Roman Reigns unexplained hate….

Hey Scott, quick question….

Can you explain my extreme hatred for Roman Reigns? I mean I really liked him in the shield and I even liked when he started his singles run but since the Royal Rumble, I HATE the guy. I mean I do not even want to see him on my tv HATE the guy. Is it because I am pissed that Daniel Bryan got pushed to the undercard so swiftly…I am also a Dean Ambrose fan so I am so confused how they cannot hear the support for him even after all the horrible months of booking….

I loved Roman's Wrestlemania match because it featured two things: he got destroyed for most of the match and he lost at the end!
I did throw out an audible groan when he survived 3 freaking F5s but the Undertaker could not the year before. 

What do you think? How can I get over this? Because I am thinking about leaving the product and the Network for good since the new shows are gonna suck…


​Yeah, but kicking out of 3 F5s after the Undertaker couldn't is intended to build him up as a badass main event guy.  So that was deliberate and I didn't mind it.  In fact, as I've said all along, I have NO PROBLEM with Reigns and I had no problem with Reigns as the top guy.  As long as there was a good story to get him there and he was ready. Which there wasn't, and he wasn't.  They had a story in place since March 2014 and they just didn't bother to tell it until March 2015.  Sorry, guys, but you can't make a new main guy with that kind of lazy buildup.  
As to how you can get over it, I would suggest gazing on Roman's beautiful hair and meaty thighs, then watching the Brock match a bunch of times.  Seeing Reigns getting his ass handed to him in spectacular fashion and knowing in advance that he fails really is quite cathartic.    ​