Mike Reviews Every WCW Slamboree Main Event

Hello You!

More Main Events this week, as we look at one of WCW’s B shows in the form of Slamboree. Slamboree was never really an event treated with much gravitas by WCW and the show didn’t have a particular personality to it outside of its first three years. During those first three events WCW would use the show as an opportunity to induct people into its Hall of Fame and also have the odd legends bout here and there. The shows always felt a tad more laid back than other events in the WCW calendar, but the HOF and legends matches at least gave them something unique to hang their hat on. Once those legends matches were gone, Slamboree quickly became “just a show”, and it was often an event you could choose to miss during the hot period of 96 to 98.

Still, from my memory at least a couple of these matches are good, so that’s something to look forward to at least!

That’s enough chatter from me though. Let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

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