You still do Weird Al Yankovic news, right?

What's your favorite of the eight new Weird Al videos?  Word Crimes
really appeals to me by touching on my biggest grammar pet peeves, but
the swerve he throws on us in the second half of Foil is phenomenal.

Also, please plug Mandatory Fun to the American Blog of Doomers, so
that he may finally get his long deserved number one selling album.

Personally I'm still most fond of "Tacky" because it was the first and remains the biggest ear-worm even if I'm sick of the original song.  "Handy" is also great as a parody ("Who dat / Who screw dat" is genius) but not as inspired as a video.  I love "Mission Statement" because I hear that s--- EVERY DAY as serious stuff I'm supposed to follow.  I do wish he'd release all the polka medleys as a greatest hits, though.  



Another weird appearance

Hi Scott,

I just found an August 1987 match between Demolition and the team of Tito Santana and Mil Mascaras: Tito Santana & Mil Mascaras vs Demolition Sam Houston Coliseum Aug 28th, 1987

I don't recall Mascaras being in the WWF in that period. Did I blink and miss a Mascaras run at that time or do you think this was a one-off to pop the Texas fans who might know him?

Probably the latter, yeah.  I definitely don't remember Mascaras at the time.  

QOTD 98: It’s Only Weird if it Doesn’t Work.

For whatever reason before opening the door in the winter I touch the wallpaper – it’s not OCD, I just don’t want to shock myself, and somehow assume that touching the wallpaper will ground me, though I don’t think it does. Regardless, I feel like I am shocked far less than I normally would be, had I not touched the wallpaper.

What are your superstitions? Things you do because you think they work, you do because you don’t want to tempt fate from the guy high atop the thing, or stuff that has just worked out for you, so you keep doing it? 

For a completely false example, I haven’t changed my underwear since the last Patriots Superbowl.

I have a lucky undershirt shirt I wear on dates.

When I buy a scratch ticket I always look for a heads-up penny in my car, or when I pull change out of my pocket, take a heads up coin in which to scratch them with.

In Poker I always play 7/10 of Diamonds after winning 600 dollars with it once.

During football games I refuse to stop watching the game even if the team is down with little time left – cause you never know.

When I check work e-mail I always filter my stuff sent to me first as a way to guage how my day is going to be. Lots of e-mail sent directly to me = lots of extra stuff to do (in my head anyway). No so much e-mail sent to me = QOTD writin’ during the work day.

I say “I hope everyone is alright” whenever a cop car or Ambulance or Firetruck passes me, a little good karma never hurt anyone. 

I take several shots of whiskey before writing QOTD’s to ensure a completely lack of relationship with reality.

What say you, Otters?