Network Updates – 6/30/14

In Ring > Smackdown Replays
               2014 > Uso Crazy – 5/30/14

               RAW Replays
               1995 > Episode 96 – 1/23/95
                           Episode 97 – 1/30/95
                           Episode 98 – 2/6/95

WWE PPV > Money in the Bank
                      2014 > Money in the Bank 2014 > 6/29/14

Network Updates – 6/29/14

It’s actually been about a week since anything of note was added to the Network library, so here are updates as of today:

In Ring > RAW Replays
               1995>Episode 94 – 1/9/95
                         Episode 95 – 1/16/95

Originals > Beyond the Ring
                  2010 > Bobby “The Brain” Heenan – 12/28/10

                  Total Divas
                  2013 > Welcome to the WWE! – 7/28/13

Network Updates – 6/21/14

A list of what has been added to the Network library over the last 24 hours:


  • Legends of Wrestling
              2008 > The Territories – 1/1/08

In Ring
  • RAW Replays
            1994 > Episode 90 – 12/12/94
                        Episode 91 – 12/19/94
                        Episode 92 – 12/26/94

            1998 > Episode 281 – 10/12/98

  • Smackdown Replays
            2002 > Episode 135 – 3/21/02

All 1994 RAW’s now appear to be uploaded, and with the next batch they will have hit 1995. The RAW episode from ’98 is the “cement in the Corvette” episode, along with the IC title tournament, drunk Hawk and the return of the Big Boss Man. The Smackdown episode from 2002 has The Rock taking on Kevin Nash, and it was the last Smackdown before the first-ever draft on the next RAW. 
Some good stuff loaded today.

Network Updates – 6/18/14

The following is a list of Network updates over the last 24 hours:

In Ring > WWE Main Event Replays
2014 > Episode 90 – 6/17/14

RAW Replays
1994 > Episode 88 – 11/28/94

Original > Wrestlemania Rewind
2014 > Latino Heat (Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle @ WM XX)

WWE Countdown
2014 > Dangerous Divas

Vault > Legends of Wrestling
2007 > Bad Asses – 11/1/07

Network Updates – 6/15/14

Just a couple of notes on the additions to the Network today:

Under Originals>Beyond the Ring:
  • The Spectacular Legacy of the AWA
Under In Ring>RAW Replays:
  • RAW Episode 84 – 10/31/94, which some noticed was missing when they uploaded a handful yesterday. Well, it’s there today.
Only 5 more episodes of RAW before they get into 1995.

Network Updates

I’m introducing a thread to the blog that provides updates to the WWE Network library. This will save you time in searching for new stuff by scrolling through the library itself. It would be very useful if they would add a Just Added section for us nerds.

RAW Replays:


Episode 85 – 11/7/94
Episode 86 – 11/14/94
Episode 87 – 11/21/94


This is Your Life, Rock! – 9/27/99

Smackdown Replays:


Episode 49 – 7/27/00

Daniel Bryan and WWE World Title Updates

The following is from today’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

Money in the Bank PPV Update

“The plan as of 6/9 was to go with two ladder matches on the show, one for the title, and the other for the briefcase that could be cashed in for one year as is usual for the show. With two Raw TV shows left until the PPV, there was no announcement made of such a second match. Given that Cesaro was originally one of the favorites to win the briefcase, and he’s instead in the title match, his being in the key match is interesting. What’s also notable is that my pick to win would have been Seth Rollins. It shoots the rocket for him after his turn, and he’s filled with obvious contenders in Cena, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, as well as Bryan. Rollins getting one of the final spots leaves Reigns and Ambrose with nothing for the PPV, since whether it’s a ladder match or some other type of match, the very obvious direction as the hottest program for the PPV would be Rollins vs. Reigns & Ambrose. With Orton in the ladder match that could lead to Rollins & HHH as a team, but all of this is speculation.”
Bryan’s Health Update

“Little is known about Bryan’s situation other than the bad news from last week that his right arm was actually getting weaker and not stronger since surgery, which was a bad sign.
The only thing we had heard was that they were still going with the idea that Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar would take place at SummerSlam in Los Angeles on 8/18. But that may not indicate anything because a week ago the idea was still that Bryan be working 6/29, but they were concerned and did formulate the ladder match back-up plan. At this point nobody has given an estimate return date for Bryan and because of that, the speculation has been running crazy as to what that means.”

All credit goes to Dave Meltzer and the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter.”


WWE Network Updates in Real Time?

I'm watching Superbrawl 1997 and just noticed that little blips along the progress bar. Hovering over them reveals important points during the course of the. The start and end of each match. That's a nice touch.

These weren't present the first time I tried to watch the show just 15 minutes before.

My only complaint with the video archive is the freezing, which could easily be resolved by allowing things to load as they do on Youtube.  It seems to load ten seconds of video every five seconds, which is more complicated than it needs to be.

It's obviously a work-in-progress and they seem to be using us as their beta testers, which kind of sucks for obvious reasons because they should have just done, you know, BETA TESTING.  However, as much as I wish they were a bit more transparent with the issues and fixes, it's WWE so you get what you get and you don't get upset.  Last night I was able to watch the live stream on PS3 without an issue, and I even started the Countdown show from the beginning and then accidentally exited out and had to fast-forward through the archived version to catch up again.  And it worked BEAUTIFULLY!  So then I tried to watch the 1981 MSG show and I guess that was pressing my luck because it froze up at the 1:30 mark and never recovered.  
But yeah, if they'd set up a feedback site with status updates and stuff, I think there would be a lot more good will towards them.  But that's not how they roll.