WM Venues

After upgrading from arenas to stadiums for WrestleMania for WM23, WWE has been in a different city/venue since. It seems unlikely they can continue with this trend after the Cowboys Stadium. Theres rumblings of Philly wanting the event, but whats left after them? A new stadium is opening in Minnesota but would wrestling fans travel from around the world for that? Atlanta is another new stadium on the way but they just hosted a WM. Is a move back to arenas a possibility or maybe baseball stadiums like WM 19?

​I'm still hoping for BC Place in Vancouver (aka the STAR Labs reactor in Flash!) so I can go.  Plus I'm sure in the future greedy NFL owners will demand new stadiums at some point.  They could also do one from the rotting corpse of the Silverdome for fun.  Reigns will probably only be drawing about 12 people per show by then anyway.  ​