If Divas walk out and no one notices…

So the WON is reporting that more Divas are considering pulling a Maxine (don't worry, I don't remember her either) and walking out of WWE. One would think this is stemming from having only one Diva with serious TV time, a certain agitator — for privacy's sake, let's call her A.J….no, no, that's too obvious, let's say A. Jay — and with most of them being born-and-bred models, there's probably easier ways for them to make money and a name for themselves than traveling on the road 250 days a year for two minutes of TV a week, maybe. Thing is, would WWE even notice? Or care? They did just fine without much eye candy in the Attitude Era and it's not like any of them draw a young female fanbase the way Lita did, plus they do run a lot of TV shows without any of the Divas already, particularly SmackDown. I don't particularly care for this crop of Divas outside of AJ and Beth anyway, so I can only imagine the apathy of the company paying these women a salary to do nothing but work house shows, Superstars, 90-second RAW matches, and those WWE.com photo shoots. Do you see WWE even bothering with putting up an attempt to keep some of them around or will HHH just ask Johnny Ace for his bikini brochure for the next line of expendable women in the company?
It makes me appreciate that Trish vs. Lita RAW main event match that much more; that has a good chance of never happening again.

Yeah, aside from someone like Beth who has the longevity and Natalya with the family connections, pretty much the entire Divas division is disposable and easily replaced.  Plus the shelf life on a model is a LOT shorter than the men, unless you're Sable.  It's no wonder that the Bellas, who were getting some pretty significant TV time, just decided to leave and do the convention circuit instead.  Kelly Kelly looks to be the next one out the door, too. 
On the other hand, they want to have their stupid "Divas Tour Bus" show to anchor the network, so expect another army of catalog models to find work as WWE Divas soon.  

The Key to Cage Match Victory: Easily Walk Out.

Why is exiting the door a win condition for steel cage matches in WWE?
I'm fine with pinfalls and submits granting the win, because they still
fit in with the spirit of a caged duel straight out of Bloodsport or
something. But this door nonsense, it's no good. Cage matches are
supposed to be brutal, drawn out affairs. A big guy's going to have an
easy time knocking out his opponent, but climb really slow. A
cruiserweight's the opposite: he could sprint up there, but it's going
to take forever for him to knock out the other guy.
But once the door was made a standard win condition (sometime around
HHH's reign?), it felt like matches should last ten seconds. Just signal
the ref to open the door and suicide dive through the ropes.
So why, Scott? Why the door? Why?!
– Zeus

The door was a standard win condition in WWE cages matches WAY before HHH was around.  The original "escape the cage" stipulations came around in the early 70s so that Bruno could beat guys like Stan Hansen without them having to do a "real" job.  It just kind of became a thing for a long time, and then in the late 90s the company got an influx of all these guys like HHH who grew up with the NWA on TV, so it changed to pinfall rules for a while with the advent of Hell in the Cell.  And now it's a bizarre hybrid of the two, a seemingly contradictory set of rules.  I have personally always HATED escape rules.