HHH without Stephanie


Realistically, how do you see HHH's career going if he hadn't married Stephanie? He was obviously talented in the ring and his mega push started happening prior to him hooking up with Stephanie, but do you see him sustaining his spot as a top guy for the 10+ years he did without marrying the boss's daughter?

Yeah, he's a smart guy who already had Vince's ear before the banging of the boss's daughter started, I honestly don't think things would have progressed much differently.  Had he, say, married Chyna, then that probably would have fucked things up for him from a political standpoint, but it's not like Stephanie accelerated his push or anything.  That was happening no matter what.  It's more that being Vince-in-law helped him go up the corporate side of the ladder, which he probably wouldn't have accomplished as one of the mere pieces of talent, no matter how many titles he accumulated in that role.  

What if Arn Anderson had come over to the WWF without Tully?


A recent thread about the potential return of Sting that turned into a bit of a chat about late-80s, early-90s wrestling kind of got me thinking.

What if Arn Anderson had come over to the WWF as a singles wrestler and got a bit of a push – one at least as strong as the Brainbusters did?  Tully was clearly the weak link on that team and Arn was well suited to the WWF of that era – or of any era for that matter.  He was a good worker, was built enough, in good shape and could talk his ass off.  Was basically Jake Roberts with more muscle and less baggage, and Jake was over something fierce.  

So, what scenario do you see if Arn comes into the WWF at that time?  Would he have gotten over like Hennig did as Mr. Perfect?  Perhaps more?  Maybe a Bad News Brown-esque character?

Wait, what?  Tully Blanchard was the weak link?!  In what universe?  Arn wouldn't even have gotten a look without Tully, I guarantee.