WWF Championship Wrestling July 20th, 1985

July 20, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon.

This week’s main event will be Don Muraco vs. Ricky Steamboat. Also, we will see a clip of Tito Santana defeating Greg Valentine for the Intercontinental Title in a Steel Cage Match. Plus, Terry Funk, Adrian Adonis, Uncle Elmer, and the Killer Bees are all in action.

Steve Lombardi & Ron Shaw vs. Killer Bees
The Bees theme song is pretty crappy, generic whiny rock music. Bruzell uses his speed to take advantage of Lombardi. The Bees then use quick tags and double-teams to isolate Lombardi. Shaw tags but Blair hits an elbow smash then works the arm. They have a major miscommunication during a snapmare spot then Freddie Blassie joins the announcers after we are told that he is in the lead for the “Manager of the Year” Award. Lombardi tags and shortly after that, Blair puts him away with a top rope sitout splash (3:03). And I guess to go along with the awful music, the camera uses a freeze frame as the Bees perform a leaping high-five, making them look incredibly lame.
Thoughts: The crowd reacted favorably to the Bees, who debuted their bee jackets and tights. They were good in the ring and having another established team on the face side of the roster is a good thing at this time. 
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. They are debuting a brand new set and desk with the WWF logo, along with new music. The subject this week is Tito Santana and how he overcame an injured leg to win the Intercontinental Title. We are shown a clip of him in a TV squash.
A WWF Magazine Plug airs, with a feature on “Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling.”
Gary Starr vs. Adrian Adonis w/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
Adonis is handcuffed to the briefcase and before the match, Heenan handcuffs it to himself. Adonis has gained a lot of weight since returning. He takes down Starr and drops several elbows. He then gives Starr a sleeper hold while grinding his knuckles into the side of his head and he gets the win after Starr passes out (2:57).
Thoughts: Not much of a match. Adonis could still actually move around well at this point but that would be coming to an end soon. 
Freddie Miller is plugging the August 3rd show at the Boston Garden. Don Muraco comes out and lets us know that he won the “King of the Ring” tournament and now wants to be known as the “eliminator.” He will be teaming with Fuji to take on Ricky Steamboat & Junkyard Dog. Muraco was ridiculous on interviews but always entertaining. 
Doc Butler vs. Uncle Elmer w/Hillbilly Jim
Butler lands a dropkick and Elmer doesn’t budge, drawing a big laugh from Vince. Elmer does a wiggle as Butler bounces off of him a few times then Elmer puts him away with a leg drop (1:18). After the match, Elmer tries to pose like Jim and Vince laughs like an idiot. They then both help up Butler.
Thoughts: Elmer was horrendous in the ring but the fans were still buying into the act. 
Freddie Miller is now with Ricky Steamboat. He cuts a generic promo about his upcoming match at the Boston Garden
Terry Funk vs. Jose Luis Rivera
Funk backs Rivera into the ropes. He elbows him down then takes him down with a shoulder block. Rivera hits a backdrop and fires away in the corner. Funk comes back with a suplex then tosses him to the floor, as you can hear Rivera hit the guardrail. Funk follows him out and hits an atomic drop and when Rivera gets back into the ring and lands a few punches but Funk grabs his hair. Rivera fucks up a spot completely and they repeat it as Funk catches Rivera on his shoulders then drops him throat first on the rope. Funk then puts him away with the sleeper (3:43).
Thoughts: Funk was great here. He was also such a different type of heel than anyone else on the roster too. 
Piper’s Pit with guest Capt. Lou Albano. Piper calls Albano one of the biggest pigs he has ever seen in his life. Albano warns him not to touch him then Piper taunts him. Orton holds Albano down and as things heat up, Windham & Rotundo come out. Piper said that they haven’t fought anyone as they challenge Piper & Orton to a match.
We are shown some footage of the Steel Cage Match that Tito Santana defeated Greg Valentine for the Intercontinental Title. Does a full length copy of that match exist?
Ricky Steamboat vs. Don Muraco w/Mr. Fuji
Muraco attacks Steamboat before the bell. Steamboat fights back with his “martial arts” and does a pose to fire up the crowd. He lands some more kicks and chops until Muraco catches him with a powerslam. Muraco dodges a charge then both men trade chops. Fuji tries to interfere but it fails. Steamboat hits Muraco with a flying chop but Fuji is back and ties a strap around Steamboat’s neck for the DQ (2:27). Steamboat then gets tossed over the rope as they hang Steamboat. Muraco whips Steamboat with Fuji’s belt then Tito and JYD run out for the save.
Thoughts: Awesome segment and a great way to start off a feud. They can never do the hanging angle nowadays but it looked awesome here. 
Miller is backstage with Paul Orndorff, who talks about his match in Boston against Roddy Piper. He can understand how people hate him and says that Boston has been behind him for a long time because they have respect, unlike Piper. He also claims that Piper doesn’t know who is own father is and puts over Boston before the interview ends.
In action next week will be Greg Valentine, Randy Savage, Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff, Tito Santana & Pedro Morales, and Junkyard Dog & George Steele. Plus, an appearance by Paul Orndorff.

Final Thoughts: Decent show. The kickoff of the Steamboat/Muraco feud was the highlight and we got to see a clip of Tito regaining the IC title. The tease of a Windham & Rotundo vs. Piper & Orton feud was fun too. 

Random Old School Wrestling Questions…

Hey Scott,

I have a couple of questions for you and they both kinda/sorta involve Christmas shows:

1) I remember hearing a while ago about how Dusty wanted to put the NWA Title on Rick Steiner at Starrcade '88. I didn't think anything of it and thought it was a joke. So last night I was watching one of the August 1988 episodes of World Championship Wrestling via Classics on Demand and saw Rick in a few segments. One thing led to another and I found a few other places online that noted Dusty did in fact want to put the title on Rick. Now I have to ask, what was the thought process behind this? Did Dusty really think that would be a good idea? Also, with Flair/Luger as the main event and definitely a big time match, how could Steiner have even won the belt? Would they have called an audible and not gone through with Flair/Luger?

2) I'm listening to Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast with Jim Cornette and Cornette was talking about how Christmas used to be a huge time period for wrestling in the territory days. Now it seems like it's a wrestling dead period as WWE is just killing time until the Royal Rumble/WrestleMania season. And to me, WWE's approach makes sense since general television viewership declines after Thanksgiving which is why most TV shows try to wrap up their seasons by the first week of December. I also remember hearing an interview with Eric Bischoff where when he first took over WCW, he placed the emphasis on SuperBrawl, not Starrcade, because he thought December pay-per-views were a hard draw. Why was this different in the territory days? Even though the territories didn't make the money off TV that WWE does now or even WCW did in the 90's, TV was the main catalyst for the territorial live events which were their main source of revenue.


1)  It wasn't so much Dusty thinking it was a good idea as much as it was him throwing a giant hissy fit at Ric Flair and trying to destroy him.  I think they were gonna do some kind of injury angle to hotshot Steiner in there, but either way it was just a ridiculous power play by Dusty to try and show Flair who was boss.  
2)  It used to be different BECAUSE Christmas was such a dead time.  There was no competition and people were hanging around the house and looking for stuff to do.  No idea why they can't capitalize on that these days, actually.  

Lighting Round – non wrestling!

Favorite Spider-Man story?
The current run.

Favorite Batman story?

Dark Knight Returns

Favorite video game – all time?

Ratchet & Clank 3.   Super Mario World a close second.  

Favorite ongoing comic?

Superior Foes of Spider-Man.  I laugh my ASS off at every issue.  It's like old Giffen JLI but with C-level villains.   Also Hawkguy if they'd get the fucking schedule back on track.  

Do you say 8th grade or grade 8?

Grade 8. 

Favorite comic book movie?

Superman 2 will always hold a special place in my heart.  

Curb or Seinfeld?

Seinfeld.  I find Curb very spotty. 

Cyclops or Wolverine?

No strong opinion, so Wolvie.  

Favorite horror film – all time?


Grant Morrison – Yay or Nay?


Impact Wrestling – December 19, 2013

December 19, 2013
Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Mike Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
is the Final Resolution special with a double main event. The main
stories are the Dixieland match with Magnus facing Jeff Hardy in the
world title tournament final and Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode in a 2/3
falls match which might be the blowoff to their feud. The other
question is where AJ Styles fits into this whole picture, assuming he
still has a job in this company. We also get the Feast or Fired
reveals tonight. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of the AJ fiasco which set up the tournament.
is looking for Jeff and Dixie but neither are here. That’s fine with
him as he’s got something to say that will get everyone’s attention.
Magnus to talk about how much he loves this business just like
everyone else in the back. That’s why they’ve all worked so hard to
get where they are today. He’s made his living as a wrestler here
for five years and has learned one thing: money is power. Magnus
understands all that but thinks the respect is what really matters.
However, he isn’t sure if Jeff Hardy feels the same. Jeff might have
slayed his demons, but maybe there’s one little demon coming back in:
wants an explanation for why Hardy was seen having drinks with Dixie
Carter last week, so here’s Jeff to respond. The Brit says Hardy has
the fans fooled but Magnus remembers 10-10-10 when Jeff sold out to
become world champion. Fans: “WE DON’T CARE!” Jeff basically
tells Magnus to mind his own business and drops the mic.
says everything changes tonight when he beats Bobby Roode twice.
recap Roode vs. Angle with Roode getting the better of Angle every
time since BFG.
Guerrero is excited about his chances in Feast or Fired. Zema Ion
comes up and makes annoying noises.
Angle vs. Bobby Roode
falls. Aggressive feeling out process with both guys countering
everything the other one has until an ankle lock attempt sends Roode
to the ropes for a break. A belly to belly sends Roode tot he floor
but Angle throws him back inside for the rolling Germans. Roode
avoids the Angle Slam and hides behind the referee to hit Angle low.
A Death Valley Driver gives Bobby the first fall at 4:10 and we take
a break.
with Roode missing a knee drop and Angle coming back with forearms
and a release overhead belly to belly. Roode sidesteps a charge to
send Angle’s shoulder into the post but the Crossface is countered
into the Angle Slam for the pin at 10:00 total. Roode tries to leave
but Angle throws him back inside for more rolling Germans but Bobby
snaps on the Crossface. Angle counters into a rollup but Roode puts
him right back in the Crossface.
escapes again but Roode DDTs his arm down and puts the hold on for
the third time. Angle rolls out one more time and puts on the ankle
lock. Roode is about to tap so Angle switches over to a Crossface.
Bobby fights out and tries another Death Valley Driver, only to have
Angle slip behind the back and hit the Angle Slam for two. Back to
the ankle lock but Roode rolls through and grabs the rope for the pin
(just like Angle did to Roode at BFG 11) at 14:55. Kurt even puts
his face in his hands like Roode did two years ago.
B-. The match and ending in
particular were good but it never hit that level that they were going
for. The commercial hurt this a lot as any momentum they had built
up in the first section stopped cold as a result. Still though, good
stuff, but I don’t think this is the blowoff just yet.
says Gunner gambled last week, which offends Gunner for some reason.
looks shell shocked in the back and is terrified by the idea of Roode
having his number.
on Madison Rayne returning with Madison talking about her history
with Gail Kim.
Carter III isn’t worried because he knows the boss. His phone rings
and he walks off, but the camera follows him. It’s Dixie who can’t
fix things if Ethan gets fired. Thankfully he has it on speaker and
up to his ear.
Young has a gift for Abyss.
a video recapping Eric telling Park he’s Abyss, Young calls out Park
for a chat. Park thinks Eric is wrong, but Eric has made him a match
next week with Park facing Bad Influence. Joseph rightfully freaks
out but Eric makes it even worse: it’s Monster’s Ball. Park says
that’s Abyss’ match but Eric has gifts for Park. Park gets a chair,
a bag of thumbtacks, and barbed wire. He’s still not convinced, but
Eric has saved the best for last. Park is sent under the ring to
find….Janice, the 2×4 covered in nails. Joseph gets very serious
and says he’ll do it.
look at Magnus accusing Hardy earlier before going to Hardy in the
back. He looks upset when Samoa Joe sits down and asks if there’s
any truth to what Magnus suggested. Hardy is offended and leaves.
time to reveal Feast or Fired in a room backstage. Dixie comes in
and talks about how amazing an idea this is before going to Ion for
the first reveal. Zema gets an X-Division Title shot. Gunner goes
next and says Storm will be his partner if he gets the Tag Title
shot. Instead it’s the World Title shot and Storm is MAD. That
leaves Chavo and Carter with Chavo saying no matter what happens,
he’s still a Guerrero. Carter says he’ll never lose and never be
we get the reveal, Sting comes in and is thrilled that Ethan might be
fired. The dramatic music actually works here for a change. Sting
offers Ethan a deal: he’ll take the case and whatever it contains in
exchange for one match with Carter. Ethan takes the case and gets
the Tag Title shot, meaning Chavo is fired.
says he’ll win the title and all questions will be answered.
Kim/Lei’D Tapa vs. ODB/Madison Rayne
throws Madison down to start so it’s off to ODB for the power
showdown. ODB gets slammed with ease and it’s off to Gail as the
announcers talk about a kickboxing show. The champion lays in some
kicks before it’s back to Tapa for some choking. Tapa misses a
charge in the corner and it’s off to Madison for some house cleaning.
ODB is sent to the floor but Madison counters Eat Defeat into a
backslide for the pin at 5:50.
D+. This was what it was.
Madison is a good hand to have back and the new looks works very well
for her, but bringing in one new girl isn’t going to help the
division’s long term problems. Tapa continues to bore me to death
every time I see her. She’s big and different looking and that’s the
end of her appeal.
tells Jeff that he’s been where Jeff is before and to play it cool.
has told Spud to get a new World Title belt made.
recapping the tournament.
Hardy comes out for the match and addresses the accusations. Three
years ago he made a mistake but he’s a different man now. Yeah he
met with Dixie, but he thought about his family and his fans so
Dixie’s offer is rejected because nobody owns Jeff Hardy. This
brings out Dixie who says Hardy owes everything he has to her. She’s
the one who stood by him and all that matters is her company, not
Hardy’s family. Jeff needs Hardy more than she needs him so she’s
going to watch from ringside.
World Title: Jeff Hardy vs. Magnus
is Dixieland, meaning it starts in a cage and the winner has to
escape and climb a ladder at the top of the stage to pull down the
title. Magnus sends Hardy into the corner to start but gets caught
in a headscissors. A running forearm in the corner has Magnus in
trouble and Jeff rains down right hands. Magnus comes right back
with a running clothesline but Hardy avoids the top rope elbow.
Hardy tries to leave but shoves Magnus down and misses the Swanton.
EC3 is watching at the ramp as we take a break.
with Hardy being pulled back through the camera hole before kicking
Magnus in the chest to put him down. Hardy goes to climb out but
drops a Vader Bomb from the middle of the ropes to keep Magnus down.
The Twist of Fate looks to set up a second Twist of Fate but Magnus
shoves him off and chop blocks Jeff’s knee. The Texas Cloverleaf has
Hardy in trouble and a Snow Plow sets up the top rope elbow from
fights up and hits a quick Whisper in the Wind before climbing up for
a HUGE Whisper from the top of the cage to put both guys down again.
They both climb over the top but EC3 goes to stop Magnus. The Brit
fights him off but Hardy goes after Carter anyway because he wants to
win fair. Magnus and Hardy slug it out on the floor but Hardy hits
another Twist of Fate on the ramp. Jeff goes to the ladder but Dixie
begs him to not go up. Hardy goes up anyway but Spud shoves the
ladder down, sending Hardy down the ramp in an ugly crash. Magnus
goes up to win the title at 17:43.
B-. Obvious ending aside, this
was still a good match that gets better if you just make it a cage
match. The ladder felt like overkill and the match being called
Dixieland made it feel more silly than important. Hardy is good in
this role and Magnus as the Corporate Champion makes sense.
Author….Dixie and company celebrate to end the show.
C+. I liked the show
for the most part but the ending was pretty telegraphed. Luckily
here it didn’t hurt things too badly and Magnus as the Corporate
Champion makes sense with Dixie being annoyed at AJ being a country
hick. This sets up the unification match that TNA has been wanting,
even though I don’t think Magnus vs. Styles is going to draw the
biggest audience. Good show but the midcard continues to be ignored.
Roode b. Kurt Angle – Rollup while grabbing the ropes
Rayne b. Gail Kim/Lei’D Tapa – Backslide to Kim
b. Jeff Hardy – Magnus pulled down the title
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TCW Wrestling – Episode 13-47 Review

A slight delay due to a wrestling match with a bad cold. Still haven’t missed a day of work in 2013. But I may have infected everyone else.

First, where to find the show in your area:


Here’s the full episode, in case you feel like playing along:

From the Vicksburg City Auditorium, in Vicksburg, MS. In the ring are your hosts Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson. They run down this week’s show.

The main event will be John Saxon vs. Steve Anthony in a Lumberjack Match. “King” Shane Williams will take on “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony. The TCW Tag Team Champions, The Hounds of Hell go up against The Magic Men in a non-title match. Finally, the TCW Junior Heavyweight Championship is on the line when the champion Kincaid defends against Americos, in a rematch from a few weeks ago. Roll the intro!

Backstage, Boyd Bradford and The Hounds of Hell arrive. Bradford tells them to go relax before their match tonight. When the Hounds leave, Genetic Perfection and their manager, Rich Rude, grab Bradford and beat the tar out of him off camera, then hightail it. The Hounds come back to find Bradford out cold, and they are ANGRY, as evidenced by Cerebus’ GROWL OF RAGE!

Match #1 – “King” Shane Williams vs. “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony.  Joined in progress, with Anthony choking out Williams on the floor with a t-shirt. In the ring now, Anthony slams Shane’s hand into the mat, as Shane is selling an injury to it. Now a series of left jabs, but Shane attempts a comeback, which is stopped by a shot to the injured hand. Anthony drags Shane to the stairs and slams the injured hand into them. Anthony locks up the bad hand in a wristlock. After a few minutes of that, Shane tries a comeback with lefts and a sunset flip, but Anthony sits on him, and gets 2. Another comeback by Shane, and Anthony backs into the corner. Some kicks from Shane, but Anthony reverses him into the corner and lays in some chops, then a biel by the hair. That gets 2. Things slow down again with another wristlock. Anthony tries to power Shane’s shoulders down for a series of 2’s. Another comeback by Shane is stopped by a shot to the bad hand. But Shane comes back with more lefts, and a leg lariat. Shane PLANTS Anthony with a tornado DDT for 2! Whip to the corner is reversed, Shane goes up and over, but Anthony crotches him with a right hand. To the top…the VERY top. SUPERPLEX by Anthony! Both guys down, with Anthony finally crawling over and getting a 2! Back suplex attempt by Anthony, but Shane shifts the weight and falls on top. 1…2…kick out. BIG clothesline from Anthony gets the 360 sell from Shane. Cover. 1…2…kick out. To the corner for some chops by Anthony. Whip to the opposite corner, Shane tries to go up and over Anthony but he’s caught. Anthony looks like he’s attempting an Alabama Slam, but Shane reverses into a….a PILEDRIVER!!! It’s not banned here, baby! Shane covers…1…2…3! (10:11 shown)

WINNER: Shane Williams. This match started slowly with a some restholds and a lot of punching. These guys hit some crisp moves on each other toward the end, and I loves me some piledriver! This gets **1/2.

The announcers recap what happened to Boyd Bradford at the top of the show. What’s funny is that they are yelling at each other in typical heel/face announcer fashion, but then immediately shift into serious mode to shill the main event.

Jason Jones in the ring to interview Sigmon concerning his submission match with Vordell Walker next week. Sigmon is sick and tired of having to prove to the people that he is a winner. Apparently, every major match he has been in recently, he hasn’t lost. In their match a few weeks ago, he had Walker’s shoulder pinned to the mat (see: double pin, aka Dusty Finish). That makes him a winner, and Vordell a loser. Jason Jones says that he may not have lost those matches, but he didn’t really win them either, so how can he call himself a winner? Sigmon takes the mic to say something but instead he CLOCKS Jones with it. INTERVIEWER BEATDOWN! He hooks in the Winner’s Circle (Rings of Saturn). Play-by-play guy Matt Rhodes is concerned for his “Beef Brother” and is calling for some help. Sigmon lets him go, and Rhodes goes to check on him as help arrives.
The interviewer beatdown is always a classic heel move for me, but Sigmon needs a new gimmick other than distinguishing between “winner/loser”.

Match #2 – The Magic Men (Nico and Dallas) vs. TCW Tag Team Champions The Hounds of Hell (Cerebus and Roosevelt) – Non-title match.

The Magic Men are basically male strippers. Kind of a lame babyface gimmick if you ask me. The Hounds attack at the bell. Nico is tossed outside, leaving Dallas in the ring with Cerebus. To the corner, and Roosevelt tagged in. Some biting from Roosevelt. Whip off the ropes, but Dallas blocks a hip toss, but Roosevelt hits a nice belly-to-belly suplex. Cerebus back in with a knee drop coming off the ropes. Dalls trying a comeback, and they’re in the corner. Whip, reversed by Cerebus, and he gets Dallas into a HELICOPTER SPIN and releases him in mid-air. Roosevelt back in, and we have a headlock rest spot. Roosevelt off the ropes with a knee lift. Tag to Cerebus and they double team bite the guy. Some short arm clotheslines from Cerebus, as this heat sequence is taking quite a while. Roosevelt back in. He chokes Dallas on the bottom rope. False tag from the heels missed by the ref…or course. Dallas trying to come back, and hits a hurracanrana, and both guys are down. Cerebus going for a back suplex but Dallas floats over, shoves Cerebus into the face corner for a shot from Nico, and there’s the HOT TAG! Nico with a headscissors. Then a spinebuster. Heel miscommunication puts Cerebus down, and Nico climbs the corner and hits a pretty nice springboard moonsault. That gets 2 before Cerebus breaks it up. Dallas in for a double stomp to the back of Cerebus. Nico with an F-5 on Cerebus. Nico then crashes to the floor on a dive attempt to the outside. Dallas on the top, but Roosevelt pulls Cerebus out of the path of a 450 splash, and Dallas splats! The Hounds recover and hit their double team finisher on Dallas (Cerebus puts the guy over his shoulder hangman style, and Roosevelt comes off the top with an axehandle, dropping the guy to the mat). 1…2…3. (7:21)

WINNERS: The Hounds of Hell. I like Cerebus, as he has some good power moves. The Magic Men are a team that have some potential as high flyers. This match was pretty solid, although it seemed more like an extended squash, with some token babyface offense. **1/2

Cut to The Hounds on the stick. They want revenge on Genetic Perfection. They threaten some face eating, which is definitely a cool monster heel catchphrase. They are so angry for the attack on Boyd Bradford that they renege on their “no title rematch” from last week, and put the titles on the line as bait for their revenge. Cerebus is defintely the guy on this team who can get over as a scary heel.

Match #3 – Americos vs. Kincaid (c) – TCW Junior Heavyweight Championship.

Lock up, side headlock from Kincaid leads to a series of reversals into a an anklelock by Kincaid that Americos flips out of. Whip to the corner, charge by Kincaid meets boot and Americos clotheslines him to the floor, and then follows up with a dive to the outside that hits. We take a break, and when we come back, we’re in the ring, where Americos charges the corner and hits post as Kincaid moves. Both men on the apron, where Kincaid whips him to the corner post, and as Americos comes back, Kincaid BACK BODYDROPS Americos to the apron. Yikes! Americos falls to the floor, as the referee begins the slow 10 count. Americos rolls back in, Kincaid covers for 2. Waistlock by Kincaid, and Americos elbows out. Americos runs the ropes but Kincaid follows him and springboards into a clothesline to take Americos down. Cover…1…2…kick out! Whip by Kincaid, but Americos plants him with a tornado DDT! 1…2…kick out! Kincaid attempts the Wheelbarrow, and turns it into what looks like an abdominal stretch but then he drops to his knees with Americos in the stretch. It was interesting looking and I don’t know what to call it, but it looked cool. Kincaid going to the top, and the double stomp misses. A series of reversal attempts leads to Americos rolling up Kincaid a la British Bulldog at Summerslam 92. 1…2…3! (4:41). New champ! Kincaid lays out Americos after the match.

WINNER: And NEW TCW Junior Heavyweight Champion, Americos. It was fast paced from the get go, but the match was far too short for what these guys are capable of. A clean finish is good, and I feel Kincaid is a very innovative performer. He carries Americos to a ***. But these two can do more.

Match #4 – John Saxon vs. Steve Anthony – Lumberjack Match. Your lumberjacks are Scott Phoenix, Genetic Perfection, Shane Williams, Americos, The Hounds of Hell, Greg Anthony, Matt Riviera, and the TCW Heavyweight Champion, Tim Storm. Not sure I like the idea of your champ being “just another lumberjack” down there at ringside. Anthony rushes the ring, and the match starts with a fight. Saxon dumps Anthony in front of the faces on the floor, and they roll Anthony back in the ring. Saxon whips Anthony to the corner, but a charge hits elbow. Anthony to the middle rope, but is pulled down by Saxon. Anthony rolls out to the heel side to recover. Saxon hits a plancha to the floor! Back in, and Anthony is begging off. Saxon takes Anthony to the corner for some kicks. Anthony’s head hits a buckle, and then another. A third one has Anthony doing the Curt Hennig sell job. Cover for 1. Saxon in control with punches and chops. Whip is reversed by Anthony, leading to series of roll up attempts. Saxon with an anklelock! Anthony rolls through and Saxon is out to the heel side, where the beatdown commences. Saxon is rolled back in, and Anthony hits some knee drops. Cover for 2. Suplex by Anthony and he does some posing. A Dusty elbow gets 2. We take a break, and come back with Anthony still in control. Curb stomp for Anthony. To the corner for some high kicks from Anthony. Whip, and a charge hits boot. Saxon hits a nice overhead belly-to-belly, hurling Anthony into the corner! Saxon is off the ropes, but Tim Storm grabs the ankle to trip up Saxon. Now Anthony is off the top with a flying clothesline! Cover…1…2…kick out! Anthony hits a uranage, then goes to the top. Splash from the top misses! Saxon hits some clotheslines then a back bodydrop. Tiger Driver for Saxon! 1…2…kick out. Cloverleaf attempt is reversed into a small package for Anthony, and that gets 2. Saxon hits a T-Bone suplex! Anthony pops up and no sells it, however, and hits a superkick that wobbles Saxon. German suplex with a bridge. 1…2…kick out! Dang! Anthony just hurls Saxon to the heels for the beatdown, and now here’s your lumberjack brawl! Saxon and Anthony are back in the ring. Corner splash by Anthony misses, and Saxon comes back with the Facewash. Now Saxon goes for the cloverleaf! Tim Storm and Scott Phoenix are in the ring now, and it’s just breaking down. The referee is calling for the bell. (10:25) WE’RE OUT OF TIME!

WINNER: None. The referee calls it a double disqualification. I tell you, they had me again. These guys pulled out all the stops and hit some big moves. I enjoyed this match immensely….and then they pull out the double DQ. Clean finishes, please! Hopefully, this leads to a rematch between the two, because I saw some good chemistry. Give this ***1/2. If it has a finish, it probably gets four plus.

Solid show once again. Every week, these guys work their asses off. The booking is the problem. You get the old fashioned Dusty finish almost every week. But, that complaint aside, why wouldn’t you watch this show? WRESTLING!

WWF Championship Wrestling July 13th, 1985

July 13th, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
In action this week are the Missing Link, Paul Orndorff, Terry Funk, and George “The Animal” Steele. Also, the main event will be Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff for the Tag Team Championship. Plus, “Piper’s Pit” with guest Randy Savage.

Mr. X vs. Paul Orndorff
Orndorff aggressively attacks the arm. He slams X before tossing him to the floor. Orndorff follows him out and rams his head off of the table before rolling him back inside. He hits an elbow drop from the second rope as Bobby Heenan is shown watching from the aisle. Orndorff hits a sloppy-looking slingshot suplex then flexes to the crowd, which is going crazy for him. He then hits a clothesline and finishes off X with the piledriver (2:33). After the match, Heenan angrily kicks open the door that leads backstage then comes out with the briefcase as the crowd starts a loud “weasel” chant. Orndorff then slams Mr. X on the floor.
Thoughts: Man, the crowd was jacked for Orndorff. The bounty angle is still going strong too.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. Randy Savage is this week’s subject. We are shown a clip of his TV debut match from last week.
J.A. Rizz & Barry O. vs. Pedro Morales & “Leaping” Lanny Poffo
This is the TV debut for Lanny. Rizz is some hairy fat guy. Bruno talks about Lanny Poffo’s dad for a minute as Lanny and Barry take it to the mat. Lanny does a few flips then hits a dropkick. Pedro tags in and works the arm. They trade slams then Morlaes works the arm. Poffo tags back in the match but gets clotheslined. Rizz tags but Lanny plants him with a pair of super kicks that has Vince laughing. Rizz seems to have no clue what to do in the ring. Pedro tags then makes Rizz submit to the Boston Crab (3:36).
Thoughts: Poffo looked okay but this team had no chemistry and the crowd didn’t care at all.
Jack Reynolds is backstage and alerts us that Tito Santana defeated Greg Valentine for the Intercontinental Title in Baltimore, MD last week. He then brings out Freddie Blassie and he talks about the Tornado Tag Match between Sheik & Volkoff vs. Windham & Rotundo in Providence. He promises that his team will win.
Jim Young vs. Missing Link w/Bobby Heenan
Link hits a bunch of headbutts then rams his own head off of the turnbuckle. He hits an elbow smash then takes down Young again. He then hits a slam before putting him away with a springboard headbutt (1:51).
Thoughts: The Link was not over at all. It made little sense to have him in the same promotion as George Steele, seeing how they basically have the same gimmick. Link’s gimmick was better off in the 70’s.
Jack Reynolds is with Capt. Lou Albano, who talks about the Tornado Match in Providence. He compares the match to painting a “tit mouse’s hind legs on a Saturday night” and that he and his team are ready.
Jerry Adams vs. George “The Animal” Steele w/Capt/ Lou Albano
Adams attacks Steele before the bell but ends up getting tossed outside. Steele then tosses him back outside and rams his head off of the table. Back inside, Steele stomps away then eats the turnbuckle, throwing the stuffing at the referee, Rita Marie. Vince is cackling on commentary as Steele puts him away with the flying hammerlock (2:57). After the match, Albano calms down Steele, who takes some of the turnbuckle stuffing before walking back to the locker room.
Thoughts: The crowd dug Steele as a face, especially the turnbuckle eating. I thought it was odd that they had this right after the Missing Link match but the crowd responded well to Steele and barely reacted at all to Link.
Piper’s Pit with guest “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Piper is enamored with Savage, who declares that Hulkamania is dead. Piper refers to Savage as the #1 draft choice then asks him what it is like to be a real macho man. Savage offers Piper a chance to wear his million dollar robe, while reminding him that Hulkamania is dead, as Piper puts it on and says that he feels better. Funny segment as they continue to push Savage strong right out of the gate.
Mario Mancini vs. Terry Funk
Funk chops Mancini hard in the corner. He hits a neckbreaker then a piledriver but Mancini is able to kick out. He jumps on the back of Mancini, who was hunched over the middle rope, but misses a second attempt. Mancini knocks him out of the ring but back inside, Funk tosses Mancini to the floor. Back inside, Funk puts on the spinning toe hold for the win (3:38)
Thoughts: Funk looks good in the ring and is getting over as heel, although not as much as Macho Man. However, Funk still stands out from the other heels and is a legitimate threat. Pretty sweet that the WWF managed to get Funk and Savage debut a week apart from each other.
Tito Santana comes out with a public service announcement about never swimming alone.
Jesse Ventura does the voice over for the WrestleMania home video.
WWF Tag Team Championship Match
Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff (Champions) w/Freddie Blassie vs. Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo w/Capt. Lou Albano
Windham and Volkoff starts things off. Volkoff does a cartwheel but Windham dropkicks him down. They slug it out for a bit until Rotundo tags himself in and gets two off of a rollup. Sheik kicks Rotundo in the back from the apron. He tags himself in and hits a backdrop before he stomps away. The crowd starts a “U-S-A” chant as Rotundo gets beat down. Sheik gets two off of a slam. He puts on the camel clutch but Windham breaks that up. Rotundo counters a suplex with a small package. Volkoff then reverses the pin behind the referee’s back but Windham reverses it back and the ref turns around and counts to three and we have new Tag Team Champions (3:13). The fans are going nuts for this, throwing trash at the heels.
Thoughts: It was always a treat to see a title change on TV during this time. I doubt that this finish would get over today but it worked great here.
Jack Reynolds is with Mr. Fuji, who talks about Don Muraco’s match in Providence against Andre the Giant. Muraco himself then comes out and wants to know if we have ever seen a giant cry.
Next week, Don Muraco will take on Ricky Steamboat in a rematch from two weeks ago.
Final Thoughts: Good show this week. The tag titles switching hands was fun and the pushes for the new arrivals, Funk and Savage, continue. Even the Poffo & Morales and Link matches, which were dull, didn’t drag the show down too much. The Orndorff bounty angle is still going strong too Plus, the Steamboat and Muraco for next week rematch looks to be good as well. We also found out that the Intercontinental title also changed hands and while it was only mentioned casually here, they will touch upon that more next week. The WWF did cool down after WrestleMania but it was not like they had nothing going on.

Impact Wrestling – December 12, 2013

December 12, 2013
Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Mike Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
tournament is finally down to two entrants with Magnus and Jeff Hardy
left to square off for the title. Thankfully they’re giving us a
week off from the matches to get ready for the title match instead of
just blasting through it tonight. We do however have Feast or Fired
tonight, with a shot at all the male titles and a pink slip up for
grabs. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of Dixie trying to get the title back last week.
Spud is driving near Gainsville, Georgia as he tries find AJ’s house.
the arena, JB is standing next to four briefcases and the Wheel of
Dixie. Inside the four cases are a World Title shot, an X-Division
Title shot, a Tag Team Title shot and a pink slip. We’ll get to
those later though as we need to find out the stipulations for the
tournament final. Before we can talk about gimmick match #2 though,
here’s Angle to clear the ring and call out Bobby Roode to end this
once and for all.
comes out and says he’ll fight but not right now. He was eliminated
from the tournament by falling through a table. Angle was eliminated
because ever since he passed on the Hall of Fame, Roode has beaten
him. Kurt says he could beat Roode twice in one night and the fight
is on again. Security comes out to break it up and Roode gets in a
low blow. Next week is Final Resolution and Bobby wants a 2/3 falls
look back at Bad Influence vs. Joseph Park, focusing on Bad Influence
finding out that the Park Park and Park law offices closed years ago.
Young has a plan for the match and asks Park to trust him.
Park/Eric Young vs. Bad Influence
takes Daniels down to start before bringing in a hesitant Park. Off
to Kaz vs. Eric with Young raining down right hands in the corner.
Back to Park as the fast tags continue and Tenay plugs every internet
feature the company can think of. A knee to Park’s gut puts him down
and Bad Influence takes turns pounding on him. Par fights back but
gets nervous again, so Eric gives him a few hard right hands to the
face, busting him open. Abyss mode ensues and Kaz is Black Hole
Slammed for the pin at 5:45.
D+. I still don’t get the
appeal of Eric Young. He isn’t particularly funny, he isn’t anything
special in the ring, he doesn’t do anything that others couldn’t do
just as well, but he’s kept a job for several years now. Bad
Influence on the other hand is actually funny and can put on good
matches, which is clearly why they’re stuck in feuds like this one.
match Eric tells Park that he’s Abyss, which apparently no one
suggested to him in 18 months.
Carter III is getting massaged before he has a Hall of Fame moment
tonight. It’s going to make social media explode.
Carter for his match but he makes sure to tell Brian Hebner that he
has nothing to worry about. Tonight Carter is going to face TNA’s
social media guru: Jeremy Borash. JB makes a hilarious terrified
face like he just saw TNA’s PPV numbers but Sting of all people
interrupts Carter.
asks if he can shake Carter’s hands because Carter is a skyrocket.
Carter is shooting for the stars but he hasn’t accomplished anything
at all. Sting isn’t cool with this because Carter is just riding his
family and last name through doors that never should have been opened
for him. There’s a big match coming up tonight called Feast or Fired
and Carter can either enter or fight Sting right now. Carter gets in
Sting’s face and says it’s on, meaning he’ll enter Feast or Fired.
is still looking for AJ’s house but finds a gas station attendant who
says Styles hangs out at a bar down the road.
Kim vs. ODB
is supposed to be the open challenge but Gail says she’s beaten ODB
too many times already. ODB says she’s here to fight Tapa though and
the brawl is on. Gail gets involved though and ODB gets double
teamed down until Madison Rayne (looking great with long reddish
brown hair) returns to make the save.
finds the bar and imitates a redneck to get some service. He calls
AJ Alan Jones (his real name) and is told he’ll get information for a
drink. Spud puts down a dollar bill and asks for some mixed drink,
getting a beer with a lemon instead.
match Spud sings karaoke and is thrown out.
outlining Feast or Fired.
Storm and Gunner apologize to each other and say good luck in the
match tonight.
keeps looking and walks off into the dark with a flashlight.
Dixie Carter to oversee the face to face meeting between Hardy and
Magnus. Earlier tonight Angle destroyed the Wheel of Dixie but
she’ll give him the 2/3 falls match anyway. That brings her to AJ
Styles, who is still making a mockery of her world title. Next week
though she gets a new world champion and brings out the competitors.
Hardy talks about winning the Bound For Glory Series last year and
promises to win the title again next week.
says he sees Hardy as the best today and the final obstacle. Dixie
says the final match will be called Dixieland and we get a video
explaining the concept. The match starts in a cage and you have to
climb over the top and go up the ramp and climb a ladder to pull down
the belt. I’m sure this isn’t going to be overbooked at all. Dixie
promises to make the winner the face of TNA and let them become the
most important person in the company.
says she has Sabin’s back tonight in his title match, even though
Sabin seems oblivious to her.
breaks into presumably AJ’s house and finds the belt in a bag on the
coffee table. AJ comes down the stairs and is incredibly calm
considering someone broke into his home. Apparently people had
called him and told him to expect a British guy, hence why the door
was open. AJ says we can either call the cops or call some of his
buddies. Spud leaves the belt and runs away as AJ slams the door.
says he had fun at the funeral but now it’s time to get the world
title back.
Title: Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries
is defending. Aries sends him into the corner to start and takes a
victory lap, including a look at Sky. The distraction lets Aries
slide back in for a baseball slide to take out Sabin, only to have
the champion send him face first into the apron. A gutbuster gets
three straight near falls for Sabin and he drapes Aries ribs first
across the top rope for the same.
comes right back by draping Sabin’s ribs across the top and pounding
away at Chris’ head. A forearm puts Sabin on the floor but Aries
throws him back in for a missile dropkick. Sabin stops a charging
Aries with a boot to the face but Austin Japanese armdrags the
champion into the corner. Chris rolls him up for two but the kickout
nearly sends Sabin into Velvet. The distraction lets Aries hit the
brainbuster for the pin and the title at 6:08.
C. Not bad here and maybe this
can get the title to mean something for a few weeks. The belt has
been worthless since BFG as it always is around this time of year.
It’s just a toy that TNA dusts off every now and then to make it seem
like it matters but it’ll be nothing again in a few weeks.
break Sabin gets in Aries’ face but Aries says he’ll enter Feast or
Fired and then steal Velvet.
talks about winning the world title but gets a phone call.
for next week’s Final Resolution with Angle vs. Roode and Jeff vs.
or Fired
Anderson, Curry Man, Samoa Joe, Dewey Barnes, Norv Fernum, Chris
Sabin, Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, Zema Ion, James Storm, Gunner,
Austin Aries, Ethan Carter III
comes out to do his entrance but Bully Ray jumps him from behind and
piledrives Anderson on the stage. Ray talks about evil standing
strong over good in what sounds like a quote from a rather epic
speech. He says Anderson’s wife is pregnant with twins but Ray will
be responsible for their future.
for the match, there’s a briefcase at each corner of the ring and
whoever gets the case gets whatever is inside. That could be a shot
at the World, Tag Team or X-Division Titles or a pink slip. The bell
rings and Curry Man immediately walks out and Sabin bails to the
floor. Fernum and Barnes both miss dives but Aries dives on everyone
to take them out. Ion dropkicks Aries through the ropes and SuperMex
launches himself over the top rope to take everyone out. Gunner
backdrops storm onto them as Norm and Dewey hit dives of their own.
Joe hits the suicide elbow to take the jobbers out and the ring is
gets back in the ring and gets case #3 as we take a break. Back with
Joe destroying everyone in sight until Barnes and Fernum throw him to
the floor. They both go up top but Ion shoves them to the floor,
allowing him to grab case #2. Most of the people get back inside and
it’s Aries diving onto Storm and Hernandez. A discus lariat staggers
Hernandez and Aries hits some running dropkicks in the corner. He
sends Barnes and Fernum into each other before going up top for a 450
onto both guys.
goes for a case but Sabin makes a save, only to be sent into the
steps. Joe, Chavo and Hernandez get back inside with Chavo being
launched into the corner where he grabs case #4. Gunner and Storm
get back inside but have to deal with Hernandez. Dewey and Norv come
back in to try a superplex on Hernandez but Gunner powerbombs him
down to make it a Tower of Doom. Storm Last Calls Joe to the floor
but Gunner crotches him and takes the case to end the match at 14:11.
C+. This is always a hard match
to grade as there are four winners and technically no losers. The
whole point of the match is the drama of the cases being opened next
week and not really about the action here. Gunner turning on Storm
is kind of interesting but nothing out of the ordinary. Still
though, decent enough stuff.
is sitting at a dinner table when Jeff Hardy comes in. He accepts a
glass of wine as the show ends.
D+. This show was
really chatty. We had one match in the first hour and then a lot of
talking. Then there was another match and we talked some more, then
we had Feast or Fired to end things. Last week’s show worked because
they threw a lot of stuff at us to keep it interesting, but tonight
was all about only a handful of angles which got repetitive quickly.
It’s not a horrible show but it was there to set up future stuff
which doesn’t make for the most entertaining two hours.
Park/Eric Young b. Bad Influence – Black Hole Slam to Kazarian
Aries b. Chris Sabin – Brainbuster
Carter III, Zema Ion, Chavo Guerrero and Gunner won Feast or Fired

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TCW Wrestling – Episode 13-46 Review

First things first, here’s where to find the show on TV in your area:


Here’s the show itself, if you feel like playing along:

From the Vicksburg Civic Auditorium in Vicksburg, MS. Your hosts in the ring are Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson. They run down this week’s card: the FORMER TCW Tag Team Champions, Genetic Perfection are in action. The International Championship is on the line when the champion, Titan, defends against Scott Phoenix! But the main event, as has been building for the last few weeks, is TCW Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm putting it all on the line against #1 Contender, Lance Hoyt! Let’s get crazy!

Roll the opening video.

We kick things off backstage as Jason Jones is there with the current tag team champions, The Hounds of Hell, Cerebus and Roosevet. Jones asks the team about the whereabouts of Genetic Perfection’s manager, Rich Rude, as they abducted him several weeks back. Roosevelt states that they took Rude out of the equation. Cerebus chimes in stating that this feud with Genetic Perfection has been a war, and in a war you take out the control center, which was Rich Rude. GP is lost without Rude, and if they want to see him again, they will forfeit their rematch.

Match #1 – Genetic Perfection (Alan Steel and Michael Barry) vs. Jeremy Awesome & Nathan Aulridge – Steel starts the match with Awesome, but quickly finds himself in the wrong corner. A double team whip to the corner leads to Steel going up and over a charging Aulridge, and then miscommunication between Awesome and Aulridge sends Aulridge to the floor, and then Steel hits a flying back elbow from the middle to take Awesome down. That gets a 2. Tag to Barry. He takes over with an armbar takedown. Tag back to Steel, and Auldridge meets his foot in the corner. Axhandle from the top. Steel off the ropes and he gets a knee to the back from Awesome, and the a clothesline from Auldridge puts him down. Tag to Awesome. Double team boots in the corner as the ref is distacted, and we take a break. Back from break as Steel hits a spinebuster to attempt the comeback. Both Steel and Aulridge down. Both men crawling or the tag, and there it is! Hot tag to Michael Barry. Awesome also in now. A series of back elbows takes Awesome down. Fireman’s carry for Barry, and he takes an interfering Auldridge down with his partner’s own feet. Steel in to superkick Aulridge out of the ring. Barry hits the Saturday Night Special (F5)! Steel to the top, and Barry assists with a Rocket Launcher to Aulridge. That should do it! 1…2…3! (4:14)

WINNERS: Genetic Perfection. ** – Nothing special here; just a standard tag team squash with some token offense from the other team.

Cut to Genetic Perfection on the stick. They say that Rich Rude is family, and you do not abandon family, no matter what. Surprisingly, they accept the terms of The Hounds and forfeit their title rematch. With that done, they demand the return of Rude NOW! Rude is then brought out on a wheelchair, bound and gagged, and dumped at ringside by The Hounds. Genetic Perfection tend to Rude, and are upset, but we take a break.

When we come back, Titan is searching for Lily and can’t find her. Instead, he finds a note. Then we get INSIDE TITAN’S HEAD as he reads Lily’s note in there. She writes that if Titan were a real man, he would have gotten the job done. She can’t be with a man who has perfomance issues, and it’s over between them. Titan then weeps, for he is sad.

Jason Jones backstage with Vordell Walker, and asks him for his thoughts on his match last week with Sigmon. Walker says that he came to TCW to be the heavyweight champion but can’t seem to shake Sigmon, a thorn in his side. Jones reports to Walker that Col. Parker has announced a match between Walker and Sigmon in two weeks, and no more double pin cop outs, because it will be a submission match! Walker says that it’s right up his alley, and Sigmon will be the loser when he taps out. Walker slaps the shit out of himself, because that dude is intense.

Match #2 – Titan (c) vs. Scott Phoenix – TCW International Championship.

Staredown in the middle of the ring, as Titan just towers over Phoenix. Phoenix doesn’t back down, and tells Titan to bring it. Lockup to start, and Titan powers Phoenix to the mat, but Phoenix rolls out of the ring. Back in and Phoenix is whipped to the corner HARD! We take a break. When we come back, Titan is slapping Phoenix in the chest. Whip to the corner, but the charge meets boot. Dropkick from Phoenix slumps Titan in the corner. A charge from Phoenix, but Titan catches him in a bearhug. Phoenix tries to elbow out, but Titan rams him into the corner. Titan now standing on the throat in the corner. Titan with a shot to the body. A second fist to the body. In the middle of the ring, Titan with a huge chop to put Phoenix down. Phoenix comes off the ropes but Titan picks him up and slams him down. A bodyslam by Titan, but an elbowdrop misses. Phoenix with kicks, comes off the ropes and Titan grabs him by the throat, but Phoenix gets out of it. Dropkick staggers Titan. Phoenix Rising (Disaster Kick) hits, but Titan is still standing, but wobbling. Phoenix to the top but Titan catches him. Going for the running powerslam, but Phoenix slides out and shoves Titan to the corner. Phoenix Rising hits again and Titan is down! The cover…1…2…3! New champ! (6:57)

WINNER: And NEW TCW International Champion, Scott Phoenix. ** – This was your more run-of-the-mill little man vs. big man match. The power moves by Titan matched with the speed and agility of Scott Phoenix. It wasn’t horrible, and it certainly had more time to be better. But a secondary title changing hands was treated as a big deal, which it should. Something this company gets right: treating it’s titles as a goal to be attained.

After a quick recap of the title change and the upcoming main event, we head to the ring where Col. Parker is mediating a contract signing for a lumberjack match between John Saxon and Steve Anthony. Anthony takes the mic and says he has nothing to prove by beating Saxon. His career is taking off, and Saxon’s is on life support. “What” chants can be heard even in TCW. Always stupid, if you ask me. Anthony wants to thank Col. Parker for letting him be the one to finally put Saxon out of wrestling. Anthony guarantees Saxon will not sign for the match. Parker says he has known Saxon for 20 years and has never seen him speechless. Some good trash talking here by Anthony, as he gets across the point that Saxon is near the end of his career and is just delaying the inevitable. Anthony tells him to just get up and leave because he’s done. Saxon stands up and finally speaks, saying that he just wants to say one thing. RIGHT HAND TO ANTHONY! There goes the table! They brawl around the ring, with Saxon tearing the threads off Anthony. Saxon clears him out of the ring, and we take a break!

Good segment there, with Anthony dialing up the overconfidence and Saxon shutting him up by kicking his ass.

Match #3 – Tim Storm (c) vs. Lance Hoyt – TCW Heavyweight Championship.

Hoyt is already in the ring, as his entrance was cut. I don’t know if that bodes well for him or not. Jawjacking to stat. Lock up, and they break. Test of strength now. Hoyt powers Storm down to almost a knee, but Storm let’s go. Another lock up and they’re in the corner. Hoyt with rights and forearms. Storm goes to the eyes. Lock up, knees from Storm, and backs Hoyt into the corner. Whip is reversed, but Storm charges out with a clothesline, no sold by Hoyt. Hoyt takes him to the corner, whip is reversed but Hoyt charges out with a clothesline. Hoyt shoves Storm to the ropes and a big boot puts Storm out. On the floor, Hoyt takes Storm’s head to the stairs. Now to the guardrail. Hoyt back in the ring breaking the count. Storm lingers on the floor while the referee counts. Now back in, and Hoyt meets him with knees. To the buckle, whip and Storm hits the corner hard. Cover gets a 2 count for Hoyt. Storm manages to take control, and takes Hoyt down with a uranage sweep, and that gets 2 for Storm. Storm mounts Hoyt for some rights and choking. Rear headlock with a grapevine for Storm. Hoyt with elbows, but Storm forearms him down. Off the ropes, and Storm’s big boot is no sold, and Hoyt hits a clothesline. The cover gets a 1. Storm kicks the knee a few times to put Hoyt down. Storm working the leg now. Storm rolls Hoyt to the apron and wraps his leg around the bottom rope. Now they’re to the floor, where Hoyt’s head gets the stairs. Some kicks to Hoyt on the floor, and Storm is back in the ring, while the referee starts his count. Hoyt rolls in, dodges a Storm kick, but Storm stays on him. Whip off the ropes is reversed and Hoyt hits a flying shoulderblock! Hoyt making the comeback, hits a clothesline to take Storm down. The cover gets 2. Hoyt going for the chokeslam but Storm gets out and hits a Cross Rhodes! 1…2…kick out! Storm hits a powerbomb! 1…2…kick out! Storm off the ropes, but Hoyt hits him with The Perfect Storm (spinning Boss Man slam)! 1….2…kick out! That was one of Storm’s own moves. In the corner, whip is reversed into the referee and he is down. Hoyt hits the Scorpion Deathdrop! But there’s no referee. And now The Empire is out, in the form of both Greg Anthony and Steve Anthony. Hoyt fires Greg off the top and knocks Steve off the apron. Matt Riviera is out, hands Storm the title BELT, and Storm goes to hit Hoyt, but Hoyt gets the big boot! Hoyt with the BELT now and he nails Storm! He goes for the cover, but the referee is down. Here’s a second ref. 1…2…3? It looks like a botched count. But they’re calling Hoyt the new champ! (13:40). The first ref comes to and waves it off, stating that he saw Hoyt use the belt. He is reversing the decision and awarding the match to Tim Storm by DQ. Storm is still the champ!

THE WINNER: Tim Storm, by disqualification, an STILL your TCW Heavyweight Champion. **1/2 – this was a pretty good power match between two big guys. But once again, the screwjob finish rears it’s head and takes away from what was a surprisingly decent match.

This show had a little more “sports entertainment” than last week’s show, but it still breezed by and I thought it was enjoyable. We had another title change, and they set the stage for the next few weeks with the lumberjack signing, and the submission match announcement. This southern company likes the old Dusty finishes with double pins and reversed decisions, however. Still, I implore you guys to just sit down with a few of these shows, and you will be surprised by how much you will like it. Until next week!

WWF Championship Wrestling July 6th, 1985

July 6th, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
Tonight’s main event will be Ricky Steamboat vs. Don Muraco. Plus, the television in-ring debut of Uncle Elmer. Also making his TV debut is the “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Plus “Piper’s Pit” with Terry Funk and matches involving King Kong Bundy and the British Bulldogs.

British Bulldogs vs. Barry O. & Dave Barbie
Dynamite takes down Barry a few times before hitting a snap suplex. Barry accidentally hits Barbie when Dynamite ducked a punch then tags Davey. Vince puts over the Bulldogs recent tour of Japan as Barbie is working over Davey. He misses an elbow drop then Davey hits a slam. Dynamite tags and takes his head off with a clothesline then hits a back suplex. Barbie gets hit with a double shoulder block then Dynamite locks on a sleeper. Barry breaks that with an elbow smash from the middle rope. The match breaks down and Barry gets knocked out of the ring. Barbie gets knocked down and Davey launches Dynamite halfway across the ring, who uses a diving headbutt for the win (4:27).
Thoughts: Dynamite looked incredible in the ring and was put over strong on commentary. His movement was on a whole other level from the rest of the company. Once the Bulldogs returned from Japan, they started to get a push.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is Roddy Piper and how he runs his mouth. We are shown a clip of “Piper’s Pit” from the first “Saturday Night’s Main Event.”
Sal Gee vs. King Kong Bundy w/Jimmy Hart
Bundy brushes off Gee with ease. He roughs him up in the corner as Hart agitates the fans. He drops a knee but pulls up Gee at two. Bundy chops Gee as Vince plugs the “Manager of the Year” award. Bundy then hits the Avalanche before putting Gee away with an elbow drop, insisting the referee for the five count (2:34).
Thoughts: About what you would expect to happen here. Bundy was in neutral at this point, as he was only squashing lower card talent and not involved in any feuds.
Freddie Miller runs down the card for the “King of the Ring” tournament. Greg Valentine and Jimmy Hart then come out, with Valentine doing all of the talking. He doesn’t care about winning a trophy. Valentine cut a decent enough heel promo.
A.J. Petruzzi vs. Uncle Elmer w/Hillbilly Jim
Elmer spends a few minutes with the fans before entering the ring. He is carrying a cowbell with him. The camera focuses on the injured leg of Jim. The match starts with Petruzzi bouncing off of Elmer a few times, much to the delight of Jim. He shoves Petruzzi in the corner before bouncing Petruzzi off of him a few times. He hits a few slams then hits a leg drop for the win (1:46). After the match, he and Jim dance in the ring as Vince is happy as can be.
Thoughts: Elmer was really bad in the ring. He did get over a bit here and Vince was strongly pushing him on commentary. It wouldn’t last though. The real reason for him was to keep the injured Hillbilly Jim on TV.
Freddie Miller is with the Iron Sheik. Not much of an interview and Sheik wasn’t as crazy as usual so that was disappointing.
Jose Luis Rivera & Paul Roma vs. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake w/Jimmy Hart & Johnny Valiant
Valentine suplexes Rivera then works the arm. Vince alerts us that Terry Funk was fined $5,000 after beating up Mel Phillips last week. Rivera fights back against Beefcake then tags Roma, who gets backed into the opposing corner. Valentine fights off both men  until Rivera gets the upper hand. He hits a dropkick but Valentine makes a blind tag and Beefcake nails Rivera with a jumping knee smash for the win (2:51).
Thoughts: Match was forgettable but the team of Valentine & Beefcake were starting to gel.
Piper’s Pit with guest Terry Funk. Piper asks Funk why he is looking at him with envy and he says that he is jealous of Hogan, JYD, and even Piper himself because they make more money than him. We see the replay of Funk assaulting Phillips as Funk says that you do not put on a cowboy’s hat then puts over his toughness. Funk is then on his knees and says that he wants to be remembered for taking out JYD and killing rock ‘n’ roll. Funk was great here and the crowd already hates him.
Aldo Marino vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage
Savage hits an arm drag then taunts the crowd. Marino hits an arm drag of his own then we are shown all of the heel managers at ringside, scouting Savage. Marino gets a sunset flip but Savage comes back with a clothesline. The crowd starts a “weasel” chant as Savage tosses Marino to the floor. He follows him out with a double axe handle from the top rope. Back in the ring, he slams Marino then puts him away with two flying elbow drops (2:45). All of the managers come into the ring to congratulate Savage, who decides to inflict some more punishment onto Marino, which further impresses the managers.
Thoughts: Great TV debut for Savage. The angle of Savage being the hottest free agent was a great choice for his debut too. It made him feel that much more special.  
Ricky Steamboat gives us a PSA about quit smoking cigarettes so we can breathe “good, clean air.”
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. Don Muraco w/Mr. Fuji
This is the first time on TV in which Steamboat was referred to as “The Dragon.” Steamboat sends Muraco to the corner with his martial arts poses. He then catches Muraco with some chops then an enziguiri. Muraco gets his knees up on a splash attempt then headbutts Steamboat in the groin from the second rope. They fight over a bridge and that ends in a standoff. Steamboat works the arm as Vince announces that next week the Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff will defend their Tag Team titles against Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham. Muraco hits Steamboat with a Samoan drop then beats on him in the corner. Steamboat fights back then ends up on the apron. Steamboat fights back and hits a top rope chop. Both men spill outside and Muraco rams Steamboat into the guardrail. Steamboat hits Muraco with an atomic drop, who ends up colliding with Fuji, then rolls inside just beating the ten count for the win (4:58).
Thoughts: Fun match, which certainly seems to be setting up for a feud between the two.
Freddie Miller is now with Nikolai Volkoff, who will be facing Hulk Hogan for the World Heavyweight Championship at the King of the Ring. Volkoff says he hates Hogan for having the belt, which belongs to him. He then takes off his shirt and starts putting over his physique.
Next week, the Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff will defend the Tag Team Titles against Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo. In action will be Paul Orndorff, Missing Link, George Steele, Pedro Morales, and Terry Funk. Plus, “Piper’s Pit” with “Macho Man” Randy Savage.
Final Thoughts: Good show this week. The main event was good and we had the TV debut of Randy Savage and the manager angle. Plus, Terry Funk did well on “Piper’s Pit” and next week, the Tag Team Titles are on the line. The WWF feels a lot more exciting now, with the new talents and feuds.

80's Wrestling Entrance Themes

Hey Scott, hope all is well.
I was burning some time away on a Saturday night on You Tube (for all of those with young kids, you will understand) contemplating my favorite WWE entrance theme ever.  I got into some old ones from the 80’s (Demolition, Strike Force, Hogan, Warrior, the old Hart Foundation, etc.), and then ran across one gem, the Rougeau Brothers (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIFhXX12-PI).  It got me thinking about their characters and their run in the old WWF, but how in the world were these guys not given an opportunity with the Tag-Team titles?!?!?  With Jimmy Hart, those handheld American flags they would carry to the ring, their squirrely promos, and the fact that both  Jacques and Raymond Rougeau could go in the ring (their finishing move was the tits), I just don’t understand how Vince didn’t give them a shot.  You may have addressed this previously, but I thought they both could be huge heels prior to  Raymond Rougeau becoming the Mountie.  Any thoughts?
Jacques was the Mountie, Raymond was the dorky announcer.
And technically they DID win the tag titles in Toronto (or maybe Montreal, I forget which) from the Harts in 87, but it was returned on a technicality.  I guess based on the flimsy whims of the blog, THAT would be a unification too.  OH YEAH I WENT THERE.
Honestly, in today’s climate, they totally would have gotten a run with the belts in the All American Boys period.  Although by late 88 Jacques’ back was pretty shot and he was out for a long time during their hottest period.  But really, are you gonna put them over DEMOLITION in 1988?  I think not.  Any other team unlucky enough to be in title contention during that reign was pretty much SOL.

Edit:  Oddly, just after this e-mail, someone ELSE sent me THIS one… Scott, Thought this was interesting. Quoting from The Rougeaus’ Wikipedia entry: “The Rougeaus actually won the WWF Tag Team Championship on August 10, 1987 at the Forum, defeating The Hart Foundation. Jimmy Hart, the Hart Foundation’s manager, tried to interfere on their behalf with his signature foreign object, a megaphone. The megaphone was intercepted by the Rougeaus, who used it to get the pin and win the titles. They were announced as the new tag team champions, but the decision was later reversed and their title win is not recognized by the WWE.” And here’s footage of the win: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzGQ1o4P4Hw

Impact Wrestling – December 5, 2013

December 5, 2013
Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Mike Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
a big night tonight as we have the semi-finals of the world title
tournament. The two matches scheduled are Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode
in a tables match and Magnus vs. Kurt Angle in a last man standing
match. The winners will face off in two weeks for the title in a
gimmick match to be announced. At this point the question is who
gets to face AJ Styles when he returns for the champion vs. champion
match. Let’s get to it.

opening video looks like a scene out of a post apocalyptic thriller
with a WAY higher budget than TNA usually has. It’s another recap of
the tournament.
Kurt Angle with something to say. Last week was Thanksgiving and
he’s very thankful for his health, his family, and the fans’ support
as he tries to get into the Hall of Fame. Winning the title is the
path for him to prove himself and Austin Aries gave him the fight of
his life in the last round. However, now he has to face Magnus so
the Brit needs to come out here.
asks Magnus what happened last week when Magnus left him alone four
on one. Magnus talks about getting hurt in a match against Samoa Joe
and getting into the tag match anyway. Magnus hurt his knee and
that’s all there is to it. Angle says champions fight through
injuries and he has a knee injury at the moment to prove it.
asks Magnus if he has the heart to be a champion. Magnus says he
does along with the hunger to go through everyone he has to in order
to become champion for the first time. He’ll prove that to Angle
tonight. Angle says they may be friends, but he has to go through
Magnus, Hardy and Roode to become champion.
brings out Roode who says he has the killer instinct you need to be a
world champion. We’ve already seen what Roode will do to Storm to
become champion, so next up is Jeff Hardy. If he’ll do that to
Storm, imagine what he’ll do to Hardy. Roode says Magnus will never
be a world champion. Magnus goes for Roode but Angle holds him back.
Hardy comes out to start the tables match right now.
World Title Tournament Semi-Finals: Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode
match. The fans are naturally behind Hardy who starts off with some
right hands and the legdrop between the legs. Hardy sends him into
the corner and dropkicks Roode in the back before bringing in a
table. Bobby uses the breather to get in a shot of his own and sets
up the table in the corner. A clothesline puts Hardy down but he
stops a charging Roode with an elbow in the corner. The comeback is
very short lived though as Hardy’s Whisper in the Wind only hits mat.
They fight to the apron and Hardy kicks Roode in the face, putting
both of them through the table and sending us to a beak as this is
figured out.
with the match continuing and Roode in control, only to be caught by
a quick Twist of Fate, knocking him onto the table. Jeff goes up for
the Swanton but Roode rolls off the table before Jeff jumps. That’s
cool with Hardy as he dives over the table and hits the Swanton
anyway to keep control. Hardy loads up a superplex but gets crotched
on the top rope in a counter. Roode tires to suplex him over the top
and through another table at ringside, only to be kicked in the chest
to put Roode through the table at 14:00.
C. This was fine. Roode is
pretty solidly in the JBL role as his resume is strong enough to make
a win over him mean something but he’s not likely to be the top guy
ever again. Jeff is a good face to send into the title match as he’s
over with the fans and still able to put on good matches.
Carter III gets his makeup applied and says he’s calling out a first
ballot Hall of Famer tonight.
agent has sent Dixie a letter saying the title will be back soon.
Carter is here to call out a legend who has been in the ring with the
likes of Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart. Therefore,
here’s his opponent: Earl Hebner. Hebner says he isn’t a wrestler
but Carter says his aunt is Earl’s boss. There’s even going to be a
special referee: Earl’s son Brian. Carter says Earl is going to lay
down so his worthless son can count 1-2-3. Earl won’t do it so Ethan
threatens him until he does it.
Carter III vs. Earl Hebner
takes his time and puts a finger on Earl’s chest for the pin at 48
makes Brian roll Earl out of the ring and raise Ethan’s hand.
recap the Bad Influence vs. Park/Young feud and Bad Influence trying
to convince Park that he’s Abyss.
see Christy and Sam Shaw on their date. Christy gets up for a second
and Shaw is somewhat obsessed with a knife. The waiter comes for the
check and Shaw threatens to gouge his eyes out if he catches the
waiter looking at Christy again. Christy comes back and they leave
recapping AJ going around the world to defend the title.
gets a delivery: flowers. The note says it’s from a fan so Dixie
yells at the aide who delivered them.
says he should be in the title match because you shouldn’t lose a
wrestling match for falling through a table.
gives a speech to some of the roster. She has a new great idea:
Feast or Fired. It’s TNA’s version of MITB. There are four cases:
one containing a world, tag team or X-Division title shot each and
the last containing a pink slip. You get a case, you win whatever is
inside of it.
Bad Influence with an envelope containing some results. Before they
can go into it, here’s Joseph Park to interrupt. Park gets serious
and tells them they need to stop because they’ve won. Maybe Park
never should have been in TNA and maybe he’s just an attorney. Kaz
thinks that’s funny and says they have information. Park snatches
the envelope from them and rips it up. Daniels thinks it’s funny and
Kaz says all that proves is Park can rip apart an envelope.
get a video showing Bad Influence at Park’s law offices to find them
completely empty. They ask the secretary who says the offices used
to belong to a doctor but he moved out months ago. Daniels shows her
Park’s business card and apparently the law offices closed about 13
years ago.
in the arena, Daniels wants to know what Park has been doing for
thirteen years. Park gets nervous and again asks them to drop this.
Kaz spits at Park and calls him a liar before the beatdown commences.
Eric Young makes the save and tells Bad Influence that if they keep
knocking on the devil’s door, the devil is going to answer. Young
makes a tag match next week but Park isn’t sure.
gives another of his speeches to Magnus and says he’s looking forward
to the main event tonight.
main assistant Spud is told the delivery man is here.
vs. James Storm/Gunner
Zema Ion is DJ for the champions and gets in a great line with
“Ladies remember these names because you’ll be screaming them
later!” Storm throws Jesse around with ease to start before it’s
off to Gunner for the same on Robbie. Zema keeps playing sound
effects on the turntables. Gunner pounds away on Robbie in the
corner but Jesse’s interference lets the champions take over. Jesse
gets two off a dropkick but Gunner pretty easily tags out to Storm.
The superkick lays out Jesse but Robbie spits beer at Gunner. The
tattooed one goes into a rage and he knocks the referee down for the
DQ at 4:50.
D+. This was about advancing
the Gunner/Storm split which doesn’t quite work when they were only a
team for about seven months. Storm really needs to get out of the
tag division because there’s absolutely nothing left for him to do
there. Gunner could get a nice rub out of this though.
tries to go in to see Angle but Spud stops him. Sting makes fun of
Spud’s job title and is told that Dixie wants him out. If Dixie
wants him to leave, come tell him to his face. Spud goes to see the
delivery man and Sting wants to know what’s going on around here.
Kim and her husband say don’t send her any more challengers until you
have someone good.
Sabin is looking in a mirror while Velvet Sky checks her hair. It’s
Sabin vs. Aries next week for the X Title. Velvet asks if she looks
good and Sabin picks up the belt and says they look good.
Kim vs. Laura Dennis
what I can find, Dennis is an indy wrestler named Cherry Bomb who has
worked in Shimmer, CZW and ROH. Gail runs her over to start and
sends Laura into the corner for a running cross body. Kim talks a
lot of trash but gets slapped in the face. Some clotheslines put Kim
down and a running forearm gets two but Gail gets some feet up in the
corner. Eat Defeat gets the pin at 3:02.
D. We need to get to Tapa
crushing Kim already so we can stop caring about either of them at
all. These one off girls aren’t helping the division’s major problem
at all but it’s better than seeing the same matches over and over
again. This was just a squash though which doesn’t do anything for
match Gail hits another Eat Defeat but before Tapa can beat up Dennis
again, ODB comes out for the save. Tapa is knocked to the floor and
ODB slaps her chest.
World Title Tournament Semi-Finals: Kurt Angle vs. Magnus
man standing. Angle takes him into the corner to start but Magnus
counters into an armbreaker followed by a headlock. Back up and
Magnus pounds away to drive Angle into the corner, only to have a
double clothesline put both guys down. They slug it out some more
and we take a break.
with…..Dixie receiving the package she’s been waiting for all
night. We go back to the arena to see Angle taken down by something
we don’t see for a five count. Angle comes back with five Rolling
Germans but Magnus gets up at five. Kurt spears Magnus to the floor
but both guys are up by 8. Magnus tries to get back in but has to
elbow out of the German suplex off the apron.
elbow drop off the apron has Kurt in trouble but he gets up at nine.
Back in and Angle hits a quick snap suplex but misses the moonsault.
Magnus picks him up and hits a modified Rock Bottom (arm around the
ribs instead of the chest) and the top rope elbow gets nine. Angle
accidentally takes out the referee before hitting the Angle Slam.
Cue Roode with a clothesline to the back of Kurt’s head and an
Attitude Adjustment. Magnus gets back up but Angle can’t make the
ten count at 15:23.
C+. Not great here but it could
have been much worse. Angle is great in the role of guy you can
throw out there for a good match and to put someone over at any time.
It wasn’t a great match but it advances Roode vs. Angle which needs
to end after the next match. Good match here but not great.
saves Angle and wishes Magnus luck with a handshake.
opens the box and finds a toy belt.
get a video from AJ, saying Dixie needs to come to Georgia if she
wants the belt back.
B-. This was one of
TNA’s better shows in a long time. The matches were good, but more
importantly than that the stories felt like they were important and
got the time that they needed to develop. Nothing came off as stupid
or like a waste of time and those are things that have been plaguing
TNA for months now.
Hardy b. Bobby Roode – Hardy kicked Roode through a table.
Carter III b. Earl Hebner – Hebner laid down for Carter
b. Gunner/James Storm via DQ when Gunner shoved the referee
Kim b. Laura Dennis – Eat Defeat
b. Kurt Angle – Angle couldn’t answer the ten count
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TCW Wrestling Review – Episode 13-45

First, where to find it on your local TV:


Now, the Youtube link to this week’s episode, if you feel like playing along:


From the Frank Cochran Center in Meridian, MS.

Your hosts, Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson, are standing in the ring to kick off the show, and hype this week’s matches. Vordell Walker finally gets his hands on Sigmon. Last week, we witnessed the return of King Shane Williams, and this week he teams up with Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender Lance Hoyt as they face The Empire’s Greg Anthony and TCW Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm. Also, TCW Junior Heavyweight Champion Kincaid has a title defense against Americos. The cool thing about being a small company with a TV show is that you can set up angles one week, and pay them off the next.

Roll the opening video!

Match #1 – Americos vs. Kincaid (c) (with Boyd Bradford) – TCW Junior Heavyweight Championship.

Americos is under a mask and wearing the red, white and blue. He’s billed from Parts Unknown, but I’m sure we can at least peg the country. Kincaid starts off with an armdrag takedown and a kip up to show off. A lock up, and an armdrag takedown for Americos this time, and he does a march and salute to show up Kincaid. The two trade cartwheel counters to the other’s wristlock. Lock up, to the ropes, and the whip by Americos is stopped by a cartwheel from Kincaid, who takes a second to gloat, and then Americos promptly dropkicks the knee to take him down. La Majistral from Americos for 1. The two trade off with wristlock counters, then counter each other’s neck takedowns, with Americos then getting a roll up for 1. Kincaid expresses frustration. Leg takedown for Kincaid, but Americos continues to counter the wristlock, and gets one of his own, until Kincaid gets the ropes for the break. Kincaid with a knee to the gut, then a whip, Americos ducks under and comes back with a wristlock takedown, and Kincaid hits the ropes for the break again. The two lock up and the counters continue until Americos holds Kincaid down with an armbar. Kincaid drops Americos throat first on the top rope to break that up. Kincaid whips Americos, and Americos hits a tilt-a-while takedown, but Kincaid comes back by wrapping his legs around the head of Americos, climbing the corner buckles with his hands, and then dumping Americos with a headscissors takedown. Whip to the corner, Americos goes up and over, and dumps Kincaid with his own headscissors, and Kincaid is out to the floor. Kincaid slides in under an Americos dive attempt, Americos with a sunset flip, rolled through by Kincaid, and he whiffs on a dropkick, and lands on the floor knees first. Americos brings Kincaid to the apron by the dreadlocks, then hits a suplex. Boyd Bradford distracts Americos, who nails Bradford with a crossbody on the floor! Kincaid botches a move to the outside, but hits a double axehandle off the apron to put Americos down. Then we hit a break.

When we come back, we’re still on the floor. Kincaid hits Americos with a slingshot into the STEEL guardrail. Kincaid drives him to the guardrail back first. Back in the ring now, Kincaid hits a springboard spinkick. That gets 2. Kincaid with the Gory Special now. Americos with an armdrag counter, but meets the buckle on a back elbow attempt. That gets 2 for Kincaid. Kincaid with a whip to the counter, and hits a forearm smash, then follows up with a shortarm clothesline. Springboard dropkick while Americos is seated. That gets 2. Kincaid now with what I can only call an upside down version of the Gory Special. Americos counters into a Victory Roll! 1…2..kick out! Americos gets tossed to the floor. Americos to the steps. Back in the ring, Kincaid covers…1…2…kick out! Gut wrench suplex for Kincaid. Cover….2! A series of reversals leads to a double clothesline. Both men get back ther feet. Americos hits a leg lariat off the ropes. Another cover…2! Corner clothesline for Americos, but a bulldog attempt is reversed into a backbreaker for Kincaid! Kincaid to the top, misses the double stomp, and Americos hits a Wheelbarrow Faceplant! Americos to the top now, and he hits the Swanton Bomb! Cover…1…2…kick out! Referee James Beard receives an eye poke on the kick out attempt, and he is down. Low blow by Kincaid blocked by Americos, and Americos hits a suplex/neckbreaker combo. But now Boyd Bradford is in the ring, with the title belt in hand, and he nails Americos with the BELT. The referee recovers, sees Kincaid with the cover. 1…2…3! Kincaid retains! He and Bradford make their way to the back, hands and title held high. (13:18)

WINNER: and STILL your TCW Junior Heavyweight Champion…Kincaid. ***1/2 – Pretty good match between these two. A lot of counters early on, and some close 3 counts late. The screwjob ending takes a little away from it, as these appear to be two guys you would like to see a clean match from.

Backstage, Jason Jones is with Sigmon, who meets Vordell Walker coming up. Sigmon states that Walker is a fraud, and he HATES frauds. Sigmon says the IWC LOVES Vordell, but he’s really a loser.

Match #2 – Vordell Walker vs. Sigmon.

Your referee is Rashard Devon. Walker starts the match proper with a big takedown for a quick 1 count. A chain wrestling attempt by Walker has Sigmon getting to the ropes for a break. Waistlock for Walker, and another takedown, and Sigmon to the ropes again. Walker with some trash talking. Sigmon with some forearms, and he’s off the ropes and meets a huge armdrag from Walker, then two more huge armdrags, and Sigmon bolts to the floor. Sigmon pulls Walker to the floor, and Walker meets the stairs, but Walker no sells it and introduces Sigmon’s head to the stairs. Sigmon does his own no selling, and now the two trade forearms on the floor. Walker wins that battle and Sigmon is back in the ring. Sigmon tries to go for his submission called the Winner’s Circle, but Walker hits a knee to the jaw to counter. Walker goes for the Stretch Muffler, but Sigmon kicks out of the hold, then puts Walker down with a sledge. The two trade headbutts, but Sigmon beats Walker down in the corner, and that takes us to the break.

When we come back, Sigmon is in control with a side headlock takedown. Walker attempts a comeback with elbows to the gut, and he is off the ropes, but Sigmon cuts him off with a back elbow. He’s slow to get the cover, and Walker kicks out at 2. Sigmon with a kick to the gut, then a chop, but a suplex attempt is countered with a small package for 1…2…kick out! Running clothesline puts Walker back down. Another cover for Sigmon, and another 2. Rear chinlock from Sigmon. To the corner, chop from Sigmon, then he hits a suplex. That gets 2. A whip and Sigmon hits a thrust to the throat to put Walker down. Sigmon acting cocky with a snot rocket. A whip from Sigmon leads to a series of up-and-overs from Walker, until Walker finally hits Sigmon with a BEAUTIFUL overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Walker hits an enziguri! Walker with a spinning clothesline. Cover…1…2..kick out! Sigmon stops a corner whip and comes back with a big clothesline that 360’s Walker! Cover…1…2..kick out! Sigmon to the top, but Walker crotches him. Walker follows him up, but Sigmon knocks him down with headbutts. Walker comes back with a big forearm to Sigmon who is still on top. Walker then goes ALL THE WAY up and hits a BIG top rope SUPERPLEX! Walker hooks the legs…1…2….KICK OUT! The announcers sell the superplex as death, which is awesome, because the superplex IS awesome. Anyway, the two trade headbutts now. Sigmon hits repeated headbutts and is woozy. Walker hits his own series of headbutts, and he’s teetering now. Sigmon sneaks behind him with a GERMAN SUPLEX! Sigmon holds on, the ref counts 1…2…3! But wait…the referee states that both men’s shoulders were down, and he’s calling this match a DRAW! (9:20) The old fashioned double pin. Motherf…..Sigmon argues the call to no avail.

WINNER: DRAW. *** – This was a fine wrestling match, marred by a double pin ending. Whereas, a screwjob finish took away from the first match, a cop out ending where neither guy goes over is even worse. But it was a solid mat based affair here, and I would dig a rematch between these two….with an ending!

Backstage, Jason Jones is with King Shane Williams and Lance Hoyt, who meet The Empire in tag team action coming up. Williams has been waiting for his shot at The Empire and proclaims that vengeance will be had by “The King”. We find out that Lance Hoyt previously had a working relationship with The Empire, but he was, or course, screwed over. Now a killer and a king are going to leave a lot of bodies battered, bruised and bloodied. ALLITERATION ALERT!

Match #3 – Lance Hoyt & “King” Shane Williams vs. The Empire (TCW Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm & Greg Anthony).

Quick highlights of last week when King Shane was revealed as Lance Hoyt’s surprise for The Empire, and the big brawl to send The Empire running. Quick backstory is Williams is a former member of The Empire, dumped by the group, and Hoyt was paid by The Empire to help obtain the Heavyweight Championship, but when he earned a title shot, that relationship ended when The Empire attacked him. To the match! Four way brawl immediately to start things off. Storm and Anthony to the floor to regroup. Back to the ring, it will be Williams and Anthony to start. Williams hits the ropes and stops a few times, but then a right hand sends Anthony to the floor, and Williams follows him out. Anthony head first to the rail, then head first to the timekeeper’s table, then to the post. Back in the ring, Williams is met with a kick to the gut from Anthony. Anthony with a series of jabs, a duck under from Williams, and he hits his own jabs followed by a bionic elbow, and Anthony is down. Tag in by Hoyt, but Anthony manages to scamper to his corner and tag in the champ. Hoyt and Storm jaw at each other, and then a shoving match occurs. Both men off the ropes, and they each hit a clotheline, but neither guy moves. Storm pokes the eye, but runs into a clothesline from Hoyt, and Storm is down. To the corner, and Hoyt mounts him for the 10 punch count along. Whip to the opposite corner, and Storm hits the mat. Hoyt hits a jawbreaker and Storm falls back to his corner, where Anthony tags back in. Hoyt no sells shots from Anthony and then throws him into the corner. Hoyt with a series of strikes, takes Anthony over to the face corner and tags in Williams. Hoyt slams Anthony and then slams Williams on top of Anthony for the cover….for 2! Anthony reverses a whip to the corner, but hits boot. Williams on the middle rope is met by Storm, which causes Williams to be distracted, and falls victim to Anthony pulling him off, and the tide has changed in this match. Storm tagged in. A right hand send Williams to the apron. Back in, Williams whipped off the ropes and into a Storm clothesline. Anthony tagged back in now, as Storm holds Williams for a right hand to the body. To the corner, but Williams blocks, hits a series of elbows and rights, then whips Anthony to the corner, but a charge meets boot. BIG clotheline by Anthony gets the 360 sell by Williams. Cover by Anthony…1….2….shoulder up! And we take a break.

Back with Anthony in control with a rear headlock. Williams attempts the comeback with a series of elbows to the gut, but Anthony stops that with a knee to the body. Whip to the corner, and Williams goes up and over and gets into fisticuffs with Storm on the apron, but Anthony charges over and sledges Williams to the floor. Hoyt comes out, distracting the referee, allowing Storm to slam Williams’ head to the stairs. Storm heaves Williams back in the ring, and Storm takes over without tagging in. Storm spits on Hoyt, and Hoyt charges in, causing distraction yet again, allowing Storm to choke Williams with his foot. Storm with a gorilla press, but Williams drops out and down and hits a roll up for 2. Clothesline from Storm puts Williams down again. Dragging Williams to the heel corner, and tag to Anthony. Williams held down for a knee drop to the head from Anthony. Cover…1…2…shoulder up. Anthony keeps covering and Williams keeps kicking out at 2. Anthony choking Williams over the ropes. Anthony covers for another 2. Tag to Storm. Williams held in the corner for a series of boots and rights. Williams ducks under a whip attempt, botches the Tornado DDT, but hits it a second try! Both men down. Hoyt working up the crowd. Williams goes though Storm’s legs and Hot tag Hoyt! Shots for both Storm and Anthony. Storm off the ropes and meets the knee of Hoyt, who comes off the ropes and hits a clothesline. Hoyt with the cover…1…2…kick out! Storm with a shot to the neck, then goes up to the middle, where Hoyt hits a right hand. Hoyt gets Storm in position for a Blackout (inverted Razor’s Edge), but Anthony makes the save. Williams and Anthony brawl to the outside, while Storm hits a few kicks on Hoyt inside. Now Storm is off the ropes with a boot to the head, and Stor hits what appears to be a chokeslam/footsweep combo, but it only gets 2! Williams and Anthony continue to brawl outside. Storm looks out at them for a moment, turns around and boot to the gut for Hoyt! Hoyt hits the Scorpion Deathdrop! 1…2…3! (11:49) Hoyt pins the champ! Hoyt pins the champ! What does this mean for the TCW Heavyweight Champion and his #1 contender? WE’RE OUT OF TIME!

WINNERS: Lance Hoyt & Shane Williams. **1/2 – Nothing flashy here, but still a good solid tag team match. I’m fine with the #1 contender pinning the champ, because it sets up their future title match. The match had a good heat segment with Williams playing the role of face-in-peril very well. And we had a clean finish!

Overall, the booking of this show is very old school southern style. But the double pin in a very good wrestling match left a bad taste. But this show is WRESTLING, baby! It grows on me more every week.

WWF Championship Wrestling: June 29th, 1985

June 29, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
Tonight, Terry Funk will make his WWF in-ring debut. Also in action tonight are Don Muraco and Ricky Steamboat. Plus, Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham, Junkyard Dog & Tito Santana, and the new team of B. Brian Blair and “Jumping” Jim Brunzell.

Rick Hunter & A.J Petruzzi vs. Tito Santana & Junkyard Dog

JYD starts off the match by overpowering Petruzzi. Tito tags in and works the arm for a bit. Petruzzi gets hit with a double elbow smash then JYD follows that up with some crawling headbutts. Hunter tags and grabs a headlock but JYD counters that with an atomic drop. Tito tags and gets worked over for a second but makes the tag. JYD cleans house then finishes off Petruzzi with a powerslam (3:49).
Thoughts: Not much to say about this match. It is the same as every other that JYD & Tito had together. Also, the team of JYD and Tito is starting to get stale, as they only started due to their mutual hatred of Valentine and have not progressed into any feuds.  
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is Bobby Heenan and the $25,000 bounty that he placed on Paul Orndorff.
Aldo Marino vs. Terry Funk
The announcers put over the toughness of Funk. Before the match, in one of the most memorable post-match moments in history, ring attendant Mel Phillips carries away Funk’s ring gear and in the process, puts on Funk’s hat. Well, Funk sees this then yanks Phillips into the ring and beats the shit out of him. Marino tries to make the save but immediately gets tossed to the outside. Funk continues to beat on Phillips until he tosses him outside. Funk beats the piss out of Marino in the corner as two ring attendants carry Phillips into the locker room. Funk tosses Marino then jaws with the fans. Back in the ring, Marino reverses an Irish whip then tosses Funk through the ropes. Funk comes back in and Marino sends him back outside with a dropkick, as the fans are going crazy. Funk comes back in and hits a back suplex then gets the win via submission with the spinning toe hold (3:02). After the match, Funk taunts the fans, who already hate his guts.
Thoughts: One of the greatest TV debuts in wrestling history. At the end of this match, Funk was loathed by the crowd. Hell, they went crazy for the jobber’s offense. You have to check this out.
Vince mentions that we will get more news about the “Manager of the Year” award later on in the show. We never did though.
Gene Okerlund plugs the first ever “King of the Ring” show at Sullivan Stadium (The old Foxboro Stadium) in Foxboro, MA. Hulk Hogan comes out and says that he was hanging with “Sly” and what he went through filming “First Blood.” He promises the same will happen when he defends his belt against Nikolai Volkoff.
Steve Lombardi & Dave Barbie vs. Killer Bees
The Bees are wearing black trunks and vests for this match. Blair grounds Lombardi to start the match. Brunzell tags and hits a monkey flip then a jumping knee smash. Blair tags and gets two off of a clothesline. Blair gets caught in the wrong corner and gets slammed by Barbie. Blair is able to elude an elbow drop then tags Brunzell, who hits a beautiful looking dropkick. The Bees use the double noggin knocker then Brunzell catches Barbie with a sleeper for the win (3:52).
Thoughts: The Bees worked at a fast pace but their opponents really couldn’t keep up with that. Still, its nice to have another solid tag team in the company.
Okerlund is with the King of the Ring trophy and JYD. They talk about the competitors in the tournament.
Rick McGraw vs. Don Muraco w/Mr. Fuji
The fans start a “beach bum” chant aimed at Muraco. Muraco hits a clothesline but McGraw fights back. He hits a backbreaker and a slam before sending him out of the ring with an atomic drop. The fans are into the action tonight. Muraco comes in but misses a dropkick. McGraw tries a Boston Crab but Muraco rolls out. They slug it out until McGraw gets a nearfall with a small package. McGraw then whiffs on a dropkick and Muraco puts him away with the tombstone piledriver (2:42).
Thoughts: The fans really bought into McGraw here. The match while sloppy at points, was wrestled at a brisk pace, making it fun to watch.
Piper’s Pit with a returning Roddy Piper. He says that he went on vacation then welcomes Hillbilly Jim. Piper mocks him with banjo noises then accuses him of faking his leg injury. Jim then tells Piper he has someone he wants him to meet and brings out his Uncle Elmer. Piper mocks him for a few seconds as the segment ends.
The Axe vs. Ricky Steamboat
Steamboat scares off the Axe with his array of chops and poses. He takes him down with a few arm drags before the Axe grabs a headlock. Steamboat escapes and hits a running knee smash before putting him away with a flying body press (3:08).
Thoughts: Good god was this boring. The crowd, which was hot all night long, was just about silent for this match. The martial arts gimmicked they saddled on Steamboat was really bad at the beginning, as his matches consisted of goofy chops and kicks, along with ridiculous posing.
Hillbilly Jim gives us a public service announcement about making sure your animals have plenty of fresh air and water during the hot Summer days.
Terry Gibbs & Rene Goulet vs. Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham w/Capt. Lou Albano
Windham catches Gibbs with an arm drag. Rotundo tags and works a side headlock. Goulet tags and Rotundo grounds him as Vince tells us that Mel Phillips was taken to the hospital. Lots of fast paced action in this match. Rotundo gets double-teamed until Windham breaks it up. Rotundo continues to play face-in-peril as this match is surprisingly fun. Rotundo reverses an Irish whip by Gibbs then makes the tag. Windham hits a dropkick and a slam. He tags Rotundo, who catches Gibbs with an airplane spin, and gets the win. The finish looked bad as Goulet was right next to the pin attempt and sat there until Windham came over to shove him away (4:36)
Thoughts: Fun stuff, despite the terrible looking finish. Gibbs was solid as far as jobbers are concerned. Windham looked really good in particular.
Okerlund interviews a bunch of heels about the King of the Ring. Nothing memorable happened here except for Okerlund reminding the Iron Sheik that the show was in Foxboro, not Boston.
The announcers talk about Terry Funk and how there should be action taken against him for what he did to Mel Phillips.
Next week, Ricky Steamboat will face Don Muraco. Also, the television debut of “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Uncle Elmer. Plus, King Kong Bundy will be in action.
Final Thoughts: I thought this was a really fun show. The debut of Funk was awesome. If you haven’t seen it before, go do it now. The Killer Bees looked solid in their TV debut too. We also saw Uncle Elmer for the first time, even though it was a very brief appearance. The last match of the show was really fun too. Plus, next week, you get the debut of Savage and a match between Muraco and Steamboat.

WWF Championship Wrestling: June 22nd, 1985

June 22, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
Matt Borne vs. Paul Orndorff
Before the match, Borne gets on the mic and claims that he will collect the bounty. Borne lands a cheapshot off of a clean break but Orndorff fights right back. He beats the shit out of Borne until he is stopped by an eye rake. Orndorff kills Borne with a clothesline before putting him away with the piledriver (1:50). After the match, Heenan is seen in the back of the arena. Orndorff then grabs the mic and wants Heenan to come into the ring. Heenan is pissed as the crowd starts up a “weasel” chant, then he retreats to the back.
Thoughts: Heenan’s bounty on Orndorff has been a pretty good angle. The crowd absolutely loathes Heenan too so that helps out a lot. Still, the Orndorff turn has been a success at the start.  
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes, who lets us know that the WWF has just signed Terry Funk to a contract. We are then shown a vignette of Funk on his horse as he talks about his neighbor told him that Steamboat and Hogan have bigger muscles but that he has heart and the talk about muscles pisses him off as he spits on the ground.
Brett Hart & Jim Neidhart w/Jimmy Hart vs. Tony Garea & Jim Powers
Garea and Neidhart go back and forth until Hart tags. Garea shoves him in his corner then tags Powers. He backdrops Hart then follows that with a dropkick. He tries another backdrop but Hart kicks him in the face. Neidhart beats on Powers for a minute until they put him away with the Hart Attack (2:09).
Thoughts: Dull squash match, even if it was just over two minutes long. Anything involving Tony Garea is usually terrible though. The team of Bret & Neidhart are struggling to get over as heels, even with Hart as their manager.
Freddie Miller is with Hulk Hogan, promoting his match at the Boston Garden. His head is all bandaged up as Hogan tells Studd that he is never going to give up and that all of the Hulkamaniacs hang out in Boston.
Gary Starr vs. The Missing Link w/Bobby Heenan
Link rams Starr’s head off of the turnbuckle repeatedly. He then chokes him out on the mat and delivers a few headbutts, busting open his own head in the process. He then leaps off of the middle turnbuckle with a flying headbutt for the win (2:27). After the match, Heenan has to control Link from smashing his own head off of the turnbuckle.
Thoughts: The Link gimmick is still too similar to what George Steele was doing and all of his matches consisted of headbutts. Plus, the crowd bought into Steele and they do not feel the same way about Link.
Jack Reynolds is with Big John Studd. He talks about his match against Hogan in Boston while holding the bag that contains Andre’s hair. Studd said he can bench 700lbs and that Hogan has to look up at him, the biggest man in the WWF.
Doc Butler & A.J. Petruzzi vs. Ivan Putski & Tony Atlas
Finkel brings up that Atlas has been named “Mr. Universe.” Petruzzi tries to attack Putski from behind but that plan fails. The faces take turns headlocking Petruzzi before Butler tags. Atlas puts him in a headlock then tags Putski, who hits the Polish Hammer for the win (2:46).
Thoughts: Another dull tag squash. The seemed to be trying to do something with Atlas but his problems around this time are well documented and he was never very good in the ring to begin with. He and Putski had no chemistry to speak of either.
Piper’s Pit with guest host Bobby Heenan. His guest is Big John Studd but first, Heenan announces that Piper will be returning next week. Studd says that he is going to collect the $25,000 bounty on Orndorff and that no one embarrasses the Heenan Family. Heenan then says that everyone is in the running for the $25,000 bounty.
Johnny Rodz vs. Ricky Steamboat
Rodz ducks outside after Steamboat does some of his martial arts poses. He comes back in and rakes the eyes and takes control. Steamboat chops him back but misses a corner charge. Rodz chops him on the apron but misses a flying attack. Steamboat hits a chop off of the top rope but Rodz gets his knees up on a splash attempt. Rodz hits a top rope elbow smash then a slam. He hits a flying headbutt but misses a splash. Steamboat hits a chop then gets the win with a flying body press (3:17).
Thoughts: Decent enough action, even with Steamboat’s martial arts gimmick
A plug for the WrestleMania home video airs, with Jesse Ventura doing the voice over.
Iron Sheik w/Freddie Blassie vs. Mike Rotundo w/Capt. Lou Albano
The crowd is jacked up for this match. They take it on the mat to start, with neither guy able to gain the advantage. Rotundo grabs a side headlock as the crowd starts an “Iran sucks” chant. Rotundo hip tosses the Sheik then hits a slam. They go back to the mat until Rotundo sends the Sheik over the top rope with an atomic drop. Back in the ring, Rotundo catches the Sheik with an airplane spin but Nikolai Volkoff runs in and breaks up the pin as the match is ruled a DQ (3:37). The heels beat on Rotundo until George Steele runs in for the save as the heels flee to the back.
Thoughts: No idea where Windham was for this but it certainly sets up for a title match down the line. The heat for this match was incredible too.  
Jack Reynolds is with Jimmy Hart. He talks about the Junkyard Dog dumping water on him during “Tuesday Night Titans” and we are shown a clip of that happening. A running gag on TNT was Hart playing pranks on Hayes. Valentine comes out and says that JYD made a joke out of him and Hart and is ready to take out all of his anger.
Vince and Bruno recap the show then get cut off by Rotundo. He promises that Barry Windham will be back next week and that he is sick and tired of Sheik & Volkoff cheating and issue a challenge, stating they will face them at any time or place. 
Final Thoughts: This show was jsut okay. The heated up the tag-title feud and furthered the Bounty Angle on Orndorff. The wrestling was duller than usual though, featuring makeshift teams and newcomers who are struggling to get over. Studd and Hogan also is a bit stale, considering it was being down at the end of 1984, so the World Title picture needs to freshen up.

2013 Scott Sez…Heroes of Wrestling

The Netcop Rant for the “Heroes of Wrestling”, a one-time-only (oh lord let that be true) so-called PPV that I wasted $19.95 on due to a long story that I don’t wanna get into. Thankfully, I made sure to stock up on alcoholic beverages before the show, and BOY did I need them.  (Rather ironic that I would rag on Jake Roberts for his behavior while getting wasted myself.)  First of all, the pre-game show looks like it was edited on a Video Toaster, with jump cuts so sudden that I think some poor editor down in Mississippi is suffering from whiplash as we speak. (Oh, the Amiga computer, still good for cheapshots years later.)  We get some various BAD angles to set up the show, including George Steele & Sherri Martell getting caught in a secret tryst, Bob Orton cheating at poker, and Tully Blanchard getting shoved into a trunk by Stan Lane. I don’t know who I pity more, btw – Sherri or George. Not a promising start. Live from Bay Saint something, Mississippi. I didn’t quite catch the name of the town where the casino we’re coming from is, and I hadn’t heard of it at any rate. Your hosts are Dutch Mantell and some dufus named Randy Rosenbloom, not Gordon Solie as was triumphantly advertised leading up to the show. He wouldn’t make so much as an appearance.  (Gordon wasn’t long for the world, sadly.)  The arena is announced as 2,000 SRO, (Standing Room Only or Sold Right Out depending on who you ask.)  but they’re lucky if there’s 600 people there, and the lights are so dim you can only see the first five rows anyway. A big banner for the casino sits on the ring apron, and I won’t dignify it by reprinting the casino’s phone number here.  (An indy doing 600 people these days isn’t that bad, especially for a nostalgia group like this one.)  Opening match: The Samoan Swat Team v. Marty Jannetty & Tommy Rogers. First of all, Fatu looks like Yokozuna, with his ass taking up most of the camera whenever he’s on. Seriously, he’s just that fat. (This was of course written in 1999, just before he went back to the WWF as Rikishi.  So that’s at least one person who got a job out of this.)  And it’s not like he’s been retired for the past few years or anything. The SST is managed by some Paul E. wannabe goof. Jannetty (who is looking like a crack addict) has let his hair grow back since his WCW stint last year. (He looks even worse these days. And the crack addict thing might not be far off given his habits at the time.)  Stall session to start, with Jannetty taking control once Samu gets in. Jannetty is blowing moves left and right and missing his cues, which would indicate either drugs or alcohol tonight. Of course, had I known what was in store, I’d have counted my blessings for Jannetty at least being coherent. Stay tuned, folks. Lots of arm-working from the Fantastic Rockers, for lack of a better name. First chinlock of the show comes at 8:15 EST. Expect more. Inevitably, Fabu’s HUGE ASS overcomes Marty and he plays Ricky Morton. Speaking of Ricky, the RnR would seem to be a perfect fit for this show – I wonder why they’re not on it? (Because even Ricky Morton has standards?) Jannetty takes a chairshot and the announcer declares it “obscene” and “unethical”. No shit. Where did they dig this dipshit up? Rogers gets the hot tag, but tries to headbutt the Samoans and gets nowhere. Jannetty and Rogers double-team the SST, with Jannetty hitting a plancha on Fatu, but that leaves Rogers alone with Samu. Samu hits a pretty good TKO and gets the easy pin at 9:51. Nothing special here. 1/2*  Did I mention how bad lead commentator Randy Rosenbloom is, calling a simple dropkick a “legdrop” and other things equally ridiculous? Thank god Dutch was there to cover for him. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine v. George “The Animal” Steele. George has Sherri with him. It occurs to me that given the choices, George is smarter to eat the turnbuckle than to eat…oh, never mind. George starts to remove his shirt, and Hammer jumps him. Sherri attacks as well, thus throwing the subtlety card right out of the window. But George can’t see the betrayal, because the shirt is over his head. Plus he’s really stupid. Steele finds an international object and hits Greg with it, then hands it off to Sherri for safe-keeping. Sherri hands it right to Greg, who plays “Hide the object” for a bit, and then Sherri turns on George outright, nailing him with a chair and giving Valentine the win at 6:31. Hey, our first negative star match of the night! –***  (The booking and the matchmaking was just bizarre here.  Valentine was still doing regular indy shots at this point and could have worked a totally acceptable match with someone like Tully Blanchard.)  Julio Fantastico (Sanchez) v. 2 Cold Scorpio. I have no idea why they even bothered with this one. 2CS has a WCW World title knockoff with him, which is never mentioned by the announcers. Captain Lou Albano comes out to do rambling commentary. Decent, but awkward wrestling sequence to start. Julio ends up on the floor and Scorp follows with a pescado. Now it’s Julio’s turn, as he blows a pescado and ends with a skin-the-cat type thing, then decides to REDO THE SPOT (Ugh!) and hits it better on the second try. Sure sign of a jobber 4 life right there. NEVER REDO THE SPOT! He does take a nice backdrop over the railing into the crowd. Back in the ring and then a very ugly sequence begins, with the end result being a legdrop from Scorpio and a badly blown Tumbleweed to finish it at 9:48. Hey, if you’re gonna do a spotfest, HIT THE DAMN SPOTS! *  (Julio never ended up doing anything in the business anyway.)  The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff v. The Artists Formerly Known as the Bushwhackers. The heels have some goof named Nikita Brezhnikov in their corner, who does a bad Russian accent and wears what looks like a Cossack uniform and waves a USSR flag. Geez, read the news once in a while, guys. We get the Russian national anthem (short form version) and the Iranian club demonstration, for old (and I mean OLD) time’s sake. Thankfully, I’m on my third drink by this time and I’m getting pleasantly detached from the living room. Ssssssssssssss tttttttttttt aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. The old, wrinkly, Volkoff beats on Luke to control, although there’s six inches of air between Luke and the bottom of Nikolai’s boot on every kick. Sheik comes in and gives Luke what can only be generously described as a lovetap, and Luke sells a throat injury like Steamboat. Yeargh. The heels are working so loose they might as well stand in the aisle and kick them from there. It’d look more believable. Seriously, this is just SO sad. Butch finally gets the hot tag, and heel miscommunication involving the wrong person getting hit with an international object gives Butch the pin at 8:45. Oh. My. God. –****  (That’s actually a generous rating given Meltzer’s famous demolition of the match in the Observer.  This is where I would have stuck George Steele, by the way.  Steele & Bushwackers v. Sheik/Volkoff/some other geek at least confines the major suck to one bad comedy match.)  Stan Lane v. Tully Blanchard. Both guys look pretty good, age and layoff time considered. Pretty nice start with Tully taking a bump into the post early, and Lane gets a neckbreaker and a cobra clutch. Russian legsweep gets two. They hit the floor and Tully puts a figure-four on him on the floor. Lane is playing the heel but Tully is drawing the heel heat for some reason. Lane is also sporting the Chris Candido hairstyle. Anyway, back in the ring and after a brief bit involving a sleeper, we get the stupidest ending in wrestling, the “belly-to-back suplex and one guy lifts his shoulder” double pin. In this case, Tully gets the shoulder up first and wins at 7:12. Well, they tried, I guess. 1/2*  (Much like getting the gold medal at the Special Olympics…) Who in god’s name is booking this crap? I mean, the double pin spot? I know this is supposed to be nostalgic, but let’s at least get past 1985 in the booking, PLEASE! Do an nWo run-in and get it up to 1997 or something… One Man Gang v. Abdullah the Butcher. Both guys bleed. Both are counted out at 7:29. There’s your match highlights. Oh, those and Abby swiping the blade over his forehead every five seconds with a camera focusing on his head. Almost forgot about that one. –*** (Hopefully Gang didn’t get Hepatitis from this match.)  What’s the point of doing a non-conclusive ending to a one-time-only match? To protect the reputation of two semi-retired wrestlers?  (I think their reputation was long gone by this point anyway.  OMG could have teamed with Sheik and Volkoff, I think.)  “Cowboy” Bob Orton v. Jimmy Snuka. I’m on drink #4 by this point, so it’s gonna be hard to faze me. (These days I stop after one.  Just doesn’t interest me anymore.)  Snuka gets a quick two off a cross-body, but Orton takes control with a cheapshot. A suplex into the ring and a kneedrop gets two. Orton is moving slow, but he’s pacing himself nicely and doing his usual great job of working the mat. He works one armbar in particular for quite a long time. (Like father, like son.)  Dutch is doing an absolutely spectacular job of selling the armbar for the fans at home, because Randy Rosenbloom has no idea what the hell is going on, in terms of the psychology. The fans invent increasingly crude taunts for Bob during the armbar, leading to the epic “Bob is a faggot! (clap clap clap-clap-clap) in D-Minor” to close out the armbar.  (Clearly we know he reproduced, so they’re probably off-base in their criticisms of his sexuality.  I don’t think Snuka ever had any children, though.)  Snuka comes back with the usual, and they do a double-KO with Orton falling on top for two. Snuka recovers and heads to the top, but Orton tries to reverse to a superplex. Lou Albano grabs Snuka’s ankles to stop the move, and Snuka hits a bodypress off the top for the pin at 11:42. Match of the night, at a whopping *1/4 And now…THE FUN PART! During the night, the wrestlers have been cutting various pre-match promos with some Pettingill-ish clone backstage, with nothing of note being said. Then comes Jake Roberts. The promo itself was unexceptional. No, what was so memorable was the fact that he was PLASTERED. I mean, he was literally so stinking, falling down drunk off his fat ass that he could hardly string together a sentence, and in fact needed to grab onto the interviewer to keep from falling over. The interviewer looked SERIOUSLY freaked at having Jake hanging on him, with the snake crawling around in it’s bag on the floor. (Let’s GO TO THE YOUTUBES!) And then the match… Jake “The Snake” Roberts v. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. PLEASE let it be quick, that’s all I ask. (Dozens of young wrestlers also thought the same thing before trips into the shower with JBL.)  Jake is literally STAGGERING down the aisle on the way to the ring. He tosses Damien into the corner, then staggers back to the dressing room, takes his shirt off, and staggers back. Poor Neidhart has no idea what to make of the situation. (I’m guessing “This guy is almost as fucked up as my wife!”) Jake hits on a couple of ugly chicks in the front row, then rolls in and we’re underway. Anvil literally does all the work, physically carrying Jake through the “match” so he doesn’t’ fall over and puke all over the ring. Damien wriggles free of the bag, so Jake pulls him out and makes uses it as a surrogate penis, waving it around the ring while protruding from his crotch, pointing towards women in the front row. And there’s KIDS in the audience, all over the place. I think Jake can finally kiss his wrestling career goodbye, for good this time. And now obviously someone in the back realizes this is getting out of hand, so King Kong Bundy comes out to run interference. Anvil puts Jake in a long chinlock, and looks to be bitching him out while there. Jake goes for the DDT, but he can’t get the spot quite right, so Bundy runs in for a 2-on-1. Yokozuna makes the save, and it’s turned into a tag match. Jake takes a couple of chairshots from Neidhart to hopefully make him stay on the floor, but he rolls back in and Bundy gets a two count. Jake hasn’t even bothered to lace his boots, and when Neidhart pulls on his foot to stop a tag, the boot comes free. Jake makes the hot tag to Yoko, but about 2 seconds later Bundy splashes and pins Jake (the illegal man) for the pin to end the whole fiasco. Jake and Yoko beat up Bundy’s manager, and the show is hastily yanked from the air 15 minutes early without so much as a goodbye from the announce team. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is your Worst Match of the Year, hands down. -***** I suppose it would be harsh of me to wish Jake would just choke on his own vomit one night and spare us all ever watching him ruin his life or the lives of the people that care about him ever again, but at the rate he’s going he’s probably not far off.  (I’m continually amazed that 15 years after this, he’s still alive.)  The Bottom Line: You may have noticed that we didn’t get the advertised main event, or even Yokozuna or Bundy wrestling for more than 5 seconds each. Leave it to Jake to ruin an entire show for everyone. Not that there was much there to ruin. Easily the worst PPV I’ve ever seen, and that includes a lot. I don’t know how these morons got a PPV deal in the first place, but since the buyrate is likely to be somewhere between 0.00000005 and 0.1 (if they’re lucky) I doubt we’ll have to worry about seeing this abortion stink up our TV screens ever again.If there was a rating even lower than thumbs down I’d give it. If you want nostalgia, watch WCW. You might even see a wrestling match there by accident, too. (Given the people involved, here’s the matches I would have booked instead: Stan Lane & Marty Jannetty v. Scorpio & Tommy Rogers George Steele & The Bushwackers v. Samoan Swat Team & Yokozuna King Kong Bundy v. One Man Gang Bob Orton & Greg Valentine v. Jimmy Snuka & Jim Neidhart Main event: Jake Roberts v. Tully Blanchard I dunno, still not great, but I’m big fan of disguising weakness with tag matches.  This would also presume that Roberts wasn’t shitfaced going into the show, and that he and Tully could do promos leading up to it. 

Impact Wrestling – November 28, 2013

November 28, 2013
Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Mike Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the Thanksgiving episode tonight and the main story is an eight man
elimination tag with Team Roode vs. Team Angle. No word on who will
actually be on each team, but it shouldn’t be that hard to figure
out. We should also get some buildup for the remaining tournament
matches. Let’s get to it.

Dixie to open things up. With the southern accent rolling she talks
about how things have gotten so crazy around here lately that she
needs some help. Therefore, here’s hew new Chief of Staff: Rockstar
Spud. He’s from British Boot Camp and OVW in case that name means
nothing to you. Spud immediately sucks up to Dixie and says Impact
would be nothing without her. The roster is put on notice that he’s
watching them and that Carter is the queen.
brings us to the tournament matches. First up we’ve got Jeff Hardy
vs. Bobby Roode and the Wheel of Dixie has made that a tables match.
Angle vs. Magnus on the other hand is a last man standing match.
That’s all on that front as Dixie talks about the winners of the
matches tonight getting a feast while the losers get nothing. You
can see the food fight from here. Finally here’s Ethan Carter III to
suck up to his aunt a bit before his match.
Carter III vs. Curry Man
camera is lower than usual here. Curry Man is Christopher Daniels as
the mascot of a Japanese curry company. He rants in Japanese a lot
and is slammed down a lot as the bell rings. Carter slams the masked
head into the mat a few times while telling him how rich he is. We
hit a camel clutch and a YOU CAN’T WRESTLE chant breaks out.
clothesline and a suplex get two for Carter but Curry Man comes back
with some forearms and dodges a splash. The jobber comeback is short
lived though as he goes to the top and gets punched in the jaw,
allowing Carter to slam him down. The One Percenter is good for the
pin on Curry Man at 3:37.
D. I like Carter and it’s a
good idea to bring in some slightly bigger names for him to beat up.
Curry Man is going to be a one off or two off character at most and
there’s nothing wrong with that. Carter is actually nailing this
character and that could mean good things for him down the line.
does his catchphrase post match.
look back at Gunner costing Storm the match last week by throwing in
the towel.
is in the back and will be part of Team Angle tonight. Storm comes
in and will be on the team too because whatever problems he has with
Gunner can be dealt with on off hours. Gunner says he did what he
thought was best last week but Storm doesn’t want to hear it. More
on this later I’m sure.
Bro Mans are with their new DJ Zema Ion when ODB and Eric Young come
up. The tag champions aren’t interested in being in the Turkey Bowl
tonight, but they’ll take the match upon hearing their opponents:
Norv Fernum and Dewey Barnes.
Sky vs. Lei’D Tapa
sends her into the corner to start and runs her over, only to have
Velvet avoid a charge and get in a few forearms. Gail trips her up
though, only to be ejected from the arena. Tapa runs her over again
and chokes a lot before kicking Velvet in the face to put her down
again. The fireman’s carry into a Stunner ends Velvet at 3:35.
D. Total squash here which
doesn’t really do much for the division right now. There just isn’t
anything going on other than Gail, so why have the bodyguard destroy
a former star of the division? My guess is they’re setting up Tapa
as the big challenger for Gail, but does anyone want to see that?
on the Turkey Bowl, a match where the loser wears a turkey suit.
Barnes/Norv Fernum vs. Bro Mans
is the Turkey Bowl match with Turkey Bowl bosses ODB and Eric Young
at ringside. The Bro Mans now have DJ Zema Ion introducing them
which is as good of a job for him as anything else. Robbie rants
about how amazing the champions are as Zema does sound effects. The
bell rings and the jobbers get rollups for two each, but a Hart
Attack ends Barnes at 18 seconds.
match the losers are put in the turkey suits while Robbie makes
turkey sounds and forces them to dance. The goons seem to enjoy it.
get another video of AJ in Mexico, talking about what an honor it is
to defend the title.

freaks out and gives AJ one week to give the title back or the legal
options begin. What would wrestling be without a legal threat every
with with his team: Chris Sabin and Bad Influence. Jokes are made
but Roode wants them serious.
hassles the caterer about the Thanksgiving feast tonight.
and Magnus agree to team up tonight but beat each other up for a shot
at the title next week.
get a video on Anderson beating ray last week to end Aces and 8’s.
time for a funeral for Aces and 8’s, held in a funeral home with some
Main Event Mafia members, Mike Tenay (in orange subglasses) and Eric
Young as the only people there. Joe eats cookies while Young cries.
No one has anything to say but Anderson pops out of the casket. He
says he was trapped in the team for a year, meaning he rode
motorcycles a lot and was part of many many many many many many many
many segments on the show. He also thanks Hulk (not named) for
sending over a delicious deli plate.
wishes D’Lo the best and throws a bobble head into the casket in his
memory. Joe swallows whatever he’s eating and talks about the Aces
hiding behind masks which they should have kept on. He has a six
pack which symbolizes the only way to look at the bikers without
masks on. Joe hands them out instead of throwing them in the casket
(making sure not to give one to Kurt in a nice touch). “To the
Aces and 8’s: may they ride their mopeds to the shores of Valhalla.”

talks about Tazz being at the broadcast table with him but buries
Tazz’s cut and Brooke’s shorts. The shorts wind up in Tenay’s pocket
of course. Eric is up next and buries one of the turkey suits,
sending him into a fit of crying. Anderson goes last and thinks
about putting in Ray’s hammer but says he’ll keep it since it’s a
perfectly good hammer. Ray comes I and tells Anderson to sleep with
one eye open in the best interest of his pregnant wife. Ray calls
death the final awakening and leaves. Really fun segment here,
though it was better in 2005 when they held one for Team 3D and
really cranked up the jokes.
on Angle being part of One Direction Day, a charity event. Angle had
a quick match against a masked man which can be seen on the One
Direction Day website if you’re interested.
yells about food some more.
Angle vs. Team Roode
Roode, Chris Sabin, Bad Influence
Angle, Magnus, James Storm, Gunner
rules. The captains get things going with both submissions quickly
being escaped, giving us a standoff. Bad Influence comes in at the
same time so Angle clotheslines them down, sending Daniels to the
floor. Off to Magnus for some forearms before he cranks on the arm
for a bit. Storm comes in to pound on the legal Daniels before
bringing Gunner in for a clothesline/Russian legsweep combo for two.
Gunner is sent out to the floor where Kaz and Sabin get in some cheap
shots and the heels take over.
in and Sabin works over Gunner for a bit, only to quickly tag in Bad
Influence. Gunner runs them over and slams Daniels down, allowing
for the hot tag to Storm. The corner enziguri puts Daniels down and
it’s a Backstabber for Christopher and a Closing Time to Sabin. Last
Call drops Kaz but Sabin grabs a rollup to eliminate Storm.
comes in for the first time and clotheslines Sabin down before
bringing in Daniels for some chops to the chest. Magnus charges into
a boot in the corner though, allowing for the tag back to Kaz. Bad
Influence double teams Magnus down for two but Magnus coms back with
a quick slam. A double tag brings in Kaz and Gunner with the
tattooed one catching Kaz in an Irish Curse backbreaker. There’s the
Gun Rack but Daniels breaks it up. The High/Low is enough to get rid
of Gunner and get us down to 4-2.
Magnus in for the good guys but Daniels easily takes him down and
works him over. Magnus fights up from his knees before hiptossing
Daniels out to the floor. A clothesline off the apron takes Daniels
down but Magnus hurts his knee. The medical staff comes out to check
on him as we take a break. Back with Magnus gone, meaning it’s 4-1.
heels hit a series of legdrops on Angle with Sabin getting a two
count. Angle grabs a quick cradle but Daniels has the referee to
prevent a count. Kurt fights up and takes out as many bad guys as he
can with clotheslines before suplexing Roode and Sabin out of their
shoes. In a very impressive power and stamina display, Angle hits
ELEVEN Rolling Germans on everyone not named Sabin, including one to
Bad Influence at the same time.
Angle Slam puts Sabin down and there’s the ankle lock to Kaz.
Daniels tries to break it up so there’s a double ankle lock to
Daniels and Kaz at the same time. Roode brings in a chair but gets
caught in an Angle Slam. Kurt blasts Roode with the chair for the DQ
at 18:18.
C. This was more about the
story than the match, but man alive did Angle look awesome out there.
Those German suplexed were impressive and the one to Bad Influence
looked awesome. The opening stuff was there to fill in time but
that’s fine for something like this. Fun match.
Roode celebrates in the back with Roode saying Angle can’t beat him.
wants to know why Gunner didn’t save him in the tag match. Gunner
wants to know if they have plans as a team and walks off. Storm says
no one dictates the futures of Storm and Gunner.
on the final four in the tournament.
Carters aren’t thrilled with the idea of eating Spud’s feast so
they’ll be heading to Texas for their Thanksgiving.
are all of the winners of the matches tonight plus Velvet who is with
Sabin. Roode points this out and Sabin throws Velvet out. Bobby
asks everyone what they’re thankful for. Bad Influence is thankful
for their intelligence and large endowment. Kaz is thankful that
Park isn’t here to drink the gravy or fornicate with the pumpkin pie.
Gail is thankful for being the prettiest and most dominant Knockout
in the history of the company. Oh and her family too.
is thankful for his hair, being the best X-Division Champion ever and
Velvet Sky. The Bro Mans are thankful for Mr. O Phil Heath, Zema Ion
(officially part of the team) and for being the best team ever. Bad
Influence: “I’m not sure about that.” Roode says the real
Thanksgiving was last month in Canada and the fans will be thankful
when he becomes the next champion.
time to eat but here’s Angle to interrupt. He sees a ring full of
turkeys, which are fighting words for the people in there. Roode
challenges him to a fight which Angle accepts, and here’s his backup.
Fernum and Barnes are still in the turkey suits. You can fill in
the blanks yourself here: bad guys are destroyed, food is everywhere,
Spud panics, turkeys fly. The good guys, Velvet and ODB celebrate to
end the show.
D+. This was a go home
show for next week’s regular Impact and there’s nothing wrong with
that. No one was going to be watching tonight, so why waste anything
important on this show? It’s a Thanksgiving special so why not just
do some fun stuff and have a big comedy moment to end the show? We
can get to the important stuff later on and that’s the right move all
Carter III b. Curry Man – One Percenter
Tapa b. Velvet Sky – Fireman’s carry into a Stunner
Mans b. Dewey Barnes/Norv Fernum – Hart Attack to Barnes
Roode b. Team Angle, last eliminating Angle via DQ when Angle used a
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WWF Championship Wrestling: June 15th, 1985

June 15, 1985

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon.
In action tonight are Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake, Tito Santana, Ricky Steamboat, and Paul Orndorff.

Dave Barbie vs. Tito Santana
Barbie shoves Santana twice off of a lockup. Tito then goes behind him and from that hits a slam and a dropkick. Barbie ducks outside for a breather for a moment then comes in only for Tito to take him down. Tito ducks a clothesline and they have some miscommunication before Santana takes him down with a leg whip. Santana knocks Barbie down with some forearm smashes, which prompts Vince to remind us of his “Latin temper.” The crowd chants for Tito as he works the arm of Barbie. Tito gets backed into the corner but fights right back. He hits a backdrop then attempts to put on the figure four but Barbie seemed to not be able to take the hold and from there, Tito drops a knee right on his chest before putting him away with the flying forearm (4:30).
Thoughts: Tito seemed pissed at Barbie, who was out of position on more than a few occasions. The announcers hyped Tito, referring to him as one of the greats in the company.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week, the subject is Jesse “The Body” Ventura and how he has been taunting Bruno Sammartino.
B. Brian Blair vs. Steve Lombardi
Blair makes his return after a nine month leave. They start by trading go-behinds until Blair grabs hold of the arm. He hits a shoulderblock then uses a drop toehold. As Blair works the arm, Finkel does a voiceover for a local show in Fitchburg, MA that will feature newcomers like Randy Savage and Jim Brunzell, who we will be seeing in the upcoming weeks. Lombardi fights out and even manages to hit a backbreaker but Blair fires away then slams him down. He hits a clothesline then heads up top before hitting a double axe handle then drops the elbow for the win (4:08).
Thoughts: Blair was a little less boring than usual but still doesn’t show much at all in terms of personality. At least is was a good worker but I cant help but think that if he hadn’t been thrown into the Killer Bees gimmick, he would have been on the same level as guys like Lanny Poffo and Rick McGraw during the rest of his run, due to the complete lack of personality
Jack Reynolds runs down the June 25th show at the Boston Garden before welcoming the Junkyard Dog, who will be facing Greg Valentine for the Intercontinental Title. JYD said the last time he was in Boston, he got his pocket picked then calls Jimmy Hart a mouse. JYD also promises that Big John Studd will bite the dust after facing Hulk Hogan.
Rene Goulet vs. Ricky Steamboat
Steamboat leapfrogs over Goulet then hiptosses him out of the corner. He hits some sort of karate kick, which looked pathetic, that sends Goulet to the floor. Back inside, Steamboat hits a flying headscissors and Goulet goes back outside. The announcers put over his agility as he grabs a side headlock. Goulet catches him with an inverted atomic drop then puts on the claw. The ref counts to two then Steamboat fights back. He takes him down with a chop then does some karate poses before hitting the flying body press for the win (3:25). After the match, Goulet attacks Steamboat from behind but that doesn’t last as Steamboat hits a backdrop that has Goulet scrambling outside.
Thoughts: I give Steamboat all of the credit in the world for pulling off this goofy martial arts gimmick. He somehow made it work, despite his goofy kicks and poses.
Reynolds is with Freddy Blassie. He says that Windham & Rotundo have no chance at getting the belts then does an impression of JYD before saying he will lose to Valentine. He also promises that Studd will beat Hulk Hogan.
Jim Young & Bobby Leon vs. Barry O. & Moondog Spot
Spot beats on Young as Finkel does a voiceover promoting the first ever “King of the Ring,” which took place at Sullivan Stadium in Foxboro, MA, which was the former home of the New England Patriots. Barry is now beating on Young, who makes the tag to Leon. The heels work over Leon in the corner until Spot drops him right on his head after performing a shoulderbreaker then Barry hits a knee drop from the middle rope.
Thoughts: I am shocked that Leon got up after that move and when he did, he was dazed and confused. Barry O. was an average wrestler with little personality and would be a permanent jobber when Rex made his return.
Piper’s Pit with guest host Bobby Heenan. He says that Piper is home resting his vocal cords and comments on Orton’s watch, which he said was a gift from Piper. As this is going on, the Missing Link is pacing all over the set like a maniac while Heenan tells the crowd to take a look at the man who will collect the $25,000 bounty on Orndorff. Link growls into the microphone at the end of the interview. Link is not really getting over and his gimmick was more of a hit in the 1970’s than here.
A.J. Petruzzi vs. Paul Orndorff
Orndorff comes out to some generic 80’s rock music and the crowd goes nuts. Orndorff backs Petruzzi into the ropes then hits a shoulderblock. He drops an elbow, which prompts Vince to say “vintage Orndorff.” Orndorff hits a running knee smash then a kneelift before tossing him over the top rope. Orndorff follows him out and slams him on the floor then goes into the ring and poses before hitting the piledriver for the win (2:28).
Thoughts: Its funny how despite turning face, Orndorff continued to wrestle the same way he did as a heel. You rarely saw babyfaces in the 1980’s toss job guys out of the ring then slam them on the concrete.
Mario Mancini & Paul Roma vs. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake w/Jimmy Hart & Luscious Johnny Valiant
Both men take turns beating on Roma. Mancini tags and gets the same treatment. Mancini tries to fight back but Beefcake rakes the eyes then tags Valentine, who beats on Mancini. He also knocks Roma off of the apron before he can make the tag. Beefcake hits a flying knee smash then Valentine softens him up before applying the figure four (4:16).   
Thoughts: They are putting over the team of Valentine & Beefcake strong. Their opponents didn’t land any offense at all.
Reynolds is with Jimmy Hart, who briefly says that JYD has nothing. Heenan and Studd then come out afterwards and talk about trophies as Studd holds the bag containing Andre’s hair.
Next week, Tony Atlas & Ivan Putski will be in action. Plus, the Missing Link, Brett Hart & Jim Neidhart, and Ricky Steamboat will be in action.
Final Thoughts:  The action was decent enough but not a whole lot happened here as the Pit segment with Missing Link didn’t go over well and the return of Brian Blair was also pedestrian. There isn’t a whole lot of direction right now, with Hogan out of the storylines and Piper at home.

WWF Championship Wrestling June 8th, 1985

June 8, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
In action this week are Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff, Ricky Steamboat, and George “The Animal” Steele. Plus, Bobby Heenan hosts “Piper’s Pit.”

Sal Gee & Jose Luis Rivera vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/Freddie Blassie
After an Irish whip spot, Rivera gets two off of a sunset flip. Sheik quickly regains control and hits a backdrop. Volkoff tags and hammers away on Rivera in the corner. All of a sudden, George Steele runs up on the apron but Albano get him off as Vince lets us know that Steele’s match is coming up next. Back to the action as Sheik has Gee in the Camel Clutch and gets the win (2:38). After the match, the jobbers get tossed out to the floor.
Thoughts: The tag champs have been heavily featured on TV. The crowd still hates them though.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is about Jimmy Hart. They show a clip of him tossing a bucket of water at Lord Alfred Hayes on the set of TNT as he laughs hysterically. They put over the stable of wrestlers that he has acquired.
Mike Powers vs. George “The Animal” Steele w/Capt. Lou Albano
Steele refers to Animal coming to the ring like a madman as “vintage.” Now we know where Cole gets it from. Steele chases Powers outside and lands a few shots. Powers stays outside for a minute then comes back in and submits to the flying hammerlock (1:51).
Thoughts: Steele as a face is still in its infancy but the crowd has taken a liking to him so far.  
Gene Okerlund is with Capt. Lou Albano. He asks him about Steele and how he has helped him. Steele comes out as Albano says that shock treatments have been helping as Steele says relax.
The Spoiler w/Johnny Valiant vs. Joe Mirto
The Spoiler hits a few kneedrops before choking out Mirto. He gets on the top rope and hits Mirto with a forearm smash. Mirto gets booted right in the face then continues to get his ass kicked until he gets hit with a flying forearm off of the top rope then the Spoiler gets the win with a claw hold (3:08). The Spoiler kept the hold on after the match for a minute.
Thoughts: The Spoiler made his first appearance on “Championship Wrestling” since the beginning of the year. He wasn’t bad at all but past his prime and the crowd never really seemed to care about him in his final run.
Okerlund is with Blassie, Sheik and Volkoff. Blassie makes fun of Albano for feeling the effects of Steele’s shock treatments as Volkoff is sick of Rotundo & Windham whining.
The Axe vs. David Sammartino
They start out at a fast pace as Sammartino is in control. He takes the Axe over with a hip toss then hits a cradle out of an abdominal stretch. He works the arm for a bit then catches him with a backbreaker that didn’t quite work out and looks like a botched attempt at the powerslam, which followed that sequence and Sammartino gets the win (3:33).
Thoughts: The botch was really noticeable but that was all that stood out. Sammartino wasn’t bad in the ring but he wasn’t deserving of a push. He did not have charisma.
Piper’s Pit with guest host Bobby Heenan. Orton is still the bodyguard here. Anyway, the guest is Tito Santana. Heenan asks Santana if he is interested in his bounty, so he can send some pesos back to his family at home. Tito promises that it will be a cold day in hell for anyone who steps in the ring with Orndorff. Heenan threatens a bounty on Santana, who says that he wouldn’t mind teaming up with Orndorff and putting a bounty on him.
Aldo Marino vs. The Missing Link w/Bobby Heenan
The Link attacks Marino before the bell. He no-sells a dropkick then continues his assault. He mostly uses headbutts to attack then no-sells some more offense as he is busted open. He hits a slam then rams his own head off of the turnbuckle before hitting another slam, setting up the flying headbutt for the win (2:12).
Thoughts: The match was boring and the Missing Link never caught on in the WWF. He wasn’t around much longer.
Mr. X vs. Ricky Steamboat
The announcers put over Steamboat’s martial arts skills. Steamobat is even wearing newer gear, including long tights. He gets the better of Mr. X, who ducks outside for a breather. Back in, Steamboat uses a pair of leapfrogs before hitting an armdrag. Mr. X comes back with a slam but walks into another armdrag. Steamboat skins the cat and Mr. X charges but Steamboat leapfrogs and X spills out to the floor. X drags Steamboat outside and rams him against the post. Back in the ring, Steamboat fights back and hits  a few chops. He then hits a swinging neckbreaker and a few more chops before putting him away with a flying body press (5:06).
Thoughts: Long for a TV squash but a nice match overall. The karate gimmick for Steamboat is terrible but he somehow made it work. His chops and “karate” kicks were really goofy and over-the-top though.
Okerlund is with Big John Studd. He calls him out for still carrying Andre’s hair as he promises to walk out a champion in Boston, just like the Boston Celtics.
Next week, Paul Orndorff will be in action. Also, Ricky Steamboat, Tito Santana, Moondog Spot, Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine and the returning B. Brian Blair.
Final Thoughts: A fairly uneventful episode of Championship Wrestling. There were no big happenings this week either. Even the guys on the show weren’t people that the fans particularly cared about.

Impact Wrestling – November 21, 2013

November 21, 2013
Impact zone, Orlando, Florida
Mike Tenay, Taz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
I start each NXT review by saying Welcome Home but it’s more
appropriate in this case. Tonight is the Turning Point special as we
return to the Impact Zone in Orlando. The focus tonight is on the
tournament with two tournament matches, but we also get Bully Ray vs.
Anderson, with the future of aces and 8’s on the line. Let’s get to

open with an Impact365 video of Roode attacking Storm at a bar last
get an opening video recapping both the tournament matches as well as
Anderson vs. Ray.
comes up to Joe in the back and says she’s been watching last week’s
show and threatens to fire Joe if he ever takes the same tone that he
did last week.
Dixie to open the show. She plugs an article about her in Sports
Illustrated before talking about the disdain she feels for AJ Styles.
He’s taken her intellectual property and misrepresented it around
the world. There are lawyers around the world ready to shut him down
but here’s James Storm for an interruption. Storm says he wants some
revenge on Roode but doesn’t think the bullrope he has is going to do
enough damage.
wants to use chairs (Dixie: “No.”), tables (“No!”) and the
old woman’s dentures if he can get them out of his mouth. Storm
wants it to be a Florida death match but Dixie says the Wheel has
spoken. James says that’s cool, because he can call the police and
change his minds about filing charges and drop out of the tournament.
Dixie still says no, so Storm asks all politely and gets what he
World Title Tournament First Round: Magnus vs. Samoa Joe
count anywhere. Joe pops upon the screen and says he wants to start
the fight in the back. Magnus heads backstage and we take a break.
This is joined in progress in the back with Joe throwing Magnus
through various objects. Apparently that was a replay and we cut
back to the stage with Magnus getting two off an elbow drop. They
head to ringside with Joe taking over via some right hands before
taking Magnus down with a running boot to the face.
avoids the backsplash though and peppers Joe with forearms and
uppercuts. Joe snaps off the powerslam for two but walks into the
Michinoku Driver. Magnus loads up the top rope elbow but Joe stops
him with a chop. A superplex is blocked and Magnus knees him in the
chest to put Joe on the mat. Now the top rope elbow connects for two
but Joe kicks away from the Kingsley Cloverleaf. The Rock Bottom out
of the corner puts Magnus down on the floor and the suicide elbow
takes Magnus out again for two.
Brit sends Joe into the barricade and pulls out a chair which he
wedges between the bottom and middle rope. Joe reverses a whip into
the chair and hooks the Koquina Clutch but Magnus rams him back first
into the apron. Magnus ducks a charging Samoan to send Joe head
first into the chair for the pin at 7:11.
D+. There were some decent
moments in this but for the most part the stipulation meant nothing
at all. That ending could have happened just as easily in the ring
and the backstage brawl part was nothing special. This would have
been much better as a regular match or a No DQ match but it wasn’t
Bad Influence to watch the Joseph Park vs. Abyss match.
Park vs. Abyss
says he’s here to face his brother for the first time only, meaning
that this is his turning point. Naturally there’s no Abyss, so Bad
Influence says Park isn’t a good story of someone coming up from the
bottom. He’s a jar of mayonnaise with a law degree and a cheap track
reason Park’s mom Bernice, his dad Alfredo and his great great
grandfather Jurassic aren’t here tonight is because he’s such an
embarrassment. Daniels asks if Park wants to fight but thinks we
need blood first. Kazarian pours a bucket of red liquid over Park
and Daniels asks where Abyss is. Daniels demands that a loser like
Park get out of the ring right now and Park walks away very sad.
Kim vs. Candice Larea
is another newcomer and is a good looking blonde. Gail runs her over
to start and gets two off a running dropkick in the corner. Larea
comes back with a headscissors and a sunset flip before awkwardly
running into the corner. Kim forearms her a lot and catches a
hurricanrana in a sitout powerbomb for two. Eat Defeat is enough for
the pin on Candice at 1:52.
Styles video from his time in Japan.
promises that Aces and 8’s are done tonight.
gives Storm a pep talk before his match.
recap Storm vs. Roode. They were partners for years until Roode
turned heel on Storm to win the title. A long running feud and
series of matches followed.
World Title Tournament First Round: James Storm vs. Bobby Roode
death match, meaning last man standing. Storm doesn’t want to wait
and charge sup the ramp to pound on Bobby with a Singapore cane.
Roode makes a quick comeback but gets sent into the steps to stop it
cold. They head inside with Storm throwing in a garbage can fill of
weapons. Storm hits the corner enziguri but his running neckbreaker
is countered with a piece of steel to the head.
comes back by driving the trash can between Roode’s legs and trying a
middle rope sunset flip, only to have Roode roll through and kick him
in the chest. A catapult into the corner is blocked though and Storm
hits a trashcan to Roode’s head twice in a row. Roode is up at 9 but
is immediately lifted into the Eye of the Storm which Roode counters
into a spinebuster onto the trashcan.
pound on each other with trashcan lids and both guys go down for a
seven count. Roode has a crutch but walks into the Last Call and
rolls to the floor. He finds a beer bottle on the floor and smashes
Storm in the head but James gets up at nine. Roode clotheslines him
down again and hits an Attitude Adjustment through two chairs but
Storm is up at nine. Bobby is ticked so he goes under the ring and
finds a barbed wire board, which I guess is there just in case a
Florida death match broke out. Roode loads up another AA but Gunner
comes out to throw in the towel and end the match at 12:00.
C+. The match was better than a
bullrope match would have been but the ending was much more about
setting up a future program than the match itself. On top of that,
Storm loses in ANOTHER big match which does nothing to help his
reputation as a choker. Still though, fun brawl.
break Gunner pleads his case but Storm is still furious.
are the updated brackets:
time wasting segment of the week is a look at Samuel Shaw’s apartment
and his artwork. The segment finishes filming and Shaw asks Christy
out. She says yes and gives her his number before leaving. Shaw
makes sure to straighten the notepad and pens she moved. Apparently
he’s OCD.
Carter III has brought his personal jobbers here again but isn’t
facing them again because there’s no challenge. Instead he’s facing
a TNA legend.
talks about taking care of Anderson tonight. TNA turned their backs
on Anderson a year ago, but after Ray ends his career, he’ll make
sure to take care of Anderson’s pregnant wife.
is cutting a promo on Magnus when Dixie Carter summons him to her
Carter III vs. Shark Boy
Boy had announced he was coming back tonight on Impact365 earlier
this week. Carter bails to the floor for a chase but still avoids an
elbow as they get back inside. The Chummer is countered with ease
and the One Percenter is good for the pin at 2:06.
recap Anderson vs. Ray which stemmed from Ray using the club as a way
to get himself over and Anderson not being cool with it. Anderson
cost Ray a match against Sting and the Bound For Glory rematch
against AJ Styles.
tells Roode and Angle that they’er going to captain teams in an eight
man elimination tag match next week.
Anderson vs. Bully Ray
DQ and it’s career vs. Aces and 8’s. Anderson is in long tights for
the first time I can ever remember. The roster comes out to watch
the match from the stage. Anderson jumps Ray during big match intros
and hits him low while shouting his name a lot. They head to the
floor with Ray ramming him into the steps but stopping to breathe a
bit. Ray pulls out a table and we take our last break. Back with
Anderson being suplexed into the ring and chopped loudly in the
corner. There’s a table set up in the corner as well.
takes off the chain to whip Anderson even more but Anderson takes the
chain away and gets in a few whips of his own. Anderson loads up a
big chained fist but gets sent to the floor instead. Ray pulls back
the mats but Anderson backdrops Ray onto the concrete instead.
saves Ray from being piledriven on the concrete but gets piledriven
down onto the mats for his efforts. Back inside and Anderson hits
the rolling senton but Ray fights out of the Mic Check. A spear puts
Anderson through the table in the corner but it’s only good for two.
Tazz hands Brooke the hammer but Anderson intercepts it and blasts
Ray in the head. The Mic Check ends Aces and 8’s at 13:00.
C+. Not a bad brawl here but
Aces and 8’s hasn’t meant anything in months so this isn’t the
biggest deal in the world. I’m glad they’re gone for good and it’s a
good feather in the cap for Anderson, but this is hardly some huge
moment that changes wrestling forever. Fun match though.
gets Ray and Tazz’s cuts to end the show.
C. Most of the matches
were good but this didn’t feel like anything major at all. The
ending was so far overdue that it doesn’t even feel like a big deal
anymore, but at least it finally happened. As for everything
else…..nothing significant really happened. Two first round
tournament matches don’t feel like anything major to me but at least
the wrestling was good for the most part. Not a horrible or even bad
show, but it’s nothing you need to see at all.
b. Samoa Joe – Joe rammed his head into a chair
Kim b. Candice Larea – Eat Defeat
Roode b. James Storm – Gunner threw in the towel
Carter III b. Shark Boy – One Percenter
Anderson b. Bully Ray – Mic Check
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