The BoD to be the new home of the WBF?

Hey guys.

A while ago Ryan Murphy and I were talking about doing a body-building/fitness themed article series here on the BoD. It’d be weekly, and we’d talk about everything fitness related. Such as discussing certain wrestler’s workout regimes & nutrition. We’d discuss the things that work for us and such. Reviews of supplements, exercise equipment, as well as exercise-related DVDs and all that good stuff.

Plus, we’d have guest spots from other members of the BoD who are into the culture and want to discuss what works for them, or offer up a review.

We’d also be here to help anyone else who wants to get involved in weight-lifting/exercise, but has no idea where to begin, and doesn’t want to be fed a line of bullshit.

Also, each week would feature a throwback to the WBF, so we can view the Rock & Roll Wild Child and The Iron Warrior as they have a flex-off! Or sit on the edge of our seats as WBF superstars & WWE superstars have a tug of war! Oh snaps.

So, if you guys are interested let me know in the comments section. If you aren’t, try and go easy on the insults. Just because I rock doesn’t mean I’m made out of stone.

Oh, and I’ll do the Fuj a favor and just post what his comment is gonna be as to save him the time & effort of typing it up himself

“what are you gonna teach them Cal, how to be a tub of goo?”