What’d Jack Tunney do?

Hey Scott:

I was looking through the last few weeks of blog when I came across the post about putting non-wrestlers in the Hall of Fame.  Your Response when Jack Tunney's name came up got me thinking that yeah, I never did understand the specifics of that whole thing.  I found the Observer from 1995 when he "resigned", but the item there presented it as a cost cutting move and offered no other details aside from the brief Tunney history that's pretty well known.  The Observers from 2004 when he died haven't been uploaded to F4W yet, so I can't check those for anything else.

So…what happened?  If he was just let go due to money problems, why did nobody from WWE go to the funeral?  He strikes me as far too important a figure in the company's history to shaft like that without having what they feel is a very good reason.



​Well, Jack Tunney the character was a dignified President beyond reproach, but the real person embezzled company money and racked up gambling debts with it, among other sordid details that came out years later.  I'm actually kind of surprised they let him have a relatively dignified exit from the promotion, in fact.  ​