Mike Reviews Shows That Are Considered Stinkers – TNA Victory Road 2009 (19/07/2009)

Hello You!

Something new this week as I’m taking a bit of a break from reviewing Main Events every Saturday until September/October time. Seeing that I have a free slot this week, I’ve decided to introduce a new feature that I’ll dive into now and then when I’m feeling masochistic, where I look at shows that are widely considered to be awful to see if they really are as bad as their reputation purports them to be.

It’s not too different from what the people at Wrestle Crap do, but I’m going to at least give these shows a chance before declaring that they are stinkers. If you folks enjoy it then I might do some more down the line, but we’re just trialling it this time to see how it goes.

I’ve gone with this pay per view because I recently listened to the classic Bryan and Vinny Show where they reviewed this particular event and Bryan coined the famous “MINUS FIVE STARS! Phrase that you can still here every time you watch an episode of Botchamania (Which is a show you should totally watch over there on the YouTube machine!)

So without further ado, let’s see if this puppy is as sick as the neighbours are saying as we watch some chuffing wrestling!

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