Reigns Dies for Vince’s Sins


Wrote this from the perspective of understanding where Roman Reigns is as a performer, even commending him, but underlining where he is and where McMahon is in the creative process. Thought you might enjoy.

​Well unfortunately it looks like we're right back to SuperCena Reigns feuding with Big Show after RAW last night, so Vince definitely hasn't learned anything.  ​

Vince’s ego

I was just watching the Rhodes/Flair "Rivalries" show on the network and just as with almost all other original non- WWE content, they had to ruin a great show, by once again reminding us how Vince brought WWE to the national spotlight and destroyed the competition.

Is it just me or is this annoying as fuck?

​Yeah, especially because you then watch the Monday Night Wars series where the storyline is that Ted Turner tried to expand WCW and used predatory business practices to destroy the WWF, which was bad of him.  And then WCW died and Vince used predatory business practices to buy the remaining carcass of WCW, and that was good again.  
Also, frankly I'm shocked they could actually produce a show that didn't focus on 1997 as the pinnacle of sports entertainment history.  Good on them.  ​

What was Vince’s motivation?

Hey Scott,
Good stuff on the BoD lately.
Question on the Austin WM X7 turn – there's been a lot of chatter on the BoD about the Austin end of the storyline – "Aging former champ coming off a huge loss in 3 Stages of Hell, questioning whether he still has it, and makes a deal with the devil to hold on to his spot at the top." And then he descends into heightened levels of paranoia "My Name is Stone Cold Steve Austin etc." It is a great story arc, whether or not it actually happened or was created by internet geeks to retroactively explain what was going on.
Anyway, here's the question – thiat all would explain Austin's motivation, but what was Vince's motivation to screw Rock and give Austin the title? After all, he hated Austin for years. The whole Austin/Mcmahon storyline was predicated on how he thought Austin was a bad face for the company. How did that change? And to answer "he wanted to have the champion in his pocket" doesn't make sense either, because, to what end? As long as the champion is worthy face for the company and THIS BUSINESS, why would he care if it was Austin or Rock? At least the whole Austin/Mcmahon storyline made sense, and later, when he was supporting HHH in 2000, it was because HHH was "married" to his daughter, but what was Vince's storyline motivation for X7?
Oh hey, it's Austin's heel turn day.
I think that the WCW buyout really derailed whatever character arcs were originally planned out for the Austin heel turn, in a big way.  Unless you want to fan-wank the storyline into "Shane buys WCW and Vince is forced to align with his biggest enemy in order to fight him off" or something, but you're right, it really was a senseless storyline twist from Vince's perspective.  Another reason why people hated it so much, I think.  
As a hardcore wrestling nerd at the time I recognized what tremendous work Austin was doing with the gimmick, but as a fan I was sick of it by King of the Ring and just wanted to see him stun some dudes again, and I think it really killed the character and left it too late to salvage by the time they tried to do so in November.

“What if” Vinces failures…

“What if” time mofos.  If you read this blog consistently, you might have picked up on the fact that Vincent Kennedy McMahon absolutely fascinates me. He’s an eccentric and egomanical over the top genius, encapsulated in a circus like wrestling bubble where he hold all the power.  Everything about him interests me…his psyche, his decision making and thought process, his ego, his obsession with bodybuilding, his apparent embarrassment about being a wrestling promoter, his obsession with making fun of JR, etc.  This question will explore some of those things.

What if Vince McMahons non wrestling ventures, primarily the WBF, XFL, WWE movies, had been truly successful and significantly profitable?  How would this have effected the WWE?
Things to consider
– Quick facts and time references: according to Wiki, the WBF was in business from mid 1990-1992.  The XFL, from 2000-2001.  WWE films was established in 2002.
– Would a WBF, XFL, or a WWE film boom have helped WWE, if so to what extent?   Does it become easier for the wrestling product to get mainstream acceptance, attract celebrity big names to participate,  etc.  
– Would Vince become so enamored with another promotional success that he loses focus on the WWE?  If so, to what extent?   Would the product suffer?  Would he have given the reigns to Shane or Steph or try and do everything himself?
– Did the XFL, WBF, or WWE movies ever have a shot in hell at becoming long term sustainable entities?   How much stigma was attached to them for being associated with a “wrasslin” company?
– Lastly, and most interesting to me, would Vince have bailed on WWE as soon as he recognized he could be profitable in a different industry?  Is Vince really embarrassed to be a wrasslin promoter as people claim?

Just a jumpoff, go nuts.

Side Vince tangent…how fucking weird is it that the guy gets pissed off about not being able to control his sneezing?  I’ve been getting into Kellers podcasts with ex wwe writers and the fucking amount of random quirky
stories they tell about Vince is just mind boggling.

Jesse Clarifies Vince’s Return

Jesse Baker sez…

Three scenarios: 1. he comes back pissed off that HHH and Steph aligned themselves with Randy fucking Orton, as far as Vince not forgiving Orton for all of the crap he pulled on the McMahons ages ago. Have Vince reveal that he was willing to accept say, Punk as HHH’s corporate champion when he greenlighted HHH’s plan but HHH secretly made his pact with Orton behind Vince’s back, angering him mightily 2. they acknowledge how full of shit HHH is and how Orton is just a puppet for HHH to hide behind as he steals the spotlight from everyone AGAIN and we get Vince FINALLY acknowledging that HHH was never a “superstar” but some talentless hack who road the coattails of Shawn Micheals and who only has any standing in the company of note or value, because he fucked Steph and Steph begged daddy dearest to do his damnest to make HHH the face of the company even though he was a complete and total hack failure (which BTW might be the only way to turn Vince face, if he fucking says what we’ve all been saying about HHH to HHH’s face on camera) and that he’s fucking scorched earth everything (AGAIN) with his egomania and now Vince has to stop it for the sake of saving the WWE from HHH 3. the whole bullshit of him being against Bryan was a test to see how Bryan would react to facing down Vince and his unholy brood. However, HHH betrayed Vince by way of actually costing Bryan the belt and installing his own talentless handpuppet as champion and fucked over all of Vince’s schemes. The third scenario would also allow them to explain the Wyatts (they are working with Vince as his secret henchmen) AND fucking fix the bullshit they did with Kane, who is also working for Vince and will do unspeakable violence against HHH, Steph, and Orton to avenge Bryan and Vince when the time is right. As for Brock and Undertaker; fuck both of them. Brock doesn’t deserve a wrestlemania match and at this rate, they might as well give Undertaker a year off since the streak’s been run into the ground and they might as well let the guy have a year off so it doesn’t overshadow anyone else on the show this year.

I’m glad you remembered to have someone working as someone else’s secret henchmen, but points deducted for not having Cena turn heel somewhere here.

Vince’s injury

Is Vince's broken hip legit, or just something to build up to a HHH/Brock rematch? And if it IS legit, did Lesnar just screw himself by basically crippling the owner or the company? Also, I know Vince thinks he's the Genetic Jackhammer, but did NOBODY think of saying, "Umm…. maybe you should let one of the younger guys take this one?" I'm sure there was at least one road agent the fans would recognize who could have soaked up the F5 instead of Vince. 

He needed to have legitimate hip surgery of some sort and they shot the angle to explain it, although apparently Vince has been super-secretive about the nature of the surgery and as a result his "injury" on TV moved from one body part to another.  Maybe he's having hip replacement surgery like Piper did?