TNA wants to tape 4 to 6 weeks of shows at once

in the Impact Zone

I seem to remember some other wrestling promotion taping over a month of TV at a time in Florida in the early 90's trying to save money. 

That sure worked out great for that company, so I'm sure it will do even better now that there are even easier ways to find out spoiler results for shows.  

Dude, you gotta stop sending me these shitty c&p site "news" stories.  I have an Observer subscription and Dave talks about this stuff in much more detail and with actual credibility.
TNA is trying to get into either the Impact Zone again, or a venue in Vegas, and they're actually leaning towards Vegas because they can possibly make some money off tourists there, although getting talent in and out for tapings might be a big holdup with that. Taping on the road is costing them tons of money for absolutely no benefit, and although I don't blame them for making a go of it, they really should have done some due diligence before making that kind of investment without a backup plan.  But they were dying at the Impact Zone and SOMETHING had to be done.  If they can survive doing 6 weeks of TV at a time to save money, good on them.  No one gives a s--- about taped v. live TV anyway and only a small percentage of internet nerds even care about spoilers for those shows.  NXT is taped weeks in advance and I don't pay the least bit of attention to the tapings, so it's all new to me when I watch anyway.

WWE Win-Loss Records After 22 Weeks

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After 5 months, let’s take one more look at the breakdown of the win-loss records in WWE.  A couple notes to start.  There have been 112 different wrestlers taking part in a match on WWE TV in 2013.  I am treating Michael McGillicutty and Curtis Axel as two separate people, in order to better track the records.  Most Total Matches

  • 46 – Randy Orton
  • 44 – Antonio Cesaro
  • 43 – Damien Sandow
  • 41 – Sheamus
  • 40 – Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes

Most Total Wins

  • 33 – Randy Orton
  • 28 – Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio
  • 22 – Kane
  • 21 – Daniel Bryan
  • 20 – The Miz

Most Total Losses

  • 29 – Antonio Cesaro
  • 28 – Damien Sandow
  • 27 – Cody Rhode
  • 25 – Heath Slater
  • 22 – Titus O’Neil, Darren Young

Best Winning % (min 5 matches)

  • 0.938 – Roman Reigns
  • 0.917 – R-Truth
  • 0.857 – Paige
  • 0.800 – Alberto Del Rio
  • 0.789 – Dean Ambrose

Worst Winning % (min 5 matches)

  • 0.000 – Yoshi Tatsu, Alicia Fox, JTG, Zeb Colter, Rosa Mendes
  • 0.038 – Heath Slater
  • 0.048 – Primo
  • 0.050 – Epico
  • 0.083 – Aksana

Fewest Wins (min 5 matches)

  • 0 – Yoshi Tatsu, Alicia Fox, JTG, Zeb Colter, Rosa Mendes
  • 1 – Heath Slater, Primo, Epico, Aksana, Michael McGillicutty
  • 2 – Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, Santion Marella, Emma

The Past Two Weeks on the PTB Podcast

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This Week’s Sign That The Apocalypse Was Nearly Upon Us

> My, oh, my. This was who was considered for public office.
> I imagine if he had been elected, he would have vanished halfway through his term to get drunk with strippers.
> Take care.
> Jon Cmon, Mayor Mongo?  That's MONEY baby.

Two weeks worth of Deadspin Wrestler run-in Stories

Quick Note: I am back from vacation so I will post my TNA weekly PPV review on Saturday and then will follow my schedule after that.

Read on to see what Matt Hardy bought at the mall and how Hornswoggle disrupted a bar. Also, a fan tells the Road Dogg that he loves him and Macho Man tells a fan to see him on the Spice Channel.

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