Dropkick from Phoenix slumps Titan in the corner. A charge from Phoenix, but Titan catches him in a bearhug. Phoenix tries to elbow out, but Titan rams him into the corner. Titan now standing on the throat in the corner. Titan with a shot to the body. A second fist to the body. In the middle of the ring, Titan with a huge chop to put Phoenix down. Phoenix comes off the ropes but Titan picks him up and slams him down. A bodyslam by Titan, but an elbowdrop misses. Phoenix with kicks, comes off the ropes and Titan grabs him by the throat, but Phoenix gets out of it. Dropkick staggers Titan. Phoenix Rising (Disaster Kick) hits, but Titan is still standing, but wobbling. Phoenix to the top but Titan catches him. Going for the running powerslam, but Phoenix slides out and shoves Titan to the corner. Phoenix Rising hits again and Titan is down! The cover…1…2…3! New champ! (6:57)

WINNER: And NEW TCW International Champion, Scott Phoenix. ** – This was your more run-of-the-mill little man vs. big man match. The power moves by Titan matched with the speed and agility of Scott Phoenix. It wasn’t horrible, and it certainly had more time to be better. But a secondary title changing hands was treated as a big deal, which it should. Something this company gets right: treating it’s titles as a goal to be attained.

After a quick recap of the title change and the upcoming main event, we head to the ring where Col. Parker is mediating a contract signing for a lumberjack match between John Saxon and Steve Anthony. Anthony takes the mic and says he has nothing to prove by beating Saxon. His career is taking off, and Saxon’s is on life support. “What” chants can be heard even in TCW. Always stupid, if you ask me. Anthony wants to thank Col. Parker for letting him be the one to finally put Saxon out of wrestling. Anthony guarantees Saxon will not sign for the match. Parker says he has known Saxon for 20 years and has never seen him speechless. Some good trash talking here by Anthony, as he gets across the point that Saxon is near the end of his career and is just delaying the inevitable. Anthony tells him to just get up and leave because he’s done. Saxon stands up and finally speaks, saying that he just wants to say one thing. RIGHT HAND TO ANTHONY! There goes the table! They brawl around the ring, with Saxon tearing the threads off Anthony. Saxon clears him out of the ring, and we take a break!

Good segment there, with Anthony dialing up the overconfidence and Saxon shutting him up by kicking his ass.

Match #3 – Tim Storm (c) vs. Lance Hoyt – TCW Heavyweight Championship.

Hoyt is already in the ring, as his entrance was cut. I don’t know if that bodes well for him or not. Jawjacking to stat. Lock up, and they break. Test of strength now. Hoyt powers Storm down to almost a knee, but Storm let’s go. Another lock up and they’re in the corner. Hoyt with rights and forearms. Storm goes to the eyes. Lock up, knees from Storm, and backs Hoyt into the corner. Whip is reversed, but Storm charges out with a clothesline, no sold by Hoyt. Hoyt takes him to the corner, whip is reversed but Hoyt charges out with a clothesline. Hoyt shoves Storm to the ropes and a big boot puts Storm out. On the floor, Hoyt takes Storm’s head to the stairs. Now to the guardrail. Hoyt back in the ring breaking the count. Storm lingers on the floor while the referee counts. Now back in, and Hoyt meets him with knees. To the buckle, whip and Storm hits the corner hard. Cover gets a 2 count for Hoyt. Storm manages to take control, and takes Hoyt down with a uranage sweep, and that gets 2 for Storm. Storm mounts Hoyt for some rights and choking. Rear headlock with a grapevine for Storm. Hoyt with elbows, but Storm forearms him down. Off the ropes, and Storm’s big boot is no sold, and Hoyt hits a clothesline. The cover gets a 1. Storm kicks the knee a few times to put Hoyt down. Storm working the leg now. Storm rolls Hoyt to the apron and wraps his leg around the bottom rope. Now they’re to the floor, where Hoyt’s head gets the stairs. Some kicks to Hoyt on the floor, and Storm is back in the ring, while the referee starts his count. Hoyt rolls in, dodges a Storm kick, but Storm stays on him. Whip off the ropes is reversed and Hoyt hits a flying shoulderblock! Hoyt making the comeback, hits a clothesline to take Storm down. The cover gets 2. Hoyt going for the chokeslam but Storm gets out and hits a Cross Rhodes! 1…2…kick out! Storm hits a powerbomb! 1…2…kick out! Storm off the ropes, but Hoyt hits him with The Perfect Storm (spinning Boss Man slam)! 1….2…kick out! That was one of Storm’s own moves. In the corner, whip is reversed into the referee and he is down. Hoyt hits the Scorpion Deathdrop! But there’s no referee. And now The Empire is out, in the form of both Greg Anthony and Steve Anthony. Hoyt fires Greg off the top and knocks Steve off the apron. Matt Riviera is out, hands Storm the title BELT, and Storm goes to hit Hoyt, but Hoyt gets the big boot! Hoyt with the BELT now and he nails Storm! He goes for the cover, but the referee is down. Here’s a second ref. 1…2…3? It looks like a botched count. But they’re calling Hoyt the new champ! (13:40). The first ref comes to and waves it off, stating that he saw Hoyt use the belt. He is reversing the decision and awarding the match to Tim Storm by DQ. Storm is still the champ!

THE WINNER: Tim Storm, by disqualification, an STILL your TCW Heavyweight Champion. **1/2 – this was a pretty good power match between two big guys. But once again, the screwjob finish rears it’s head and takes away from what was a surprisingly decent match.

This show had a little more “sports entertainment” than last week’s show, but it still breezed by and I thought it was enjoyable. We had another title change, and they set the stage for the next few weeks with the lumberjack signing, and the submission match announcement. This southern company likes the old Dusty finishes with double pins and reversed decisions, however. Still, I implore you guys to just sit down with a few of these shows, and you will be surprised by how much you will like it. Until next week!