WrestleCrap turns 15!


Over at WrestleCrap.com we're celebrating the site's 15th Anniversary!

Yes, R.D Reynolds has been hard at work since April 1st, 2000 (!) remembering and revisiting some of the worst angles and gimmicks in the history of wrestling! 

I wanted to invite the BODers to join us in our merriment and mirth!

(In other words, can I have one of those spiffy cheap plugs please? Thanks!). 
-"The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft. 

2014 WrestleCrap Gooker Awards

Hey Scott,

Got a close race between Bella vs. Bella, and the ramifications of Vince's 'brass rings' comment for this year's Gooker Award; it's pretty well neck and neck at the moment.

Thought maybe your BOD'ers could help settle the score!

Is it too late to vote for the Reigns promo on Smackdown?

Wrestlecrap interviews Vince Russo (audio)

Howdy, BoD’ers.

Just listening to this and thought i’d share it:


First 20 minutes is about his new website, and from then on (i’m only 45 minutes in to it) it’s about the WWF magazine, and how he got in to writing for WWF.

There’s a great story where he would occasionally pop in to the costume design room so he could get a heads up on which characters were being bought in. They talk about the ridiculously stupid Who? character (which, was apparently a rip on Hogan), and then a planned tag team partner for him…


Russo said he got so pissed off by it that he called Bischoff and asked for a job.

Pretty funny.

WWE2K14: 30 Years of WrestleCrap!

I know you’re not big on WWE video games anymore, but if WWE2K14 offered this up as the main mode, we at WrestleCrap feel you’d make an exception for this.

Yeah, I skipped WWE 13 since 12 was basically the same game as 11.  
I think RD should make his own Wrestlecrap game though.  

WrestleCrap.com Relaunches

Hi Scott-

Hope all is well with you!
Just a heads up that our relaunch has, err, relaunched.  Here's the press release:
WrestleCrap.com, The World's Longest-Running Pro Wrestling Comedy Site, Relaunches Indianapolis, IN –Following months of preparation, WrestleCrap.com has relaunched, offering visitors more laughs at the often goofy world of pro wrestling than ever before.  The site was started on April 1, 2000, and now, fueled by additional columnists, features, and a completely new look, the site is posed to continue its reign as the longest running episodic…oh come now, do you think we'd steal that line from Vince? "I've not been this excited since November 22, 1990" says WrestleCrap founder RD Reynolds. "That was the night I was in the Hartford Civic Center to watch a giant egg open at a pro wrestling show.  Why, exactly, I was excited to see a giant egg open at a pro wrestling show I do not know.  I do hope that people enjoy our new site more than what came out of the egg.  Because that really sucked." Feel free to join the fun at…http://www.wrestlecrap.com/ Contact:

RD Reynolds