Lightning Round: Worst Storylines

Lightning Round Challenge™: For some of the longer tenured rasslers on the WWE roster, what is the one angle that you can associate that them with and go “wow, someone was paid money to come up with this?” For a handful of those listed, I’m sure you could think of a dozen per person, but in this case, just the first one that pops to mind. As always, thanks for the years of entertainment and ripping apart those storylines to begin with. John Cena The Bray Wyatt feud.  Made no sense, went nowhere, destroyed Bray as a main event guy.  Kane Oh god, so many to choose from.  Probably the one where he was fighting the fake version of himself because reasons.  The Undertaker Speaking of fighting the fake version of yourself… Big Show Undertaker leaves him in the desert as training.  Randy Orton Wasn’t the Hogan storyline pretty stupid?  Triple H Katie Vick, boom.  Goldust TAFKA Goldust in general.  Which then leads to doomsday preacher Dustin Runnells and the return of the original Goldust character.  So bad all around.  Sting (got to get his name out there for potential Mania 32 rumors!) Black Scorpion, bitches. 

Worst name ever?

Hey Scott,

Was thinking about this the other day, after reading a review of some old WCW card that had Kwee Wee wrestling on it:  What do you think are some of the worst wrester names ever?  I'm not talking about shitty gimmicks that found their way into the name (Red Rooster, Firebreaker Chip), but stand-alone names that were horrible.

I've got Kwee Wee (obviously) near the top, along with Zan Panzer, Dolph Ziggler (although he's overcome it), and maybe Don Kernodle.  What say you?  

What's wrong with Don Kernodle?  You might as well bust on Nick Bockwinkel while you're at it.  

Developmental of course has held the record for bad names lately, although to be fair they're more horribly generic than BAD, per se.  Kwee Wee was absolutely awful, one of the worst.  I think the worst by a country mile was WEE WILLIE WILKINS, but that was more of a specific rib by Dusty Rhodes rather than any kind of attempt at seriously naming someone.  And I know others are not on my side on this one, but I always hated "X-Pac" as a name.  Never worked for me and didn't really represent anything about the character.  

Bruce Hart had some epic bad names when he was booking Stampede, like "Principal" Dick Pound and a million other stupid puns.  Speaking of which, I also thought TL Hopper was terrible, unless you're counting that as part of the gimmick.  

Worst Owner: Dixie or Herb Abrams?

I’m not sure how many people remember Herb Abrams, but he was probably the worst owner in professional wrestling to get a national TV deal (and PPV), with an eccentric personality (to say the least), a habitual liar, someone who constantly stiffed workers on pay, ordered Steve Williams to break another wrestlers nose for whatever personal issues he had with him, and eventually died wearing a diaper, covered in baby oil, and chasing hookers while high off his ass on coke… and yet, I don’t know if that’s enough to be worse than Dixie Carter.


Ignoring the obvious, like letting guys like A.J. Styles walk with low-ball contract offers and throwing butt-loads of money at marginal celebrities and MMA fighter wrestling fans don’t care about, here’s a few things I can come up with…


Gives a “motivational” speech on TV that basically tells the entire roster that she is the supreme knower of all and they can either like it or leave it, and the speech wasn’t part of a storyline.

On Hulk Hogan’s last night, willingly lets him make the decision to have her, the newly minted “heel authority”, begging and sobbing on her knees for him not to leave as if the entire world depended on 60 year old Hulk Hogan showing up.

Spike TV gives her one demand, not to hire Vince Russo under any capacity. It’s the equivalent of Ren telling Stimpy not to press the self-destruct button.

The situation with Jesse Sorensen, among others with non-payment of injured talent (Zema Ion, Daffney…)

#askDixie. ‘Nuff said.


And in an unrelated topic, who you got for Game 7, Rangers or Lightning?

I got the Lightning in the battle of teams who are about lose to the Ducks.  
As bad as Dixie is, she at least seems to know her ass from a hole in the ground, so that's one up on Herb. 

Best of the Worst

Hi Scott As lists appear to be all the rage around here, I thought I’d send one for when you’re in a masochistic mood. What would you consider to be the best (or least horrible) match in the following categories: 1) Undertaker-Kane
2) Cena-Orton
3) HHH-Orton
4) Undertaker prior to 1996
5) Flair after 2001
6) Big Show
7) Kane
8) Khali
9) ‘Hollywood’ Hogan in WCW
10) Vince
11) Dusty
12) Miz

Good morning, and welcome to Day 2 of the post-dated extravaganza.  As you read this, it’s currently Victoria Day here in Canada, during which we celebrate the life and career of Lisa Varon.  It’s a very specific stat holiday.  OK, a list, that’s just terrific.  Thanks heaps. 1.  The first one at WM14 is still my favorite of a bad lot. 2.  The Iron Man match, complete with Orton trying to murder Cena like a cartoon supervillain via exploding pyro table.  It’s not a great match technically and fails on a lot of levels, but I can appreciate the sentiment. 3.  The last man standing match they had at that PPV where HHH wrestled 14 times after Cena was injured.  You know, that one. 4.  I gotta go with him squashing the shit out of Jake Roberts at WM8.  Really kicked off the babyface formula for him that worked incredibly well for years to come.  I was about to throw Bret v. UT from Rumble 96 in your face, but then I realized you technically asked for “prior” to 96 and thus that one is just outside qualification.  5.  The HHH cage match at Taboo Tuesday.  6.  In general?  He’s had some good matches.  I’ll go with the stunningly great series against Lesnar in 2003, for example, when Show was wearing pants for some reason.  Runner up would be his Hogan impression against Kurt Angle at Backlash 2000 for sheer entertainment value.    7.  Kane’s also had his share of good matches.  He was on a really impressive run from 2001-2004, in particular, before the unmasking.  Discounting MITB and such, gotta go with the Kurt Angle miracle match featuring Mirror Universe Angle as my favorite.  Close second would be the IC title match with Albert that almost hit **** somehow.  8.  Now you’re just fucking with me.  His initial series against Undertaker wasn’t terrible.  9.  Probably one of the Flair matches, because Ric could get ***1/2 out of him in his sleep.  The Luger title change on Nitro was hella-exciting but total horseshit as a match. 10.  Street Fight with Shane at WM17! 11.  Dusty actually had lots of great matches when he gave enough of a shit in the ring.  Unfortunately by the time he was on the national stage with Crockett, that time had long passed.  I’ve seen more than a few really good ones with Harley Race from the 70s in Florida, so I’d go with that.  12.  Cena actually got a really good one out of him after their shit WM match, I think.  I’ll go with the safe choice, however, and say the Daniel Bryan US title change match, unless someone can think of a really epic **** Miz singles match that I’m blocking out of my mind.  

Worst PPVs?

Hi Scott,

I always ask for you recommendations on what to watch and I realise I'm doing it wrong. What are the worst PPV shows you've ever endured during the last 10 years of WWE programming?

No Way Out 2002 and Bad Blood 2003 instantly jump out as being really bad shows with no redeeming qualities. Do you have any more that are worth flat out avoiding?


​I barely even remember what happened year-to-year past the brand extension point, let alone which PPVs were terrible.  I remember Bash 2004 as being terrible (the one with Paul Bearer getting killed by cement mixer) and of course this year's Royal Rumble was legendarily awful, but it's a blur to me beyond that.  ​

Wrestlemania 11 is the worst by default

In discussions of the worst Mania ever, no one mentions WM 11, and I think that fact proves my point that it's the worst Mania ever: people don't even remember it took place!  There's only 7 matches booked.  Bulldog and Luger open vs. the Harris Twins in a dud match.  Taker/Bundy where Taker wins with a clothesline(!).  A DQ ending to the IC title match, Owen and Bret's year long feud is thrown away in favor of a squash tag title match and a horribly boring and pointless I Quit match.  Then Shawn upstages Diesel in a totally overrated match and the main event is almost Benoit-level unwatchable now featuring a wrestler dead by suicide and a convicted sex offender "celebrity".  Maybe because it took place in 95 when wrestling was in it's down-est year or because KOTR 95 is remembered as the suckiest show that year, but this was a boring and awful show that doesn't even have the car wreck feel of a 9 or 15.  Where does 11 stand for you?   You have any fond memories of this show?

​I definitely should have included it in the list and it was an EGREGIOUS error on my part not to do so.  However, the Shawn-Diesel match was pretty boss so I just can't call it the worst.  It's ONE of the worst, and Diesel might have been one of the coldest babyfaces ever to headline, but there was nothing I'd call offensively bad.  It was basically just another monthly PPV show that year, and a totally unmemorable one at that.  I still think 27 was worse for putting the abortion that was Miz v. Cena on PPV, as well as whatever the fuck Michael Cole v. Jerry Lawler was supposed to be.  Shame on Steve Austin for not telling them to go fuck themselves when they came up with that finish.  ​

Worst ‘Mania Debate

Hi Scott–

So I'm working my way through the Wrestlemania shows in anticipation(?) for this year's event, and just got done with 27. Good night, that is a miserable PPV. This inspired me to think; now that we have 30 of them in the books, which one is now the reigning, defending undisputed worst Wrestlemania in history?

After thinking about the buildup and payoff for reach show, my final four read thusly;

WM 2: Yes, we all love the Bulldogs victory at this show, but man there is a lot of fast-forwardable drek on this stinker. From the women's match to the flag match, from the epic Adonis v. Elmer confrontation to Hogan and Bundy in the Big Blue Cage, very little about this show is appealing/holds up well.

WM 9: The one most people bring up as the worst ever. Dull matches with little point, the worst Undertaker match in 'Mania history, and the Hogan egofest at the end. At least Shawn carries Tantanka to a decent match, and Bret walked IN with the title, right?

WM 15: I know you're fond of the phrase "Vince Russo ruins Wrestlemania" for this show, and yes, up and down 15 most likely has the worst undercard of all time, but Austin/Rock I is still awesome in all of it's Attitude Era-glory. This is the ultimate example of a show you bought for one match, and that one match delivered 100%. The atrocity that is the rest of the card is hard to overlook, though.

WM 27: I didn't remember the show being as horrendous as it is until I viewed it again. Sweet Chocolate Jeebus it is awful. Snooki, the anonymous Raw GM, an 8-man match that lasts all of 4 minutes, and lest we forget HEEL MICHAEL COLE on commentary, as well as his turd of a match with Lawler. When even Rock's charisma can't save a show, you're in trouble. Plus, the absolute worst built, boringly wrestled, and worst booked main event in 'Mania history. Yeah, it has Taker/HHH, but I don't think the match holds up well, certainly not like the Shawn/Taker matches, or even the rematch from WM 28. For two guys who would run down ECW, there is an awful lot of "car crash move/lie on mats" psychology in that match.

So what do you think? As reviled as 9 is, I'm leaning towards 27 as king turd. Maybe it's the nostalgia of performers I enjoyed in my youth, but I find 9 to simply be a boring show, whereas 27 is one of those "hours of my life I'll never get back" experience for me. Which one do you think is the reigning cham-peen, and do you think 31 has a chance to take the title this year?


Well, for me, I didn't see 27 until years later and it stands as the first Wrestlemania where I actually skipped the show out of apathy, so that's pretty damning.  I will say at least 9 and 15 are fascinating car wrecks and have that going for them.  I think 4 and 5 should also be in the conversation, specifically the four hour slog that is 4, with the worst WM crowd in history and no memorable matches.  I just can't give the crown to 27 with that HHH v. Taker match going for it, but I can see where others might not like it and thus it would stand as the clear worst.  

The Best and Worst Royal Rumble Matches

There's a Royal Rumble on Sunday. Good time to look back on the past. Paste has ranked the best and worst Rumble matches. What do you think?

​Swap out 1998's desperation booking of three Mick Foley aliases and a bunch of tag teams and swap in 2010's CM Punk storytelling and you've got a winning list.  I'd maybe go with 2007 over 2008 just because the last 10 minutes with Shawn v. Undertaker were nearly a ****1/2 classic on their own, but it's a fair opinion.  Nothing touches 1992 regardless, and 95/96 are clearly two of the worst.  ​

Cena = worst partner ever?

I read the Cageside review and I'm glad I wasn't alone wondering where the heck Super-Cena: defender of all that is true and good was while Dolph got beaten up by 4 guys and screwed out of his title, or when Sheamus was put through a table, or Show choked out.  Does Vince realize how unlikable their child friendly star appears to be to anyone over 12?   Is there a worse message to send the so called PG fan base than "sit around and watch your friends get beat up, don't worry they'll still defend your honor".  Not too mention, Cena is likely going over strong for the Brock-push, so literally the ENTIRE roster, face and heel will be buried by Cena's booking.  His team looks stupid and clueless for risking their jobs for a selfish jerkwad, and the authority will be jobbers for him.  He is the real life equivalent of the high school jock and NO ONE likes the high school jock!   They should just pair Nikki with him already
​Not to mention that now everyone who did stand up with him is risking their job (in storyline) if they lose.  And while we know Cena would get hired back somehow the night after, do you really think anyone is going to stick their neck out to get Erick Rowan his job back?  
This is what happens when they lose all their top stars and have never bothered to make new ones.  All Cena, All The Time! ​

Worst Year

In your opinion, has anyone had a worse year than Kane? I don't think any of it is on him, but he found a great niche with Bryan and has been put in garbage spots since the breakup of Hell No. Now he drains the life right out of everything.

​Goldust and Marc Mero in 98-99 would be my picks. Especially Goldust, who went from a major contender to comic relief, and then nails-on-chalkboard irritating.  Mero lost his valet and spiraled into nothing due to injuries and just ended up being a channel-changing break.​

QOTD 173: Just The Worst

What are your most hated bad matches? What do you consider the most disastrous match of all time?

Not matches that were so bad they good, but just really poor, true trainwrecks. I’m talking:

Steiner v. Triple H /  Triple H v. Hogan / Bret V. Vince / Bossman vs. Taker HIAC / The Shane vs. Kane vs. Testicles debacle / and so on.

Inside Scott’s (In)Box 4: Best / Worst Announce Teams

Jason Bellomo writes: 

fans talk about the WWE announce teams being subpar (which seems to be a
correct assessment, especially when comparing the current product with
the older stuff on the network). If you had your choice of anyone
(currently alive and well) to comprise the RAW and Smackdown announce
teams, who would you pick? 

Sent from my iPad

Well Jason, I’ll respond to you with the team that really set the wrestling world on fire. The team that made wrestling feel legitimate in ways that are nearly impossible to describe, but also too countless to count. 

Worst Booked PPV Main Event?

Hello Mr. Keith!

I was reminded the other day that the KOTR 2001 main event was built around the tag champions Jericho and Benoit losing their belts to the Dudleyz and defending World Champion Austin getting into a two-week feud with Spike Dudley.

Has there been a PPV main event with a worse build?

 I'm sure there's a few CAN'T PUT CENA IN A VULNERABLE POSITION shows (like Cena vs. Miz I Quit, with Cena beating up Miz, Riley and Swagger in the same show) and the Survivor Series 2009 main event (that I think maybe got one week build).

Would be interested in your (and The Blog's) views.


Maffew, The Guy From The Comments Section

​Oh man, that DX v. Cena Survivor Series? TURRIBLE!  A couple of comedy segments and nothing else.  Just awful.  
I'd also vote for Fall Brawl 99, where the booking team was in flux and they literally didn't know what they were going to put as the main event until the Thunder before the PPV, when it was revealed to be Hogan v. Sting for some reason.  There was also a TNA PPV last year (or 2012 maybe?) where it was (Aries? Roode?) suddenly getting challenged by AJ Styles three days before the PPV in the last segment of the show.   It was redonkulous.  Yes, I said redonkulous.   ​

Place to Be Nation’s 15 Worst WrestleMania Matches

Hey Scott! We polled ten of our staff and put together this compilation. Wanted to share – thanks!

I would have voted for Undertaker v. Bossman out of that list, but the winner was also very worthy.  I think not having the emotional investment in the feud (ie, I wasn't watching the TV and didn't give a shit when seeing the blowoff) kind of prevented me from getting too worked up about it.  But yes, it was definitely TERRIBLE.  

Worst WWE internet show ever?

I realize that I shouldn't throw around that claim lightly, but I can
beardly make it to the end of this…

It's no worse than any of Santino's "hilarious" shows, I'd say.  Although the sponsorship thing is annoying. 
Two thoughts:
1)  In Canada, Norelco isn't a thing.  Shavers are just Philips.  Always makes it weird to watch commercials for "Norelco" shavers that are exactly the same as "Philips" ones that we get up here but with a different brand.  
2)  Greatest Wrestlemania match that never happened this year for some stupid reason:  Team Hell No v. Rhodes Scholars, with Cody's mustache against Daniel Bryan's beard.  WHY DID NO ONE BOOK THIS?  You can't tell me the heat wouldn't have been off the charts.

Worst sequel?

Alright, buckos, here’s the question of the day.

What’s the worst sequel to a classic match? I’d have to say Rock vs Hogan II from No Way Out 2003. The original may not be a technical masterpiece, but the crowd & atmosphere is amongst the greatest of all time. It’s one of my all time favorite matches. However the sequel was absolute garbage. It was slow, immensely boring, The Rock not only phoned it in, be called collect. An absolute dud.

I’m sure some may say Hogan vs Warrior 2, but that match is bad in a fantastic way. I mean, the Log-Roll of Attempted Discomfort is worth the price of admission alone.

LoW Roundtable: Worst Characters

Legends of Wrestling Roundtable: Worst Characters

Gene Okerlund is your moderator and the panel is Mick Foley, Michael Hayes, Dusty Rhodes and Pat Patterson

This is the second episode with this group and the topic is one that should make for some entertaining discussion. Mick Foley throws down the first offender with Mantaur and he said it was the worst of a succession of a crap characters like Bastion Booger and this was during the time that Mick was trying to get into the WWF. And he then goes into a strange story about Shane Douglas pulling a prank on him calling his parents pretending to be Pat Patterson.

Michael Hayes says the most memorable debut of a character that seemed to have tons of potential but never had the second chance to make the first impression and it was the Shockmaster. Poor Fred Ottman.

(They show the infamous clip of the Shockmaster’s debut and of course it’s must-see TV for any fan of wrestling because the comedy that follows is off the charts. That and Davey Boy Smith’s ridiculous robe.)

Dusty tells the story and it’s hilarious. Apparently Ottman had busted through the gimmicked wall earlier in dress rehearsal for the segment but in between the dress and live TV David Crockett nailed a 2 x 4 to the wall that Dusty assumes was there to sabotoge him. Of course Ottman trips and his helmet rolls off (the image of him shaking the cobwebs out and then grabbing the helmet and putting it on is gutbusting). Dusty telling the story of Ottman’s reaction (“I really fucked this up didn’t I?”) is just amazing. I couldn’t stop laughing. They crack on the Gobbledy Gooker for a bit, poor Hector Guerrero. Dusty says he and Vince will discuss which idea was worse over drinks quite often. Dusty rehashes Davey Boy’s quote during the Shockmaster fracas too (“he fell on he ass didn’t he?”). Patterson quickly lets Vince fall on the sword the for Gobbledy Gooker idea.

Patterson switches to discuss the polka dots with Dusty and Dusty talks about adding Sapphire, who in his words had a worst body than he did. Mick asks if Dusty thought the polka dots was a humbling rib. Dusty said it probably was but he knew he could get it over. And Vince told him to enjoy his time in the WWF and for a year and a half he had a lot of fun and made a lot of money. Mick brings up the Mike Shaw characters from Makhan Singh to Norman to the shit he did in the WWF from The Monk to Bastion Booger. None of the characters took off and Shaw asked Patterson why he wasn’t getting many booking dates so Patterson told him to ask Vince. So poor Shaw waits and hour to see Vince and gets his release.

Okerlund talks about the thought that goes behind these characters and Mick makes a great point of understanding that Shockmaster might have something going for him upon his debut…but what possibly could the Gobbledy Gooker have going for it. Mick’s theory was that the Undertaker, who was released by WCW and debuting on this card, was supposed to bust through that egg. But once they saw how big and imposing Mr. McCool was they decided to go a different route (BTW at one point Hogan took full credit for all that from bring Mark in to see Vince and doing the whole gimmick). Patterson was also kept in the dark and actually thought it was Ric Flair. Dusty said the trick worked because Vince got people’s curiosity.

Terry Taylor said that the gimmick of The Red Rooster and Mr. Perfect were being batted around for him. Mick says Taylor could have been a great Mr. Perfect but Hayes disagrees and says would you rather hit a single with the gimmick or a home run. Hennig hit a home run. Hayes believes Taylor was talented enough to make anything work but he thought it was a rib and didn’t embrace it like Dusty embraced the polka dots. Okerlund says the gimmick was a damn chicken and Patterson has a line of a life time.

“What’s wrong with a cock in the ring.”

HOLY SHIT!! I am so happy I wasn’t drinking anything because the keyboard would have been destroyed.

(To back up Hayes, I take the character of Dolph Ziggler. That’s a stupid name and there’s no way a guy named Dolph Ziggler should get past the comedy stage. But god bless Nick Nemeth because he OWNS Dolph Ziggler. That is who he is and he is awesome. I say it again, 2013 has to be Dolph’s year. Beyond his exceptional talent in the ring he’s a damn smart guy that really seems to understand how to get a crowd going. And he made Amy Schumer beg for mercy when they were together, which is funny given her stand up routine and how she tortures guys in bed that can’t handle her.)

Hayes cracks on his own shitty WWF gimmick of Dok Hendrix and despite how stupid it was and how everyone knew who he was, he still had to try his best to make it work. Mick says there were some characters that thankfully were left on the cutting room floor. Vince asked him to be the Mutilator and of course we have Steve Austin’s wide assortment of name options like “Baron Von Ruthless”, “Ice Dagger” and “Chilly McFreeze (LOL)”. Duke Droese actually did a great Finkel impersonation and “announced” Austin as each of these names and Austin naturally thought they all sucked. Mick makes the point that no matter how talented you are, coming out to the ring as Ice Dagger and he’s dead.

Hayes talks about one of the great mistakes when Ole debuted Harlem Heat with Robert Fuller, doing his Colonel Sanders gimmick, and the Heat came out in chains. Hayes says Ole was obviously drunk when he thought of that (actually he’s just a racist fuckhead but we’ll hit on that in an episode down the road). Mick talks about how funny watching Ron Simmons come out as the Blue Sparticus and how he had to adjust the Faarooq gimmick. Patterson talks about his days as a stooge with Brisco and Hayes explains how the evening gown match came about. Well Hayes and Brian Gerwitz needed one more match for this PPV (someone fill me in on which PPV this was) and Hayes said that a Trish-Lita bra & panties match was the clear leader in the clubhouse. But Vince wanted something with the stooges for the Hardcore title. Hayes tried to reason with Vince and say…would you rather see Trish in a bra or the stooges in a brawl and Vince gives the classic open-ended answer “You’re right!” and you see what we got.

Conversation shifts to gimmicks that appeared to be bad on the surface but worked. Hayes said the first one that comes to mind is Goldust. Dusty explains how the “real stooge” Bruce Pritchard set all this up. Dusty says the Goldust entrance was the best in the wrestling at the time. He took that gimmick to the point of where it became his alter ego and and it was very revolutionary. Dusty doesn’t believe it was a rib but rather they wanted to go with something outlandish. Hayes says at first Scott Hall refused to work with him but relented later.

(Clips of Goldust’s early interviews and in my opinion hindsight has helped that character a ton because it was really something unique and different and Dustin did a hell of a job.)

They talk about the evolution of Scott Hall from Starship Coyote to Razor Ramon and Steve Austin from Stunning to Stone Cold. Dusty and Hayes said those characters were in those guys from the beginning and they had it in their hearts and the crowd responded. Hayes says Foley did as well with Cactus Jack and Dude Love. Patterson talks about how much fun George Steele had with his character.

(Clips of Steele and Lou Albino doing shock therapy on Tuesday Night Titans. Steele gets shocked and of course speaks like a professor before getting re-shocked and turning back into the animal. Oddly enough I think George Steele is or was a public school teacher. Funny stuff.)

They talk about Doink and Foley talks about how great Matt Borne was at it and how others just couldn’t compare. Patterson says there was tons of Doinks but Borne made it work because he was a little demented. Okerlund talks to Patterson about being part of the think tank to come up with these guys and Patterson says the key is to live the character. Mick talks about guys that keep their characters and make it work everywhere is Abdullah the Butcher, who hops from country to country and has been the same guy forever. And he compares that to a guy that’s in one place like the Undertaker and is forced to constantly evolve his character and that’s how he’s stayed in the industry. Same with Triple H, how he evolved from the blue blood, to DX to the Game. Hayes says it’s passion and the desire to get that crowd going above all others.

Dusty blames El Gigante/Giant Gonzalez on Jim Herd and Hayes mentions the Ding Dongs. Dusty says even strong characters have bad moments and Dusty talks about the Terrordome match at 1991 Halloween Havoc and how fucked up that was. They then crack on Mick’s issues with lighting stuff on fire. Hayes talks about his own bad moment when he and Jimmy Garvin were doing a new Freebird song called “I’m a Freebird what’s your excuse” and relays a story of how WCW screwed up the audio and cracks on Garvin not knowing the lyrics anyway. Hayes is singing and Jimmy is reading his lips but there’s no audio and it was a disaster in the live audience. Luckily they had studio rehearsal footage to go to.

(They show clips of this abomination and it’s as bad…hell it’s much worse than Hayes describes. Garvin’s lip synching is Volkoff quality bad. The clip goes on a little too long though.)

Patterson talks about being on a European tour and the promoter in the final show did a horrible job and it was a bad crowd so Patterson decides to have fun and switch up the theme musics. Bret Hart comes out to pomp and circumstance, etc.

The Bottom Line: Tremendous stuff from the guys for the most part but it tailed off after 45 minutes.