JTG Whodunnit

One for the forum maybe.  I just finished reading JTG’s $1 book (didn’t take long).  Aside from being ever increasingly amazed by how pathetic locker room politics are in WWE, the best thing about the book is guessing who JTG is referring to with his descriptions of wrestlers he doesn’t wish to name.  Some are obvious (HBK, Jericho, Regal) but some less so.
So, for anyone who has read the book,  who do you think these wrestlers are:
1.  The guy trying to make JTG smuggle weed
2.  The guy jealous of having to share his ‘rat’
3.  The guy who kept interrupting JTG’s massages
4.  The guy bitter about not getting Beats headphones
5.  The guy who tried to mislead JTG into a squash match
6.  The smoker who got angry at JTG not offering his plane seat to his tag partner

I actually have the book on my Kindle and fully intend to blow through it this weekend, and in fact may have already finished it by the time you’re reading this on Sunday night.  However, I will currently leave the guesswork to the blog until I’ve read it and can offer a better opinion.  I’ve heard the book is great, and will probably have a more concrete opinion at the point when you’re reading this, approximately 14 hours into the future from when I’m typing this.  TIME TRAVEL.  MIND BLOWN. Also, hopefully Canada will have won the World Hockey Championships gold medal by the point this is posted.