Paste Magazine’s list of the ten things you need to watch on the WWE Network



Over at Paste Magazine is a list of the ten things you should watch first on the WWE Network, written by myself and Robert Newsome, the editor of the Atomic Elbow wrestling fanzine. It'd be awesome if you could post a link at the Blog of Doom.

Sure, and I've love to check out the Network if their billing page would ever stop crashing this morning…

Why I Still Watch Pro-Wrestling

> Hey Scott,
> With Money in the Bank hype surrounding Temple's campus, I've been receiving the incessant stream of questions regarding why I still watch "that fake shit." Every wrestling fan has had to deal with this judgement their entire lives and I tried my best to explain once and for all to these critics. Fight the power!
> John Corrigan
> Jim Cornette famously said you should just mock something they love, such as their ugly children or spouse.

Do you watch big brother canada?

Hey Scott, it's PeteZahut from the blog comment section. I was curious if you have watched any episodes of Big Brother Canada? There was a contestant that got evicted recently named Peter. Peter is an avid Pro Wrestling fan and references CM Punk multiple times throughout the show including his exit speech by sitting Indian style, drawing in the sand, and even calling him and his friend from the game Alec (also evicted) the Shyled (spelled that way for some stupid reason). They even use the phrase "believe in the Shyeld. 

Keep up the hardwork man. We love you!

It's Shyeld with a "Y" because Y Not, Bro?  No, really.
Yeah, I've mentioned this season of BB a couple of times on the blog now, but I'm a hardcore Big Brother fan and I've been watching BBCan, of course.  Although the ENDLESS Jillian and Emmett HOHs (they've literally alternated something like 5 or 6 times now leading up to the finish) has sucked all the drama and entertainment away.  If Emmett doesn't win this thing 7-0 I will be totally gobsmacked.  Peter and Alec (and AJ as well) really are giant wrestling nerds, though, and might even be blog readers judging by how Peter talks.  It's very much a difference in Canada, where it's socially acceptable to watch wrestling for some reason.  Alec reminds me a lot of Edge, too, in his speech patterns and face.  
The season's been good, but way too "twisty" and showmancy.  I was disappointed when Peter was sent out, though, and there's no one left in the final four that I'm really cheering for or anything.  

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch 2CW: Living on the Edge 8 This Saturday

— Saturday, April 20th, marks Squared Circle Wrestling’s live streaming debut with Living on the Edge 8 from Watertown, NY. The main event features Kevin Steen, defending the 2CW championship against John Hennigan, better known to you as John Morrison. This show is streaming live and FREE through at 8pm Eastern. Here are 5 good reasons why you should be watching:

1: Amazing Visiting Talent
At this point I’m fairly sure most of the ROH roster has appeared at a 2CW show. In addition to Kevin Steen, this Saturday will feature an appearance by Matt Hardy, as well as Jimmy Jacobs. Now alongside them, you have stars from all spectrums of the wrestling world: Spike Dudley, Sami Calihan, Masada, Christina Von Eerie, and maybe, just maybe, the hardcore legend himself Terry Funk. 2CW is in the unique position of being situated near the homes of all the top indies, but not being affiliated with any of them directly. Meaning that you can see talent from ROH wrestle talent frequently at home across the “Sapolsky line” in DGUSA/EVOLVE as well as CZW, Chikara, and more. Plus the former WWE and TNA stars that are hitting the indie circuit usually find their way to a 2CW ring, and very often legends such as Sgt. Slaughter and Hacksaw Jim Duggan are known to pop up. As a result you get….
2: Dream Matches
2CW seems to have a knack for catching rare occurances in wrestling for their shows. Just in the last few years you could have seen the first match of Nigel McGuiness’s brief retirement tour against Eddie Edwards, one of the very few matches Daniel Bryan wrestled as Bryan Danielson after his WWE release for the choking incident, Brodie Lee’s last independent matches before going to NXT, and the only known matchup of The Motor City Machine Guns taking on The American Wolves. At LOTE, besides Steen taking on Morrison, Matt Hardy meets one of the brightest up and comers in the indie scene, Sami Calihan. Spike Dudley faces off with one of the top names in the hardcore wrestling scene in Masada, in a sort of old-hardcore vs. new-hardcore No Holds Barred match. Colt Cabana, ROH legend and NWA champion, takes on Northeastern mainstay Slyck Wagner Brown. And Terry Funk will answer Kevin Steen’s challenge, raising the possibility of a real dream match between those two that no one ever thought they’d see. None of these matches, for various reasons, are likely to happen anywhere else. Certain guys have allegiances to certain companies and they don’t often end up on the same shows; except in 2CW, where it happens all the time.
3. The Homegrown Talent
2CW is the top company running upstate NY and carrying on the great Northeastern wrestling tradition of the old Buffalo-Cleveland territory and the extended arm of the WWWF. To that extent, some of the most exciting matches on a Squared Circle Wrestling show come from the guys that trained there and call it home. On Saturday, a Stairway to Hell ladder match pits Jason Axe against Isis Ephex, with Jay Freddie (still, to my knowledge, on the injured list) as guest referee. Last April in Watertown Axe and Ephex had a war that put the Evil Dead remake to shame for the amount of bloodshed. Ephex in particular was drenched in plasma and from my vantage point, Kevin Steen and The Briscoes were all watching from the wings and impressed at the spectacle. It’s unfortunate that Jay Freddie isn’t wrestling an actual match because he is a phenomenal young worker who will absolutely make waves on the national scene sooner than later. Add to that a tag team challenge from champions Punisher Van Slyke and Kevin “The Man” Graham featuring four of 2CW’s young teams and a match with former WWE bit player and 2CW homer Colin Delaney, and you just might find yourself thinking….
4: 2CW Is The Future
Indie wrestling is in a weird place right now. ROH is looking kind of grim, and most of the rest are niche companies. Chikara has its fans but it won’t appeal to everyone. DGUSA and EVOLVE are running to tiny crowds and have a very tight house style. CZW holds no appeal to anyone who isn’t into hardcore. PWG may as well not exist, and the various NWA branches are holding on by a thread. The rest are mainly niche shows that run in nightclubs and lean more toward performance art than wrestling. 2CW is in the unique position of being centrally located to the heart of the wrestling scene (the Northeast is where all the best wrestling is, this is obvious) and being a real wrestling company. Mick Foley said in his first book that wrestling at its best was like a circus: if you don’t like the clowns maybe the acrobats are for you. 2CW is that kind of outfit. You won’t see an interchangeable house style in every match. You’ll see wrestlers from all different backgrounds mixing it up. You’ll see guys who have worked in the “big leagues” and guys who have traveled the world. On Saturday you’ll see former WWE titleholders against the cream of the indie crop, hardcore matches, comedy characters, and technical wrestlers tearing it up. 2CW could appeal to just about any wrestling fan. It would not surprise me if 2CW keeps growing into the top indie in the whole country.
5. It’s Free!
A PPV quality show streaming for free? What more could you ask?
So there you have it folks. Saturday night at 8pm you can visit or and see for yourself what you’ve been missing. Keep your eyes peeled for some Inside the Indies soon and until then, support your local wrestling scene.