NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #1

Seeing as it is a slow day here on the blog, I’d figure I would re-post a review to get some discussion going. This was my tryout review that I submitted to Scott over 2.5 years ago. 
For those unaware, this was the debut show from TNA, back when it ran weekly PPV’s. They aired on Wednesday as this format lasted for two years until they switched over to a TV show with monthly PPV’s. 

June 19, 2002
Live from the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, AL
Your hosts are Don West, Ed Ferrara, and Mike Tenay

Don West is announced first. Watching it live, I found it hilarious that the guy shilling sportscards on the “Shop At Home” network was on a wrestling show. Seriously, that show was the fucking funniest thing to watch late at night. You think he was apeshit in TNA then you haven’t seen him blow a gasket at opening up a pack of basketball cards to find a Chris Mullin rookie card. He does an alright job of pumping up the crowd though. Ed Ferrara is out next and billed as the “most influential man in wrestling.” Even more ridiculous than that is his hairstyle, which consists of awful looking dreadlocks. I’ll call them shitlocks. Anyway, he cuts a lame bit about being a fan of TNA but not necessarily a fan of Total Nonstop Action. The crowd doesn’t care about Ferrara. He then turns it over to Mike Tenay at the broadcast booth and refers to him as the “Professor of Vanilla.” Tenay puts over the history and tradition of the NWA. He goes on about respecting history and plugs the “Gauntlet for the Gold” tonight that will feature 20 wrestlers. He explains the rules, which is two wrestlers in the ring every 90 seconds and an opponent is eliminated when he goes over the top rope and on to the floor.
Jeremy Borash is in the ring to announce the legends of the NWA. Harley Race is out first and looks decent all things considered. Dory Funk comes out and still looks like he can kick some ass, even at age 61 . Jackie Fargo is out next and Tenay brags about him being a first-ballot “Wrestling Observer Newsletter HOF” as Ferrara sarcastically pretends he has never heard of the publication. Bob Armstrong is out next to a decent reaction. Corsica Joe and Sara Lee are out next , looking ancient. At least Sara Lee seems to know where she is as Joe looks completely lost. Bill Behrens is out next. Exactly how is he a legend? Ricky Steamboat is out last and cuts a passionate but long-winded promo about the importance of the NWA title. He talks about his match with Flair in Chicago 89 to become champion and states the NWA belt means more to him than any other belt then proceeds to compare it to every other sport’s championship. He mentioned that the NWA representatives have picked 20 wrestlers for the Gauntlet and that he will be referee when the last two left. Jeff Jarrett comes out and Tenay is livid that he interrupted the festivities. Jarrett calls the gauntlet the biggest joke and runs down the legends while frequently stating how having a battle royal to determine the title is stupid. Fargo then incoherently cuts a promo, forgetting that you actually need to speak into the microphone. He makes Jarrett the 1st contender in the gauntlet, who states he doesn’t care and will win by kicking 19 other asses. Ken Shamrock comes out and also thinks the gauntlet is a dumb idea. Great, even the faces are shitting all over the idea of having a battle royal. He tells Jarrett that he can kick the other 18 asses in the gauntlet but not his. Shamrock is not that great of a promo guy and certainly wasn’t anything special here. Hall comes out from the crowd, who Tenay calls “Wrestling’s Real Outlaw.” Hall also agrees with the other two about the gauntlet being a dumb idea, but says its going to happen and to quit crying and focus on one person, Scott Hall. Jarrett disses everyone and says Fargo will regret his decision of making him #1. This whole segment was idiotic. It begins by promoting the tradition of the NWA and ends with the three top contestants stating the gauntlet, which is the main event and going to determine the NWA champion, was a dumb idea. No one came off looking good here.
Backstage, Goldylocks interviews Puppet the Psycho dwarf. She is not good in her role at all. He says midgets are the true stars and came to TNA to see “midget blood.” At least Puppet can cut a halfway decent promo. Jarrett can be seen yelling about Fargo and kicking a barrel in the background.
Cage dancers are shown before the competitors are announced. They look quite skanky.

AJ Styles & Low Ki & Jerry Lynn vs Flying Elvises (Jorge Estrada, Sonny Siaki, Jimmy Yang)
Before the match, the legends are shown backstage looking at the monitor. They show them looking proud at the faces and shaking their heads in disbelief at the Flying Elvises. Tenay plugs the X Division, stating there was no weight limit and mentions the round robin next week to crown the first ever X Division champion. The faces get attacked from behind to start but quickly gain the advantage and dump Siaki & Estrada, leaving Yang and Styles in the ring. AJ gets a powerslam and knocks Yang down with a chop. Yang then pancakes Styles and nails him with a leg lariat for two. Styles breaks up a suplex with a forearm and tags Lynn, who lands a few stomps. Lynn reverses an Irish whip and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Yang charges the corner and eats a boot from Lynn. Lynn gets a tornado DDT but Yang pops right up and hits an enziguri. He then gets a moonsault kick in the corner and tags Siaki. He misses a somersault leg drop and Lynn comes back with a tilt-a-whirl headscissor takeover. Bulldog off a wheelbarrow gets two for Lynn, who tags Low Ki. He lands some chops but Siaki quickly regains control and hits a spinning neckbreaker for two. Siaki misses a charge but ducks a kick and gets a backbreaker for two. Estrada tags in and gets a split-legged moonsault for two. He puts Low Ki on the top turnbuckle and gets a running neckbreaker. Running shooting star press gets two. Low Ki manages to dropkick the knees of Estrada and kicks the shit out of him. Both men make the tag and its now Styles and Yang. Styles gets a flying forearm, which Yang sells quite dramatically. Styles hits the phenomenon for two. Yang floats over on a german suplex attempt and kills Styles with a spinning heel kick, which gets two before Low Ki makes the save. Low Ki back drops Yang on the apron and takes him down with the tidal wave. Estrada comes in and hits a spinebuster on Low Ki and Lynn breaks up the pin attempt at two. He hits the cradle piledriver for two but is nailed from behind by Siaki, who gets a neckbreaker. Styles crushes Siaki with a kick. Yang comes in and Styles holds him up for Low Ki but he escapes and Styles eats the kick. Estrada comes off the top with a missle dropkick to the back of Low Ki and it allows Yang to go up and hit the Yangtime for the win (6:21). ***
Thoughts: A spot-fest but a good way to showcase the idea of the X Division, which was plugged during the match as being “extreme.” All 6 men had a chance to shine and it made you intrigue to see what will happen next week.

Hollywood vs Teo
Hollywood nails Teo from behind and gets in some punches. Teo manages to duck a clothesline attempt and hit some really sloppy looking headscissor takedown. That looked awful. He gets Hollywood in the corner and pulls his shirt over his face before chopping his chest. Headbutt to the groin is followed by ten mounted punches in the corner capped off with pelvic thrusts to the face. The crowd loved that. Hollywood catches Teo in the corner and gets a Michinoku Driver for two, then yells at the ref for counting slowly. Teo manages a quick rollup for two but his immediately put back down by a clothesline. Hollywood goes to the top rope and gets a splash for two. Teo manages to gain the upper hand and hits a side Russian legsweep in another awful looking spot. He goes up top and overshoots the senton by a mile but Hollywood sells it anyway and Teo gets the win. (2:49) ¼*
Thoughts: Even as a quick match, it was terrible. The crowd did enjoy the comedy spots so it served somewhat of a purpose.
Don West and Ed Ferrara are in the ring to bring out the contestants for next week’s Miss TNA Lingerie Battle Royal. Francine is introduced first and the crowd reacts to her a bit. Miss Joni is out next to no reaction as she is a complete unknown. Shannon is out next as West screws up and mentions how she was known as Daffney in “ECW” before correcting himself. Alexis Laree (Mickie James before the cosmetic enhancement surgery) is out next to a decent little reaction. I should mention how the camera work is just awful here. They keep panning to the wrong girl as they are being introduced. Sasha is out next and I have no clue as to who she is either. Erin Bray is the next unknown to be announced. Elektra is next and gets a bit of a pop from the crowd. Taylor Vaughn is out next and actually looks like someone who could be a star, despite only having brief cups of coffee with WWE and WCW a few years prior. Rebecca Briggs is out next and I have no clue as to who she is either. Francine grabs the mic and calls West “pudgy” before running down her competition. Elektra steps up and mention how Francine bankrupted “another company” and that there is no “extreme” here. The two have a catfight and Elektra gets her shirt ripped off and gets covered up by West. Francine goes outside and mentions how she will be crowned “Miss TNA” after winning the battle royal. Between the shitty camerawork, the lackluster competitors, and the general overall presentation, the whole thing came off as third-rate garbage. I mean, compared to what the WWE Divas consisted of at this time, it was like night and day.
Goldylocks interviews manager Mortimer Plumtree. He goes on about how his team, The Johnsons, does whatever he says. A generic promo that introduced the new team. Plumtree did fine in his role.

The Johnsons w/Mortimer Plumtree vs Psychosis & “Cowboy” James Storm
Before the match, Storm stands on the top rope and fires off cap guns, prompting Ferrara to mention how he thought cowboy gimmicks were outlawed in 1992. The Johnsons, named Richard & Rod, are the Shane Twins (Or the Gymini if anyone remembers that uneventful run in the WWE with Simon Dean) under masks and generic looking body full costumes. They are impossible to tell apart under the masks. Johnson #1 starts by booting Psychosis. Double underhook suplex get two. Snap suplex gets two. Psychosis ducks a chop and manages to get a spinning heel kick. The other Johnson comes in and gets nailed with an enziguri. Tag to Storm who hits Johnson #1 with a missle dropkick. The Johnson’s regroup outside as Alicia (Ryan Shamrock) comes down the ramp. The camera continues to focus on Alicia as Storm and one of the Johnson’s lock up as West and Ferrara make god-awful penis jokes. He takes Storm down with an armdrag and tosses him over the ropes, who skins the cat and stars firing away. He gets a bulldog and makes the tag to Psychosis. Basement dropkick on Johnson is followed by a few chops. Psychosis boucnes off the ropes but gets pulled down by the illegal man, allowing the Johnsons to hit a few double team moves. Psychosis gets beaten on for a while until he gets a facecrusher off of a powerbomb attempt. Both men make the tag and Storm is on fire. The crowd is completely silent during all of this. Storm manages to get a hurricarana and all four men are in the ring. The Johnsons hit stereo belly-to-belly overhead suplexes. That looked good, actually. Storm and one of the Johnson’s are left in the ring. Storm gets a roll-up but is tossed while attempting a tornado DDT. Plumtree distracts Storm by tripping him up, allowing one of the Johnson’s to hit the TKO for the win. (4:49) *1/4. Post match, referee Slick Johnson is stopped and harassed by Alicia as he walks up the ramp. After some pestering, he gives her a wad of cash.
Thoughts: The Johnsons did some decent power stuff and Storm showed something here despite no one having a clue as to who he is. However, the ending was lame and the match itself was meaningless. The Alicia bit was a waste of time.
Goldylocks interviews the Dupps backstage, who are drinking beer. The Dupps consist of Bo, Stan (later known as Trevor Murdoch in the WWE), and Fluff. Bill Behrens comes out and says how there is no “beer drinking” allowed in the locker room and that he does not want intoxicated wrestlers in the ring. He couldn’t have possibly sounded like a bigger dork in this segment. We learn that Bo and Stan share Fluff and goldilocks walks away, disgusted. Another bush-league segment.
NASCAR drivers Hermie Sadler and Sterling Martin are in the ring. They go on about their upcoming races as K-Krush (Ron Killings) comes out and runs down the drivers for not being athlete’s like “his kind” are. He goes on for a bit and grabs Sadler until Brian Christopher comes in for the save. The drivers toss K-Krush out of the ring and Christopher issues a challenge for next week, stating how his kind will be there. He appears to be coked out of his mind. A stupid angle that hinted a racism while bringing in celebrities.
Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is choking out Jackie Fargo until refs and officials make the save.

The Dupps w/Fluff Dupp vs Christian York & Joey Matthews
Fluff distracts York & Matthews, allowing the Dupps to get the advantage. They beat on Matthews for a bit until York gets back in the ring and hits a springboard dropkick on both Dupps. Double suplex on Bo. Stan gets a full nelson slam and tags in Bo, who boots down Matthews and hits a splash for two. Stan tags back in and lands a few chops before getting caught with a neckbreaker. Both men make the tag and York cleans house. Bo blocks a sunsetflip but misses a sitdown splash. York with mounted punches to Bo in the corner and hits a back elbow smash on Stan, who was trying to make the save. York with a fireman’s carry slam and he yells a lot before hitting a senton . Stan breaks up the pin attempt at two. Matthews comes back in the ring, only to go right back out as he takes out Stan and himself with a crossbody. York gets a tornado DDT on Bo and does some more posing and yelling. He comes off as incredibly annoying, not a good idea when you are the face. He goes up top and stands up there for way too long before Fluff crotches him and Bo gets the pin for the win. (3:39) ½*
Thoughts: Bad match. The end looked terrible and there was no flow at all. Another meaningless tag match that the crowd sat through silently.

20 Man Gauntlet for the Gold
Jeff Jarrett is #1 and Buff Bagwell comes out as #2, getting a nice pop from the crowd. He beats on Jarrett for a while and hits the blockbuster. He charges at Jarrett but ends up getting backdropped to the floor and eliminated. Lash Leroux enters at #3 and immediately gets destroyed. He is carrying about 30 lbs more in his gut than when he was last seen in WCW. Jarrett tosses him through the middle ropes and beats the shit out of him before throwing him back in the ring. He hits the stroke and tosses him over the top rope and on to the floor. Norman Smiley is #4 and the crowd reacts favorably towards him. He immediately is met by stomps. He tries the big wiggle but is clotheslined down. Smiley manages to get a scoop slam but plays to the crowd for a bit too long, allowing Jarrett to get a low blow. He hits the stroke and eliminates Norman by tossing him to the floor. Apolo enters at #5 and catches Jarrett with a spinebuster. He tosses Jarrett over the ropes, who manages to land on the apron. He comes back in and Apolo has him up for the press slam when entrant #6, K-Krush, comes in and breaks that up as the announcers go on about how stupid that was and hint at a possible allegiance between K-Krush and Jarrett as the two take turns beating on Apolo. Slash, with James Mitchell, enters at #7. Quite the different look than when he was Wolfie D. He does nothing of note and just blends in with everyone else. Del Rios is in at #8, looking like a Scott Steiner rip-off. He even has the Superman logo on the back of his trunks. He gets bitten by Slash and also does nothing of note. Justice (Abyss) enters at #9. He boots down Jarrett and Rios. Jarrett attempts to eliminate Apolo but falls short. Konnan enters at #10 and hits rolling clotheslines on everyone, capped off with a jumping armbreaker to Justice. He actually showed some fire here. Joel Gertner comes out and rhymes about himself before introducing Bruce of the Rainbow Express, who is led to the ring by Lenny Lane as entrant #11. He does nothing of note and blends right in with the rest of the dead weight. Rick Steiner comes in at #12 and clotheslines the shit out of everyone. He eliminates Slash with an overhead throw and Justice with a clothesline. Malice comes in at #13. He was the Wall in WCW and is noticeably lighter here. He chokeslams just about everyone then eliminates Bruce, K-Krush, Del Rios, and Konnan by tossing them over the top rope. Steiner charges at Malice and he gets backdropped to the floor. Scott Hall is #14 and gets a nice reaction. He hits the razor’s edge on Jarrett after cleaning house on everyone else. Country star Toby Keith comes out wearing a bandana and gets a good looking vertical suplex on Jarrett, then Hall joins him and they toss Jarrett over the top rope and on to the floor. Toby then casually leaves the ring. Apolo and Hall join up to beat on Mailce. “Wildcat” Chris Harris enters at #15, looking lean and in shape, basically the exact opposite of what he looks like now. He shows some fire but the crowd couldn’t care less. Vampire Warrior enters immediately after at #16. I guess the 90 second rule does not apply to him. He stomps on Apolo for a bit. Devon Storm is #17 and him and Harris take turns chopping each other. Hall begins to rest in the corner and then perches himself on the top turnbuckle. Way to collect a paycheck. Steve Corino is #18 and he teams up with Storm against Hall. Not a whole lot going until Ken Shamrock enters at #19. He kills everyone until he jumps at Malice, who catches him in mid-air and slams him down. Brian Christopher is #20. He immediately throws out Harris, Storm and the Vampire Warrior. He then eliminates Corino via clothesline before walking into a chokeslam by Malice. Shamrock, Malice, Hall, and Apolo all stare each other down until Shamrock runs over and tosses Christopher, eliminating him from the match. Apolo charges towards Malice and gets eliminated via backdrop. Hall attempts to get Malice up for the razor’s edge but gets backdropped and eliminated, leaving Malice and Shamrock as the last two contestants. (30:35) **
Thoughts: A dull battle royal. The competition was weak but the formula of the match seemingly consisted of a guy coming in, hitting a move, and then blending right in. The eliminations were not memorable and the confrontations were forgettable. Apolo came out of this looking somewhat decent but overall, a waste of time.

NWA World Title Match
Special Guest Referee Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
Malice vs Ken Shamrock
Malice boots Shamrock and gets a sideslam for two. Vertical suplex gets two. Shamrock’s attempt at a sunsetflip is blocked but he manages to block a chokeslam with a cross armlock. Malice eventually makes it to the ropes. He makes a brief comeback with chops but misses a clothesline. Shamrock catches Malice’s foot and turns it into an anklelock. Malice makes it to the ropes as Shamrock and Steamobat argue about breaking he hold. Shamorck kicks Malice in the legs but gets booted down. Malice again tries for the chokeslam but Shamrock blocks that and hits a belly-to-belly suplex for the win. (6:22) *1/2. The camera cuts out back to show Fargo and Keith being held back from Jarrett by security. Jarrett makes his way down the ring and continues to bitch about the gauntlet being a ridiculous idea. He punches Armstrong, knocking him on the announcers table before Scott Hall runs for the save and brawls with Jarrett. Ferrara plugs Hall vs Jarrett for next week.
Thoughts: What the fuck was that? The promotion debuts by having a champion win the title with a belly-to-belly suplex. Gimme a break. As for the match, it wasn’t good and you could actually hear Malice call a spot at one point. The end of the show focused on Jarrett, the heel, and him being screwed out of the title.

Final Thoughts: A terrible start for NWA-TNA. This did not come off as an alternative to the WWE as it was third-rate sports entertainment for Southern stereotypes. You had midgets, Country Music singers, NASCAR drivers, Elvis impersonators, rednecks, and a tag-team made to look like penises. The production values were subpar and the whole overall presentation of the product was poor. Hell, even the WWA shows at this time were better. Besides the opening match, there was nothing worth seeing.

The Weekly Playlist – June Classics

Several months ago, I had made an attempt at a monthly post that featured the best PPV matches during a given month, where I would have you guys vote on your favorite match and then count them down, posting a video of the matches at the same time. It drew some interest, and you guys appeared to enjoy watching the clips. So I’m kinda sorta bringing that back. We’re not voting on anything this time, but I am going to create a topic every week, and include links to matches from the Network. This week’s theme is classic matches from the month of June.

There is no particular order to these matches. These are just a sample of some of my favorite matches that occurred at events like King of the Ring or The Great American Bash or from TV. I have included links to the match on the WWE Network. For you people without the Network, I have included a link for you as well, but the quality of the clip may vary. If you have a theme you want to suggest, please do so, and I will attempt to dig up what clips I can. To the playlist!
From Beach Blast ’92, Sting vs. Cactus Jack in a Falls Count Anywhere Match:
From King of the Ring ’93, Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect:
From Great American Bash ’98, Chris Benoit vs. Booker T for the WCW Television title:
http://network.wwe.com/video/v31348145 – because it contains Mr. Benoit, a milestone is not available for this match, so please FF to about 8 minutes in.
From King of the Ring ’94, The 1-2-3 Kid vs. Owen Hart:
From King of the Ring ’97, Shawn Michaels vs. Steve Austin:
And, finally, from King of the Ring 2001, Shane McMahon vs. Kurt Angle in a Falls Count Anywhere Match:

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #63

October 1, 2003

Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
We are shown a clip of AJ Styles and Vince Russo entering the arena. Scott Hudson is out front as Russo lets AJ know that there might not be a match tonight as he has known Jarrett for a long time and they are going to “break bread.”
The announcer’s microphones are not working to start the show.

America’s Most Wanted vs. Kid Kash & Abyss
Both teams stall, I guess in an attempt to wait until the audio problems were corrected. Storm and Abyss are in the ring as the sounds problems are fixed. Kash yells at Abyss then tags himself in and runs into a shoulder block. Storm hits a few armdrags then gets two off a flying body press. Kash gets double-teamed then flips off Storm. He tags Abyss and we stall some more as Kash starts yelling at Borash. Abyss and Harris trade chops for a minute. Harris then uses windmill punches to knock him down. Kash comes in and slaps Abyss, who gets angry. He catches Harris with a press slam and tags Kash. They double-team Harris for a bit. Kash shoves the ref then chops Harris. He uses cheap heel tactics but misses a springboard move and Harris slingshots Kash in the corner then tags Storm, who goes nuts on Abyss. Kash comes in and knocks him down then in a cool spot, Abyss sits on the top rope as Kash stands on his shoulders and hits Harris with a moonsault. Storm goes up top and takes Abyss down with a Frankensteiner. Harris folds Kash in half with a spear as Storm hits Abyss with a super kick. AMW hits Abyss with a double spear but the ref talks with Harris and that allows Kash to bounce a chair off the face of Storm then Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam for the win (11:24) **. Terry Taylor comes out and tries to tell the ref about Kash cheating then he attacks Kash. The heels start destroying Taylor, ripping off his clothes, then take off when AMW comes back in with chairs.
Thoughts: Average match but the audio problems threw things off as they had to stall at the beginning. With Swinger having out after an appendectomy, AMW looks to be feuding with Kash & Abyss until he recovers.
Mike Tenay tells us on October 22nd, Jeff Jarrett will face AJ Styles for the Heavyweight Championship.
Don West lets us know that Sandman will be returning tonight and Vampiro will make his TNA in-ring debut. Don Callis interrupts and there are some audio issues. He promises that tonight, there will be some sorry individuals.
Scott Hudson is with Michael Shane. He asks Shane about being the cousin of HBK as Shane makes his accomplishments to be bigger than that of his cousin’s. He said for now on, HBK will be known as the cousin of Michael Shane.  
X Division Championship Match
Jerry Lynn vs. Michael Shane (Champion)
Before the match, Borash introduces the owner of AAA in Mexico, Antonio Pena. Both guys go back and forth to start. Lynn hits an atomic drop and a clothesline then works on Shane in the corner. He dropkicks Shane through the ropes then follows him out and roughs him up. Back inside, Shane cowers in the corner but is able to take control. Lynn gets a rollup for two but Shane pokes the eyes. Lynn comes back with a monkey flip but gets dropkicked to the floor when attempting to skin the cat. Chris Sabin comes out holding his trophy from winning the “Super X Tournament” last month and takes offense to Shane’s comments about not being able to hold his jock then says next week he will put is trophy on the line against anyone and will not be ignored. Back to the action, Shane remains in control then focuses on Sabin. Lynn fights back and hits a backdrop and a tornado DDT. Shane comes back with a flying forearm as West alerts us that Shane has been suffering from the flu. Lynn spears a distracted Shane then blocks a super kick then hits one himself. TKO gets two. Shane escapes from a piledriver attempt and heads up top but gets crotched then dropkicked to the floor. Lynn hits a rana from the apron then rams Shane into the steps. Sabin pushes Lynn and gets shoved down. In the ring, Lynn hits a backbreaker and heads up top but Sabin trips him then Shane nails him with a super kick for the win (9:54) **1/2. After the match, Sabin and Shane yell at each other from afar.
Thoughts:  Decent match. The X Division has some talent but with everyone heel, no one is caring about the feuds. Also, Michael Shane’s gimmick is horrible and Sabin is not showing that much in terms of personality either. Lynn is getting shoved down the card.
Scott Hudson is with Mad Mikey and Shark Boy. D’Lo Brown interrupts and says that despite his match with Christopher Daniels tonight, he hasn’t forgot about what Siaki and Ekmo did to him. He tells them that he has their back but Don Callis interrupts and tells D’Lo that he will not go into business for himself and that after his match, he will leave the arena.
“Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels w/Altar Boys vs. D’Lo Brown
D’Lo repeatedly chops down Daniels as Tenay has been alerted that Lynn has just left the arena. They trade armdrags and end up in a standoff after a choreographed sequence. D’Lo hits a calf kick for two and works on Daniels in the corner. He tosses Daniels to the floor then takes him down with a baseball slide. The altar boys distract D’Lo, allowing Daniels to attack from behind. D’Lo then drops Daniels throat-first across the guardrail then heads up top but misses a plancha. Daniels takes control and hits a jawbreaker and a spear. D’Lo elbows Daniels but misses a moonsault. Daniels gets two off a springboard moonsault then puts D’Lo in an abdominal stretch. Don Callis flanked by Red Shirt Security are shown watching from the ramp as both men are down. D’Lo hits a few clotheslines and a backdrop. He hits some more clotheslines then takes out the minions with a pescado after they interfere. D’Lo stunguns Daniels then goes up top but gets distracted by Red Shirt Security and that allows Daniels to hit the Last Rites for the win (7:59) **1/4.
Thoughts: The match was fine but D’Lo is no longer getting the cheers he received when he made his debut. The problem is that he is just not an upper-card worker.
Scott Hudson is with Erik Watts and Rick Santel from Black Shirt Security. Santel is sporting a sling and Watts tells Callis that he should step up and pay for his injury. Callis interrupts and jokes about installing mineral spas before saying that there is no insurance for wrestlers as he is an independent contractor and assumes responsibility for the risks.
The final part of the Roddy Piper sitdown interview airs. He asks how many wrestlers would still be alive if they had health insurance. He plugs his book and how it addresses insurance. He also says that he gave a hip to this business. Tenay asks him if he has any final words. Audio problems prevented me from what he said. Anyway, it wasn’t as embarrassing as last week’s installment.
Sonny Siaki & Ekmo vs. Mad Mikey & Shark Boy
The faces attack the heels to start, using double-team moves. Ekmo comes in and kills Shark Boy with a spinout full-nelson slam. The heels destroy Shark Boy as Tenay gives us the bloodlines of Ekmo. Shark Boy bites Ekmo in the ass but Siaki tags and destroys him. Ekmo then gives him the running ass smash as the crowd is silent. They destroy Shark Boy with more double-team moves until he comes back with a neckbreaker. He tags Mikey to no reaction at all and he cleans house and the faces use stereo corner mounts. Mikey gets tossed outside and Ekmo catches Shark Boy and slams him down then finishes him off with a top rope splash (4:40) *. The heels continue the assault after the match until D’Lo runs out for the save. He fights off Siaki and Ekmo and the crowd awakes for this. Trinity runs in and tries a low blow but D’Lo stops that and hits the Sky High. Red Shirt Security run out and hold him down as they handcuff him. They drag him out of the ring and throw Chris Vaughn, Black Shirt Security member, out of the building too.
Thoughts: The outcome was never in doubt and for some reason they continue on with the Siaki/D’Lo feud.
Tenay is with Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger, David Young, and Glen Gilbertti. They all feel disrespected. Tenay asks if Young is part of the group and Gilbertti says that he was just a one-week replacement, which upsets Young. He then says that if he takes his place in his match against Sandman and wins, he will reconsider letting him join the group.
Hudson is with Jeff Jarrett and Dusty Rhodes, who talks about excess baggage. It was a passionate promo. Hudson asks about Russo telling him about his comment about breaking bread. Jarrett said that Russo was delusional, just like Callis, and that he will take his title back in three weeks.
Russo is flipping out backstage with AJ.
David Young w/Glen Gilbertti vs. Sandman
Sandman looks extra shitfaced tonight. Young starts the match by attacking Sandman as he is drinking. He hits a top rope clothesline and a slam. Young tries a moonsault but Sandman gets the knees up. He hits a senton in the corner and nearly lands on his head. He drapes Young over the ropes and hits a top rope legdrop. Sandman chops Young against the guardrail then flies at him with a splash. He rolls Young inside then hits a top rope rana and wins with the senton (4:40) DUD. After the match, Sandman gets attacked on the ramp by the tag champs and Gilbertti. After raising his hand, Diamond waffles him with a chair and they kick his ass until 3 Live Kru runs in for the save.
Thoughts: Awful match as Sandman was barely functioning. Still, the crowd loved the guy.
Hudson is with Vince Russo. He is wearing shoulder pads and talks trash to Jarrett. He also tells Jarrett that Dusty is selfish and doesn’t care about him, but he does. Jarrett calls him delusional and threatens to hit him with his guitar.
James Mitchell is in the ring with Shane Douglas, Vampiro, Slash, and Sinn. He says that Raven and the Gathering are finished. He thanks Shane Douglas for his help then says that Vampiro and his New Church have more violence planned for the future.
Vampiro & Slash & Sinn w/James Mitchell vs. 3 Live Kru
Douglas joins the announcers booth and says that he is going to look for the new Franchise because he has accomplished everything he has wanted in wrestling. Killings works over the New Church before tagging Konnan. Vampiro tags eventually and works a mistimed sequence with Konnan. BG tags and Vampiro stalls forever and is just making this match unwatchable. He boots down BG and that starts a long heat sequence. BG is able to hit Slash with a pumphandle drop as both men are down. He tags Killings who takes out the New Church with a double dropkick. Vampiro comes in and continues to drag this match down. The crowd is dying as Killings hits the gordbuster on Vampiro. Mitchell distracts the ref then slides his cane to Vampiro who uses it to clothesline Killings and the ref rings the bell for the DQ (7:03) ¼*. Raven runs out and beats on the heels before wrapping a chain around the neck of Mitchell. Douglas comes in and gets attacked. Raven then grabs the mic as the crowd chants his name. He says that he will eliminate the New Church, Douglas, and Vampiro before getting to Mitchell and promises to get his retribution.
Thoughts: I have no idea why Vampiro was booked this way as he didn’t even get in a single offensive move and spent the whole match stalling and retreating. This was awful.
West runs down next week show. Matches include:
America’s Most Wanted vs. Kid Ksah & Abyss with Terry Taylor as the special guest referee
Chris Sabin puts his “Super X” trophy on the line against Michael Shane for his X Division Title
Chris Vaughn & D’Lo Brown vs. Red-Shirt Security
Vince Russo & AJ Styles w/Trinity vs. Dusty Rhodes & Jeff Jarrett
Russo is wearing a New Jersey Devils jersey and a helmet. AJ starts things off by avoiding Dusty. He then kicks his leg repeatedly until getting caught and tossed down. Dusty hits a bionic elbow and tags Jarrett. Styles elbows a charging Jarrett but misses a dropkick. He hits a neckbreaker but is distracted by Russo and that allows AJ to hit a dropkick. Suplex gets two. Jarrett is distracted again by Russo and AJ hits a springboard missile dropkick. Jarrett dodges the Phenomenon and hits a release German suplex as both men are down. Dusty tags and suplexes AJ. He punches away as Dusty is moving around the ring quicker than he has since the 80’s. AJ clips his knee and works on that as Trinity holds his knee in place. Russo tags and uses a belt to whip Dusty a few times before going back to the apron. Russo takes his jersey and helmet off but Dusty fights back. Russo retreats and tags AJ, who misses a dropkick and that allows Dusty to tag Jarrett. He runs wild then knocks Russo off the apron. He catches Trinity off the top and powebombs her then puts Russo in the figure four. AJ tries to break it up with the bat but Jarrett kicks him and takes the bat and uses it to knock down Russo. He hits AJ then hits the Stroke off of the top rope. Dusty then drops the elbow for the win (9:33) **. Dusty and Jeff celebrate as AJ takes the mic and yells at Jarrett and Rhodes for embarrassing him. He then challenges Dusty to any type of match her wants next week but Russo yells at him. AJ slaps Russo down and continues his rant then Dusty says that the match will be for the title, which pisses off Jarrett because he had a title shot in three weeks. AJ accepts the match. Dusty and Jarrett then shove each other as security and several referees separate both men.
Thoughts: Dusty looked a lot better than you would have thought. A Jarrett/Dusty feud is not something anyone wants to see though.
Final Thoughts: Well, TNA is back to Russo vs. Jarrett as the top storyline. The champion, AJ Styles, gets to play second fiddle to all of this. After several good weeks of booking over the Summer, TNA is in a steady decline in terms of quality. The only babyfaces on the roster the fans seem to care about are AMW and Dusty. There are too many heels and not enough quality heavyweights.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #62

September 24, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
In the parking lot before the show, Erik Watts is yelling at Don Callis, who is flanked by Red-Shirt Security, for getting rid of Roddy Piper in order to keep Vince Russo. Callis tells Watts his job is to worry about what is going on in the ring while his job is to take care of everything else. Callis leaves as Watts and the Black Shirt Security looked worried.

Jeremy Borash introduces 3 Live Kru as they sing their hit single, “3 Live Kru.” They go on for a minute or so and it is pretty bad until they are attacked by Simon Diamond, his fill-in partner David Young, and Glen Gilbertti. Johnny Swinger underwent an emergency appendectomy before the show. The heels mock the 3 Live Kru in the ring, their scheduled opponents for tonight, but get laid out by Raven and the Gathering. Raven asks for the mic and says that he is ashamed and humiliated whenever he looks into the mirror and sees his shaved head. He then says he has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and manic depression and is unstable. He then runs down Shane Douglas, Vampiro, James Mitchell and the New Church and tells god to rest their souls. Good promo by Raven but this was all three segments crammed into one.
Kid Kash interrupts West and Tenay as they run down the show. He says that he will not be responsible for what happens tonight.
A video is shown hyping the 5 guys in the X Division number one contender match. They include Jerry Lynn, Frankie Kazarian, Juventud Guerrera, Chris Sabin, and Nosawa.
Scott Hudson is backstage with Jerry Lynn. He talks about sports entertainment and wrestling in a promo that did nothing at all in making me care about him. He even talks about rumors on the “sheets” and the internet. This promo really sucked, actually.
X Division #1 Contender’s Match
Nosawa vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn
Before the match, Kazarian went to hit on Lollipop. Nosawa and Kazarian start things off. They have a typical, X Division fast-paced sequence that ends with Nosawa going low then hitting a super kick. Juvy tags and gets kicked before tagging Sabin. Lynn tags himself in and sends Sabin to the floor with a backdrop. Lynn snaps off a rana from the apron as the crowd chants his name. In the ring, they clothesline each other before tagging out. Nosawa goes after Juvy but gets caught with a Juvy Driver, eliminating him from the match (3:41). The match breaks down until it ends up with Juvy and Kazarian. Juvy gains the advantage then pulls himself up using the bottom rope in order to take Kazarian, who was standing outside, down with a headscissors. In the ring, they go back and forth until Kazarian puts him on his shoulders while Sabin hits a springboard dropkick. All four men take turns on offense and it all looks good but the crowd is silent. Kazarian hits Sabin with the Wave of the future but that only gets two. Sabin then hits him with the Cradle Shock for the elimination (8:58). Lynn alley-oops Sabin and Juvy hits him with a dropkick in midair. Juvy takes out both men and covers Lynn for two. In a cool but choreographed spot, as Sabin takes Lynn over with a sunset flip, Lynn hits Juvy with a German suplex. Sabin breaks up a cradle piledriver attempt but gets hit with the Juvy Driver. Juvy then pins Lynn instead, who is able to reach the ropes. They work a pinfall reversal sequence that ends with Lynn hitting the Kryptonite Krunch, which eliminates Juvy (11:41). Sabin and Lynn are the last two left. Sabin hits a few nearfalls but that still cant get the crowd interested. Lynn knocks Sabin off the top rope as Michael Shane is watching the match from the ramp with the belt over his shoulder. Lynn hits a superplex but that only gets two. Sabin fights back and gets two off of a brainbuster. Sabin shoves Lynn into the ref and Michael Shane runs into the ring and tries to hit Lynn with the belt but he ducks and accidentally hits Sabin. Lynn takes care of Shane then hits Sabin with the cradle piledriver for the win (15:11) ***.
Thoughts: The match itself was fine and the moves were all fast-paced but the crowd didn’t seem to care at all. They could have shaved a few minutes off of the match too.
Scott Hudson is with Shark Boy and Mad Mikey, who is dressed as Sponge Bob. He is sick of Shark Boy joking around. They are then attacked by Sonny Siaki and Ekmo (the new name for the former Jamal). Looks like Siaki and Ekmo will be a team going forward.
We are shown part one of the sit down interview with Roddy Piper. Tenay asks him what went down in the meeting with TNA officials about the decision by Callis to remove him from TNA. Piper gives another rambling speech, which is heavily edited, and talks about how the NWA saved his life when he was fifteen years old. Piper came off like a lunatic and not in a good way, either.
Callis is in the ring with Red-Shirt Security. He says that he banned Piper from the TNA Asylum because it is in the best interest of the customer and that they need Russo on the show, whether they know it or not. He then switches focus to Jeff Jarrett and was about to fire him for getting attacked last week but Watts interrupts, flanked by Black Shirt security, before Callis can say “fired.” Watts cuts a shitty promo in which he tries to be funny then promises Jarrett that he will get a shot at the belt in the next 30 days. He also says that Jarrett will face Christopher Daniels tonight then tells AJ Styles that he will have to face Dusty Rhodes in a Bunkhouse Brawl tonight. Also, Diamond & Gilbertti & Young will face the 3 Live Kru for the tag belts, in a six-man tag match. He then says Raven & The Gathering will face Shane Douglas & New Church in a six-man Dog Collar match.  Finally, he closes by ordering a match between Black and Red Shirt Security.
Red-Shirt Security (Ryan Wilson & Kevin Northcutt) vs. Black-Shirt Security (Chris Vaughn and Rick Santel)
The Black-Shirt guys are much, much smaller than their opponents. Wilson slams Vaughn then rams him in the corner repeatedly. Northcutt takes control and hits a pumphandle toss for two. Northcutt doesn’t look bad at all in the ring. Vaughn is getting destroyed by both men, who are hitting all sorts of power moves. Vaughn can sell like a motherfucker too. Santel breaks up a few pin attempts then Vaughn hits an enziguiri but is unable to make the tag. Northcutt tosses Vaughn to the floor where he gets tossed around by Wilson. The announcers are begging the referee to call the match then Vaughn is able to make the tag. The crowd reacts well to that as Santel runs wild until he walks into a big boot from Wilson. Vaughn then fights back but Northcutt tosses him to the floor using a press slam. As the ref checks on Vaughn, Watts runs in and hits Northcutt with a chokeslam then Santel covers for the win (6:24) **.
Thoughts: The Red-Shirt guys hit some cool power moves and Vaughn sold like a champ, making it a nice match. Northcutt looked pretty impressive and I have no idea what happened to him. He seemed like a guy the WWE would like. Wilson went on to become Trytan in TNA then signed a developmental deal with the WWE but was cut before making it to the main roster.
Scott Hudson is with Terry Taylor. He asks what he has left to prove. Taylor said that he is a 48 year old father of two who didn’t work hard to pave the road for a punk like Kid Kash. He closes by saying you do not go into a gunfight carrying a knife.
Kid Kash w/Abyss vs. Terry Taylor w/America’s Most Wanted
Kash is no longer wearing long tights to the ring. Taylor countered Abyss by bringing AMW with him and that infuriates Kash. Lots of stalling from Kash to start, who is trying to embarrass Taylor. Kash runs into a clothesline and fires away until Kash rolls outside. He bullies Abyss for a bit then re-enters the ring. Taylor takes Kash down with a dragon screw then puts him in an ankle lock until Kash reaches the ropes. Kash takes control and starts biting and clawing before working the arm. Taylor breaks that up with a jawbreaker but Kash is able to hit a swinging neckbreaker. Springboard crossbody gets two. He tosses Taylor to the floor, who is surrounded by AMW. Abyss knocks them both down though. In the ring, Taylor hits an inverted atomic drop but Abyss hits him with a Black Hole Slam behind the referee’s back. The ref gets laid out and Abyss gets tossed outside then Harris spears Kash out of his boots and puts Taylor on top as referee Mike Posey comes in and counts to three (6:21) *1/2. 
Thoughts: Taylor didn’t look bad, all things considered. This also sets up for a feud between AMW and Abyss & Kid Kash.
Russo is flipping out on Watts in his office. Watts threatens to shove his bat up his ass and Russo threatens him before leaving. Russo is wearing a bandana and it is really tiresome to see the guy book himself like a badass.
“Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels w/ The Altar Boys vs. Jeff Jarrett
They start by going back and forth until Daniels clotheslines Jarrett to the floor. Daniels misses on a plancha and Jarrett tosses him into the guardrail. Daniels catches Jarrett in midair and hits an uranage. Daniels chokes out Jarrett then uses the figure-four necklock. Suplex gets two. Daniels cant get Jarrett over on a sunset flip and gets rolled up for two. Daniels takes control and gets two off of a double springboard moonsault. Daniels targets the neck of Jarrett for a bit. Jarrett hits an enziguiri then takes control. The fans couldn’t care less as Jarrett makes his comeback. Crossbody gets two. Daniels hits a jawbreaker but Jarrett blocks an enziguiri attempt. Daniels hits a Blue Thunder Bomb then one of the Altar Boys distracts the ref while the others go to attack Jarrett, who pushes them off and that ends up knocking Daniels off the top rope and Jarrett cradles Daniels for the win (7:18) **. After the match, Daniels yanks the belt off of one of his minions and belts the guy who cost him the match. It was vicious. He leaves with his minions behind.  
Thoughts: Average match. The post match stuff looked brutal but no one cared. Jarrett sold for most of the match.
Scott Hudson is with Dusty Rhodes. He cuts a great promo on AJ, throwing in all of his clichés. He then talks about how their will be 4-5 fat girls waiting for him after the match.
Tag-Team Title Match
3 Live Kru vs. Simon Diamond & David Young & Glen Gilbertti
3LK clears the ring and Konnan does his bit on the mic, adding in that Simon Diamond busts his partners asses. Konnan and Diamond start out with a clunky sequence. BG and Young go at it, with BG using karate poses. Killings hits BG in the crotch with a headbutt then Young rolls outside. The crowd is totally into this match, way more than anything else so far. Gilbertti clotheslines Killings and works him over in the corner. Killings comes back with a powerslam then fights off Young and Diamond but that allows Gilbertti to attack from behind.  The heels get heat on Killings for a few minutes until he comes back with an axe kick and tags BG. The match breaks down and everyone takes turns hitting each other until Diamond accidentally super kicks Young. Killings takes out Diamond with a tope but Gilbertti hits BG with a chair then Young finishes him off with the spinebuster (9:57) **.
Thoughts: The actual wrestling wasn’t that great but it was put together well enough and the guys made it entertaining. Having a six-man tag match determine who the tag-team champions are is ridiculous though. I have to imagine that 3LK are going to be feuding with the champs.
Bunkhouse Brawl
Dusty Rhodes vs. AJ Styles w/Vince Russo
This match starts outside, immediately after the previous bout. They are fighting near a fence, with Russo hitting Dusty with his boot. Dusty then whacks AJ in the nuts and drags him close to the entrance. They brawl all the way into the ring as Dusty puts his hand into his glove and punches AJ. Russo throws a boot at Dusty then AJ chokes him out with his belt. Russo then chokes out Dusty but he escapes then pulls down AJ’s pants and spanks him while he is bent over his knee. Russo is in the ring and Jarrett comes in too. Trinity enters then Jarrett grabs her and pulls up her skirt to reveal a thong that barely exists and Dusty spanks her across the ass. We find out that the match is ruled a no-contest (4:22) ½*
Thoughts: This did a great job of making the company’s champion looked like a goof. At least Trinity’s ass looked fine. That was one skimpy thong.
West runs down next week’s show including:
Sonny Siaki & Ekmo vs. Mad Mikey & Shark Boy
Kid Kash & Abyss vs. America’s Most Wanted
Jerry Lynn vs. Michael Shane for the X Division Title.
AJ Styles interrupts the announcers and said that he has been embarrassed and humiliated and says he was not cool with Dusty spanking him and as the champ, deserves more respect. Russo then interrupts and suggests that he and AJ team up to face Dusty and Jarrett rather than AJ facing Dusty for the title. Russo was upset with AJ here, stating that he was being “worked” by Dusty. First, they made AJ look like an even bigger goof then Russo made him look like an imbecile.
We are shown a video recap of last week’s hair vs. hair match between Raven and Shane Douglas.
Triple Dog Collar Match
Shane Douglas & Sinn & Slash w/James Mitchell vs. Raven & CM Punk & Julio
The faces run in and gain the early advantage. Raven goes after Douglas and puts him in the Cobra Clutch. Everyone is brawling but it is just too much to take in at once. Everyone is bloodied and Douglas is yelling into the camera while he beats on Raven. Slash yanks Punk out of the ring by the chain. Everyone is in the ring and the New Church gets yanked off the top rope. The Gathering hit Douglas with a double bulldog then the faces all use corner mounts. Raven and Douglas are shown brawling outside then the bell rings and we learn that Julio pinned Sinn for the win (7:50) *. After the match, Vampiro and James Mitchell run out. Vampiro goes after Raven as Douglas unhooks his collar from Raven. They are in the back of the arena as they take the chains to the balcony and hang Raven and the Gathering. Tenay and West are screaming as the show goes off the air.
Thoughts: This match was pretty bad. There was way too much going on at once and it all just blended together. The finish was show off camera and was just terrible.
Final Thoughts: The promotion is staring to go backwards. The fans are turning on Jarrett as the face of the company and the champion is taking a backseat to his manager. The Raven/Douglas feud is losing steam and besides that, they do not have any other compelling feuds going on.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #61

September 17th, 2003

Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
A video shows us a four-team tag match to determine the Number one contender. They are America’s Most Wanted, New Church, 3 Live Kru, and Kid Kash & Abyss

Number One Contender Match
3 Live Kru vs. Kid Kash & Abyss vs. New Church w/James Mitchell vs. America’s Most Wanted
BG and Killings are representing 3LK, who are apparently dropping a single next week. AMW double-teams Slash to start. They get a few near-falls until the New Church beats on Storm. Harris backs Mitchell away as Sinn punches away on Storm. BG tags himself in but Storm catches him with a super kick. Konnan, on commentary, refers to Slash as “Wolfie D,” the name he used as part of PG-13. Kash flies across the ring into BG’s nuts with a dropkick. BG avoids another attack and tags Killings. He gets in his signature spots then double-teams Kash with his partner. Kash flips of the Truth and tags Abyss. Kash orders him to attack the Truth and this starts a rapid-tag segment between all teams on Abyss. Kash slaps him then Abyss cleans house for a bit until AMW spears him then takes him out with pescados on the outside. In the ring, Kash has Killings for an underhook piledriver but Terry Taylor hits him low then Killings hits a gordbuster for the win (7:16) *1/2.
Thoughts: Not much happened here but the crowd dug 3 Live Kru so they were happy. The feud between Kid Kash and Terry Taylor continues as well.
Roddy Piper comes to the ring for his long awaited promo as Tenay spouts off historical facts. Piper starts if we heard any Piper jokes lately. He says he is not crazy, just a little unwell. Guess he is a Matchbox 20 fan? He also says he is as real as it gets then rants on and on and I have no fucking idea as to what point he is trying to get across. Then he tells us his son asked him if he was an addict and goes on about god knows what. He yells about a “Dumbass shit promoter” called him out on the internet as this is just getting sad. I think they are trying to portray him as being down on his luck but it is tough to make sense of his psychotic ramblings.  Vince Russo comes out and gets Piper to stop talking, which is easily the highlight of this segment so far. Russo says he is here to talk about what happened last time they met. Russo says he doesn’t give a shit about him or his kids and that he and AJ will leave if Piper stays and the decision is up to Don Callis. Way too long of a segment and Piper was a disaster but the fans didn’t completely shit on the segment as they still liked Piper.
Casket Match
Sonny Siaki w.Trinity vs. D’Lo Brown
The casket is set up in the ring. D’Lo starts by beating on Siaki and has him halfway in the casket but Trinity and her new tits distract D’Lo, allowing Siaki to attack from behind. D’Lo comes right back with a jumping calf kick and a suplex then places the casket in the corner. He rams Siaki into the casket but gets sent into it himself when Siaki pancakes him off a charge. Siaki takes forever to set up the casket on the ropes then rams it against the back of D’Lo, whose hands are held by Trinity. D’Lo puts Siaki on the casket after a Sky High then hits a frogsplash. All of a sudden, the recently fired Jamal from Three Minute Warning in the WWE (better known as Umaga), comes out and beats on D’Lo then splashes him off the top rope and puts him in the casket and Siaki closes it for the win (5:24) ½*.
Thoughts: The match was pretty bad and the spot when Siaki set up the casket killed the momentum. Jamal debuting wasn’t bad and he was just announced as “formerly Jamal from WWE.”
Scott Hudson is with Don Callis. He doesn’t care about what Watts said about Lynn then Watts himself comes out and says he has all the power and flips him off. Russo comes out and says that AJ will take on anyone tonight then tells Callis he needs to talk.
Nosawa & Chris Sabin & Michael Shane vs. “Showtime” Eric Young & Frankie Kazarian & Juventud Guerrera
Eric’s graphic read “David Young.” The announcers state that Juvy was the MVP of the Super X tournament. Shane and Juvy start things off. They work a nice fast-paced sequence. Juvy is now in with Nosawa and hits a basement dropkick. Juvy chops away then tags Young. He and Nosawa work a sloppy sequence that went nowhere. Sabin tags and Young hits him with a pair of dropkicks. He tags Kazarian and they double-team Sabin for a bit. Shane yanks out Kazarian and rams him into the guardrail. Shane takes him off the top with a swinging neckbreaker. Kazarian gets beaten down then snaps off a rana before taking down the others with a springboard back elbow smash. Tag to Juvy and he hits a springboard crossbody. He runs wild on everyone until Shane attacks him from behind. They do a car crash sequence that is capped off with an insane springboard flip dive by Sabin. In the ring, he and Juvy have a reversal sequence that ends with Juvy hitting the Juvy Driver but Shane cuts him off on the top rope. Everyone hits their finishers until Sabin lays out Young with the belt and Shane runs in and covers for the win (9:12) **1/4. After the match, Kazarian is shown flirting with a girl in the front row, not caring that his team lost.
Thoughts: Not much outside of a few hot moves near the end. Young didn’t have a good showing. They stated on commentary that he had worked against Sabin numerous times before. It looks like they are turning Kazarian and that is fine but why so many heels in the X Division. Nosawa did not do much at all. Juvy stood out the most.
After a lengthy video package, Christoher Daniels is shown cutting a promo along side his altar boys. They are Altar Boy Luke (Luke Hawx), “Spyder” Nate Webb, and someone else who I am unable to identify. He orders them to prepare Jeff Jarrett for his cleansing.
Jarrett comes out to the ring and says he has three points to make. He wants his title shot against AJ, he tells TNA officials to pick between Piper and Russo, and that Christopher Daniels is the hunted, not the hunter. After this he leaves.
Hudson is with Mad Mikey and Shark Boy, who are facing Swinger & Diamond tonight. He yells at Shark Boy, calling him “Jaws,” for playing with toys then starts breaking everything.
Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger w/Glen Gilberrti vs. Mad Mikey & Shark Boy
Mikey gets a bit of offense on Swinger as he and Shark Boy also hit a few double-team moves too. Diamond tags but Shark hits a rana and does the Big Wiggle before dropping an elbow. Simon catches Mikey with a super kick for two. The champs beat on Mikey as we go split screen with Jarrett talking with Hudson in the parking lot. Mikey manages to tag Shark Boy and he hits a few moves until Diamond stops him. In an unbelievably contrived spot, Shark Boy uses his momentum to send Simon to the outside and onto Gilbertti. Shark Boy hits the DSD on Swinger but Gilbertti is able to put his foot on the ropes. Mikey attacks Gilbertti but that allows the champs to hit the Problem Solver for the win (4:54) *1/2.
Thoughts: A fun, little match. The crowd didn’t care but it was short and all action. Mikey and Shark Boy don’t seem like that bad of a comedy team but Mikey does not have the same chemistry with Shark Boy that New Jack had.
Jarrett is shown fighting off the alter boys as Hudson is doing commentary. He tosses one of them off the balcony and through a table.
A video airs on the feud between Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles from last year.
World Heavyweight Title Match
Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles w/Trinity
Lynn slaps AJ down after he was acting cocky. Lynn takes AJ down again with a clothesline as the announcers bring up Lynn beating AJ in the past. Lynn hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Lynn dropkicks AJ off the apron then softens him up. AJ slides through the guardrail and tries to hit a sneak attack but Lynn knees him off a crossbody. Trinity distracts Lynn then AJ catapults him into the steel steps. Lynn is busted open and just bleeding buckets. Lynn tosses AJ in the corner after blocking a tornado DDT as both men are down. Lynn fires away and hits a backdrop. He catches AJ in midair and hits a TKO but that only gets two. Lynn’s hair is now covered in his blood. Lynn hits a running powerbomb and that can only get two. Trinity knocks the ref into Lynn and that allows AJ to hit a spinebuster. He kills Lynn with a brainbuster then goes for the Styles Clash but Lynn blocks that and hits the Kryptonite Krunch. Trinity pulls the ref outside and AJ takes the chair Trinity placed on the apron and hits a nekcbreaker after a brief struggle but Lynn kicks out then AJ hits the Styles Clash on the chair for the win (9:05) **3/4.
Thoughts: Best match of the night but these guys have had way better matches last year. Lynn is just treading water right now.
Russo comes into the ring and demands Callis chooses between him and Piper. However, Dusty Rhodes comes out instead and cuts an excellent promo on AJ, telling him about the pride of the NWA Title and told him he was the leader of the NWA and to leave Russo. Dusty even talks about the “pay window.” AJ acts as if he is listening to Dusty then jumps him from behind. Dusty fights back but Russo trips him up and AJ stomps away. Piper comes out but is dragged away by Red Shirt Security. Jarrett runs out and chases AJ Away.
West runs down next week’s show but is interrupted by the chaos backstage. Callis orders Piper out of the building then Jarrett chases everyone else away. Callis said he is doing his job and that he is just talent. Jarrett fights him.
A video recapping the feud between Raven and Shane Douglas is shown.
James Mitchell and promises that Raven will be shaved bald to the bone. He has there will be no crew cuts, like the one Nash received in his hair match. Douglas tells Raven he will be franchised.
Hair vs. Hair Match
Shane Douglas w/James Mitchell vs. Raven
The camera zooms in on the scissors and clippers that will be used on the loser. After some stalling, they start trading punches. Raven tosses Douglas to the floor, who then runs right back inside. Raven knocks him down as Douglas cowers in the corner. They fight over a lockup then spill outside. Raven tosses Douglas into the guardrail then they start brawling in the crowd. Raven uses a chair in various ways on Douglas then has fans hold up chairs as he whips Douglas into them. They finally end up back in the ring and Raven puts Douglas in the Cobra Clutch. Douglas slips out of a DDT then sends Raven to the floor with a drop toehold. Douglas is sucking wind as he uses his feeble offense. Raven fights back and beats on Douglas around the ring. Douglas takes control, with his head bloodied, and sends Raven into the steps. He busts up Raven’s forehead then taunts the fans with Raven’s blood. In the ring, Douglas snaps Raven’s neck then puts on an abdominal stretch. Raven breaks that up with a hip toss and tries an abdominal stretch but Douglas sends him to the floor with a hip toss. He goes outside and is really blown up and tosses Raven back inside then pukes in the ring as he enters, which was caught right on camera. He pukes again and again one side of the ring now contains puddles of vomit. Raven grabs a chair but Douglas pulls a chain from his boot and hits him. That only gets two then Raven sends Douglas into the chair with a drop toehold and that gets two. A bulldog on the chair gets two. Super kick gets two as Slash pulled out the referee. Everyone then collides in the ring as Raven tried another bulldog. Sinn catches Raven with a super kick as they all beat on Raven. The New Church slides two tables in the ring but the Gathering run out and take them out. Raven fights back and hits the Raven Effect but Douglas kicks out. He tries to superplex Douglas through the table but Douglas shoves him off and through the table. Raven kicks out and the fans popped for that but Douglas puts Raven on the other table. Douglas goes on top but Raven DDT’s him through the table in a sick spot. Raven covers and the lights go out before three. When the lights come back on, the mystery man is revealed as Vampiro and he DDT’s Raven, allowing Douglas to cover and get the win (17:01) **. After the match, Douglas yells at him while Mitchell shaves his head, digging the razor in as Raven’s head is bleeding from everywhere. Tenay is blowing a gasket on commentary on how this sucks.
Thoughts: Douglas was an embarrassment but the match was laid out well and Raven was awesome at this point so it worked well enough. Raven and Mitchell allegedly had a confrontation backstage after the match as Raven was mad that Mitchell bloodied his head.
Final Thoughts: This was the worst show in a few months for TNA. The Piper stuff ended up going nowhere and the fans are getting sick of Jarrett. The X Division is starting to get stagnant too as everyone is seemingly turning heel.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #60

September 3, 2003

Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

The show starts with a lengthy video to promote the
“Wednesday Bloody Wednesday” match between Jeff Jarrett & Raven & D’Lo
Brown & America’s Most Wanted vs. AJ Styles & Shane Douglas &
Christopher Daniels & Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger.

The Super X Tournament also takes place tonight. The
contestants are Nosawa, Juventud Guerrera, Teddy Hart, Johnny Storm, Jerry Lynn,
Chris Sabin, Frankie Kazarian, and Michael Shane.

Lazz vs. Mad Mikey

Lazz wears face paint and a women’s shirt, using a
flamboyant homosexual gimmick. He also liked to rub himself, a lot. Mikey comes
out pissed and that doesn’t change when Lazz gropes him. Lazz humps Mikey after
hitting a Thesz Press then humps him from behind in the corner. He kisses Mikey
but gets knocked down as Mikey takes control then wins with a double underhook
DDT (1:50) ¼*.

Thoughts: I am guessing this was done to fill time. They
were giving Mikey a bit of a push with his gimmick, which was actually
entertaining for a lower-card comedy act.


Tenay and West plug the one-night “Super X “tournament as
the camera focuses on the trophy. Here is the bracket:

Juventud Guerrera vs. Nosawa

Teddy Hart vs. Jonny Storm

Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Sabin

Michael Shane vs. Frankie Kazarian


Terry Taylor is with Dusty Rhodes. He puts over the violence
that happens in War Games matches and that he will be holding the key to the
cage. He said that War Games makes him think about how many times he has kicked
Arn Anderson’s ass.


Super X Tournament Quarterfinals

Juventud Guerrera vs.

Nosawa had a similar look to Tajiri but covered in ugly
tattoos. Juvy got a good response from the crowd. They have a fast-paced
sequence that ends with Nosawa ducking outside. Juvy hits a springboard move
then chops him hard. In the ring, they have a reversal sequence that ends with
Juvy getting a nearfall off a spinning heel kick. Nosawa flattens Juvy with a
super kick and they work another lightning-quick sequence that Nosawa wins.
Buzzsaw kick gets two as Tenay lets us know that Nosawa has tattooed the ICP
record label on himself and that he is the Juggalo Champsionship Wrestling champion.
That is something to tell your grand kids about. Juvy chops Nosawa in the
corner and sets up for the Juicy Elbow but that only gets two. Nosawa comes
back with a basement dropkick but Juvy then hits him with the Juvy Driver and follows
that with the 450 for the win (4:31) **1/2.

Thoughts: That was all action and it was a blast. Nosawa was
a fairly decent worker and could have stuck around as a Tajiri knockoff.


is with James Mitchell. He says that he promised Raven he was going to teach
him about real pain and loss by taking away his self-image, which is his hair.
Glen Gilbertti interrupts and reminds him that Shane Douglas is part of a team
including his guys. He then tells Dusty that he will be watching out for him.  


Super X Tournament Quarterfinals

Teddy Hart vs. Jonny

This is the TNA debut for Teddy. Storm has been on TNA
several times. Hart stomps Storm to start. Storm comes back with a DDT and a
dropkick then flies out and hits Hart with a double springboard senton. Hart
catches Storm with a cutter and locks on an armbar. Hart then hits Storm with a
top rope quebrada that has the crowd chanting “holy shit” as he holds his
wrist. Back in the ring, Storm misses a moonsault then Hart comes off the tope
rope and hits the craziest DDT I have ever seen before putting Storm away with
a shooting star press (2:58) **.


Thoughts: Good stuff and Hart looked like a star. Too bad he
is a flake because he had a boat load of talent.


Sonny Siaki and Trinity are with Terry Taylor. He goes
through all of his nicknames then tries to start a cheer with the heel side of
the cage match but just pisses them off. Douglas then cuts a decent promo about
the match. They have yet to give up on Siaki.


Super X Tournament Quarterfinals

Chris Sabin vs. Jerry

Sabin beats on Lynn
before the bell. Lynn
fights back and acts aggressively but Sabin stops that with an eye rake. Lynn gets two off a
sunset flip powerbomb and stomps away. Lynn
yells at the ref before punching away. Lynn
sidesteps a charging Sabin and ends up on the floor but is able to snap his
head off the ropes. Back in the ring, Lynn
hits the TKO but Sabin is able to get his foot on the ropes. Lynn
goes mental and puts the ref in a chinlock as Don Callis comes out and tells Lynn he will lose his job
if he hurts him. Sabin then comes from behind and kicks Lynn in the balls then rolls him up for the
win (3:31) *1/2.

Thoughts: The match continued the feud between Callis and
Lynn more than anything else. Fine for what it was.


is with Raven. He tells Taylor
that is dream isn’t over, just postponed. He vows to eliminate Shane Douglas
and Jim Mitchell as CM Punk & Julio take care of the New Church.
He said that he is a lot more dangerous now. Good stuff from Raven.


Super X Tournament Quarterfinals

Frankie Kazarian vs.
Michael Shane

They go back and forth to start. Kazarian hits a few
dropkicks in the corner but Shaen comes back with a back suplex. Tenay notes
that if Kazarian beats Shane, he will probably be the number one contender to
the X Division Title, pretty much telegraphing the outcome of this match.
Kazarian gets a few nearfalls then hits some clotheslines. He eats boot off a
charge but is able to catch Shane with a powerslam. Shane gets two off an
enziguiri. They dodge each other’s finishers and Kazarian gets the win with a
hurricarana (3:25) **.

Thoughts: Good stuff and it sets up for a feud between the
two for the belt.


Terry Taylor is with AJ Styles and Vince Russo. AJ says that
no title is on the line and shouldn’t be in the match. Russo puts over AJ for
fighting every challenger and says that TNA is trying to hurt AJ by putting him
this match as everyone is out to get him.


Super X Tournament Semifinals

Teddy Hart vs.
Juventud Guerrera

They start off at an incredible pace that ends with Juvy
hitting a tornado DDT. Juvy comes off the top but Hart catches him with an
armbar in midair. That was sweet. Hart maintains the armbar after Juvy tries to
escape as the crowd goes nuts. Hart eats boot on a charge and Juvy comes back
with a flying headscissors. Hart pulls Juvy outside and hits a rana off the
apron. He then hits a moonsault off the guardrail but Juvy pulls him off the
apron then hits a springboard crossbody. Juvy chops down Hart on the floor then
they fight on the apron. Hart gets crotched on the top rope and Juvy takes him
down with a rana. This match is just great as they are going at a super-fast
pace and everything is clicking. Hart then hits a beautiful twisting 450 off
the top rope that gets two and a replay. Juvy takes a breather but Hart hits him
with another quebrada then sells his knee. In the ring, Juvy rolls through a
sunset flip then kills Hart with a basement dropkick. Uranage gets two.
Spinning powerbomb gets two. Hart goes up top and hits a DDT that gets two. He
heads up again and hits a shooting star press but sells the knee after he
lands. Juvy then hits the Juvy Driver and heads up top but Hart cuts him off.
They fight on top and Juvy hits a top rope Juvy Driver for the win (9:59)

Thoughts: Excellent match. You would have thought that Hart
earned a TNA contract after that match but he really blew it after an
altercation with CM Punk several months later when they fought outside of a


The Interrogators with Red-shirt Security, Ryan Wilson and
Kevin Northcutt. Nothing of note happens and Northcutt does all the talking. I
wonder why Northcutt never made it because he was a huge guy and a decent


Super X Tournament Semifinals

Chris Sabin vs.
Frankie Kazarian

They start with a slugfest. Kazarian hits a pair of
dropkicks then they mistime a spot badly as Sabin takes control. Kazarian gets
tossed to the floor but meets Sabin on the apron then hits him with a DDT then
shortly after that, he sends Sabin to the floor with a sunset powerbomb. That
was fucking dangerous. Back inside, Sabin catches Kazarian with a German
suplex. Sabin gets two off a Tiger Suplex then works a neck tie. Both guys
struggle to gain an advantage until Kazarian hits the Wave of the Future. That
only gets two. Sabin kicks Kazarian on the top rope and hits the Back to the
Future but that only gets two. They head up top and that ends with Kazarian
hitting a one-man Spanish Fly as both men are down. Kazarian goes for a victory
roll but Sabin rolls through and gets the win (7:31) ***1/2.

Thoughts: Good stuff but it did not compare to the previous
match. After the one mistimed spot in the beginning, both guys did fine.


Taylor interviews America’s Most
Wanted. Kid Kash and Abyss interrupt, with Kash giving an insincere apology to Taylor then slaps him
across the face. Red-Shirt Security breaks up the melee. Looks like we will
have Kash face off against Taylor soon.    


Super X Tournament

Chris Sabin vs.
Juventud Guerrera

The crowd loves Juvy. Tenay notes that TNA officials want to
make the Super X Tournament a yearly tradition. They trade slaps then end up in
a standoff after a quick sequence. Juvy catches Sabin with a heel kick as these
two are wrestling at a lightning-quick pace. Juvy grounds Sabin then they have
a sequence that ends with Sabin dropping Juvy directly on his head with a
powerbomb in a scary spot. Sabin gets two off an enziguiri then works on Juvy
in the corner. Sabin eats boot on a charge then ducks outside, where Juvy hits
him with a pescado. Back inside, Juvy gets two off a slingshot elbow drop. He
locks on an abdominal stretch but gets caught with a wheelbarrow German suplex
that gets two. Sabin works a chinlock for a bit then heads up top. Juvy meets
him then nails Sabin with a basement dropkick after rolling through a sunset
flip attempt. Sabin takes control and puts Juvy in a surfboard. Juvy escapes
then hits an Ocean Cyclone Suplex that gets two. Both men then engage in a
series of counters that leads into one of the better pinfall reversal sequences
you will ever see. That ends with both men down and the crowd applauding. Both
men get up and engage in another reversal sequence that has the crowd going
nuts. They were trying to hit their finishers this time. The crowd is chanting
for Juvy and he hits a springboard dropkick. Sabin floats over on a Juvy Driver
attempt then hits a Twisting DDT from the rack position for two. Juvy fights
back and hits the Tiger Driver, dropping Sabin right on his head but that only
gets two. Sabin counters a Juvy Driver mid-move with a DDT and gets two off of
that. Sabin heads up top but Juvy dropkicks him in midair. Juvy goes up top
this time but Sabin cuts him off and hits a superplex but that only gets two.
They trade rollups then Juvy hits the Juvy Driver and sets up for the 450 but
Sabin gets his foot on the ropes. Then after a brief struggle, Sabin hits the
Future Shock for the win (14:46) ****1/2.

Thoughts: Incredible match. My one small complaint is that
after all of the huge moves these guys hit, the match was won with a fisherman’s
buster. The tournament made Juvy look like a huge star. Sadly, after the match,
there was no presentation to give it that important feel.


A sneak preview of the Roddy Piper Interview is shown. He is
still pissed off.


Don West plugs next week’s one-cent PPV. It contains the XXX
vs. AMW cage match and the details on the September 17th PPV, which
is two weeks away.


Wednesday, Bloody,
Wednesday Match

AJ Styles & Shane
Douglas & Christopher Daniels & Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger vs.
Jeff Jarrett & Raven & D’Lo Brown & America’s Most Wanted

Before the match, Erik Watts comes out and replaces the ring
attendant, announcer and timekeeper with 3 Live Kru. The rules for the match
are that it is Wargames style, with the first two wrestlers going at it for
three minutes then a wrestler enters every 90 seconds, with weapons hanging all
over the cage. All ten men must be in the cage in order to win the match. The
first two wrestlers are Christopher Daniels and Jeff Jarrett. They start
brawling all over the arena and eventually go into the cage. Don Callis comes
out to join the announcers and says he smells money in this match. Not much is going
on in the ring and the crowd is not responding either. Jarrett beats on Daniels
with a kendo stick until AJ Styles enters. Jarrett beats on AJ with various
weapons then is unable to overcome the 2-1 advantage. Chris Harris is the next
entrant and shows some fire for a minute. There are just too much meaningless
weapon shots in this match. Jarrett gets put through a table by AJ and Daniels
then Diamond enters the cage. Jarrett is busted open but fights back using his
belt. D’Lo is next into the cage to even the sides. The match is getting really
tiresome by the way with nothing of note going on at all. Shane Douglas is next
into the ring and goes after D’Lo. The weapons are really taking away from the
match. The heels are standing tall after Douglas
takes out the faces with a bat. James Storm is in next and takes his time
getting into the ring and goes after Diamond. Jarrett hits Daniels with a
guitar from the top rope. Johnny Swinger is next and blends in with everyone
else. The faces are all on the mat, setting up for Raven to come in and clean
house. He is limping to the cage then comes in and uses a tray to fight off
everyone but the crowd is just immune to all of the weapon shots and are not
reacting at all. Russo and Dusty are yelling at each other outside the cage as
this is dying. Everyone hits a big move as bodies are lying all over the place.
Jarrett hits AJ with the Stroke from the top rope and gets the win (20:48)
*3/4. After the match, Joe Legend runs out and attacks Dusty. 3 Live Kru gets
involved as does Erik Watts. Red-Shirt security come out and this is the biggest
clusterfuck for a brawl that I have ever seen in TNA, which is saying something.
In the cage, Douglas is beating on Raven as the New Church
and James Mitchell enter. They hold Raven while Douglas
cuts his hair and that ends the show.

Thoughts: This was not good and just way, way too long. The weapons
took away from the match and you could barely move in the ring. It was also too
predicatble that Jarrett would win and the fans at the Asylum are starting to
turn on him. I thought it would have made for sense for Raven to win then get
his hair cut afterwards.


Final Thoughts: This
show was easily worth the price for the Super X Tournament alone. The action
was incredible and it was a success. The main event stunk but the tournament was
the attraction anyway. If you have never seen this show or hadn’t in a long
time, I would definitely seek it out.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #59

August 27, 2003

Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

The show opens with a video package about tonight’s matches
that came off well

Shane Douglas &
Slash & Sinn w/James Mitchell vs. Three Live Kru

Konnan pumps up the crowd before the match as Mitchell joins
the announcers table but there is an audio problem and we cannot hear him.
Konnan hits Slash with an inverted DDT then tags Killings. 3LK cleans house,
using triple-team moves, until Slash boots BG in the face. The heels get heat
on BG as Mitchell’s microphone is now working. Mitchell then notes how Alexis
is not there this week (she left the company after signing with the WWE) then
proclaims that Raven will lose his hair. Slash gets a few near-falls then tags
Douglas, who puts on an abdominal stretch. BG breaks that up with a hiptoss
then hits a clothesline and both men are down. Hot-tag to Killings and beats on
Douglas. The match breaks down shortly after
that and Mitchell goes in the ring and goes after Killings but Julio and CM
Punk come out and the ref rings the bell, ruling the match as a no-contest (7:07)

Thoughts: Not much of a match but the crowd loves 3LK and
this really got the crowd going


Terry Taylor, filling in for Scott Hudson who was on
assignment, is in the parking lot with Trinity and Sonny Siaki as they direct
the hearse. Taylor
then informs Siaki that is match is starting right now and he runs into the
ring. Taylor is really bad as a backstage interviewer.


Sonny Siaki vs. D’Lo

Siaki meets D’Lo on the ramp but ends up getting destroyed.
D’Lo rolls him into the ring and gets two off a slingshot senton. Siaki gets
backdropped to the floor and D’Lo tries to go between the ropes but Siaki
catches him and powerbombs him on the floor. Siaki rolls him back in and hits a
sloppy split-legged moonsault for two. Both men are now down after D’Lo catches
Siaki with a cutter. They get up and have a slugfest that is won by D’Lo. He
hits the Sky High but Trinity distracts the ref and Siaki hits the Siakalypse
but that only gets two. D’Lo hits a catatonic but Trinity hits him with a DDT
and that allows Siaki to it the Siakalypse now for the win (4:55) *1/4. After
the match, Siaki and Trinity beat on D’Lo all the way to the parking lot until
Jeff Jarrett makes the save and throws Siaki into the hearse. You could hear
some boos from the crowd towards Jarrett.

Thoughts: Not much of a match as this feud is ice cold.
Siaki is overpushed and the love for D’Lo has pretty much gone away. Also, the fans
are turning on Jarrett a bit as they are presumably sick of him being booked
like Stone Cold Steve Austin.


Don Callis comes out and interrupts Tenay. He is angry that
the NWA allowed Jerry Lynn to get a shot at the X Division Title tonight.


A video recap of last week’s Ultimate X match is shown. I
thought they did a great job with this and got over the concept.


Michael Shane is backstage with Terry Taylor. He is now
completely ripping of HBK and uses his catchphrases, while mentioning that he
is his cousin.


X Division Title

Jerry Lynn vs.
Michael Shane (Champion)

Callis is with the announcers. Lynn works a side headlock for a while. They
trade hammerlocks then Lynn
stomps on Shane after he acted cocky. Lynn
beats on Shane in the corner then points at Callis. Lynn hits a pair of armdrags and goes to work
on the arm. They slug it out for a bit until Shane snaps Lynn’s head off the ropes. Shane takes him
down with a baseball slide as Callis talks up Shane. Lynn pulls Shane off the ropes but gets
whipped into the guardrail. Shane sends Lynn
into the steps with a drop toehold then rolls him back inside. Shane plays to
the crowd and that allows Lynn
to take control. He takes Shane off the apron with a springboard dropkick then
roughs him up outside. They have a reversal sequence in the ring that ends with
Shane getting a hotshot. They trade hairpulls before Lynn gets tossed to the floor. In the ring,
Shane punches away but Lynn
sends him into the corner with a drop toehold. Shane comes back with a flying
forearm and a scoop slam. He heads up top then jumps off and sets up for the
Sweet Chin Music but Lynn blocks that and takes him down with a boot to the face.
Lynn slaps him
down and yells at Callis. Shane gets two off a small package after a low blow. Lynn counters a
piledriver attempt and beats him with mounted punches. Callis flips out and
heads to the locker room as Lynn
continues the assault. He hits a powerbomb and then the TKO but doesn’t cover.
Lynn now tries the cradle piledriver but Red-Shirt Security comes out and
distracts him, allowing Shane to hit a super kick for the win (12:22) ***.

Thoughts: Good match. Not your typical X Division match as
there were few highspots and it wasn’t wrestled at a rushed pace. Shane will
never get over as a HBK ripoff though and the Callis/Lynn eud is not doing Lynn
any favors.


Mike Tenay is with Raven. He asks him about Mitchell and Douglas and their obsession with cutting his hair. Raven
says that his destiny is to become the World Champion and brings up how Tommy
Rich became the youngest NWA champ 20 years ago but got involved in a
blood-feud with Buzz Sawyer and never made it back to the title. Raven brings
up his feuds with Tommy Dreamer and the Sandman and that he came to NWA-TNA
because he knew that he could become champion and that Mitchell, Douglas, and
the mystery man want to keep him from the prize. AJ Styles and Vince Russo
interrupt and taunt Raven, who retaliates. AJ and Russo retreat.


A video package on Abyss airs. It highlights his performance
in the gauntlet. They did an excellent job building him up as a monster last


Abyss vs. Sandman

Sandman spits beer in the face of Abyss and uses the kendo
sitck. Abyss then takes him down and fires away. He pulls up Sandman’s shirt
and chops him hard on the chest before tossing him to the floor. Sandman fights
back but Abyss catches him after a pescado attempt and rams him into the post.
They brawl outside and Sandman jumps off a chair and elbows Abyss before
setting up a table. They end up in the ring and Sandman gets two off a senton.
Kid Kash runs in and pushes the ref into Sandman. He then yells at Abyss and
slaps him a few times. Kash takes him outside with a rana and Abyss bounced off
the table then gets rolled back inside and shortly after that, Abyss hits him
with the Black Hole Slam for the win (3:31) ¾*.

Thoughts: Abyss looked decent here and got a win over
Sandman, who at least has name value.


Taylor interviews Kash and acts like a badass. Abyss comes
through and stops Taylor
from going after Kash after being slapped. They are now going with the idea
that Kash is in control of Abyss. Taylor is intolerable in this role.


Tag-Team Title Match

Simon Diamond &
Johnny Swinger vs. America’s
Most Wanted

Gilbertti is absent as Tenay notes he is training for his
bullrope match against Dusty, which is coming up next. Both teams brawl outside
the ring for a few minutes until the bell rings, which makes no sense at all.
They continue to brawl outside for another minute or so until they bring it
into the ring. Diamond & Swinger use quick tags to neutralize Storm and
this lasts for a few minutes. The fans are chanting for Storm as he gets
destroyed. He fights back and eventually makes the tag to Harris. He runs wild
until Swinger attacks him from behind. Harris regains control and heads up top
for a crossbody block that gets two. Storm is still down in the corner as his
partner fights both men. Storm comes back with a super kick on Diamond that
gets two. Swinger hits Harris with a low blow and that allows Diamond to get a
small package but that only gets two. Storm is placed on top and Diamond goes for
a superplex and this leads to an awesome stacked superplex/powerbomb spot
involving all four men. Gilbertti then comes out and distracts the ref as
Swinger slides the belt to Diamond. Harris ends up kicking the belt into his
face but Gilbertti pulls the ref out of the ring at two. The ref takes the belt
to the table and Gilbertti hits Harris with the chair then he gets hit with the
Problem Solver (DDT/Flapjack combo) and Diamond gets the win as he have new
Tag-Team Champions (9:08) ***. Funny moment after the match as Borash fucks up
and announces the winner as “America’s
Most Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger.” Dusty comes out and the heels bail.
He grabs the mic and calls this a bunch of “unadulterated bullshit” and orders
Gilbertti to get back into the ring so he can kick his ass.

Thoughts: Good match and it made sense for AMW to lose the
belts. Now, they can chase Diamond & Swinger to regain them. These teams
have awesome chemistry.


Bullrope Match

Dusty Rhodes vs. Glen Gilbertti

A loud chant for Dusty breaks out. Gilbertti backtracks but
Dusty takes him down with a bionic elbow. He punches away then chokes him out. Gilbertti
goes outside but Dusty pulls him back and he comes back inside. Gilbertti is
busted up as Dusty grinds the cowbell into his head. Gilbertti goes low and
imitates Dusty’s offense but ends up walking into an elbow. Dusty grabs his
personal bellrope but Christopher Daniels attacks him from behind and Gilbertti
covers for the win (4:55) *. After the match, Daniels goes back in the ring and
assaults Dusty. Chris Harris runs out for the save and takes out both men until
Diamond and Gilbertti come out. Jarrett then runs out and takes out the heels
with a guitar.

Thoughts: Not as bad as you would think. Gilbertti sold well
for Dusty and it was a fine segment.


Tenay is with Mad Mikey. He asks him why he was mad and asks
if he had a traumatic childhood. He talks about his wrestling background and
how he was trained by Mae Young. He tells Tenay that even though his hand might
be his girlfriend, he will have gold around his waist soon. He closes by
throwing a tantrum. This is starting to get old.


is with 3 Live Kru. He asks if they are high and they confirm. The tag champs
and Gilbertti interrupt and Jarrett takes out Gilbertti with a guitar. Great.  


A video airs hyping an upcoming appearance of Roddy Piper.
Apparently, he is pissed.


Tenay plugs the show next week, which will feature the
“Super X” Tournament, featuring Teddy Hart, Jonny Storm, Juventud Guerrera,
Nosawa, Jerry Lynn, Frankie Kazarian, Michael Shane, and Chris Sabin.


A hype video for Raven airs.


World Heavyweight
Title Match

Raven vs. AJ Styles
w/Vince Russo

Both guys start by trading off stuff. Raven grabs a few
near-falls then goes for the Raven Effect but AJ escapes. Raven boots AJ
through the ropes and he tosses him back into the ring. Suplex gets two. Raven
tosses AJ over the top rope then slams his head off the steel steps. He whacks
AJ with a trashcan, busting him open, then takes him into the guardrail with
several side Russian legsweeps. Russo complains to the ref as both guys to back
into the ring. AJ hits the Phenomenon in sloppy fashion then we see CM Punk and
Julio carry Russo backstage. They slug it out until AJ takes Raven down with an
enziguiri. AJ takes control of the match. AJ hits a springboard rana then
starts kicking Raven in the back. He puts Raven in a deathlock/chinlock combo
but he is able to crawl to the ropes. AJ grabs a chair and steals Raven’s drop
toehold spot. AJ gets frustrated as he cannot put Raven then has the chair
bounced off his head. Raven fires away and gets a few nearfalls as the crowd
awakes. AJ leaps off the chair and springs off the top rope but Raven hits him
in the face with the chair. Raven gets two off that then hits the Styles Clash
but Sinn disrupts the count. Raven kicks out of a DDT then dodges a dropkick
that sends Sinn off the apron. He goes for the Raven Effect but AJ rams him
into the corner and into the referee. Slash comes out with powder but Raven kicks
it into his face and Slash ends up accidentally hitting AJ with a helicopter
slam. Raven clotheslines him to the floor and covers but only gets two. Raven
goes for a superplex but Douglas shoves him
off the top rope but he is able to powerbomb AJ as he leaps from the top rope
and that gets two. Raven fights off everyone until Douglas hits a low blow and
AJ hits the Styles Clash for the win (15:02) ***3/4. After the match, James
Mitchell is shown laughing on the ramp. Chris Harris, accompanied by D’Lo
Brown, runs down and grabs the mic and says he is sick of everything. Storm is
selling his injury from the previous match. He is also not going to let them
screw Raven out of the championship and orders the ref to restart the match or
to reverse the decision. Diamond & Swinger run out as does Daniels and they
bet on Raven until Jarrett runs out and the ring clears. Watts comes off too
and says that next week, they will have a Wargames match that will also involve
weapons. He will also be the special referee. Dusty comes out and promotes the
match as a bloody mess. The show closes with everyone brawling in the ring.

Thoughts: A really good match. Some of the spots were really
clunky but it had great heat. The end result will be the main event for the
next show, which was taped after this show.


Final Thoughts: TNA
is continuing to put on good shows. They actually seem to have a direction and
have an intriguing show next week featuring X Division talent. Next week’s show
has some incredible matches too.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #58


August 20, 2003

Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

The show starts with Raven and The Gathering, including the
returning CM Punk, brawling with the New Church, which has now replaced Brian
Lee with Sinn. Raven calls out the mystery man then the lights go off and when
they come back on, Raven is bleeding and is now being hung by the New Church. They
are doing a tremendous job with Raven as a face.

Scott Hudson is backstage talking with Jerry Lynn. After
Lynn talks about how he has never been a primadonna, he says is losing money
because of Callis. Shortly after that, Callis interrupts and informs him that
he will only fine him $5,000 then has Red-Shirt security remove him from the


Ultimate X Match for
the X Division Title

Michael Shane vs.
Frankie Kazarian vs. Chris Sabin (Champion)

Sabin bails and the other two men chase him but end up
running into each other. They start brawling for a bit then Sabin and Kazarian
wind up in the ring. Sabin hits an enziguiri and tries to traverse across the
wires but Shane pulls him down and hits a neckbreaker. He climbs then Kazarian
pulls him down and hits a neckbreaker. Sabin roughs up Kazarian but Kazarian
puts him on his shoulders and Shane, who is on the wires, takes him off with a
rana. Kazarian tosses Sabin to the floor and Shane and Kazarian climb and meet
in the middle but Sabin takes them down with a springboard dropkick. Sabin
beats both men with a chair until Kazarian kicks it into his face. Shane is
busted open on the floor then after Kazarian sets up the chair, Sabin puts him
through it with a catatonic. Sabin goes after Shane who is now pouring out
blood from his forehead. Sabin goes back to climb but Shane runs in and takes
him down with a chairshot. The belt drops down as all three men are on the mat.
The bell rings as they stop the match in order to re-hang the belt. All three
men are now brawling on the floor as the ring crew hangs the belt. Sabin saves
a botched spot as he as Shane in a fireman’s carry and Kazarian overshoots a
sunset flip and Sabin holds on to Shane and drops him down as he hits Kazarian
with a basement dropkick. Kazarian then drives Sabin’s head into the mat in a
Canadian Destroyer of sorts. He climbs across the cable but Shane holds him up.
Kazarian drops but Shane climbs and tries a rana but Sabin powerbombs him off
in an insane spot that pops the crowd. Shane is covered in blood as Sabin climbs
up again. Kazarian blows a springboard move then climbs up and spears Sabin off
the cable and the belt falls yet again. They stop the match to hang it back up.
Sabin and Kazarian meet in the middle and end up taking each other off. Shane
is outside and on the floor after getting shoved off the top rope. Sabin and Kazarian
climb back up and Kazarian kicks him off but Shane comes speeding over and
grabs the belt as the fans go crazy (13:27) ****.

Thoughts: A fantastic match. Even the belt falling down
twice couldn’t ruin this as all three men busted their ass. They also got over
the new concept, which was a great thing for the promotion as they are trying
to find their identity. They are trying to push Shane, which is fine, but they
need to do more than constantly mention that Shawn Michaels is his cousin if
they want to get him over.


In the parking lot, Scott Hudson interviews Sonny Siaki and
Trinity, who show up in a hearse. Two men take out a casket that represents the
career of D’Lo Brown. This is going nowhere.


Double Bullrope Match

Simon Diamond &
Johnny Swinger w/Glen Gilbertti vs. America’s Most Wanted

West lets us know that Dusty Rhodes is not here tonight. They
start by brawling outside of the ring. In the ring, AMW hit Swinger with the
Hart Attack but Diamond breaks up the pinfall. Harris hits Diamond with the
catatonic but Gilbertti runs in and hit him with the Chartbuster. Diamond rolls
on top but only gets two then starts firing away. Swinger is on the floor with
Storm and lifts up the mat and suplexes him on the concrete. AMW are getting
choked out as the camera goes back and forth between each man. Storm breaks up
a double team move with a superkick on Diamond then fires away. AMW takes the
advantage. Harris and Diamond spill outside and rams Harris into the post.
Diamond then accidentally hits Swinger in the head with a chair and storm rolls
him up but that only gets two. That looked brutal. As Diamond is on the apron,
Harris runs through the ropes and spears him off. AMW sets up Swinger for the
Death Sentence but Gilbertti knocks of Harris and slides the belt into Swinger
and he hits Storm behind the ref’s back for the win (8:27) ***1/4. After the
match, they beat on AMW until security clears the ring.

Thoughts: These teams continue to have really good matches
and the feud remains hot. AMW was really one of the best teams on the planet at
this point.


Scott Hudson is with the Gathering. Julio is pissed at the
New Church for attacking Raven and challenges them to a tag match. Shane
Douglas interrupts but Julio attacks him then the New Church run out and they
start brawling.


Sonny Siaki and Trinity are in the ring. Trinity is wearing
a dress that barely covers her tits. Hey, anything to distract you from her
face is a good thing. They wheel out the casket that represents D’Lo’s career
as Siaki delivers a eulogy. This segment bombs as Siaki drones on then places
flowers on top of the casket but D’Lo pops up and attacks Siaki. He ends up
tossing both Siaki and Trinity in the casket and stands on top as the crowd
chants for D’Lo. This was the loudest pop for D’Lo since he debuted in the company.


Hudson is with Christoher Daniels and Joe Legend. They run
down their opponents for tonight, Jeff Jarrett and Erik Watts. Not much
interesting took place here.


Slash & Sinn
w/James Mitchell vs. Julio Dinero & CM Punk w/Alexis Laree

Both teams brawl to start. Punk takes out Sinn with a tope
then Slash gets double-teamed in the ring. The New Church takes control and
puts Punk in the Tree of Woe on the ropes then continue to hit him with
double-team moves. Slash gets two off a vertical suplex. Punk fights back but
gets double-teamed in the corner. Slash and Punk collide in the ring and both
men are down but Punk makes the tag to Julio. He runs wild until Sinn catches
him with a super kick. Punk goes up for a rana on Sinn but Slash throws powder
in his face and Sinn takes him down with a super powerbomb but that only gets
two. Julio puts Sinn on his shoulders and Punk takes him down with a
blockbuster and that gets two. Mtichell tries to interfere but Alexis crotches
him and hits Slash with a tornado DDT. Julio hits Slash with a full nelson slam
but Shane Douglas runs in and hits Julio with a chain as the ref checks on
Mitchell, then places Slash on top and he gets the win (7:07) **1/2. After the
match, Douglas and the New Church continue their assault and end up cutting
some of Alexis’s hair.

Thoughts: The match was all action. Sinn looked pretty bad
but I do not think he was any worse than Lee, the guy he replaced. It’s weird
seeing Punk be in a stable with Raven considering that they were feuding in RoH
at the time. Slash was a really underrated worker and I wondered would have happened
with his career if he didn’t team up with Jamie Dundee, who fucked up all their
chances at a push while they were wrestling ass PG-13.


Mike Tenay does a sit-down interview with Erik Watts. He
says that they don’t play politics in here, unlike the “people up North.” He
then explains the difference between NWA and TNA in a convoluted manner that
only makes sense to him and the half-wits who came up with this interview. He
said that TNA runs the promotion and NWA runs the wrestling and this somehow resulted
in Don Callis coming in the company. He is then asked about his relation with
Jarrett and goes back to saying how he was held down by other promotions. This
drags on some more and finishes eventually. A complete waste of time and one of
the most pointless interviews that I have ever heard.


We are shown a video of AJ Styles and Vince Russo on
vacation. The production values are shit and it seems like they at a Days Inn
somewhere in a terrible neighborhood. AJ tells Watts that he will be there next
week and removes his bathrobe and does a flip into the pool.


Joe Legend &
Christopher Daniels vs. Erik Watts & Jeff Jarrett

Both teams start brawling on the floor. Watts leaps the rail
and takes out Legend with a crossbody and they brawl in the crowd. In the ring,
Daniels beats on Jarrett for a bit. Jarrett comes back with a flapjack and a
dropkick but Legend comes in and Jarrett gets double-teamed. Legend nails
Jarrett with a Yakuza kick then a clothesline. Daniels tags and puts Jarrett in
a front facelock but Jarrett escapes and fights off both men and makes the tag
but the ref did not see it and the heels go back to double-teaming Jarrett. He
fights back again and tags and Watts goes wild and actually looks decent. He
powerbmobs Legend on te turnbuckle and chokeslams Daniels but Legend breaks
that up. Watts goes up top and hits a missile mule kick on Legend! Jarrett hits
Daniels with the spinebuster and that gets two. Daniels comes back with an STO
but misses the BME. Jarrett goes for the Stroke but Legend breaks that up with
a super kick and that gets two. The match breaks down then Jarrett rolls up
Legend for the win (8:18) ***. After the match, Jarrett gets assaulted but both
securities run out then they start fighting. Jerry Lynn runs in and fights with
Red-Shirt Security but gets dragged away. Then, two guys in Freddy and Jason
masks run in and handcuff Watts to the railing and Jason hits Jarrett with a
Styles Clash then reveals himself as AJ Styles then Freddy as Russo, who yells
at Jarrett that he told him he gets no title shots and no gauntlet tonight.
They set up a table as Russo calls Jarrett a piece of shit, and Jarrett gets
triple-powerbombed. After that, they put Jarrett in the hearse

Thoughts: This is probably the best match ever that involved
Erik Watts. He actually looked good in the ring too. The post-match angle with
AJ and Russo was fine, even if I was obvious that those two were wearing the


A video airs that says “He is Coming” with Roddy Piper’s
music playing.


Dusty Rhodes promises to give Glen Gilbertti the bionic
elbow next week in their Bullrope Match. This was a taped promo.


West runs down next week’s show:

Gilbertti vs. Rhodes

Siaki vs. Brown

AJ Styles vs. winner of the Gauntlet for the Heavyweight

Michael Shane defends his title.


Gauntlet to Determine
the Number One Contender for the Heavyweight Title

Wrestlers enter at 90 second intervals, with the last two
men facing off in a singles match. Eliminations occur by either pinfall
submission, or being thrown over the top rope. #1 is Kid Kash and #2 Ron
Killings. They have a nice sequence of moves until Christopher Daniels enters
at #3. He and Killings go at it as Kash watches from the corner. Killings gets
double-teamed until BG James enters at #4. They 3LK work iron claws and
continue to beat on Kash and Daniels. #5 is Sonny Siaki, who apparently escaped
from the casket. He works on BG as nothing else of note happens. Jeff Jarrett’s
music goes off at #6 but he isn’t here any longer. Siaki grabs the mic and says
he will win the gauntlet. No matter how hard they try, Siaki will ever get over
as a star. Not much happens until D’Lo enters at #7 and he cleans house. Mad
Mikey then comes out and goes to the announcers table and rants about not being
in the gauntlet then Siaki gets eliminated by D’Lo off camera. At least we get
a replay. Abyss enters at #8 as Mikey continues to rant and harass Tenay. Abyss
catches Killings and tosses him to the floor. He then eliminates BG with a big
boot. #9 is the Sandman as Abyss eliminated Kid Kash. Mad Mkiey goes in the
ring but Abyss tosses him too. Sandman tosses Abyss a beer then spits it in his
face and hits him with a kendo stick a few times but runs into the Black Hole
Slam. Legend enters at #10 and kicks Sandman in the face. Abyss hits D’Lo with
the Black Hole Slam and has been booked like a huge monster and looks really
good out there. #11 is Konnan and he goes after Legend and shows fire. Tenay
lets us know that there are just two slots left as the Sandman gets eliminated.
#12 is Shane Douglas and he goes after everyone. Konnan eliminates Legend as
Tenay says that Raven was taking to the hospital and not here at the moment to
take the last spot. D’Lo and Konnan double-team Douglas as Raven does in fact
show up as the last entrant, covered in blood and a bandage over his forehead. Douglas
looks terrified in the corner. Abyss grabs Raven but he turns a chokeslam
attempt into a DDT then he eliminates Abyss by tossing him over the top rope.
Daniels eliminates Konnan and D’Lo but Raven eliminated him with a catapult
over the top rope. Douglas and Raven are the last two left and they both spill
over the top rope. Raven takes Douglas off the apron with a jawbreaker but
Douglas hits him with a chair. He covers but that only gets two. Douglas brings
the chair in the ring but Raven sends him into it with a drop toehold and both
men are down. Douglas gets a few nearfalls 
and goes for the belly-to-belly but Raven headbutts out of that and hits
the Raven Effect for the win (22:18) ***1/2. The crowd popped big for that

Thoughts:  A great
segment overall. This was one of the better battle royal matches that I have
seen. The built up Abyss like a monster too but more importantly they put over
the challenger strong.


Final Thoughts: One
of the best shows TNA has produced at this point. Their main feuds are clicking
and all the matches were solid too. TNA has strung together a few really good
shows in a row and are gaining a bit of momentum. Next week’s main event for
the title between Raven and Styles should be excellent.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #57

August 13, 2003

Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

Tenay hypes the top matches for tonight, which include Raven
vs. Shane Douglas and America’s
Most Wanted & Dusty Rhodes vs. Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger &
Glen Gilbertti

Vampire Warrior &
Devon Storm & Sinn vs. 3 Live Krew

The match starts with Konnan and Storm. They proceed to engage
in a terrible sequence of mistimed moves capped off by Konnan dropping Storm on
his head with an armdrag. Konnan was wrestling at a snails pace, as does BG when
he tags. Storm dodges an attack and makes the tag as they all take turns
beating on BG. They use quick tags to neutralize BG until he collides with the
Vampire Warrior. The Harris Brothers are shown watching from the ramp as
Killings tags in and runs wild. The match breaks down then 3 Live Krew hits
them all with double-team moves until BG finishes off Sinn with a pumphandle
drop (5:21) ¼*.

Thoughts: The good news for TNA is that the crowd loves 3
Live Kru. The wrestling was shit but this did a good job of getting the crowd
going so the segment was a success overall. Sinn would eventually go on to be
Kizarny in the WWE, for those who were wondering.


Tenay informs us that Jerry Lynn will return to face Elix
Skipper and Bobby Eaton has accepted the open challenge from Kid Kash to all
legends. Also, Michael Shane will face Frankie Kazarian in a ladder match for
the #1 contender to the X Division Title, which means that Chris Sabin remained
champion after last week’s title holdup.


We are seen footage after the show last week that shows
Russo’s guys beating the shit out of D’Lo. Jarrett came out and Russo tried to
hit him with a bat but he blocked it and Jarrett cleaned house with a chair. They
are continuing to book Jarrett like Stone Cold Steve Austin.


Erik Watts is in the ring. He talks about how his dad taught
him about fighting then gets interrupted by AJ Styles and Vince Russo, who is
holding a bat. Russo tells Watts that he needs
to shut up and listen to him. I have to say that having AJ in the ring with
these two guys, who are much taller than him, isn’t a good thing at all. Add
that to the fact that he dresses like the Redneck version of Nick Carter and
you have a champ that is more like a chump than anything else. Russo acts like
a tough guy on the mic then says that starting tonight they are on vacation as
there are no more contenders. He even claims that he contacted Sting, who was
afraid. They walk away and as they are on the ramp, Watts
gives them three options, get a single-bed hotel room and play “Hide the
pee-pee,” fight Low Ki tonight, or option three, leave but then having to
forfeit the belt. Russo says that he and the champ have a plane to catch and
will get back to him later. AJ comes into the ring by himself and tries to get
Watts to take the belt from him but Low Ki comes out and destroys him, to
minimal crowd response. Legend runs in but Watts
takes care of him and has AJ up for the chokeslam but Russo hits him with the
bat. Jarrett then comes out and cleans house as Ki sends AJ to the floor with a
koppu kick. This did an okay job hyping up the match between AJ and Low Ki.


Scott Hudson is backstage with Swinger, Diamond, and Gilbertti.
The highlight is was Diamond doing a very funny Dusty Rhodes impression. They
promise that they will not lay down for Dusty’s elbows.


Elix Skipper vs.
Jerry Lynn

attacks Skipper from behind on the ramp to start .In the ring, Skipper takes
control. Lynn
comes back with a back elbow smash but Skipper uses his momentum to dump him
outside. Lynn
dodges a moonsault off the apron then goes inside and dropkicks Skipper off the
apron, holding his scale. They fight on the apron and Lynn brings him back in then yells at
Skipper, blaming him for losing a payday last week. Skipper hits a beautiful
double springboard moonsault for two. He crotches Lynn on the top rope, who
then ducks his ropewalk rana and crotches himself and Lynn gets the win with a
double underhook DDT (3:58) *1/4. After the match, Skipper attacks Lynn from behind but misses a senton from the top rope and
Lynn ends up
hitting him with a scale. Lynn
applies a chinlock then shoves the ref and grabs him by the ropes as a few
other refs come out. Don Callis can be seen from the ramp taking notes, shaking
his head in disbelief.

Thoughts: A disappointing match. The Skipper push has been a
failure and they keep making Lynn look like a joke. The angle between Callis
and Lynn is also not working so far and it probably never will.


Scott Hudson is with Chris Sabin, who has the belt back in
his possession. He is not concerned with facing either man as he can beat them
easily. Sabin would have beneited from a manager as promos are not his strong


Ladder Match to
Become Number One Contender to the X Division Title

Frankie Kazarian vs.
Michael Shane

Kazarian knocks Shane down and quickly grabs the ladder but
as he comes down the ramp, Shane flies out with a tope con hilo. Shane slugs away then whips Kazarian
into the ladder. Kazarian hits the charging Shane with the ladder and uses it
as a weapon. They go back and forth a bit until Kazarian takes down Shane with
a springboard dropkick. Shane is backdropped into the ladder them climbs the
top rope and leapfrogs the ladder, hitting Shane with a leg drop. Kazarian
climbs up for the contract but Shane fights back and takes him off with a
swinging neckbreaker. Both men climb up top slowly and that ends with Kazarian
hitting a sunset powerbomb. Shortly after that, he climbs the ladder and almost
has the contract but Sabin runs out and shoves him off the ladder. He heads up
the ramp and as Shane climbs up the ladder he takes him off with a springboard
contract then climbs up the ladder and grabs the contract as the ref rules this
match a no contest (8:54) **1/2. After the bell rings, Sabin takes out both men
with the ladder and his belt. Callis comes out and grabs both the contract and
the belt

Thoughts: The fans groaned at this finish. It looks like we
are going to get a three-way match as a result, which should be good given the
fact that these guys are all good in the ring.


Another video on Mad Mikey. He is shown on the shitter
reading the “National Enquirer,” with the lead story being Ben Affleck cheating
on Jennifer Lopez. He goes to wipe then realizes he has no toilet paper so he
rips off the cover and goes to wipe. The tape freezes then Teany takes us to
the production truck where Mikey is shown beating up everyone inside.


Scott Hudson is backstage with Jeff Jarrett. He says that
one day, Russo will have to meet him face-to-face and that he also knows his
weakness and at the end, it will take him down.


Kid Kash vs. Bobby

Before the match, Kash tells us that he was having a great
day until he went to catering and found out that Dusty Rhodes ate all the brownies, thus
needing a lesson in respect. Eaton tries to go after Kash as he is talking and
looks to wear himself out in the process. Kash attacks Eaton from behind then
kicks him halfway out the ring. Kash bounces a chair off of Eaton and goes back
inside to continue his assault. Kash mocks Eaton by performing jumping jacks.
Kash hits Eaton with an elbow drop on the floor then rams him into the post.
Back in the ring, Kash applies the iron claw but Eaton fights back. He can
barely do anything at all on offense but Kash makes it look okay. He gets two
off a backbreaker but Abyss comes out and distracts Eaton, allowing Kash to hit
a low blow then school-boy him for the win (3:36) DUD.

Thoughts: Eaton had no business being in the ring but he doesn’t
seem like the guy who knows when to quit, which is probably why he is in the
terrible condition that he is today. Kash had to do the work for two people


Backstage, Legend attacks Watts
as Scott Hudson looks on. Looks like these two will be facing off shortly in a
match that no one will care about.


A video package on the feud between Shane Douglas and Raven
is shown. This feud has been really good despite the fact that Douglas can barely even do anything in the ring.


Scott Hudson is with Raven, inside of his lair. Raven
promises closure when he either finds out who is Mitchell’s mystery man or
destroy the internal organs of Shane Douglas.


Shane Douglas vs.

Douglas bails but is able
to pull Raven down and crotch him against the post. They trade punches but Douglas sends him into the steps with a drop toehold. The
crowd is jacked for this match. Raven is bleeding already as Douglas
is yelling in the face of a female fan. Douglas
stops a comeback with a cheapshot then rams his head off the announcers table.
They finally take it inside as Douglas taunts
the fans. Raven fights back with chops but eats boot on a charge. Douglas flips off the crowd the grabs a chair and hits
Raven with a drop toehold. Douglas is
frequently stalling and taunting the fans, as he is in awful shape an already
blown up. He hits Raven then shows the blood on his hand to the camera. The
crowd is solidly behind Raven as Douglas
applies the figure-four. Raven eventually reverses the hold but Douglas is able to grab the ropes. Raven then hits Douglas with several clotheslines, with the last one
terribly mistimed to the point the fans started to boo. Raven is wearing a
crimson mask then headbutts out of a belly-to-belly attack and hits one of his
own. James Mitchell is on the ramp with a body bag and interrupts as Raven is
about to hit Douglas with the Raven Effect.
Mitchell says that he has Alexis in the bag and only has fifteen seconds worth
of oxygen left. He goes go hhelp but Douglas
attacks. The fans start a countdown then Raven small packages Douglas for the
win (10:55) **1/2. Raven runs out and opens the bag but it’s the mystery man.
The lights go off and Mitchell gives Douglas
scissors but security runs out and stops any further damage from taking place.

Thoughts: This was about as good of a match you could
possibly get out of Douglas at this point. They were smart to stretch it out
and make sure that Douglas took breaks to taunt the fans, which helped maintain
the heat this match had. The crowd was into it the whole time and TNA has done
a masterful job in building up Raven as a face.


Sonny Siaki cuts a promo on D’Lo Brown, calling him a
failure. He is in a dark room holding a flashlight up to his face, making it
look as bush-league as possible. Next week, Siaki promises to hold a career
burial for D’Lo’s career. Looks like these two will now feud.


Scott Hudson is with Don Callis. He lets us know that since Watts got attacked, he has been assigned to deal with the
X Division problem. He brings us a diagram of the “Ultimate X” match, which
features fifteen-foot poles in the corners that are connected by steel wires
and in the middle, will be the belt. Callis also promises that this will “pop a
tremendous buyrate” then asks Hudson
if he knows the importance of buyrates. This match will take place next week
between Sabin, Kazarian, and Shane. I thought they did a pretty good job of
selling the new concept match, even if the diagram looked like it was drawn by
a twelve year-old.


We are shown footage from last week’s match between AMW and
Simon & Swinger


Glenn Gilbertti &
Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger vs. America’s
Most Wanted & Dusty Rhodes

Match starts with everyone brawling in the end. Storm takes
out Diamond & Swinger with a plancha then Harris takes them out once they
get up. Storm suplexes Swinger back into the ring. AMW work on Swinger until
Harris eats boot on a charge. Gilbertti tags but Harris hits him with a Thesz
Press and tags Dusty but the heels bail. The crowd starts chanting for Dusty
then Gilbertti tags Diamond. Dusty elbows the arm and tags Storm. He takes him
over with a headscissors but Swinger grabs his foot and the heels take control.
Diamond suplexes Storm then catches him with a super kick that gets two. Storm
fights back against Swinger and tags Dusty but the ref was distracted by
Diamond and disallows the tag. Storm dodges an attack and clotheslines Diamond
to the floor before making the hot-tag to Dusty. He hits Gilbertti with the
bionic elbow then uses the bullrope and gets the pin (8:35) **3/4. After the
match, Christopher Daniels attacks Dusty until Stone Cold Jeff Jarrett runs out
and kicks his ass. Legend runs out and clotheslines Jarrett to the floor as
everyone starts brawling in the end as the bell rings continuously. Watts runs out then Jarrett grabs a chair and cleans
house on the heels. Watts grabs the mic and
says that AMW will face Diamond & Swinger in a double bullrope match. He
also says that he and Jarrett will team up to face Daniels & Legend.

Thoughts: Fun match and this feud remains strong. Dusty only
did his trademark stuff and the rest of the match was all action.


Scott Hudson is with Low Ki, who is back from Japan and will
face AJ Styles. He promises to mark the new era in TNA


NWA-TNA Heavyweight
Championship Match

Low-Ki vs. AJ Styles
w/Vince Russo

They lockup and end up going all over the ring as Russo
joins the announcers table. They fight over a go behind then use matwork, with
neither man able to get the advantage. Ki then chops AJ hard but runs into a
dropkick. Neckbreaker gets two. Ki hits AJ with his version of the 619 then
takes him down with a European uppercut. Corkscrew elbow gets two. Ki continues
with his hard chops then uses the Bite of the Dragon. Ki dropkicks the leg then
repeatedly kicks AJ in the chest. AJ ducks a kick and sweeps the leg but Ki
kips up and nails AJ with a rolling Koppu Kick. Ki gets a sunset flip out of
the Styles Clash but AJ comes back with an enziguiri. AJ kips up and sends Ki
to the floor with a headscissors. He then hits the Phenomenon off the apron and
it looked great. Back inside, they trade nearfalls until AJ hits a spinning
heel kick and then a suplex. Ki floats over on a suplex attempt and puts AJ in
a dragon sleeper. AJ snaps him off the ropes then grabs a chinlock. Russo pokes
Ki with the bat as AJ distracts the ref. AJ beats on Ki in the corner but the
ref falls and that allows Ki to hit a springboard kick. Ki hits a flying
forearm then hits a double underhook suplex and uses a bridge to get two. Damn,
that was sweet. He kicks the shit out of AJ for a bit. AJ counters a muscle
buster with a DDT in another fantastic spot. AJ dodges a handspring kick and
flattens Ki with a discus clothesline. AJ uses a flurry of moves but Ki is able
to put AJ in the octopus. AJ turns that into a German suplex then maintains his
hold and hits a facebuster but that only gets two. AJ tries for another Phenomenon
but Ki is able to kcik him in the head. Ki knocks AJ to the floor with a
cartwheel kick and goes outside. Russo pokes him with the bat but Ki beats on
Russo as the fans go nuts. He climbs the top ropes but referee Rudy Charles
prevents him from hitting Russo and as his back is turned, AJ hits him with the
bat and rolls him in the ring and gets the win (14:54) ****.

Thoughts: One hell of a match. I’m pretty sure that no one
bought Low Ki as having a chance to win but the wrestling itself kept the crowd
going. Just a great match with tons of hot moves.


Final Thoughts: Not
a bad show at all. Sure, there are some problems with the company and no one
wants to see Jeff Jarrett booked like he is Stone Cold Steve Austin but they
have developed two really good feuds and had one awesome main event. They also
built up some intrigue next week with the new Ultimate X concept. TNA has had a
solid few weeks of programming.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #56

August 6, 2003

Your hosts
are Don West and Mike Tenay

Rawhide Strap Match

Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger
w/Glen Gilbertti vs. America’s Most Wanted

This is a
non-title match and unlike a traditional strap match, the straps are attached
to the ring ropes. The match starts with a brawl outside the ring that is won
by AMW. Inside, Harris hits Diamond with a Thesz Press and a clothesline.
Gilbertti pulls the strap away from Harris and that allows the heels to gain
the advantage. They neutralize Harris in the corner then toss him outside,
allowing Gilbertti to whip Harris with the strap. Diamond gets two off a suplex
then they go back to double-teaming Harris. Diamond charges but Harris
clotheslines him down then backdrops Swinger to the floor before making the tag
to Storm. He runs wild on Diamond until Swinger runs in then hangs Storm over the
ropes. Gilbertti rolls in Storm and Swinger covers for two. Storm gets whipped
repeatedly as the ref is distracted. Storm fights away and makes the tag to
Harris. He hits Swinger with a full nelson slam and a backdrop before whipping
him. He clotheslines Diamond and the match breaks down, with AMW gaining the
upper hand. Gilbertti runs in but gets speared by Harris and he gets whipped by
AMW. Harris gets caught with a double flapjack and Swinger sets him up for a
suplex but Storm gets underneath him and turns it into a powerbomb mid-move.
That move woke up the crowd. Harris puts Diamond in the Sharpshooter and Storm
whips him repeatedly. Swinger takes out Storm then breaks up the hold with a
chairshot. He covers but only gets two as the crowd goes nuts. He grabs another
chair but the ref takes it away. Gilbertti slides in another chair but Storm
superkicks it into his face but that only gets two. AMW sets up Swinger for the
Death Sentence but Diamond superkicks Harris in the face as Storm is in midair.
Harris puts Diamond on his shoulders and Storm climbs on top and gets the
Hanging Noose for the win (11:05) ***1/2. After the match, Swinger and
Gilbertti run in and attack AMW. They then take the belts and walk out of the

Thoughts: A
damn good match. They really had the crowd going at the end and this was a
tough crowd all night long. These guys have fantastic chemistry and this feud
has gotten off to a great start. Its awesome to see that AMW found another team
to feud with.


Jerry Lynn
is blocked from entering the arena by Red-Shirt Security. Don Callis comes out
and says that despite the fact Lynn is a good wrestler, he was too violent last
week and now suspended from the company,as he offended their target
demographic. Callis hands him a list of rules he needs to follow and Lynn throws
a hissy fit before leaving. This segment was very effective in making Lynn look
like a complete pussy.


Up next is
a promo of the guys competing in the four-way X Division number one contender’s
match. Michael Shane says that he is the cousin of Shawn Michaels. Joey
Matthews cuts an awful promo about how he loves money. Danny Doring gives one
of his goofy promos and Shark Boy is with Norman Smiley and he only wants to do
the Big Wiggle as Smiley tries to get him to focus. This match did nothing at
all in making these guys seem like a threat to the belt.


X Division Number One Contender’s

Michael Shane vs. Joey Matthews vs.
Danny Doring vs. Shark Boy

takes down Shane to start until Matthews makes a blind tag and double teams
Doring. Shark Boy takes them both out with a missile dropkick and takes down
Matthews with a headscissors. Doring and Shark Boy work together, as does Shane
& Matthews and they go back and forth for a bit, in an elimination match.
Shane gets a one count on Doring as he and Matthews continue to team up. They
start a car-crash spot, highlighted with a tope con hilo by Shane. This match
is completely heatless and there is no chemistry between any of the workers. Shark
Boy hits the DSD on Matthews but gets clotheslined by Doring, who the hits him
with a top rope leg drop. All of a sudden, Elix Skipper runs out and clears the
ring. He stands on the announcer’s table and cuts a promo stating he will beat
up all these punks until he gets to face Jerry Lynn. He leaves and the camera
focuses on the match, as Shane eliminates Doring with the Sweet Chin Music (7:01),
then does the same to Matthews (7:12). Shark Boy dodges the attack and gets two
off a neckbreaker.  He hits Shane with
mounted punches in the corner but Shane fights back and hits a Fisherman’s DDT
for the win (8:12) ½*.

Thoughts: What
a clusterfuck. The mid-match promo by Skipper didn’t help anything either. The guys
in the ring had no chemistry at all and besides a few highspots, it was awful. Shane
has lloked good but trying to make him into the next Shawn Michaels is not
working at all.


Hudson is with Erik Watts. He refers to himself in the third-person then says
that Russo will be handcuffed to him during the Heavyweight Title match between
AJ Styles and D’Lo Brown. Also, if Sonny Siaki, Trinity, or Joe Legend interfere,
Styles will lose the title.


In the
ring, Shane Douglas cuts a promo about how great he is and how he pinned Raven
last week. Douglas looks like a fucking mess, just completely bloated and
similar to how Curt Hennig looked before he passed. This goes on for too long
until Raven runs in and attacks Douglas. He has a bodybag with him as they
start brawling. Raven hits him with the Raven Effect and attempts to put him in
the bag but James Mitchell and the New Church appear on the screen, with Julio
and Alexis all tied up. Mitchell says he can either stay in the ring and finish
off the man who caused him humiliation or for once put others before himself.
Raven stands for a second then leaves to look for the Gathering. For all that
TNA has done wrong at this point, they have been brilliant in turning Raven
into a face. It has been masterful, actually.


Scott Hudson
is with Larry Zbyszko, who will face Kid Kash tonight. Larry promises to rid of
Kash, who he refers to as a wannabe.


Kid Kash vs. Larry Zbyszko

of stalling to start. The fans start chanting “where’s your walker” at Larry,
who then does an impression of someone using a walker. Larry grounds Kash and
they take it to the mat, with Larry gaining the upper hand. Larry works on Kash
in the corner, who comes back with a double springboard crossbody block that Larry
was out of position for. Kash pushes the ref then gets slapped down. He locks
on a sleeper then turn it into an iron claw, which Larry breaks by squeezing
Kash’s balls. Larry hits a backdrop and rubs Kash’s face into the mat. Abyss
runs in and charge nito Kash by accident but hits Larry with the Black Hole
Slam as the ref is checking on Kash, who then covers for the win (6:01) ¼*.

A nothing match that the crowd didn’t care to see. The legends deal with Kash is
alright but Larry wrestles a dated style that caused this crowd to make fun of
him for being old. Kash is still one of the best heels in the company


Raven is
backstage screaming while looking for the Gathering but it turns out that they
are in the ring. Mitchell tells Raven he is surprised that he took the moral
high ground as Raven runs out and takes out the New Church until Shane Douglas
runs in and Raven gets destroyed. Julio breaks free and tries to help but he
gets tossed outside. Mitchell sets up the bodybag and Douglas rolls him inside
and the New Church stomp away.


video package airs on the day in the life of Mad Mikey. He is still pissed off
at everyone. This was fine for what it was, a lower-card comedy act, and it was
funny at times.


Hudson is backstage with Glen Gilbertti, Simon Diamond, and Johnny Swinger.
Gilbertti uses a bunch of country references to mock AMW. Anyway, AMW run out
and attack them and they wind up back into the ring. Gilbertti attacks AMW with
the straps then they all attack AMW, until security clears the ring.


A video
package on the feud between Frankie Kazarian and Chris Sabin airs.


X-Division Title Match

Frankie Kazarian vs. Chris Sabin

The match starts with a very fast-paced sequence
that is won by Kazarian. Sabin then catches Kazarian with a release German
suplex, with his head whacking the middle turnbuckle. Sabin hits a clothesline
for two. He roughs up Kazarian before getting two off a suplex. Kazarian
counters a uranage with a crucifix and that gets two. Sabin grabs a chinlock
but Kazarian is able to eventually kick him to the floor. He slides out and
they do a sequence that ends with Kazarian hitting a DDT on Sabin on the
rebound after being backdropped against the ropes. In the ring, Kazarian hits
Sabin with an Ocean Cyclone Suplex off the top rope and that gets two! Sabin
eats boot off a charge but is able to eventually leap up top and hit him with a
belly to belly and that gets two. They trade punches until Sabin kicks Kazarian
into the ref. He then grabs the belt and hits Kazarian and the ref counts to
three. Referee Andrew Thomas then runs out and orders that the match must be
restarted. As soon as it starts, Kazarian hits Sabin with the Wave of the
Future (7:21) **1/2. Rudy Charles then runs out and grabs the belt and orders
that he is taking the belt and will go talk to Erik Watts to get an official

Not their best match and the ending was terrible, actually. It looks like they
will eventually build up to a three-way, including Shane, which should at least
produce some good matches.


Technical difficulties
initially prevent us from seeing Three Live Crew at a trailer park but it
appears after a few minutes. Konnan and Killings arrive and ask a guy working
on his car where BG is who is then shown rubbing himself after pointing them in
the right direction. BG is shown cleaning his carburetor in the river as the
creepy guy is shown stalking them. Killings then chases him and that is how
this awful segment ends. Also, Three Live Crew will be back in the Asylum next


Daniels cuts a promo in the crowd. This went on for an eternity, due to the
fact that it took the crew forever to set up the cage.  Anyway, he talks about how he is here to show
us that sports entertainment has changed his life. Poor Daniels is just dying
out there as he talks about how tradition got him nowhere and it is just
stagnation. He tries to get those in the crowd to undergo metamorphoses and
then attacks a fan who throws a drink on him. Jeff Jarrett comes out and grabs the
mic. He cuts a promo on Daniels and grabs a chair and sits in the ring as they
continue to set up the cage. He promises he will not leave until Daniels comes
back out. Black-Shirt security run out as does the Red-shirt security and they
fight as Daniels attacks Jarrett from behind. The Red-Shirt guys allow Daniels
to get the upper hand. None of this got over well at all.


A video
package airs on the feud between AJ Styles and D’Lo Brown. It lasted a long


Most Wanted runs down and interrupts West and Tenay as they run down next week’s
show. Harris says that next week, they will have a six-man tag match against
Gilbertti, Diamond and Swinger, with Dusty Rhodes as their partner, who is
introduced via telephone.


Tenay is
with AJ and Vince Russo in an interview recorded earlier in the day. AJ says
that he is associated with Russo as he will do whatever it takes to keep his
NWA-TNA Heavyweight Belt. This goes on for a while, with Russo not saying a
single word until the end, when he tells AJ he can leave, then threatens Tenay
to say whatever problems he has with him to his face. Russo promises that the next
time Tenay disrespects either him or AJ he will be held responsible then they
end up yelling about Jarrett, like every other conversation that these two have


Hudson is with D’Lo from earlier today. He said little of note other than that
he would never align with Russo. No one is buying D’Lo as a potential champion.


Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight

D’Lo Brown vs. AJ Styles (Champion)
w/Vince Russo

Watts and
Russo are handcuffed, attached by a long chain. The crowd is mild, as the long
time it took to set this up probably took away their excitement. They start by
going back and forth, with neither man able to gain the advantage. D’Lo gets a
scoop slam and a hiptoss. He attempts to catapult AJ into the cage but he is
able to hold himself up and come back with a back elbow smash. D’Lo turns him
inside-out with a clothesline as Watts is shown dragging Russo around the ring.
AJ kicks D’Lo in the nuts on a float over attempt then stomps away. D’Lo
catches AJ in midair and rams him into the cage. AJ is between the ropes and the
cage as D’Lo grinds his head on the cage, busting him up. He heads up top but
AJ cuts him off then dropkicks him off the ropes. AJ hits D’Lo with a charging
dropkick and busts him up with that. D’Lo is able to catch AJ with a Samoan
Drop. He hits AJ with a bunch of suplexes before hitting the Alabama Slam. D’Lo
hits a frog splash but that only gets two. D’Lo charges but AJ backdrops him
into the cage. He the hits the Styles Clash but D’Lo kicks out at the last
second. D’Lo catches AJ and rams him into the cage before hitting the Sky High.
He tosses down AJ and heads up to the top of the cage but Russo throws powder
into the eyes of Watts, who then rams him into the cage, causing D’Lo to fall.
Both men are down then AJ eventually covers for the win (10:18) **1/4. Siaki,
Trinity, and Legend enter the ring, as does Russo, for the celebration. Russo
runs down D’Lo as the show goes off the air.

Thoughts: Disappointing
match with an anti-climactic ending. AJ sold a majority of the time and the cage
prevented him from performing his high-flying moves.


Final Thoughts: Well, TNA has two really good feuds
going on right now, between Raven and Shane Douglas & the New Church, and
the feud between AMW and Diamond & Swinger. It looks as if Jarrett will
feud with AJ for the belt after he is finished with Daniels, as there is no one
else for AJ to feud with. The X division is starting to improve, with the
addition of Shane and Kazarian too. However, a lot of these matches have bad
finishes and that needs to improve. Overall, this was a fine show.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #55

July 30, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay.
The show starts with a video highlight package of last week’s Best of Three Series between AJ Styles and Vince Russo.
Scott Hudson is in the parking lot and approaches Trinity and AJ, who are getting out of a limo, but AJ said Russo told him to say no comment. Sonny Siaki comes out as a camera man, who he claims is filming a documentary about him. In reality, they were filming a documentary about TNA.  
Elix Skipper vs. Jerry Lynn
Tenay lets us know that this match was formed as a result of Skipper challenging Lynn to find who is pound-for-pound the best wrestler in TNA. Skipper attacks Lynn to start but Lynn escapes from a Play of the Day attempt and gets a La Magistral rollup for the win (0:25). Skipper is pissed and grabs the mic and says if Lynn was half the man is says he is, he will wrestle him best two-out-of-three. They start the second match, with Lynn up 1-0. Skipper stomps Lynn but he fights back. Skipper crotches Lynn on the ropes and does his ropewalk hurricarana, getting two. Skipper chokes out Lynn with the ropes then they royally fuckup a slingshot clothesline spot, ending with Skipper getting two. Skipper works the arm as the crowd chants for Lynn. Legdrop gets two. He drapes Lynn over the apron and takes him down with a scissor kick. Lynn manages to come back with a backdrop and a neckbreraker. He gets two off an STO. Skipper escapes a cradle piledriver attempt and slingshots Lynn in the corner. He picks him up but knocks accidentally knocks down the ref in the process. Skipper gets a low blow and grabs his scale but misses a shot and Lynn kicks it in his face and covers for the win (6:25) *1/4.
Thoughts: The match was nothing and the singles push for Skipper is failing. Looks like they are now sticking him in a feud with Lynn, who has really cooled off in TNA, wrestling mostly in meaningless matches
Sonny Siaki, minus the camera man, makes his way to the ring accompanied by Trinity. He refers to himself as the past, present, and future of NWA-TNA. He has the “magic stick” (If you don’t know the reference, it is from 50 cent). Siaki tells AJ that if not for him, D’Lo would have won the belt and if he has a problem, he can come out. AJ comes out and they argue with each other as the crowd starts a “know your role” chant towards Siaki after AJ told him he was his bag carrier. Siaki called himself Russo’s right-hand man then AJ Slaps him. D’Lo Brown comes out and tells AJ he doesn’t need these guys and when alone, everyone can see how great he can be. D’Lo proposes they face off noe-on-one without any outside interference as the crowd chants for D’Lo. AJ says it bothers him that he was close to losing the belt and agrees to a rematch as AJ they shake hands. Siaki and Trinity attack D’Lo from behind and AJ brushes them off but it was a swerve as he joins in on the attack. Erik Watts runs out and chokeslams Siaki as AJ and Trinity bail. Watts says that D’Lo and AJ will fight for the belt next week in a fifteen-foot high steel cage but Legend, Trinity and “Acehole” will not be here but Russo will be back in his corner, handcuffed to him. God, this was long, over ten minutes, and D’Lo comes off like a goof.
Scott Hudson is with Raven and Julio in “Raven’s Lair.” He asks where CM Punk is and Julio said he flaked out on them. I believe he was in Japan. Raven said he would go to hell in order to get his hands on Shane Douglas. Alexis appears and said she would be the third member of the team.
Edward Chastain w/Don Callis vs. Sandman
Before the match, Callis says that if Sandman wrestles a hardcore style, he will be “downsized.” Callis joins commentary, stating he is doing an assessment of the announcers booth. Chastain attacks Sandman and hits a leg drop. He tosses him to the floor but misses a senton off the apron. On commentary, Callis says the fans do not know what they want as Sandman hits Chastain with a leg lariat. In the ring, Sandman accidentally hits the ref when he goes for his kendo stick and whacks Chastain before hitting a Russian Leg Sweep for the win (2:11) DUD. Callis says this is not what the people want then proceeds to tell Chastain that he can use him as a reference but that he just became a victim of corporate downsizing.
Thoughts: At least it was short. Sandman is useless here and Chastain sucks. Callis was okay but the corporate gimmick can only go so far and it seems like his character exists justs to get mad at all the awful hardcore and women’s matches.
Shark Boy is shown looking sad near his pool as he learned New Jack got suspended.  Norman Smiley and Athena try to cheer him up. Norman shows them how to do the big wiggle and becomes his new partner.
Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger vs. Norman Smiley & Shark Boy
The faces briefly take control to start. Shark Boy gets double-teamed as Diamond hits a few suplexes. Shark Boy gets slapped after doing the wiggle and Swinger tags. He kills him with a clothesline and stretches him out from the tree-of-woe position. He continues the assault as several in the front row are wearing Shark Boy masks. Shark Boy manages to hit a jawbreaker and makes the tag. Smiley runs wild but gets caught with a super kick when trying the Big Wiggle. Shark Boy hits Swinger with a missile dropkick but gets caught with the Problem Solver (DDT/Flapjack combo) and Swinger gets the pin (5:05) *. After the match, Gilbertti bullies Borash and they attempt to whip him but America’s Most Wanted run out for the save then challenge them to a rawhide strap match next week. Storm cut the promo and was difficult to understand at times.
Thoughts: The match wasn’t much but it continues the feud, which has been pretty good so far.  
A clip of Tenay’s interview with Vince Russo. Russo says that AJ has been by his side and is the champ. He says SEX is on the backburner because of Jeff Jarrett. He reports he is obsessed with Jeff Jarrett and will do whatever he can to keep him off television for ruining his vision of sports entertainment.
Hudson interviews Chris Sabin. He asks him when Frankie Kazarian will get another shot at the title. Sabin feels that as champ, he shouldn’t even have to share the same ring as him but  Watts interrupts and names a special referee for the match, then brings out Kazarian, who is wearing a referee shirt.
X Division Championship Match
Michael Shane vs. Chris Sabin (Champion) with Special Guest Referee Frankie Kazarian
Shane is billed as the cousin of Shawn Michaels. They start by having a nice sequence on the mat. Shane then snaps of a rana and gets two off a leg lariat. Sabin sends Shane to the floor with a missile dropkick but gets knocked off the apron and Shane flies out with a tope con hilo. Shane rolls Sabin in the ring but gets tossed off the top rope and crotched on the top rope. Sabin dropkicks Shane to the floor and follows out with a beautiful springboard plancha. Back in the ring, Sabin uses a surfboard then applies a bodyscissors at the same time. Sabin tries a top rope bulldog but Shane fights back and hits a swinging neckbreaker. The crowd is cold as both men struggle to get to their feet. Shane is up first and hits a flying forearm and a clothesline. They have a reversal sequence ending with Shane hitting a Downward Spiral for two. Sabin comes back with a Tornado DDT that gets two. Shane floats over on a Future Shock attempt then murders Sabin with a super kick that gets two. This has been a damn good match but the crowd is dead. Sabin hits Shane with a DDT from the bodybreaker position for two. He is upset at the count by Kazarian, as the crowd starts a “that was three” chant. He grabs the belt but Kazarian takes it away and Shane gets a rollup for two. Sabin comes back with a kick to the face the pushes Kazarian, who hits Sabin with the Wave of the Future. Shane covers and Kazarian almost counts to three but referee Rudy Charles comes out and stops him then throws him out of the ring. In the ring, Sabin hits Shane with the belt and Charles counts to three for the win (9:02) ***1/2.
Thoughts: Awesome match. Shane impressed in his debut and Sabin has been fantastic in his matches. Adding these guys has really helped the X Division.
A day in the life of Mad Mikey is next. His gimmick is that he is like the Life Cereal kid but now older and always pissed off. They show him beating the shit out of his roommates and throwing his work computer off the deck. He then flips out at the drive-thru guy for putting cheese on his burger and climbs through after the guy. He will also be here next week. Not bad, actually and Mikey is fine as a lower mid-card comedy act.
Replay of Kid Kash insulting the NWA legends last week.
Kid Kash vs. Ricky Morton
The story here is that Morton is pissed at Kash and wants to show him some respect. Morton doesn’t look a day under 55 here. The match starts with Kash stalling as Sara Lee is shown outside the ring. Morton hits a few armdrags then clotheslines him to the floor. He follows out with a tope and it didn’t look bad at all. KAsh boots him in the gut but fails on a baseball slide. Kash sends Morton into the steps and rolls him back in the ring. Top rope clothesline gets two. Kash grabs a chinlock to Morton escapes and they begin to trade chops. Kash hits a facebreaker then uses a keylock. The crowd is chanting for Morton as Corsica Joe now makes his way out. Kash kicks Morton down but misses a coast-to-coast dropkick. Morton hits an overhead belly-to-belly then gets two off a dropkick. Sunset flip gets two. Kash uses an eye rake and goes up top but Morton cuts him off. Morton goes up top and nearly kills himself trying a hurricarana. The ref checks on Kash then Abyss comes out and hits a Torture Rack Backbreaker and Kash covers for the win (6:10) **1/2. After the match, Kash yells at Lee and Morton attacks him but Kash uses the Smashmouth as Kash is separated from Lee by security, who starts to laugh.
Thoughts: Morton looked terribly out of shape but brought the goods tonight. He wrestled this like it was his last match ever. Kash is an awesome heel and it looks like the feud between the legends and Kash will continue.
Three Live Crew are now in the Latin hood. BG gets the shits and stinks up the bathroom and Killings gets tanked on tequila, ending up shirtless and wearing a sombrero. Konnan has to carry him out as BG emerges from the shitter and says that next week they will go to his trailer park. At least it was funnier than last week
In the ring, Lollipop and April Pennington are in the ring with straps. They call out the Bitchslap Girls, who come out with Trinity. She pushes them in the ring and watches them get whipped. Valentina ends up getting whipped on the ass. This was very short, maybe a minute long.
Another video from the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels.” He will continue to bring his message to the masses and warns us to say our prayers. He will be returning next week.
Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match
Shane Douglas & New Church w/James Mitchell vs. Raven & The Gathering
The Gathering runs to the ring and starts grabbing all the weapons. They chase the New Church and Douglas out of the ring. Alexis flies out but gets caught and dumped on the floor. Julio also gets caught but Raven baseball slides him and everyone falls. A pier six brawl erupts outside as Douglas clotheslines Raven off the guardrail. Julio gets busted open by Slash and opens him up some more. Douglas, with everything he is doing looking terrible, beats on Raven in the crowd. In the ring, The Gathering are getting destroyed as Douglas works the crowd. Slash hits Alexis with the helicopter slam. Lee puts Julio on his shoulders as Slash comes off top but Julio turns it into a victory roll for two. Lee accidentally boots Douglas to the floor in a terrible looking spot then Alexis takes Slash to the floor with a rana before walking into a big boot from Lee, who looks like he lost ten pounds since last week. Alexis slides under Lee, who walks into a double superkick. Raven and his Gathering take control, with Laree whacking everyone with the kendo stick. The crowd is awakening as everyone is brawling. Raven plaes Douglas on the table outside and hits an elbow drop as Alexis hits Slash with a tornado DDT. All of a sudden, the mummy-like person pulls Raven underneath the ring. Julio fights off the New Church as Raven is rolled back to the floor and Douglas covers for the win (9:48) **1/4.
Thoughts: Not bad, but Lee and Douglas are just horrible at this point and cant do anything right. Lee looks emaciated and Douglas has the cardiovascular condition of my grandma. The crowd loves Raven though and his face run has been really good.
Scott Hudson is backstage interviewing D’Lo, who is behind the cage. He cuts a very lame promo on AJ hyping the match next week.
West plugs next week’s show, including:
AJ Styles vs. D’Lo Brown in a cage match for the Heavyweight Title
Chris Sabin vs. Frankie Kazarian for the X Division Title
America’s Most Wanted vs. Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger in a Rawhide Strap Match
Hudson is now with AJ Styles. Wearing a white t-shirt with a necklace you can get at the front desk of American Eagle is not the look of a champion. I like AJ but he came off like he was in the Appalachian version of the Backstreet Boys and as the champ, that is a no-no.
We see a video hyping the feud between Joe Legend and Jeff Jarrett.
Guitar and Baseball Bat on a Pole Match
Joe Legend vs. Jeff Jarrett
Jarrett gets the upper hand to start the match. He hits a dropkick but ends up running into a knee. He goes for the guitar but gets shoved to the floor. Jarrett follows him out and roughs him up before going for the guitar. Legend stops him but Jarrett fires back with mounted punches. Legends hits a facebuster out of a fireman’s carry then stomps away. He works a surfboard/chinlock move the catches Jarrett and hits a backbreaker. He works the arm while landing some kidney shots. He goes for the guitar but Jarrett catches him with a running powerbomb. Both men struggle to get up then start to brawl. Legends gets a powerslam and goes up top but Jarrett slams him off. Jarrett hits him with the Stroke on het second attempt but Siaki runs out and grabs the bat from him. Jarrett tosses him out and Legend hits him with the bat on the head but that only gets two as West explains it was not a clean hit and if it was, that would have been a three count. Siaki up top and goes for guitar but Black shirt Security take him down. Jarrett has the bat and hits Siaki in the leg but Red shirt Security take the bat from Jarrett and that allows Legend to hit the uranage for two. He goes for the guitar but Jarrett cuts him off and hits a superplex. Jarrett goes up top but Legend stops him and they battle for the guitar the Jarrett hits the Stroke from the top rope. He goes back up and grabs the guitar but misses the shot and Legend hits a super kick. Legend goes up top with the bat but Jarrett hits the guitar that doesn’t break and a middle-rope shot connects for the win (9:01) **. After the match, Christopher Daniels comes out and attacks Jarrett.  He hits Jarrett with a split-legged moonsault on the floor while wearing a suit. He yells “tradition ends tonight” as he continues his assault. Legend hits a neckbreaker and Daniels comes off top with the bat.  
Thoughts:  Not a bad match but this feud is really cold. Daniels returning to a bigger push is nice though.                        
Final Thoughts: I thought the show was decent enough. Nothing was embarrassing but these feuds aren’t clicking and the lack of depth in the heavyweight division is glaring.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #54

July 23, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay


Best of Three Match Series, Match #1
D’Lo Brown vs. AJ Styles w/Trinity
This is a singles match. West lets us know that Vince Russo has been barred from ringside for all matches tonight. AJ takes an exaggerated bump off a shoulder block then gets elbowed out of the ring. D’Lo rolls him back inside and gets two off a top rope clothesline. AJ blocks a rana and turns that into an ankle lock but D’Lo turns that into a facebuster, getting two. D’Lo roughs up AJ but gets caught on a float over and hit with an Alabama Slam. Dropkick gets two. They go back and forth for a bit until AJ hits him with the Pele Kick. D’Lo hammers away the hits a few clotheslines. He gets nearfalls off a spinebuster and a suplex then tosses AJ to the floor. Trinity stun-guns D’Lo and AJ hits a springboard 450, getting two. D’Lo cuts off AJ on the top rope and hits a super fallaway slam but Trinity distracts the ref and that allows Sonny Siaki to run out and hit the Siakalypse Now and he puts AJ on top, who gets the pin (7:44) *3/4.
Thoughts: I didn’t like this match much, as they were already working like they were at the end of the third fall halfway through. There were some nice spots but that was about it as the fans weren’t buying this.
Elix Skipper vs. Mad Mikey
Mikey is the former Crash Holly, who was recently released from the WWE. He came out to answer an open challenge from Skipper. They start by trading off basic stuff. Mikey dodges a charge and Skipper with a backbreaker. He stomps Skipper after coming down from the top rope and hits the Hop Splash. Skipper tosses Mikey on the top rope with an inverted suplex then takes him off with a legdrop. Mikey fights back and gets two with a victory roll but Skipper takes him down then kicks and elbows him on the head and neck. Mikey hits a neckbreaker as both men are down. Mikey wins a slugfest and show fire, unlike the crowd. Mikey bulldogs Skipper after a stungun then gets two off a crossbody block. After a reversal sequence, Mikey sends Skipper into the middle turnbuckle with a headscissors and rolls him up for two. Mikey gets frustrated then they fight over the scale. The ref takes it away and Skipper caches Mikey with a catatonic for the win (6:35) *1/2.
Thoughts: The Skipper push isn’t clicking. He is a decent enough worker but has nothing going for him in terms of being a singles wrestler. Mikey being brought in was a waste, as they didn’t need someone who was as low on the card in the WWE as he was. Hell, he was Shannon Moore’s apprentice as a Mattitude follower. Any X Division guy could have been used in this spot and it would have accomplished the same thing.
A video recap of the feud between Joe Legend and Jeff Jarrett. This was long and dull, much like every segment involved with this feud.
Before the match, Legend was talking down to the Black-Shirt Security then cuts a basic anti-American promo, with the crowd starting a USA chant. He said he hired Black Security, making fun of them for being wimps, in order to keep Jarrett away from him.
Handicapped Match
Joe Legend vs. Matt Sydal & Altar Boy Luke
After some counters, Legend hits a double clothesline. He backhands Sydal to the floor then throws around Luke. Legend blocks an axe handle by Sydal then hits him with a sitout chokeslam. Luke breaks that up with a basement dropkick but gets hit with a TKO. Jarrett is now on the ramp with his guitar and sits down. Legend gets hit with a double team move but gets the advantage and puts both men on his back and hits a stunner. He then hits both men with the Stone Cutter for the win (3:37). After the match, Jarrett asks the ref if the match is officially over and security parts, allowing Jarrett to run in after Legend. Jarrett hits a stroke and grabs the guitar but Red Shirt security, (Kevin Northcutt & Ryan Wilson), run in and stop the attack. Northcutt shoves Jarrett, who then hammers away.
Thoughts: This is the feud that will never end. Legend looked alright in this match though.
Scott Hudson is backstage in front of a locker room door. Russo can be heard inside, warning AJ about D’Lo as the submission match between the two is next.
Another “Fallen Angel” promo airs. He says those who do not embrace sports entertainment will be cast aside.
Best of Three Match Series, Match #2
Submission Match
D’Lo Brown vs. AJ Styles
Siaki attacks Brown on the ramp, allowing AJ to clip D’Lo from behind. Siaki gets thrown out as AJ works on the leg in the ring. D’Lo punches away but sells the knee and AJ knocks him down. AJ uses a crossface after a crucifix attempt as Russo is seen peaking through the stage. AJ grapevines the leg then uses a few more submission holds then get frustrated and ends up getting caught with a stunner in midair. D’Lo struggles to stand up but is able to clothesline AJ. He then gets taken down and AJ applies a Sharpshooter. AJ keeps on dragging him back into the middle of the ring but D’Lo is able to reverse the hold and AJ taps (5:50) *.
Thoughts: Bad match with lousy psychology. The ending was shit too. This three match series has done nothing but devalue the belt at this point.
We get an interview with Don Callis, who is the new TNA management consultant. He makes sure that everyone knows he has his MBA. Callis says the future of TNA is bright and he is perfect in business and wrestling management. Tenay asks about his hatred of hardcore wrestling and he says they downsized, by getting rid of New Jack and Sandman and mentions how he wants to get rid of the women while quoting his market research studies that he claims shows how fans do not want hardcore matches and scantily clad women.
Nurse Veronica and Valentina come out and call themselves the “Bitchslap Girls.” They call out Lollipop and April Pennington, who come out but get stopped by security. The referee starts a “let them fight” chant and the crowd comes alive as the girls brawl for under a minute until Trinity runs out and orders around the Bitchslap Girls before powerbombing Lollipop. The brawling with the girls was terrible.
The 3 Live Crew bring us another taped segment. They are in the hood this week. BG acts scared and ends up being unintentionally racist as a result. The only funny moment was when he asked a guy with his kids if he just bought a “forty.” It ends with BG going into a salon and coming out with a perm and holding a forty, dressed like a pimp. Not a good segment.  
Glen Gilbertti is in the ring, requesting Jeremy Borash. He promises that he will not hurt him, unlike last week, and asks him that since he loves America’s Most Wanted, he would make a great valet and hands him a dress and a cowboy hat. He demands Borash put on the clothes then pushes him around when he refuses. AMW runs out and tears off Gilbertti’s clothes but Diamond and Swinger attack them from behind, right before their match.
Tag-Title Match
America’s Most Wanted (Champions) vs. Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger w/Glen Gilberrti
Diamond & Swinger continue their assault but AMW comes back and tosses them outside. Harris backdrops Storm onto their opponents and he follows that with a plancha. They brawl outside the ring for a bit. Back in the ring, Swinger clotheslines Harris and takes control of the match. Harris gets double-teamed in the corner then Diamond gets two off a snap suplex. They use quick tags to neutralize Harris but he is able to fight back and tag Storm, who runs wild. A bit of miscommunication occurs between Storm and Swinger in the process. Diamond trips up Storm then stun-guns him on the railing. Storm is now in trouble as he gets double-teamed in the ring. They get a few nearfalls on Storm, using suplexes, until Storm and Diamond collide. Storm hits a back suplex and both men are down again. Storm makes the tag and the crowd does not care. He clotheslines Diamond to the floor and gets two off a crossbody on Swinger. They go for the Hart Attack but Diamond pulls down the top rope on Harris and Diamond super kicks Storm as Swinger rolls him up for two. Harris now pulls down the rope on Diamond and then hit Swinger with the Death Sentence but Gilbertti runs out, now wearing pants, and breaks up the pin with a bullrope for the DQ (9:15) **1/2. He continues the assault as Diamond and Swinger whip them with belts. This lasts for a while until several referees run out to stop them.
Thoughts: Lame finish aside, this was a solid match. The end would assume that a bullrope match would take place next. These guys had good chemistry.
A video package airs on the feud between Shane Douglas and Raven.
Scott Hudson is backstage with the New Church and Shane Douglas. Brian Lee looks to weigh about 175 lbs here. Mitchell and Douglas cut promos on Raven, similar to every other one they have done during this feud
New Church & Shane Douglas w/James Mitchell vs. Raven & Julio & CM Punk
The match starts with a brawl and ends with Raven and the Gathering dumping their opponents outside. Slash and Punk are now in the ring. Punk hits a running knee smash and a discus forearm but gets caught with a sitout powerbomb. Lee is in and drops a bunch of elbows and they use quick tags until Punk fights back and tags Julio. He takes out everyone with spin kicks and hits Slash with a full nelson slam for a nearfall. Lee pulls out Julio and rams him into the post before rolling him back inside, where Slash hits him with a helicopter slam. Julio gets neutralized in the corner for a while as the crowd starts chanting for “Julio.”  Slash misses a senton as both and that allows Julio to tag Raven. He goes wild but Douglas bails and Raven chases him to the back, where a man in a white mask and suit drags him behind the curtain. In the ring, Lee gets dumped outside as Punk & Julio work on Slash but Douglas crotches Julio on the top rope and Slash puts Punk on his shoulders as they hit the Doomsday Device. Slash pulls out a table from under the ring and sets it up in the corner as Raven is shown crawling to the ring, wearing a crimson mask. Slash drags him inside but Raven fights back. He hits everyone with the Raven Effect but Mitchell runs in and that allows Douglas to spear him through the table and get the win (9:22) **1/2.
Thoughts: Better than I would have thought, considering the guys in this match. Punk looked the best he has in TNA so far and had a nice sequence with Slash at the beginning. This feud has been solid and the crowd is buying Raven as a top face.
The final part of the Sting Interview airs. They talk about how Christianity is the focal point of his life and Sting says that there was a lot of good and bad in wrestling but god was holding him all along. He said he was ready to lose not only his marriage, but also his life before giving his life to the lord in August of 1998.
Mike Tenay introduces several legends as they welcome the new Head of Authority. The legends are Sara Lee, Corsica Joe, Ricky Morton, Larry Zbyszko, and Harley Race. Kid Kash comes out and tells Tenay to step aside so he can run down the legends. He calls Lee the first “working rat” of this business and calls Race a disgrace to wrestling, which causes Morton, his trainer, to berate him for his blatant disrespect. Kash pushes him and pulls Lee in front of him but Erik Watts comes out from behind and chokeslams him before introducing himself as the new Head of Authority. Watts as the Head of Authority was predictable when he started referring to himself in the third person a few weeks back, as no one believed that Bischoff was the “Eric from WCW.”
West runs down next week’s show which includes
Michael Shane (Billed as Shawn Michael’s cousin) vs. Chris Sabin for the X Division Title
Jeff Jarrett vs. Joe Legend in a Double Pole Match (guitar and a bat on a pole match)
Raven & CM Punk & Julio vs. Shane Douglas & New Church in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match.
Raven is up in the Raven’s Nest with Punk and Julio. He promotes the match for next week.
Best of Three Match Series, Match #3
Ladder Match
D’Lo Brown vs. AJ Styles w/Trinity
They both run out on the ramp to grab the ladder and end up brawling. AJ slides under the guardrail and pushes it into D’Lo as he charges. D’Lo fights back and leaps off the steps and takes him out with a clothesline. D’Lo grabs the ladder and tosses it at AJ as he attempts a tope. D’Lo sets up a table outside of the ring but gets taken down with a springboard hurricarana as he enters the ring. AJ flies out with an insane tope con hilo. The crowd is going nuts as both men are down. In the ring, Styles uses a chair and goes out to grab the ladder and sets it up in the corner and whips D’Lo. AJ wedges a chair in the corner but D’Lo fights back. AJ yanks him off the ladder and uses it as a weapon. He goes to climb but D’Lo tosses him off and climbs up. He reaches the belt but AJ cuts him off then pushes him off. AJ tosses the ladder at D’Lo then grabs another table from underneath the ring but D’Lo hits him with an overhead suplex. D’Lo places AJ on the table and climbs the ladder in the ring and hits the frog splash. Poor AJ, as that looked like it fucking killed him. D’Lo drags the ladder in the middle of the ring and climbs but Sonny Siaki runs out and pushes him off and he bounces off the table set up outside. Siaki retreats as AJ climbs but D’Lo meets him up top and they fight over the belt and fall down, with both men holding the belt on the mat. Russo runs out and yells at the ref, who whispers is decision to Borash, who then lets us know that AJ Styles has won the match and retains the championship (10:59) **1/4. The show immediately ends afterwards.
Thoughts: Another solid match tainted by a shitty finish. Even though this was mostly a collection of spots, it was fun. Overall, I still call the series between these two a failure that devalued the belt.
Final Thoughts: The show was okay but a lot of these matches left a bad taste in your mouth due to the terrible finishes. The Douglas/Raven feud is working, as is the tag feud, but the Raven/Legend stuff is going nowhere. No X Division showcase this week is a disappointment too. The promotion is still struggling to find an identity and looks nothing more than a low-rent WWE at this point.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #53

July 16, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
The show starts with Jeff Jarrett and Joe Legend brawling around ringside. Security struggles to intervene. After that, Tenay tells us that they will have a match tonight.
Tenay also notes that next week, D’Lo Brown will face AJ Styles in a ladder match for the Heavyweight Championship.
D’Lo Brown comes out to the ring. He plays to the crowd then lets us know that next week, it is in fact a 2-out-of-3 falls match, with the first being a regular singles match, second fall a submission match, and the third fall is the ladder match. He then calls out Sonny Siaki, stating that if he beats him tonight, the NWA Board told him that he could get five minutes with Vince Russo in the ring.


D’Lo Brown vs. Sonny Siaki w/Trinity
D’Lo takes out Siaki with a plancha as he heads to the ring. He rolls him inside and gets two off a slingshot senton. He roughs him up then heads up top but Trinity grabs his leg, allowing Siaki to take him down. He gets two off a neckbreaker then hits some mounted punches. Clothesline gets two. T-Bone suplex gets two. Suplex gets two. This is very slow-paced and clunky so far. D’Lo hits a cutter and both men are down. The crowd is quiet as D’Lo makes his comeback. He gets two off a calf kick then takes him down with a Thesz Press. Spinebuster gets two. Trinity climbs up top but D’Lo ducks the attack and she takes out Siaki, allowing D’Lo to use a jackknife cradle for the win (4:29) ¼*.
Thoughts: Bad match. These two were not on the same page at all and Siaki seemed like he was out of position for every spot. No one in the crowd seemed to care about D’Lo, which is a bad sign seeing that he is the number one contender for the heavyweight title.
A video package airs hyping the Last Man Standing Match between Justin Credible and Jerry Lynn. Credible promises that the beating Lynn will receive will in fact be just incredible.
Last Man Standing Match
Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn
The rules here state that the person who does not get up after a ten second count, either by pinfall or submission, will be the loser. They brawl in the ring to start, with the crowd behind Lynn.  He hits Credible with a springboard dropkick then drags him out of the ring. He then hits his apron leg drop and they go back and forth until Credible sends him into the steps. He busts Lynn open and digs into the cut. Back in the ring, Credible beats on Lynn in the corner. Sitout powerbomb gets two. Credible sets up a table outside the ring but Lynn takes him down with a somersault senton. He slingshots Credible into the post, busting him open. Credible has blood pouring down his face that is rolling down his body. Back in the ring, they trade stiff chops in the corner. They are both up top and Lynn takes him down with a superplex, but that only gets two. That gets the crowd to start a “TNA” chant. Lynn goes outside but Credible rolls him on the table. He heads up top but Lynn meets him then takes him through the table with a hurricarana. That looked nice. Back in the ring, Lynn only gets two. Credible escapes from a cradle piledriver attempt then kills Lynn with a superkick. He hits a tombstone and gets the three count but Lynn is able to get up after an eight count. Again, they trade chops in the corner but Credible goes low. Lynn escapes from another tombstone then hits Credible with a cradle piledriver for the pin. Credible gets up after eight then Lynn rams him the corner. Credible blocks a tornado DDT then hits a tombstone piledriver off the middle rope for the pin. Lynn just beats the ten count, then falls down. Credible takes a piece of the table into the ring. Lynn hits him with a DDT then they reserve tombstone piledriver attempts until Lynn hits a cradle tombstone piledriver. Credible beats the ten count then Lynn hits a cradle piledriver but Lynn falls down too and both men end up pinning each other. They both struggle to get up and they both get up but Lynn pulls Credible down just before ten, and he wins the match. That was a horrible finish. (11:02) **1/2.
Thoughts: It took them a bit to get going and it turned out decent, until the terrible ending. The crowd crapped all over the finish and they were hot for Lynn most of the way too.
Konnan, BG James, and Ron Killings are now called “Three Live Crew.” We are shown a video of the trio searching for the meaning of life, at the Nashville Stockyard. Killings is playing a character “Jing-A-Ling,” which is similar to his “Pretty Ricky” character he used in the WWE with the giant fake teeth. Anyway, they interview an old lady and it goes nowhere. They then interview a few black guys. BG attempts to speak in slang but is told to leave as he is not a pimp. Konnan interviews some hick then BG attempts to interview a cow. At the end, they talk in the parking lot about there hometowns and how they can find the meaning of life back there but they then find the meaning of life several feet away, which is a pile of shit. A waste of time.
After the video, Legend and Jarrett are brawling, again.
X Division Championship Match
Frankie Kazarian vs. Chris Sabin (Champion)
They start by taking it to the mat. Sabin kicks Kazarian down then beats on him in the corner. Kazarian fights back and hits a dropkick. Swinging neckbreaker gets two. Sabin slides outside then pulls Kazarian down after a springboard attempt. He hits a somersault senton off the ring apron then rolls Kazarian in the ring. Sabin hits a rollup then counters a tilt-a-whirl by locking on a submission. Kazarian reaches the ropes then manages a few rollups but gets dropkicked in midair. Sabin targets the back then puts him in a tree-of-woe. He stats ramming his head off the mat then in a neat spot, Kazarian lifts himself as Sabin charges and hits a cutter. Kazarian fights back with clotheslines. Flying forerarm gets two. Facebuster gets two. Sabin gets a double knee-lift but Kazarian escapes a running powerbomb attempt and gets two off an Ocean Cyclone Suplex. He places Sabin on the top rope but gets knocked down. Kazarian ducks a missile dropkick, which hits the ref. Sabin hits an backbreaker then grabs his belt off the announcer’s table. He heads back in the ring but Kazarian ducks a belt shot and hits Sabin with the Wave of the Future onto the belt then covers Sabin as the ref awakes and Kazarian gets the win and the title but senior referee Rudy Charles runs out and reverses the decision, with Sabin winning by DQ as Kazarian used the belt (7:56) **1/2. Another dumb finish.
Thoughts: Another pathetic finish that looks even worse when you watch the rest of the show. These two had good chemistry in the ring but both needed to show emotion, as they had neutral expressions most of the way.
Scott Hudson is backstage with Shark Boy and New Jack. He cuts off Hudson and grabs the mic and yells at the Harris Brothers for attacking Shark Boy without him being there. Shark Boy shows him a Shark mask and Jack calls him a pain in his ass but will wear it anyway if that is what it takes to fight them. Jack was good here.
Harris Brothers vs. Shark Boy & New Jack
Jack comes out wearing the shark mask. Ron knocks Jack off the apron and its 2-1 against Shark Boy. Jack comes back in and he gets attacked but takes them down with a double clothesline. He punches away at Ron then goes out and hits Don with a chair, pulling up his mask so he can laugh at him. In the ring, Jack gets two off an elbow smash. Shark Boy tags but gets destroyed with repeated clotheslines. Don tags and the Harris Brothers get a suplex/leg drop combo. Shark Boy fights back but gets caught after a crossbody and slammed down. He gets tossed outside and rammed into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Ron hits him with a chair, which apparently is not a DQ in this match. Shark Boy is able to hit a neckbreaker then tag Jack. He beats on the Harris Brothers as the crowd is silent, probably because this match is atrocious. In the ring, Jack sets up a chair on Ron then drops the leg. He heads up top with a chair but Don is waiting for him with a chair of his own and hits him, in an incredibly contrived spot, setting up the H Bomb for the win (4:27) -*. After the match, The Harris Brothers unmask Shark Boy but Jack takes off his mask and puts it on him. The Harris Brothers see this and go after him again but he escapes then they beat on Jack until Shark Boy comes back out, wearing his giant hulk hands and punches out the Harris Brothers.
Thoughts: The match was shit but the post-match antics were good for a chuckle. As a lower card comedy team, New Jack & Shark Boy had some awesome chemistry. The Harris Brothers appeared much slower than usual.
Tenay interviews Kid Kash in a segment that was taped earlier in the day. Abyss is off to the side, walking around in the background. Kash says that after 13 years in the business, he has a right to piss off whoever he wants. He then says that he paid his dues the right way, instead of blowing somebody. Kash is a really good at being an asshole, that’s for sure. Tenay asks him about his lack of respect for women. Kash calls Goldylocks and Trinity “working rats,” accusing Trinity of sleeping with Russo to get her spot right now. Tenay calls Kash out for hiding behind Abyss as Kash has Abyss grab him as Kash tells Tenay that he will respect him. Tenay looks terrified as they leave.
A video package on Erik Watts. He refers to himself in the third-person. Man, was he grating.
Scott Hudson interviews Watts and Goldylocks. He asks him about “Eric from WCW,” who is supposed to be here next week. Goldy asks Watts since he has pull with Eric, he should be able to get her job back. He tells her not to get her panties in a knot, prompting Goldy to remind him that she doesn’t wear panties. They then walk away together.  
Nurse Veronica and an unidentified woman (Lizzy Valentine, before breast impants) in a cheerleader costume run out and attack Lollipop and April. Security separates them. The brawling was awful but at least it was short.
Another “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels video. He will return to save your soul. I like Daniels but the “Fallen Angel” gimmick was bush league stuff.
Elix Skipper comes out before his match with a scale He tells the crowd that he is pound-for-pound the best wrestler and the best athlete in he world. He puts down Kobe Bryant, Michael Vick, and Roy Jones Jr. Skipper tried but its hard to get past his voice in these promos.
Elix Skipper vs. Amazing Red
This is Red’s first appearance in two months as he was in Japan. What a lame way to bring him back. He attacks Skipper to start then they engage in a rather sloppy sequence of moves. Red turns Skipper’s suplex attempt into a small package. Skipper bails but catches Red on a baseball slide then DDT’s him on the floor from the apron. Back in the ring, Skipper gets two off a double underhook suplex. Legdrop gets two. Red counters a catatonic with a DDT as both men are down. Swinging STO gets two for Red. Hurricarana gets two as Skipper uses the matrix to escape the pin attempt. Skipper grabs a chair but the ref takes it away and Red cradles Skipper for two. Skipper grabs a scale and hits Red as the ref slides the chair out of the ring and gets the pin (4:59) *1/4.
Thoughts: I don’t know if it was the next tour or the one he just came back from here, but when Red blew out his knee in Japan, he was never close to what he was when TNA first started ever again. He seemed off at times in this match but there were some nice moves at least.
Part III of “Behind the Paint” with Sting. He is asked about his first time winning the NWA Heavyweight Championship. He says how Flair carried him and he trusted him enough in the ring to come back two months early for the match. He is asked about he was in the Number #2 promotion until they became #1. He is asked about hanging in the rafters and said he would be scared today. They show a clip of part #4 for next week.
Don Callis comes out holding the “Hard Ten” cup. Edward Chastain is also with him. Callis says that he has his MBA and is market research has suggested that the fans do not want hardcore wrestling anymore. The crowd chants for Sandman, who is not here, selling the beating from last week. All of a sudden, Norman Smiley’s music hits and we have a match
Edward Chastain w/Don Callis vs. Norman Smiley
Smiley gets in a few shots in the corner but Chastain knocks him down. Smiley regains control and fails to get him over on a sunset flip but dodges a sitdown splash. They have a horrible brawling sequence that ends with Chastain hitting a back elbow. Smiley tries to put on an armbar but Chastain hits him with a sideslam. Smiley eventually knocks him down and hits the Big Wiggle but walks into a clothesline and Chastain hits a splash for the win (3:09) -*.
Thoughts: Good lord, this was terrible. Chastain was blown up a minute into the match and nothing anyone did looked good. Chastain’s run in TNA wouldn’t last very long at all.
The Interrogators with America’s Most Wanted. They call Bret Hart the best there ever will be and call the Rock & Roll Express the best babyface team of all time. This was dull.
Johnny Swinger, Simon Diamond, and Glenn Gilbertti come out and harass Jeremy Borash, blaming them for their loss last week. AMW comes out for the save and gain the advantage early on but Diamond and Swinger use chairs as Gilbertti grabs the mic and will not leave until someone from the NWA comes out and sanctions a title match. All of a sudden, Raven comes into the ring and goes after the heels. AMW comes to and cleans house, with Harris dragging Swinger to the parking lot. A nice segment to further along a feud.
Raven is in the ring by himself and has the mic. He said he came out and calls out Shane Douglas, who then comes out with James Mitchell. Raven goes after Douglas, and drags him into the ring but the New Church makes the save. Brian Lee looks like he is about 185 lbs here. They all beat down Raven, who wouldn’t back down. They repeatedly use his drop toehold into the chair spot, busting him open. Mitchell is yelling at him and Raven tells him to go to hell, with his forehead covered in blood. Another good segment.
Scott Hudson is with Joe Legend. He calls himself a great Canadian athlete who came to destroy Jeff Jarrett. He closes by stating legends live forever.
Joe Legend vs. Jeff Jarrett
Jarrett attacks Legend on the ramp. In the ring, Jarrett sends him to the floor with a backdrop. He beats on him as they go through the crowd. Jarrett hits a pair of chairshots but the ref tries to grabs the chair and end sup getting tossed. Security comes in and Jarrett whacks them. They are now in the ring as Jarrett goes up top with a chair. The refstands in front of him but Jarrett hits Legend anyway. Russo runs in with a bat but Jarrett knocks it out of his hands with a chair and as the ref yells at Russo, Legend hits Jarrett with the bat. And covers for the win (2:22) ½*.
Thoughts: Looks like this feud will continue, to the joy of no one. Almost all of these finishes have been terrible tonight. They also make the decision in the X Division Title match look even worse, as seemingly everyone is using weapons in plain sight of the referee.
West runs down next week’s show
America’s Most Wanted vs. Johnny Swinger & Simon Diamond for the Tag-Titles
Raven & Julio & CM Punk vs. Shane Douglas & New Church
AJ Styles vs. D’Lo Brown, 2-out-of-3 falls for the Heavyweight Championship
Scott Hudson is with Vince Russo, who is wearing his hockey helmet. He says that Jarrett is now out of the title picture. Russo says that wrestlers are stupid, hinting that he will not be the one that gets hurt.
Now, D’Lo gets his five minutes with Vince Russo. He brings out the flimsy cage with him in the ring. Russo continues to state that he is not a wrestler and stalls until AJ Styles comes out. D’Lo takes care of AJ then locks AJ in the cage. Siaki comes out with a pair of handcuffs but D’Lo cuffs him to the top rope. Trinity comes out and gets powerbombed. Legend comes out and D’Lo fights back. He goes after Russo but AJ busts out of the cage and D’Lo gets outnumbered. Trinity unlocks Siaki and they all take turns beating on D’Lo with Russo spouting off his nonsense as the show goes off the air.
Final Thoughts: One of the worst shows they have had in the past few months. Almost every match had a bad finish and only two of them were halfway decent. The Jeff Jarrett/Joe Legend feud is taking up too much time and even worse, it is not over at all. The tag-feud is heating up and Raven against the New Church is cool but that is really all the promotion has at this point. There are too many guys well past their prime clogging up space too. This promotion needs to find some talent to build for the future, ASAP.  

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #52

Sorry for the delay.

July 9, 2003

Your Hosts
are Don West and Mike Tenay


The show
starts with a recap of last week’s show. It includes the feuds of Raven/Shane
Douglas and Jerry Lynn/Justin Credible. Also, the debut of Joe Legend, where he
and AJ Styles attacked Jeff Jarrett. They also started a feud between AJ and
D’Lo Brown and Tracy and Nurse Veronica were attacked by Lollipop and April


The show
starts with the returning Scott Hudson interviewing Jeff Jarrett on his way to
the arena. He asks him why he went against doctor’s orders and showed up
tonight. Jarrett said that if they wanted to play games, then batter up.


Tag-Team Title Match

Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger
w/Glen Gilbertti vs. America’s Most Wanted (Champions)

The story
here is that Gilbertti is on a mission to get the belts from AMW. In reality,
Gilbertti’s back was a mess and he couldn’t wrestle. Gilbertti joins the
announcers table and makes fun of AMW for being cowboys. Harris fights off both
men but gets Diamond catches him with a super kick. They double-team Harris and
keep him in their corner for a long time. Diamond gets two off a pair of snap
suplexes. Harris fights off a double team and makes the tag but the referee did
not see the tag and orders Storm back on the apron. Swinger eats boot on a
charge and Harris clotheslines Diamond before making the tag. Storm runs wild
on both men. He takes out Swinger with a pescado. Harris gets two off a
crossbody block. Storm hits both men with DDT and tags Harris. They hit Swinger
with the Hart Attack but the ref orders Storm out of the ring. The match breaks
down then Storm with Diamond with a frankensteiner, getting two. They set up
Swinger for the Death Sentence but Gilbertti shoves Harris off the top rope
then hits Storm with a chair. Storm gets hit with a double Downward Spiral but
Storm is able to kick out. They set up Storm for the Hart Attack but Harris
spears Swinger as he was running the ropes and gets the pin (8:53) ***.

Thoughts: Good
match. With Daniels in Japan and Skipper looking like he is getting repackaged
as a singles wrestler, AMW needs a team to work with. I thought both teams
worked great together.


Up next is a
video package on Christopher Daniels. He is using the “Fallen Angel” gimmick
and the video is shot in black-and-white, with a red border. It closes with a
graphic reading “Say your prayers.” Good video package and it helped Daniels
stand out. 


Joe Legend
is in the ring, wearing a New York Yankee’s jersey and holding a bat. He is
using an New York accent in an attempt to mimic Russo. The crowd starts a bunch
of anti-Russo chants as Legend introduces Jeff Jarrett. It is really Vince
Russo, wearing the outfit that Jarrett wore in his first WWF stint. He sounds
like Foghorn Leghorn as he makes a bunch of awful jokes and puts over the fact
that he made Jarrett a star. The crowd starts a loud “you suck” chant as this
goes on for way too long. He then asks to kiss his ass but the real Jarrett
comes out, in his gear, and takes out both men. Russo bails as Legend catches
Jarrett and hits a backbreaker. He then attacks the injured ribs of Jarrett,
which are all taped up. Jarrett takes the advantage as Legend missed a charge
and they brawl in the crowd. They go up the stairs and Jarrett pushes Legend
off the balcony, with the fall not shown. He goes down but Legend miraculously
regains control and ends up busting Jarrett wide open. They are now in the ring
as Jarrett is wearing a crimson mask, dripping blood from his forehead onto the
mat. Jarrett fights back and backdrops Legend through a chair then hits the
Stroke. He ties Legend to the ropes, getting revenge on what happened last
week, and grabs the bat. Russo runs in but Jarrett beats him with the bat and
puts him in the figure four but Legend is able to break through the tape and
whack Jarrett with a guitar. He hits Jarrett with the Stone Cutter and hits
Jarrett with a bat, as Russo holds him. Russo then grabs the mic and yells at
him as security clears the ring. Jerry Jarrett runs out and cares for his son.
This went on for far too long and the crowd didn’t care at all.


Scott Hudson
is with Chris Sabin. He is asked about Frankie Kazarian having the same
nickname as him. Sabin says that Frankie is on a losing streak and that losers
do not get shots at the title and after he wins the 6 man match tonight and
fifteen more after that, he might get a chance at his style. Kazarian beat him
two weeks ago in a non-title match.


A video
package on Elix Skipper airs.


Six Man Elimination Match to Become
the Number One Contender to the X Division Title

Kid Romeo vs. Matt Sydal vs. Altar
Boy Luke vs. Delirious vs. Matt Stryker vs. Frankie Kazarian

Skipper is
on commentary but leaves shortly as the announcers start to talk about the
match and not about him. Delirious and Stryker start things off with some
matwork. They do not work well together. Delirious bails and runs around the
ring, only to re-enter and get taken down with an armdrag. Kazarian tags and
cradles Delirious, getting two. He tags Luke and he and Delirious go at for a
bit. Delirious tags Sydal before hitting a missile dropkick. Sydal gets two on
Luke with a springboard crossbody. Romeo tags himself in a flattens Sydal with
a clothesline. Sydal is able to hit a shooting star press on Romeo while
standing on his back but Romeo takes control with an alley-oop. He tags
Kazarian, who gets two off a slingshot legdrop. Sydal escapes and tags Stryker,
who attacks the ribs. They set up for a car crash spot, capped off with Sydal
hitting a moonsault off the top rope. Back in the ring, Sydal dropkicks Stryker
for two. Stryker slingshots Sydal onto Romeo, who catches him and hits the
Emerald Frosien for the pin (6:17). Luke comes in and gets two off the Holy
driver. Halo gets two. Romeo tags Kazarian, who kills Luke with an Ocean
Cyclone Suplex. His head might have hit the apron on that and he heads to the
back, without being pinned so he either got legit messed up or just blew the
spot. Delirious goes up top but Kazarian puts him on his shoulders and pins him
with the Ocean Cyclone Suplex (7:57). Stryker and Romeo go at it, with Stryker
getting a few near falls. They head up top but Romeo grabs him and hits a
middle rope Emerald Frosien for the pin (9:17). Romeo celebrates but Kazarian
hits a missile dropkick and a back elbow smash. He escapes an Emerald Frosien
attempt and hits the Wave of the Future for the win (9:52) *3/4.

Thoughts: There
were a few nice moves but a lot of this was messy. For those who are unaware,
Matt Sydal went on to become Evan Bourne and Altar Boy Luke is better known as
Luke Hawx. Romeo stood out the most but it was clear that Kazarian would win.
Negro Casas and Shocker, who were advertised to be on this show, were supposed
to be in this match but pulled out at the last second.


After the
match, Sabin comes out and gives him his title shot, right now.


X Division Title Match

Frankie Kazarian vs. Chris Sabin

Sabin tosses
Kazarian to the floor then roughs him up. Back in the ring, Kazarian hits a
release overhead suplex then fights back with forearm smashes. He tries for a
pescado but ands on Sabin’s knee. In the ring, Kazarian blocks a sunset flip
and gets two but Sabin goes for the ribs. They go up top but Sabin shoves him
off. They engage in some reversas until Sabin powerbombs Kazarian into the
corner the hits the Future Shock for the win (3:05) *.

Thoughts: They
are setting up a feud between these two, which isn’t bad seeing as they both
work very well together. However, neither guy is that over with the crowd.


Scott Hudson
is out back giving us an update on Jarrett, who is being tended to by medics.
Russo and Legend run in and attack Jarrett. D’Lo Brown then runs in for the


calls out Tracy and Nurse Veronica, who is the only one to come out. They brawl
on the ramp but it gets broken up quickly by security. The crowd starts a “let
them fight” chant.


Mike Tenay
sits down with James Mitchell. He talks about Raven being a complainer and
tells us about the injury he received in ECW after his torch gun exploded,
causing major medical issues and the loss of his wife, cars, house and even
dogs.  He said he didn’t turn to drugs
and is stronger than ever and even stronger than Raven will ever be. Mitchell
was great here.


Julio is in
the ring. He calls out Shane Douglas, for sending his friend, CM Punk, to the
hospital. He promises to kick his ass.


Julio Dinero w/Alexis vs. Shane

attacks Douglas to start, choking him out with his towel. Douglas catches him
with a sleeper but Julio escapes easily. Douglas is already blown up at this
point. Dinero gets two off a full nelson slam then hits him with a tope. Alexis
slaps around Douglas as Julio turns over the ring steps. Douglas fights back
and drops Dinero on the steps with a TKO. In the ring, Douglas gets two off a
powerslam. Julio fights back and hits a super kick. Douglas hits an inverted
atomic drop but Alexis jumps off the top and hits a tornado DDT, which gets two
for Julio. Douglas ends up ramming Julio into Alexis and hits the
belly-to-belly suplex for the win (5:53) DUD. After the match, Mitchell comes
out and they hold up Dinero but Alexis makes the save. Douglas grabs Alexis and
Mitchell hits her with a fireball. It looked much better than last week’s
attempt on Punk. Alexis flops around on the mat as Julio tends to her.

Thoughts: This
match was bad and it was all the fault of Douglas, who was woefully out of
shape. Raven is still selling the effects of the fireball from last week so
this was how they continued the feud.


Don Harris vs. Shark Boy

The story is
that the Harris Brothers are still pissed at Shark Boy for eluding them last
week. Harris beats on Shark Boy in the corner. He continues his assault until
Shark Boy uses his speed and lands a pair of dropkicks. Rollup gets two. Ron
pulls Shark Boy to the floor and rams him into the railing. He rolls him back in
the ring as Don hits a pair of corner clotheslines. He goes for the mask but
Shark Boy rolls out, with the crowd solidly behind him. Don overpowers him and
goes for the mask again but Shark Boy fights him off. He hits a jawbreaker then
a neckbreaker before using mounted punches. He bites Harris on the forehead and
heads up top. He knocks Ron off the apron but Don hits the chokeslam for the
win (5:23) ¾*. Ron comes in and they hit the H Bomb and pull off his mask, only
to reveal another mask. They assault him so more but he manages to escape, with
the Harris Brothers pissed off.

The crowd was dead but this was enjoyable for what is was. Mike Sanders was not
here as he was no gone from the promotion, which was not something I would call
a loss.


Konnan, BG
James, and Ron Killings, now called “3 Live Kru,” perform TNA Weekday Update,
which is a spoof of SNL’s Weekend Update, complete with a Don Pardo wannabe
announcer. Konnan lets us know the rumors that Kobe had an affair with Juventud
Guerrera in a hotel room is not true, because he is dating Kid Romeo. Then, the
line of the night, BG deadpans that at the Vengeance PPV, Stephanie McMahon vs.
Sable will take place, with BG saying it doesn’t get any funnier than that.


Scott Hudson
is backstage with D’Lo Brown. D’Lo tries to be like the Rock, even ripping off
his “It doesn’t matter” line before AJ interrupts and they get separated.


Kid Kash w/Abyss vs. Jerry Lynn

carries Kash to the ring on his shoulders. They take it to the mat to start. On
commentary, Tenay says that Russo used his power to get rid of Goldylocks,
because she was condescending on interviews. Lynn works a side headlock for a
bit but Kash takes the advantage with an eye poke. Lynn catches him with a
tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Lynn chases Kash outside of the ring, rolling
away from Abyss. In the ring, Lynn gets rollup but Kash kicks him off and Abyss
catches Lynn with a backbreaker before putting him back in the ring. Kash puts
Lynn in the iron claw but Lynn fights back. He hits a swinging neckbreaker and
a facebuster. Ynn eats boot off a charge but is able to duck a flying attack,
which hits the ref. Lynn hits the TKO but Abyss runs in and breaks up the pin.
Lynn hits him with a tornado DDT then snaps off a top rope rana. The ref tends
to Abyss as Lynn has Kash up for the cradle piledriver but Justin Credible runs
in and whacks Lynn off the head with a kendo stick and Kash cradles him for the
win (7:04) *1/2.

Thoughts: Nothing
match, as Kash hasn’t been very good lately. The Lynn and Credible feud
continues This was supposed to be a tag but Erik Watts had a staph infection.


A video
hyping up Sonny Siaki airs. He mentions a bunch of his nicknames


Tenay is in
the ring for the Hard Ten Trophy presentation. He welcomes out the Sandman, who
stumbles out with a twelve pack. He pours beer into the cup as the crowd chants
for him to chug. He asks if anyone else wants some hen pours it into the mouths
off a few fans as a “we want beer” chant breaks out. All of a sudden, a short
and extremely fat man in a suit runs out and attacks Sandman. Don Callis
follows him and introduces us to his man, Edward Chastain (also known as “Iceberg”
in the indies at this time), and proclaims that hardcore wrestling is over and
tells Sandman to go back to the gutter where he belongs. He pulls out rubber
gloves and places the trophy into the trash can. Not bad and Callis was very
good on the mic.


Part two off
the Sting interview airs. They do some name association stuff, with him saying
Flair is his favorite opponent and Dusty is charismatic. Its pretty dull and he
doesn’t say anything informative. He is asked on the thoughts of the impact
that the internet has had on wrestling. He states he does not pay attention and
trashes those who constantly shit on everything. They plug part three for next


Trinity is
with Scott Hudson. She says that AJ doesn’t want to talk and she does not know
any explanation as to why she has aligned with Russo. She says that she is not
appreciated by TNA and does not need the crowd’s approval. She says her hands
do not have to get dirty anymore and cuts a terrible promo on D’Lo. The Trinity
heel turn was just an awful idea, especially the way in which it happened.


For next

Shark Boy
& New Jack vs. Harris Brothers

Joe Legend
vs. Jeff Jarrett, if he is able to wrestle


Heavyweight Title Match

D’Lo Brown vs. AJ Styles (Champion)

Before the
match, brings out his equalize, which ends up being Russo, still dressed as
Jarrett, being wheeled on in a locked cage. AJ runs out and tries to let him
out but D’Lo stops him. In the ring, they perform a bunch of counters. D’Lo
shoves him down the hits a back suplex. Outside, D’Lo spears AJ into the
guardrail. He whips AJ, who slides under the guardrail. D’Lo hits him with a
clothesline and rolls him back into the ring. D’Lo gets a few nearfalls as
Russo is shown screaming from the cage, which doesn’t look strong enough to
contain a small child. AJ sends D’Lo the floor and then, in an incredible spot,
AJ runs and moonsaults over the top rope and onto D’Lo. That got a
well-deserved replay as Tenay says that was the Fosbury Flop, which was named after
the Olympic high jumper. In the ring, D’Lo knocks down then punches away. He
hits a backdrop and a spinebuster. Legdrop gets two. Trinity runs out and hits
D’Lo with a twisting moonsault. AJ covers but only gets two. D’Lo dodges an
enziguiri but it ends up hitting the ref. D’Lo hits AJ with the Sky High but
Siaki runs out and hits him with a chain then gets the Siakialypse. AJ climbs
up top and hits D’Lo with his frog splash for the win (7:20) **1/4. After the
match, AJ tosses D’Lo to the floor and Russo is now out of the cage, allowing
them to lock D’Lo inside. Russo hits the cage with a bat several times then
they tip the cage over. Russo jumps on top and starts screaming at D’Lo as the
show goes off the air.

The match was short but decent. The cage that held Russo was very flimsy and
anyone could have broken out of that. One kick looked like it would send the
door flying. D’Lo tried but no one takes him seriously as a top threat.


Final Thoughts: Weak show. The opening match, along
with some of the video packages, were easily the best part of the show. There
is just too much dead weight on the roster, especially with the heavyweight
division, and it’s tough to get excited for the Harris Brothers and random X
Division guys. TNA is struggling badly at this point.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #51

July 2, 2003

Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

The show starts with Shane Douglas in the ring, wearing a Raven T-Shirt, which is set up for a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match. He says that Raven is doing just fine in the hospital after being hit with a fireball. Douglas goes on how Raven is trying to resuurect the NWA Title that he threw away in 1994, which makes no sense because Raven has not held that belt before. He also said he will be in the asylum next week and promises to send him back into the ICU. Douglas yells at the ref to ring the bell because Raven is not here tonight and he doesn’t feel like fighting. All of a sudden, CM Punk runs in and the bell rings.


Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match
Shane Douglas vs. CM Punk
Punk beats on Douglas then holds a chair behind his back and hits a Northern Lights suplex. They trade chops but Punk gets a backdrop then superkicks him out of the ring. Punk nearly kills himself with a tope then rams Douglas against a barrel. They brawl outside then Douglas hits Punk with a trashcan in midair. Douglas uses a tennis racket on Punk as the crowd chants for Raven. Douglas looks a bit better than last week, anyway. Punk comes back with a jawbreaker then grabs a chair while on the top rope and uses it on Douglas. Punk gets two off a chop. Backbreaker gets two. Douglas lifts him in the air and uses a low blow. He takes brass knux from his boot but Punk whacks him with a chair. Douglas finally uses the knux and hits Punk with the belly-to-belly for the win (5:58) ½*. After the match, Mitchell comes out and he hits Punk with a fireball. The Gathering run out to check on Punk.
Thoughts: Punk looked alright but Douglas remains in poor shape. The angle with Punk mimmicking Raven isnt really going anywhere right now, to be honest. The crowd remains interested in Douglas. 
Jeff Jarrett comes out as the ring crew is taking down the weapons from the previous match. After he enters, Vince Russo comes out with a folding chair and a soda. He places it on the ramp and tells Jarrett that the 4th of July is in two days and asks why he is stressed. He mocks Jarrett, sounding like Foghorn Leghorn, and tells there will not be a rematch. Russo says that he is not in the same league as AJ and that he sucks. Jarrett tells Russo that this is total nonstop action then runs down and clotheslines Russo out of his chair. A man in street clothes runs out and attacks Jarrett and he is revealed to be Joe Legend, the former Just Joe in the WWF. Tenay says he has wins over Edge, Christian, and Rhyno. Those wins were in the Canadian Independents by the way. Anyway, they brawl through the crowd then make their way to the ring. In the ring, Legend misses a guillotine leg drop and Jarrett puts him in the figure four but AJ Styles runs out and attacks Jarrett. Its two on one against Jarrett as this has been going for far too long. Legend tapes Jarrett against the ropes as Russo hits Jarrett with a baseball bat then introduces him to Legend, who also hits Jarrett with the bat. Officials check on Jarrett, who is spitting up blood. On commentary, they are selling that Jarrett might have internal injuries. This segment was nearly fifteen minutes and no one was buying, or even caring about Jarrett’s injuries.
A video package on last week’s cage match between AMW and XXX. Tenay refers to it as a match of the year candidate. This was an awesome video package.
Tag-Title Match
Sonny Siaki & David Young vs. America’s Most Wanted (Champions)
Harris and Siaki start things out. After trading off basic moves, Harris grabs a side headlock then they take it to the mat. They trade crossbody blocks before Harris goes to work on the arm. Storm tags and they double-team Siaki. Young tags and Storm hits a clothesline and an Alabama Slam. Young gets double-teamed but Siaki distracts the ref then attacks Storm as Harris was talking to the ref. Siaki tags and gets two off a snap suplex. Young tags but Storm catches him with a powerslam as the crowd starts chanting for Storm. Harris tags and runs wild. He hits Young with the Catatonic but Siaki breaks that up and they all take turns hitting their finishers. Storm catches Young with a superkick and Siaki is sent to the floor as AMW sets up Young for the Death Sentence and the win (8:54) *3/4.
Thoughts: This match didnt click for some reason. It wasnt bad but completely forgettable and the beginning was wrestled very slowly.  
A video package on Elix Skipper airs. Tenay calls him the most improved wrestler over the past year. Looks like they are gearing him up for a singles push.
Kash is yelling at the “big scary dude” in the cage. He asks if he got his care package and said that he has a name for him, Abyss, as he likes to hang around in dark places. Watts attacks Kash from behind and handcuffs Kash to the cage door.
Abyss vs. Erik Watts
Both men brawl down the ramp, with Watts getting the advantage. Abyss drops Watts throat first on the guardrail and tosses him in the ring. Tenay says that Goldylocks is not here today and hints she might not be back at all. He has Watts in the Torture Rack then drops him down. He chokes out Watts with his foot as the crowd is silent. He hits a backbreaker but misses a corner charge as both men are down. Watts hits a bicycle kick then gets a slam for two. Chokeslam gets two. Watts stops short of the ref then Abyss splashes the ref in the corner by accident. Kash comes out and pulls Watts off the apron. He rolls him back in the ring as Abyss goes up top. Watts gets up and powerbombs him but only gets two. Kash tries a rana but Watts powerbombs him. Abyss then gets up and catches Watts with a swinging side slam for the win (6:24) ½*. Abyss leaves, carrying out Kash over his shoulders.
Thoughts: Not that bad, for a Watts match anyway, but there wasnt a whole lot to it and they didnt exactly make Abyss look like a monster here.  
Tenay conducts an interview with Sting. He said that growing up in Southern California, there was no wrestling on TV to watch, thus never dreamt of being a pro wrestler. Said he gave up his job as a gym manager to join a wrestling school. He was going broke then sent out a hundred photos, with Jim Hellwig, to wrestling promoters and other agencies. He said the only person to call him back was Jerry Jarrett and went there Thanksgiving Day 1985. He says he wants to give back and will never forget Jarrett for calling him back. He is asked about the Ultimate Warrior and calls him very bizarre as part two will air next week. Not a bad interview and it seems like Sting is going to be around TNA for a little while based on his answers.
Tenay updates us on the condition of Jarrett. They show us a replay of the baseball bat shots and says that he has internal injuries and will update us as the show continues.
Video package on the Justin Credible/Jerry Lynn feud.
Russian Chain Match
Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn
Lynn attacks Credible before the ref can lock on the chain and puts it on Credible himself. He beats the shit out of Credible and they go outside, Lynn yanks the chain and sends Credible into the post twice. Credible takes control for a moment but Lynn chokes him out with the chain. Credible is busted open and manages to hit an inverted DDT. He flapjacks Lynn then yanks him by the chain in midair. Lynn gets tossed over the ropes but floats over on a suplex attempt and uses the chain to assist him with a neckbreaker. He punches away but ends up walking into a superkick. The announcers make up an excuse for the dead crowd as Lynn ends up tying the chain around Credible and ends up getting the pin (7:07) **1/4. After the match, Credible hits Lynn with a tombstone then Lollipop runs out of the dancers cage and checks on Lynn.
Thoughts: Seeing as they were attached by the necks, it technically was a Dog Collar Match. It was decent but this feud has no end in sight and it isnt particularly interesting.
Frankie Kazarian is with Bill Behrens, asking for a shot at the X Division style. AJ Styles walks up and congratulates him on his last match week then pretends he is too good for the X Division and offers him a shot at his title. And just like that, a title match as been made.  
Mike Sanders vs. Shark Boy
This goes back to last week in which Gilbertti wanted Sanders to bring him the Shark Boy mask. He clotheslines Shark Boy in the corner then goes for the mask. Shark Boy fights back and gets a Russian leg sweep. He then hits a pair of dropkicks and works the arm. Sanders takes control and looks slower than usual tonight. He hits a facebreaker then a neckbreaker and goes for the mask but Shark Boy hits a jawbreaker. Neckbreaker gets two. Mounted punches in the corner is followed by biting. Sanders rolls through a crossbody and gets two. Shark Boy goes for the DSD but gets yanked off. Sanders goes for the mask but Shark Boy gets a small package for the win (4:04) ¼*. The Harris Brothers run out but Shark Boy manages to escape. After that, the Harris Brothers turn on Sanders and hit him with an H Bomb.
Thoughts: Bad match. Sanders was terrible this week and no one cares about this feud, which says a lot because the Asylum crowd likes Sahrk Boy a lot. There is no use for Sanders, or even the Harris Brothers for that matter, in this company. 
Up next, is a segment with BG James, Ron Killings, and Konnan called the “Asylum of Style.” They show slides of various people in TNA then comment on them, like those E! red arpet shows. Konnan says that Borash as “The Something About Mary” hair gel and that Russo is the son of Kevin Bacon and Sgt. Slaughter. They make a Richard Gere/Gerbil joke about Disco Inferno and talk about the ass of Chris Harris. Just an excuse for these guys to fuck around for a few minutes.
Tracy and Nurse Veronica are in the ring, stating that the lack of testosterone is why they are not able to face men in TNA. They call out any man in the locker room to come out but instead gets Lollipop and April Pennington, who played Brian Lawler’s girlfriend several months back. They have a catfight but security breaks it up, as the crowd starts a “let them fight” chant. Another feud that no one will care about
A video of Sandman and New Jack airs prior to their Hard Ten Finals Match.
Hard Ten Tournament Finals Match
New Jack vs. Sandman
Jack uses a fork then a staple gun on Sandman. They go outside and Sandman goes up 1-0 with a trashcan lid. Jack goes up 2-1 with a trashcan as both guys are busted open. Sandman uses a kendo stick to go up 3-2. Jack ties it up with a lid shot then goes up 4-3 with a chair. The score is tied 5-5 after a few kendo stick shots then they go into the crowd then up to the balcony. Sandman goes up 7-5 with a few chairshots as they go to the top of the arena. Jack is wearing a crimson mask then ties it up 7-7 with a few chairshots. Jack goes for another chairshot but Sandman backdrops him off the balcony and Jack falls through a table as Sandman wins the tournament (5:00) DUD. Jack took a nasty bump.
Thoughts: Jack nearly killed himself taking the backdrop off the balcony but other than that, this was horrible. At least the tournament is over, because this was a major flop.
Tenay says that Negro Casas and Shocker will appear next week. They never did appear on that show. West promises that Raven will be here and that AMW will defend their titles.
Heavyweight Title Match
Frankie Kazarian vs. AJ Styles (Champion)
They start with a lockup and some matwork, with AJ getting the upper hand.  Kazarian fights back and lands a dropkick. He gets two off a springboard leg drop then slingshots in with a DDT. AJ ducks out but Kazarian brings him back in with a flying headscissor. AJ shoves the ref into Kazarian then takes control. He gets a pair of neckbreakers then drops a knee. AJ kicks Kazarian on the apron then snaps his head off the ropes with a rana. Brainbuster gets two. AJ beats on Kazarian in the corner for a bit. Leg lariat gets two. AJ jaws with a fan and Kazarian gets a quick rollup for two but AJ kicks him back down. AJ grabs a chinlock and after that, both men collide in midair. Sabin runs out and hits Kazarian with a backbreaker. AJ can only get two then misses a charge in the corner. Kazarian runs into a superkick but is able to kick AJ on the top rope. Sabin distracts the ref as Trinity runs out and stops Kazarian from performing the Flux Capacator. Kazarian dropkicks AJ in midair then dodges a rana from Trinity, who accidentally hits AJ. They counter their moves, with AJ nearly dropping Kazarian on his head with a Styles Clash, then Kazarian hits the Wave of the Future but only gets two. He knocks Sabin off the apron and takes out both him and Trinity with a tope. Kazarian springboards in but AJ catches and drops him then picks him up and hits a Styles Clash, with Kazarian landing directly on his head for the win (13:21) **3/4. Holy shit, that was like a Tiger Driver 91. Russo comes out but so does D’Lo Brown, who cleans house. The Red Shirt security runs out as D’Lo goes after Russo, causing Tenay to speculate that Russo has bought them off. D’Lo promises AJ that in seven days, his run as the champ will end. Russo tells D’Lo he will have a match next week. D’Lo says that he will have an equalizer next week.
Thoughts: The match was okay but they were sloppy at points and the constant interference at the end bogged down the match. The Trinity heel turn was just awful, as no one gives a shit about her anymore. As far as next week’s match between AJ and D’Lo, I have no idea as to who will be in D’Lo’s corner.

Final Thoughts: Not a good show this week. There was nothing embarassing but the angles that were displayed are not exciting and quite frankly, are between people who are of little to no use of the company. I have no idea as to who AMW can defend the belts against and they are severely lacking in the heavweight department.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #50

June 25, 2013
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
The show starts with a video package on last week’s show, focusing on AJ Styles, Russo, and the main event.
We get another video package of the feud between America’s Most Wanted and XXX, hyping up tonight’s cage match, which will be the first cage match in TNA history.

Cage Match for the NWA-TNA Tag-Team Championship
America’s Most Wanted vs. XXX (Champions)
Tenay brings up the classic NWA cage match between Sgt Slaughter & Don Kerondle vs. Ricky Steamboat and Jay Youngblood. Also, Tenay told us that since Russo trademarked SEX, the group can no longer wear the shirts. Both men start brawling, with XXX gaining the upper hand. Tenay puts over the fact that this is not a “climbing contest,” asn the winner will be determined by pinfall. XXX throws Harris into the cage then Skipper takes over the assault by himself. Harris is bleeding buckets as Skipper stomps away. Skipper gets two off a double springboard moonsault then tags Daniels. XXX uses some more double-team maneuvers but Harris clotheslines Skipper and makes the tag. Storm runs wild then sends Skipper into the cage with an inverted suplex in a painful looking spot. The crowd is jacked as Storm gets two off a powerslam. Daniels knees Storm in the back of the head. XXX busts up Storm before hitting a Rocker-plex. Skipper nearly slipped when he climbed up top but recovered nicely. He and Storm then collide at full speed and Storm makes the tag first. Harris backdrops Skipper into the cage then picks up Daniels and rams his head into the cage then runs across the ring and tosses him head first into the cage. Daniels is busted open then gets planted with a full nelson slam. Daniels blocks the catatonic and hits the Angel Wings but Harris is able to kick out. Storm clotheslines Daniels but the swinging noose is blocked. Both men are walking across the top rope then Daniels hits a Downward Spiral as both men are down. Skipper hits Harris with a belly-to-belly before ramming him into the cage. Harris is wearing a crimson mask at this point. Storm follows Skipper up the cage and takes him down with a powerbomb. Storm takes a while to cover and that allows Skipper to kick out. The mat is blood stained as both teams try to score quick pinfalls. Harris sits Daniels on the top rope. Both men are standing on top and as Daniels walks across the rope, Harris takes him down with a spear. Man, this match is the tits. Skipper climbs to the top of the cage and hits a picture-perfect crossbody on Storm. He sells his ribs and can only get two on Storm. Skipper climbs up to the top again but Harris pushes him to the floor. AMW now has the advantage as Daniels frantically tries to open the door for Skipper but he climbs and Harris kicks him down. Daniels then walks into a vicious super kick from Storm and Harris goes to the top rope but hits a half-assed death sentence for two. Skipper is on the top of the cage but Harris knocks him down again. He then climbs to the top of the cage and Storm gets Daniels in position for the Death Sentence. He connects perfectly and Storm covers for the win and the belts (17:49) ****1/2.
Thoughts: That was an incredible match. The crowd was way into this and the ending was perfect as XXX couldn’t use the extra man advantage here and AMW won by keeping Skipper out of the cage. After months of nearly killing off all of AMW’s popularity, the finally got them back over in a big way. Excellent effort from all involved.
West runs down the rest of the show, which includes:
Sonny Siaki vs. Sandman in the Hard Ten semi-finals
Kid Kash vs. Erik Watts
Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn in a non-sanctioned match
D’Lo Brown comes into the cage and runs down AJ Styles. He blames himself for getting sidetracked on his quest for the title and wants AJ to come out why he chose to align with Vince Russo. AJ comes out by himself and into the cage. D’Lo attacks him and sends him into the ropes with an alley oop. He slugs away as the announcers debate  whether or not this is a match. AJ is on the outside of the cage then D’Lo rams him off as AJ splats o on the floor. D’Lo hits an overhead suplex and throws him back into the ring. A referee runs in and we now have a match
D’Lo Brown vs. AJ Styles
AJ kicks D’Lo, who was going for a chairshot. AJ busts open D’Lo by placing a chair on D’Lo’s face and dropping a knee. AJ bashes D’Lo with the cage door then punches away. D’Lo fights back and tosses AJ into the cage. Catatonic gets two. D’Lo climbs to the top of the cage, which looks like it is about to collapse, but Russo climbs in and waves his bat. He shoves the ref then AJ throws a chair at D’Lo for the DQ (4:55) *1/2. AJ beats on D’Lo with a chair then Jarrett comes out with a guitar but is stopped by the red-shirt security. Russo yells at D’Lo that he will never get a title shot as AJ hits a Styles Clash on a chair. Russo demands the ref to count to three then walks off after slamming down the mic.
Thoughts: This turned out to be an effective segment. Russo actually made a good manager, although he dwarfs AJ when they stand together and that isn’t the look you want for your Heavyweight Champion. D’Lo came off well and more than a WWE reject too.
The Gathering are walking to the arena but get jumped by Shane Douglas. He takes them out and hits a belly-to-belly on Julio on the pavement. He then goes to the Raven’s Nest and says how they call him the “Franchise” and tells us that he is here because on August 27th, 1994, he threw away the NWA title and sees Raven trying to resurrect what he wanted to kill. He says that TNA did not return his call and made a deal with the devil (As the cage is being taken away). He said that he will always sell his soul to dance with the devil. Raven runs up and they start brawling. Glenn Gilbertti runs out and boots Raven. CM Punk, continuing his deal of trying to be like Raven, tries to help but Gilbertti boots him down the stairs. Jarrett runs out with a chair as Gilbertti and Douglas bail. The fans seemed into Douglas.
A video hyping a sit down interview with Sting that will take place next week airs.
The lights in the arena go out as it’s time for the unsanctioned match between Credible and Lynn.
Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn
This starts out in the parking lot. Credible grinds Lynn’s face against the fence then they brawl in the back of a pickup truck. They are in the back of the arena tossing each other around before making their way near the ring. Lynn takes out Credible with a tope near the ramp. He then rams Credible into the dancers cage, which sends Lollipop flying onto the ramp. Lynn checks on her but Credible attacks from behind. Lynn manages to float over on a tombstone attempt and turned it into a cradle for the finish (3:24) *. Lynn checks on Lollipop but Credible attacks from behind and handcuffs him to the dancers cage. He grabs a chair and beats the shit out of Lynn, who gets busted open.
Thoughts: Very short but at least it was intense. This feud will be continued.
Gilbertti is speaking to the former SEX, or group without a name. So much for the deal about not being able to wear the SEX shirts as Don Harris still has his. Gilbertti closes by saying that he wants Shark Boy’s mask. Nothing much to this segment at all.
Frankie Kazarian vs. Chris Sabin
This is a non-title match. Sabin starts by working an armbar then they have an awesome fast-paced sequence. Kazarian dropkicks Sabin to the floor then lands on the apron and slingshots in with a DDT. Kazarian hits a facebuster and a dropkick for two. Sabin gets a tornado DDT and several in the crowd start a “Hail Sabin” chant. Sabin flies out of the ring with a running flip dive. He gets two off a springboard clothesline. Legdrop gets two. Dropkick gets two. Sabin grabs a chinlock as the crowd is dead. Kazarian fights back then both men have a nice little pinfall reversal sequence which has the crowd in complete silence. It’s a shame as both men are going all out and having a really good match. Sabin kills Kazarian with an enziguiri then puts on a figure-four neck lock. Kazarian lands on his feet after a backdrop and hits a Yakuza kick for two. Ocean Cyclone Suplex gets two. Kazarian tries a moonsault but Sabin jumps up top and sends Kazarian across the ring with a German suplex in one hell of a spot. The crowd came alive after that move. Kazarian blocks the Future Shock and sends him into the turnbuckle with a Death Valley Driver. He tries the coast-to-coast dropkick but Sabin rolls out to the floor. They do some more counters that leads to Sabin hitting a catatonic backbreaker, which gets two. Sabin crotches himself after missing a baseball slide in the corner. Kazarian dodges the Future Shock but Kazarian hits the Wave of the Future but that only gets two. Sabin hits a suplex and heads up top but Kazarian kicks him in the face and heads up and hits the Flux Capacator (One-man Spanish Fly) for the win (11:55) ***3/4
Thoughts: The best X Division match in several months. They won the crowd over towards the end. Both guys were great in the ring together but lacked personality at this time. With both guys nicknamed “The Future,” they are setting these up for a feud. One would think that Kazarian is now the number one contender.
Goldylocks is with Shane Douglas. He screams about how he is an expert on this business and challenges Raven and Jarrett to a tag match tonight. Douglas did okay but came off a bit too cartoonish. Goldylocks got breast implants and it was quite evident in this interview.  
A video package on the feud between Erik Watts and Kid Kash.
Kid Kash vs. Erik Watts
Kash attacks Watts as he enters the ring. Watts catches him in midair and tosses him down. Kash charges and Watts backdrops him to the floor. Kash dodges an attack and comes back with a rana off the steps. Top rope clothesline gets two. Kash works the arm then uses a chinlock. Watts escapes and hits a bicycle kick. Legdrop gets two. Kash gets an eye poke and dropkicks the leg. He grounds Watts and goes back to the chinlock. Watts escapes and throws Kash into the corner. He runs into a boot but powerslams Kash after a crossbody for two. Kash comes back with a DDT but cant get him up for the Moneymaker and gets clotheslined a few times. Kash escapes a powebomb then runs Watts into the corner, knocking down the ref in the process. Watts hits the powerbomb but the masked monster (Abyss) runs out and hits a swinging side slam on Watts and Kash rolls on top for the win (8:28) *3/4.
Thoughts: Watts wrestles in slow-motion but Kash was on his game tonight and held it together well. The masked monster stands out a lot here as he is easily the most menacing character in the promotion.
The Interrogators segment is next but it’s Konnan and Ron Killings asking the questions instead and BG James as Don West being interrogated. He does a funny impression of West, nailing all of his manic behaviors. Highlights of this include picking Juvy over Kid Romeo, saying that he loved his calendar and him trying to sell a Barry Bonds rookie card at the end of the segment. As he was leaving, he started a “Go, Red, go” chant.
Shark Boy is in a kiddie pool, which is called the “Shark Tank,” playing with toys. New Jack is yelling at him, saying that he needs to scout the upcoming Hard Ten match. He said he won’t play in the pool, because he is black. Jack then begrudgingly jumps in the pool and plays ring toss after Shark Boy keeps staring at him. This works well as a midcard comedy act.  
Hard Ten Tournament Semi-Final Match
Sandman vs. Mike Sanders
Siaki attacks Sandman on the ramp to go up 1-0. Siaki starts throwing the weapons in the ring. In the ring, Sandman fights back and cuts the lead to 2-1. He drapes Siaki across the top rope and hits a chair-assisted legdrop, tying the score. Sandman lights up a cigarette then gives it to the ref to hold. Siaki sends Sandman into the corner then takes a drag off the smoke. Siaki goes up 4-2 after hitting Sandman with a trashcan, that sends him on the table outside the ring. Siaki splashes him through the table and goes up 9-2. Sandman fights back, cutting the lead to 9-4 then positions the table across the ring apron and guardrail. Sandman cuts Siaki’s lead to 9-6 then places him on the table. He heads on the top rope and puts Siaki through the table, winning the match 11-9 (4:53) ¾*. After the match, New Jack comes out and calls Sandman “Drunky” then tells the people they will beat the crap out of each other and drink beers together as a mild “ECW” chant breaks out.
Thoughts: At least it was quick. This was also better than most of the Hard Ten matches. Sandman looked absolutely shitfaced too.
Goldylocks is backstage with Jeff Jarrett and Raven. Jarrett says he will not back down from the challenge Shane Douglas made tonight. Raven and Jarrett state that they hate each other personally, but respect their abilities in the ring. After they leave, Siaki wanders in briefly looking for Russo. Nothing like cramming two segments into one.
Backstage in the “Shark Tank,” Mike Sanders attacks Shark Boy and attempts to break his toys.
Another plug for next week’s sit down interview with Sting.
West runs down next week’s show, including:
New Jack vs. Sandman in the Hard Ten Tournament Finals
America’s Most Wanted vs. ???? for the Tag Team Titles
Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Credible in a Russian Chain Match, that was decided after Lynn interrupted West and cut a promo challenging Credible
Erik Watts vs. The “Unnamed Monster” (Abyss)
Backstage, Siaki is telling Goldylocks that changes are coming to TNA. Trinity then comes out and chokes Goldy from behind. One week after airing that great video package, they turn her heel. This company is priceless.
Glenn Gilbertti & Shane Douglas vs. Raven & Jeff Jarrett
Douglas is certainly looking flabby. He and Gilbertti attack Raven as he makes his way down the ramp. Jarrett comes out to even the score as they are brawling. Raven takes out both men with a plancha but lands awkwardly on his ankle and it was a legit injury. In the ring, Douglas is attacking Jarrett and already looks gassed. Jarrett and Raven regain control and even used some teamwork as they are brawling outside the ring. Raven is limping badly here. Gilbertti and Jarrett are brawling in the crowd and a fan nails Gilbertti with a piece of trash. They continue to brawl and it is not very exciting to be honest. They head back to the ring where Jarrett nails Gilbertti on the head with a chair. In the ring, Jarrett accidentally knocks Raven off the apron after an Irish whip. Raven is selling the ankle on the floor as the heels double team Jarrett. Douglas is on offense and it looks terrible. Jarrett makes the tag but the ref did not see it happen and Jarrett gets destroyed in the corner. Gilbertti locks on a sleeper that Jarrett is able to break up with a jawbreaker. He makes the tag to Raven, who runs wild. He continues to limp around and gets a nearfall on Douglas. Raven Effect on Douglas but Gilbertti breaks up the cover. Jarrett comes in but Gilbertti tosses him to the floor and he sells his ankle. Douglas dropkicks the injured leg of ankle and slides a chain to Gilbertti but Jarrett takes him out from behind with a guitar. Raven covers but that only gets two. Referee Rudy Charles, one of, if not the worst referee in recent memory, made it look like a three count. Jarrett hits Douglas with the Stroke but James Mitchell runs out and watches from ringside. Raven tosses Douglas to the floor and turns his attention to Gilbertti but Mitchell enters the ring. Raven turns around and Mitchell hits him with a fireball for the DQ (11:05) *1/2. The final sequence was mistimed and did not come off well. Tenay is screaming how Douglas made a deal with the devil as the show goes off the air.
Thoughts: Raven was great here, even with the injury. Douglas, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. He came in overweight and blew up quickly. This was a disappointing match and it could have really built to something if Douglas was prepared to actually wrestle.
Final Thoughts: Besides the disappointing main event, I thought this was a fine show. You got two great matches, which was a rarity for a PPV in 2003. Putting the titles back on AMW was a good choice and it told the fans that they were sticking with them as a team after all of the adversity. The alliance between Douglas and Mitchell didn’t work for me here but that could change next week. The comedy act of New Jack & Shark Boy is working and it seems like the beginning of the end for SEX is near, which is a good thing as it has completely ran its course. I will say that the announced lineup for next week looks quite unimpressive.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #49

June 18, 2003
This is the TNA one-year anniversary show. It was a minor miracle that the company survived its first year.
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
The show starts with a video package of all the highlights from the first year of the company. They did a good job making the main event angles seem important. Sadly, they recycled some of the same clips over and over again.
A limo pulls up and we are led to believe it is Sting but Shane Douglas gets out instead. He says it is time to make some noise then heads inside.
Back to the arena, we see that they have a new stage set, which looks a lot better than the previous one did. It looks modern, featuring a video screen, and the production values look improved as well. The placed is packed too.  


Sonny Siaki & Don Harris & David Young vs. Frankie Kazarian & D’Lo Brown & Sandman
Teany tells us that Kazarian’s teammates were so impressed by him that they asked TNA officials to have him on their team. Faces attack first. Kazarian hits Siaki with a springboard back elbow smash then gets two off a neckbreaker. D’Lo tags and hits Harris with a pair of armdrags. Harris gets a big boot and tags Young, who gets knocked down by D’Lo. Kazarian slingshots in with a legdrop then hits the Back to the Future (Ocean Cyclone suplex) but Young catches him with a spinebuster. The camera shows Sandman with the fans as Siaki suplexes Kazarian a few times. Kazarian lands a kick and tags D’Lo, who takes out SEX. Everyone else brawls outside the ring except for Young and Kazarian, who hits the Wave of the Future and D’Lo follows with a frog splash for the win (3:53) *1/2. After the match, they celebrate with beers but get attacked from behind. Mike Sanders and Ron Harris run out as well, making it 5-3. Siaki is hitting Sandman hard with the kendo stick then Jarrett and Sting come out. Young walks into a guitar shot from Jarrett and they pose to the fans, who are going nuts.
Thoughts: The match was rushed as could be but was all action. The point of this was to get the crowd going and I think to prove to them that Sting was actually there. The crowd went nuts for him.  
Tenay welcomes the Spanish announce team, Armando Qunitero and Konnan.
West runs down the show, including:
AMW vs. XXX for the tag-team titles
Paul London vs. Chris Sabin for the X Division Title
Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn
Mike Sanders vs. New Jack in a Hard Ten semi-final
Sting & Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles & ???
We are the shown the first of several flashback segments from the first year of TNA. This package shows a bunch of people confronting Vince Russo, including Roddy Piper (Why the fuck you would highlight that interview is beyond me), Jeff Jarrett, and Vince Russo.
Speaking of Russo, he comes out and is promptly greeted by a “You suck” chant. He tells the crowd his new haircut cost more than their trailers and talks about how his daughter said he needs to go back and lead the hillbillies of TNA. He then makes fun of southeners for a few minutes then declares that the North is about leadership, money, and power as the south is about incest, beastilaity, and disregard to loyalty. He says that Jarrett gave his sweat and tears for several months and they threw him away like a used condom. He then says he is now back and calls AJ Styles better than HBK, Bret Hart, and Sting. AJ comes out and yells at crowd. He whispers in his ear and the height difference is noticeable and not in a good way. This segment is dying as AJ runs down the crowd, stating that he is not one of them (meaning southerner) and accuses them of all the southern stereotypes. Russo said he will take the champ to New York as Tenay interrupts and yells at AJ, stating that he ahs been brainwashed. Russo says it is all about who you screw to get to the top as now D’Lo comes out and says he and Russo created D’Lo . He buries the WWE, saying they only saw him as midcarder but Russo gave him a shot. D’Lo then asks both guys why they changed, even mentioning that his family broke bread with AJ’s. Styles said he was going to ask D’Lo to be his partner tonight. D’Lo calls Russo a piece of shit and Russo said he made D’Lo and Vince thought he wasn’t worth a shit. Please, let this end ASAP. Russo tells D’Lo he can arrange him a slot in his show, of his little bitch. D’Lo attacks and Russo gets a single leg takedown and AJ joins in until Raven runs out and destroys AJ. He goes after Russo but Shane runs out and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. The crowd screams for a triple threat then red shirt security holds back Douglas. Way too long and AJ looked weak in his first appearance as the champ. He was dwarfed by Russo and dressed like he was the redneck version of Nick Carter. The visual of Russo taking down D’Lo was ridiculous as well. This segment ran about 15 minutes.
Goldylocks is backstage with Tracy and Nurse Veronica. Tracy states that the “sexist” NWA board said they could no longer wrestle men and Veronica says they will take care of things there own way. Watts comes in and asks if she took care of things and Goldy said she is going to interview Kid Kash, whether he likes it or not.
In the parking lot, Alexis and Julio are worried what Raven will do to them as he is pissed. CM Punk approaches then and asks if them if they told Raven about him joining the gathering. They told him now isn’t the time and that the Gathering might be no more. Punk then says there will always be a gathering and leaves by saying “Quoth CM Punk, nevermore. Intriguing segment and Punk came off well and not like the X Division jobber he has been booked like in TNA.
TNA flashback to when AJ Styles became the first X Division Champion. That was a great match.
X Division Championship Match
Paul London vs. Chris Sabin
Sabin flips off London after he extends his hand. They start off by trading off moves until London dropkicks Sabin to the floor. They fight on the apron and Sabin gets shoved into the post then London runs off and hits a shooting star press. Back inside, London covers and gets two. Sabin gets an eye poke then boots London to the floor after he tried to skin the cat. He then hits him with a twisting pescado and shoves him into the guardrail. Sabin eats boot on a charge but is able to take London down and catapult him into the guardrail. In the ring, London fights back but Sabin catches him with a knee after a crossbody attempt. A loud “TNA” chant breaks out as Sabin applies an abdominal stretch. The crowd is behind London as he fights out and takes Sabin down with a flying headscissors, planting his head into the mat. London hits a few kicks then a flying forearm. Sabin is able to play possum but London hits a reverse powerbomb for two. London is selling the ribs and Sabin hits a swinging gutbuster for two. CM Punk is now ringside then enters the ring and sits in the corner, just like Raven does. London blocks a frankensteiner and powerbombs Sabin. He hits the London Calling but sells the ribs and doesn’t cover. The ref checks on Sabin and Punk hits London with a DDT and Sabin hits the Future Shock for the win (7:53) ***1/4
Thoughts: A lot of great moves made this a fun match. The ending was terrible though. It looked bad and did not make a whole lot of sense for this to happen in the championship match.
Goldylocks is with New Jack. She asks him about Mike Sanders. Jack does not give a shit about him and has inflicted more pain and been kicked out of multiple promotions and this is not WCW. Shark Boy comes out but Jack says cannot play games tonight. He shows him a pair of giant hulk hands and Jack says he will beat everyone then come back to play. Jack says he does not know holds or moves but can whoop ass. They leave as Kash runs over to the storage cage and thanks the big scary dude (The not yet named Abyss). He says he needs his help one more time tonight.
TNA Flashback with Puppet the Psycho Dwarf whacking West with a kendo stick and Jasmin St. Claire giving Borash a lap dance. They also show Chris Rock’s appearance that he filmed for his “Head of State” Movie.
Hard Ten Tournament Semi-Final Match
Mike Sanders vs. New Jack
Sanders hits Jack from behind with a trashcan lid, going up 1-0. Sanders throws weapons in the ring but Jack fights back and ties it up. Sanders gets tossed to the floor but goes up 4-1 with repeated lid shots. He gets two more points, as Sanders is up 6-1. Jack fights back but misses a running chair shot and lands hard on a chair. Shark Boy is in the crowd with the hulk hands as Sanders goes up 7-1. Jack fights back and makes it 7-2 after using a cookie sheet. In the ring, Jack places the chair between the legs of Sanders and swings a piece of wood. The visual of Shark Boy wearing the Hulk hands in the crowd like a regular fan is pretty funny, actually. Jack goes up 7-5 as Sanders is on the table outside the ring. He rolls off but Jack places him back on and softens him up before heading up the top rope. Shark Boy goes up and gives him the Hulk Hands as the fans chant for him to use them. Jack first says no then poses with one hand. Sanders gets on the apron and Jack punches him with the Hulk hand and Sanders crashes through, giving Jack the 10-7 win (5:33) ½*.
Thoughts: The tournament itself has been a huge bust. However, the team of New Jack and Shark Boy is getting over well. In one of his shoot interviews, Jack said he was high and drunk during his entire TNA stay. It’s a really good commentary team. The weapon shots were pretty stiff in this match too.
They show a video package about Trinity. It mixes in clips from her stunt work and TNA. She says she loves pain, in her strong Brooklyn accent. They also show some clips of her in a bikini on the beach and her body is fine, but the face is not. She states her goal is to become the number one female in the history of this business. I thought that this did a great job at making Trinity look like a star.
Another flashback segment, this time of the TNA debuts of Dusty Rhodes, Raven, and D’Lo Brown.  
Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn
They go at each other as soon as the bell starts. Lynn calls Credible an asshole. Well, her sure looks like one with the shants he is wearing. They trade hard chops in the corner until Lynn gets a rollup. They do a lot of counters and reversals until Credible hits a clothesline. Lynn rolls through a crossbody and gets two. Credible gets two off a superkick then flips off the crowd. He goes for the tombstone but Lynn turns it into a cradle and Credible reverses that and grabs the ropes for the win (2:43) *. The ref finally declares him winner, after ref was thought to have seen him cheat. Lynn attacks Credible and they brawl through the crowd. Security and refs intervene as both men are screaming at each other.
Thoughts: Really short but the point of this was to further escalate the feud and it did a pretty good job of that. I don’t care much for Credible but he played his part fine.
BG James, who is supposed to be Mike Tenay, interviews Konnan and Ron Killings in a sitdown interview. He mocks them for stealing set. He asked Killings about fried chicken and he tells him all about it. He then asks Konnan if the Taco Bell Dog is stuck up in real life. Konnan says he has some smoke and BG wants to cut the segment so he can leave. The segment was dumb but at least it was short.
Up next, the show another flashback segment. This time, they actually show us the clip of Puppet whacking off in a trashcan, mixed in with clips of the Dusty Interview when he brought that up in discussing Russo’s version of entertainment. If I ran TNA, I would do my best to pretend that this segment never existed.
Kenzo Suzuki vs. Perry Saturn
Suzuki is representing the World Japan promotion, which Saturn also wrestles for as well part-time. They trade clotheslines then Saturn takes control. He beats on Suzuki in the corner but runs into a boot. We get to listen to the Spanish announce team as Saturn gets kneed in the gut. Suplex gets two. Saturn gets a few rollups and a springboard dropkick. Stern hits a T-Bone suplex then almost falls backwards attempting a scoop slam. Saturn overshoots a springboard move the runs into a spear. Running knee smash gets two. Saturn hits a German suplex for two. He goes up top and drops an elbow but Credible runs in and breaks the pin up with a kendo stick shot for the Double DQ (4:35) 1/2*. Lynn then runs in and beats on Credible and they continue to brawl.
Thoughts: I remember at the time there was some sort of Japanese politics that prevented a clean finish. Both guys looked bad and Saturn was really sloppy.
Goldylocks is with AJ Styles. She sets him up to make a swallowing joke then AJ says it doesn’t matter who his partner is tonight because he trusts Russo to make the right decision. AJ has been playing second fiddle to Russo all show long, which is ridiculous seeing as he is the champion.
More highlights of TNA’s first year with Jarrett getting suplexed by Toby Keith and beaten up by the Tennessee Titans. They also showed a clip of Hermie Sadler beating Ron Killings.  
In the back, XXX sneak attack AMW before their match.
Tag-Team Championship Match
XXX (Champions) vs. America’s Most Wanted
Low-Ki leads the champs to the ring with his arm in a sling. Daniels grabs the mic and says sports entertainment is now the new tradition. Daniels starts to talk about how he is going to Japan soon but AMW comes out and they brawl outside the ring. They go back in and XXX double team Storm. Skipper gets two off a double underhook suplex and then they hit their version of the Rockerplex. Harris clotheslines both men then goes back on the apron. Storm gets beat on until XXX has a miscomunication then makes the tag. Harris runs wild and gets two off a powerslam. He blocks the Play of the Day from Skipper and gets two off a catatonic. Harris misses a corner splash and Daniels hits the Angel Wings. Storm catches him with a powerslam for two. All four men brawl and Storm hits Daniels for eight second ride as he was on Harris’s shoulders. Skipper breaks up that pin attempt and flips over Storm. He brawls with Harris on the floor as Daniels hits Storm with a uranage. He misses the BME and walks into a spear from Harris. That only gets two and Skipper gets a quick rollup. Ki slides a belt to Daniels, who misses the shot and gets killed by a superkick from Storm. They hit Daniels with the Death Sentence but Skipper pulls out the ref then hits Storm with the belt as Daniels covers for the win (7:03) **1/2.
Thoughts: Good match that was too short. These teams really work well together. The three person dynamic of XXX is the only positive of the SEX faction. The crowd was really into the match, which is a good sign seeing as TNA nearly killed off AMW’s popularity.
Tenay is with Jerry Jarrett. He says that this is a special occasion. He talks about the tradition of the NWA and hopes they can achieve the prominence they had in the good ol’ days. Tenay asks him about his relationship with Russo. Jarrett says Russo is obsessed with his son and he hopes that it is not fatal. A giant waste of time.
Erik Watts is in the ring. He calls himself “Mr. Explosion” and wants to talk about some “Serious shit.” His man, Eric from WCW will be here soon and says that they have a special interview tonight. He then calls out Kid Kash, who heads to the ring while taping his hands. Watts makes height jokes then Kash says that beating up women gives him goose bumps. Watts attacks and holds up Kash for a chokeslam but sees Goldylocks on the video screen, screaming for help as she is locked in the cage. Watts runs back but cant open the cage then gets attacked from behind by Kash as Goldy is screaming for her life as Abyss is cutting off her hair. Another ineffective segment.  
TNA Flashback of Styles against Jeff Jarrett and last week’s title match.
Tenay plugs the frequent buyers club. West starts to run down next week’s show but Chris Harris interrupts and announces that AMW will face XXX for the titles in a steel cage match. That will be the first cage match in TNA history. A good idea, seeing that XXX constantly uses interference to keep the titles.
Russo and Styles come out for the main event. Russo calls the mystery partner a degenerate and a scumbag, much like himself. He then introduces AJ’s partner as Sean Waltman, who is in street clothes. The crowd reacted well to him.
AJ Styles & Sean Waltman vs. Jeff Jarrett & Sting
The faces take control as the crowd is pumped. Sting overpowers and goes for the Scorpion Death Lock but AJ grabs the ropes. Russo is on commentary and berates the announcers. AJ is getting roughed up by Sting outside the ring as Jarrett has Waltman in the figure four. AJ breaks that up with a beautiful springboard leg drop. Russo talks up AJ as he stomps on Jarrett. He hits a dropkick as Russo and Tenay are screaming at each other. Waltman tags and locks on a sleeper. Jarrett escapes but Waltman gets a spinning heel kick. Legdrop gets two. Jarrett gets double-teamed behind the ref’s back then AJ locks on a sleeper as the crowd chants for Sting. Both men are down after clotheslining each other and AJ tags first. Waltman corners Jarrett but he crawls through his legs and tags Sting. The building erupts as Sting runs wild. He hits both men with the Stinger Splash and puts AJ in the Scorpion Death Lock. Waltman breaks that up with a bat and AJ puts Sting in his own hold. Sting escapes then takes down both men with a double clothesline. Jarrett is struggling to stand on the apron as Sting hits both men with the Scorpion Death Drop. Sting is now down and makes the tag to Jarrett, who has miraculously recovered. He hits a bunch of dropkicks as Russo leaves the booth. Jarrett ducks a superkick that takes out the ref then hits AJ with the Stroke but there is no ref. Russo hits Jarrett with the bat but Raven comes out and runs him off. He is about to DDT AJ but Shane Douglas runs out and they brawl on the ramp. Jarrett catches AJ with a boot and hits another Stroke. The ref comes to but AJ kicks out. Sting is roughing up Waltman as Jarrett hits the Stroke from the middle rope for the win as Raven and Douglas are brawling in the ring (11:49) ***. Russo runs in and chokes out Jarrett with the bat but Sting chases him away. Raven and Jarrett are facing off in the ring but Sting separates the two and raises their hands.
Thoughts: Good match that had a main event feel, which is something rare for TNA at this time. Waltman looked okay and Sting did a good job and came off like a star. My only gripe was that AJ ate the pin but a great way to close out the show.
Final Thoughts: The first year of TNA was rough. It almost went under in September then got saved a financial backer (Panda Energy). The anniversary show had its moments but the problems still remain. There is far too much Vince Russo on the show. He is featured more than anyone else. Also, the Erik Watts stuff is horrendous. I have no idea who finds him funny but his segments are a chore to sit through. The main even segment worked well and the X Division match delivered. The team of New Jack & Shark Boy work as the comic relief (not Watts) and the tag title feud is heating up. With the video on Trinity and the segment with Tracy and Nurse Veronica, along with the rule prohibiting matches between woman and men, it looks like TNA is starting up a women’s division. At least there are some positivrs to build on but reducing the presence of Russo on the show should be the main focus.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #48

June 11, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
We are shown a video package of Jeff Jarrett, Raven, and AJ Styles. It features older clips of them all making their cases as to why they should be the Heavyweight Championship. This did a good job of hyping tonight’s three-way match for the title.

The camera cuts to Raven and the Gathering in the parking lot. Raven tells us that will achieve his destiny tonight by becoming the NWA-TNA Heavyweight Champion. He instructs the Gathering to make sure D’Lo does not interfere in his destiny as Julio mentions that he has a match against him tonight and will break his face. D’Lo then attacks them all from behind and he drags Julio into the arena as they brawl towards the ring and start their match.
Julio Dinero w/Alexis Laree vs. D’Lo Brown
They are in the ring and D’Lo hits a back elbow smash. D’Lo takes Dinero off the top rope with a rana. Alexis interferes and Dinero kicks D’Lo to the floor. He dropkicks him off the apron as the crowd starts a “Julio” chant. D’Lo fights back and tosses Julio into the ring but Alexis trips him up and Julio hits a neckbreaker. Julio flies out with a tope and punches away. Julio puts the chair around the neck of Julio and rams him into the post as Alexis distracts the ref. With D’Lo hanging on the ropes, Julio hits a top rope leg drop, getting two. Fisherman’s suplex gets two. Inverted DDT gets two. Alexis chokes out D’Lo as Julio distracts the referee. Dream Theatre gets two. Julio misses a corner charge and both men are down. D’Lo comes back and hits a few rights. He escapes a neckbreaker and hits a jawbreaker. Alexis leaps off the top and hits a tornado DDT. Julio covers but that only gets two. Julio bounces off the ropes but D’Lo hits him with the Sky High for the win (6:38) *1/2.
Thoughts: Energetic but sloppy match, which is expected when Dinero is in the ring. The outcome was never in doubt and this all looks to set up a feud between D’Lo and Raven.
West and Tenay run down tonight’s show, which includes:
America’s Most Wanted vs. David Young & Tracy in the Asylum Alliance Finals
Sandman vs. ??? in the Hard Ten Semi-Finals
Kid Kash vs. Erik Watts & Trinity & Goldylocks
Chris Sabin defends the belt against the opponent of his choice as Paul London is in Japan this week.
A video recap of the history of Vince Russo in TNA.
Mike Tenay is in the ring with Glen Gilbertti. Tenay asks Gilbertti why Russo would hit him with a bat, costing him the title. Gilbertti says that he does not know. He then says that Russo came up with the ideas to screw Bret Hart in Montreal, put the tag belts on Judy Bagwell, and put Viagra on a pole. He then mentions how he put the WCW title on David Arquette. He then says he had to pretend for three years that it was a good idea. He says that Russo is jealous for how he took over SEX. He then says that he might have been embarrassed as the crowd starts a “Boring” chant as Gilbertti rants about Russo and his “Asshole” kids. He calls Russo a pussy who was no balls and runs him down as Russo runs in the ring with a bat and hits him a few times while shouting “fuck you, Glen.” The Harris Brothers stop him but they cant hold him back. XXX pulls Gilbertti out of the ring. After weeks of pushing Gilbertti near the top of the card, they kill him off in one segment.
Scott Hudson, making his NWA-TNA debut, conducts a backstage interview with Chris Sabin. He says that Sabin as yet to defend the belt and wants to know who he will be facing. Sabin notes how he is 21 and searched for the one man who can take him to the limit, Hudson throws out Juvy and Syxx-Pac but Sabin says it is Shark Boy. Sabin did a bad job on the mic.
New Jack and Shark Boy are playing Twister in the locker room. Jack is screaming at him that his ass stinks. Not the greatest comedy segment between the two.
X Division Championship Match
Chris Sabin (Champion) vs. Shark Boy
Sabin mocks Shark Boy before they lockup. They do a nice fast-paced sequence that ends with a hiptoss from Shark Boy. He hits a dropkick and a Russian legsweep before clotheslining Sabin to the floor. He hits a springboard reverse dropkick but Sabin whips him into the rail. Sabin charges but gets backdropped into the crowd. Sabin floats over Shark Boy and hits him with a German suplex. Back in the ring, Sabin misses a top rope splash as both men are down. Shark Boy gets two off a bulldog and hits mounted punches in the corner. Missile dropkick gets two. Tenay states that Gilbertti has been taken to the hospital as this match is dragging. Shark Boy hits a neckbreaker for two. He tries a rana from the top but Sabin catches him and turns it into a backbreaker. Sabin eats boot on a charge and Shark Boy hits the Dead Sea Drop but Sabin gets his foot on the rope before the three count. Shark Boy gets kicked by Sabin, who hits the Future Shock for the win (6:19) *. After the mask, Sabin tries to unmask Shark Boy but New Jack runs out for the save. Mike Sanders runs in and he and Sabin double team New Jack. Security runs in as the heels leave the ring.
Thoughts: This was a really dull match. These guys couldn’t work together either. Sanders and New Jack face each other in the Hard Ten Tournament so this was an excuse for them to build to that but why do it during a title match? They devalued the belt in this segment.
Hudson is with Konnan and Ron Killings. They use gangsta phrases as they promise to beat the shit out of the Harris Brothers.
Harris Brothers vs. Ron Killings & Konnan
Don overpowers Killings to start. Killings gets a drop toehold and fires away. He hits a flying forearm for two then tags Konnan. Don hits a sideslam then tags Ron, who punches away. Konnan comes back with a clothesline and a DDT then tags Killings. Don pulls Killings out of the ring and roughs him up for a bit. In the ring, Ron hits a suplex then a few corner clotheslines. Killings gets double-teamed for a bit.  He tries a comeback but runs into a big boot. Chokeslam by Ron, who then grabs a chinlock. They double-team Killings behind the ref’s back. Killings kicks Ron then tags Konnan. He runs wild then the match breaks down. In the ring, Don flapjacks Killings as the ref is outside breaking up a brawl. In the ring, BG James whacks Don with a chair and Killings covers for the win (6:52) ¾*.
Thoughts: The match was better than I expected, actually. It wasn’t good at all but not an embarrassment and Killings carried things well. BG interfering on behalf of Konnan & Killings sets up an interesting dynamic.
Tenay in a sitdown interview with Jarrett from earlier today. Jarrett calls AJ and Raven is two toughest opponents in TNA. Tenay brings up TNA being upset with Jarrett’s actions and asks him if he is being punished by this three way. Jarrett says he is being punished but he will deal with it. He asks him about Russo’s involvement in last week’s match and if he had any idea that Russo would do that. Jarrett gets angry and states he had no idea that he would interfere. Jarrett claims that they have no relation together.
Hudson is with Erik Watts, Goldylocks, and Trinity. He asks Watts about his relation with Goldy. Watts says he will not let anything happen to Goldy. Trinity talks about how rough she is when an unnamed masked man (Abyss) runs in and attacks Watts. Kash comes in afterwards and pretends to be unaware of what happened and calls the girls “Muff & Diver” before stating that they have a match.
Kid Kash vs. Goldylocks & Trinity
Trinity runs in the ring and gets stomped, causing her top to come off. Trinity gets up and ties it back but you can see her right tit. Goldy distracts Kash and Trinity fires away after tying her top. Kash hits a swinging neckbreaker then gets up in Goldy’s face, who has been yelling all match. Slingshot suplex gets two. Trinity fights back but runs into an iron claw. He throws her down and pushes Goldy down. He goes back to the claw but Goldy jumps on Kash. He gets slapped but Kash puts the claw on her but Goldy goes low. Trinity hits a springboard armdrag then runs into a boot. She cuts off Kash and counters a super powerbomb into a rana. The masked man runs out and gives Trinity a swinging sideslam and Kash cover for the win (5:01) ½*. 
Thoughts: It looks like Kash has a new protégé. The angle with Trinity is just about played out and there is no need to drag Goldylocks into this feud.
Scott Hudson is with Devon Storm, who will be the Sandman’s opponent in the Hard Ten tournament. He mentions how Sandman drinks alcohol several times before leaving.
Backstage, Bill Behrens is with D’Lo Brown and tells him that he has to leave the building. D’Lo laughs at the two security guards and says they can’t stop him.
Hard Ten Tournament Match
Devon Storm vs. Sandman
Storm attacks Sandman to start. He grabs a kendo stick but gets knocked off the apron and Sandman grabs the stick. Storm hits him back and they fight over the stick. Storm uses a monkey flip and uses the stick, going up 3-0. Sandman has the stick and goes up 4-3 as Storm is on the floor. They brawl as Sonny Siaki wheels in a shopping cart full of weapons. Storm uses some high-flying offense and ties it up with a chairshot. He sits Sandman in the chair and hits a pescado. He then throws the chair at him, going up 5-4. He rolls Sandman in the ring then grabs a ladder from the crowd. Siaki is setting up a table outside the ring as Storm goes up 6-4. He throws him into the ladder but that does not result in a point. Sandman then suplexes Storm into the ladder immediately afterwards and gets a point. What the fuck? He ties it up 6-6 then goes up top and misses a swanton bomb and lands on the ladder. Storm goes up 7-6 with a lid then grabs a chair and puts it behind Sandman’s back, hitting a Northern lights suplex. For some reason that does not get a point as this system is all fucked up. He tosses Sandman to the floor as Siaki roughs him up. Storm sets up a ladder as Sandman hits Siaki. Sandman whips them both into the guardrail then places Storm on the table and climbs the ladder, hitting a senton for the win (6:47) *. After the match, Siaki hits Sandman with a kendo stick. He then chugs a beer an spits hit in his face.
Thoughts: The best Hard Ten match, which isn’t saying much. Storm did a lot of moves not involving the weapons and when he incorporated them, he got screwed out of points. The scoring made no sense in this match at all. This tournament has been lousy.
The Interrogators with Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible. Lynn accuses Metallica of selling out after the Black Album then they insult each other, with Credible calling Lynn a whiner and Lynn accusing Credible of kissing ass to get a push. Credible gives it up for Paul Heyman as Lynn calls Heyman Credible’s “Butt Buddy” then both men start to brawl.
Hudson is backstage with Tracy. He asks her about making history and she says that the movement begins tonight. He brings up David Young, and she promises to hurt Young if they lose tonight. She insults Hudson before leaving.
Asylum Alliance Tournament Finals
America’s Most Wanted vs. Tracy & David Young
Desire is not here as she drove Gilbertti to the hospital. XXX has joined the announcers table. Daniels wishes Low Ki a speedy recovery from his injury. Young and Storm start off the match by trading chops. Storm knocks Young off the apron which sets off a series of botched moves including Tracy barely being able to go over the ropes and Storm blowing a springboard plancha. In the ring, Harris hits Young with a delayed vertical suplex then AMW double-teams Young. Tracy teases AMW then botches a spot in which AMW was supossed to catch her and toss her at Young. God, this match sucks. Skipper flies in and clotheslines Storm out of nowhere and Young takes control. Tracy tags and hits the Pie in the Sky but misses the Bronco Buster. Young shakes the ropes on Storm and tags. He hits a superplex for two. There are audio problems as Stomr dodges a charge and tags Harris. He knocks Tracy halfway across the ring and beats on Young. Harris sends Tracy into Young’s crotch with a drop toehold. Storm goes to spank Tracy but Young breaks that up. They get Yonug up for the Death Sentence as Harris brushes off Skipper and Daniels then takes them out with a plancha. Young beats on Storm but gets speared in mid-air by Harris, who covers for the win (6:40) DUD. After the match, Storm cuts a promo but I cant make it out due to audio problems. After they leave, Young and Trinity argue but Nurse Veronica runs in and hits Young with a chair from behind.
Thoughts: Terrible match. Tracy was horrendous and Storm blew a ton of spots too. At least AMW are challenging for the titles but the awful booking of this team has killed their popularity.
Hudson is with AJ Styles. He cuts a decent promo about growing up while in TNA and says that D’Lo’s influence will give him the edge in the match. He was very cocky near the end of this
West and Tenay run down next week’s One Year Anniversary show, which includes:
Mike Sanders vs. New Jack in a Hard Ten Tournament Semi-Final
Chris Sabin vs. Paul London for the X Division Championship
XXX vs. AMW for the Tag-Team Titles
Also, Sting will be here, making his TNA debut.
NWA-TNA Heavyweight Championship Match
Raven vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett (Champion)
AJ gets attacked first and tossed to the floor. Styles comes in and clothesline Jarrett as everyone trades off stuff. Styles goes back to the floor as Raven and Jarrett trade punches until AJ drags Raven to the floor. Jarrett takes Raven down with a baseball slide then AJ takes them both out with a somersault plancha. He sends Raven into the guardrail but misses a springboard move. Raven clotheslines Jarrett and rolls him back in the ring and continues his assault. Raven catapults AJ onto Jarrett but he lands on the middle turnbuckle and uses moutned punches. Jarrett breaks that up with a powerbomb but Raven breaks up the pin. Raven puts Jarrett in a STF but AJ breaks that up then hits Jarrett with the Phenomenon. Raven clotheslines AJ but Jarrett breaks up the pin. They then escape from each other’s finishers before AJ hits Raven with a chair. Jarrett and AJ team up against Raven. AJ hits a springboard rana on Raven but Jarrett breaks that up then they go back to double team until Jarrett covers and AJ breaks up that pinfall attempt. They put Raven in a single leg crab/chinlock combo as Raven is juicing from his forehead. AJ goes up top then hits Jarrett with a leg drop after Raven moved. Raven cleans house and sends both men into the chair with drop toeholds. Raven and Jarrett brawl and AJ gets taken off the apron after Raven whips Jarrett against the ropes. Raven then hits the Raven Effect on Jarrett after a series of reversals. He covers but Shane Douglas pulls him out of the ring and drags him through the crowd and into the parking lot. In the ring, AJ uses the belt then goes up top. He hits the frog splash but that only gets two. AJ hammers on Jarrett in the corner but Jarrett hits the Alabama Slam, getting two. AJ gets two off a powerbomb. Jarrett blocks a Styles Clash attempt and hits another Alabama Slam but knocks down the ref in the process. He puts AJ on the top rope but gets shoved off. AJ tries a springboard 450 splash but Jarrett gets his knees up. Russo is in the ring with a guitar. He sizes up AJ but hits Jarrett and AJ hits the Styles Clash for the win (13:59) ***1/4. After the match, Russo kisses the belt and hugs AJ. He flips off Jarrett, who is on the mat, and flips off the crowd a few times. They walk through the crowd as Jarrett asks for the mic. He asks AJ  for a rematch next week and they head back to the ring. AJ says he is the champ and will make the decisions. He says he has 30 days to give him a rematch but has to check his schedule first. Jarrett then has a counter offer and tells him to find a partner to face him and his partner, Sting. Jarrett also promises that Sting will shove his bat up Russo’ ass.
Thoughts: Good match. The debut of Shane Douglas went okay as it sets him up to feud with Raven. Russo interfering on the behalf of AJ was a bit shocking and adds an interesting dynamic but if they are having an AJ vs. Jarrett feud, it makes little sense because Jarrett seems to be turning heel.
Final Thoughts: The show was pretty bad up until the main event. AJ as the champ was a great choice but he has no one to feud with. The top face on the roster is D’Lo at this point, who he was teaming with. The Hard Ten tournament is a waste but luckily the Asylum Alliance has ended so they can go back to having an actual tag team division. Next show is the one year anniversary show.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #47

June 4, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
The show starts with a video package on Glen Gilbertti and the events that led him to become the number one contender to Jeff Jarrett’s Heavyweight Championship. Then it switches focus to Vince Russo and shows him interfering in Gilbertti’s match against Raven last week before showing various clips of Russo in TNA.


Jarrett arrives to the building and is approached by three security guys, wearing red shirts. The tallest guy introduces himself as Kevin Northcutt. He tells Jarrett about the NWA Board of Directors being pissed at his actions from last week and Jarrett blows them off, stating that he will take care of his own problems.
Gilbertti is in the SEX locker room, conducting a prayer circle. He thanks the lord for making SEX the greatest stable, bringing back Vince Russo, and giving him the strength to kick Jarrett’s hillbilly ass so he can make professional wrestling a better place for everyone. The circle breaks and Mike Sanders asks Gilbertti if he has been talking to Russo, because he hasn’t, and Gilbertti says that he has been talking to him every day. They made it seem like Gilbertti is full of shit and that Russo came back for his own reason, not to be with SEX.
Kid Romeo & Damien Dothart & Johnny Swinger vs. CM Punk & Matt Stryker & Frankie Kazarian
Stryker and Romeo start things off. Stryker is not the same guy who is currently in the WWE but a trainee of Les Thatcher who spent time in his HWA territory. They have a nice sequence that ends with Stryker getting a nearfall off a leg lariat. Kazarian tags ands works the arm. Romeo hits a bulldog and tags Swinger as West tells a story of Kazarian approaching Tenay six years ago at an autograph session in San Diego on how to enter this business. Kazarian hits a dropkick and a pair off armdrags before tagging Punk. He hits a few moves but Swinger catches him with a spinning side slam. They trade sleepers as Tenay mentions the passing of Freddie Blassie. Dothart tags and he and Punk engage in a fast-paced but sloppy sequence. Punk messes up a monkeyflip spot in which he was supposed to land on his feet then Damien tags Swinger. Punk briefly works the arm then tags Stryker. He hits a Thesz Press and knocks Romeo off the apron after a cheapshot. He and Swinger reverse holds until Swinger catches him with a sitout spinebuster. He hits an atomic drop and Romeo slingshots in with a clothesline as there is a lot of miscommunication going on here. Stryker hits an overhead suplex but Dothart tags and the heels neutralize Stryker in the corner. Northern Lights suplex gets two. Stryker gets a few rollups but Dothart takes him down and the heels continue their assault. Stryker leapfrogs over Swinger and tags Kazarian, who runs wild on Swinger until he is stopped by a jawbreaker. Dothart comes in but Kazarian hits them with a reverse neckbreaker and a DDT at the same time. Kazarian nearly kills himself with a tope on Swinger. Punk backdrops Dothart to the floor and takes everyone out with a sorry looking springboard plancha. Romeo dives out then Stryker takes them all out with a quebrada. Back in the ring, everyone take turns hitting their finishers until Kazarian hits Dothart with the Wave of the Future (Downward Spiral) for the win (11:11) **1/2.
Thoughts: An energetic but sloppy match. Kazarian really stood out the most and made a good impression in his debut. The announcers hinted towards a possible feud between Kazarian and Sabin, because they both go by the “Future” moniker. Stryker looked solid in his debut as well. Romeo continues to impress in the ring. Punk had a bad night, messing up a few times. Swinger was miscast in this match and did nothing of note. Dothart was not ready to wrestle on TV and looked lost out there. He was trained by Dusty Rhodes so that is probably the only reason he got in this match.
Goldylocks is with Raven. He feels insulted that he is not the number one contender. He calls Jarrett the David Hasselhoff of pro wrestling. He states that they were both on two hit shows and are delusional in that they believe they are the sole reason for their show’s success. I assume he means Nitro and RAW. He threatens Russo if he touches him again. Not the best work from Raven.
Backstage, James Storm approaches Chris Harris, who looks a bit down. Storm says he will respect is decision on which partner he chooses. Harris then wonders if all good things come to an end. It is quite obvious how this will end.
They show another video package on the Hard Ten Tournament
Hard Ten Tournament Match
Sonny Siaki vs. Vampire Warrior
Sanders has joined the announcers table. Before the match, Siaki cut a promo about the ladies getting wet when he takes his shirt off and declaring himself a badass. He calls Sandman a pussy, which beings him but he is stopped by security. Warrior spits his drink at Siaki then hits him with a frying pan. He goes up quickly 4-0 until Siaki sends Warrior through the table after whacking him off the apron with a kendo stick as Siaki is up 6-4. They trade shots then Warrior goes for a pin, like an idiot, after a DDT. Sikai is up 7-5 then gets the win after putting Warrior through a table with a neckbreaker (3:51) ¼*. After the match, Sandman whacks Siaki off the head with his Singapore Cane.
Thoughts: This tournament has been a giant flop. At least this was short. I have no idea what they are trying to accomplish by making Siaki a hardcore wrestler.
Mike Tenay has a sit down interview with Raven. He puts over his feud with Dreamer and Sandman among the top feuds in wrestling history. He talks about WCW paying him a lot of money to sit in the front row and drink beer with his buddies. He mentions how he quit WCW after Bischoff told him he could leave if he was unhappy. He says that the WWE shit all over him then talks about TNA, dissing Jarrett some more.
We are back in the SEX locker room where Don Harris refuses to partner up with Ron Killings, stating that he doesn’t work with “There kind.” Elix Skipper takes offense to this but both Don and Ron let him know that they like him but not Killings, because he cries about racism instead of taking responsibility of his own actions.
David Young w/Desire & Tracy vs. Ron Killings
Killings starts by dancing then locks up with Young. Killings gets a quick rollup then a powerslam. He hits a scoop slam then a top rope legdrop. Tracy then comes off the top with the Pie in the Sky (Thesz Press) and Young takes control of the match. Snap suplex gets two as this match is at a snails pace right now. Young tags Tracy, who gets in a few kicks before teasing Killings by lifting up her skirt. She tags Young and then jumps off the apron when Young tries to tag her. This match continues to drag as Killings is really looking awful. Axe kick gets two. Leg lariat gets two. Tracy comes off the top but Killings catches her with a sitout powerbomb. Nurse Veronica, the nurse from last week who now has a name, runs in an checks on Tracy. Desire is on the apron distracting the ref as Killings has Young pinned. Killings approaches Desire but Nurse Veronica hits him with a low blow, allowing Young to hit the spinebuster for the win (6:53) -*. After the match, Tracy jumps on Young but Desire pulls her off and they have another catfight. They are both wearing short skirts and thongs, easily making this the best part of this segment.
Thoughts: Awful match. This whole thing was wrestled in slow motion and was way overbooked. Nurse Veronica was also known on the independents as Simply Luscious. She was trained by Shawn Michaels. They are continuing the feud between Tracy and Desire. Speaking of Desire, she was with Young but not Siaki tonight.
Goldylocks is with Jarrett. She asks him about his title defense and TNA officials. He says that he is focused on Gilbertti and closes by stating how he is not going to let Gilbertti disgrace the TNA title. Erik Watts comes in and Goldy is pissed that he locked her in the closet in order to conduct the backstage interviews. Goldy then walks away.
A video package on XXX. Not bad but the graphics really make this look as low budget as possible.
Chris Harris is in the ring with James Storm and Chris Sabin, flanked by XXX. He is about to make his decision on which partner to use. He tells Storm that they should end it on PPV and that when they were put together, everyone thought it was a joke but they became the best and heads over to Sabin. However, he states that America’s Most Wanted as only just begun and he hugs and makes up with Storm. Sabin attacks but Storm fights back and they hit him with the Hart Attack. Sabin bails with XXX, who are pissed.
America’s Most Wanted vs. BG James & Konnan
Daniels is on commentary, saying that Harris made a terrible mistake and will pay. AMW dumps their opponents to the floor. Storm flies out with a somersault plancha and Harris hits a pescado. In the ring, Konnan attacks Harris from behind and BG takes control. He hits his trademark stuff as Daniels notes how they will face the winner of the tournament at the anniversary show in two weeks. Konnan tags and he and Harris collide. Hot tag to Storm, who cleans house. He then hits Konnan with possibly the worst hurricarana I have ever seen. The match breaks down, and it’s not very exciting at all. Storm gets a nearfall on James with a superkick then they brawl outside. Storm and Daniels argue and the ref goes outside, allowing the Harris Brothers to run in and hit Konnan with an H Bomb. Chris Harris then crawls on top of Konnan for the win (5:28) ½*.
Thoughts: BG and Konnan were just going to the motions here. The crowd is cold to AMW, mainly due to the horrible booking they have received for the past few months. The problem was that no one wanted to see them break up and they weren’t buying the constant teases.
A video recap on the Trinity and Kid Kash feud.
Goldylocks is in the ring and welcomes Kid Kash, who is dragging Trinity by the hand. He rips the mic away from Goldylocks and calls her a stick with a pair of tits. He then blames Trinity for  him losing the X Division Title and continues to berate her as the crowd starts a mild “Asshole” chant.  He orders Trinity to get on her knees and kiss his ass. She refuses then Kash grabs her hair. She fights back as Goldy pushes him back and says that she is sick of his shit. Kash then laughs and cracks some lame lesbian jokes before smacking Goldy across the face after she makes a small dick joke. Erik Watts then runs out and powerbombs Kash. They brawl outside and Kash hits him with the Smashmouth. He goes into the ring and corners the girls but Watts hits a chokeslam and a corner powerbomb. Watts then leaves with the girls as the crowd applauds. Does this mean Watts is a face now?
Gilbertti is on the cell phone with someone, presumably Russo, asking them to come here now. Sanders doubts he is talking to Vince as Glen says that tonight, the joke will be on everyone else after he walks out as the champion. No matter how hard they try, people are not buying Gilbertti as a credible challenger.
Backstage, AJ Styles and D’Lo Brown are talking about business. Goldy talks to them with Watts lurking in the background. AJ promises that they will tear the house down as D’Lo dares the roster to follow their match.
Number One Contender Match
AJ Styles vs. D’Lo Brown
They shake hands before the match. Both men duck each other’s attacks then trade chops. AJ counters a catatonic with a rollup then hits the Phenomenon. D’Lo clotheslines AJ after blocking the Styles Clash then hits a Quebrada for two. AJ ducks a clothesline and takes D’Lo to the floor with a springboard dropkick. AJ flies out but D’Lo catches him and backdrops him on the ramp. He climbs up top and hits the frog splash in a crazy spot. Raven and the Gathering come ringside as D’Lo rolls AJ back into the ring. AJ hits the Pele kick and both men are down. D’Lo catches AJ with a stunner in midair and that gets two. D’Lo gets crotched on top but D’Lo takes him down with the Sky High. The ref counts as Julio pulls the ref to the floor, allowing Raven to clothesline D’Lo. AJ then gets two off a springboard 450 splash. The ref is distracted an AJ hits the Styles Clash on a chair for the win (9:07) **1/2. After the match, Raven takes out AJ with a chair.
Thoughts: Decent match with some nice spots but in no way was it a show-stealing match. Both guys tried hard but as an actual match, it was lacking as it was a more of a collection of moves.
Tenay and West run down next week’s show, including the debut of TNA Talk. Announced matches are:
David Young & Tracy & America’s Most Wanted, with the winner facing XXX for the titles at the Anniversary show
Sandman vs. ???? in a Hard Ten Tournament Semi-Final
AJ Styles vs. Raven vs. winner of the Gilbertti/Jarrett match for the NWA-TNA Championship
We see both Gilbertti and Jarrett warming up for their match
World Heavyweight Championship Match
Glen Gilbertti vs. Jeff Jarrett (Champion)
Jarrett has a new intro video. They fight over a lockup at first. They do another sequence that ends with Gilbertti getting a hiptoss. He hits a few armdrags then they spill to the floor and start brawling. Jarrett uses the chair on the back of Gilbertti before whipping him into the guardrail. He roughs him up some more until Sanders comes out and superkicks Jarrett in a blown spot. The camera shows the Harris Brothers in the back of the arena watching the match then Gilbertti catapults Jarrett into the post. In the ring, Gilbertti attacks the leg of Jarrett. He puts him in an ankle lock but Jarrett eventually reaches the ropes. XXX is shown watching in the aisle and AMW are on the ramp. Jarrett trips up Gilbertti and puts on the figure-four but Gilbertti reverses the hold. Jarrett manages to grab the ropes. Jarrett hits a DDT and an enziguiri for nearfalls. Crossbody block gets two as the whole roster is now watching the match. Gilbertti catches him with a stunner but Jarrett kicks out. Gilbertti stomps Jarrett’s leg, which was between a chair. The ref is yelling at Gilbertti then Jarrett stuns him on the chair for two. Gilbertti hits Jarrett with the Stroke but that only gets two. Jarrett powerbombs Gilbertti but gets elbowed on a charge. Jarrett goes for a reverse rollup but Gilbertti is shoved into the ref. Both men are down as Vince Russo comes out with his bat and whacks Gilbertti on the back and Jarrett covers for the win (13:42) **1/2. Russo is shown walking away as the show goes off the air.
Thoughts: Not bad and probably the best you could have hoped for in this match. Gilbertti’s offense is not main event material. He sucks at brawling. There was a lot of smoke and mirrors in this match but it was for the best. Now that Russo has cost Raven and Gilbertti, a member of SEX, a match, it is unclear where his allegiance lies.
Final Thoughts:  The Russo deal is a bit intriguing but the rest of the show had nothing going for it. The Hard Ten tournament has been a waste, as has the Asylum Allegiance tag tourney. Bringing in more X Division guys has been beneficial but that was really the only positive sign for the company going forward. They are wasting too much time with people like Erik Watts and need to create some new stars.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #46

May 28, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
The show starts with a video package on Raven, focusing on the past two weeks.
Gilbertti is in the parking lot and he yells at Julio and Alexis, ordering them to tell Raven that he will kick his ass. I bet.

CM Punk & Jason Cross vs. AJ Styles & D’Lo Brown
AJ and D’Lo get attacked from behind and knocked out of the ring. Cross then flies out with an impressive twisting tope as his partner runs into a superkick from AJ. He springboards off the guardrail but Punk dropkicks him in mid-air in a mistimed spot. In the ring, AJ beats on both men until he eats a flying knee by Punk, who attacks AJ. They double-team AJ and get a few nearfalls in the process as Tenay runs down the show, which will feature Glenn Gilbertti vs. Raven as the main event. AJ turns Cross inside out with a clothesline and tags D’Lo, who cleans house. D’Lo catches Cross after a springboard ad flattens him with a powerbomb then D’Lo and AJ hit simultaneous moves (D’Lo frog splash and AJ a springboard 450) and get the win (4:29) **.
Thoughts: Good match while it lasted. Its really interesting to look back and see Punk here. He looked like a total indy geek. Anyway, he and Cross looked good overall.
After the match, D’Lo grabs the mic and tells us that his goal was to get respect when he came to TNA and to achieve that, its to become the world champion. D’Lo tells AJ that he has been the victim of politics and warns him that its happening to him as well. He tells AJ that they had to qualify for a tag tournament and just had to face two jobbers. He tells us that in the TNA, Jeff Jarrett is “The Game” as a “Triple J” chant breaks out. AJ speaks and says he agrees with D’Lo and runs down a list of potential challengers, including D’Lo, before stating that they should end the team the way the started it as they both hug it out and pose to the crowd to a 50/50 reaction.
West runs down the show:
Sonny Siaki & Sandman vs. ?????
Justin Credible & Jerry Lynn vs. America’s Most Wanted, but James Storm is not here
A Hard Ten tournament match
A video highlight package about Jeff Jarrett defending the TNA belt against Sting in Australia for the WWA promotion. It’s set to some really corny music and goes on for far too long. It ends plugging his title match against Glen Gilbertti, which will take place next week.
Jeff Jarrett comes out to the ring. He mentions that he hears boos and eggs on the Raven fans in the building. He then cuts a heel promo on the fans and says he is here for Raven, who he claims is in a corner somewhere shooting up. Raven comes out to mostly cheers. Jarrett tells him to speak first and he calls Jarrett a coward and a pussy. He compares him to DDP, but without the work ethic, and compares his political connections to that of the McMahon kids. Raven challenges him to a match but Jarrett says that he doesn’t have the power to make the match then states how on his worst day, Raven still cant beat him. Jarrett calls him an addict that is unfit to represent the NWA. Jarrett then states that he is going to protect Raven because he wants him to be in top shape when they have a match. Jarrett’s music hits and Raven leaves as Bert Prentice hands Jarrett an envelope. He opens it up and looks upset and heads over to Tenay, stating that he has been suspended. Tenay responds by stating they have to go out back. All signs here point towards a double turn, which makes sense since the crowd loves Raven and Jarrett is a much better heel than he is a face. The suspension deal seems idiotic.
Gilbertti addresses SEX in the locker room. He says that he got Jarrett suspended on TV and that he will beat Raven so bad that he would be wishing that he is detoxing. That’s quite the line. He runs down Siaki for looking dumb against a drug addict like Raven and says that he will have to prove himself tonight without the help of SEX. He then orders the Harris Brothers to bring him Chris Harris. That’s a lot of Harris’s.
Asylum Alliance Tournament
Sandman & Sonny Siaki vs. BG James & Konnan
BG is back, looking even more out of shape than he was before. Tenay notes that last time he was here, he was in SEX but came from the TNA locker room today. Sandman is drinking beer and holding his Singapore Cane and making masturbation gestures as the match begins. Konnan and Siaki start off with a fast-paced but sloppy sequence. Sandman stays on the floor as Konnan and BG work on Siaki. BG does all his trademark stuff and the crowd couldn’t care less. Sandman continues to avoid his partner then tells him that he is on his own. Siaki hits a neckbreaker and a flipping leg drop before tagging Sandman, who responds by spitting beer in his face and hitting him with a kendo stick as BG hits the pumphandle drop for the win (2:40) ¼*.
Thoughts: An uneventful return for BG James. The Asylum Alliance tournament has been a failure so far as no one is getting over as a result. This match was useless.
Goldylocks is backstage with New Jack, who is slamming water bottles through a table. He cuts a promo on Slash, stating that he will destroy him. Shark Boy comes out holding the Chutes and Ladders game and New Jack leaves to play. Tenay calls them the Odd Couple.
They rundown the scoring system of the Hard Ten Tournament combined with a video package of last week’s match.
Slash w/James Mitchell vs. New Jack
Mike Sanders is on commentary, attempting to be funny. Slash hits New Jack with a tope and they brawl outside. Slash then rolls Jack inside and they trade shots, tying it up 1-1. They go back outside and trade garbage can shots. Sanders makes fun of West’s sport card selling as these two brawl at a snails pace outside. Jack uses the lid but Slash uses it twice and gets in two shots with a garbage can, going up 6-3. Jack tosses Slash outside and gets a trashcan shot before rolling Slash into the ring. Slash uses the lid twice but Jack ducks out and hits him with a chair, cutting it to 8-5. In the ring, Jack places a tray on Slash’s crotch and uses the wood, making it 8-6. Jack ties it up 8-8 bring in two lids and they trade shots, making it 10-10. Slash goes up 11-10 and he needs to win by two. Its now 12-12 as the brawling looks awful right now and the crowd is just dead. Its tied 13-13 as New Jack goes up top but gets cut off. Jack blocks a superplex then throws Slash off the top to the outside, where is crashes through the table, and Jack wins 18-13 (7:07). DUD.
Thoughts: The scoring system makes these matches seem ridiculous. You’d think you would just knock someone down and hit them ten times repeatedly so you can win the match. Also, it makes the match slow and plodding.
Tenay is with XXX, sans Low Ki. Daniels proclaims XXX as the best team in the world and challenges anyone to come down and face them. He came across well here. Skipper mentions how he beat Kidman and Mysterio in WCW and as wrestled all over the world. Daniels cuts off Tenay after he puts down SEX, stating that tradition is filled with politics by people such as Jarrett and Dusty Rhodes. Daniels did well with the material he had to work with, which was very generic by the way. Its nice to see that after nine years, TNA finally let him cut loose on the mic
We go to the parking lot where the Harris Brothers are talking, then get beat down by Konnan and Ron Killings.
Goldylocks is with the Spanish Announce Team. She asks them about their cousin, the Amazing Red. They say that he isn’t here this week (he was in Japan) and put him over. They leave and Erik Watts comes up and whispers in Goldy’s ear.
XXX vs. Spanish Announce Team
The SAT’s haven’t been around since the beginning of the year. XXX jumps then to start. Daniels destroys Jose then tags Skipper. They hit a double suplex, getting two. Joel comes back with a sloppy crossbody but Skipper escapes by using the matrix and hits a spinning heel kick. XXX stomps a mudhole into Joel for a bit. Joel comes back with another sloppy move, this time a tilt-a-whirl into a rollup. La Majistral gets two. Skipper tosses him down and tags out. Daniels hits an uranage then gets the BME. He suplexes Joel on the ropes and tags Skipper, who hits a springboard leg drop. Joel dodges a charge and hits a springboard kick. He tags Jose, who cleans house. SAT’s hit a double bulldog on Daniels. SAT’s set up Skipper for a double team move but it was botched. Jose hits Daniels with a plancha then the SAT’s try the Spanish Fly on Skipper. The match breaks down as everyone hits each other with their moves. Daniels then crotches Jose on the ropes and tags Skipper, who does his ropewalk hurricarana for the win (6:19) *3/4. After the match, Raven comes into the ring and DDT’s the SAT’s before leaving.
Thoughts: The SAT’s didn’t look good here. This was there last appearance in TNA too. XXX continues to shine but this was a meaningless match.
We are back in the SEX locker room where Gilbertti wonders what happened to the Harris Brothers. Tracy walks in and demands to speak with David Young about their match next week. Desire said she can speak with her and Tracy slapped her across the face. The two women brawl then it spills to the crowd before ending up in the ring.  David Young walks out and hits Tracy with the spinebuster and checks on Desire as they continue to play up that Young is in love with Desire. Security checks on Tracy and they roll her out of the ring. The brawling looked bad but it was meant for showing skin and it was fine in that regard. Tracy’s ass is mighty fine by the way as the short skirt and thong confirm that for us.
Goldylocks is with Erik Watts. They are in a janitor’s closet as she didn’t want to do anything with him. However, she did acknowledge that they did screw last week. Watts sweet talks her and kisses her before he exits, leaving Goldy smitten.
Video package of the mysterious luchador costing Kash his tag match last week.
Kash is in the locker room when a girl walks in wearing a slutty nurse’s outfit, claiming to be conducting a pre-match exam. He tells her that he has a pulled groin then pulls her by the hair and says that she was sent by Tracy. She then hits him low several times as Kash is in pain on the ground.
Masked Luchador vs. Kid Kash
Kash comes out limping and holding his crotch. The luchador speaks and its obvious that it is Trinity. She then unmasks as Trinity and no one is surprised. She takes out Kash with a crossbody. Outside the ring, she hits a sloppy rana off the stairs. In the ring, she hits a missile dropkick for two. Sunset flip gets two. Kash reverses a whip then puts her in the iron claw. Trinity breaks it up and botches another move before getting a poor excuse of a crossbody for two. She powerbombs Kash for two then heads up top and nearly kills herself trying a moonsault. Kash saved her from a broken neck. He picks her up and hits the Money Maker for the win (2:17). -*. After the match, Kash calls her a bitch and threatens to kill her.
Thoughts: Terrible match as Trinity botched just about everything she tried. The crowd was dead for this and they have been into this feud since the start. No one wanted to see Trinity as the lucahdor either. This killed the entire feud.
Jarrett is backstage with Bill Behrens. He tells him that he needs to leave because he is suspended. Jarrett refuses to leave and threatens to wipe his ass with the suspension papers.
The camera cuts to the SEX locker room. The Harris Brothers are back and they look perfectly fine as they are joking around with each other. Chris Harris walks in and Gilbertti tells him that he believes Storm’s reason for missing the show (personal issues) is bullshit. Harris agrees and Gilbertti says that he pulled some strings and that tonight, his partner will be the X Division Champion, Chris Sabin. Harris shakes Gilbertti’s hand then threatens if he is double-crossed.
We finally get a bracket of the Asylum Alliance tournament. The winner of the upcoming match between Justin Credible & Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Harris & Chris Sabin will face BG James and Konnan in the semi-finals.
Asylum Alliance Match
Justin Credible & Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Sabin & Chris Harris
Sabin did not display any hint of a personality when he first came to TNA. The crowd did not react at all to the guy. Tenay again brings up that Storm is not here due to “personal reasons.” Sabin and Lynn start out with a clunky sequence of typical X Division counters. Lynn snaps of a rana and gets two off a German suplex. Harris tags in and Lynn takes him down with a headlock as the announcers note of Harris came out of the SEX locker room. Lynn hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and tags out. Credible gets taken down with an armdrag. Harris gtes a clothesline then gets two off a crossbody block. Credilbe floats over and gets two off an inverted DDT. Lynn tags back in but Harris regains control. Lynn dodges a corner charge with a leapfrog but Sabin yanks Lynn by the hair and that allows Harris to hit him with a spear. Sabin tags and beats on Lynn for a while. Lynn gets a headscissor takedown but Sabin backs him in the corner and lands an enziguiri. Lynn gets double-teamed then Harris grabs a chinlock. Back elbow smash gets two then they double-team Lynn some more as the announcers continue to hint that Harris is going to turn heel. Speaking of Harris, he hits Lynn with a delayed vertical suplex and that gets two. As Credible is yelling at the ref, Lynn escapes a double-team and somersault into  the corner and tags him. Credible hits a double clothesline and beats on Sabin. Lynn hits Sabin with a TKO and Harris gets clotheslined to the floor. Lynn goes for the cradle pieldriver but Credible stops him and states that he is the legal man. He gets Sabin up for the tombstone but its reversed into a rollup and Sabin gets the pin (9:04) **1/4.  After the match, Credible and Lynn argue then start brawling as the crowd starts a mild “ECW” chant. Security separates the two after a few attempts and this ends with Lynn yelling “Just like ECW, I’m going to kick your ass, you asshole” at Credible.
Thoughts: The match started off clunky but ended up being okay. The pull-apart at the end wasn’t much. The announcers continued to hint throughout the match that Harris would be turning heel. Seeing how as this is TNA, that probably wouldn’t be happening.
Erik Watts is now backstage, replacing Goldylocks. He plugs the main event in the most over-the-top way possible. Raven shows up and threatens violence towards Watts but states that he will not because he makes him laugh. Watts gets serious and tells Raven that he wants him to kick ass. They are wasting a lot of time trying to get Watts over.
West and Tenay mention the one-year anniversary that is happening three weeks from today. The brackets for the Asylum Alliance are shown. They mention how Chris Harris will have to make a decision on which partner to use going forward.
Glen Gilbertti vs. Raven
Raven backs Gilbertti into the corner, who then ducks outside. Raven ducks a chairshot and sends Gilbertti into the guardrail. He drags Gilbetti into the crowd and continues the beatdown. He suplexes him on the floor and drags him out back. The crowd is quiet as Raven uses a chair then drags Gilbertti near the ring. Gilbertti somehow gains the advantage (the camera went wide angle and we missed what happened) and they are now inside the ring. Gilbertti gets a chair but is knocked down when he enters the ring. Gilberrti fights back but whiffs on a clothesline and Raven puts him in a Cobra Clutch. After a struggle, Gilbertti escapes and hits a poor excuse of a short-armed clothesline. Raven punches away in the corner then goes back to the Cobra Clutch. Gilbertti breaks the hold using a jawbreaker and he stomps away. He sets up the chair but Raven blocks a drop toehold attempt and bounces the chair of Gilbertti’s head. He gets a nearfall after another chairshot then sends Gilbertti into the chair with a drop toehold. Raven continues to destroy Gilbertti until the Harris Brothers enter the ring. Julio and Alexis run in and they brawl. The Harris Brothers destroy them and they go to the floor. In the ring, Gilbertti assaults Raven with a chair, working on the ankle. He uses an ankle lock and Raven eventually makes it to the ropes, only for Gilbertti to put it on again. Raven escapes and fights back. He hits a discus clothesline and a running kneelift. Bulldog gets two. Raven is still selling the injured ankle as he pounds away. Clothesline gets two. Sonny Siaki is at ringside as Raven hits the Raven Effect. Siaki pulls the ref out of the ring before he counted to three and he yells at Siaki. Raven is disracted and Gilbertti hits a low blow then a stunner but that only gets two. The crowd is a bit louder as Gilbertti accidentally clotheslines the referee. He misses a clothesline and eats a superkick. Raven covers but Sandman runs out and nails Raven several times with the Singapore cane. Jarrett runs out and drags Sandman up the ramp, as he is Raven’s protector. After a struggle, Raven hits another Raven Effect but Vince Russo runs out and makes his return by hitting Raven with a bat as Tenay is going nuts. Gilbertti drapes an arm over Raven and gets the win (15:35) **1/2. After the match, the camera shows Russo leaving the arena.
Thoughts: The match was overbooked but it the psychology of the match itself was solid. Gilbertti’s offense looks awful and is not passable at all for a main event though. Russo’s return did not special and also did nothing for Gilbertti, who came off looking like a chump when being saved by Russo.
Final Thoughts: The promotion continues to show little in terms of direction. No one buys Gilbertti as a main eventer and the tournaments are largely terrible. They killed the Kash/Trinity feud, which actually had been getting a great reaction from the crowd. Russo’s return did not garner a big reaction but it did surprise me a little bit I guess seeing as Gilbertti put down Russo in an interview a few weeks prior. Jarrett’s suspension deal was lame too as no one bought that he would actually be leaving the building. Also, him as Raven’s “guardian” is another stupid idea.