Waltman Raw Debut

God, the blog is deader than Junior Dos Santos' face tonight.  Let's answer some questions!

Saw the list and couldn't agree more with this one.  How in the world is this not a top ten moment?  The WWF was on the rise and was bound to take over WCW in the ratings wars in 98 at some point, but I always felt like the moment X-Pac came out and just lit up Hogan, Bichoff and WCW with that rant was a seminal moment for the WWF and in industry in general.  That moment of just shoving things right in WCW's face with a total FU attitude was what WWF fans were just dying for.  The moment has sort of gotten lost in the shuffle over the years I think (maybe because Waltman never became a huge star), but anyone who followed wrestling at that point I think understands the impact it had.  What do you think – am I overrating the significance of it?

Oh not at all, watching with my roommate at the time we were losing our s--- at seeing someone from WCW finally crossing back to the other side again, in the thick of the wars no less.  It was not only a big pickup by itself, it was a signal that Vince was ready to play ball again and start signing away WCW's talent instead of just having everything flowing the one way.  Plus it turned D-X into babyfaces eventually and we know how big that was.