QOTD: Underused Jobbers

Thanks for the welcome to the blog; I read every comment,
good or bad. I look forward to this as we move forward.
Today’s question:
What jobber was criminally underused? We’ll check in with your responses
tomorrow, and I’ll share my answer.
I’m going to go over a lot of your answers from yesterday,
so if you want to simply participate in the new discussion for today, skip
ahead to the comments section. Otherwise, let’s get in to your responses.

Mike Mears: “This Is Your Life” would have to
be on the Mount Rushmore of sports entertainment-y segments, for sure.
The WWF execs and their 8.4 rating would probably agree with
ProjectBlue: Always enjoyed Sting making the save for
Flair vs Funk and Muta.
Not to mention, the match at Havoc was fantastic. Sting was
too young and inexperienced to know to stay away from Flair at this point; he
had no excuse by 1995.
syd.h: Most of the buildup for HHH/Eugene was
terrific: from their first meeting on the Highlight Reel (“On three, say
Pedigree!”) to a backstage segment with Eugene and Evolution on a bouncy
castle, to HHH and Regal having an awesome brawl on RAW (following an all-time
great Regal promo) which ended with Trips tipping a bloodied, stretcher-bound
Regal onto the ramp.
kbjone: You already mentioned the Eugene/Rock
segment, but what about a little interview Maria did with the NEW Tag Team
Champions, William Regal and Eugene. What seemed like a run-of-the-mill
interview with Regal turned funny the moment the chocolate milk started flying.
Soaking Maria was just a bonus.
After getting killed by Triple H at SummerSlam, poor Eugene
found his legs a second time around this time, establishing himself as the
happy midcarder living his Make A Wish dream, before drugs and knee injuries
derailed him again. Great choices.
WCW1987: When the Kat showed her boobies.
Hoss_of_BOD: I always loved seeing The Kat’s rack.
Who knew that nudity and male testosterone were a winning
Devin Harris: The Raw after Austin won was my favorite
moment. From the fans being super happy to see Austin, to Vince being annoyed
with the whole thing, to Vince getting a stunner.
This was pretty much the template of the Post-Mania RAW;
about 15 years before it became a “thing”. Every single segment got an amazing
reaction all night long, and Steve Austin just about blew the roof off.
Mr. Satan: Anything Positively Kanyon-related.
My personal favorite was the night Mike Sanders debuted, and
kept getting his ass-kicked during every other quarter hour segment backstage
by constantly running into angry wrestlers. Then the cherry on top came when,
it appeared he’d finally be able to walk away, only to get nailed with a Kanyon
Cutter out of nowhere, accentuated with the BANG.
David: The heel Austin/Angle segments where they
were trying to outdo each other for Vince’s affection.
thebraziliankid: WCW Slamboree 98-Malenko comes back as
masked dude and defeats Jericho.
What really stood out about this entire deal, was that Chris
Jericho, with very little assistance from the bookers, made himself the #1 heel
in the entire company by not only crossing the line with Malenko’s dad, but
taking the proverbial dump all over it. And using Ciclope as a plot device?
Just brilliant. He made Dean a human being, which we hadn’t seen from him over
his previous 3 years within the company. This was arguably one of the best
mid-card feuds of the modern era.
PrimeTimeTen: Bret Hart to Owen and Davey Boy: “I’m
asking for your help.” Bret reuniting with Owen and Davey… it was
f------ amazing. 14-year-old me watching the Tuesday afternoon replay on TSN
was jumping up and down on the couch.
We’ve got a lot of Canadians on this blog, myself included,
who could not have been happier to see them patch up their differences and
unite the family in their impending war against the American fans. The late 90’s
was truly the golden age of sports entertainment.
James: One personal favorite was when DX
“hijacked” Raw on the fourth of July in 2006.
This, on the other hand, was the golden age of saying “cock”
on TV.
Extant1979: Turning on a syndicated WWF show on a random
Saturday morning in October 1992 and finding out that Bret Hart won the WWF
joedust: Eddy Guerrero winning the wwe title.
WhiteGoodman: Jericho’s fluke WWF title win on Raw in
2000. I was a teenager and obviously old enough to know better, but after it
happened I jumped up and down and ran to tell my parents that my favorite
wrestler, my paragon of virtue, won the world championship. They did not care
one bit.
No surprises to see people responding to their favorite
wrestlers winning the championships. I’ll be right there with you when the WWE
finally pulls the trigger on Santino.
Eric Von Erich: I have to go with Hercules rising up to
refuse becoming Million Dollar Man’s slave. I remember watching that on
Superstars when I was ten years old. When he started whipping that chain around
to chase everyone off, I had tears of joy streaming down my face. I immediately
ran out to the backyard to tell my mother the good news but, not being familiar
with the characters, I don’t think she understood what I was talking about.
Wrestling has a certain magic when you’re young, and pompous
bullies put in their place is always a winner.
AngleSlam: Macho and Liz WM VII
I remember your reaction vividly.
YJ2310: Heyman getting up from commentary booth and
joining the Invasion
X-Man: My favorite moment was when the ECW faction
turned on Jericho and Kane at the beginning of the Invasion.. just a perfect
WTF moment, complete with Heyman getting up from the booth.
JR”, I got chills. It was a beautiful wrinkle to the impending war between WCW
and the WWF, for the “forgotten” brand to remind everyone just who the hell
they were. For about 28 minutes until Stephanie McMahon was revealed to be the
force behind it all.
I have to go with the main of the first
ONS PPV. I love when Beulah shows up, DDTs one of the Dudleys, and hugs Tommy,
who is at about .9 Muta. She gets a ton of blood in her hair, and I thought
that was a great moment. Especially when they’re married in real life, just the
fact that she’s hugging her real life husband makes it even better.
That type of love is infectious.
Knuckleberry Pinn:
something I’ve always enjoyed time and
time again is The King and JR bantering on commentary during backlash 2000’s
main events and other things involving McMahon.
This is the role that suited Lawler the best on commentary,
McMahon’s third “stooge”. A natural foil for the straight laced Jim Ross.
BobSacamano: Bryan attacking Bray in the cage, the
Evolution/Shield face off the night after WrestleMania, the Mark Henry
retirement, and the Cena/Cesaro Raw match.
Great recent examples.
The one I wanted to share with the blog is actually one of
relative recent history. Going back about 5 years, the WWE had guest hosts to
every single edition of RAW – and the bulk of them were a bore, there to
promote something, help Hornswoggle beat up Chavo Guerrero, and move on.
There was one clear standout however. As someone who grew up
on the Price is Right, Bob Barker’s appearance was the stuff of legend. At
least once a year, I go into my digital library and watch the opening segment
to the show. There’s so much going on here between the contestants and Bob,
that I’m going to let the clip do the talking for me.
See you tomorrow.