Title Unification

Scott, hope all is well.  Quick question for you and the BoD.
Been watching alot of 2000-2001 wwe on my lord and savior, the WWE network.  What was the deal with the title unification?  1) Was it just an off the cuff angle to pop a buyrate for a slow December, or was it something planned in advance?  2) If it was planned in advance, why did they go Jericho?  Was it as simple as "this is a guy we want to push"? Wouldn't  putting a title on Rock and a title on Austin, and doing a slow build towards a WM 18 unification have been huge money? 3) Could they have even dragged it out till WM, or did they know storylines eventually were going to shift towards the NWO amd HHHs return? It seems like such a rushed random storyline.  They left alot of money on the table.  Almost as much as you for not bringing back…ahh, it's to


easy.  Thanks,

1.  Seemingly everything about the WCW invasion was booked day-to-day.  In this case, they had already rebranded the WCW World title into simply the World title and seemed to have an idea about using it as a secondary World title (wacky idea, I know) and then seemingly Vince was just like "f--- it, let's unify them."  I will say that it did feel foreshadowed by Survivor Series with all the other titles getting unified.  
2.  The Jericho thing was because they wanted to build to HHH getting the belts.  You can fill in the rest.
3.  The endgame was always HHH triumphing, and in fact the original direction for the Two Man Powertrip was building to HHH v. Austin as the big blowoff there.  Either way, it was all about HHH.  

Road to Unification?

With Cena apparently returning and assuming he would eventually take the World strap off of Alberto Del Rio I starting doing some 2014 booking in my head.

Let’s assume Punk wins the WWE belt at Wrestlemania. Don’t ask me how, there are a million scenarios…probably by beating Orton although I would hope it’s by beating Brock.

Both Cena and Punk would live in alternate universes for a while but all things generally lead back to those two meeting at a crossroad because for the last 2+ years that’s the way it has been. And given the fact that these two guys bring the absolute best out of each other that isn’t a bad thing at all.

So are we looking at a potential unification match by Summerslam and maybe just having one top guy?

Curious of your thoughts.

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