Netflix Viewing Habits

Hi Scott!

Hope you are having a nice start to the week.

Thought this might make a good blog topic, since I think most of us are on Netflix. I'm trying to figure out how my movie watching habits compare to others. According to Netflix, I've watched/rated 3,919 titles. I'm trying to gauge whether this is a lot, a little, or average. Where are you other bloggers in there?

​You must have way more time than me.  My daughter pretty much burns through content on Netflix, which really messes up my profile if she's watching on a device that doesn't have the separate family ones.  Netflix thinks I REALLY love Barbie: Life In The Dream House and Strawberry Shortcake as a result.  
Most of my current playlist would be Sons of Anarchy (still waiting to start season 7 because my wife was a bit upset by the ending of 6) and Orange is the New Black season 3, which we just finished marathoning this week.  HE'S THE FUCKING WARDEN.​

Regarding you not viewing WWE for a few years..

Hey Scottman, 

I read you way back in the late 90's Wrestlezone days and even checked out some of your books. You seemed so enthusiastic and so knowledgable, truly the king of the smark castle. Unfortunately, I kind of got away from 411/Insidepulse/a lot of the smark sites for a few years, so I completely missed out on you dipping out from the E for a few years before rediscovering the BoD again recently. I still remained a WWE fan, though. Sort of. That said, I got back into it again, at least until recently. 
I've never been more jaded with WWE than I am right now. So I was wondering what it was that turned you off to the product for that period of time? And what brought you back?

Thanks a lot,

Please don't call me "Scottman".
Anyway, John Cena pretty much drove me away in 2005, combined with losing Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar and the Rock in rapid succession as regular guys.  Plus I had an alternative with WWE 24/7 so I could watch what I REALLY wanted, namely nostalgia shows from the 80s like Primetime Wrestling and old house shows.  It made it really easy to step away from watching on a weekly basis, not to mention getting married and such.  
I returned in 2011 because of CM Punk and started doing RAW again because Widro asked me if I wanted to give it a shot again for Insidepulse.  It was fun for a while, but once RAW went to three hours it was no longer fun, it was work, and I already have a full time job that pays me much better.  WWE Network, for all its flaws, is the best thing to ever happen to my writing career on the blog because I can rip through all this old content that's easy to review and I've never seen before.  

My night of Network viewing!

So in between writing my gruelling and extensively researched piece for Sporting News tonight, I also checked out some stuff on the Network because reasons.  And it was a pretty good night! First up, the Santino Royal Rumble special, which was pretty fun, as Santino is always entertaining hosting these kind of fluff pieces.  Basically an extended version of the “by the numbers” video packages, with extra stuff like highlighting funny moments and showing all 39 of Kane’s eliminations and such.  I’m of course a huge mark for the Rumble so this was a breezy 40 minutes.  Also, Santino mispronouncing “John Cena” is never not funny.  Thumbs up! Second, I was digging through the “Beyond the Ring” section (basically the documentary portions of a bunch of home video releases) and decided to check out the “History of the World title” one from 2009.  I actually have the DVD on my shelf to complete the set of “History of WWE title” and “History of IC title” ones (because the packaging looks the same and I’m a bit of an obsessive collector…shocking I know) but I’ve never sat down to watch it before.  I actually really enjoy when they venture into the old-timey history stuff, moreso for the fascinating nostalgia than their ridiculous attempts to connect the Gotch-Hackenshmidt era to the modern big gold belt.  But given they have hundreds of hours of the classic 70s NWA era that never get put to use and big names like Terry Funk and Harley Race who were in their prime, I’m shocked we don’t get more excuses to use that footage.  It’s so cool to see stuff like the Funk brothers winning the title and Gene Kiniski still kayfabing 30 years later.  Fun fact:  My dad grew up in the same neighborhood as the Kiniskis and went to school with Kelly and Nick. So that stuff was all great, and then the documentary completely goes to hell once it gets to the NWA – WCW transition and loses all semblance of reality or a timeline that makes any sense.  But the 1900-1980s history portion for the first 3/4 is all really great.  I believe the DVD set has a hell of a matchlist as well, so check it out if you find it cheap like I did!