10 WCW PPVs worth watching on the Network

Hey Scott,

Not that you need a primer, but I wrote this for the younger fan looking to dip their toes into the WCW realm. Wouldn’t mind hearing some of your picks.

Hell of a list.  I’d throw Halloween Havoc 89 on there, and 95 for the Horsemen deal and pre-Russo prescience of what the business would become under him.  Also 98 was an amazing undercard with one of the worst advertised main events in history.  I think Bash 91 and Uncensored 95 are also required viewing for the same reasons as Souled Out is.   

Elimination Chamber – Worth the buy?

And by 'buy' I certainly don't mean stream!  We've got a slobberknocker x 1000 in Wyatts/Shield and a potentially awesome Elimination Chamber with Bryan/Cena/Orton/Cesaro/Sheamus/Christian. Nothing too exciting other than that (ADR/Batista, Big E/Swagger, Outlaws/Usos, Young/Titus) but still there could be some interesting developments going into Mania and 2 intensely watchable matches. 

What do yourself and the BODers think?

I'm not particularly amped to watch Orton win yet another match with the odds stacked against him, but I guess Wyatts/Shield should be fun.  I don't think it's particularly worth buying, though.  

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Smarks

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From: Matthew Graham
Date: Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 11:37 PM
Subject: Great wrestling visuals (re: the rebirth of Brock Lesnar)

I just rewatched Summerslam and the greatest highlight for the match for me took place after Brock’s victory.
With Punk writhing in pain on the canvas, a spent Lesnar crawled over to the upper right corner not to aid Paul Heyman but to retrieve the folded steel chair that insured his victory. He held it up on its side and rested his forehead on the metal. The camera cuts back to show Punk clutching his leg, selling the damage done.

Then Dunn in the truck quickly cuts back to an extreme close up of Lesnar’s profile, head still digging into the steel chair…smiling like a gargoyle.

What a haunting, all-telling, terrific shot.

Got me thinking though. What do you think are some of the best visuals or shots since in the last thirty years of the business aside of Austin bleeding in the sharpshooter?

One shot that doesn’t get enough love is of Punk blowing a kiss at Vince before taking to the crowd with his newly won WWE title at MITB ’11.

You know, you may not think it doesn’t get any love, but try poking around a wrestling msg board, you’ll see it about 30 times in 2 posts.

For me, I love the shot of Vince looking over the apron, covered in blood from WMXIX.

As you mentioned, Stone Cold with the blood and such is probably the greatest of all time. Hell, it made it to a t-shirt. 

Payback – worth the buy?

> Hey Scott, seeing as the BODers would never do anything as shocking as stream a WWE PPV online, what is your opinion on the Payback card, is it worth the buy? 
> Here is the card –
> Cena/Ryback (3 stages)
> Jericho/CM Punk
> Barrett/Miz/Axel
> Shield/Bryan & Orton
> Ambrose/Kane
> Kaitlyn/AJ Lee
> Ziggler/Del Rio
> 7 matches, and we know it will be a shit hot crowd. I think this could be a great show if we count on Jericho/Punk, Shield/Orton & Bryan and Ziggler/Del Rio all delivering. Cena/Ryback could be some fun carnage, and I'm a sucker for triple threat matches regardless of how crap the participants are. Ambrose/Kane wasn't very good on Raw but who knows… and the ladies match at least has that funny bastard Big E Langston involved.
> What say you?  Probably worth a chance for the reasons mentioned.  I might get it depending on my mood.

Wrestlemania 29 – Worth the buy?

So Scott, would you recommend paying to watch Wrestlemania this year? Surely you wouldn't advocate watching it by any other means, but what do you think – worth the buy?

Here is the full card as it stands and well, it's a STACKED card.
Del Rio/Swagger
The Shield/Sheamus, Show, Orton
Team Hell No/Ziggler & Langston
Wade Barrett/Miz
Brodus,Tensai & the girls/Rhodes Scholars & the girls

So that's 10 matches, only 3 of which I don't want to see (Rio/Swagger, Barrett/Miz, mixed tag). Every other match imo has the potential to be good – great or at least interesting. Rock/Cena, Taker/Punk, Brock/HHH and the Shield 6 man I am hyped for, Ryback/Henry I am curious to see, and I have a feeling Jericho/Fandango might be a nice surprise. 

Your thoughts? Buy or no buys?

Time management isn't really their strong suit lately so a bunch of those are getting shafted, but my non-purchase this year is due to work and not lack of interest in actually watching the show.  I think that as long as the top 3 or 4 matches deliver and Jericho/Fandango or Henry/Ryback is good, then it's worth the purchase.  Although at $70 for HD, those three matches better be AMAZING for my money.

Two weeks worth of Deadspin Wrestler run-in Stories

Quick Note: I am back from vacation so I will post my TNA weekly PPV review on Saturday and then will follow my schedule after that.

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Wrestling Documentary Well Worth Checking Out

Hi Scott,
A fantastic documentary aired tonight in the UK on Channel 4 called The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family. It’s about a family who own a small wrestling promotion and academy.
The family’s daughter is FCW/NXT wrestler Paige, and shows her rise from wrestling in front of a few dozen people for her father’s promotion, to getting invited for a WWE trial all the way to moving out to the states and debuting in FCW. It also shows the family’s son and his struggle to achieve the same success as his sister. He has had a few WWE tryouts but was said to be underweight, although he did appear on Smackdown in a squash against Big Show.
It’s well worth watching and can be watched online at the following link:
Unsure if it can be accessed in Canada or US, if not its worth hunting for on youtube.

It cannot be accessed, sadly.  But I'll put it up for any viewers who can. Although the hilarious selection of other choices, like "My Daughter Is A Teenaged Nudist", make it seem like TLC reality series hell.