Wrestling-themed horror anthology – ‘Lucha Gore: Scares from the Squared Circle’ now available.

Good evening,
Cruentus Libri Press is pleased to announce that our latest horror anthology is now available in print and Kindle editions and we were hoping you could mention it.
Lucha Gore: Scares from the Squared Circle features stories from 16 of the world's finest horror authors, each set in the wonderful world of professional wrestling.
Authors represented in the anthology include former WWE, WCW and TNA writer Ed Ferrara, current Riot City Wrestling trainer Steven Gepp, British wrestling manager J.T. Wilson and former IWA: East Coast colour commentator Frank Larnerd.
The anthology can be found here – www.amazon.com/dp/B009FRSIM6 and here – www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B009FRSIM6 and we have attached a copy of the cover art.
The full story listing is as follows…

  • 'Gig Marks' by Ed Ferrara
  • 'Zombie Night Mayhem' by Terry Alexander
  • 'Lucha Lobo' by Patrick MacAdoo
  • 'Bo Wulf' by Frank Larnerd
  • 'No Souls Barred' by James Gardner
  • 'The Legend of the Silent Claw' by Andrew G. Dombalagian
  • 'Fight to the Death' by Jody Neil Ruth
  • 'Family Reunion at the Flying Circus' by Paco
  • 'The Shoot' by Kevin G. Bufton
  • 'The Sabbath City Ringer' by Naching Kassa
  • 'The Show Must Go On' by Travis I Sivart
  • 'Wrestling Gators' by Steven Gepp
  • 'The Memory Hole' by S. Carter Eberly
  • 'Bloodlust' by Kerry G.S. Lipp
  • 'Imposter' by Jay Wilburn
  • 'Dominion' by J.T. Wilson

All the very best,
Kevin G. Bufton
Cruentus Libri Press

Hope this helps!