Bryan and WM and HHH and how they should have worked Batista into it

From: Jesse Baker 

1. Internet access has been hit or miss these last couple of weeks.
2. If the WWE is terrified of Batista being a casualty of their war against the fans who want Bryan, why not fucking pair them up? Especially since that means Kane vs Batista, which would sell far more than Batista versus Alberto Del Rio
3.Similarly, they should have done the following for how Batista came back: The entire show is basically HHH and Steph going “Batista is coming! Batista is coming!” and Orton panicking out of paranoia that HHH and Steph are going to fuck him over and get the belts onto Batista. Also, we get told Bryan is “banned” from the arena because of his concussion, which HHH is using as an excuse to get rid of him for as long as humanly possible (see his interaction with Edge early in the current storyline). Finally, the show ends with Batista apparently jilting HHH and HHH being furious, until Batista appears on the big screen…. WITH Danial Bryan. Batista reminds everyone he’s no fucking fool when it comes to HHH and his bullshit of burying people and has manipulated HHH into signing him for obscene amount of cash and to a Big Show-type “can do whatever he wants” contract. And they top off their middle finger salute to HHH by showing hidden camera footage Batista recorded, when he was negotiating his contract to come back, where HHH basically flat out says that he is sick and tired of Orton being a fuck-up who can’t beat Bryan without massive cheating/HHH flat out overturning the match result with trumped up bullshit, that he’s going to betray Orton by signing him and Batista to a match and “screwing him worse than me and Shawn and  Vince screwed Brett”. Also, HHH is caught offering Steph to Batista for sex, pointing out that (between “friends”) Steph is a whore and HHH is perfectly fine with her fucking around, since they have a “Profit”* style arrangement where they can fuck other people on the side, but that whoever basically decides to end the marriage to marry their fuck buddy, has to give up all of the couple’s assets to the other in the divorce. Maybe even toss in HHH admitting that the reason she was tormenting Big Show like she was, was due to the fact that the two were on-again/off-again fuck buddies until Big Show ended their casual sex relationship.
Orton goes apeshit and we get the storyline where Orton and HHH are now actively at odds with each other but forced to work together because neither one can keep their current position without the other as well as the perfect excuse to write Steph out: she’s basically exposed, irrefutably as a whore and decides to take off after being humiliated like she was by Bryan. 
The Authority is in chaos, Batista wins the Rumble (and we get Batista/Bryan vs Orton/Kane at Elimination Chamber with Bryan pinning Orton) and Vince finally comes back, realizing that HHH has run things into the ground, humiliated his daughter, and aligned himself with a psychopathic monster like Orton. So Vince decides to have HHH vs Bryan (now medically cleared) at WM, with HHH’s job and career on the line.
Bryan beats HHH, not just in decisive fashion, but like a bitch. HHH loses in ten-twelve seconds and then we get a full-on “HHH being buried like a bitch” send-off, complete with HHH being tossed into a garbage truck and driven off, not to be seen again in two-three years.
Afterwords, Vince annoints Bryan the new face of the company and THEN we get the haircut and shave, as Bryan slowly lets himself be seduced by Vince. Shawn Michaels is reduced to being Bryan’s much abused manservant (resurrect the plot point of Shawn being HORRIBLE with his money and Bryan wanting revenge on him) and slowly phase us back towards Bryan the self-absorbed egomaniac and having him abuse Shawn Michaels to the point that we WANT to see him and Bryan fight in terms of them having a legit issue against the other. 
(Further tying into that, as Bryan goes towards the dark side, Batista and Punk restart their bromance that was mentioned during the Punk/Cena feud of 2011 and we get them versus Bryan and his manservant Shawn Michaels, with the Tag Titles becoming involved as far as Batista and Punk while Cena is left playing clean-up with Orton, who has gone full-blown rabid after losing the belt to Batista and watching HHH being fired and Vince telling him to fuck-off as Bryan takes his spot. We can also get Batista vs Kane, with Kane being jealous that Bryan has replaced him and Kane being forced to don the mask again after being fired from his cushy job as a suit when Vince cleans house of all HHH loyalists.)
That gives us the stage for the spring/summer
Bryan’s descent back to villainy as he vanquishes HHH and becomes the face of the company
Batista vs Kane and the slow unravelling of his friendship with Bryan
Shawn Michaels going through seven shades of hell as Bryan’s bitch boy slave to justify a match between the two later in the fall
Batista/Punk Vs Bryan/Shawn
Cena vs Orton as the coda for the fall of Orton
Vince back in charge as a tweener type
Brock can fight Undertaker and lose and be dragged into a coffin and buried alive, never to be seen again
*Wonder how many blog of doomers will get that cult tv reference

Work? Shoot? Worked shoot? Shot work?

Does this work under ANY circumstances? If they thought it was a serious injury, realized it wasn't, then tried to make a story of it? As a story in and of itself? As part of WWE's overall unusual focus on injuries and "injuries" as of late?

I think they're overdoing it already.  We've already had two very real situations with Ziggler and Fandango, plus one fake one with HHH and then Ryback getting held off the show due to his "injuries", so my immediate thoughts on the Bryan thing was that they were going with yet another version of the same thing in a very short span.  As Dusty Rhodes discovered in the 80s, that's a recipe for disaster.  Plus it also becomes WWE patting themselves on the back yet again for caring so much about their athletes (who they don't even provide health insurance for).  Not to mention HHH doing a Very Special Episode of RAW about himself and then promptly forgetting about his cripping brain injuries in the very next show.  
However, it came out today that in fact Bryan was legitimately injured and was supposed to win the match, so if that's the case then it really was a good idea for them to stop the match, although then trying to turn it into a storyline is a bit cheesy.  Perhaps they shouldn't cry wolf so many times in the first place.  

Could the Invasion really have worked?

Discussion for the mailbag:
I've seen various ideas on how the Invasion could have been made better.  Some are better than others.  However, could it have ever really worked as a true "WCW Invasion" in 2001?  WCW was a joke of a promotion that nobody cared about or watched by the time it folded.  The WWF had many of the greatest wrestlers of all-time in their primes at the time.  It is pretty certain that for the Invaders to be taken seriously, they would've had to convincingly destroy/go over the WWF guys for a while before the WWF got their revenge.  So, Scott Steiner, Booker T, Buff Bagwell, DDP, etc. were supposed to just roll over Austin, Rock, HHH, Taker, etc. for six months or so?  It's not believeable and no one would buy it.  They didn't have the option of guys like Sting, Flair, Hart, Goldberg or Hogan at that point, so honestly what could they have done differently to make a full-scale "invasion" better.  Plus, Hogan's reaction at WM X8 showed that the crowd thought of most of those established WCW guys as nostalgia acts by that point anyway.  I think Vince did the best he could with what he had, it just wasn't much.  I personally believe several "Radicalz" like factions showing up over time would've been more effective.

Wrestling is WORKED.  Booker T and DDP absolutely should have come in and rolled over everyone for six months because Vince controls the outcomes of the matches and owns all the properties.  It was entirely in his best interest to make people care about the WCW name.  You know how you make people believe someone can beat Steve Austin and The Rock?  You have them beat Steve Austin and The Rock.  
And they absolutely did have the option of Goldberg and Flair, they just didn't want to pay them.  Big difference.  
The invasion absolutely would have worked 100%.  If they had done a triple main event at the Invasion PPV with Goldberg v. Austin, Booker T v. HHH and DDP v. The Rock they could have done rematches and six-mans and switched them around in different combinations for months afterwards and printed their own money for five years.  As it was the PPV did one of the biggest buyrates in history for a non-WM show with a shit main event,so obviously people bought it no matter how lame it was.