WWE Tough Enough Winner $250K Contract Question

Hi Scott,

Just wondering: the new TE winner gets a 1-Yr $250K Contract. Assuming this isn't a "fine print" situation and the K is legit, what is a $250K Contrac wortht in real world terms? I mean, considering that these are 1040 workers who provide their own travel, costumes, taxes, etc… What would I, aspiring young wrestler, hope to take home from that Quarter Million?

​Oh, I'm pretty sure that contract is nothing but fine print.  But if they do qualify for the main roster after winning, $250K as a baseline is pretty much in line with what the upper end of Zack Ryder-type guys pull in, from what I understand.  Road expenses and taxes pretty much destroy all that, however​, which is why guys are so dependent on video game revenues and merchandise to stay afloat.  I can't even imagine how the poor NXT geeks eat from week to week with what THEY make.  

“Rumble Winner should get to be John Cena for a year”

I was reading this article at work today (http://withleather.uproxx.com/2013/01/royal-ramble-an-op-ed-on-the-royal-rumble#more-103324) and wasn't particularly interested until I got to end:

"How do you craft a reward that’s on the same level with a win like the Royal Rumble when you’re giving that same reward to John Cena on a biweekly basis? Well, maybe that’s the solution. Maybe instead of a title shot at WrestleMania, the winner of the Royal Rumble just gets to be John Cena for a year, with unlimited title shots and the ability to kick out of everybody’s finisher all the time. I’d watch it."

BRILLIANT! How could anyone complain if the part of John Cena is played by more interesting characters?  What say you?

-Ronnie Vod

C'mon now, just because Cena failed at the MITB cash in, and at Summerslam, and at Night of Champions, and at Survivor Series, and failed at winning Dolph's briefcase, doesn't mean he shouldn't get another 12 shots next year.  Be fair to Cena!  
I would love to see someone like Zack Ryder pick that as a reward sometime, though.